Showrunner Hints At Casting For Captain Of USS Titan In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3

One of the unknowns for the upcoming third and final season of Star Trek: Picard is who will be playing the captain of the USS Titan. Now there could be an answer from showrunner Terry Matalas, tied to his previous show 12 Monkeys.

Captain Todd?

The Star Trek Day teaser for Picard season 3 first revealed the USS Titan-A, the 25th century Starfleet ship that will be the main ship for the season. That trailer showed Seven of Nine in her new Starfleet commissioned rank of commander, serving as the first officer of the Titan-A. Even though there are a number of Star Trek: The Next Generation veterans joining in season 3—including Jonathan Frakes as Captain Riker, who was captain of the previous Titan—in a September interview with TrekMovie, Terry Matalas said the Titan-A’s captain was a new (yet-to-be-announced) character:

That captain is also a major character. It’s not a character you’ve ever seen before and you will be hearing more about the Titan-A from this captain. And it’s an actor that I’m very, very fond of.

Commander Seven of the USS Titan-A

Now it looks like we may be able to put a face to that captain. When a fan suggested that the actor who played Deacon on 12 Monkeys (Todd Stashwick) would make a good starship captain on Picard, Matalas quote tweeted it, then added “Now that’s a good idea” with a knowing smirk emoji.

Matalas was the executive producer and showrunner for the Syfy time-travel series 12 Monkeys, which included Stashwick in the cast. Matalas previously confirmed he had “definitely” added a member of the 12 Monkeys cast to season 3 of Picard, and so far, no other actors associated with 12 Monkeys have been officially named as part of season 3 of Picard.

Todd Stashwick is a veteran television character actor appearing in all sorts of shows made in the last 20 years. He has even appeared on Star Trek before: On Enterprise, during the fourth season Vulcan arc, Stashwick played a Romulan posing as a Vulcan named Talok.

Todd Stashwick as Deacon in 12 Monkeys 

The above tweet exchange came in reply to a tweet from Stashwick on Sunday wishing Matalas a happy birthday and saying he would love to work together again, adding “I owe you big time. Much love.”

For now, this is all unconfirmed, but the clues seem to be adding up to Todd Stashwick playing the captain of the USS Titan-A. We may have even seen Stashwick being thrown around the bridge during a very brief action sequence from the Star Trek Day trailer (see below). We will probably know more by the time the next trailer is released.

From the Star Trek Day teaser

A motion-blurred command officer who bares a resemblance to Stashwick is tossed around the bridge of the USS Titan-A

Coming on Feb 16

The third and final season premieres on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023 exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly on Thursdays.

Here is the latest trailer from NYCC.

And here is that Star Trek Day teaser.

Picard streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S.A. It is distributed concurrently by Paramount Global Content Distribution on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories, and in Canada it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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Feb 16 is coming soon, but seems so far away. Hopefully another trailer is on its way very soon

The more I watch the current trailer, the sillier the female Romulan foil for Picard comes across. I am worried that this season is going to be a major letdown. I hope I am wrong.

Wait, was she Romulan? Either way, she’s my favorite part of the trailer. She seems like she’s having the most fun out of anyone in this production, and I think she’s gonna upstage a good number of the returning TNG crew.

It’s Amanda Plummer, Christopher Plummers daughter…of course she will upstage people. haha She’s awesome.

But you’re always wrong. That’s your thing.

Hilarious given all the people you’re constantly disagreeing with here. Lol

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here to say your taste isn’t mainstream on this board or in Trek fandom generally.

And that’s fine. You be you.

But I of all the Picard villains, she seems most promising.

Again I keep watching it and it’s not working on repeat viewing for me. I liked it at first but now it’s looking silly. So yeah I’m worried

Though i’m not really a fan of the nasty supervillain in Trek (I’m not even really a fan of Khan for the same reason), I also don’t make up my mind before I watch it. TWOK was alright, maybe S3 of Picard will be too.

