See A Flashback To Geordi And Leah Brahms On The Enterprise-D In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Resurgence’ #2

This week IDW Publishing continues their comic mini-series tied to the upcoming narrative adventure game Star Trek: Resurgence, coming to PC and consoles in April 2023. The game is set in the 24th century following Star Trek: Nemesis onboard the USS Resolute. IDW’s five-issue prequel series (also titled Star Trek: Resurgence) introduces the ship and the game’s main characters, along with some backstory for the game. The miniseries is written by lead game writers Andrew Grant and Dan Martin with art by Josh Hood (Avatar: The Next Shadow).

The game features a few legacy characters and the same is true with the new comic book. The first issue introduced the crew of the USS Resolute on a mission for Dr. Leah Brahms. We have a five-page preview for the second issue which arrives tomorrow and it starts with a flashback to the USS Enterprise-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Star Trek: Resurgence #2 (of 5)


After discovering the Talarians are being commanded by no stranger to Federation archives, Captain Solano and First Officer Sutherland board the suspicious Talarian vessel. But just as hope is within sight, talks of peace are derailed by an aggressive visitor and a shocking revelation.


Cover A by Josh Hood

Cover B by Sean Von Gorman

Retail incentive cover by Luke Sparrow

Five-page preview: 

Resurgence continues on Wednesday

Star Trek: Resurgence #1 is available starting December 14. You can order and pre-order individual copies at TFAW or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.


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Trek has its share of creepy moments, am I the only one who thinks we should never have LaForge and Brahms within a thousand light years of each other ever again?

I’m with you every day, Geordi. Every time you look at this engine, you’re looking at me. Every time you touch it, it’s me.

I half expect to find out they’re married in Picard Season 3.

Come on, Leah, you know it turns me on when you dress up like the warp core…..

Ha! “Engage,” indeed.

Same. I suspect that too, especially since they were married in the future in All Good Things…

I FULLY expect that they are married, so of course they won’t be.

I’m still surprised Jordi didn’t do a Google search and find out she was married beforehand.

Thank you. I’ve argued this for years. Wrong wrong wrong!

Nope. That was creepy on first viewing and has gotten worse with age. Blech, blech, blech!

TNG accurately predicted how creepy AI would be!

I’m going to sit in the corner making the b’nai until this whole thing ends.

NCC-92317 is way too high for that era, let alone for a Centaur-type.

No episode or film has ever established a system for the numbering. So it’s not way too high.

Heck, the USS Gagarin was NCC-97930, from around the same time. And the USS Ibn al-Haytham was NCC-91965.