‘Strange New Worlds’ And Other New Star Trek Shows Are Getting Praise On Critics’ Best Of 2022 Lists

2022 was a big year for Star Trek television with the release of 51 episodes spread across all five current  Paramount+ series. This increase in output has garnered notice from the industry and the media, not just for quantity, but also quality. Over the summer the New York Times dubbed Trek the “quiet franchise,” praising the “throw-it-at-the-wall diversity” of the Trek shows, compared to the “calculation to the Marvel and Star Wars  Wars portfolios.” As the year comes to a close many outlets – including TrekMovie – look back to offer praise for the best shows and performances and moments from the year, and Star Trek is showing up. The debut season of Strange New Worlds is getting the most notice, but the other shows are also showing up on the lists. Here is a sampling of what some critics are saying about the best of Star Trek TV in 2022.

Strange New Worlds

Vulture – The Best TV of 2022

Ranked #4

The newest addition to the Star Trek franchise is its best, because it — nearly alone among the vast wasteland of milquetoast TV-franchise extensions — remembered that people like to watch TV. Even Andor is at best uneasy with its own role as a TV series. Not SNW, which is a deliberate throwback to the episodic rhythms of old-school Trek while embracing the long-arc characterization standard from more recent decades of TV. It is beautifully made and anchored by a rock-solid performance from Anson Mount as Captain Pike. It is a freewheeling romp of a show, and every episode is a new adventure. Episodes! What a concept.

Newsday – Best TV of 2022 

Ranked #5

The Star Trek cinematic universe spent decades seeking new spinoffs and franchises, to boldly go where the rest of TV has since gone (you know — reboots!) But at long last, here was the spinoff (from “Discovery”) that felt like the embodiment of that famous line, to paraphrase: After all our watching, we’d arrived back where we started from and knew the show for the first time. With Anson Mount as Capt. Chris Pike — a proto Jim Kirk, — “Strange New Worlds”‘ mostly just reaffirmed our love for the original.

Esquire – The 10 Best TV Shows of 2022

Ranked #7

In a year crowded with self-serious science fiction, Strange New Worlds rose above the pack for its commitment to good, clean, swashbuckling fun. This back-to-basics return to the episodic storytelling of Star Trek: The Original Series is set during the captaincy of Christopher Pike, who preceded Captain Kirk aboard the Enterprise. If you’re not a Trekkie, have no fear: there’s no learning curve here, and there’s a lot to love for any science fiction fan. Uplifting, exhilarating, and gloriously retro, Strange New Worlds is a character-driven series where each episode pairs a top notch sociocultural story with a freewheeling adventure. Whether the Enterprise is battling a lethal enemy or just trying to undo an accidental body swap, it’s always worth beaming up with Strange New Worlds.

Rolling Stone – The 20 Best TV Shows of 2022

Ranked #11

Strange New Worlds remembered that the franchise tends to work best with a Mission of the Week approach. It was fun to again see a starship traveling from planet to planet, and to see it crewed by such an appealing cast of characters, first and foremost led by Anson Mount’s impossibly charming and empathetic Captain Pike. Sometimes, the boldest move is to go where many shows have gone before.

Paste Magazine – The 25 Best TV Shows of 2022

Ranked #16

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is an absolute blast, and a big reason for its success is that it’s deeply rooted in the DNA of the Star Trek mythos. It’s full of compelling characters, and its episodic format serves as one of several bridges that link it to The Original Series. Allowing viewers to see the action aboard the Enterprise from multiple perspectives is refreshing. Smart, addictive, and incredibly fun, Strange New Worlds is the best Star Trek series since The Next Generation, and acts as a faithful love letter to the original. Old fan or new, this is a trek you’ll certainly want to take.

LA Times – The 14 Best Shows of 2022

A gaily canonical return to the anthological form, swashbuckling spirit, social commentary and puckish humor of what is now referred to as “The Original Series,” with technological upgrades and built-out characters. Set on the Enterprise, it finds young Spock (Ethan Peck) and Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding) already aboard, with Anson Mount’s Capt. Pike a most appealing blend of hero and comedian, like a nontoxic Shatner.

Vulture – The Standout TV Performances of 2022

Anson Mount

The magic of Anson Mount, Space Daddy Captain Extraordinaire, is in his remarkable flexibility. In Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Mount’s role as Captain Pike could have easily been restricted to a narrow tonal bandwidth — and the show itself could’ve played with fewer emotional colors. But as an old-school episodic series, SNW toggles from silly to poignant to suspenseful and back again, and in any series attempting to contain that much breadth, the performances need to be roomy and nimble enough to work in all sorts of contexts. Mount’s Pike can do it all. He is tragic, swashbuckling, paternal, and quippy, and in the moments when he needs to, he can anchor an absolutely straight-faced thriller plotline. SNW and the rest of the show’s cast can pivot around him, exploring new life and civilizations without losing themselves.

Variety – Why Sci-Fi Shows ‘Andor,’ ‘Severance’ and ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Deserve a Second Look From SAG Voters

Led by Anson Mount’s warmly smoldering Capt. Christopher Pike, the entire cast — including Ethan Peck’s sexy Spock, Rebecca Romijn’s commanding First Officer Una Chin-Riley and Celia Rose Gooding’s searching Cadet Nyota Uhura — took total control of their characters from the first episode and delivered a show that hardcore and casual “Trek” fans alike could love. “Trek” has never been nominated at the SAG Awards; perhaps this year, it will reach that final frontier.

Lower Decks 

CNET –  2022 Was a Ridiculously Good Year for TV. These Are the Best Shows

Lower Decks actually got me curious about the Star Trek universe. It’s approachable, has an incredible cast and delivers a hilarious take on Star Trek. The stories take very familiar Star Trek/space exploration situations and show them from the perspective of the cadets from the lower parts of Star Trek ships. The series shows the grunt work, the bureaucracy and rivalries and I’m laughing every episode — not just because the writing is great, but because the show makes fun of the Star Trek universe in such a way that even someone who knows next to nothing about that world can appreciate it.

ArsTechnica – TV Technica 2022: These were our favorite shows and binges of the year

Now in its third season, some might feel that Lower Decks leans a little too far into fan service. Those people are entitled to that opinion, but it’s not one I share. Rather, I delight in a basket of Easter eggs contained within each 22-minute episode, with callbacks to episodes like Conspiracy (the brain parasites that took over some Starfleet officers), the Bajoran occupation, or the hologram of Dr. Leah Brahms. Lower Decks manages to give us a slightly snarky, slightly cynical look at life as a peon in Starfleet, especially as experienced by ensign Beckett Mariner, yet it manages to always return to showing the organization’s good side as the crew work together for the common good. But what’s the deal with the koalas?


Tell-Tale TV – 20 Best Animated TV Shows of 2022

One of the most entertaining things about Prodigy is the way it incorporates the larger Star Trek world. It’s not uncommon to see a familiar face or a reference to another series. Season 2 takes those connections even further, finally bringing Starfleet into the action directly. It even brings the real Captain — now Vice Admiral — Janeway into the mix after she appeared only as an AI computer interface for the first half of the season.  Whether you are a long-time Trekkie or a Trekkie-in-training, Star Trek: Prodigy is a lot of fun. It is the perfect show for parents and kids to enjoy together.


TVLine – 2022 in Review: The Stealthiest Castings and Very Coolest Cameos

Stacey Abrams (United Earth President)

We’re used to seeing Abrams doing grassroots work ensuring that voting is accessible to everyone in Georgia, so it was a surreal surprise to see the politician and activist emerge from a space shuttle as the President of Earth in the Season 4 finale. And what a fitting role!


TVLine – 2022 in Review: The Stealthiest Castings and Very Coolest Cameos

Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher)

Wheaton popped up in Picard‘s Season 2 finale as former ensign Wesley Crusher, who now heads up a team of “Supervisors” keeping the spacetime continuum intact. He recruited Kore to join his team… and it’s nice to see the young guy all grown up and thriving, right? Our main lingering question: Do you think Wheaton confided in Sheldon and Leonard about this gig?

Keep up with news about the Star Trek Universe at TrekMovie.com.

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This is a really good list and I’m really glad to see that Trek is getting recognition again in the main stream media.

Makes me a little sad that PIC and Disco can only get recognized for stunt casting after their most recent seasons. SNW, LD, and PRO are just resonating in much more impactful ways at this point. I’m optimistic that Matalas can send PIC out on a high note, but let’s hope Kurtzman continues to adjust his plans based on fan response. I’d love to see a PIC or Titan spinoff, but they haven’t earned it yet IMO.