I will say that all the responses to my post here seem overly defensive, like you’re all kind of nervous given what we saw last season on Picard, but you’re desperately hoping for the best. That’s understandable.

I’ve watched the trailer multiple times now and I’m just saying that the more I see at the less unconvincing and cardboard she looks. My opinion

I will say the battle scenes with the Titan A give me a very Nemesis like feel. They even look like they are in the same rift.

Yep, That’s what concerns me

Never heard of him?



Exactly what?

And what?

Watch 12 monkeys. You’ll be very impressed.

I tried, myself, years ago and I was just…so bored. I kinda liked parts of it but it just went on and on. And the streaming service it was on kept kicking me to the next episode if I had even SEVEN minutes remaining when I paused! That barrier, of either being late for things and watching when I wanted to stop or having to go back and navigate until near the end of an episode, killed my already ailing interest. I hear it had a satisfying ending, though, which is a big plus in this era of esp everything that’s not a big franchise being in danger of being canceled (or worse, unrenewed and pulled.) I have a friend who was still going on about “red forests” a couple years ago, so I guess it means a lot to some.
And I think I remember this actor. I found him creepy an unappealing, but I will try to keep an open mind if he’s in Picard s3.

That’s kinda the whole point. He plays creepy characters. Doesn’t mean that he can’t play good guys too tho. That’s just not typically his thing. If you were put off by him when watching 12 Monkeys, he did his job!

Yeah, I get that, but often it’s hard to buy those actors as good guys. You start to expect a Lorca situation, or you’re just put off. I found him unappealing and that’s unlikely to change. (There are some actors I can buy in both creepy roles and as good guys… David Tennant for one, tho that’s getting harder as he keeps taking on the most vile characters… Callum Keith Rennie is another; and I’m sure there’s plenty more. But sometimes it’s just a nope. It’s an issue of personal feelings, too. Like, my dad couldn’t deal with Zachary Quinto’s Spock and I was really confused b/c I thought he did fine. Turned out my dad thought he did fine, too, he just couldn’t let go of him being Syler from Heroes. It’s something you can’t really just *choose*.)I wasn’t saying this guy’s a bad actor, btw. I’m sure he does his job. I’m just not enthused by this casting.

Well, even in 12 Monkeys he had his heroic moments.

That’s where the nuance came in, he managed to make us care about his character. Kind of a reverse Lorca scenario.

I also really welcome seeing a good actor shake the type-casting.

I don’t remember ever liking or caring about his character. Maybe something happened in a season I didn’t see (I think I had at least a season to go when I quit. But tbh I thiiiink only cared about maybe one or two characters in the seasons I saw…?)
I’ll keep an open mind, but overall it’s meh for me. Esp if it’s supposed to become a spinoff with him in the lead.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Awesome — how refreshing to get an intelligent response here. Others are trying to audition for the improv I guess. Lol

just like you’d never heard of 97% of the cast of TNG at the time either.

That makes no sense given Stewart, Crosby and Burton

You shoud really watch 12 monkeys. I just finished it myself and it is so much better than the Bruce Willis movie of which it is based off of. You should see it too btw.

12 Monkeys with Bruce Willis is, itself, also based on another film called La Jetée.
It is by the filmmaker Chris Marker. It’s short. I highly recommend The Criterion Channel as a place to watch it, along with interviews about it (including a short one with Rian Johnson).

Interesting. I’ll check it out. Thanks!

Sounds like they want to use PIC S3 as a back door pilot for a Titan-A series, in the same way DSC S2 was a back door pilot for SNW

I’m Good with that.

Ehhh… Lets see how it goes first.. we’ve been here before.

It is ironic if that happens since season 2 everyone thought it was setting up a Rios Stargazer show lol. I’ll happily take a Seven Titan A show as well but who knows? Maybe by the end of the season it’s actually setting up an Enterprise F show starring a reinstated Captain Riker.. ;)

I want a Riker cooking show.

