Ethan Peck Says He’s Finding His Groove As Spock In ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

Titan’s revamped Star Trek Explorer magazine delivers its fifth issue next week and we have an exclusive excerpt from an interview with Ethan Peck about what it has been like taking on the iconic role of Spock role on Star Trek: Discovery and now Strange New Worlds, which wrapped up production on its second season earlier this year.

Peck on Spock

While production of season 2 of Strange New Worlds was still in session, Ethan Peck took a break from filming to speak exclusively with Star Trek Explorer. Over the course of the interview, Peck looked back at his time on Discovery, addressed the challenges of playing a Spock who still evinces emotion, revealed how immersing himself in Spock has changed him, and shared what he’d ask Leonard Nimoy if he could talk to his predecessor.

Star Trek Explorer: What were your expectations when all of this started with Discovery?

Ethan Peck: My expectations were to get fired and to fail, to be quite honest with you, and my hopes were to end up on Pike’s Enterprise.

You really thought you might fail?

I felt so unproven at the time. I didn’t have a lot of experience. So, I just wasn’t sure how it was going to fare. I put a lot of pressure on myself. I guess I could call myself a recovering perfectionist at this point in time, and that’s not good for creativity in art-making. I was given this opportunity to do that when I was cast in Discovery as Spock. That’s not something everyone gets the opportunity to do, to rise to an occasion.

Ethan Peck as Spock in Short Treks “Q&A”

How proud are you that you have pulled it off?

I’m proud. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and it feels like it’s only just beginning. Being on Discovery almost felt like a preamble to what’s been happening on Strange New Worlds—for me personally—and it’s ongoing. I feel like I’m starting to find a groove, all these years later.

Fans took such a liking to Spock, Pike and Number One on Discovery and Short Treks that they practically willed Strange New Worlds into existence. What was it like to have a front-row seat as Paramount+/CBS said, “We have to do this. Let’s go”?

I don’t read too many reviews or responses online, so I was tangentially aware that fans wanted it. Anson [Mount] and I did as many conventions as we could the year following the completion of Discovery season 2. As the show started to air, we started what I call our convention tour. That is what it was for me. I saw it as campaigning for our own show and I think I contributed to getting it greenlit, but I have no idea. I don’t know if there was a plan all along for them to do it.

Ethan Peck as Spock in Star Trek; Strange New Worlds’ “Children of the Comet”

Read the full interview in Star Trek Explorer #5 on sale on November 29.

Star Trek Explorer #5

In addition to Peck, the Star Trek Explorer issue 5 has an interview with Strange New Worlds’ Hemmer, actor Bruce Horak. The issue also includes an interview with Avaah Blackwell. who has played multiple roles on Strange New Worlds and Discovery as well as being Rebecca Romijn’s stunt double. The Inside Trek section in issue 5 has a tribute to the late Nichelle Nichols featuring memories from Trek alumni and a top 10 list of Uhura moments. There is also new exclusive short fiction tied to DS9 and TNG and much more.

Issue 5 newsstand cover

Issue 5 exclusive cover

You can subscribe today to make sure you never miss an issue at Subscribers get  a digital supplement (including more new fiction, plus other added content).

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So far I think he’s done a meritable job, and done Nimoy proud.

He’s doing a great job and I think is now the closest to his OS counterpart (even more than Pike). It’s honoring without imitating.


He’s done a great job so far. I’m looking forward to SNW S3 more than any other show in 2023, Trek or otherwise

Even more than season two? :P Kidding aside, I’m looking forward to it more than other ST shows as well (tho Prodigy is going to be a close second if it keeps up like this.)

OOPS. I was confusing SNW S2 with PICARD S3 LOL

Well, Mr. Peck, Patrick Stewart expected to be fired during his first year on TNG, so you’re in excellent company. :-)

He isn’t reminiscent of Nimoy (who is) but the casting of Peck is one of Secret Hideout’s biggest successes. Less so with the Kirk guy.

Yeah the new Kirk is a huge miss IMO as well.

I think it’s fair to give Paul Wesley an actual chance to find HIS groove, esp since the only scenes we’ve seen of him are an alt future Kirk and not even the actual Kirk he’s going to play.

I think he has been great so far. Can’t wait for SNW to return.

I’ll swear his ears are different in each of those photos.

Better than Quinto for sure!

So much better! Quinto’s Spock isn’t even Spock. He is ironically the most emotional one of the entire cast!