Pluto TV Launching Second Star Trek Channel; Adding Reruns Of Star Trek: DS9 And TOS

Paramount Global’s ad-supported free streaming service is expanding its Star Trek offering by adding two new shows to its programming and a second channel fittingly called the “More Star Trek Channel.”

More Pluto Trek

While the Paramount+ subscription streaming service gets most of the attention, Paramount Global’s Pluto TV has continued to grow to be the leading free streaming service in the USA with 70 million active users. The ad-supported service streams live with dozens of themed and genre channels with content from over 400 different media companies. This includes a dedicated Star Trek channel (Channel 270) that launched in 2021, which features reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation along with a selection of Star Trek feature films. And Pluto TV has just announced they will be adding more CBS content to the service in the USA with over 63,000 new and classic episodes, tripling the amount of CBS content.

Included in this expansion is the addition of Star Trek: The Original Series, which will be added to the current Star Trek Channel along with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which will launch on the new “More Star Trek Channel.” The new CBS content will be rolling onto the streaming service over November and December. It is not known if or when Pluto TV will expand to offer Star Trek: Voyager or Star Trek: Enterprise. Currently, all of the Star Trek content on Pluto is available live and not part of their more limited on-demand offerings.

Additional series and seasons of CBS content being added to Pluto include Cheers, Frasier, Criminal Minds, Mission: Impossible, and Hawaii-Five-O just to name a few. “Pluto TV and CBS are both proven leaders delivering world-class entertainment to global audiences,” said Tom Ryan, President & CEO, Paramount Streaming in a statement. “With unrivaled access to the coveted CBS library, Pluto TV is able to deliver the best of both worlds to our viewers – world-class, evergreen programming with flexible viewing options, all for free.”

In addition to the classic Star Trek shows, Pluto TV will continue to offer sample episodes of the new original Star Trek series on Paramount+ Picks (Channel 210), along with additional programming from Paramount+.  Paramount Global has cited Pluto TV as one of the drivers for new subscriptions for Paramount+.

Pluto TV is available on the web, and via apps for smart TVs, consoles, and mobile devices. To see Star Trek on Pluto TV CLICK HERE.

The current Star Trek Channel on Pluto TV

Keep up with the Star Trek Universe on TV here at

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Wow this is great news, especially for people who loves Star Trek but can’t afford Parmount+ every month or don’t have any of the DVDs/Blu Rays. And it’s great the site is finally adding shows beyond TNG. I hope they are able to add Enterprise and Voyager soon too!

A bit off topic but I used to watch the live TV section on Paramount+ with its own Star Trek continous stream. But I got tired of it because the only classic shows on it are TNG and ENT still! They include all the new shows (minus SNW so far) but I wish TOS, DS9 and VOY can be added there at some point. I know its probably some contract thing but yeah.

Yes. Enterprise has been sorely lacking from reruns and streaming options.

Actually ENT streams tons with TNG in the Paramount+ live TV section. It’s TOS, DS9 and VOY that’s missing there. And it still reruns locally here in L.A. with the other shows on TV, six days a week. It might be different where you live though.

PlutoTV finally has a launch date for Canada, but Star Trek wasn’t mentioned. Sounds as though the BellMedia lock on the franchise in the Canadian market continues.

Would be great to get a confirmation one way or the other.

BellMedia certainly has a lock on the modern Trek but all the classic Trek shows are still on Netflix Canada in addition to Crave. I don’t recall if they are on Amazon Canada.

Not long after I posted this, Netflix Canada pulled classic trek off ugh. Since I won a 3 month free trial of Paramount+, I got that. Due to Crave, it has all Classic Trek but only Season 1-3 of Discovery and Season 1 of Picard. No LDS, No Prodigy, No SNW. Oddly they currently have all the movies, unlike Paramount+ in the US.

For those of us north of the border, we’re a little spoiled.

On the downside, we have to pay the premium cable price (like the old pre-streaming days in the US) and it’s not on demand, but Bell Media’s Sci-Fi specialty channel has everything Trek. The channel is not only the home of the five new Star Trek first run shows, but it also plays all five classic series shows with multiple episodes being played per day.

To top it off, they just added 3 episodes of Stargate SG1 back to their daily schedule.

I absolutely refuse to believe there are seventy million people “actively” using Pluto.


How do you define “Active users?” Is it people that have tried Pluto, use it once in a while. or actually have it on TV right now?

I’d be curious to know if I am counted as one of those monthly active users. I downloaded the app onto my Roku years ago, opened it once just to see what it looked like, and have never used it again.

Either way, I’m glad they’re using it to keep Trek viable!

I think there is an assumption that practically everyone has some form of paid streaming service today, Netflix, Disney+, etc. But globally that’s not true. There are still a good several billion people on this planet that doesn’t have or simply can’t afford these services, at least yearly. I don’t know where Pluto airs but my guess is the 70 million active users are people who either don’t use or have a lot of streaming services. And free is still a pretty good deal for a lot of people out there even if they have to watch commercials.

And maybe there are others who do have other services but uses Pluto because it is similar to a TV like format and like to just watch things that way. Paramount+ has the same format that people can just continuously watch even though all of those programs can be watched on demand on the site. Someone is watching it or it wouldn’t be there.

I think we have it on our comcast box, but haven’t used it yet. Frankly, it sounds ideal for me, because I’d like to be able to watch the DS9s I don’t have (1-3, 5) when the mood strikes. (for those with 10 bucks plus shipping to spare, there is a ds9 dvd set of seasons 1-3 on hamiltonbooks right now, but I’m still on a disc moratorium owing to space and finance.)

Question…. Can I record things from Pluto TV onto a DVR? Then skip the ads?

About time. I sometimes leave at least one TV in the house playing the Star Trek or 007 channel all day long.

Good news, but still nothing in Europe? :(

Doesn’t seem to be available here in the UK.

Good! Could always use more Star Trek. Even though I have Paramount +, and can pick whatever Star Trek I want, I still go to Pluto TV occasionally to see whatever episode is playing. Maybe I was programmed by the 20th century by broadcast TV, but I like the ‘live’ TV available on Pluto TV. And the classic Doctor Who, including the first, second, and third Doctors that I did not get a chance to see until Pluto TV.

My wife and I were just talking about how 270 has been swapping back and forth between tng and tos and I said “they aut to add DS9”
Then I found this article!!! Woot!