Watch First Clip From ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 – Jean-Luc Gets An Unexpected Call

Following today’s season finale of Star Trek: Prodigy, Paramount+ takes a short pause for new Trek TV. In seven weeks the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard debuts, and now we have the first clip.

Picard gets a very long distance call

The new clip comes at the end of a special episode of The Ready Room with Wil Wheaton primarily focusing on the Prodigy finale, with some good interviews with the cast and creatives. The final minutes of The Ready Room see Wheaton introducing a clip from Picard season 3 featuring a quiet moment at home with Jean-Luc getting a surprise communication.

Watch the clip below, starting at 28:48.  [also available at]

It’s likely the call coming to Picard’s old combadge is coming from his former Enterprise CMO, Dr. Beverly Crusher. It has previously been reported that the season will start with an attack on her ship in deep space. But there are still many questions raised by the clip, including why Jean-Luc needs glasses (maybe he’s allergic to Retinax 5?).

Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher in episode 301

The third and final season of Picard premieres on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly on Thursdays.

Picard streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S.A. It is distributed concurrently by Paramount Global Content Distribution on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories, and in Canada it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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“A more than 20-year-old Enterprise-D communicator”

That’s needless exposition. There’d be no reason for him to say “Enterprise-D” to the computer.

Yes they avoided some obvious exposition but then dropped some in anyway.

Yeah, it’s rather clumsy writing. Saying it’s an out of service communicator would have sufficed.

…indeed, that line took me out of the clip a bit, had me wondering ‘is he talking to himself? Us? The computer?’

Good lord you people are obsessively picky. It’s really not that sloppy writing, and if it “takes you out of the clip” than boy oh boy you may be watching the wrong kind of TV. Go watch teletubbies or something! Sheesh, you people…

Relax, kid.

Chill out, son

Jean-Luc talks to himself a lot these days…

Yeah, the “Enterprise-D” really seemed out of place there, but I found the rest to be fine.

Given that you don’t see his lips for that line, they could easily loop a new one to make it less jarring.

Maybe it’s a bit of clumsy foreshadowing that we will see the Enterprise D this season?

Enterprise D is in this season. They built the bridge set.

Well true they have the set but we don’t know for sure if it is the recovered saucer or a flashback or a moriarty holodeck simulation or what have you. I should have been clear I meant the actual ship.


A little bit of clunky exposition, which wasn’t that bad, is BY FAR not the worst thing that has occurred on Picard. About this new season of Picard: Very very VERY cautiously optimistic (against my better judgement).

I thought they were gonna have some HONKING exposition there but they neatly side stepped it.

That was kind of honking. But nonetheless, the cinematography and score are light years better than season two (which is interesting since they were made back-to-back).

Matalas only worked on the first two episodes of season two. He then devoted himself to three. That’s the reason

But the first two eps of Season 2 sucked as much as the rest of Season 2. This dude still is unproven as a showrunner and a season story arc writer — which makes me nervous given his sort of “blabbermouth” habits of sharing all this info which makes this sound like the greatest Trek season ever.’

We’ll see…

Unproven? He was the showrunner for 4 seasons of the 12 Monkey’s TV series.

12 Monkeys is amazingly coherent, and actually lands a four season timey wimey arc in a way that makes sense.

I’m on S3 E8 right now. Planning on finishing it this 3 day weekend!

Unproven in delivering a quality season of Star Trek. Michael Chabon won a Pulitzer Prize in writing, but that level of skill did not translate to greatness in running a Star Trek season.

Like I said, we’ll see.

The first two episodes of season 2 got high praise from critics. And while IMDb is not the best barometer of audience appreciation anymore, they rate #3 and #4 out of all episodes to date, and significantly higher than the rest of season 2.

And I echo those who have noted 12 Monkeys categorically proves his merit as a showrunner.

Well I thought the first two eps of Picard season 2 were as dumbass-weak as the rest of the season.

Yeah, the first two episodes of season two were the only two of the season I thought were very good. It was all downhill after that.

Wow! I thought the first two and last episode were an order of magnitude better than the rest of Season 2.

Well I didn’t really like any of the eps in season 2, especially the first two, but I will admit the finale rose to the level of mediocre Star Trek. Season 1 was actually much better in my opinion.

