Recap/Review: ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Finds The True Meaning Of Starfleet In “All the World’s a Stage”

“All the World’s a Stage”

Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1, Episode 13 – Debuted Thursday, November 10, 2022
Written by Aaron J. Waltke
Directed by Andrew L. Schmidt

Prodigy indulges in a fun yet heartwarming Trek lore-filled adventure on a delightfully strange new world.

Which one of these buttons makes the holo coffee stronger?

WARNING: Spoilers below!


“They truly believe themselves to be Starfleet”

After learning the living construct weapon will attack if they make any contact with the Federation, the prodigies are dejected, seeing their dreams of joining Starfleet go “poof.” But the Protostar can still help others, so they answer a distress call from a planet surrounded by a subspace distortion field. A resigned Dal leads a landing party to the lush surface with an even more reluctant Pog, along with the more eager Zero and Gwyn. (Rok is staying behind to look after an ailing Murf.) They soon run into a couple of natives dressed in what look like old threadbare Starfleet uniforms—and then one stuns Pog with an old phaser. After Dal makes it clear they come in peace, one of the aliens identifies himself as “James’T.” He. Is. Really. Excited. And greets the visitors from “Star-Flight.” Um, WTF? A call to Holo Janeway assures Dal no ships have been in these parts in over a century, and there is no recorded contact with this planet, so these guys are for sure not Starfleet. Things only get weirder as James’T leads them to the “Enda-Prize” made from jungle scrap and filled with more aliens wearing the same green classic outfits and practicing their “live logs and proper” (not right) Vulcan salutes.

Everything here is oddly familiar and also totally off, but Zero senses the aliens really believe all of this. Pog mocks them as “dum-dums playing dress up,” which cuts a little close for Dal, who sees they aren’t so different from his crew, they just have more makeshift equipment. Things get clearer when the aliens put on a play telling the tale of James’T, Sprok, Scott’EE, and Sool’U of the Star-Flight Enda-Prize. The hero is “En Son, Bearer of Crimson” and with context clues, it’s clear a 23rd-century Starfleet ensign made his way to this planet and left behind the logs and video records plus his own teachings, which have become the core of this civilization’s mythology. This ensign promised “Star-flight” would return, so Dal’s landing party is the fulfillment of this prophecy. They sent the distress call because they are being plagued by “The Gallows,” a monster that spreads disease. It has struck poor Cadet Huur’A and Dr. Boons (you are seeing the naming pattern here, right?), and there’s no cure. Pog’s heard enough—time to go!—but this disease is spreading, and now Dal has it too. Zero is confident they can create a cure, but someone is going to have to go to the source of the “great evil.” This fun cosplay adventure just got serious.

These guys need a sewing machine.

“This is no longer a rescue mission”

Over on the USS Dauntless, The Diviner is awake but not playing with a full fizzbin. He continues babbling about his daughter and how someone stole the Protostar. He has seen Chakotay and says he was taken prisoner. His ramblings to Admiral Janeway leave out how his people were the ones responsible for all this, only spouting bits about “the atrocity” and “the intrusion”… so, not super helpful. The ever-helpful Asencia keeps Janeway’s mission on track with the news that she found an escape pod from the Starfleet relay station destroyed in episode 11. It’s empty, but there is a warp trail to follow, so they are still in the game — or as Janeway now sees it, a “manhunt” for whoever stole the Protostar.

Weren’t you on Seinfeld?

“But you don’t need a real ship to believe in what it stands for”

Dr Boons assists Zero by soothing a freaking-out Dal with some good old-fashioned leech therapy. The alien healer admits they know they aren’t really part of Starfleet, but they believe in the ideals it stands for. He reveals how they kept the original Starfleet ensign’s uniform in a place of honor, pointedly asking Dal what he believes in. Rok hears Dal is in danger, so she leaves a sick Murf in Holo Janeway’s care to bring down EV suits, and the gang heads to the “cursed” cave. Jankom’s fear factor increases while Gwyn ably leads the team, they slide into a cavern after a ground quake. Finally confronting The Gallows with its glowing eyes and puffs of smoke, they learn its true nature: It’s an old shuttle…  a shuttle named “Galileo.” Deploying her science, Rok sorts out that the interaction of leaking plasma with dilithium crystals is causing the toxic disease and radioactive interference. This is a monster Pog is ready to tame, so he bravely jumps on board the Galileo—which is teetering dangerously on the edge—to use its radio and call Zero with the info to make a cure, which Zero does amazingly quickly for someone who just “skimmed the manual” on antidotes.

