Podcast: All Access Star Trek Gives Thanks For The Latest ‘Prodigy’ Episode

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 118 - TrekMovie

Due to the holiday weekend, there’s no news this week. Tony and Laurie review the newest episode of Star Trek: Prodigy, “Masquerade” and wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

Back next week with news and a review of the next Prodigy episode.


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TNG’s “The Host”

TNG’s “The Outrageous Okona”

Maz Kanata

International Space Elevator Consortium

The Science of Star Trek with Dr. Erin MacDonald (for episode 14)

Kirk (Chris Pine) eating an apple in Star Trek

Kirk (William Shatner) eating an apple in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

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Yes, they overdid the Soongs.* I agree with Laurie. Any point they’re prioritizing actors over story/character, they’re making a mistake in my opinion.

I’m also starting to feel the timelines are becoming (or even have been for a while) too convoluted. I’m a long time fan and I’M having trouble following all the different timelines/eras/uniforms. I’m hoping they’re going to focus the new-to-come shows in the 24th century. I, for instance, have zero interest in a 32nd century show if they’re going to do an Academy series. There’s a hunger for legacy characters so that’s another reason to focus on 24th century.

*Unless they’re doing A Fistfull of Soongs as a follow-up to the TNH episode.

I must be the only one who intensely dislikes “A Fistful of Datas.” Harumph.

Ironically that was the point of introducing the Kelvin universe at the time, people were complaining the Prime universe had become too stuffed with so much canon over the 40 years and wanted to start with a clean slate and streamline future canon if the movies became a big enough hit.

But of course it didn’t quite happen the way they were hoping with those movies and returned to the Prime universe full time but actually went crazier with it by adding multiple new eras and prequels. And of course a bigger focus on 24th century stories again.

For me personally, I love all the time periods the new shows are currently in. It makes the franchise feel as expansive as ever, but it’s definitely overwhelming for some, especially if they don’t keep up with everything.

But I also agree the 24th/25th century is where the franchise is the main focus and probably will be for a long time because that probably what makes up both the majority of the fans and the characters/actors. And I include myself in that, but I also hope in time they move on to newer periods and start completely fresh. Put new shows in the mid-25th century. It doesn’t have to be way in the 32nd century but a little farther from the 24th century mythology in a new era/period that could be a big focus.

Remco, I think that you’ve hit the nail on the head when you talk about prioritizing actors over story and character development and coherence.

The 90s series did very well by offering each of the actors and their characters a focus episode or two each season, and regular profiling with the A-plot/B-plot structure.

When it came to the movies and newer series what can only be described as ego-driven or ego-blind demands of some of the actors has quite literally ‘held up’ the franchise as the studios have encouraged the EPs to do what it takes to get certain legacy characters and actors back.

While I am sure there are some market research findings that show the value of those popular legacy characters, I think that the suits may have over prioritized that, and underestimated the interest of even long time fans in new characters and settings.

I think that’s why I am enjoying LDS and SNW so much, I really missed the A and B plot structure. I mean I don’t think that’s the reason I love Star Trek or anything lol, but you’re right it’s just a nice way to break up the stories a bit and more character focused. I didn’t realize that so much until we got serialized stuff with Picard and Discovery and it just became plot focused most off the time.

Now that said, I also agree I think TPTB has too much of an emphasis over old characters. We all like having them back but at one point they were all new characters as well and fans slowly fell in love with them.

What I think the REAL issue is because Star Trek is behind a pay wall now, there is the fear fans won’t pay for it unless you give them something familiar. And this is mostly with casual fans, we don’t count, hardcore fans will watch no matter what. But my own brother is a good example of that. We both became Star Trek fans at a young age, but he basically stopped watching it by the time DS9 came on. And he had no interest in any of the new shows now. Picard was the only show that interested him because it had, well, Picard in it. But he got through the first four episodes when he realized the Enterprise with Riker and Worf wasn’t showing up and stopped watching. Funny enough we had Thanksgiving together and he mentioned he wants to watch the third season because they all the TNG characters are back.

It’s basically people like my brother why they probably feel they have to put more familiar characters on all these shows now.

Thank you Laurie and Tony for taking the time on Thanksgiving to record this.

There is no way Dal can be a legitimate captain until he matures… So he was jealous now? He was showing off? But the guy is a teen so can’t blame him for acting like a teen… I think Rok has found her calling as science officer, and Murf… I don’t particularly like his present form. Just waiting for him to evolve again.

Thanks for listening! Dal is still a teen, and he’s never really had anyone to guide him before or any standards to live up to, this is all new for him. Agree on Murf.

I thought the thing on the back of Ascencia’s neck was supposed to be the same thing that was on Dal’s neck. So it would have altered her genome, which would have fooled transporters or tricorders or anything else.

It certainly looked the same! I was wondering about that as well.

Im all Soong and Spinered out! But, he’s going to show up at some point…..

I love how the nu-trek is starting to connect with one another. I was happy to see Pic S1 Romulans.

Prodigy is a blast! I’m impressed how the writers can pack a coherent, tight, Roddenberry-esque story into 24 minutes. I hope PIC S3 can do the same.

Well, if you condensed Picard episodes down to 24 minutes, maybe the story wouldn’t drag so much in season 2 ;-)

They´ve definitely overdone the Soongs. For me it was too much way back in Picard season 1. I loved the little detail of Admiral Janeway having a model of the Voyager on Dauntless.

Yes seeing the model of Voyager on the ship gave me a big smile.

It’s amazing how much my love for this show has changed. The first 10 episodes didn’t really do it for me, it felt like Star Wars and a generic cartoon but from episode 11 onward I JUST LOVE IT. Bringing the real Janeway, Chakotay, the Dauntless, Jellico, Okona, Tal Shiar and the Federation in the mix was the missing ingredient. It feels like real Trek.

Guys. Holo Janeway is going to have to give them “the talk.”

Ha! Star Trek has a history of being weirdly awkward whenever sex is talked about… maybe Prodigy will finally do it right.

Thanks for putting out this podcast even during Thanksgiving! Now that is dedication.

I like how they are tying all the late 24th century timelines together with the Romulans and the Borg, etc. I don’t think it will all end up working together perfectly (and obviously it was not at all planned in advance), but I am glad they are trying/doing it. And it like the idea that the Borg cube from “Let Sleeping Borg Lie” is the Artifact – it gives the underserved Picard Borg storyline just a little more connectivity to the rest of the universe.

One thing I think multiple series could do better on is distances in space. SNW had some issues with positions/locations with some of their visuals (which I chalk up to just having to jiggle the production of a large show), but similar issues crop up elsewhere. As Anthony pointed out, the Neutral Zone is probably the biggest issue in this area across multiple shows. If you are planning a Romulan episode, you need to understand in advance what the limitations are with the Zone. The Zone should be like a sector in width (or at least a lightyear in width). There shouldn’t be a face-to-face unless someone already violated the Zone. TNG did this correctly in All Good Things with them being separated by the zone and cooperating to enter it jointly. Just seems like the new shows need to put a touch more thought into this stuff.

I have hit my Soong limit! It gets too Star Wars in my Trek when families have generational power!