I thought the first 2 eps were ok. The last ep was just no for me. The ending was so bad IMO. Q just gets his powers back all of a sudden. The whole reason for the entire season and everyone being in danger (and Khan maybe?!) was so Picard could grow a heard and get over mommy issues? And if the Jurati Queen was in the Delta quadrant this whole time why didn’t she and the actual queen or Voyager or the Hansens or anyone else never run into each other? And lastly… what is this huge threat that Jurati is there to request help for? Because I’m betting anything the season 3 opener isn’t going to resolve that.

My guess is season 3 is going to resolve issues from season 2 about as well as season 2 resolved issues from season 1 which means not at all. ;)

I think Matalas even said you don’t have to watch either of the two seasons to watch season 3. I think for most fans, that’s a GOOD thing! ;)

True. In a weird way it gives it a bit of it’s own episodic nature (if you consider a season one big long ep rather than the entire season being one big long ep).

I was ok with S1 not being resolved as much because in a ittle way it was. The machine race was kinda beaten, like a little bit anyways? I just wanted them to do something cool with it like say they were the V’Ger creators or just explai how 1000’s of years ago they fortold data. But I digress.

This season tho, just give us a one liner saying we defeated threat A with the help of Juratiborg and follow it up with a canon comic or something. I get there are only 10 eps in a season so they don’t want to take up room but comics would be a great way of doing it.

Rumor has it that they’re developing a Borg focused series now too.

Maybe it’s the Picard spinoff?

I love how in this new era of prestige TV there’s no room for TV that’s just OK. Everything is either the greatest thing ever or total trash.

Picard Season 2 isn’t nearly as bad as everyone says. It’s fine. It has some fun moments, its story is enough to keep you engaged, but it has some major flaws, too.

But today, people are so quick just to call things that are mediocre trash. I get it, with so many options, it can be easy to want to only watch the best of the best.

But holy moly people, get some perspective.

YES! Well said. I usually lurk on this board because of so much negativity toward the first two season of Picard. Both were fine. Good not great. But that is ok! Let’s just celebrate that TNG is back again!

The lighting was still far too dark for comfortable viewing.

Badgey lapel pin!!

More than 30 year not 20 year? 2370 was the last year that the combadge was used , with a new design in Generations. Picard season 3 is set in at least 2400?

I think he’s counting from the first time he put it on in 2264.

But… if you’re right, that would make the line even MORE inaccurate.

It just seemed an odd thing to say it’s ‘more than 20 years old ‘ when it’s at least 30 years and possibly closer to 40

He doesn’t make an inaccurate statement it just seems weird. I guess the producers want to date the msg to someone he hasn’t seen in 20 years , though the Nemesis combadge could have done the job

I am nowhere near as old as Picard but I still have use math sometimes to figure when something many years ago happened. I find this to be pretty accurate!

I’m going to nitpick further. The TNG badges have a blackoutline around the delta and are black on the sides of the delta.

To go even further, that combadge really did seem a bit playmates to me

Only problem is it’s too small to be the Playmates one.

He’s not paying the extra $3.99/month for caller ID? They don’t eventually turn off the signal and deactivate old com badges when the user replaces them? How many old devices do they still have active in their system? Seems like a huge waste.

Yeah, this scene is kind of nonsensical.

More so that it is very convenient that old badge is in a suitcase in the same room right next to him and not stored away in the basement or something.

There’s some leaked info about this scene that’s out there, and if it is accurate, there’s an actual reason instead it being completely random/convenient

Where would one find said info?

I saw it on TrekBBS threads a while back. But I think the source of that was Robert Meyer Burnett, who apparently just blabs about everything on his streams.

Seconded, where would one find such info?

Please, not the basement of the chateau again ;-)

I suppose it could have been chirping all week until he was around to hear it.

Yeah plenty of ways to force a communication through to Picard without digging out the old com badge.

Well maybe if Beverly was being attacked she would want to use an older combadge to avoid detection? Just a thought?

We have seen this before though. In S1 he uses the TNG Movie Combadge to contact Raffi.

I know this is askin’ a lot, but can some turn on the Spoiler Alert button (Wheaton?)

Not sure what you mean. Wheaton doesn’t work for this site.

