Star Trek In 2023: What We’re Most Looking Forward To

After reflecting back on the year that was, we’re going to look ahead to the next one. There is a lot to look forward to in the world of Star Trek in 2023. Sometimes we know exactly when they’re coming, sometimes we don’t so we’re guessing, but we remain, in true Star Trek form, optimistic about what’s to come.

In no particular order, here’s what the TrekMovie team is most excited about…

Next Gen cast returning for Picard season 3 (February)

After two mixed-bag seasons, Star Trek: Picard is getting revived for a third and final season under new management with showrunner Terry Matalas reengineering the show to give fans the “proper sendoff” for the TNG crew that Star Trek: Nemesis didn’t. But star Sir Patrick Stewart cautions us not to call it a “reunion,” as his former crew are fully integrated into the story, which promises some dramatic tension. Hyped as a cinematic and emotional season, it’s worth being cautiously optimistic the third time is going to be the charm.

Carol Kane on Strange New Worlds season 2 (May?)

It’s doubtful that anyone had this on their predictions list: Academy Award nominee Carol Kane will be appearing on SNW in a recurring role to play Pelia, a new engineer on the Enterprise (filling the sad gap left by Hemmer’s death in season 1). Kane is an actress who shines onscreen no matter who she’s playing and always brings something special to the table—check out Taxi, The Princess Bride, Dog Day Afternoon, Scrooged, Annie Hall, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, just for starters.

The Strange New Worlds / Lower Decks crossover

Another big highlight for the second season of SNW will be the first major crossover of the new era of Star Trek shows. Lower Decks stars Jack Quaid and Tawny Newsome broke the news when they crashed the Strange New Worlds panel at San Diego Comic-Con revealing they will appear in live action as Boimler and Mariner on board the USS Enterprise (and Pike will get animated too). To make it even better, the episode was directed by none other than Jonathan Frakes. Counting the days!

Jack Quaid and Tawny Newsome crash the Strange New Worlds panel at San Diego Comic-Con

T’Lyn on Lower Decks season 4 (August?)

Season 3 of Lower Decks delivered the fun news that T’Lyn (voiced by Gabrielle Ruiz and first seen in season 2’s excellent “wej Duj”) has joined the Cerritos crew to be part of the senior science offer training program alongside a very enthusiastic Ensign Tendi. Viewed as “unstable” by her Vulcan crewmates aboard the Sh’vhal, she’s likely to get the opposite reputation on the Cerritos. Showrunner Mike McMahan said he couldn’t wait to write it, and we can’t wait to watch.

Tendi and T'Lyn in the Star Trek: Lower Decks season 3 finale

More legacy characters in Prodigy season 2 (October?)

The first season of Star Trek: Prodigy just wrapped up, with big events setting up a whole new dynamic for season 2, focused on the search for Chakotay on board Admiral Janeway’s new ship. Now that the show has moved back into the Federation, season 2 looks like it will have even more canon connections; the producers have told us we can expect “some really wild, fun, legendary characters coming back.” Looks like Janeway may have some familiar help guiding the young “warrant officers in training” in season 2.

A new fun tone for Discovery season 5 (November?)

Assuming Paramount+ can at least get it started sometime in 2023, Star Trek: Discovery looks to be pivoting again for its fifth season. Letting go of the galaxy-ending stakes that have been a hallmark of the previous four seasons, the new one promises a “tonal shift,” moving away from all that heaviness for “more of an action-adventure sort of season” focused on a big mystery that is a bit of a quest or treasure hunt… think Indiana Jones in space.

Nerf Phasers (December)

One of the fun surprise announcements of 2022 was from Hasbro, who are planning on releasing their first-ever Nerf product for Star Trek in 2023. The limited edition release actually includes two TNG-era Nerf phasers: The Star Trek Starfleet Type 3 Phaser Motorized Blaster with Lights & Sounds and the Starfleet Type 2 Phaser. Like with the first wave of new Playmates roleplay toys, it’s great to have Star Trek stuff you can play with again.

Star Trek: Resurgence (April)

Originally expecting a 2022 release, we are still excited about this upcoming narrative adventure game set in the post-Nemesis era. Coming to PC and Console, Resurgence will be a story-based game designed to be accessible to a wide audience. A preview at Comic-Con 2022 was impressive and the new IDW prequel comic tie-in is setting the stage and introducing the characters.   

