EXO-6 Announces “Out Of This World” Line Of Star Trek Alien 1:6 Figures

For the last couple of years we have been really impressed with EXO-6’s detailed highly-articulated Star Trek figures. EXO’s 1:6-scale figurines depict characters from many different eras of the franchise’s history, but they have mostly focused on Starfleet heroes. That changes now with the revelation of a new “Out of This World” line of figures, focusing on some of the many aliens in Star Trek universe. The first three are classics and we have a preview video to get a closer look.

EXO-6 adds Quark, Kruge, and Shran

The Out of this World line will start with Commander Shran (Star Trek: Enterprise), Quark (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), and Commander Kruge (Star Trek III: The Search For Spock).

According to EXO-6, more work goes into these alien figures for a number of reasons including the uniforms being more complicated than Starfleet uniforms. To design these new “Out of this World” figures, EX0-6 has meticulously researched the alien costumes, some of which have intricate printed details integrated into their design. Each figure will be equipped with culturally specific weapons and tools and include multiple hands for using these items.

Check out the preview video.

The Shran figure was announced earlier this month priced at $215, with an estimated delivery date of March or April. Pre-orders for that figure were closed on the EXO-6 on November 17, but the figure is still available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and other retail partners.

EXO-6 will be making one of the other “Out of this World” figures available for pre-order at exo-6.com on Black Friday.

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Admiral Kirk? Admiral…Admiral….

Oh to be filthy rich like a Ferengi. Speaking of…if you tip Quark over do you hear the jingle?
“Come to Quark’s, Quark’s is fun– “

Some of the most wonderful figures I have ever seen! Too bad I can no longer afford these…😢

That image of that trio would be great for terrifying your children before bed.

When is Playmates going to finally reveal something like these? Their Prodigy figures will finally give us a few different alien characters but that wave got pushed back to next summer. We need some interesting waves to keep this line alive and thriving. C’mon Playmates!

Real nice. Maybe if I had a Star Trek ‘room.’ Which isn’t going to happen as long as I’m married.

Looks like EXO6 has hired some better sculptors. Unlike prior releases, these look a LOT like the actors. Nicely done!

Quark’s outfit is fantastic.