Needless exposition in the first clip shared of S3 of Picard…it’s nit picking but ….very strange dialogue….for the star trek newbies/casual followers it perhaps helps with some gentle reminders I suppose .

He might as well have added “20 year old enterprise d communicator from star trek the next generation, that ran 7 seasons 87-94” to complete the picture lol

This made me laugh. I agree!

Which makes me wonder who they think the target audience for this season is. DISCO, PRO and, arguably, SNW are the shows more geared toward newcomers. PIC and LDS, not so much.

I have to admit, I hollered way to loud at the Kurlan Naiskos on JLs desk…. we all KNEW he did not leave it on Veridian III.

Exactly, this is the much more important takeaway from that trailer. Decades of discussion around fans regarding Generations finally coming to a conclusion!

My gawd, y’all will just b*!ch & nit-pick anything. Wow. He said a more than 20 yrs old Ent-D communicator. So. What. It’s obviously a callback to TNG. Which seems highly appropriate since this season focuses more on TNG. Why can’t we just have nice things & celebrate them instead of nit-pick. This is why I don’t read the comments on this site often.

We are just sensitive to things like this because the clips around season 1 and 2 hinted at similar minor grievances which added up considerably over the course of two seasons. Just want this season to finally live up to its name.


We are just sentisive…..sums up nicely the rationale for all the blowback on a short, out of context clip.

Welcome to nit-picky fandom. It is kinda sad, actually….

Someone has to be a little nit-picky. if all anyone ever did was say, “hey this is great” and everyone else said, “yes I agree” what would anyone have to talk about. The important thing is people are respectful about it.


This is minor compared to some of the Star Wars stuff out there.

I knew a person who had to report threats made against him to the authorities because of comments he made over The Last Jedi…

Hopefully the person threatening him got arrested.

I am picturing some loser, with the cops at his door, shouting to the cops, “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for, move along,” and then the cops busting in an handcuffing him. :-)

Ha! Excellent.

I think it’s just that fans online enjoy the nitpicking and you are too sensitive too it. I.e. I think the problem is yours, not ours. It’s probably best if you don’t read these relatively minor comments if you are going take them so seriously and get so agitated and flustered over them — just a suggestion.

I’m not the one to blame. I don’t take comments here seriously. They are mostly toxic & I consider the source. Occasionally, I do scan the comments & usually tap away soon. I’m just a fan, but often empathize with the people involved in making these shows – a new trailer comes out, they’re proud of their work. They happen to check this site & see mostly nitpicking. Not a nice way for fans to show appreciation. That’s just my thoughts.

Fair enough!

You clearly DO take them seriously. This branch of the conversation wouldn’t even exist if you hadn’t melodramatically proclaimed this…

“My gawd, y’all will just b*!ch & nit-pick anything. Wow. He said a more than 20 yrs old Ent-D communicator. So. What. It’s obviously a callback to TNG. Which seems highly appropriate since this season focuses more on TNG. Why can’t we just have nice things & celebrate them instead of nit-pick. This is why I don’t read the comments on this site often.”

People are simply responding to that.

Exactly. I hope Phil reads your post here — that “drama queen” post you quoted here started this entire waste of time discussion where people seem to be getting so ridiculously defensive about some rather minor, yet obvious issues with the scene.

Let’s see….we have a thread here where the vast majority of posts is elevating the term ‘obnoxious @$$holes’ to new highs…..but the real problem is that a few people are pointing that out. Gotcha.

the vast majority of posts

No way. That’s just not true. One person said he hated Wheaton which I agree is out of bounds — that’s your vast majority? Seriously?

It’s not a bad scene, but there are a couple of rather obvious issues I and several others have with it that I guess we should not have brought up here given that apparently we are not allowed to critique this particular scene, even though all of us, including you, have been critiquing similar preview scenes and trailers for years here??? Makes no sense — you’ve lost your perspective.

Nevertheless, Happy New Year to you and your family!

It’s an expression of love for the franchise! Back during TNG’s original run my hard-core Trekker pal and I would nitpick for an hour on the phone following every episode. It’s part of the fun! It’s only objectionable if a non-fan does it…

Exactly, we are all having fun here pointing out a few minor things in the scene. Sheesh!

