Watch ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 4 Blu-ray/DVD Trailer & Clip + We Are Giving Away 2 Copies

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 arrives on Blu-ray, DVD, and Steelbook on Tuesday, December 6. The release includes over 90 minutes of bonus content including exclusive featurettes and commentaries. We have a first look at the launch trailer and we are giving away a couple of copies too.

Discovery season 4 Blu-ray/DVD trailer & clip

TrekMovie was provided a first look at the launch trailer…

And here’s a clip (via IGN) of one of the special features with Sonequa Martin-Green talking about shooting season 4 shortly after giving birth to her daughter.

Here is a full breakdown of the special features for this release:

  • STAR TREK DISCOVERY: THE VOYAGE OF SEASON 4 – A continuation of the series,
    this behind-the-scenes featurette includes writers and producers as they discuss how their
    visions were realized by the cast, sets, costumes and props in season 4.
  • BEING MICHAEL BURNHAM: THE CAPTAIN’S LOG – From Sonequa Martin-Green, fans
    are taken through her personal journey as Captain Michael Burnham. Follow Martin-Green
    as she sits in the captain’s chair and shares intimate videos taken throughout the season,
    behind-the-scenes moments and interviews.
  • CREATING SPACE – Fans can explore the VFX department to see their use of an AR wall
    for the immersive on-screen experience created for the holodeck, which utilizes the largest
    AR wall to date.
  • THE TOLL IT TOOK – From the writers’ room and prop building to costume fittings, the
    production stage and post, the cast and crew discuss the toll COVID took during the
    development of season 4.

Arriving Tuesday

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 will be released on home video on Tuesday, December 6. You can pre-order it now at Amazon: Blu-ray $34.96

Amazon pre-order: Blu-ray/Steelbook $49.99

Amazon pre-order: DVD $29.96

Giveaway: Tell us about your favorite Disco character

TrekMovie is giving away two copies of the Discovery season 4 Blu-ray or DVD to a couple of lucky readers in the USA. All you need to do is to comment below telling us who your favorite Discovery character is and why. The winner will be selected at random on Thursday, December 8th at midnight Pacific. Please include a working email address so you can be contacted to find out where to send the copy.

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I would love this

My favorite character is Keyla Detmer, she’s sassy, sexy, strong and the kind of person you know has your back and that grin tells you…other things.

She is pretty awesome.

To each their own, of course, but there’s pretty much no character there. She’s a cardboard, one-dimensional background character, just like all the other bridge characters. This show is pretty bad at giving characters not named Michael Burnham or Saru anything meaningful to do.

Lets see, the contest is for readers to share who their favorite character is. Never fear, Lorna Dune is here to take a piss on you for having a favorite character. At least you managed to restrain yourself from really going ape s**t on this thread.

Discovery does have its issues, but I will always watch it. Adira is my favorite character because they’re excellent casual transgender representation, and as a trans man myself, it’s so nice to see my community in Star Trek.

I love T’Rina & Saru. Their relationship makes me so happy

I can’t win because I am in Canada. Anyway my favorite character is Saru. Just a great all around character.

I like Lt. Cdr. Stamets. He was interesting from me from his first appearance. Irascible and cranky but brilliant and loving. A real person.

Kovich. I am fascinated that David Cronenberg is playing this role in the first place (and doing such a captivating job of it, IMO), but the character is just as intriguing. Every little nugget dropped about him just leads me to more questions and speculation. More Kovich, please!


This is the first Star Trek series that I can honestly say I’ve watched from the beginning and ever since then I have been a big fan of Saru. He’s so amazing.

Stamets is my favorite character (followed by Reno). Part of it is just being a huge Anthony Rapp fan but the rest of it is the journey the character has been on through 4 seasons and the way I love to hear his perspective on any issue.

I’m such a Stamets Stan! I love a grumpy scientist, and he’s so much more than that. His growth from season 1 to 4 is remarkable, especially in his relationship with Hugh. I’m just so proud of my little astromycologist.

