The Best Of Star Trek 2022

It’s that time of year again! And what a time it is to be a Star Trek fan; 2022 was the biggest year for Trek TV since the 1990s. It brought us 51 new episodes of animated and live-action Trek spread across all five of the current Paramount+ original series, something none of us could have imagined even a mere ten years ago.

Continuing a tradition, TrekMovie’s editors and contributors have taken a look back at the last twelve months and picked out the Star Trek highlights, celebrating the products, episodes, moments, and more that made this past year special. For your perusing pleasure, we present The Best of Star Trek 2022.

Best Season – Strange New Worlds season 1

When looking at seasons as a whole, the debut of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds rises above the rest. The show delivered on its promise to bring back the optimistic tone and episodic style of classic Trek while incorporating complex modern storytelling techniques and character development. Season one of Strange New Worlds honored a core of canon characters and expanded on them to create a rich fascinating ensemble. Even as the show drew on nostalgia it was still willing to take risks with a mix of different styles and even genres.  – Anthony Pascale

Best Live-Action Episode – Picard “The Star Gazer”

The second season of Picard overstayed its time travel welcome in contemporary Los Angeles, so it’s easy to forget just how powerfully the season began. “The Star Gazer” recalibrated the series to deliver on its promise as an exploration of the titular character woven into an intriguing and action-packed story populated by the show’s new ensemble of characters. The season debut got the balance right with callbacks, including John de Lancie as Q along with Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan, both of whom were key to the story. “The Star Gazer” is a rare Picard episode that stands well on its own, but it also dovetails perfectly with the strong alt-universe follow-up “Penance.” Unfortunately, the rest of the season didn’t live up to this promise, but the good news is “The Star Gazer” co-writer Terry Matalas was given a free hand as showrunner for the upcoming third season.  – Anthony Pascale

Best Animated Episode – Prodigy “Time Amok”

Lower Decks and Prodigy both have multiple contenders for this one, making it an agonizing choice. For the sake of picking a standalone(ish) episode vs. one in the serialized thick of things, it’s Prodigy‘s “Time Amok,” which found the Protostar crew divided but united after the ship is fractured in time. With only Hologram Janeway to connect them, each prodigy had to do their part to prevent the ship from exploding AND keep it out of Drednok’s hands at the same time. The heartbreak of Rok’s extended time alone (months? years?) is exceeded only by the joy of the crew’s reunion after she saves the day—and it changes her forever in ways we haven’t even discovered yet. – Laurie Ulster

Star Trek: Prodigy - "Time Amok" - TrekMovie best of 2022

Best Cameo – George Takei as Sulu (Lower Decks)

There were a lot of them this year, but best of all was in Lower Decks‘ “Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus.” After teasing us with a mailbox emblazoned with the name ‘Kirk,’ the writers had Boimler approach a shadowy figure tending a horse only to find that it was in fact another legendary captain: Sulu. The appearance was George Takei’s first Trek since 1996 (in Voyager’s ‘Flashback’), and it was great seeing him imparting his wisdom on the young ensign, until Boimler spoilt it by fanboying out and getting bitten by Sulu’s horse. – Iain Robertson

Sulu on Star Trek: Lower Decks - TrekMovie best of 2022

Best Use Of Science – Discovery‘s DMA

In its fourth season, Discovery skipped coming up with a traditional “big bad” to focus on a season-long problem that could only be solved by science. While Federation representatives and politicians argued about the best course of action, the Dark Matter Anomaly (coined the “DMA”) continued on its destructive path, impervious, and inspired multiple fan theories. The USS Discovery crew had to put all of their scientific heads together to figure out what the DMA was doing, who built it and where to find them, and how to convince its creators (the fascinating extragalactic Species 10-C) to disable it without a common language. In a season of shaky ground, the crew found stability in one of Star Trek’s most important foundations. – Laurie Ulster

Star Trek: Discovery tries to figure out the DMA - TrekMovie best of 2022

Best Surprise – TNG Cast Reuniting for Picard Season 3

On First Contact Day in April, we were treated to the first teaser for the third and final season of Picard, which revealed that Sir Patrick and Brent Spiner were to be joined by Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, and Marina Sirtis for the show’s swan song. The Next Generation cast hasn’t been together onscreen since 2002’s disappointing Nemesis, and Patrick Stewart has repeatedly asserted that his Next Generation castmates would only appear on Picard if there was a compelling story reason for them to appear, so the revelation that the one-time Enterprise crew would be reuniting for a proper sendoff sent our excitement levels through the roof. – Iain Robertson