I’m loving the diversity of shows right now. We have SNW as classic trek, Prodigy as an animated delight post Voyager, Picard as….well just bizarre, Lower Decks as the animated comedy, and our out in the distant 32nd century fringe series Discovery. They have their own distinct way of telling stories and offer something to all sorts of fans. It’s a trek renaissance for sure.

Also agreed. While I’m not overly fond of every new show, I do love that they are all so different from each other and all have their own individual settings and formats. It’s crazy we have 5 shows in four different centuries right now lol. This is the kind of thing I’ve always wanted to see, the Star Trek universe expand and become bigger both as a franchise and in it’s story telling.I don’t know how many new fans are watching, but they are getting a huge taste of just how diverse Star Trek as a franchise truly is. And I do love we have new characters like Mariner, Saru and Dal but also many iconic ones like Janeway, Spock and Seven.

From the 23rd to the 32nd century, it just makes the universe feels more lived in and hope they make more shows in other new centuries too.

What I find myself appreciating most about the diversity of shows is that there’s truly something for everyone. Discovery and Lower Decks hold no interest for me — gave them a shot and didn’t like them (though I still come back to LDS from time to time).

Picard has been flawed but fun, scratches the nostalgia itch, and the performances are excellent.

Strange New Worlds has been “chef’s kiss” — right up my alley, Prodigy a fun little diversion (though I feel like I’d enjoy it way more if my son was still 10 years old).

Curious to see what they’ll do next.

I have to agree. I’m not a Kurtzman fan at all but it was smart to make the shows very diverse and in different time periods. Even you hate some or most of them, there’s have to be at least one that appeals to you. 😂

I thought I was going to hate most of them, especially when Picard disappointed me but I been surprised how much I enjoyed most of them. It helps to make each show feel like their own thing.

I’m really crossing my fingers with the entire TNG crew back that Picard will at least go out with a bang after two lackluster seasons IMO. But I’m also very invested in what comes after that. I really want to see 25th century Star Trek thrive and hoping they learned from the mistakes of Picard and be closer to what the animated shows are doing which are really resonating in the fanbase as you mentioned. I’m open to anything and hope to see a few VOY/DS9 characters along with whatever TNG characters sticks around in a spinoff show. There is so much potential for future shows in this new era of Star Trek!

And it was fan response that got us all these post-Nemesis shows in the first place so I think they are definitely listening and will continue doing more of them and hopefully better. Prodigy and Lower Decks are both living proof you can do these shows really well when you have people who really understand the era and its characters.

Seriously? Discovery has been nominated for 10 Emmy awards and has won 2, while Lower Decks has one nomination with zero wins. If this were the English Premier League, Lower Decks would be relegated to the junior division…lol

I certainly think that Lower Decks, while not my cup of tea, is a quality series that has It’s fan base. But to suggest that Discovery is less impactful than LDS I find just ludicrous. In my opinion discovery has a much larger fan base, many of which are not traditional Trek fans, while lower decks mainly appeals to existing fans. So discovery is a hell of a lot more impactful than Lower Decks. If you’re going to call a series impactful it has to grow the franchise, plus you got to get multiple nominations with some wins in the major awards

Technical Emmy Award nominations are not a better barometer of a show’s overall cultural impact, and we all know animated series and movies start with a huge handicap when it comes to awards eligibility and bias, so maybe best to table that when debating this issue. I should think it suffices to be certain Discovery is watched by a lot more eyeballs.

That’s true, but I’m not the one who boasted that Lower Decks is more impactful than Discovery and in the same sentence referenced trade awards to support that boast. If someone is going to boast that, then sure, it’s fair game to challenge that by bringing up the “scoreboard” in terms of comparing the awards to date between the two series, imperfect as that comparison may be as you just pointed out.

Well, this article wasn’t about awards though. Just random “best of” lists that may only come down to one editor’s tastes. And I didn’t get the sense that the OP was commenting on the critical and culturally resonance of each show’s oeuvre, just the most recent seasons.

It’s amazing how much it’s killing this guy because some people happen to like Lower Decks over Discovery. As usual the ONLY one who has even brought it up here lol. I will never get some Star Trek fans. Enjoy the shows you like. What does it even matter?? Discovery isn’t going anywhere and neither is Lower Decks. Trying to convince everyone Discovery is actually more liked and popular is just bizarre. No one cares. We only care about the shows we personally like. It’s not a contest. Focus on that instead of sounding so hurt and bitter over it. .

We all have our quirks. It’s easy to get worked up about things we love as passionately as Trek, and I know I’m a bit set in my ways. I am trying to accept that it’s a new generation of creatives in charge and I’m not always the target audience, that my taste is not everyone’s and I’m a Luddite in some ways. I do try to keep criticism within the same criteria as any other show, but I’m sure I don’t always succeed in being detached. Trek is so linked to my childhood I can take it personally when I think it’s losing its way. I just chafe when people assume I am against something intrinsic like diversity, that often becomes a distraction from what I think are the real issues with a show.

I think it’s entirely possible to be all for a showrunner taking a different tact in a Trek show’s tone and priorities while being critical of the execution. It’s all subjective in the end though, so at some point if it gets heated we just have to yell “Live long and prosper!” at each other and got to our separate corners. Glaring at each other. With an Organian in the middle of the room to enforce the peace.

Ian, you make a good point here. OK, I stand corrected on that point of yours.

The funny thing is, I started liking Lower Decks more this past season. It’s not a bad show, but I do think the audience is core Trek fans and that it isn’t really expanding the audience like DSC or SNW, and obviously the animation and storytelling quality is not up there with Prodigy. But for what it is, a fan service sitcom with lots of legacy character appearances and of canon winks for us hardcore fans, it’s a good series and I am starting to appreciate it more.

Yeah, I don’t know that it has much appeal outside of the existing fanbase, but I also do not really have much interaction with Trekkies who weren’t fans before 2017. Here, Trek BBC, TrekCore and on Reddit et al it’s largely an echo chamber of fans who started on legacy Trek. It’s interesting to see the impressions of people who stumble in saying Discovery was their entry point.

I think Lower Decks is accessible to casual fans in that it’s plotted and characterized broadly enough that the Easter Eggs don’t need to be intrusive if you don’t get them. It’s got that heightened reality that fans of Rick and Morty and Futurama can vibe with, and I’m genuinely happy it gets some critical plaudits along the way. But again, I doubt it’s an entry point for many new people.

Well said!

I agree actually! Why I enjoy talking to you. I enjoy talking to pretty much everyone here. But this board could still use an ignore button. I’ll just leave it at that.

I wrote a nice post agreeing with you, I have no idea what trigger word I used that got flagged by the moderation filters, so if it doesn’t show up later just know I didn’t ignore you!

Ian, thanks, dude. I think sometimes there are some keywords that flag some automated moderation filters. I certainly had no issue with your comments and did flag anything. I’ve enjoyed this back-and-forth discussion and am looking forward to having more discussions with you.

Happy new year!

I think it is easy to also forget people’s tendency for recency bias. Discovery only aired its back half of the season (6 episodes) in 2022, and Picard aired relative early in the year as well in March. There’s a reason that movies that want to get Oscars never release early in the year because no matter how good they are, they often get forgotten in favor of recently exciting things. SNW, Lower Decks, and Prodigy have spent more times dominating the conversation in the back half of this year, and with two of those shows meant to generate appeal for broader audiences, it’s no surprise they end up being more talked about.

Thanks for an intelligent assessment on this. When I see some fans using terms like dumpster fire and having all the little silly emoticons to slam discovery, I think it says more about the person posting than any quality issues with the series.

At least they found something nice to say about DIS and PIC. It’s definitely not for being good shows! 😂🙄

I don’t know if you can call Wheaton’s appearance a “stunt.” (Abrams, of course, not that there’s anything wrong with stunt casting per se.) I mean, Wesley *was* a regular on TNG. He’s no more a stunt than, say, Burton or Dorn would be. Well, maybe a bit more, as he wasn’t on for seven years, but not much.

It’s great to see all these shows recognized! It does show the appeal of Star Trek as a franchise still has 56 years later. While it’s not as popular or as huge as the big boys, we’re more like the cool scrappy underdogs of franchises. ;)

And while both the season and Wheaton’s acting could’ve been better, seeing Wesley was a huge highlight for me and hope we see him appear as the traveler again in the future!

