Podcast: All Access Adapts To More Legacy Star Trek Stars Returning And Assimilates The Latest ‘Prodigy’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 115 - TrekMovie

[Review starts at 16:56]

Anthony and Laurie talk through the opportunities and possibilities around the return of both Kate Mulgrew and Robert Picardo to live-action Trek, now that both actors have been chatting about it. They discuss the addition of a second Star Trek channel to Pluto TV, Star Trek: Prodigy‘s Emmy nomination, and the new weekly logs from Admiral Janeway on Instagram.

Then, it’s time for them to review the newest episode of Prodigy, “Let Sleeping Borg Lie,” and how it combines action, mystery, and story with emotion and character growth. They wrap up the podcast with a look at William Shatner’s latest book and essential charity fundraising from Jonathan Frakes (for pancreatic cancer), Jeri Ryan (for ALS), and Kate Mulgrew (for Alzheimer’s).


Kate Mulgrew Reveals The Conditions She Gave Alex Kurtzman For A Return As Live-Action Janeway

Watch: Kate Mulgrew Visits The Captain Janeway Monument In Bloomington, Indiana (with Q&A video)

Kate Mulgrew was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa

Robert Picardo Has A Pitch To Play The Doctor Again In Live-Action Star Trek

Pluto TV Launching Second Star Trek Channel; Adding Reruns Of Star Trek: DS9 And TOS

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Nominated For Best Animated Children’s Series Emmy Award

Listen: Kate Mulgrew In First Weekly Admiral Janeway Log, Set After New ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Episodes

The vinculum

Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap)


Laurie: Review: William Shatner’s ‘Boldly Go’ Takes You On A Journey Filled With His Unique Wit And Wisdom

Tony: Jonathan Frakes And Jeri Ryan Appeal To Star Trek Fans To Help Fight Pancreatic Cancer And ALS

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Thanks as always for the enjoyable conversation! I will admit to becoming confused about Z’s references to hive minds. For a second it seemed as if a telepathic Medusan hive mind was being adduced, but I don’t believe that has ever been established. Keep up the good work!

Hello! Zero talked about it and indicated that Medusans have a hive mind, they’ve mentioned it a few times!

I just remembered that Zero even talked about being removed FROM the hive mind by The Diviner.

Tony and Laurie,

At first I didn’t like the episode. I thought the whole “love is powerful enough to beat the Borg” thing was lame. As I was listening to your podcast you talked about the connection to endgame, the logic of using the Borg, and the reasons why they couldn’t assimilate the old fashion way. And now I love the episode. I missed all those connections.

This is why I listen to you guys! You guys are the treksperts.

I really liked seeing different Borg. The drone with a horn was really cool!

Great Podcast as always!

Well that makes me very happy! I agree about the horn… I am going crazy trying to remember where I have seen that alien before. I feel like maybe they were on Tars Lamora? I can’t seem to find them. But I also appreciated seeing drones that didn’t look so human; one of the many benefits of animation.

Cool! Maybe later he will get a species name and Borg designation.

Another great podcast!

Anthony, you put into words the exact feeling I have been having with Prodigy: that I am always left wanting more of the story. Because the episodes are so short and they are doing a lot of serialized elements, the challenge-of-the-week gets relatively little screen time. Sometimes that is just fine, like when they continue to cover them in the next week’s episode, but other times I feel like the story needs to be fleshed out a little more (like last week’s “first contact” with Starfleet, or this week’s Borg encounter). I get that all this 3D animation is probably quite expensive, but I really wish they would do hour-long episodes.

I am really enjoying getting all the little post-Nemesis/post-Endgame bits of information. What Janeway and Chakotay have been up to. What the Borg have been up to. What B’lana has been up to. I just want more! Hoping they decide on a Seven/Janeway/Voyager follow-up series of some kind.

The reason that the Medusans drive people mad is that they are so ugly, so I imagine that a hologram would work just as well as the real thing. If the hologram is just as ugly as a real Medusan then it should have the same effect. And if the holodeck isn’t programmed to know that some images are too ugly for the mind to handle, the safety protocols might not realize that it is necessary to censor Medusans.