Star Trek: The Next Generation cast listed in new video for Star Trek: Picard season 3 - TrekMovie best of 2022

Best Convention Moment – Lower Decks Cast Cosplaying at Mission: Chicago

2022 was a big year for live in-person conventions and events across the globe, but one moment stood out: At ReedPop’s Star Trek: Mission convention in Chicago in April, four members of the cast of Star Trek: Lower Decks delighted the crowd by appearing in costume as their own characters. The idea stemmed from a promise (or dare) that started on social media in 2021 with Jack Quaid promising to dress as Brad Boimler—complete with purple hair—at the next official Star Trek convention. Joining him were Tawny Newsome (Mariner), Noël Wells (Tendi), and Jerry O’Connell (Ransom) for a great panel where they shared their own love of the show along with some fun teases for the upcoming third season.  – Anthony Pascale

The Lower Decks cast dresses as their characters at Mission: Chicago - TrekMovie best of 2022

Best Novel – TOS: Harm’s Way by David Mack

The best Star Trek novel of the year just came out in mid-December, and it’s the Original Series adventure Harm’s Way, by David Mack. All the Trek novels this year have been excellent, but Mack channels just the right mix of excitement, humanity, fun, and philosophy to make this a note-perfect Trek adventure. While Kirk faces off against Kang in an orbital cat-and-mouse game, Spock must ally with Kang’s wife Mara on the planet below to confront one of the deadliest enemies either Starfleet or the Klingon Empire have ever faced. – Dénes House

David Mack - In Harm's Way - TrekMovie best of 2022

Best Non-Fiction Book – The Star Trek Cookbook by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel

One of the most fun books to flip through this year, Chelsea Monroe-Cassel’s The Star Trek Cookbook has recipes from across the franchise, starting with The Original Series and touching on every series up to Lower Decks. Packed with gorgeous photos, the book includes recipes for Plomeek Soup. Bunnicorn Sausage and even Spatchcocked Tribble, among others from across the galaxy. While the book was done before the food-rich Strange New Worlds premiered, it’s still chock-full of culinary gems, with visuals to amuse even the Star Trek fans who don’t cook. The author is a huge Star Trek fan, and it shows in every page. – Laurie Ulster

The Star Trek Cookbook by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel - TrekMovie best of 2022

Best Comic Miniseries – Lower Decks

If you can’t wait until the next season of of the animated comedy, look no further than this three-issue Star Trek: Lower Decks mini series from IDW. Packed to the nacelles with Trek easter eggs, callbacks, and holodeck malfunctions, Lower Decks #1-3 was a faithful spin-off/adaptation? of the Paramount+ original animated series. The writing is superb, the art is faithful, and most of all, it’s funny. Like, really funny. Oh, did I mention it also has DRACULA? What’s not to love? – Joe Andosca

Best Individual Comic Issue – Star Trek #1

While we loved Lower Decks as a comic mini-series, there was no better single issue than Star Trek #1 from IDW. The latest ongoing series from the writers of last year’s best comic issue (the Star Trek: Year Five finale) brings Sisko back from the Celestial Temple, teaming him up with a mix of old and new characters from across the Trek universe, Avengers-style. It’s such a massive story that it is set to spawn at least one already announced spinoff. If you ever wondered what it would be like to have Montgomery Scott be Ben Sisko’s chief engineer, look no further than Star Trek #1.  – Joe Andosca

Star Trek #1 from IDW cover - TrekMovie best of 2022

Best Home Video Release – TMP “The Complete Adventure”

Without a doubt, the best home video release this year was “The Complete Adventure” boxed set for Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition. It’s rather amazing that the DE was able to be re-created in 4K at all, so getting this on disc, plus the theatrical edition, plus (a set exclusive) 4K version of the “Special Longer Version” is quite something. Also in the box were some reproductions of swag from 1979 and a booklet about the making of TMP and the DE. In the US, the boxed set size was a bit underwhelming, with everything reproduced smaller than one might expect. The UK boxed set was nicer, with full-sized bumper stickers, and it contained more discs too; it included the theatrical and director’s edition on both 4k and standard Blu-rays. Regardless of swag quibbles, 2022 was for sure the year of The Motion Picture. – Matt Wright