Star Trek: Defiant (March)

IDW blew us away in 2022 with their new ongoing series entitled simply Star Trek, and in March, it gets a “dark and edgy” spinoff called Star Trek: Defiant, described as “The Dirty Dozen meets Star Trek.” IDW’s Star Trek editor Heather Antos said that they have “comics’ biggest Star Trek fans at the helm of the biggest and boldest interconnected comics story ever.” If that’s true and even more Star Trek comics are coming as part of a “cinematic universe,” 2023 is shaping up to be a banner year for comics fans. Plus, with Worf leading a Defiant crew that includes Ro Laren!, Lore!!, and Spock!!!, how could you not be excited?

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: The High Country (February)

2023 will see the first novel tie-in to Strange New Worlds with The High Country from John Jackson Miller, who wrote our favorite Trek book of 2021 (Picard: Rogue Elements). The new book is set sometime during the first season of the show and will see the return of Hemmer. We can’t wait.

Paramount Pictures announcing plans for another movie

Since the release of Star Trek Beyond in 2016, finding the way forward for the Star Trek film franchise has vexed Paramount Pictures, resulting in a number of starts and stops along the way. 2022 brought exciting news early on with the announcement of plans to start shooting a new Kelvin movie by the end of the year for release in Christmas 2023, but that fizzled out and the director exited. That project could still get going, or maybe the studio will pivot to something tied into the Paramount+ shows, or something different entirely, but Star Trek is too important to Paramount to continue to languish. We continue to optimistically hope that something definitive will be announced about the next big screen Trek.

TNG Movies on 4K HDR Blu-ray

After wrapping up the TOS movies on 4K HDR Blu-ray in 2022, it is expected for Paramount Home Entertainment to move on to the four TNG movies, with a possible release of Generations, First Contact, Insurrection, and Nemesis coming in 2023. It’s been rumored a release could come as early as First Contact Day in April.

Voyager Documentary

Another rollover from 2022, To The The Journey: Looking Back at Star Trek: Voyager is a documentary coming from the same team behind the DS9 doc What We Left Behind, promising the same kind of dive into Star Trek: Voyager. Production continued in 2022 with more interviews being done as recently as November. We’re hoping that this is the year they put it all together for a deep dive into the Delta Quadrant.

A brand-new Star Trek series announcement

We’ve been hearing whispers (sometimes loud ones, at big events) about new Star Trek shows in development. Will it be a Section 31 show with Michelle Yeoh? A Starfleet Academy series set in the Discovery era? A spin-off from Picard featuring legacy stars? A live-action Janeway showNothing’s been locked in yet, but it seems a good bet that at least one of them is going to get a green light this year.

William Shatner doing something new

In 2021, he swam with sharks and went into space. In 2022, he was praised by Rob Zombie for his cover of “The Great American Nightmare.” No doubt the ninety-one-year-old will come up with something to surprise us this year too, in addition to writing a book or two and releasing that documentary he’s been talking about.

Prodigy merchandise, at last (spring)

Delayed from last year (supply chain issues, you know how it goes these days), Prodigy toys are on the way from Playmates. A few lucky folks got a small plush Murf at NYCC, but the rest of us will finally be able to join in the fun when we get action figures of Dal, Gwyn, Jankom, Zero, and Murf, and then Rok-Tahk and Holo Janeway before we hit 2024. (Now can we start talking about a plush Rok and a wind-up Zero?)

Season 2 of Gates McFadden’s InvestiGates podcast

Season 1 gave us terrific, unique discussions with Nana Visitor, Michael Dorn, Wil Wheaton, Michael Westmore, Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes, and many more. This year, she’s moving beyond her TNG intimates: Announced guests for season 2 include some captains—William Shatner, Kate Mulgrew, Anson Mount—along with Jack Quaid, Tawny Newsome, John Billingsley, Rosalind Chao, Wilson Cruz, and others yet to be announced.

Patrick Stewart’s memoir

In 2020, Sir Patrick announced that he’s writing his memoir, which he’s finally gotten some time to work on now that production on the final season of Picard has wrapped. The most recent update came this March, when he said he’d reached page 310 and had a title: Are You Anybody? There’s no publish date yet, but fingers are crossed we’ll be able to read it before the year is out.

What are you looking forward to?

Let us know what you’re most looking forward to from Star Trek in 2023 in the comments!

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Happy New Year! Can’t wait for more of Gates McFadden’s podcast. I imagine her conversation with Kate Mulgrew will be especially insightful and fun.

All those things are exciting! It’s going to be a great trek year!

