Admiral Janeway Warns Things Can Get Even Worse For Starfleet In Pre-Season Finale ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Log

Admiral Janeway takes a mid-finale moment to deliver the ninth entry of her series of Star Trek Logs on Instagram (voiced by Kate Mulgrew and written by co-executive producer Aaron Waltke). This one picks up after episode 19 (“Supernova, Part 1“), right in the middle of the battle being controlled by the Living Construct, which has Janeway concerned about the fate of Starfleet.

“Fate’s hour is upon us.”

Star Trek: Prodigy wraps up its first season with “Supernova, Part 2” on Thursday, and Janeway’s new log picks up right after the part 1 cliffhanger, describing how her ship, the USS Dauntless, is “coming apart all around us.” According to the log, she has followed through with ordering her crew to abandon ship to evacuate to the non-Starfleet vessels that have arrived to help, but she has a new concern:

Their computer systems are isolated from Starfleet’s for security reasons… but who knows how long it will save us.

She also lays out the stakes for those ships and Starfleet as more ships arrive:

I must believe Starfleet will endure this… but if the signal continues, and the Living Construct adapts… who knows.

The only bit of hope during the battle from episode 19 was the arrival of the non-Starfleet ships. Janeway suggests the Construct could react to their arrival as well, making things much worse for Starfleet. The stakes are clear, the signal must be stopped.

Listen to the complete log below…


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Chakotay on her mind

Even in the heat of a battle, Janeway’s thoughts return to concerns over her former USS Voyager first officer. She ends her log as she began her journey on the USS Dauntless with :

Chakotay, if you’re out there… and somehow find this… just know we never stopped searching.

In recent episodes, Janeway has learned that Chakotay is now trapped in the future on Solum after sending the Protostar back in time without a crew. If she makes it through this battle, you can be sure she will return to the search for Chakotay.

Janeway and Chakotay at the launch of the USS Protostar, from episode 11

New episodes of Prodigy debut on Thursdays exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., and on Fridays in Latin America and select countries in Europe. The series is also carried on SkyShowtime in the rest of Europe with the second half of season one expected to arrive in 2023.

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Things seem grim for Starfleet…..

*ship blowing up around her*

*calmly records Admiral’s log*

Might Chakotay return from the future just in time to save the day?

Let me whip out a few chronotron particles for you….

It has to be Chakotay or Prodigy doing the time traveling. Will be a huge surprise if Seven or other legacy character/s come to the rescue.

If that happens, I will, in all likelihood, actually explode.

I love this show. It has been superb, right from the very beginning! The best Star Trek Pilot. The best first season. A fascinating story, ship, humor, visuals, characters. My first Star Trek show to enjoy with my family. Every episode its like a mini movie. Can’t say enough. It has it all. Gwin speech about the Federation made me feel so proud, feeling like I truly belong to Starfleet. I have the popcorn ready. Can’t wait to watch the final episode.

Agreed. Let’s just hope they don’t ruin it by going overboard with more focus on legacy characters next season. I am old Trek fan, and Chakotay has always bored more, so it goes without saying that your average 11 year old watching this show could probably give a rat’s ass about that character…lol

As the series has moved along I don’t like that we are getting so much focus on Janeway and Chakotay. And then I see other fans here wanting even more legacy characters. I’m thinking that is not really a great idea.

I hope season 3 (OK, call it season 2 if we must) gets back to more of the main kid characters being predominant.

No worries my dear One Lion! This show will not change it’s focus. It’s for the kids and will always be for this generation.

Kids need guidance and advice. And this is exactly what Janeway, also other legacy characters such as Beverly, Scotty, Spock, Odo are doing. Janeway is their maternal presence for these kids who are smart and have been through a rough path for a long time.

It is very unlikely Chakotay, Seven, Harry, Tom, Belana, The Doc, or Neelix will take over the focus of this show. But I have no doubt they will show up at some point. They will be guests in their journey to become Starfleet Cadets.

Prodigy is succeeding in all aspects and expectations for both, the new audience and Trek fans. Super impressed with their first season.

I strongly support promoting The Hageman Brothers (and their team) to supervise all the new and upcoming Star Trek productions. They have the best writing and storytelling in the current Kurtzman era.

They are nailing it, executing very nicely the original idea of what Rodenberry envisioned for this franchise. Their language is smart and simple. Their concept is truly universal.

Great post!

I think you are probably right…I’m sure hoping for this to play out the way you describe.

A good Lower Decks gag would be having a Captain, in the middle of a huge crisis, take a time out to update their log, with everyone waiting around.

Ha, ha. that would be hilarious 😂

My guess is some character (probably one we all know) on a newer starship (Enterprise-E) will come from the future to save Starfleet. Since the construct is from the future so is knowledge of how to combat it. Riker? Picard? JLP is also from the same time period, the 2380s… Either way, well done cliffhanger. I concur, well-written series and entertaining for kids, inner or outer, older or younger.

On second thought, I doubt it will be Capt Riker. He only shows up after the non-TNG-associated show is cancelled. Probably Chakotay or another Voyager character. Perhaps Ensign Kim has made first lieutenant?

Hi can you please reach out for any comment when we can watch the second half of the season in germany? No word yet. Not included in paramount+ atm.

I think I saw someone on Twitter say it will start showing in January.