Best High-End Collectible – EXO-6 Mirror Sulu 1/6 Figure

Following their impressive 2021 debut, EXO-6 has only got better as they expanded their line of 1/6 Star Trek figures in 2022, and it’s the Mirror Sulu release that stands out the most. EXO-6’s likenesses have ranged from good to stellar but none so far have so flawlessly captured not just the appearance of an actor or even the essence of a character (both of which Mirror Sulu does magnificently), but also an iconic moment from the original series—you can practically hear the Gerald Fried music cue playing. Mirror Sulu shows how EXO-6 is more than willing to take on some of the less-explored corners of the Trek universe, and no doubt will explore even more strange new worlds in 2023. – Jeff Bond

Best Budget Collectible – Playmates TOS Phaser

2022 was a pretty good year for affordable collectibles, but the return of Playmates Toys to the franchise is a highlight. While it is hard to pick, the Star Trek: The Original Series Phaser Replica stands out because it is just such a fun tactile thing. It’s a toy you can play with it and pretend to warm up rocks or stun your kitten. It’s not a high-end replica meant to stay in a box or be displayed on a shelf. Priced at just $30 (and often available for less at some retailers) the TOS phaser is meant to be played with, to spark your imagination. And for that it is perfect. – Neil Shurley

Star Trek phaser from Playmates - TrekMovie best of 2022

Best Fun Comic Shop Find – Gorn Plush

While we wait for more merchandise to come out featuring our favorite new Trek adventures, there is no shortage of legacy merch to keep us happy. Sometimes it feels like you’ve seen everything: the same posters, action figures, tees, and decorative plates that can be found at nerd shops and cons the world over. It’s that one cute little surprise that you’ve never seen that can be such a delight. Featuring the likeness of the legacy Gorn (the one that fought Kirk in “Arena”), this 2022 Phunny Plush 8” Gorn from KidRobot caught my eye at my local comic book shop, and I just had to take him home with me. – Kayla Iacovino

Plush Gorn - TrekMovie best of 2022

Best Apparel – Hero Within: Custom Tactical Heavy Jacket

Outside of the ubiquitous T-shirts and hats, it’s hard to find something to wear that shows off your fandom without veering into cosplay, but that is exactly the kind of thing that lifestyle brand Hero Within does with their motto “We understand geeks.” In 2022, they added a new item to their Star Trek line: the Starfleet Custom Tactical Heavy Jacket. Available in sizes from small to 4XL and priced at $150, this jacket offers fans a way to show off their Trek in a subtle way, including choosing from a number of different Star Trek name patches, shoulder patches, and zipper pulls. There is even a hidden flap for your choice of delta pin. The jacket has been selling out at various conventions over the year but is available to order at their official site. – Anthony Pascale

Best Podcast – Enterprise Incidents

Taking the deepest of dives, Enterprise Incidents co-hosts Scott Mantz and Steve Morris just wrapped up covering every single episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, approaching the show as if it were serialized instead of episodic. In addition to their well-informed, detailed, and amusing commentary, Scott and Steve have had some amazing OG guests like actress Susan Howard (Mara on “Day of the Dove”), co-writer Judy Burns (“The Tholian Web”), and best of all, director Ralph Senensky, who remembers the shows he helmed in incredible detail. (Definitely start with his episodes if you’re new to the podcast.) Next, they’re tackling The Animated Series.  – Laurie Ulster

Enterprise Incidents podcast with Scott & Steve - TrekMovie best of 2022

Best Meme – Verified Rikers

Social media is bursting with memes. This year we laughed at creative Spirit Halloween costume parodies as well as mashups of Star Trek with other popular franchises.  With all the hoopla over Twitter the last few months, we’ve picked this one as our favorite for the year.  – Christine Rideout

Riker meme - Twitter verification - TrekMovie's best of 2022


Best Fan Social Account –  @gaghyogi49 (Jörg Hillebrand)

If you’ve spotted something in a Star Trek episode—any Star Trek episode of any era—that looks familiar, the guy who can help you out is on Twitter (and Mastodon). Jörg Hillebrand’s tweets are always positive—he never poops on your Trek of choice—and full of detailed information about sets, ships, backgrounds, props, control panels and more, connecting the dots from each show to the others. Star Trek professionals like Mike Okuda and Dave Blass frequently chime in to fill in any details that pique his curiosity. Well worth a follow. – Laurie Ulster