With things getting precarious in the cave, Dal calls for Janeway to extract the landing party, but the radiation prevents it. Someone is going to have fly the ship manually, and Dal has a crazy idea. Beaming up with some Enda-prizians, he aims to put their years of “Star-flight” training to good use. After some bewildered staring at the 24th-century tech, the aliens are made to feel at home when Holo Janeway switches the bridge to old-school cool. The away team huddles in the shuttle, which is slipping into a toxic pool. The chaos triggers the last log from Starfleet Ensign Garrovick, who explains how he was left behind by the USS Enterprise and saved by the locals. Just in time, the Protostar phasers into the cave, rescuing the landing party as the Galileo makes its final journey, falling into the toxic pool. Joining the locals to seal up the cave for good, Dal comes to learn while maybe these people may have gotten some of the details wrong, they got the ethos of Starfleet right. This is a message he takes to heart as they leave the Enda-prizians behind with some medical supplies, new stories to tell, and the right method of doing the Vulcan salute. Things wrap up back on the Protostar with Dal determined to find a way to make contact with Starfleet and a new Murf mystery as the cute little guy is found ensconced in a cocoon. Oh no!

You call this a spaceship? Where are all the jellybean buttons?


Acting the parts

“All The World’s a Stage” is a very special episode of Prodigy that uses franchise lore to teach the kids—and the audience—lessons about friendship, teamwork, and hope… in other words, it teaches them about what makes Star Trek Star Trek. Coming from avowed fan Aaron Waltke—the same writer behind the lore-filled episode “Kobayashi”—this episode is a genuine love letter to Trek. For all the indulgence in TOS style and fun, at its heart, this is an episode about the Prodigy characters and their journeys. This primitive civilization playing Starfleet “dress-up” is a wake-up call to Dal, who is having his own crisis of imposter syndrome. It’s through their love and embodiment of Starfleet ideals that he sees a path for himself.

Janeway should have told us about red shirts.

As we get past the first couple of episodes of season 1.5, the show is nicely returning to planetary adventures. The crew is also adjusting into their various archetypical Trek roles, each getting their own mini-arcs and hero moments in this episode. Pog is a standout, offering plenty of his comic relief, and Jason Mantzoukas also conveys how the Tellarite is held back by fear but is able to overcome it using his engineering confidence. The episode shows how far these kids have come with Zero’s increasing confidence as the doctor, Rok covering the science, and Gwyn stepping in as first officer to lead when Dal is out of commission.

Star Trek conventions make it to the Beta Quadrant.

Wanting to spend as much time on the Enderprizians’ planet as possible, the episode briefly touches on the Dauntless storyline with just enough to move Admiral Janeway and crew to the next clue in their hunt for the Protostar and Chakotay. Prodigy has a tough balancing act of juggling multiple storylines as it sets up payoffs in future episodes like the change in Murf and the potential return of Frex from episode 11. Even within the confines of the shorter animated run time, the series continues to keep the serialized arcs going without feeling like it is just teasing the audience—and certainly without feeling like they are wasting any time. Like most episodes of Prodigy, you can feel how tight they have cut it to keep the pacing going with taut action while still leaving enough time for some lovely, quiet character moments.

This episode is too meta for Murf.

Obsessed with Trek

Finding a planet obsessed with Starfleet was a clever way to give Dal and the Protostar crew their mojo back. While seeing all the elements of Star Trek: The Original series got a bit meta, this episode was not built solely around fan service and should work for all fans, including more casual or new fans. Some elements bordered on camp, especially Dee Bradley Baker’s (James’T) Kirk, which was more Kevin Pollak as Shatner than actual Shatner, but there is an internal logic to the heightened legends, meant to come from an oral tradition told through the generations.