Riker seems to be a great cook! I’ll watch it!

Riker/Sisko/Pike. Star Trek: Master Chef. Boldly Bake…

Ugghh if they did an Enterprise F show, IMO it would have to be Captain Worf. For several reasons. IMHO it meant a lot that Riker finally moved on and said F it, the Enterprise is not my destiny anymore. I am moving on with my new wife to the Titan. Him going back to the Enterprise would be removing his character growth which was one of the few good things of Nemesis.

Also, it would be coming full circle that the first Klingon in Starfleet is not only the first Klingon Captain in Starfleet, but is the captain of the USS Enterprise of all ships. James T. Kirk’s legacy. Nothing would show more how much the Federation and the Empire have come than that gesture. Hell they show mention something to that affect in the pilot. First Kirk makes peace with the Klingons in Star Trek 6 and now we have Worf symbolically being the one being the person who becomes “in the care of another crew”.

Third, we all know how long Dorn has been pushing for a Captain Worf series and Frakes seems more than content being behind the camera anyways.

The only real issue I see is I don’t know if he wants to do the make up every single day again at his age like Shimmerman recently mentioned.

If we’re going to insisted on starship shows only for Trek, sure, why not?
Wash, rinse, repeat.

But that’s what the majority of fans seem to want. That’s why people were begging for the Pike show over the Section 31 show. They obviously loved the character but it was just as much about being on another Enterprise based show exploring strange new worlds again. It’s also why people were so excited for Picard in season 2 once we saw Rios and the others on the Stargazer and everyone in a uniform again (at least the first episode ;)).. And you don’t bring back the entire TNG cast just to hang out on a planet. They want to see them on a ship doing their thing again like the old days.

And out of all the 10 shows, DS9 was really the only one that wasn’t ship based, and they ended up getting one in the third season.

Any time you introduce a captain and a ship fans will imagine a spin off. Been doing that since Sulu and the Excelsior.

Yeah that’s understandable of course. For most fans, I suspect as long as they are Starfleet officers on a ship going off to a new planet, facing some anomaly or going to battle with an enemy then that’s all they need. Probably each TNG character would have their own ship by now if they left it up to the fans lol.

If everything is made because a “majority” (btw, it’s not) of fans want it, then we wouldn’t have gotten Lower Decks or Prodigy.

I’d much rather see new experiments than trodding the same nostalgia ground over and over and over again.

I never suggested otherwise. I only said most fans seem to want ship based shows more than anything, which of course both Lower Decks and Prodigy still are, correct?

I’m not suggesting people don’t want to see Star Trek do different things, as once again, why both Lower Decks and Prodigy seem to be big hits in the fanbase. But for many the ‘core’ of Star Trek will probably always be about space exploration and you can really only do that on a ship.

And some people will argue both PRO and especially LDS is basically shows designed around nostalgia and another reason they seem to be popular (I think good writing is a bigger reason though).

Of course there will always be fans who just want more TOS or TNG retreads and have stated that including on these boards. But I truly think the majority of fans wants to see the franchise continue to go forward and push for new settings, characters and concepts. Believe me when I tell you that’s what I want at least.

We’ve only ever had 1 show that wasn’t on a Starship that worked. And even on DS9 1/2 way through they gave the crew a Starship and gave them Starship episodes. I’m sure in the future there will be a show that breaks in the formula and tries something different. But after what happened to Trek after the backlash of Discovery and then the subsequent love fest of Strange New Worlds, I don’t see that time coming soon. Unless they move forward with that Academy show that is.

Yeah, I think even though the new shows have found ways to take the franchise in new directions, the reality is they are all still ship based shows. Picard was the first show since DS9 that wasn’t based on a Starfleet ship…and now look what we are getting next season lol. What this entire article is about. It’s going back to the tried and true because again, that’s what most fans want to see and the show runners knows this.They already changed that in the beginning of season 2 with the Stargazer.