Best Fan Content – Voyager: The Animated Series Trailer

One of the delights of Star Trek is seeing the creativity of the fans sharing their love with fan fiction, art, video, mashups, and more. Our favorite from 2022 comes from Justin and Lindsay Lee of Canada’s Gazelle Automations, who took highlights from Star Trek: Voyager’s notorious “Threshold” and animated them in the classic Filmation style of Star Trek: The Animated Series. A follow-up to their previously impressive TNG as TAS video, the more ambitious Voyager: The Animated Series video is a perfectly hilarious homage to both shows. – Anthony Pascale

Best Celebrity Moment – LeVar Burton’s Lifetime Achievement Award

At the inaugural Children and Family Emmy Awards (which included one nomination and one award for Star Trek: Prodigy), the event’s first Lifetime Achievement Award went to LeVar Burton for his contributions to Reading Rainbow as well as his decades of work as a literacy advocate. In his powerful acceptance speech—in which he cited Alex Haley, Gene Roddenberry, and Fred Rogers as his inspirations—Burton pointed out that just a few generations ago, it would have been illegal for him to read at all, making his role as an acknowledged champion of children’s literacy especially meaningful.  – Laurie Ulster

Embed from Getty Images

Best William Shatner Moment – Rob Zombie cover

Star Trek’s William Shatner is in a category of his own and 2022 was a busy year for Bill; at 91, he’s shown no signs of slowing down. With a new book and numerous TV and convention appearances already under his belt, he stopped by The Howard Stern Show to record a cover version of the radio host’s theme song, Rob Zombie’s “The Great American Nightmare.” Not only did Howard and co-host Robin Quivers love Shatner’s version, but Zombie called the cover “the highlight of my very bizarre career.” You can check it out below, but a warning: There are some colorful metaphors used. – Joe Andosca

What’s your best of 2022

Sound off in the comments below to let us and other fans know what you think of our list. Don’t forget to tell us what your favorites were this year, and feel free to suggest categories we didn’t include.

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There’s an argument to be made that Prodigy was the best first season…..or at least a tie.
In my humble opinion….

A tie. SNW and PROD both deserve the honor.

If it’s a tie between live action and a cartoon, I think live action breaks the tie.

Disagree. Animation is a medium, not a genre, and deserves as much respect as live action.

And it can pull things off that are too expensive for TV or live action.


We can agree to disagree. Personally, in general, I just have never been able to take animation as seriously as live action. For example, it’s hard to suspend my disbelief when I see characters in animation on-screen whose necks are physically impossibly thin in relation to the rest of their bodies…that screams, “this is just a cartoon” to my subconscious, if not my conscious mind.

That’s a you problem, fella.

Huh, did you even read what I said?

We can agree to disagree. Personally, in general…

Perhaps a New Year’s Resolution for you to brush up on your reading comprehension skills might not be a bad idea…just saying. :-)

I agree with regards to 2D animation as in LDS… That has always felt secondary to me. But PROD-style 3D animation is on par with live-action for me…

Yeah, agreed.

For me, my own tastes, I think it is. I’m just more excited for it each week. That’s the one thing with tv, for me, where I can rationalize this or that and try to decide what I like best…but at the end of the day, which one do I *feel* the most excited about and then satisfied (yet yearning for more)? And for me that’s been Prodigy, esp in the latter half of the season. But I think SNW is very close and I’m looking forward to season two being even better. (But I could also say the same about Prodigy, lol!)

I’m on board with this. Leaning towards Prodigy as well, surprising myself in saying so.

Fantastic show. I’m thinking it’s probably the best first season.

Prodigy is definitely on the darkish side for tweens, but it’s driving towards an aspirational society rather than a nihilistic cycle so I think it’s admirably doing what it needs to.

Have to agree as well Phil. For me, Prodigy is now the best first season out of any show. It just did a spectacular job telling its story. And the fact out of 20 episodes, it was only one I didn’t like (didn’t hate but could’ve been stronger) says it all.I only didn’t like one episode in LDS first season too but overall Prodigy takes it for me (and yes had more episodes).

Best lie – The ‘original’ JJ cast returns! (oh wait no they not!)

Now that is truly a flaming torpedo of truth. Well said!

I feel like I am the only person who didn’t think Strange New Worlds was all that. I found it deeply mediocre aside from Spock Amok and The Serene Quall. I really wanted to love it- but there is a soullessness about it that puts me off.