Strange New Worlds was the only one to actually make some major entertainment media 2022 top 20 tv series rankings, which is exactly as I would’ve expected. Prodigy and Discovery got mentioned positively in some entertainment trades 2022 tv year in review articles, which is great to see. For Lower Decks, I kind of feel bad for the author of this article because they had to reach well beyond the entertainment trades to computer product web sites to find some 2022 positive comments.

Please stop being such an insufferable human being. People like things, get over it.

Looks like you are new here…welcome!

This. It’s easy to scour very obscure publications for “mentions”; the quality of nominations is a thing, and SNW is the best of the bunch.

I do intend to check out Prodigy once I resubscribe to P+ in the new year. From the reviews, it does sound like it’s transcending its billing as a kids show and is more of a sequel to VOY. (In which case, pity it wasn’t live action.)


You would make for a half-decent political spin doctor. This is exactly how a lot of politicians’ spokespeople talk.

Sure I spin some, but my statement is factually correct — CNET is a computer geek site and and ArsTechnica is a technology industry site, whereas I believe every other site referenced for complementary information of the other Trek series 2022 performance were trade or culture related media sites/news outlets.

I mean who really uses CNET or ArsTechnica to get their TV year in review learning from…”Hey honey, ArsTechnica says Lower Decks was one of the best TV shows in 2022, let’s buy P+.”…lol

Well no, they’d probably be more influenced by its Hugo or Annie nods and this year’s TCA nomination. Likewise, people curious about if Discovery was any good probably would be swayed by the diversity of nominations previous seasons got rather than the one site that got a kick out of Stacey Abrams’ cameo this year.

Well that is a different point that I don’t really disagree with. My main point here is that it seems the author had to web search far and wide between the main media/culture news sites like Vulture, Variety, the LA Times and The Rolling Stone — and finally found something on some computer/tech sites that gave favorable comments on Lower Decks in 2022. That’s my main point — if you have to go to CNET to support your TV show having a great year, well that’s simply not all that convincing to that being covered in Rolling Stone or Variety.

Let me put this in a different way. In terms of the best of TV in 2022, seeing that covered in detail in Variety or Rolling Stone simply has more gravitas to me than reading it as an article next to a Motherboard review in CNET.

One Lion, I’d agree that Ars Technica and CNET aren’t broad based entertainment media critics, but I and others in Trek’s longstanding geeky/techy niche certainly do read them and take their reviews into account.

Which is to say that they are important in reaching the franchise’s longstanding target audience in a new age group but perhaps less evidence on the side of the franchise generally getting more critical respect from the major trades. Let’s face it though, geek culture has gone mainstream in the past two decades so who’s to say that these geek culture reviews don’t inform the core industry perspective.

Yeah, I agree with this.

I still bring up once in awhile just how much TV Guide loved DS9. From season 4 onwards it felt like it was the only major publication trying to keep it in the limelight. During their 30th Anniversary coverage they even declared “The Visitor” to be the best episode of any of the shows. It couldn’t help but feel validating.

I have fond memories of the days when TV Guide was a big deal and we’d get Star Trek covers — and yes, that felt like as Star Trek fans that we were getting public validation of our beloved shows.

By the way, DS9 is my favorite Trek series of all time except for TOS which will always be first for me.

Love Lower Decks, Prodigy and SNW! This is peak Star Trek of the 90s again. Picard and Discovery are still dumpster fire shows.

I’m hoping Picard will at least be better next season at least. I’ve given up on Discovery. It’s just bad!

Discovery is the only show I didn’t fall in love with by its fourth season. But I stay an optimist because I want to enjoy all the shows obviously. It just never got gelled for me and frankly I blame the show runner…all of them. ;)

Picard can still have an amazing third season. Matalas is saying all the right things, but I thought he was saying all the right things in season 2 as well, so I can’t blame anyone for still being skeptical about it. But I want that show to go out with a huge bang for obvious reasons.

Loving the other three shows!

Yeah bro I still want to love Picard. Two of my favorite characters from the entire franchise are on it, Picard and Seven. They are a big reason why I even became a Star Trek fan. But then they bring them back in this dreary mess of a show.

I’m trying very hard to remain positive about season 3. Having the entire TNG cast is what they should’ve done in the first season, but it still could’ve been as awful as it is now. Hopefully they have learned from their mistakes. I wish they got the people from Lower Decks or Prodigy to make that show. They actually understand the era and characters.

Look how amazing Janeway is on Prodigy! That’s how you do justice to a legacy character. We’re probably getting more Voyager characters next season on that show if the new ship will be another Voyager so can’t wait to see what they do. I love it’s turning into a bigger Voyager spin off show. It should get the kids watching it more into that show in the future.

I said enough about Discovery. I never cared that much for the show but I wanted it to be good at least and not the incoherent and melodramatic mess it turned into. Maybe season 5 will be better but I don’t even care. I’m just watching because it has Star Trek in the title at this point.

I didn’t have an issue with Picard not being a direct TNG revival. Honestly I didn’t even care if Picard was in it or not lol. I just wanted to go forward in the timeline again. I was sick of all the prequels and reboots like a lot of fans. So while I was excited to have Picard back, I was more excited it was going to open the door to bring back this era of Trek finally. I didn’t care if we never saw another legacy character again, just PLEASE stop just going backwards and go forwards again. Well they listened lol and why we now have four post-Nemesis shows. And I love SNW (always feel I have to say that as a disclaimer) but it’s nice we have a lot of variety today as I said somewhere above here.

Star Trek should always be going forward IMO, but of course there is nothing wrong with having stories in the past, especially for people who want more TOS based stories. It just shouldn’t be the mandate like I felt it was becoming from 2001 through 2019 that’s all. Eighteens years of it was just too long. And it didn’t help I wasn’t in love with any of those shows or movies although I’ve gotten to love Enterprise at least.

But yeah Picard ended up being a big disappointment. I didn’t like season one by the end but there were definitely big highlights in it like Nepenthe. Season 2 started out as the show I wanted from the beginning but it ended up worse than season 1 lol. So again, I understand if people are still skeptical about season 3. I obviously include myself in that. But the people who got to see season 3 early are praising the season and they hated both seasons like I did. That oddly gives me some comfort lol. Maybe it’s nothing more than just nostalgia of seeing all the TNG characters back. I’ll take anything at this point. ;)

As for Prodigy, I agree it’s just on fire. Like Lower Decks, I didn’t think I would love the show as much as I did. I assumed SNW would at least be decent if they just avoided all of Discovery’s mistake which they did thankfully. But those three shows just feels like classic Star Trek to me. SNW is the closest since Enterprise went off the air but LDS and PRO are doing very different things but still in a way most fans love. But even all three of those shows have their detractors. You don’t see it as much here or Trekcore but it’s there in other places, just not on a level that DIS and PIC has fortunately.

It’s funny out of all the shows, Prodigy is what excites me the most right now. It’s really building on everything about Star Trek I love and doing it in a way that can excite new and old fans. And I also love it’s becoming a bigger Voyager spin off. It doesn’t have to be, I’m just happy to have Janeway, but I do hope we get more legacy Voyager characters on the show. And I think it may get more casual fans to watch it. As I always say, we can pretend like the fanbase will tune in for any show or movie, but there is probably a reason they keep adding more legacy characters to all these shows every season, because it gets more fans to pay for them and CBS knows it. I wouldn’t be shocked if we ultimately get a Voyager reunion on that show like we are getting on Picard next season.

I’m the type of fan who wants all the old characters back! 😂

Give me more Voyager, DS9 and TNG characters and I would happily pay double for Paramount+ as I’m paying now. It’s a big reason why the Lower Decks visit to DS9 is my favorite episode of the year. The only reason I cared about Prodigy was s because Janeway is on it. I became a big fan of the show itself later… but I still want Janeway on it lol.

But I agree, Star Trek should be going forward. I was happy when they moved Discovery out of the 23rd century, but mainly because it just didn’t belong there. I still don’t know what the bleep they were thinking??? Thankfully they came to their senses and moved it. Still bad but the 32nd century definitely suits it better. Season 3 is probably my favorite but it’s a very low bar

But SNW belongs in that period for sure. I never been a big TOS guy but if you’re going to put another show there, then do it right. And they finally did

But for me, if they only made more 24th or 25th century shows I would be happy. I don’t mind more shows in the future or past but that’s the era I love. And we have six shows there today. To only hate one of them is a great record.