I think plenty of people want to see another DS9 type of show. But my guess, and only my guess, if you put out a poll asking people what would they prefer a show to be set on, ie, a starship, space station, colony, etc, I think being on a starship will be a winner every time. And even though we already have 9 shows that are star ship based, no one seems to be complaining about that. You hear people complain about too many prequels, becoming too nostalgic, etc, you don’t hear it’s too many starship based shows. In fact the bigger complaint is that the shows aren’t doing enough exploring and you can only do that with a ship of some kind.

Even with the Academy series, I suspect they will find a way to make it ship based, at least some of the time.

It’s almost as though people expect shows called Star TREK to go somewhere. (And I did watch all of DS9, no shade.) We’re also expected to get a Starfleet academy tv show, which one assumes will be mostly…at said academy most of the time. But generally, yeah, people wanna get on a starship and see the universe when they watch ST.

I think they’re definitely setting up multiple spin-offs. We could get a TITAN-A series, an ENTERPRISE-F series, or perhaps, something truly new and different, a show set across BOTH ships.

Will they ever say where ENTERPIRSE is?!

Enterprise F is already confirmed to appear.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s Riker’s ship.

I think they mentioned Riker’s still in the reserves.

I highly doubt it will be Riker’s ship. Riker in TNG always wanted to someday take over command of the D from Picard. But finally in Nemesis, after marrying Troi, he finally realized it was time to move on and served and entire second career as Captain of the Titan. That’s who he is now. Riker would no more return to captain the Enterprise than Picard would return to Captain the new Stargazer.

It also seems odd to me that they would introduce an Enterprise without either having a recognisable captain, or making a big deal of the new captain and also I don’t think they would do so without a captain.So maybe there’s something big still to come. I guess Worf is a possibility since he’s in the red, but I can’t remember what pips he as.

Yes. There has to be something in the actual show to come. After all the big surprises in that trailer, the introduction of a new canon enterprise, undoubtedly the biggest reveal of the entire Kurtzman run of Star Trek, was treated so nonchalantly. I have to believe they will make a bigger deal of it in the actual show. They made so much of a bigger deal of the titan A than the friggin ENTERPRISE!!!! Like, where r we people?!?! LOL

Federation Pick-A-Part yard, orbiting Mars…..

Joking aside I am hoping we will see the Enterprise D Saucer in the Fleet museum where they retrieve Moriarty to help fight Lore.

Ahem, it’s The Enterprise

Loved this guy as Deacon on 12 Monkeys! He was so much fun in that and I knew he was on this show since the trailer came out and some sleuthy fans figured it out on another site.

Yeah, this has been the worst kept secret for a while. I’m sure there’s a bunch of marketing reasons, but I’m not sure why they don’t just formally announce it at this point.

I get they want to spread the marketing out more. But yeah in this day and age, if you want to keep a role secret, keep them far away from a trailer, even if it’s just a frame.

That’s probably why Terry M. just csme out and ;-)’ed at it.

If not Emily Hampshire (she’s got another principal role), Todd Stashwick would be the other cast member from 12 monkeys I would wish to see brought into the franchise.

The secondary characters in that show were so nuanced and complex, and both actors left an indelible impression.

No question he can carry off the role of a captain.

Yes I think people would’ve loved if Hampsire was on this too. I did see an article a month ago where she teased a bit being in the season on Twitter or something, but I think that’s all it was.

I’m happy Stashwick will have a bigger role. I thought maybe he would be in an episode and they killed him off or something.

OHHH I wish it could be Emily Hampshire too. She was beyond perfect in 12 Monkeys. She deserved every award there is for that performance!

Cannot wait. I just wished the ships were easier to see. The lighting of these new shows does not allow to ships to be seen well. Though the same with Discovery. All the ships blend with the interior of the spacedock. Wish I could get a better view of them.

Thank you. I’m glad it’s not just me. The lighting and the visual effects in the space scenes on these new Trek shows is so bad.