SNW and soulless? Ugh… I don’t know what you’re talking about. It has Pike’s soul on display every other episode. It has heart, game and awe all over the place. It’s the best Trek show since 1994. Interestingly, the two eps you liked are my least favourites :-)

You’re entitled to opinion, just as I am to mine.

Just curious, what did you find soulless about it?

I think for me the biggest problem is the need to insert Spock into EVERY plotline. Take Children of The Comet: it’s Uhura who figures it all out but Spock is the one who saves the day. In Memento Mori, Spock has a big emotional moment in the middle of La’an’s story that doesn’t feel earned. It almost feels like they are trying to work him into any scene regardless of whether the scene needs him or not. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ethan Peck’s performance but I think he’s overused.

On top of that, I just feel like the episodes are put together by a committee and lack a single point of focus. There’s a lot going on in every episode but with very little substance. For me, anyway. I just find the show pretty disposable.

As much as I really enjoyed SNW season one, I would expand on that M1701 to say that too much of the show is weighed down by trying to connect to dots to legacy, as if it only exists to tell the backstory of legacy characters.

For example, I love Hemmer and would have loved continuing to get to know the Aenar as a people through that character. Instead he was created to be fridged (never a good thing) just to advance Uhura’s development. Yikes!

As you say, in a brief 10 episode season the balance of focus on Spock and Uhura’s early development was too much.

The worst of it though was the appearance of a very poorly cast Jim Kirk however. Beyond the fact that we really didn’t need SNW to be weighed down with Kirk until much later in its run, I don’t know any fans who felt they casting is successful.

At a different period of life or not, it seems the actor was cast on physical resemblance not on the ability to project ‘Kirk energy’ the way Shatner and Pine have. I have been able to get behind the recasting of all the other legacy characters, but this Kirk isn’t doing it.

So, here’s a pair of new categories for TrekMovie’s annual awards – most and least successful return of a legacy character (as opposed to best cameo).

For 2022, I’d put Uhura as best return, as I felt that Celia Gooding is very ably recapturing Nichelle Nichols attitude, tone and mannerisms.

I agree about Hemmer. I thought he could have been a fantastic ongoing character that left us way too soon. And I do think the character was growing beyond his frigidness but again he died too soon. It’s ok to kill main characters to leave the stakes high but this one left a fowl taste in my mouth from his departure.

As for Kirk. Yeah. I didn’t like his casting either. Then again I didn’t like Pine either. Frankly I think Shatner is such a unique actor it’s kind of hard to replace him. Kirk is not bond or even Superman. Having said that, we have only seen one ep of this Kirk and really he wasn’t supposed to be the Kirk we know because this was an alt reality Kirk that never took command of the Enterprise or grew his career with Spock. I’m going to reserve by judgement till I see more in season 2.

And yes Celia Gooding is like the perfect Uhura for this generation in my book.

Well said.

I had completely forgotten about Hemmer when I was replying to amirami, which is quite alarming considering he was supposed to be a main character. I never got that he was supposed to be a mentor to Uhura considering they only had a few scenes together. It was an undercooked storyline- as was every other plotline that didn’t directly involve Spock.

Another glaring example of the problems with SNW is that we also know next to nothing about Ortegas other than she’s a pilot and she wisecracks at inappropriate moments. There was absolutely nothing in the way of character development for her besides her sudden and unexplained xenophobia towards the Romulans (the finale in itself left a lot to be desired for me… a rehash of Balance of Terror was such an unoriginal premise).

Per usual TG47, fully agree!

I definitely think SNW is a good show overall but as we talked about this in the past, it just feels too much like a back door TOS prequel show and not enough like a Pike show. I was fully onboard when we heard Uhura (who I wanted the most on the show), M’Benga and Chapel were all going to be part of the cast. But that’s really all they needed when you also include Pike, Spock and Number One.

But since then, it’s just been a long line of fan service characters that they could’ve waited on, especially the two Kirks. Like many, I just don’t like the new James Kirk. We’ve only seen him in one episode but he just didn’t really do it for me at all. And even if he did, it would’ve been nice to wait a few more seasons to introduce him.

And while I like La’an as a character, it’s still a MAJOR eye roll they made her a Noonien Sigh. I still don’t even get the point of doing it after the first season. And even less so when we found out Chin-Riley was an augment. I thought having La’an was going to be the one to explore that aspect of the show but La’an doesn’t seem to even be an augment at all. So she’s there literally just to carry the name and nothing more. How much more blatant fan service can you get??