This episode is no parody of Star Trek and never traffics in some of the more overblown stereotypes like Kirk as a lothario; instead, it is a celebration of Star Trek and the ideals it stands for. While TOS was the start, the portrayal of the Enterprizians was clearly, lovingly influenced by the Lost Tribe from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, along with elements of TNG’s “The Royale” and Voyager’s “Muse,” with a dose of Futurama’s “Where No Fan Has Gone Before,” which portrayed Star Trek becoming a religion.

I don’t think the Enda-Prize is spaceworthy.

For Star Trek fans, “All The World’s a Stage” presented a fascinating exploration of the fate of a red shirt, with a fun “what if?” scenario where one of the red shirts left for dead survived and made first contact with a primitive species. Picking Garrovick from the TOS episode “Obsession” was a great choice, as he was one of the few red shirts to survive an episode and actually got fleshed out a bit before he was never seen again. Now we know why. We also learn the fate of the replacement Galileo shuttle seen in season 2 of TOS. In “Obsession,” Garrovick had an arc with strong parallels to Dal as he faced his own crisis of faith in himself and Starfleet.

You can get a little lost in the weeds trying to sort out how the Enderprizians could so perfectly recreate the look and sounds of the original Enterprise bridge—plus have the training to actually fly it—but there was just enough technobabble and backstory exposition to explain all this away without getting bogged down, although it might take you a couple of viewings to catch it all. However, the fast pace required has this episode leaning onto the old Trek trope of various technologies working or not working at different points to keep the drama going when needed.

Can we keep the colorful new consoles?

Final thoughts

The bottom line: This episode was fun for Star Trek fans from start to finish. It is a heartwarming celebration of the fandom we love through the eyes of the Prodigy kids and this strange new world filled with a different sort of fans of Starfleet. It’s so densely packed, it really takes a couple of viewings to fully appreciate it, which helps hold you over as we wait to see what appears to be the coming clash of the Janeways… and find out what is going on with poor Murf!

OMG Star Trek fans!


  • Stardate is 61296.9.
  • Dal is getting much better at his captain’s logs, which now include a “supplemental.”
  • Dee Bradley Baker (the voice of Murf) voiced James’T.
  • Fred Taasciore (voice of Shaxs on Lower Decks) voiced Garrovick, Dr. Boons, and Sprok.
  • Eric Bauza (who has voiced guest characters for both Lower Decks and Prodigy) voiced Sool’U and Scott’Ee.
  • All three voiced other unnamed  “Enderprizians,” as did Ella Purnell (Gwyn).
  • Samantha Smith, who played an Eldreth Leader in the series premiere of Strange New Worlds, voiced Huur’A.
  • According to Dal, Holo Janeway “says the rules about second contact are a bit fuzzy” which could be a nod to Lower Decks (set a few years earlier) and how Captain Freeman has suggested changes like Project Swing By.
  • Fun detail: Some of the Enderprizians were practicing Kirk-Fu.
  • Jankom Pog correctly identified Gallileo as a Class-F shuttlecraft, revealing he has been studying 23rd-century Starfleet tech and knew it had a duotronic comm relay.

We make these uniforms look good.

More to come

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Another great episode!

Superb, well written meta fun! Really enjoyed this episode. 😃👍 Wonder if they’ll revisit the planet later on in the series to better help contain that toxic leak though… 🧪😬

I thought it was fixed?

Well, we last saw them “fix” it by basically sealing the cave off… and with the toxicity further contaminating the planet, right? Maybe I missed something? 🤷‍♂️

And this episode was for all of us, we who have Starfleet in our hearts. We’re assured that it does matter that we have Federation values inside us, even though the Federation is not yet a reality. Because how we make it a reality is to have it in us and to live it.

This is both a love letter to the fandom, and an inspiration. My eyes are wet, and my heart is full. Thank you, Aaron J. Waltke.

My eyes are wet, and my heart is full”


I imagine we have lots of company. :-)

As per usual, you do :-)

I’m waiting for the eventual tie-in comic.

Neat little in-joke with the Galileo as we see a Galileo in Season 2 of TOS and later the Galileo II. Guess now we know why.