I hear you but this is nothing. You should see the four seasons of fans nitpicking Discovery to death lol. This is kind of a walk in the park compared to that show. ;)

Exactly! Star Trek Picard at least tries to resemble the universe from which it originates. Discovery was horribly flawed from the start and has struggled to maintain canon consistency for 4 seasons. By comparison I will take a few minor flaws from Picard any day!

Yeah it is the one thing I truly love about Picard, it does feel like an extension of both TNG and the prime universe in general. Discovery felt like it belonged in another universe completely and where it stumbled on day one.

Let us nitpick, it’s all in good fun. Nobody is REALLY complaining, as long as the plot is convincing. Nitpicking is part of the Trek culture, and akin to finding easter eggs.

Scroll down. Someone hates, HATES, I say, Wil Wheaton. One person’s nitpicker is another person’s @$$hole.

Feel free not to read the comments if they piss you off so much. You’re very much in the minority on this one, but sure, go nuts.

Yeah, have to agree with others that this dialogue was very clunky.

Also, WHY is he wearing glasses for writing?! Isn’t he a golem or android or whatever he is now? Isn’t his body only a few years old? Surely he can’t actually need those.

If this is a taste of the incredible writing we’ve been promised my trepidations are still there.
Nice lighting though.

He’s allergic to Retinax…

This site painfully misses an upvote button. So take my verbal upvote!

Who promised you incredible writing? All that I’ve been promised since 2017 are fun rides, and they’ve been mostly it. This is not “War and Peace.” This is television.

Sorry, my bad… it was “wonderful writing”, and it came from Frakes from an interview with Den of Geek in November :).

Also, I don’t understand your War and Peace comment. I don’t think great writing solely exists in books. We’re in the era of prestige television writing. There has been so many shows in recent years that have had incredible writing. For instance, I just watched the first two seasons of The White Lotus over the holidays and I was blown away by the writing. A biting satirical and very entertaining look at the destructive lives of the wealthy, would recommend if you haven’t seen it.

Weird that he both has glasses and is using a pen and paper in the 25th century…makes no sense?

Makes extra no sense when you consider he’s now a golem, or android, or whatever he is now and his “body” is only a few years old. Surely he wouldn’t need glasses to see better?

No! In S1E10, They said he would age naturally, just without the brain problem.

But they also said that “Everything is new tough, and everything works.”

They were clear the golem has no super powers and was the same as his original body(except for the brain defect)

One thing they were not with the golem body was clear.

I just rewatched it and yes they said that there had been no augmentations, no superpowers and that they had designed a “cellular homeostasis algorithm” that should give him roughly the exact same life expectancy if he had not had the brain condition.
But they also said that “Everything is new though, and everything works.”
So is his new body just ageing incredibly rapidly to catch up with his 96 years? Doesn’t seem humane.

Plus the future Picard we saw in TNG (who had that terminal brain condition) never wore glasses.

Well as a golem he shouldn’t die in a few years either but didn’t Soong say he would live a natural life span like Julianna Tanor was designed to? Seems somewhat logical that he would have the other frailties of an elderly human being.

Picard always struck me as a little “old fashioned”, so I’m sure it was intentional.

I mean, this jives with Picard. He was always reading from physical books rather than from a PADD. He loves archaeology. He has always seemed to lean into some “older ways” of living.

OK, well you and Locutus make a good point here. My thought was he just threw that in because Kirk used glasses later in life, but we know that Kirk was allergic to the medical cure for being far-sighted, while we never saw the older Picard in that TNG ep where is very old needing to wear glasses, nor did he ever say he was allergic to the medicine, like Kirk did.

So my initial reaction in seeing this was that Matalas is trying to be too cute with the Star Trek classic movie connections — force fitting in connections like a cheap and unearned McMahon-style hack writing canon reference aka Lower Decks.

Kirk was more than just the glasses tho. He always had an affinity for antiquities.

I have an 80s vintage keyboard along with me for that extra special typing experience. I think with him and the pen&glasses its a choice as well.


A couple seconds of dialogue, and virtually everyone is losing their f**king s**t already. Maybe actually watch a couple of episodes before digging season 3’s grave, isn’t an unreasonable request.
Good lord…..

Agreed! I thought it was a cool clip. It seems people are ready to tear Terry’s hopes and dreams apart already.

LOL, no, but the scene has some obvious issues. So what if we point them out?