And yes, killing off Hemmer, the most original character in the cast! And the truly most alien character at that??? What were they thinking?? I’m happy they didn’t just replace him with Scotty though but I won’t be shocked if he shows up in season 3.

That said I do like the additions like T’Pring and Sybok because it does make sense to have them in this time period. I’m shocked Sybok’s name was even mentioned lol but to be part of the show makes sense canon wise (although my guess is it will still be a mess overall because you know he and Uhura are going to have scenes together ;)). Having T’Pring there has also created canon issues but you either just accept it or you don’t. And I think having her there is a benefit even if it makes no sense in terms of canon. But they are both a reminder that’s really just to tie into what we know about TOS and Spock than anything.

SNW is a good show for sure, but I just wish they calm down on all the TOS connections for a show that’s only had 10 episodes so far. All these new shows are basically nostalgia bait, but funny enough it’s SNW that has brought in the most legacy characters in it’s first season out of all of the new shows. There has already been over a dozen TOS characters when you include the main characters. LDS, ironically, had the least in it’s first season among the new shows (yes, it surprised me too ;)).

And I have a feeling it will go into overdrive in season 2 as well.

I see what you mean about Spock and I can see why it would be offputting to some. And there are great characters like Hemmer that can get not enough attention because of that/

But to be fair, that’s the way TOS was too. It wasn’t an ensemble cast. It was Nimoy and Shatner (notice how I put Nimoy’s name first). Due to his immense popularity they put Nimoy in like every plot line and I think one of the reasons SNW is so successful with so many ppl is because it is trying to emulate so much of what TOS did but with a modern twist and modern tech.

Yeah, you are the only one.

Not a huge fan of Lower Decks, but their DS9 episode deserved mention for finally, FINALLY giving us poor, neglected DS9 fans something exciting with the return of Kira and Quark.

What category would you put it in? We wrestled with that one because we agree.

Best fanservice. Seriously. The ability of that episode to make you feel like you’re back home on the station was amazing.

Best Fan Service is a solid reco for a future category! Also Best Score/Music potentially?

Best score… I like that… the prize has to go to Nami Melumad. I don’t know for which series as they are both beyond beautiful…

Agreed! Beautiful music!

She’s up for an award from the Society of Composers &Lyricists in the new composer category for her work on both Prodigy and SNW.

A very well deserved nomination.

Let’s be in awe of the pylons.

I agree with these selections, except one category: best episode. We had so many episodes with moral conundrums, strange new worlds, weird aliens, and character development. The choice of Stargazer is baffling to me because it had none of those.

I would have went with SNW’s Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach.

To each his own….

I agree. Actually, multiple eps of SNW were better than the Stargazer ep.

I think Star Trek Prodigy was the best show this year. Very refreshing. Discovery couldn’t win me over this year. Too much fighting. The exploring part is getting lost

Prodigy was excellent.

I really want to try that cookbook. tooo bad I suck at cooking lol

That’s why you need the cookbook!

LOL def do!

I always wanted to try Hasperat cause I love spicy food!

TMP 4K BR special set is truly outstanding. My dad really liked that movie in 1979, and it was a kick to watch it with him on my 4K set-up “big screen” over Thanksgiving.

I heard there is no comparison. ;-)


My big issue with Strange new worlds as well a Prodigy is it can’t come up with ideas of its own to draw in viewers !:We have to use Khan ! The end of season 2 of the Picard we have the Khan Project ! Strange new world has a Khan genetic blood relative and prodigy has a lead character genetically involved with the Khan project ! Oh and of course season 3 of Picard has a Khan like villain

I’ve decided to love SNW for what it is, which seems to be a TOS legacy show rather than what many of us hoped it would be.

For those who hoped it would be a more trippy cerebral show focused on Pike and his crew that we saw in The Cage, it’s just not going to be that it seems.

It would be nice if the powers that be in Paramount would have the confidence to let some completely new and fresh offerings be created in the franchise, but one gets the sense that the creators are constantly being asked to demonstrate how their new characters link back to legacy ones.

Excellent way to put it, TG47. Agreed.

Agreed! Well said! Personality of the Year: Laurie Ulster.

Hear, hear!

Best Trek fake out – Trek 4 (teen) begins production at the end of the year.

It definitely sounds like some version of the S31 show will be in production before the Starfleet Academy one.