Yesss, the Kirk-Fu!!! That nod was amazing. And hilarious to think it has become an official martial arts sport on that planet.

That was another thing I felt was weird. Them re-enacting things as if it was a planet of Star Trek fans. Again, it made no sense.

You do know it’s a kids show right?

It’s marketed that way but it has been pretty grown up. Unlike Lower Decks, which behaves more like a kids show than this does.

Also, it still makes no sense why they would be doing it. Kids wouldn’t get the reference and adults see there is no way the inhabitants could know this stuff.

The ill-fated Ensign that crashed on the planet probably told the inhabitants story’s of the Enterprise while sick, hence not everything was right like Sprog and Starflight. Poor dude was poisoned.

Reminds me of the Voyager Ep when Seven and Chakotay crashed on the planet with the primitive inhabitants that started emulating them with mock tattoos to copy Chakotay and facial jewellery to imitate Sevens ocular implant.

Perhaps but feels like quite a stretch to make the show work if that is the case. Plus Garrovick wasn’t around for most of those things so the specifics they were pantomiming would be amazingly improbable.

You must be fun at parties

Funny you should say that. I am! It’s what got Mrs ML31 to become interested in me.

That sounds like a fun story!

Yes, Nickelodeon IS grown up…

It’s not the first time something was obviously not aimed right. For example, Lower Decks says it’s “Adult” but what few gags there are are obviously aimed straight at the humor level of grade school children.

Does it honestly make any less sense then “A Piece of the Action” did?

This was one of the weaker ones. The main thing that really bugged me was the over-exaggerated imitation of the TOS characters. Which really made zero sense. Cute mention of Garrovick. But honestly there was no real need to make this an Enterprise shuttle except to make fans excited. It felt more forced than last year’s Kobyashi Maru episode.

We shall see what happens to this show.

Not really, it’s a cute explanation of where the original Galileo went! The whole thing makes sense if you view it as a religion which it was heavily implied to be. What do you think the ensign told the people on the planet about, his crew with overly dramatic portrayals. For me the only thing that made zero sense was how they were able to pilot a Connie class but I’ll let that one go cause it’s a kid show and there are also plenty of reasonable head canon reasons for it.

The original Galileo burned up on reentry. It still makes no sense even with the religious analogy. Did the ensign do impressions of all the bridge crew for everyone? No. Not buying it.

Changing the bridge to a working 23rd century Constitution Class doesn’t make sense, either. That ship has hollo emitters on the bridge that can physically change entire consoles? Plus, I would have thought they would have used the SNW version to keep their version. This show kinda underminded one of Secret Hideout shows. Not that I’m complaining about that. They did get the bridge right.

Letting things slide because this is a “kids show”… I guess that works for some. But this show has obviously been aimed at at least Jr High kids and above. Not little ones. So they don’t get that kind of pass this this one.

There is a second shuttle Galileo before the Galileo II. It’s used in Season 2 of TOS.

Was there an episode where it was lost? Was there a 2 or II on the shuttle that I missed?

There was the Galileo that burned up in the atmosphere in The Galileo Seven.

Another Galileo appears in Journey to Babel, Metamorphosis, and The Immunity Syndrome, and is specifically named Galileo in dialogue in Metamorphosis.

Galileo II appears in The Way to Eden. No mention is made of what happened to the previous Galileo, or why the previous Galileo was not named Galileo II and this one Galileo III.

As a matter of fact, I just watched The Way to Eden this evening and noticed the Galileo II. But some here have claimed it answered some riddle that I’m not aware of at all. I didn’t notice the name on the shuttle in the episode. Don’t feel like going back to confirm so I’ll trust that is what it says. As far as I know nothing happened to the Galileo II.

Maybe they decided not to rename the third Galileo shuttle “Galileo” in honor of the death of Ensign Garovick, out of respect for his purported death. That why the third shuttle i Season 3 is Galileo II.

I know what you mean by chqnging the bridge but we do not know what technology is on the ship. It is a prototype….