Sheesh, what’s with all of this oversensitive malarkey here today? LOL

Sorry to hear that a stage-setting scene didn’t work for you…

Count me as one who really enjoyed it.

Having Picard struggling with his computer being an annoying and unresponsive Alexa/Siri is something that we needed to see in the franchise at one point. People have been all too patient with the computer over the various shows.

A few points back to the nitpicking

It’s clear to me that it’s a late Enterprise D communicator in style, basically the last version before the S was destroyed – making it under 30 years.

We know that Picard has used his old communicators for discreet contact with old crew previously (as he did with Raffi in the S1E1). This means it could be any of his old team, or it could have been hijacked by someone else. Makes sense to get the computer to give him what metadata it has and assessment it can before he listens to the message.

The fact that the metadata is faulty is the point and not a failure of the writers. It’s also a reality we all face with every spoofed call that our telephone displays cannot see past. How many of us not only let calls run to voicemail, but also check all the available metadata before we open a voice message? I certainly do.

On the eyeglasses, my recollection is that we saw a pair with the stack of paper books in Picard’s office in the original teaser for season two (that hinted at time being broken with images of clocks). I don’t think this came out of nowhere.

I’ve scrolled down at the additional comments. In addition to all the f**kery that’s already gone on, folks are also now ripping on the computer voice, and Wil Wheaton. So I’ll stand by my original observation….

I think you and a couple of others are really going overboard in terms of a few of us pointing out some rather obvious problems with the scene. No one is digging Season 3’s grave.


What problems? It’s a 2 minute clip! It’s visitors to this site that’s creating the problems, not the show. There is no problem with the scene. Poor Terry! He’s going to have a rough time on social media.

LOL, wow. Are you new to Star Trek fan sites? I mean, everything is discussed and analyzed. It’s weird how you and a couple of others are taking a few minor critiques on the scene so personally?

Dude, if you were a DSC fan, you might leave this site in tears some days given the negative comments that us DSC fans have to view here…lol…but we live with those comments and don’t let it ruin our day because it’s just fan commentary on an internet site.


So much gatekeeping.

Your confirmation bias is showing. It’s a short clip, with no context, that just sets a mood at the moment. There aren’t any “obvious” problems, except in the minds of those preprogrammed to despise everything this production company does. The FACT that the ripping has expanded to whining about the computer voice and bagging on Wil Wheaton proves my point.
But, yeah, okay. For the few comments observing that the f**kfest of complaining is way over the top for a short clip, we’re the ones being too sensitive, okay. Go lie to someone who’ll believe you.

Wow! Your way-over-the-top overreaction where you even ventured into personal insult territory just 100% proved my point, Phil.

You all need to chill out — my opinion — and no, I am not lying. :-)

Besides, isn’t this nitpicking:

It just seemed an odd thing to say it’s ‘more than 20 years old ‘ when it’s at least 30 years and possibly closer to 40. He doesn’t make an inaccurate statement it just seems weird. (Phil)

Different Phil. The mods seem okay with a few of us around here. I’m plenty chill, the collective aneurism of virtually everyone ripping on this clip is where the problem lies.

Got it, no worries then on that piece of my comment above. Happy New Year, dude!

Hi Terry, nice of you to join us here.


In all fairness, saying “Hey, this badge is older than 20 years” isn’t the same as reviewbombing the show before it aired. At least not in principle, maybe there are people who conclude for whatever reason that this makes the show unwatchable, who knows.

We know from the fan events Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden did earlier this year that Picard and Beverly have not seen each other in many, many years. Perhaps, before they parted company, they chose an old style of communication that could not be easily tracked?

not bad, but then wouldn’t Picard have known right away that it was Beverly?

Good point. My initial reaction in my head to your reply was “well perhaps it’s been about 20 years for them,” which would make it acceptable for Jean-Luc to forget. But since he has an upgraded body that doesn’t really fly.

Well, he could have forgotten before he got his new body ;-)

As for the method of communication: Comm badges are not capable of long range communication on their own. They’re basically like mobile phones, that just do the last leg between the last transmission tower (subspace relay) and your ear. But they need a communication network to cover longer distances (e.g. more than planet surface to orbit). So unless the caller is quite close, the call was routed through some network, which is probably under Federation control.

Where is the ready room episode on Paramount plus? I can’t find it.