My favorite Discovery character is Saru and it’s because of the amazing nuance and emotion Doug Jones brings him, despite pounds of silicone appliance.

I would hav to go outside the box and say T’Rina. I may have reservations about the show in general, but it was awesome to see T’Rina as we hadnt gotten much exposure to Vulcan females as a recurring character (not counting T’Pol as much as I love Enterprise)

Sylvia Tilly. I find her so relatable. Her trying to find confidence and her place

Oh, god. She’s the show’s absolute worst character.

My favorite Star Trek: Discovery character has to be Captain Michael Burnham because she is such a strong, brave, and courageous character. The character has evolved so much and she is a better character because of it.

Thats easy… I love Grudge because I am a cat fanatic and have 3 maine coons of my own.

Sylvia Tilly, because like me, she hates mac and cheese.

I am just a huge fan of Michael Burnham. Sure she has her rough edges and gets emotional but that’s why I love her. And her interactions with others are stellar. Sonequa is a great actress.

She is a great actress!

Owosekun, even though she’s never on screen long enough. Oyin Oladejo brings real grit, determination and believability to her and also happens to be transcendently beautiful.

I’m loving Doctor Kovich. His deadpan attitude, his coolness under pressure, and he’s David Cronenberg in Star Trek!

Although it is tough to narrow it down to a single favorite, I’ll have to go with Saru. He was the first Kelpien in many generations to experience his species’ post-fear stage of life and we’ve watched him learn and grow throughout that process. I’m looking forward to seeing where his relationship with T’Rina takes them.

My favorite is Paul Stamets, because he is both sensitive and pissed off at the same time.

My favorite is Saru. Doug Jones is excellent.

Book showed up and immediately stole the show for me. Troubled space-druid is fun-wierd concept, and Ajala does a great job with the character.

I am silly for Tilly and Captain Killy. She’s a great character and I love her enthusiasm and how she tackles any problem.

That’s a beautiful Steelbook cover! My favorite Disco character is Saru. He represents the best of Starfleet, has a beautiful relationship with Michael, is a great commander, and I also love his home planet and the backstory behind how he joined Starfleet. Doug Jones has done a marvelous job with this role; all you have to do is watch how he moves his hands when he walks. A brilliant alien portrayal, on par with some of the best Star Trek alien (or alien-like) main characters, like Spock, Data, Phlox, Odo and Hemmer.

Man I wish they didn’t kill off Hemmer.

i love so many characters many of whom are gone but i gotta go with saru… from the pilot to when we last saw him in season 4 it’s an amazing arc. the flashbacks to his previous life are great. his mirror self also so well done. and then we see the result of the changes he brought his world after the time jump and him becoming an elder. it’s absolutely fantastic and doug jones is so good in the part.

the best moment for me is when he’s walking talking with capt pike in season 2 and ash and huber just had a fight… when pike inquires how letting the fight proceed was hardly regulations saru/doug jones delivers this line so awesomely so hysterically and explains how crazy fun the show is… “The Starfleet manual offers no regulatory guidelines for interactions between humans with Klingons grafted to their bones and a ship’s doctor returned from the dead.”

Adira, because the character is ground-breaking.

My Favorite character is Linus. I love the Saurian species and get a real charge whenever he is on screen. More Linus please!

Hard pass!


I’d pick Pike! He’s The Original Captain™, and the one who seems to have effortlessly carried Discovery’s spin-off to greater heights than what we got with Captain Burnham’s show so far (an easy task, admittedly, but they COULD’VE bungled SNW, too)!

Sylvia Tilly is my favorite Discovery character because watching the Short Trek “Runaway” made me go and binge Discovery Season 1.

I think my favorite character is Saru because of his love for the crew and the wisdom he gives to everyone.