I feel Disco has gotten better in that department after season 1. And I’m sure when Starships are lit darkly, it’s because of low-res vfx. Better hidden when it’s dark.

But still just as bad (last I saw) on the inifnite hyperspace/Monsters Inc.door factory turbolift shafts.

The shots inside the Starfleet HQ were pretty terrible. Everything was so dark, blurry and indistinct. The Strange New Worlds opening episode genuinely made me laugh when they showed the Enterprise in the spacedock being lit by massive spotlights… but it still looked like it was in near total shadow. All the shows also seem allergic to flyby shots of the hero ship, which doesn’t help the disconnect.

If anything the scenes in Federation HQ are brightly lit!

It seems too soon for a new Titan and Enterprise. The Ent E and original Titan would only be 21 and 25. Hardly old for Starfleet, unless they were both destroyed.

At least they did not try to pass off a different design as the same ship. (Potato peeler nacelle struts).


I thought the discourse around the Discoprise had moved on years ago.

If we’re picking up a year or so after S2 of PIC, the Ent-E would be 29 years old (if it’s still around, as it was launched in 2372). Maybe it was destroyed though?

It’s not impossible that the Sovereign Class Starship still exists, it could possibly have simply been rechristened under a new name to keep the legacy name on a cutting edge vessel.

While somewhat a taboo practice, there have been real world examples of this. In WW2 there were US Navy ships renamed in honor of lost vessels (the Bonhomme Richard was renamed Yorktown for example). Sometimes a change in function or mission has precipitated a name change (the Scorpion became the George Washington). Sometimes politics has come into play. The former Trek novels (I know not canon) indicated the Nebula Class USS Prometheus became the Tonawanda when the Prometheus Class was conceived.

So, it could be the E-E is still in service, just renamed. Same with the Titan.

Going out on a HUGE limb here, but my theory is the new captain is a descendant of Rios.

That would be silly, but I’d kind of be into it.

On the one hand, PIC could absolutely use more silliness. On the other, if they got rid of Cabrera just so they could replace Rios with a discount version played by one of the show runners’ previous work buddies, I’d want that character sucked out of an airlock so badly…

If you had seen Todd Stashwick in anything you would not possibly view him as any sort of second tier or discount version.

All of the cast of 12 Monkeys was solid, the fact that Emily Hampshire was one of the other significant secondary characters should tell you something about the depth of the cast on that show. Stashwick hasn’t had a big break since that show as compared to some of the others, but he has no less talent or skill.

Santiago Cabrera is a solid actor like many cast in Secret Hideout Trek, so I can understand why you feel his being written out is a loss, but don’t put down someone who you aren’t familiar with.

Regardless of who was playing the part, I’d feel that indulging in that particular trope after the show runner opted to clear the slate of non-legacy cast would result in the new character feeling like discount/knock-off Rios, and would be especially eye-rolling given what a needlessly crap piece of writing Rios’ exit actually was. That’s got little to do with the prospective actor and everything to do with the mess the PIC series has been up to this point. I don’t actually think they’ll go there with the Rios connection – but might with the airlock. I suspect the new fellow is going to die in an inspiring way before Seven gets command of the ship.

Fair enough.

We can agree that there’s been too much in the line of making new characters related in some way to old ones in the newer show.

In terms of Stashwick’s character being killed off, it seems that was the original plan in 12 monkeys. He has the kind of presence where he is brought in as a recurring character for a single season then gets asked to stay.

Silly perhaps but totally a Trek AND 12 Monkeys thing to do!

True enough amirami.

As it happens, if he’s related to any legacy character, my bet is on Riker.

Stashwick is almost as tall as Frakes.

Also, he gave Terry Matalas a Riker action figure for his birthday, to which Matalas tweeted that it was
“Perfect for so, so many reasons.”

And the official Star Trek on Paramount+ twitter retweeted it.

A younger half-brother perhaps?

That’s even stupider.

