The Shuttle Pod Crew Praises The First Half-Season Of ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’

With the return of the second half of the first season of Star Trek: Prodigy, shuttle pod’ers Kayla and Matt are joined by Laurie from sister podcast All Access Star Trek to discuss all things Prodigy. Among other topics, the podcasters touch on the timey-wimey mystery of The Diviner, if we’ll see Drednok again, and the semantics of calling the new second batch of ten episodes season 1.5 rather than simply season 2.

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thank you. i really enjoyed prodigy, it has heart, wit and humour and the integration of janeway is elegant and heartfelt. soooo good!

Always happy when I see a new Shuttle Pod Podcast!

Thank you for the comment. It’s nice to hear from our listeners :-D

Merchandise. It’s weird how some IP’s get so much merch when there is little awareness of it, but some, like Prodigy, get nothing. I think that Star Trek has always had a merch problem. Remember the Spock helmet? The Mego toys from the early 70s were great, and Playmates had a nice run in the 90s, but what is going on now? There are 5 Star Trek shows on now, and very little merch. I used to go to the Starlog store in the 90s and there was a bunch of Trek stuff, they had a whole room just for Trek merch!

Anyway, I hope we get some Prodigy toys sooner than later. I would like a Protostar ship/playset. One that had the saucer section’s top open up to reveal the bridge with interactive features and the nacelles could “transform” into proto-warp form! I mean, that Protostar is incredibly toy-etic, I think the designers definitely had the toy in mind. Then, just fill out the duty stations with little figures of the characters! I’m thinking a scale like the old Star Wars toys from the 70s/80s.

Some role-playing items would be nice for kids as well. A belt that come with holsters for phaser and tricorder, a tricorder with flip-up screen that actually “scan,” comm-badge, etc. Instead of a plush Murph, I think a stretchy-Murph makes more sense to the character. Like a Stretch Armstrong. I also think some educational toys would be great, especially for science kits.

Great ideas! CBS/Paramount might wanna take notes :-)

Stretchy Murf is a great idea. And yes to the playset… again, I think Pee wee’s Playhouse is a great model, since it also had an audience of kids as well as adults. They created beautiful, detailed toys that you could play with or display, and didn’t even have a ship like the Protostar to work with.

It’s unfathomable how poorly the Trek franchise has done in the licensing market beyond books and comics.

I’m more forgiving of the 60s and early 70s, because other than comics, it just wasn’t that pervasive in television franchises (although I recall having a very cool Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea lunchkit as a little one).

Once Star Wars revolutionized licensing however there was really no excuse.

I hoped that Nickelodeon would have pushed Paramount’s licensing to go more intensively in the toy market and with a broader and higher quality set of toy manufacturers, but there seems to be deep impediments that no one is willing to take on.

It makes me wonder if the Roddenberry estate is some kind of road block on getting this stuff licenced and into the market.

It makes me wonder if the Roddenberry estate is some kind of road block on getting this stuff licenced and into the market

I highly doubt that, remember Rod Roddenberry gets an executive producer title on all the new CBS productions, so he’s getting a piece of the pie on all this new stuff.