But if I only could watch TNG, DS9, VOY, LDS and PRO I wouldn’t complain. Two of those shows stars Janeway so I’m even more set lol. I can just watch these five shows only and die a happy Trekkie. 😎

I’m hoping the Picard spin off show show will be good to add to the list. I don’t really consider myself a hardcore Star Trek fans like others. I will give it all a chance but I don’t even have to like every show. But I don’t want to waste my money on crap either. When I hated Enterprise and thought it was crap but at least it was free. Now I’m paying to watch bad crap like Discovery and that’s a big difference.

But I have to say overall I’m happy with most of the shows today. So it proves I’m not a hater of NuTrek..just a hater of bad NuTrek. SNW, PRO and LDS are great! I have some issues with them but mostly minor.

And I never thought the entire Voyager cast could show up on Prodigy. But you’re right they are doing it with TNG with Picard so nothing really stops them from doing it with Prodigy and Voyager! That would be awesome!!! 👍

Some of the guys from Trekyards think B’Elanna might be in season 2 because she was name checked on one of Janeways ship’s log earlier this season. Maybe not but if you’re going to have another Voyager with her old captain back, it makes sense to bring back it’s engineer too! 😀

See, I’m the type of fan who wants all the old characters back! 😂

Give me more Voyager, DS9 and TNG characters and I would happily pay double for Paramount+ as I’m paying now. It’s a big reason why the Lower Decks visit to DS9 is my favorite episode of the year. The only reason I cared about Prodigy was s because Janeway is on it. I became a big fan of the show itself later… but I still want Janeway on it lol.

But I agree, Star Trek should be going forward. For me Enterprise, JJ verse and Discovery was a period I just generally lost interest in Star Trek. Especially with Enterprise and JJ verse at the time. Discovery peaked my interest because it was the first show in over a decade but still sucked it was another prequel like the others.

I was happy when they moved Discovery out of the 23rd century, but mainly because it just didn’t belong there. I still don’t know what the bleep they were thinking??? Thankfully they came to their senses and moved it. Still bad but the 32nd century definitely suits it better. Season 3 is my favorite season but it’s a very low bar.

But SNW belongs in that period for sure. I never been a big TOS guy but if you’re going to put another show there, then do it right. And they finally did

But for me, if they only made more 24th or 25th century shows I would be happy. I don’t mind more shows in the future or past but that’s the era I love. And we have six shows there today. To only hate one of them is a great record.

But if I only could watch TNG, DS9, VOY, LDS and PRO I wouldn’t complain. Two of those shows stars Janeway so I’m even more set lol. I can just watch these five shows only and die a happy Trekkie. 😎

I’m hoping the Picard spin off show show will be good to add to the list. I don’t really consider myself a hardcore Star Trek fans like others. I will give it all a chance but I don’t even have to like every show. But I don’t want to waste my money on crap either. When I hated Enterprise and thought it was crap but at least it was free. Now I’m paying to watch bad crap like Discovery and that’s a big difference.

But I have to say overall I’m happy with most of the shows today. So it proves I’m not a hater of NuTrek..just a hater of bad NuTrek. SNW, PRO and LDS are great! I have some issues with them but mostly minor.

And I never thought the entire Voyager cast could show up on Prodigy. But you’re right they are doing it with TNG with Picard so nothing really stops them from doing it with Prodigy and Voyager! That would be awesome!!! 👍

Some of the guys from Trekyards think B’Elanna might be in season 2 because she was name checked on one of Janeways ship’s log earlier this season. Maybe not but if you’re going to have another Voyager with her old captain back, it makes sense to bring back it’s engineer too! 😀

Would love if B’Elanna was on Prodigy but I’m open to having anyone back, yes, including your favorite, Neelix lol. I’m actually surprised he didn’t show up in the first season since he’s the only character from Voyager still in the Delta quadrant. And he’s very kid friendly.

I love having all the legacy characters back like everyone. I don’t want to come off like a hypocrite. I think out of all the characters we know is coming back, Sybok is the one I’m most excited about lol. Who knew? But I don’t NEED them to come back either. But if they can find a fun way to incorporate them, sure why not? And it’s super easy in the post-Nemesis shows to bring back whoever they want. And they have a huge pool of actors they can pull from, so even better.

Everyone wants to see all their favorite characters back, that’s just a fact or there wouldn’t have been so much fanfare when it was announced Picard, Pike and Janeway were coming back to lead new shows.

And the point of Prodigy is to introduce new and young fans to legacy characters and hopefully check out the older shows they originated from as they become more familiar with the franchise overall. So it makes sense to have as many legacy characters as they can get on that show, especially being a Voyager sequel show. CBS knows what it’s doing. ;)

I would love to see more of B’Elanna.

Now that Roxann Dawson is à successful director in streaming and movies, I can’t see her coming back in live action, but voice acting is something so much can be worked around other things. How else would Jack Quaid have lead roles in two animated series (LDS & forthcoming My Adventures with Superman) as well as The Boys and a significant role playing Feynman in the forthcoming Oppenheimer film.

Oh yeah I agree with you! I don’t think a lot of these actors are really begging to do Star Trek again (minus Johnathan Frakes lol). Sure, many would certainly do it again but I been listening to a lot of podcasts with many legacy actors and most don’t sound like its something they need to live over, especially the actors who had to wear prosthetics like Dawson did.

That’s why the animated shows work. They don’t have to squeeze into a uniform again or or have to remember how to swing a bat’leth. ;)

It’s a few hours work in a sound booth so it’s probably easy to get anyone they want to come back to do it. And yes it gives them time to do other stuff.

In fact I just heard an episode of the podcast the Delta Flyers where Robbie Duncan McNeill was talking about being on Lower Decks. He liked it a lot but he was also producing two shows at the time and like Dawson a full time director so it sounded like it was easier to just do it around his schedule instead of showing up for a week on a sound stage.

But I think it’s much easier to get a lot of them for the animated shows and probably why it’s not a surprise so many have turned up on LDS and PRO.

I will never understand how Discovery is “bad” but hey to each their own I guess. Playing with nostalgia is always an easier way to gain interest and attention, and SNW, Lower Decks, and Prodigy plays it well.

I’ll be nice and say I think the show is better today than when it started… but that’s not a high bar.

Everyone is not going to love every show. All the shows I love you will find plenty of fans who hates those too. I guess most people adore TNG but some people don’t even like that show. My own best friend hated both DS9 and VOY and thought they should both be cancelled and those are my top shows. 😂 We stayed great friends anyway!

I don’t even want Discovery cancelled… just better.

I agree nostalgia is what keeps fans more interested in a show especially me. It’s probably why LDS and SNW is so popular because they have so many legacy characters showing up.

But then that doesn’t explain Picard which has tons of nostalgia like those shows and I think that is almost as bad as Discovery. And I thought the nostalgia of having Picard, Seven, Q and Riker would make me love it but nope!

None of these shows are perfect but Discovery and Picard are so serialized it’s hard for me to like them when the story turned out bad IMO.

I think the show is better today than when it started

I don’t. It peaked (if you can call it that) in season 2, largely thanks to the legacy characters. I detest having been asked to invest in two seasons of “TOS prequel” only to be told “just joking!”

The 10-C plotline was interesting but overly drawn out.

The entire “middle decks” premise has been underwhelming. Saru is the only truly standout character. Others have had their moments, but the show is vastly less than the sum of its parts.

Bro you’re not ever going to get me to defend Discovery that much since I think the show mostly blows. I just think it’s in a time period that can fit the show better. If the fans didn’t complain how badly they screwed up its canon it probably would’ve stayed in its original time period. It got a reboot instead.

I certainly agree it was great when Pike was on the show. Now he has his own show where no one is crying every other episode. If he stayed on Discovery another season he would’ve been a blubbering mess needing tissues and hugs like the rest of that crew. So consider it a save. I think the ship gives everyone hyper emotions.

Even their sentient computer needs counseling. It’s hilarious man lol. The show is a mess

LOL yeah true!

And season 2 is my favorite season of Discovery as well, but I think putting it in the future was just a better idea and probably where it always should’ve been. Discovery canon issues were so bad, it’s probably why we haven’t seen the Klingons in a live action show for 3 years lol. They have not appeared on any live action shows since season 2. I guess because they want everyone to forget the Orc versions before bringing in the traditional Klingons like Worf back. That’s my only guess but it is odd.

I like Zora as a computer, but she has a few issues herself. ;)

Why are people so afraid of dealing with emotions? The mocking of people showing emotions and dealing with trauma seems so belittling.