The article with the interview with the writer he implied that there are hollow emmiters all over the ship. And that strongly suggested the bridge, as it appears, itself very well could be holographic to begin with. Essentially they could make the bridge appear however they want and still have it operational. So that kinda answers that. Not really sure why it would be designed that way but, meh. There it is.

Ever watched Galaxy Quest. They’re literally the aliens from Galaxy Quest.

I did. Knowing the plot of that movie still doesn’t help explain the plot of this episode. I’ve been kinda liking this show. This was the first below sub par episode they had. So let’s not get all up tight. Hopefully this is just a speed bump and the show will continue to be watchable.

I’m sorry you didn’t like it. Truly. But for me this has been my fav ep of Prodigy yet. IMHO, SNW aside, TOS doesn’t get enough love in the new Trek era.

You’re really no fun :p It’s okay to suspend logic for a little while, especially when it comes to a kid show. Does the Enderprizians culture standup to scrutiny, not really, but that’s also not the point. The point was for the Protostar crew to see that they can hold on to the ideals of the Federation and Starfleet, even if they can’t actually become a part of them (at least for now). The rest was just fun fan service plain and simple. And there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fan service from time to time.

Fan service is fine if it is organic to the situation. This was just unexplainably blatant. Also if the fact that it’s “a kids show” is an acceptable excuse then does that mean all the other shows are kids shows too? Plus, as I’ve said this is not really a “kids show”. Thus far it seems to be aiming at a higher age group than Lower Decks. Since it is aimed to be essentially teenaged people and higher saying they can get away with plot inconsistencies just doesn’t fly with me. Perhaps some small ones but not one that is 100% necessary to make the story work.

If this was a weaker one then the stronger ones must be off the charts!

No. The better episodes have merely been decent. I am thinking they may be looking better than they really are because I have been comparing them to the other Secret Hideout fare. Compared to them this show is amazingly good. But held up to a normal standard the show overall is merely OK. The opener was quite good. The fanboy in me enjoyed the Kobyashi Maru episode. And other episodes have been better than others. But this one was the weakest one thus far.

Amazing. Give this writer the keys to the entire franchise.

Not only the writers, the whole creative team!

Agree bro! These guys just get it. They really understand Star Trek and the type of stories fans like me love.

That’s the entire problem with the movies. They don’t inspire. It’s not about humanity trying to understand their place in the universe or influencing others to be more aspirational. It’s always just trying to stop some super evil dude who has a big ship. Why I don’t care if we don’t get another in ten years. They gotten boring.

But I would love to have a show like Prodigy to last for 10 seasons. This is Star Trek in every way that matters

And you can’t go wrong having two Janeways in your show! 😁👍

I totally agree with you about the movies. But to be fair they tried that with TMP and it didn’t go well given the budget and audience response. Movies are just an entirely different beast which is why Trek is not Star Wars and works best on TV. In fact I think the one time trek was able to pull off a truly inspiring movie with no real bad guy was Voyage Home. Heck if anything humanity was the bad guy in that movie!


Dang, Garrovick’s Memory Alpha entry is already updated!

Cute episode, and I like where they are taking the premise. It’s much like The Fugitive – they are on the run for Starfleet’s own good, pursued by a dogged officer, but along the way they do what they can to help people. They can get a lot of mileage out of this.

It was updated at 7:00 AM Eastern when I looked.

Very impressive. It really is a brilliant source of information, lovingly/obsessive compulsively maintained.

Reminds me a little of the people who take it upon themselves to update the Wikis for long running soap operas. Shows like Days of Our Lives, Emmerdale, The Young and the Restless and Eastenders that have been on the air for decades. Fans diligently keep updating the sprawling storylines every day/week (and must have had a hell of a time doing the initial entries). Not my taste, but I’m impressed by the commitment.

It’s a ton better than Garrovick’s fate in a really crummy novel from 30+ years back where the writer just unceremoniously offed him for no gain at all. I’ve never watched this series (only lasted 20min on the other cartoon show), but found myself smiling just reading the synopsis. If the animation wasn’t so ludicrous looking (look of TAS is awful, granted, but at least it is a look I’m used to seeing), I might actually give this a try the next time I take a week of P+.

Lower Desks adopted the animation style of TAS for the look of Kirk and Spock!