I watched it on the Star Trek website if you still can’t find it :)

I was wondering that too. It doesn’t seem to be with Prodigy. I ended up just watching it on YouTube.

The computer states that the comm badge was assigned as “4115…” which is a wink and a nod towards the stardate for Encounter at Farpoint which is 41153.7.

Yeah, I noticed that as well, which would have made that 2364. I think this season is set in 2401, which would be 37 years later.

As I watched it, I couldn’t help but think of those people who get a letter in the mailbox and spent five minutes looking at it, flipping it back-and-forth asking themselves, “Who could this be from?”— rather than just opening it and knowing.


Of all the TNG main characters, Picard would be the one to do that.

I wonder if too many here have had their own sense of Picard shifted over the movies and two seasons of Picard to see him as more impatient and action oriented like Kirk?

Have to admit, this scene gave me the feels! Please be good!!!!

But excited for a return to the 25th century and a return of my favorite cast out of all the shows and films!

Me too but it was like a shot in the gut that the scene ended before we actually heard even a piece of the message. I suppose it’s better that way tho

Yeah they gotta tease lol. But then the irony is we know it’s Beverly trying to get in touch with him since it was literally shown in the teaser trailer a few months ago.

Yeah it’s gotta be. But the funny thing is that for a split second, given that this was during a Mulgrew interview I thought this might just be Janeway.

LOL that would be great too but definitely not Janeway since I can’t imagine her trying to reach Picard by some old E-D communicator.

Yeah me either. It would have to be someone from his D days. MAYBE Stargazer days.

I freaking hate Wil Wheaton, but he’s killing it on Celebrety Jepordy.

I sincerely hope you meant to say Wesley Crusher. Hate is a strong word to use for an actor I’m guessing you don’t know personally.

Read Wil Wheaton’s Twitter feed.

Wesley Crusher is 1000x more likable than Wil Wheaton.

Wil Wheaton hasn’t been active on Twitter in years. I do also follow him on Facebook, he’s very active there, but I’ve never seen him post anything that makes me not like him.

Aww it would be so cool if he were there with LeVar Burton hosting :(

Why do you hate Wil Wheaton?? He’s a really nice guy–friendly, funny, approachable and kindhearted. He’s also a very good writer.

I know the article is focused on the Picard S3 premiere, but what a great episode of The Ready Room and a great way to end S1 of Prodigy!

I just watched the entire Ready Room episode and the interview with Kate Mulgrew was so good. I liked how they started talking about Prodigy of course but it ended up discussing about her time on Voyager and the early days of the show. Despite all the hardships of being the first woman captain, you can tell how much she loves and appreciates that show today.. And I hope she shows up on Picard next season too. It’s OK if she doesn’t, but would be smiling ear to ear if she does! :)

Yeah I thought you and anyone who watched and enjoyed tonight’s finale would really like to hear what Kate had to say about Prodigy and Voyager.
Man, 48 days until what we all hope will be a great finale for Picard and TNG! Happy New Year Tiger2… LLAP!

Hmmmm, sounds vaguely reminiscent of Tron Legacy when Alan(Tron) get a page on his 20 y/o beeper from the abyss.

Well, I’m finding this setup more intriguing than mystery android action girl needing help and mystery Borg Queen needing something or other. It’s less melodramatic so far anyway, thankfully. So here’s hoping they stick the landing this time.

My nitpick is that I wish the computer sounded more like Majel…couldn’t they simulate her voice at this point?

That said, the cinematography looks great and the scene is intriguing. I’m excited to see what comes next!

Yes. Yes, they could. She recorded a plethora of files for future use as an AI voice during her later years, and whichever parts might be deemed insufficient, nowadays, could easily be filled in by software.

I wonder why they chose some voice that’s equal parts mechanical monotony and almost creepily flirty or suggestive, for the computer! 😕

The bigger irony is the computer voice on SNW does sound almost exactly like her. People thought her voice was simulated but they just found an actress who sounds like her. Why not use her for the other shows too?

…thought the same thing about the computer voice…it’s the little things like that, that matter.

I must be the exception in thinking that we don’t need Majel’s voice producing an Alexa for all the ships.

I would expect the computer voice to change over time.