Yeah, the emotional component is actually the strength of the Discovery and it sets it apart from other Trek series in a good way.

I don’t get it either. I would surmise though that with a female lead that can be emotional, well, some people who are uncomfortable with that — enter conscious and subconscious bias — will hold that against DSC and the Michael character, and that sort of 20th century misogynistic thinking is unfortunate.

There are several times I have teared up watching Star Trek.

1. In TSFS when Kirk lost his son and you can feel the anguish and sadness when Saavik told him he was dead. I was devastated and I didn’t even like David lol.

2. In Family when Picard broke down after it he let his feelings out what the Borg did to him and all the people who died over it.

3. In Pathfinder when Voyager makes contact with Starfleet for the first time after being alone for six seasons and Janeway is telling Admiral Paris to keep a docking bay open for them, bro I was just gutted. You can hear the strain in Janeway’s voice just trying to keep it together. My girlfriend at the time literally cried over it at the time because she loved that crew so much and it was both cathartic but heartbreaking at the same time.

4. In Emissary when Sisko breaks down seeing his wife dead with the Prophets and he starts crying…man, it’s gut wrenching. “It’s not linear?” ‘No… it’s not linear.’

Please don’t mistake what I’m saying here. One of the reasons I love Star Trek because it IS emotional. It can break you in ways you don’t even even expect. When you see these stoic officers become vulnerable and human are some of the best scenes that live with you as a fan. But that’s also the point, it hits you because it IS rare. It is at their most vulnerable.

And there are so many moments like this. These are just the biggest for me. I can you a dozen more examples easily.

And then we have Discovery. 🙄

When Burnham starts tearing up over every little thing at the drop of a hat you want to start crying for a different reason.. People are constantly crying and sharing their feelings at some of the most bizarre times in that show to the point it feels like a farce. It’s rarely earned, it just feels so manipulative and forced, like a melodrama because that’s what it is a lot of times.

It’s so bad someone made a video on YouTube of all the times Burnham started crying in season 2 alone. Burnham has teared or cried in one season than al the previous captains combined. If Kirk or Janeway cried multiple times every season people would start questioning if they could handle the job.

I’m not saying there aren’t times it doesn’t feel earned. There are 2 or 3 moments it’s worked. I still think the best one was in season 2 when that cyborg woman was sucked out of the Star base ( can’t remember her name sorry) and the anguish SMG displayed is still one of her best acting moments on the show. That was heartfelt.

But when you’re constantly crying because you got into a fight with someone it loses all tension after awhile and yes feels like a joke.

Usually I’m joking around when I put Discovery down because I think it’s an awful show, but I do think about this stuff seriously. You can still disagree though.

But I think Discovery has turned into the Lifetime movie version of Star Trek and one of the reasons I think it’s so bad.

100% nailed it!

No one is getting on Discovery’s case because characters or women cry on it. They get on its case because they have turned it into complete melodrama like you’re watching a soap opera. People have cried on Lower Decks, Picard, etc, but it’s not every $%#@ week and by the same characters over and over again.

The point being made is less is more. Seriously.


Oh and the Cyborg character’s name was Airiam. And I completely agree with you, how Burnham reacted when she killed herself was one of the best moments in the second season. So it has nothing to do with Burnham showing emotion, the problem is you lose that impact when she’s doing it every 2-3 episodes.

That was definitely a solid moment and at the time I thought the show was actually getting good before that rug was pulled out from under me.

But there are just too many cringe moments of Burnham letting out the waterworks for every little thing.

Still one of the cringiest is when she is saying goodbye to MU Georgiou in front of the Guardian of Forever. This woman is tearing up and blubbering over this genocidal manic who would probably eat everyone on that ship if she could.

She’s waxing philosophically how much she impacted her life in the few months she’s known her trying to keep the tears away. And all I could think was just get in the god damn portal already Adolf and if there is a God Carl is sending your ass to either the Borg, Klingons or something. No one else is crying over this sick murderer.

Just so many ridiculous moments in this whacky show.🙄

BTW I love Carl. That dude seems totally chill! I wish he would come back! They can do a side story of the Guardian of Forever evading Temporal Agents during the Temporal Wars. Maybe he runs into Khan during the Eugenics war or Daniels in the the 31st century. Or maybe he’s working with the Wormhole aliens on a secret mission? I would be totally nto that! 🙂

Somebody make that show!

LOL man, you’re hilarious!

For the record I didn’t have an issue with Burnham showing sadness for Gerogiou leaving. They did create a small bond by that point and she did see that Gerogiou was TRYING to change at least, so I get it.

But I agree, you can still show some emotion or affection without her literally crying all the damn time. Every show we seen cast members leave and even several of them dying. And even in those times you had less people passing tissues out like it’s done on Discovery for characters both fans and other characters actually cared about and knew a lot longer.

Ok, she’s going to miss Space Hitler, I’m certainly not, but understandable for her. But to be crying over someone she barely knows (I’m guessing maybe a year at this point?) and to pretend she had such an impact on her life was once again felt a little too much. This woman wasn’t even part of the crew until she went with them to the 32nd century and only annoyed and clashed with EVERYONE on the ship when she was there. But she did care about Burnham, I think they got that across in her own way, so whatever.

I cried too when she was gone, but for a different reason. ;D

Yes Picard has nostalgia with many legacy characters, but it’s different from the other shows in that it is using those legacy characters to challenge the nostalgia, it is doing things that fans either don’t expect or didn’t ask for or don’t agree with. LDS and SNW (and PRO) plays with nostalgia that either fans wanted or asked for, it’s typically a much smoother ship sailing when you give people what they asked for and it’s much harder to convince people to like what they don’t expect. Many folks thought Picard would be more akin to a TNG continuation or reunion, and when it wasn’t, when characters were in unexpected places and made different choices than fans were expecting or wanting, it would obviously create friction with fans, especially fans who’ve spent decades forming their own headcanons of what happened to these characters.

Hence why I said that LDS and SNW and PRO plays with nostalgia well. These shows play it very safe in giving people the nostalgia they are asking for instead of challenging or questioning it or doing something new/unexpected.

Can’t argue with too much of that fam!

But end of the day, Trekkies will watch anything as long as the stories and characters are interesting.

And remember all these old characters were once new characters themselves and people still fell in love with them because of what I just said above. And I was never a big TOS guy. Like Spock but he wasn’t my favorite. Most of TOS for me felt too outdated so I never became attached to those characters like old TOS Trekkies. I still haven’t watched all the episodes and I been a fan for over 20 years now. Just doesn’t really appeal to me like the other shows.

But I still love SNW but not because of ‘nostalgia’ like other people here. It’s just a good show with strong stories. It can work both ways.

Oh ..and no one is crying every week on that one either. 👍

Well, let’s not forget how much nostalgia Discovery used at first. Kudos to them for making bold creative decisions to differentiate the show in all sorts of ways under Michelle Paradise, but seasons 1 and 2 were steeped in legacy characters and hark backs.

Great point! The irony today is Discovery does have the least nostalgia bait compared to all the other shows, but it was the one that started by making the main character a sibling to probably the most iconic character in the franchise. Mariner is friends with Riker on Lower Decks, but no one made them cousins either. ;)

I’m betting a big reason Discovery took place when it did originally was so they could work that relationship into the show, which we obviously got in a big way in season 2. And season 2 of Discovery seems to be it’s most popular due to Spock and Pike being there. It’s still my favorite season and I can honestly say it’s due to other elements I thought it did well in, not just those characters. But every time I talk about Discovery on Reddit, most people seem to just talk mostly about season 2 and having Pike and Spock on the show as a big reason why they liked it. So not a shock why we have SNW today.

To be fair, Discovery was also making bold creative decisions to differentiate even in season 1 and 2, I would think that (whether folks liked it or not), the decision to make the Klingons different than what folks are used to is pretty bold, and the decision to give Spock another sibling is also pretty bold (given how Sybok was received). Also, aside from Spock, their usage of legacy characters were often the ones who really had no characterizations at all. I mean, characters like Pike really had very little to go on, so you could argue they might as well just be new characters but only with names we fans recognized. I mean, the Pike we know from TOS/The Cage is frankly night and day from Anson Mount’s Pike.

Not only all that, but Discovery was spun off into Strange New Worlds, so that’s a huge accomplishment that no other current Kurtzman series has accomplished.

