Listen: Kate Mulgrew In First Weekly Admiral Janeway Log, Set After New ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Episodes

The team behind Star Trek: Prodigy is doing something new for the second half of season 1. With the USS Dauntless on the hunt for the USS Protostar, each week will bring a new Admiral Janeway log on Instagram, set after the latest episode of Prodigy. Series star Kate Mulgrew voices each one, and Prodigy’s head writer says the logs are considered canon.

Admiral’s log 1 reveals B’Elanna Torres link to USS Dauntless

Each week, there’ll be a new Admiral Janeway log on @startreklogs on Instagram. The first one is set after the events of episode 11, “Asylum.” As Janeway goes over the clues in her search for the USS Protostar, she discusses commanding the USS Dauntless, a ship with a direct connection to Star Trek: Voyager. This one mentions that B’Elanna Torres (Janeway’s former chief engineer on the USS Voyager) is the one who suggested the name for the Dauntless and identifies her as the project lead for the Dauntless, which was developed from a design of an alien ship first encountered by the USS Voyager when they were stranded in the Delta Quadrant.


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Logs offer canon clues

This new series of Star Trek Logs was written by Prodigy head writer Aaron Waltke, who said on Twitter that the logs will unravel “new clues, lore and Trek canon.” The co-executive producer also replied to a fan to say the logs and the Prodigy series “align” because he was involved in the writing of both.

New episodes of Prodigy debut on Thursdays exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., and on Fridays in Latin America, Australia, and the U.K.  The series will air later in the year in South Korea, Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland.

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Even more coffee! I like!

Don’t get the appeal… 🤷‍♀️

Don’t comment then… 😒

The Protostar’s mission having been to do follow ups on Voyager’s encounters is a good one. It’s nice to hear some introspection from Janeway about how some things went down at the time.

I love hearing these logs on Lower Decks and Discovery. It’s great they are doing them for Protostar now. And love to see B’Elanna on this show. Miss our fiery Klingon engineer but sounds like she also stayed in Starfleet after coming home too!

I still don’t get why she would be allowed to just join Starfleet. She never graduated the Academy, and she betrayed the Federation to join a terrorist organization.

She may have went back and graduated officially. But then again we are talking about a group that made Kirk, a 3 year cadet who ALSO didn’t graduate while also on academic probation a captain after a few days in space. Same group also made Seven a captain via Picard who never even spent a single day in Starfleet academy. Burnham was disqualified from being a Starfleet officer after being the first mutineer in Starfleet history and she’s now a captain too, so there you go lol.

As for the Maquis, it sounds like they were all exonerated, probably because of their time helping Voyager get home like how Burnham was exonerated because she helped end the Klingon war. And Captain Janeway obviously vouched for them and highlighted how loyal and committed they were serving on Voyager. It’s probably why Chakotay is now a captain even though he was obviously Maquis as well. Starfleet can be a forgiving group if people show they are willing to accept responsibility for their actions and show loyalty as we seen many times.

Either way, it looks like everyone from Voyager basically stayed in Starfleet once they got back!

It still seems like fighting a war against the Federation is a much bigger crime than cheating on a test or nerve pinching a captain. I get why they’re not getting jail time after spending seven years as part of Voyager’s crew, but I don’t see how Starfleet can ever trust B’Elanna or Chakotay again. They’ve both proved that they’re willing to go against the Federation if they disagree with its decisions, and neither of them have ever shown any remorse or regret for their crimes. If the Federation signed another treaty that they didn’t like, there is every reason to believe that they would turn traitor again.

The Maquis wasn’t fighting a war against the Federation, it was against the Cardassians. Even Eddington made that point when he switched to the Maquis. They had no issues with the Federation and wanted to avoid any conflict with them; it was the Cardassians who were the target. But because the Federation made the deal with the Cardassians over the treaty (and the Maquis were Federation citizens) they were forced to take a stand against the Maquis. But the Maquis never saw them as their enemy, so that’s a huge difference in itself.

And I don’t understand how they can’t trust them again if they were dedicated officers on Voyager for 7 years? The knock against Chakotay by fans is how quickly he basically became a Starfleet officer again and completely loyal to Janeway. Nothing in their time on Voyager showed they were untrustworthy or they wouldn’t be the Chief Engineer or First Officer, certainly not the entire journey at least.