I really hope the Section 31 show isn’t the big new series announcement. Section 31 should’ve been left to the shadows in which it operated in DS9. A Starfleet Academy series set during the post-Nemesis era would be nice.

Agreed! No S31 and if they do an Academy show, let it be 25th century, not 32nd.

I am all in for a S31 show. So many different ways this could go. I love the idea of the central character being a naive young officer who is excited about joining the covert spy agency, only to discover the horrific things they do. So much that could be done with political and social allegory there.

Too bad that Trek fans are so narrow minded, short sighted, and bitter. Open you mind!

I’d rather be called narrow-minded than having to endure yet another attempt at depicting “horrific things”… Star Trek doesn’t need that sort of boundary-pushing. There are gazillions of other IPs that can take care of that…

How do you know it won’t be more along the line of a Men In Black thing, where they save the universe, alot. With know one knowing about it. Michelle is awesome so who knows what they’ll come up with

MIB the movies…fun!
MIB the comics, in which they actually kill off witnesses…no so much!

AlphaPredator was suggesting something far more in the cynical grimdark realm, tho, and for me that ain’t it. That miserable stuff is so basic, so overdone, it’s everywhere –and I literally get abuse online for not liking it, as though that’s supposed to change my mind??
I would give a Section 31 show a look, tho, because it’s Star Trek. But like when Enterprise came out, if it’s not something I look forward to each week I’ll just slowly stop watching it. (Sorry Enterprise fans out there, I’m glad it was good for you, no hate, I just wasn’t hooked.)
And honestly I can understand why they’d want to make a show about such a different part of Starfleet as Section 31 seems to be (I haven’t watched DS9 since it came out so I only know it from Discovery); it’s got to be hard to keep coming up with plots and new spins on old plots for all these shows, all while keeping them fitting that Trek tone. But at the same time if it doesn’t feel genuine, I think a lot of people will tune out.
Also, I don’t like the MIB feel of “everyone else is a bunch of ignorant muggles while we who know the truth save the day!” It’s very egotistical and belittling and instills in the audience a false sense superiority (because we’re “in the know” too, see?) instead of curiosity and empathy. I would not enjoy a Section 31 show that basically boiled down to minimizing the rest of Starfleet as a public face that can’t “really get the job done” and all that blah blah. See, it just keeps circling back around to that same cynical justification for illegal and immoral activity that we see from modern governments. And then if it’s countered with the illogical and wet ‘appeal to emotion’ (like my beloved Prodigy used to bring in non-starfleet assistance in their s1 finale) it only emboldens that kind of thinking.
So something that avoided and subverted all that would be great. If, uh, any Section 31 writers are lurking out there ;)

lots of the previous shows and movies have had starfleet compromise principles or just been plain wrong regarding policy and it been up to field officers like kirk, picard, sisko and others to hold to Fed values.

ds9 is the very best of ST

“ds9 is the very best of ST”

Not for me. It was good but I didn’t love it the same extend as any ship-based shows.

naive young officer who is excited about joining the covert spy agency, only to discover the horrific things they do. 

I’ll pass. Grim and dark is not particularly compatible with Star Trek.

Agreed, When I want Grimdark I’ll watch the 40k stuff Amazon prime puts together, you know a setting DESIGNED for it

sometimes things are grim and dark in the franchise but then our heroes battle to find a way out of it

I completely disagree. DS9 is the best example of this working very well.

Part of what made S31 work in DS9 was that it outdid the two established secret police/spy agencies (Tal Shiar and Obsidian Order) in terms of keeping itself unknown in-universe to all but a select few.

I think that should be preserved.

I agree section 31 was a fun idea for a shadowy org in an episode or 2 but it’s the classic case of “show too much and you ruin it”

Most of those sound great, though Discovery’s fifth season just sounds goofy. I hope it works better than the last couple of seasons have.

How does it sound any more goofy than most Trek plots? Lol 😆

I’m tempted to agree. Mainly because I’ve never gotten through an Indiana Jones movie, hah! But who knows, I’ll take some light fun each week…

Paramount Pictures announcing plans for another movie

April Fools isn’t for another few months, guys.

We can probably expect two or three different announcements.

It’s interesting that we ended the year with no live action series renewals or announcements. Currently there are no new star trek seasons currently in production or greenlit for production in 2023, that includes Lower Decks. They are all in post production right now, or in the can. There is still plenty in the queue, but things are probably going to start thinning out for ’24.