Which is why (off topic) it drives me nuts when writers complain about canon. You’ve got memory alpha right there in front of you. Just look it up and quit complaining.

I won’t lie, I had no idea who Garrovick even was lol. I’m not a big TOS fan but I have seen that episode long long ago just didn’t remember it.

But I LOL when I went to Memory Alpha after watching this episode to see who he was and it was already updated! 😆

Never underestimate the dedication of Star Trek fans. 👍

Same. They cast a lot of similar-looking blue eyed matinee-idol types on that show, they kinda blend together if you don’t rewatch it as much.

Yeah it was the 60s I guess?

Exactly. For all the flack TOS gets by modern audiences and ESP Kirk for being a “ladies man” or whatever, they are forgetting the hippie era in which this show had to learn to survive.

Garrovick is one of the few Red Shirts who survives in TOS. Well… till now LOL.

Yeah Memory Alpha is ON THAT STUFF! I don’t think there is another fan wikia of any franchise that has ever existed that is as up to date or in depth as Memory Alpha is. Don’t ever doubt the love of Star Trek fanbase.

At first I had some issues with some of the way the story was presented or just confused on it. It was a good episode but I felt a little lost. But once I saw someone said this was basically Star Trek’s version of Galaxy Quest I finally got it and loved it. I loved it’s tribute to everything Star Trek and the aliens being inspired to be part of Starfleet because of their encounters with Garrovick a century ago. Some things still a little questionable like how they can suddenly pilot a 24th century starship but it’s still a kids show.

Also loved the ‘Second contact’ line!!! How can I feel so giddy over it, I don’t know, but it was cool to hear. This show is so well done and a joy to watch. It’s a reason why it’s tied with Lower Decks as my favorite shows in NuTrek. The stories are always fun and even inspiring.

Galaxy Quest was a movie made of pure love for TOS. Right down to the entire cast of Galaxy Quest hating Tim Allen’s character lol. Tim Allen IRL is a huge Trekkie. And Sygorney Weaver of course is like the queen of SciFi (minus Nichelle Nichols of course RIP). I remember Alan Rickman on Conan saying they specifically were not allowed to discuss the parallels of that movie to Trek. Also RIP.

Just watched it. When I realized where this was going, it reminded me of Ron Moore’s unused DS9 script where they revisited the planet of copycat imitators in “A Piece of the Action” and that instead of gangsters, it was Kirk and Spock imitators. Glad to see that concept being still used decades later.

Funny you should say that. It felt like this episode was inspired by that and I was thinking they got a hold of something that contained info on Star Fleet and specifically Kirk’s 5 year mission. But instead the writers went with something that really didn’t make a lick of sense. But, like I said, overall this is the only Secret Hideout show that doesn’t suck so let’s just hope this episode was a mere bump in the road rather than how the show will be from now on.

There is a TOS season 5 comic that did exactly that.

I think TNG also had an unused idea like that for A Piece of the Action planet as well.

This show is IMHO so good, while watching I often have to remind myself that the series is targeted to youngsters. Tonight’s show doesnt really progress the season arc that much and the plot seemed pretty simplistic at first glance. That said, overall this was another enjoyable episode and so far, Prodigy is really doing a great job.

From finding myself a little underwhelmed by last weeks episode to being completely entertained and just so happy by this weeks episode. Easily one of my favourites so far, and I found it so hilarious and heartwarming in parts. And once again we see so many examples in this one episode of how the Prodigy team take past canon and use it in a compelling, interesting and respectful way without completely rewriting history or destroying it. I just loved this episode.

If we are to take all of these episodes as existing in season one then surely it is the strongest opening season of any Trek show thus far. “Kobayashi”, “Time Amok”, “A Moral Star” and now this episode are all truly great Star Trek episodes.

And poor lil Murf! I found myself so worried about them throughout this episode. Truly astonishing given that I still have no idea what most of the bridge crew’s names are on Disco, and here I am just 13 episodes in and genuinely concerned about a non-communicative blue blob.

I really do think Prodigy is the crown jewel of the current crop of shows and I am just so happy and excited by what they are giving us.