I am a big fan of Dr. Culber. He is a shining example of what makes an excellent Star Trek Federation Officer

I love Saru. He is such a complex and fascinating character. Kind and compassionate, but also assertive and firm. His development from the pilot to season 4 was amazing to watch. Getting to see him as captain in season 3 was an absolute blast! Doug Jones is an incredible actor who is able to put so much personality and depth into the character (while wearing prosthetics on his face, obscuring his facial expressions, kind of like Odo.) I think he is one of the best characters in the Star Trek franchise and I can’t wait to see how his character will continue to develop in season 5.

Saru for the win… his evolution as a character and the love and honor he has towards the crew and his friends is incredible.

My favorite is Tilly. She seemed so natural and real. She was a fun character to watch, and she had such an innocence to her. If we ever get a show about centered around her character, that would be great.

A TRUE SHAME PARAMOUNT RELEASES VIDEO GAME SHOWS LIKE “HALO” ON 4K DISC WITH HDR AND STAR TREK (THE BIGGEST AND LONGEST SERIES FRANCHISE IN HISTORY OF THE PLANET I SUPPOSE) ONLY ON STANDARD BLU RAY!!! I’m aware that it’s not shot in 4k BUT it’s about HDR/DOLBY VISION which adds A LOT to it and the material is good enough that it would be a beautiful 4k upscale too. I know they want to bring people to streaming which has HDR at the star trek shows. But I’m not a dog who runs where the “master” wants me to run. I decide for myself.

You can run wherever you like. Unfortunately, there’s no ball waiting for you there from Paramount ;-)

My favorite character has to be Saru. I’ve enjoyed his arc and the positive changes he has gone through. Looking forward to seeing what’s next for him.

Saru is my favorite Star Trek Discovery character. A masterful performance by Doug Jones.

My favourite character is Saru because he is an very interesting/amazing character.

Still without a doubt Jett Reno.

Book is my favorite character. I love in season 3 how his character developed this complexity due to the loss of his home planet and family. His inner struggle to maintain a moral compass for the alien beings he thought were intent on destroying life rather than protecting itself. Throughout that season you can see he kept questioning himself and with the help of Burman he found himself again. His struggle was intense but in all through his planets beliefs and culture guided him in the end. He still was book but his vulnerability made him question himself. His planet maybe gone but their essence of who they are live in him. His strength and conviction and love for Burman always brings him home to discovery.

Saru, because he has become the Mr. Rogers of the Star Trek neighborhood and I’m always here for that.

My favorite character is The Sphere Data because We Still Don’t Know.

Jett Reno! Love the snark..,

My favorite character is Saru. His backstory was so fun to learn and seeing his evolution over the seasons to a confident captain has been awesome.

It may be a cop out, but I love the dynamic of Mixhael and Saru. We’ve seen few Black captains in Trek, especially women, and we’ve not had aliens in positions of leadership. Put simply, we’re getting to see representation in leadership that we haven’t seen before. It’s nice that the show allows new people to lead, with different styles that work at different times, and doesn’t make it competitive.

My favorite character is Paul Stamets. Watching his journey over four seasons has been a joy and he has come a long way.

This show has had only a few good main characters, in my opinion:


Number One

Most of the others range from unbearable (Burnham, Tilly and Grey) to cardboard (the entire bridge cast) to ridiculous (the Emperor). Adira was fascinating when first introduced, then became a background extra. For me, the show took a major nose-dive after season two, and it’s been plummeting ever since. The best thing they could do to fix it would be to ditch SMG, whose whisper-cry approach to acting is so amateurish and melodramatic.

Agreed. And ditch Paradise as well.

As much as I love many of the characters of Discovery I would probably have to say my favorite would be Saru. Not only because of the legendary Doug Jones portraying him. Not only because of the incredible Prosthetics work by the makeup team. I would say it’s because of the humanity that Doug brings to the role very similar to the other non-human crew members across the other Trek series in classic and kurtzman era.

Love Jett Reno’s sense of humor.