I’ve noticed that, too. SNW, for example, had their second season greenlit during production of season one. Now nothing. Maybe it has something to do with some of the business challenges all streamers are facing. Series orders are down across the industry. I’ve seen one rumor that Paramount wants to sell the ST IP, but there’s no other scuttlebut about any such thing, so I don’t put much weight in that.

I hope those rumors are just that. A change in ownership could lead to a horrific change in publication policy. The new IP owner might go all Disney and never release the new shows on BluRay and DVD. And honestly, then I don’t need any more Trek. I don’t want Trek that I cannot own and collect! That has already ruined Star Wars for me…

Hard to tell what might come of that. It really depends on who bought it and what they would want to do with it. Thing is, Paramount Global could probably use some cash since the feds killed the Simon & Schuster deal.

Paramount and WB are the only studios that regularly release TV shows on physical media. And I guess it won’t be WB…
The most likely candidates I reckon are Disney, Amazon or Netflix and that means no more physical media for Trek… So yeah, I really hope this isn’t true.

I can see Apple being interested, but they might want all of Paramount. Indeed, one of the rumors around surrounding the Viacom/CBS merger was that it was done with an eye toward putting the new entity up for sale.

Russian bootleggers will be more than happy to sell you copies of all those Star Wars shows.

There is a significant spending retreat happening in streaming and I know Paramount+ is especially vulnerable so it’s possible they are suspending renewals and re-evaluating. Unless executives are pessimistic about season 2 of SNW, I still expect that show to get a renewal soon. If not, than the franchise might be on the hook.

That’s true, but I also sense Paramount just doesn’t see ST as a priority. While they’re mum on new ST, they have two additional Yellowstone spinoffs in development.

They don’t really need to rush

Oh, a tonal shift to lighter storytelling promised for Discovery! Feels like 2020 again :D

Discovery has had a difficult time shedding the CW melodramatic tone, and the Arrowverse-style hallway conversations.

It’s not just the repetitive ‘galaxy ending threat that can only be solved by the chosen one’ trope that’s hurting it.

I know that the target audience is younger than I, but not even our teens like that stuff. I wonder if it’s original core audience is ageing out of the show.

I’ll be cutting see how this adventure plot plays out. I’m sceptical always about Trek captains riding fast vehicles, especially across bumpy desert. The only good versions so far we’ve seen have been deliberate animated camp.

More, Discovery hasn’t been able, since Paradise took the reins, to help itself from grinding suspense and dramatic tension to an absolute halt by taking an inexplicable and ill timed break for a three minute heart to heart. Emotional moments can be great, but they shouldn’t completely squelch momentum. If they don’t stall out for too many earnest hallway conversations, it may work.

Yeah Discovery is a narrative and acting mess. I liked season one and I loved season two other than the end but things fell apart fast after that. Seasons three and four have been largely forgettable and Michael Burnham has become insufferable. I’ll still watch it because I don’t dislike the show despite my criticism of it but right now it’s only about a inch above Picard for me on the list of current Star Trek shows, in second-to-last place.

Yep totally agreed as well. Like others, I just think Michelle Paradise is an awful show runner. She took what should’ve been a really exciting prospect, having a show in the far future and made it really boring, tedious and overly emotional. I don’t know what can ‘save’ Discovery at this point if you’re not a fan already but I just think the show needs to be completely rethought at this point. I don’t mean throwing it in the 43rd century or anything, but the format is just not working IMO. No one seems all that excited about season 5 for a reason. And if it’s more of the same, it could be the first show I might stop watching. Not completely, just wait for the season to end and binge it assuming it gets passed season 5.

Or 2018. Or 2019. Or 2021…

Not a plug on purpose, but 7th Rule podcast with Cirroc Lofton (Jake Cisco) has begun TNG watchthrough feating Denise Crosby and it’s been great doing DS9 with them and they do new show coverage too. With loads of great special guests.

Yes! Super excited about Denise joining them and I’ve enjoyed many of their episodes. They have fantastic guests too… no argument here. Love the mix of covering old Trek and new Trek.

I sincerely hope they will finally come around to release the long-awaited SNW soundtrack! I’ve been looking for news ever since Melumad teased its release back in June last year!

Yes! I’m Waiting for it too!

Please let it be Section 31! Don’t listen to the haters! Been literally waiting years now since this was first announced! Michelle Yeoh as emperor georgiou is on of the best trek characters ever! Georgiou is easily the strongest female character ever, on trek! We need more strong women! I also have my fingers crossed for a Janeway/Voyager cast series return! And I definitely need more raffi/7 of 9 in my life! I so want to watch 7 introduce raffi to Janeway! Please, please, please!!