What I find really strange is that there aren’t any signals of preproduction in Toronto for ANY of the Trek series for the coming spring.

The Academy show is a hard concept to make interesting in any sustained way. One of my kids and I tried watching Pandora, and it was awful. The worst kind of teen melodrama to give it tension, and they had to get the main character away on a ship by season two because the academy setting was just too limited.

Whether or not they can still have Michelle Yeoh anchor the S31 show for more than a limited special series after this film award is a question, but she still seems to want to do it. Also, while TrekMovie sticks to confirmed announcements, there are rumours in somewhat credible and less clickbaitish media that claim Alexander Siddig has been tapped to return as Bashir in S31. So, despite all, that one seems likely to happen.

Thanks for that Laurie!

I hadn’t caught Siddig’s rebuttal over the holidays.

It’s good he put it out as it was coming out in sources that are generally more reliable.

It would be great if they did find a way to bring him in with Michelle Yeoh though. While I’d never considered the possibility previously, I can imagine the two of them having an interesting onscreen dynamic.

I had never even considered the idea of Siddig coming back TBH. But a 24th/25th century Section 31 show with Yeoh and Siddig where they are actually back in the shadows would actually be interesting for me.

At the moment. 2023 will be a good year for Trek content, but after that, there is no commitment on either renewals for existing shows, or new productions. Given that streaming services are now starting to feel the cash pinch in an effort to turn a profit, there’s an argument to be made that after 2023, there may not be much live action Trek available for a while.

I loved Sulu’s line, something like, “Kirk’s out time-traveling or something. Can’t get that man to stand still.”

Totally agree with “Stargazer” being the best live action episode. I was absolutely thrilled upon the first watch. And yes, the next episode was very strong as well.

Problem is, the rest of the season sank so fast and so low going on, I didn’t even bother watching the last two episodes. What a waste, shame.

I have to say that even Stargazer wasn’t as tightly directed and produced as it ought to have been. No fault to the script, but some of the performances clearly needed a few more takes than the COVID protocols afforded.

Nice List!

But for me I’d have put season one of Star Trek Prodigy as the best season overall.

I really enjoyed SNW’s first season and there was a lot to like, but I just think Prodigy did a better job of fleshing out their characters and handled their storyline arcs in a better way. We really don’t know that much about Ortegas for example. And I think the Dr. M’Benga storyline, which took up so much screen-time, was ultimately kind of a dud and culminated in one of the weakest and silliest episodes of Star Trek in a long time.

Also, I had massive concerns over the casting of Paul Wesley as James T Kirk, and from his first appearance baring absolutely no similarity to any Kirk that I had seen before I think those concerns were somewhat realised. Yes a lot of people argued that that was because of the time frame that the episode took place in – an alternate future, so there is still a question mark on what he’ll be like as Kirk as the series continues. But as someone who watched The Vampire Diaries, and saw the limitations of his abilities, the overall decision to cast him is still so baffling to me and I fear that the success of the show will be hampered by this decision going forward. Only time will tell.

Nice to see Time Amok getting some recognition!

I haven’t seen The Vampire Diaries, but I agree with everything you said 100%.

I agree with the idea The Star Gazer was the best live action episode this year. In fact rewatched it a week ago. Which is so depressing knowing how quickly the season fell from episode 3 on.

Also agreed about Sulu’s cameo on LDS! Such a cool surreal moment for a really great episode overall.

And yes, the biggest surprise was announcing the TNG cast coming back. It was even more surprising because they managed to shoot the entire season already and none of it leaked. That was pretty crazy. Soooo excited they are all back though!

The only item I disagree on was that SNW was the best season. It was good for sure, but for me it’s easily Prodigy that had the best first season. IDK, this show just really tapped into everything that makes Star Trek great and did it in a way that 7 years old can enjoy it. Prodigy is my favorite of the modern shows easily but LDS and SNW are tied. Hopefully Picard season 3 will become the show many of us was hoping in season 1 but Prodigy has carried the spirit of Star Trek the best!

My favorite private Star Trek moment: while suffering from Covid, I popped in TNG season 1 and my wife was still in the room, planning to go to bed. She was so hooked that she watched the entire episode with me and after that said how she loved Star Trek and the wholesome feeling it gave her. :D
Note she isn’t a Trekkie or sci-fi fan at all, though she has watched her share with me and knows a lot after our time together and is very open minded about it, just not really a fan.

I love this! Which episode was it?