And it’s weird how so few fans given Discovery credit for birthing SNW? Can’t we all at least give Discovery kudos for this accomplishment, not to mention it’s huge trophy case of 10 freaking Emmy Nominations with two wins?

Bold doesn’t always equals ‘better’ however. I thought a lot of these were just bad decisions. And apparently so did the show since they have basically left the Orc Klingons behind and gone back to the ones in the Berman era as LDS, PRO and now Picard is showing. But maybe they will pop up again somewhere. It will be interesting if SNW uses them or just stick with the traditional Klingons like the other shows have.

I agree with you about Pike though. I like Mount’s version of Pike a lot, but yeah he could’ve been a totally different character from the start and you would’ve guessed he was suppose to be Pike.

Look there a ton of reasons why Discovery is not more popular. I been here since day one. I have posted in probably every episode thus far and have seen all the complaints, many I made myself over and over again. And none of this is black or white. Like every show in the franchise, I have outright loved individual episodes. There has been plenty to like about the show at times, but in the end I felt bitterly disappointed after every season. It doesn’t mean I think every season was bad, but none has lived up to great either. And as the other poster pointed out, the biggest issue for both Discovery and Picard is that they are so serialized and the people writing them are just not great at making serialized stories. Certainly not when compared to the people who wrote ENT and definitely DS9 IMO.

Another reason LDS and SNW is so popular because they went back to the tried and true of classic Trek and made it all episodic again. To me that’s a HUGE reason why SNW is so popular, people just want comfort food, a fun and engaging story for 45 minutes and then you move on to something new the next week. For me, LDS and SNW share a lot in common, they are more silly and fun than ultra serious and brooding LIKE you get on DIS. Obviously LDS is a comedy so you expect it. But SNW has done some pretty goofy episodes in its first season as well, a big reason I loved it. Every Star Trek show does goofy episodes. Sometime it works, other times not so much lol. But it’s FUN!!!

Fans don’t need every Trek show to be super serious and trying to save the galaxy every season. That’s why LDS and SNW works IMO, because their stories are smaller, character driven, light hearted and actually exploring again. DIS just came off so dark and brooding. They went to ONE new planet in its first season. ONE! For fans like me who LOVES exploration, yeah, not great.

The show is different today but the serialized format just really holds it back IMO. Take season 4. No one talks about any individual episodes in that season and there were some decent ones, definitely in the first half. But for a lot of fans it just sort of all melds together. No episode seem to have stood out at all from what I can tell. Again not ALL bad, but just kind of meh. But if we’re talking about TNG, DS9, ENT fourth season shows, tons that fans can talk about individual episodes, which ones they loved, the best character driven stories, etc. But Discovery, no one TALKS about any of the episodes. Yes when they came out, sure, but it’s all kind of one big ‘meh’ blur once the season ended. And it’s frustrating because season 4 of Discovery was probably the most ‘Trek-y’ season in modern Star Trek. It did some really creative things, but people were soooo bored, they just stopped caring. Every time it’s discussed, it’s a long list of complaints how nothing happened, too much wheel spinning every episode, MORE melodrama, Book’s plotline came off ridiculous and on and on.

Season 4 of Discovery should’ve stood out the way season 4 of Enterprise stood out, but it didn’t. It did have a better finale though lol.

I’m really hoping season 5 it does what Enterprise did in its fourth season and break up the stories a bit and can just tell different stories. That’s also the biggest difference with shows like DIS and PIC versus SNW, PRO and LDS, there is no real diversity in its story telling. Once those seasons start, they basically stay in the same direction where the other shows they really change things up episode to episode.

Everything this guy just said! 👍

Funnily enough, some of your comments about why you have issues with Discovery (and Picard) is also the same issues that I have with TNG. LOL for the most part I did not enjoy TNG, definitely not in the way others seem to have. Some nice individual episodes but overall the show is pretty mid for me. I was mostly bored from nothing really happening, little consequences that didn’t immediately get reversed, the mostly stagnant character growth (one episode of Troi on Picard honestly gave her more depth than 7 seasons of her own show) and so forth.

And yes, episodic shows are easier to take in, they are like you said, comfort food, and people like comfort and familiarity. It’s why some of the most watched shows are still episodic procedurals like CSI or NCIS or Law and Order, regardless of their quality. LDS and SNW (and PRO as well since it’s a more kids focused show) taps into that along with the nostalgia so they are more appealing. And the fact that Star Trek in pretty much 50 some years have not really changed its episodic TV formula means that the more episodic things are, the more “Star Trek” it often feels.

But then again, I’ve always wanted Star Trek shows that are different from what most fans want so it’s not a shock to me that I enjoy Discovery more than the others. It just works for what I’m looking for. I like it when shows go against the grain and formula. And maybe that’s to its detriment when it comes to certain kind of fan acceptance but I still love it beacuse I don’t end up feeling bored that I’m just watching the same thing happening just on another ship with another crew. (Though SNW is my dream show because I wanted a Pike show since I was a kid.)

And look, you’re not wrong, not every Trek show needs to be serious and galaxy ending threat, but I think that’s why not every Trek show is, the power of having variety now in so many Trek shows is that we can have serious shows and light-hearted shows. That’s what makes it fun, I believe.

And dude that’s totally fine! :)

There are 11 shows and 13 films totaling 800+ hours of Star Trek, we’re not going to love it all. That’s just reality because we’re human and we all still have different taste in stuff even if we all love the entity itself, in this case Star Trek.

But you asked why people don’t like Discovery, right? And on top of that you said you didn’t understand why people don’t like it. Those are (some) of the reasons, just like your reasons for not liking TNG.

All that matters is that you love it! I LOVE Voyager at a time a lot of the fanbase hated it. I understood all their issues with the show. They were VALID issues. I still loved it and I even more to this day. I can’t think of a single time in 25 years I got on anyone’s case for not liking or complaining about it? We would have discussions, disagree, etc, but it was OK to hate the show because it’s a fucking TV show! I don’t take anything that seriously. I love Star Trek, but it’s nothing to get upset about. They are not trying to make you angry or sad, they are just telling you why they are disappointed in a TV show. And I still got to watch it weekly for seven seasons, that’s ALL I cared about lol.

Everything else is just noise, right?

What I don’t understand and (this is not aimed at you), is why people are offended when others don’t like a show lol. Its the most bizarre thing to me, since they themselves don’t like a certain show. That’s just how it works. If you can’t accept that, that’s not our problem, especially when you constantly tell others you not only don’t like a show, you want said show to not be canon.

OK, I’m ranting lol. But glad we understand each other Boo! And I’m hoping I will like Discovery more in season 5, but at this point I’m just apathetic to the show unfortunately. Still, fingers crossed.

Yeah, to each their own. Got a few dudes here who have posted literally the same negative stuff on DSC for four years and counting now covering hundreds if not thousands of posts…got to give them their props for being consistent and prolific. But yeah, it’s hard to understand. IDIC though, it is what it is.

And Discovery in general is a hugely popular show that has grown the franchise, even though it’s not as popular with the subset of core fans that hang on Trek fan web sites — those are most Berman era fans who in many cases think good Star Trek involves recycling characters/actors and storylines from 30 years ago.

This is why I wish there was an ignore button. Dude, if you’re going to ‘ignore’ my posts but then try to slip in insults about me because you don’t like their opinions, then you’re not truly ignoring them, are you? Then STOP reading my posts if you can’t handle people having differences of opinions here, my god you’re so annoying. No one is attacking anyone, we’re just having CONVERSATIONS but per usual, you’re the only one here who has their panties in a bunch because people don’t like your little favorite show so you have to take digs at them. GET OVER IT!!. You’re the only one here who can’t seem to just make your points without attacking others over it.

Believe me when I say I try VERY hard not to read anything you say here,

Sorry, I am not responding to you, and have no intention to ever do so again.

Again attacking people underhand as you have done here countless posts is not ignoring people. So are you saying you weren’t referring to me as the guy who makes hundreds of posts ‘attacking’ the show when you have said this countless times to me in the past?

Dude I don’t know what to tell you? If you can’t handle difference of opinion, then you shouldn’t be on a message board. No one has attacked you for not like Lower Decks because no one cares. Follow the lead, accept people have differences of opinions on a TV SHOW and don’t everything so personally by attacking people over it.

I am not playing your game. Bye..

Stop ATTACKING people! You are being a 70 year old baby. Get over yourself! Stop reading my posts if you are so upset about it. And dragging in another poster just to attack others is eye rolling and very obvious what you’re doing. And now YOU want to feel offended? My god.