A third brother of Will and Thomas? Hmmmm…

Unless Thomas Riker somehow spent a decade and a half in stasis and got reconstructive surgery, Stashwick can’t be Tom.

Love the starship… lots of TOS movie era vibes!! That should have been the ENT-A

I think that’s the purpose of it because they never showed the Connie in TNG and missed the opportunity to show the Enterprise-A and D together in Generations. They must have noticed what a wasted opportunity that was…
Now we get it in a way 28-35 years later.

The Constellation class was over 100 years old by the time of TNG. It would be akin to having a WWI-era battleship on active duty today.

It would be akin to having a WWI-era battleship on active duty today.

More possible than using an 1000 yeas old Viking ship on active duty today… waaaaait..

And the Excelsior Class was over 80 years old. Yet she was used as a regular current ship in TNG. You mean the Constitution Class?
There were some opportunities were a Connie could have been used easily: Cause and Effect, Yesterday’s Enterprise, Relics and the most wasted opportunity: Generations. The Enterprise A and D should have met in battle…

And then there were all those poor Miranda-class ships in the Dominion War. Nothing but cannon fodder.

Fair but the Excellsior class wasn’t exactly a spring chicken either.

The Ent A and D on the posters and trailers in 94 (plus rest of TOS cast), hype would’ve been bigger than Endgame


OK, I just saw a new video on YouTube with Robert Meyer Brunett giving his thoughts on season 3 and man, I know I could be setting myself for disappointment once again, but this guy is totally with the new season and gave a lot of great details, especially firs season of the episode. He even give away a few spoilers but I won’t go into them here (and a lot of it is in the trailers) but he gives context of what we’re seeing. But his general thoughts:

-This is a TOTALLY different season from the first two and says that you don’t have to even watch season 1 and 2 to get into this season. Outside a few references it is it’s own thing.

-He goes farther by saying the opening credits, music score, etc is all different.

-It’s a 10 hour TNG movie!

-The only other new characters you see from the first two seasons, minus Raffi, is Laris and she’s only in the first 5 minutes of episode one. That’s not really a spoiler since it was reported she only worked a day for season 3.

-This is a Berman-era style season in every way and that it stick to the elements people loved from those shows (assuming you love them).

-Worf=total badass! He says this is Worf at his best and he does a lot of fighting in it.

-Patrick Stewart plays Picard like we saw him in TNG and not just playing Patrick Stewart like the first two seasons.

-Says the score is amazing and burrow heavily from the TNG movies and show.

-Moriarty has a great role in it.

-The show hooks you in the first 40 minutes in episode one through the finale.

There is more but I feel everything else is a bit too spoilery. But yeah it sounds great and as I said in the past and he mentioned in this interview he is NOT a fan of modern Trek at all. He’s a hardcore TOS/TNG fan and has not liked any of the Kelvin movies or any of the new shows. He thought the first two seasons of Picard was dreadful but really loved season 3. So it gives me hope at least.

But he makes it clear this is classic Trek in every way for people who are not fans of modern Star Trek. He’s really stressing to those people they may like this if the other new stuff haven’t caught their eye yet.

Of course it doesn’t mean everyone will like it because he does but someone who respects how much he loves the franchise (and disagree with him on some things like SNW), he is a true believer. So hopefully he’ll be proven right by the masses. .

While I watched that and enjoyed it, Burnett’s sexist opinions about SNW truly are trash. We finally have a new Trek where there actually is a designation of officer roles, and he doesn’t see it. This isn’t to say I’m accusing him of a political bent, it’s a lame trend all around.

I hope some less regressive fans, specifically some women, get to preview-peek S3 as well.

100% agreed over his thoughts on SNW and why I said so. I agree with a lot of his thoughts in general about the other shows but the sexist stuff is eye rolling to say the least.