I been seeing people question how did a shuttle get so far into the Delta or Beta quadrant? But a theory I have is he could’ve fell through a Borg transwarp conduit? It’s at least possible. Unless someone want to tell me why it’s impossible?

Oh and massive cool the Protostar is so advanced it can turn the bridge into different holographic bridges.

How awesome is that??? This is post Nemesis technology at work and great to see!

And we got to see both the TOS and TNG bridges on this show. A total geek fest! 😁

I honestly don’t think they are in the Delta quadrant anymore. Remember the ep 2 back where they were at a Starfleet Starbase? I highly doubt Starfleet has had the time since VOY’s return to establish that kind of presence in the Delta Quadrant outside of “Ambassador” Neelix.

It was ok. Not my favorite episode. Not the strongest but still entertaining enough to come back.

Honestly, the best Trek show on at the moment. Less manic than Lower Decks.
“live logs and proper”

So true!

Agreed. Even though this episode was easily the weakest of the 13 overall the show doesn’t suck and that easily makes it the best thing Secret Hideout has made.

I still love SNW more but this is very much a strong #2. ESP this episode because of the TOS influence which is why I love SNW so much.

Among the cool things I liked were that “Kirk” and “Sulu” got a long just fine. I feel like that was a deliberate choice.

Could be. But Kirk and Sulu never had the problems Shatner and Takei did. Sulu saved Kirk and the entire Enterprise in Undiscovered Country essentially defying orders.

“As much to the crew of the Enterprise, I owe you my thanks.”

“Nice to see you in action one more time Captain Kirk. Take care.”

This series is SO good. Prodigy and SNW are really fine Trek.

Totally agree.

Watching in Canada where it runs at 21:00 Thursdays, often the following day from my PVR, I often come here to find many of my positive thoughts already expressed.

It’s important though that we keep on saying how great this show is. It embraces the franchise so well, and is astonishingly well crafted, that it is effectively a message to the other shows’ EPs, Secret Hideout and Paramount about what the bar needs to be for other television and movie offerings.

I sincerely hope it does take the Children’s Series Emmy.

JJ Abrams and anyone with power over a new cinematic feature should be made to watch the entire Prodigy run so far, at least three times, before walking into any pitch room.

I know SNW has only had one season, but so far it had been the strongest Debut of a Star Trek show since TOS itself.

I like this episode in the end, but as it progressed I felt mostly confused by the details of the premise which kept me distracted and little frustrated. It’s a solid Star Trek story but it probably could have been constructed a little better, especially for the young audiences this is targeted at. Again the episode is beautiful to look at and the score continues to elevate this show.

Yes. Agreed. The story, as usual for this show, was a good concept. But the execution was seriously flawed and not very well thought out. As if the writers had the attitude a few here seem to have… “It’s a kids show so we don’t need to put much thought into it.”

Wonderful episode, but they really need to tone down Jankom. The scenery chewing is so over the top, it’s ridiculous.

Agreed. Sure, it’s a kid’s show, but the other performances aren’t so outsized so he sometimes sets my teeth on edge. He’s like Pumba with no Timon to balance him out.

Yeah IU will admit he is my least favorite character on the show. But to be fair, thats what Tellarites are supposed to be.

Here in Germany we now have access to the first 6 episodes.
I would like to point out that it is a bad show for kids, I can’t watch it with my 6-10 years old kids. The show is way to dark, the villain is spooky and not easy to understand, the story is complex and not appealing to kids.
I do like the characters, I do like the animation style but its just a bad show for kids – sorry. I am very disappointed as I thought this could be the entry to star trek for my whole family. Well, its not.

Interesting! What about the older shows? TOS?

I don’t have kids so I really don’t have the right to offer an opinion. But I remember as a little kid watching sleepy hollow and being terrified. I guess there is a lot of stuff out there that can keep kids up at night.

When they said “two glowing eyes” I almost immediately thought of warp engines. Then I spent the rest of the episode wracking my mind as to what “Gallows” could be. When I saw it, I loved it.

It took me a few seconds to get the Shatner voice, but when I got it I loved it too.

Hmm thats funny. For some reason I thought Lower Decks takes place after Prodigy.