As you know, I do not want to converse with you. Please respect this. Thank you.

I believe I told you that first genius several months ago lol. And I don’t make a dozen different sock puppets here to have conversations with someone who ignored your LAST sock puppet accounts like you’ve done with me over the years. Just STOP attacking me in your bitter posts and you’ll never hear from me again. And you OBVIOUSLY know I stick to that rule. ;)

You don’t even have to respond. Happy New Year!

Jesus, I wish there was a block feature. Please, move on. I will not respond to this. Again, can you please respect that I do not wish to converse with you here.

You say you don’t want to respond or converse, but you keep replying. Just need to have the last word or what? And a lot of people don’t like Discovery, for their own reasons. People will disagree with you. Stop arguing with them trying to hammer-in your point as if they’re wrong. I personally truly despise Discovery. It’s my personal opinion, and it’s nobody’s place to tell me I shouldn’t. Just like it’s nobody’s place to tell you you’re wrong to like it. It’s not about being right or wrong. We like or dislike what we do, deal with it. It’s clear that there are a lot of detractors of DISC, but there are many more people who love the show. So stop with your frustrated posts trying to explain your position. We get it.

And there’s no reason for this wanting to block anyone here just because they don’t agree with you. What, you can’t handle a debate? I mean, sometimes I’ll disagree with you (surprise) but more times I’ll agree. Sometimes I think you’re annoying as hell, but most times I don’t and enjoy reading your posts. And I’m sure you find me annoying too… the point is nobody here knows who the hell we’re talking to. Give people the benefit of the doubt and practice what you preach… I mean IDIC, that you’ve mentioned often enough.

Happy New Year!

A couple things here. First I did not reply to any of the actual comments this person was making. My very short replies were meant to remind this person that we agreed not to talk to each other again on this site.

Secondly, we had previously agreed some weeks back not to engage each other on this site anymore. I have been holding up my end of the agreement but this dude apparently can’t control himself. The funny thing was it was his idea and I agreed to it given he got so emotionally upset with me over a two day period a couple of months back. I agreed because he was getting uncomfortably emotional; it was not that I could not handle the debate.

But you’re right, I retract my comment about wanting to block him. That was more about how that would be convenient for the situation given he can’t follow through with his own commitment to what we agreed on.

Also I enjoy our debates on Discovery and respect you. You and I can both be hardheaded and double down sometimes, but the end of the day we can remain friendly and move onto the next discussion.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friend!

Silvereyes, SEE! (re: his massive spin-zone essay on me with his overly emotional response, and his unhinged,false claim concerning imaginary attacks I’m supposedly making on him when he knows I haven’t engaged with him in 2 months) what I am trying to avoid here going forward?

This is why I’m doubling down on not engaging him directly no matter how much baiting he tries. It’s a waste of time and I’m done with it.

Well, as far as being overly emotional, I think you and I and plenty of other posters here are guilty of that. That’s because we’re passionate about this thing we love, Star Trek.

No one here can draw conclusions on the intent of other posters since we don’t know each other, so misinterpreting posts is a dangerously easy thing to do.

I find that agreeing to disagree with other posters instead of shying away from discussions is more fulfilling that keeping away from potentially interesting conversations.

But I didn’t read the posts between you and Tiger2 and this is not my business anyway. Far from me to tell either of you what to do, I was just initially reacting to your repeatedly saying you won’t respond but you kept responding (doesn’t matter that you weren’t responding to his actual posts, you were still responding) and I found that amusing… All I can say is that both you and Tiger2 have interesting things to say and I seriously doubt either of you is purposefully attacking the other.

Just giving my two cents worth.

Ok so who’s winning the Super Bowl?

Thanks, man. You are right — starting immediately, I am not even going to acknowledge posts where he addresses me with ANY response whatsoever.

OK, there is really no reason for us to say any more on this.

I’ll take KC as likely, and 49ers as a dark horse. I think the Eagles will slip up. The Chargers are my team — I can always hope. :-)

KC is a safe bet, but 49ers are on a mission…

It’s nothing wrong if people want to defend something they like or hate. We’re all fans, of course we are going to be passionate about the franchise overall and yes butt heads with people. I do it all the time lol.

But at some point, you also have to just face reality and have a thicker skin. And I asked him to ignore me first a month ago, not the other way around. And it’s not the first time I have asked him to ignore me and he obviously knows it. Not because I think he’s a bad person or even that we disagree. I disagree with plenty of people, I have never asked them to ignore me.

The problem with people like One Lion is he wants to be argumentative over everything. He wants to be proven right and I have told him in the past, it’s just tiring having a discussion with someone like this who constantly spins things in their favor just to prove they are right. And what’s really tiring is he wants to spin the stuff he likes in a positive way but then spin stuff he doesn’t in a negative way, literally as he’s doing all over this board.

He’s fighting and attacking people over Discovery because he can’t just face the reality a lot of people don’t like Discovery! It doesn’t mean everyone, it doesn’t even mean most, but clearly the show is very divisive and many fans are still put off by it. That’s just the truth. Discovery is going into it’s fifth season and frankly I don’t think it’s anymore popular today than it was in its first season. It could be even worse at this point. I don’t know, but yeah, looking around the internet ANYWHERE fans are still highly put off by it. Look at this very board lol. And the irony is I would say 99% of the back and forth I have with this guy is over this one show and I’m sick of it.

Lastly, the ONLY reason I responded to him because of his low key attack of me. Again, this is not the first time. He’s done it MANY times in the past, but I responded this time because it shouldn’t be allowed. No one is attacking him for his opinions. No one. But he is so thin skinned, he is offended people are saying negative things about the show he likes. A. He’s on Trekmovie, people are honest about EVERY show and film here. And B. He’s on Trekmovie, he knows people’s general opinion of Discovery is more negative than positive. If you can’t handle that five years on now, you shouldn’t be here!

If no one is attacking you for liking or NOT liking something, then you have to just respect people’s opinions, even if we say them a hundred times. This guy say things hundreds of times as well obviously. And it obviously drives him nuts people really like Lower Decks lol. It’s so bizarre but no one cares he doesn’t like the show. It’s fine. But you just have to accept that reality others feel differently than you about it and why for the THIRD time, I decided to stop engaging with him. It’s just frustrating having conversations with people like this. It’s like talking to my 70 year old uncle. It really is.

I don’t disagree with you, all I can say is people have their quirks. That’s the way he is. But this is a chat board, how do we know how anyone really is in person? This is what I was just writing him; no one here really knows the true intent behind a poster’s words, because we don’t know the context of who that person is.

I read the comments mostly because I find people’s differing reactions fascinating… So if my friend One Lion or anyone else says something obnoxious, I may call them out on it (I’m a bit reactionary sometimes…) but mostly I’ll just accept that this is the way this person thinks… IDIC right?

It’s true some are more sensitive than others and they have their own reasons for that, so sometimes it can get ugly, but I rather take the high road and continue the discussion than rob myself of interesting conversations. There are exceptions as always. If the poster is purposefully insulting then the gloves come off… but this has never been the case with One Lion, at least not with me.

But this is only my opinion. My wife is the psychologist. I just pretend.

Happy New Year Tiger2!

And that’s completely fine. As I SAID, I only called him out because he tried to attack me above and in such a way that he always does. And again, he has done this for years. Many times when I had IGNORED him, he would do this pathetic low key attack where he constantly calls me out, NEVER says my name but clearly talking to me because he was so desperate to get a response out of me…and it was pathetic. I ignored them all. He’s done this dozens of times and not just to me, but to others. Not because they said anything about him or his opinions…because he doesn’t like their opinions and why I don’t like talking to people like this. If you’re going to be this insecure over entertainment, you shouldn’t be on a message board.

And then what’s eye rolling, he’s telling me not to respond to him. Uh, moron, if you didn’t try to attack me, then you know I wouldn’t respond to you!

I only called him out because of this. I don’t care about his opinions, that’s the irony, he’s constantly upset when people say opinions he doesn’t like, hence him attacking me and uses his usual passive aggressive insults people over it. I just literally read a post where he basically called someone misogynistic. He didn’t respond to the poster directly, he just did it in his usual underhanded cowardly way of piggy backing on someone’s else’s replay to call them that.

I tried, I really really tried. He KNOWS I did. And the only reason I started ignoring him this time was because the guy tried to argue with me over some innocuous posts about how the shows or movies were rated on IMDB. He disagreed, FINE, but the guy was berating me about it over multiple posts and going on some BS how it’s not ‘accurate’ which wasn’t even the point. But then I went and quoted him using the SAME RATING system he used on another thread a year ago telling them it is INDEED accurate lol.

