13 Favorite Star Trek Spirit Halloween Costume Memes Of 2022

Monday is Halloween and all week long the Internet has been obsessed with the Spirit Halloween Memes of fake costumes dubbed by Buzzfeed the Meme of the year. The famed seasonal store even got in on the action. And of course, there have been a few Star Trek-themed memes as part of the deluge. We thought we would share some of our favorites. NOTE: The memes were gathered by  r/startrekmemes, @startrekmemes_, and from fans on social media (noted when possible).




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Enterprise decon

Worf the dad (two versions)

Beverly’s friend

Reg (two versions)




Cardassian lights (two versions)


Racy Boimler

Honorable Mention Update: Harriman

Bonus: Spiner

Brent Spiner got in on the fun too.


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What’s your favorite?

You have a favorite from these or another you have seen on the Internets? Share it in the comments below.

And if you created one of these memes, please provide a link and we will be sure to update the article.


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Hey, I made the Racy Boimler one! Haha yay!


Sadly both the scariest and most accurate

It’s pretty mean spirited. Wonder why Trekmovies decided to promote that hate.

Accuracy? It’s funny because it’s true… 🤷‍♂️

It gets them clicks I imagine.

I saw another one for Garak, which had as the last on the “includes” list the item “the lies…especially the lies.”

I’m missing the Captain Kirk face-mask which can be additionally customized, especially on Halloween. 😉

Michael, is that you? What did I tell you about going online and looking for masks for your naughty naughty murders?

Finally someone got it, Highlander. 😉

That ‘tortured Picard’ one is really crazy. I see 5 lights. arrrgggghhhhh!

Several of those are from Dominion Media Television, pretty much the best source of Trek memes on the internet: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.481538347373103&type=3

Star Trek with Dialog From Other Movies is pretty amusing as well.

There is a funnier (less mean spirited) version of the Boimler Square costume out there that depicts a black Square as the costume with “Cut to Size” in the description. My favorite is the Decon Gel costume.

Let me be clear: I created the meme here. I created it for me. For my followers on Twitter and friends. And for my followers on Twitter and friends, this is a well-known inside joke about how people keep joking about “This is what Star Trek has become.” I tagged Mike McMahan and Jack Quaid. Why? Because, at Star Trek Chicago, Jack signed a copy of this very scene for me saying “This IS What Star Trek Has Become.” It’s the tagged tweet on my profile. Mike McMahan liked that and has commented on it. I legit have a Cerritos tattoo on my arm. This joke is meta.

I never took it as mean-spirited or anti-Lower Decks at all! Completely got the intention and thought it was funny.

Thanks, Laurie! Yeah, both Mike and Jack liked the original tweet. And, I have an actual Cerritos tattoo on my actual body. Like, I’m a huge fan of what Star Trek has become AND what it was and always has been :)

Yeah, I never took this as mean-spirited, but as poking fun at the actual mean-spiritedness.

This discourse actually sums up the current state of fandom so well. There are so many trolls actually saying mean spirited things that now many see this intent when it’s not there. I’ve been guilty of this myself. A well intended joke being taken too seriously because we’ve all become sensitive about the state of Trek fandom? This my friend is indeed what Star Trek has become! Your meme is meta upon meta!

Outside of that context, as it is shown here, it just looks like standard issue dumb hateful commentary. I’m glad it isn’t meant that way, but I don’t see why anyone could expect to *know* that from just the image.
It’s kinda hard these days to be so ridicules that your joke doesn’t look like someone else’s temper tantrum. Without, you know, making an actual joke.

Also, what is a “well-known inside joke”? Either it’s well-known or it’s an inside joke. I think this is the latter.

Outside of the Barclay/Restraining Orders one, this is a pretty deep dive into the Trek weeds to find the dry humor. A very, very deep dive.

Yeah, these are pretty weak and mean spirited (and I’m trying to be polite) almost embarrassingly unbecoming of this website.


Glass houses, lil buddy.

These are hilarious!! :D

Captain John Harriman gave me a chuckle. Favorite holiday – cheers!

My fave was the 2009 Star Trek Lens Flare costume. Maybe I’ll attend next year’s ball as that.

“what star trek has become”