He loves Captain Kirk (which I do too) and liked how he used to be a man’s man sort of thing and another slight he has against SNW since Pike is obviously more sensitive, feminist and progressive (isn’t that’s what Star Trek is?). And I’ve seen this attitude in other places as well. TOS was made in the 60s, some of these people have to move on like the rest of society has.

Personally, I can’t separate Anson from his character in Hell on Wheels, and I keep hoping TPTB will have a few episodes where he shows that kind of grit or faces that kind of adversity. Nothing that can be solved with Time Crystals! LOL.

I’ve never seen it but I know it’s a great show. I’ll get around to it some day, especially since Colm Meaney is there as well.

Thanks for the look ahead Tiger2!

Honestly I liked quite of a bit of S1, but S2 left a lot to be desired.

Bottom line… Feb can’t get here soon enough!

Agreed! I can’t wait. I’m just hoping next season is something most fans will fall in love with and not be as divisive as the last two seasons.


As someone who also think NuTrek stuff like JJ verse, Discovery and Picard are bad dreary messes, reading this is definitely a huge positive. This sounds like real Star Trek and TNG again and music to my ears! 😎

This sounds like what many of us wanted since first season. What I been wanting again since 2005 frankly.

Although I generally like the new shows and films, nothing beats classic Star Trek for me, TOS-ENT! I am truly loving stuff like LDS and SNW, but there is still not a lot of it yet either. But for me, the Berman era will probably always be the golden age of Star Trek. It definitely had tons of faults, but the positives far outweigh the negatives. And all those shows have aged very well IMO. I like a lot of them more today than when they aired.

I am really hoping season 3 of Picard gives fans who loves that era what they been missing. According to Burnett, it does so fingers crossed.

Well, honestly, all that kinda downgrades my excitement. The first point is hopefully wrong–they’ve said in interviews about season three that that the groundwork for Picard’s characterization was made in the first two seasons, that they could not just skip to season three’s story and have it be as rich. Something along those lines. I found Picard (the man) deeply frustrating when I watched TNG, a mostly static character despite the odd episode where Stewart got to show some range and you could *imagine* Picard grew. He just barely progresses a little JUST in time for the show to end, and I’ve never seen any of the TNG films. I’ve really appreciated the depth his character has gained in Picard (the show) and I find it realistic given his age and life experiences. I have no time “man’s men” b/c tbh that’s just code for emotionally shutdown misogynist. Deeply unhealthy for men, and everyone around them. (And I’m not saying all that stuff needs to be all over the place in the middle of the action–when Starfleet officers are not under the influence of a dreaded ~space pollen~ mcguffin anyway–but I’m not here for characters with no emotional depth. SNW finds a good balance on that so far, imho.)
And of course finding out some sexist, hater liked something doesn’t make me excited for it, LOL! But fingers crossed it proves better than what he was allowed to see.

Oh yeah I get your point about Picard. To make clear though, he’s only saying Picard is a little more commanding like he was on TNG. He’s not just a jolly grandpa that Stewart has been playing him as in the last two seasons. A lot of the complaints about Picard in the last two seasons is he’s not really taking any agency, he’s just being led by others and bossed around a lot. But of course part of that had to do with the fact he’s no longer in charge. But we’ll see how they do it.

I don’t think the manly man stuff has anything to do with Picard, he was just riffing specifically about Pike. And again to be clear, this is not something Brunette spends a lot of time discussing in general or why he doesn’t like the other shows. He just seems to think they have pacified the character too much from the original Pike who was more of a take charge with more edge type of captain. He seems to hate that this Pike is kind of like everyone’s dad on the ship and very laid back. And look that can definitely be a valid complaint for some who wants a more stern and no BS commander as the original. But yeah, it’s not the 60s anymore. Time to move on.

Sweetest words in the English language: Third and Final.

we already had a hot awesome captain… rios… and he just killed him off for no good reason.

2 months and 2 days as of this comment and it still seems too long to wait. All my hopes are riding on the hopes that this cast can grow the beard one more time. After all, they invented the idea!