And you want to know why? Because when he quoted it, he was making the point that Lower Decks was not a very popular show at the time because the show had lower ratings in its first season. But then when I used the SAME site, he wanted to argue about it, because not only did Lower Decks become MUCH more popular by it’s third season, his precious show Discovery lost points from two seasons ago lol. I didn’t even realize that at the time and why he was so bitter over it.

In other words, the ratings were no longer in his favor, so he wanted to argue about it and spin that they shouldn’t be counted, when that wasn’t even my point of posting them. But when they WERE in his favor, then he argued that they counted.


And THAT’S when I had enough of his BS. He’s not a bad guy, I understand people are passionate about their TV shows and movies. But when you’re being a disingenuous hypocrite and getting on MY case about it, uh go to hell please! I just really really really wish there was an ignore button so I wouldn’t have to read his BS, that’s all. And I doubt I’m alone in that. ;)

Anyway if he doesn’t attack me, he will never hear from me again. And this guy knows this, he’s the one that has used multiple sock puppets to try and have conversations with me every time I asked him to ignore me…not the other way around lol. Nothing goes away on these boards, which is why I ignored him again lol. So if wants to pretend he decide to ignored me first, it takes 30 seconds to show that’s complete and utter BS…and he knows it.

Nothing I said here was untruthful or exaggerated. N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

He knows that too.

Keep me out of his posts, period! He will never hear a peep from me again. That’s why you ignore people, right? And this is the last time I’ll mention it now that I got it out of my system lol.

And happy New Years to you too Silvereyes!

Boom, epic bro! 👍

This is why I usually just post on sites with ignore buttons. Message boards can be too toxic at times. I’ll leave it at that.

You should consider posting on Trekcore too. You don’t have to worry about these issues because it has great blocking system there. 😎

Oh..and thanks!

I do lurk there from time to time. And I think I told you I was a member for awhile but someone hacked into my Disqus account and I closed it and just never got another one. I’m on too many Trek sites as it is lol.

And I’m a big boy. I don’t think anyone here is evil. Maybe one day we’ll try again lol when everyone has cooled down. But for my OWN sanity and mental health ATM , it’s just best to talk with people you can gel with, even if we disagree. I don’t come here to fight with people and sadly that’s what I’m doing. I hate it and I’m also part of the problem. I recognize that too and why it’s time to stop discussing it.

And I want to apologize to this board YET again for turning it into a mess. This is probably the 100th time in my 13 years here, I’m shocked I haven’t been banned yet lol.

Anyway, maybe will get another account there again at some point. I do notice a few people I love talking to here also posts over there like Amari. I love that guy, mostly because he agrees with nearly everything I say lol.

And you’re welcome!

That’s right you mentioned that before. You have to deal with all kinds on the internet unfortunately, but you’re a cool dude! 👍

I know Amari too. We always talk on TC. Another great dude. He only agrees with me half the time though. 😁

Love talking to you bro!

Well said, Silvereyes. Thanks!

SNW was the only new show that I have absolutely enjoyed, UNTIL, I decided to give Prodigy a watch. That show is really good as well. It sucked me in from the first episode and then absolutely made me choke up with emotion on the last episode. The writing is really good and even though it is created for a much younger audience, I think it could have worked well as a live action series too.

I haven’t seen Lower Decks, so I have no opinion about that show, but agree with the minor mentions of Discovery and Picard. I’m excited for the last season of Picard and hope it is as great as it has been teased as being. Discovery though, really needs to try harder at being an ensemble show to make it more interesting, in my opinion.

I can see Strange New Worlds, Lower Decks, and Prodigy being the ones to carry the Trek franchise banner.

LOVE Discovery and SNW! Took me three times to get into Picard. Finished season one and expect to like season two more. Didn’t watch past the first episode of Prodigy, and only part of Lower Decks. Might come back to Prodigy at some point.

I would say give Prodigy more episodes at least. It does get a lot better fast! Some people are put off by it being a ‘kids show’ so it may not win you over in the end, but I would watch more of it first.

Does anybody remember Rick Sternbach tweeting in 2020 that it felt like 1994 all over again? Cuz it still does.

Happy New Year! Peace and long life.

Even though Prodigy is my #1 modern Star Trek show, I’m looking foward to the final season of Picard.

I think Picard could of been so much more and I think (unlike maybe discovery) the reason people keep coming back to Picard is the continued hope it can reach some of the levels of tng. One more season left, hope they deliver.

Also good to see the critics think like the fans..maybe showrunners will take note

I have a complex relationship with Discovery, although I enjoyed season 1 and 2 for the most part, season 3 wasn’t grabbing me. And season 4 I couldn’t finish.

Picard I really wanted to like but after two odd seasons of storytelling I just gave up a little toward the last season.

To me something missing that made the 90’s and early 2000’s Star Trek memorable.

While I would say that some of the new shows are very good I wouldn’t say they are outstanding. Some mistakes like the all-you-imagine-tool in Picard, some very cruel non-trek episodes in Picard and Lower Decks and some (many) really silly plots in Discovery are not forgotten. The writing is just not good enough.
Nevertheless I would praise Kurtzman for going all in, keeping the content coming, boldy trying everything promising and listening to the fans – with this formula it is only a matter of time and distillation until it gets good.

For someone who has watched Trek since the late 1970s, the modern incarnations are not that impressive to me. Trek had its heyday in the 1990s. What we have now is a pale shadow of Trek. Continuity, always a problem once Trek expanded beyond one show, is basically gone. They are now just remaking episodes of previous Trek. The characters have become mostly dysfunctional and disrespectful to superiors. Getting recognized by so called critics is not something to brag about. They seem to focus on casting stunts and politics over story quality. DISCO and PICARD have been awful shows. SNW, LD, & Prodigy are OK, but not much to write home about. We have been burned so much that praise is heaped on any show that is a little better than DISCO or PICARD.

As someone who has also been a fan since the late 70s, I have a more positive feeling over the new shows, but I do agree with some of your points. But I also think we can all agree Star Trek has always been a divisive franchise within its base. We all love it, but it’s a franchise with highly passionate and opinionated fans. People have been up and down on this franchise since the third season of TOS when it was awfully bad and it’s been that way ever since.

I have loved more Star Trek than I hated. I can say that with certainty and yes that includes everything today. I do think the modern shows are more divisive today for sure, but it’s no different than it was when the second era of Star Trek started with TNG and on. People had problem with not just that show, but every show after that. There was a huge divide and debate over DS9, VOY and ENT. DS9 did become more popular in time but VOY and ENT were hated by a lot of fans. Maybe not as much as Picard and Discovery is right now, that’s hard to say especially since the internet was not as prominent like today, but yeah I remember how much scorn those shows got by certain fans, even years AFTER they were off the air.

That’s why I don’t really think it’s some big deal fans have problems with these new shows because fans had problems with all the old shows too lol. But like everything in life, once enough time passes, people can look at something differently. And I think Star Trek has aged very well in general because now more people seem to generally like all the old shows today vs hating them. DS9 has now become a fan darling in the fanbase. Again, it’s funny because DS9 was considered the red headed step child of the franchise for a long time. Sure people didn’t like Voyager, but at least that show was ‘real’ Star Trek, DS9 was just something almost foreign to a lot of fans at the time. Today the show is adored. It’s usually the second or third highest rated show pretty much anywhere online.

So I try to have a perspective on all of this stuff. And I don’t like Picard or Discovery that much either and they are my least favorite shows in the franchise, Picard currently my least favorite.That seems to be the consensus everywhere at the moment. But guess what, at one time DS9 was my least favorite show as well. Today, it’s my most favorite. That’s what I remind myself. I had stopped watching Enterprise completely. Today I watch that show more than others and I like it more than every new show minus Prodigy at the moment.

Maybe in time I will feel differently about some of the shows I don’t like today. And maybe you will too in time. To me, it’s really just history repeating itself. I think the people who don’t like the new shows have valid reasons NOT to like them. But it doesn’t mean that will last forever as shown either. We have to give it time and see where it all plays out in the end!

What politics have these shows focused on? I am very confused by this, given how these modern shows are actually far less political than the older shows. Also, how many times have Trek captains defied some higher ranked Admirals over the decades in the older shows? That seemed to be okay.

Truly amazing considering the quality of the writing.