And like I said Janeway probably just vouched for them. Remember it was Janeway who was sent to retrieve them in the first place.So her word just carried a lot of weight. And that’s how things go in the Federation, right? In Picard Synths were illegal after the Mars attack and we saw Soji and her siblings trying to bring super advanced A.I.s to wipe out the entire galaxy. That’s pretty bad. But what happened? Basically all was forgiven and made them Federation citizens anyway.

And Burnham committed mutiny lol! That’s the highest crime you can have in the military. It still can even be punishable by death today. She didn’t just subdue Georgiou, she then tried to override her orders and was going to fire on an enemy ship that could lead to a war. Dude that’s REALLY BAD lol! Even if she got her sentence reduced, it’s no way she should ever be wearing a Starfleet uniform again by most standards at the very least. But now she’s a captain. Her circumstances are different but so are theirs, right?

And that is one of the positives of the Federation. It can be a forgiving society and believes in redemption. If they tried to pull that with the Klingons, they all be dead lol.

Michael got a presidential pardon, and it was almost a millennium before she was promoted. And she saved the galaxy a couple of times in between. Besides, her mutiny failed anyway.

The Maquis claimed to be uninterested in fighting the Federation, but that didn’t stop them. In Preemptive Strike they attacked the Enterprise to steal medical supplies, and in DS9 they stole an industrial replicator from the Federation. Chakotay and B’Elanna were loyal to Janeway, but they never renounced the Maquis or admitted that what they did was wrong. They have shown that their oaths to the Federation become meaningless as soon as they disagree with the Federation’s decisions.

Ultimately, Michael allowed her emotions to control her in a single moment of weakness, but she recognized her mistake and every other moment of her career has been about protecting the Federation and its values. Chakotay and B’Elanna both served in the Maquis for at least a year, never recognized their mistake, and would have gone right back to fighting for the Maquis when they got home if the Dominion hadn’t wiped it out.

Regardless, under NORMAL circumstances Burnham never should’ve been allowed on a starship again, much less one with any authority. But yes, those weren’t NORMAL circumstances.

Same exact deal here. If they didn’t get lost in the Delta Quadrant for nearly a decade and basically given field promotions then under NORMAL circumstances they wouldn’t be Starfleet officers either.

And you just said it, they served in the Maquis for a year. And then they served on Voyager for SEVEN years and proved themselves. Both Chakotay and B’Elanna moved on from the Maquis long ago. Did you feel the minute they got back to Earth they wanted to rejoin the group? If the answer is no, I don’t really get the problem.

And how do we know they never admitted what they did as wrong???? We never saw them on Earth or stood in front of a judge. I’m guessing if they had to stand in front of one, they probably did. If they did, then that would be OK?

And no offense, it’s eye rolling you want to excuse what Burnham did as someone who SHOULD know better being the First Officer and took an oath but then don’t want to give them the same leniency after they more than proven themselves they are committed and loyal officers.

But this is the reality, these are TV shows and movies at the end of the day. It’s more ridiculous to me that a 20 something year old kid is now captain of the flagship when he never finished school and was on academic probation on top of that. I can buy B’Elanna and Chakotay 100 times over that because we saw them in action for seven years. They understood their jobs well. They earned their right to be there.Kirk has never been in space lol and now he’s running around the galaxy making first contacts, studying nebula and giving orders to people with 20 to 30 years of Starfleet experience. It’s ridiculous!!!! But if you disagree, fine, then you just have to tell yourself, it’s still just a TV show and allowances are made on them all the time as all the examples I’ve given you.

And BTW, didn’t we see Burnham disobey direct orders again in season 3 where she was busted down in rank ONLY to be promoted as a captain in the same season anyway?? And then an even crazier move they made Tilly the First Officer lol. Someone who was just a cadet a year ago. I mean….???

Again, you can’t say B’Elanna and Chakotay shouldn’t get a second chance but make excuses for Burnham over and over again. Just have to accept these are all based on extenuating circumstances I guess.

Technically neither did nearly the entirety of the Kelvin crew of the Enterprise LOL

On Instagram? Really? Uggghhhh

Whoa, seeing the log photo, I am wondering what happened to right side of Janeway’s face with the drooping eye and cheek? I am wondering if we are perhaps going to learn in the near future on this log that Janeway recently had a stroke, or had a face injury, and is still recovering from it?

I think that just a bad pic. She looks fine on the show.