More, I have to wonder whether the recording quality and pitch of all that dictionary reading would have generated an adequate quality product. We heard in Prodigy how there was a limit to how well the sound production team was able to blend old dialogue from Leonard Nimoy.

I am sure to raise ire by saying this, so I want to underscore that my intention is not to troll, I’m just not that attached to her voice.

My cynical self just sees the recording of a dictionary by the late Majel as another way for the Roddenberry estate to hang onto every iota of the work. Is it soooo awful that living voice actors get work as the computer?

The Roddenberry estate gets two perpetual EP credits on every show as it is. I have to remember that Gene Roddenberry created truly awful, never used lyrics to the original TOS theme just to get half the credit and payment for it. I love the franchise but am very clear eyed about the creator.

After having recently watched “The Center Seat” docu-series, I can definitely see your point about Roddenberry and his forever hold. I’d just like the consistency, and think that Majel’s voice is still a great fit for the franchise. (Discovery’s Zora whispers gives me the heebie-jeebies!!!)

Other than that, I wouldn’t mind a male computer voice for a change! I’ve set all of my devices to gentle masculinity, and I’m lovin’ it! 😜

Well, this isn’t a Starfleet computer, so it makes sense that it’s not Majel.

Why hasn’t Wheaton been fired yet? He’s insufferable.

He would be easier to take if he turned down the gushing sales persona a notch or two. I keep expecting him to ask us to join his cult. Or try to get us to buy a used Mazda.

Take it easy, Wil.

The exact same word came to mind but I felt too bad posting it. lol The persona is just so painfully over the top and cringe worthy. Wil was a good actor at one time.

The folks who run Paramount disagree. He’s enthusiastic. If it bothers you that much, go get the CEO position, fire Wheaton, and remake Trek in your image. Problem solved.

I would take sincerity over fake enthusiasm any day. lol

I’m picturing the cameras turning off and Wil Wheaton immediately lighting a cigarette with a hangdog expression ala Krusty the Klown. Uggggghhhhhh, this business.

I love how overly enthusiastic he is about everything. That’s part of the Ready Room’s charm.

So this clip, coupled with the Prodigy finale and Strange New Worlds, just made me come to a theory about this season. From what’s been said the villain this season is not only out for Picard and Crusher, but also the Federation itself.

I’m thinking that this is going to go back to one of the Federation induction gone bad episodes and that, after our heroes left, the planet was destroyed.

Since the KesPrytt episode was Picard/Crusher heavy I’m leaning toward them. They were in a civil war and the Federation stopped their induction.

Though the Rutians also lost out on membership because of their internal conflicts, and that was a Crusher heavy episode.

I, briefly, thought it could be the Angosians due to their genetic engineering, but that was a more Troi focused episode.

I have thought about the Ba’ku and Son’a a couple times as well. Vadic’s ship does look Son’a a bit, but they were post the TNG series.

I can’t see Vadic being connected to any of those episodes. As with almost all Crusher-centric stories, they’re all non-memorable.

Non memorable doesn’t rule them out in my view.

The fact that neither Crusher nor Troi were generally well written by the 90s writers doesn’t preclude Matalas doing better by picking up on something from that run and improving on it.

Let’s face it, most of the guys in the TNG writers room weren’t able to do much with the potential of the female officers. Shankar’s ‘Face of the Enemy’ stands out so powerfully because it was the rare case where one of the writers let her use her empathic gift in a powerful and creative way.

I like their reasoning! But man they were SOOO FAR behind in technology that Riker and Work could barely help themselves from laughing at their “junk”. Sure I suppose they could have somehow stollen techology and advanced like the Klingons once did. But something tells me this is from Picard’s Stargazer past, not The Enterprise. And Jack Crusher served on the Stargazer didn’t he? Which would explain the Beverly connection. And it’s not like they have a chance in hell at getting at Wesley. It would also explain why the Beverly/Picard “family” issues are a dynamic in this season.

Just a thought.

The only thing wrong with this clip is the sad absence of Laris.

Its Kirk. “You left me on Veridian 3 under a pile of rocks and took back your comm badge from a wrecked Enterprise D which is 20 years old now”

LOL, love it!

This is missing too.


Comm badge looks wrong somehow .

So new body doesn’t work with retinax ?

This is the most elaborate version of “old Comm badge, who dis?” I’ve ever seen…