Yeah if they come up with something like a temporal prime directive episodic story line for a redeemed Section 31 and Georgiou, then I really think this can fly!

Captain Georgiou of the Starship Shenzou was awesome and likeable. I know it was more fun for Michelle Yeoh to play the evil Empress, but she played the diabolical character so well, she was completely unlikeable.

In the meantime, the global star continued to act in various outstanding projects that may have simpy made her too big for a Star Trek streaming show.

Maybe it is simply time to scrap the Sec31 series and instead start planning a time travel Star Trek Section 31 motion picture staring an international superstar! We shall see!

It’s obvious they know fans are not big on the Section 31 show and yeah Georgiou is just too unlikeable in the fanbase even if people like the actress herself. No one seems to remotely miss her being on Discovery which says a lot considering she was there for three seasons.

And I think we seen a very different direction of the franchise since they announced that show. S31 was the first spin off show announced, but that was during a time when they were going with the darker/bleak vibe we got with Discovery and then Picard. Since then when fans rejected this tone, it’s gone back to the cheery optimistic vibe we got with shows like Lower Decks, Prodigy and SNW. And that formula seems to be winning. Even season 3 of Picard is suppose to be more TNG in tone and spirit. You wouldn’t know that from the trailers lol, but that’s what they are saying, so we’ll see.

So that’s the thing, the franchise has pivoted more to the classic shows again that’s about optimism and exploration and I’m guessing they want to keep going that direction since they are getting a lot of positive feedback, especially with SNW. Now they can still make the show exactly as they planned and since there are more lighter shows on, they can argue this one can mix things up in the line up sort of like what DS9 did back in the previous era. So it can still happen, but I don’t think it’s a big push to get it on the air when people are way more interested in a Janeway/Seven show or just more TOS/TNG type of shows like we got with SNW. That’s probably why S31 got pushed back in the placed, they listened to the fans and replaced it with SNW and it was definitely the way to go. I don’t think anyone can argue that, even if you’re not a fan of SNW.

People just want more comfort food Star Trek again…hence season 3 of Picard and the last three shows.

Agreed with everything you’ve said. S31 would be so 2019… The course corrections they’ve made since then are obvious. I don’t think they’ll jeopardize that by throwing money at a DOA project. They’d be better off giving SNW 20 eps per season instead…


They might surprise us and still give us the show, but it’s now been over 4 years since they announced it and probably just have more appealing ideas that they know fans will be excited to watch and more ‘Trek-y’ which all these new shows are dyed in the wool.

I agree with everything you said. Yet, having a global star like Yeoh interested in doing a Star Trek show or even a movie, should not be wasted. It will all depend on coming up with the right show.

Fans like me (who love SNW, Prodigy, are interested in the LDs crossover and cant wait to see what Matalas has in store for Picard and the TNG cast in roughly 40 days) are only going to be around for so long. They really need to try and expand their domestic and global audience.

Discovery clearly is targeting women and both gender and racial minorities. I do know women who had no interest in Star Trek have watched Discovery. If they can continue to target that audience, but with the tone and format that interests legacy fans like me, that would be ideal.

If they can do the same, but specifically target the Asian and global market with an international star like Yeoh, then I think it is worth it.

Having Yeoh is okay but the issue is the character and context. That character is completely muddled with all the time-travel / multiverse mumbo-jumbo.
And on top of that. the worst ever Trek idea is having former dictators as Section 31 operatives. Didn’t work for Khan and certainly not for Georgiou. It’s ridiculous. Can you imagine a secret service employing Stalin, Hitler or Pol Pot?

That’s my issue too, yeah. Georgiou turned out to be dull and broadly written, and Yeoh was not overly interesting in the role. She may be a big star, but she was kind of a dud on Star Trek. I know she has fans and that’s fine, but I’d be happy to not see her return. Her sendoff with the Guardian of Forever was a great conclusion to her arc.

Tiger2, this board, and even a good hunk of Reddit, aren’t necessarily representative of the audience Paramount would target with S31.

I’m really doubtful if we can say here what fans want or don’t. As you’ve observed in the past, we’re really just a few dozen mostly older fans here, and mostly male.

While many of us will watch whatever Trek shows are made regardless, Paramount+ needs a Trek that draws in young adults that watch its other shows.

Now the Netflix-ish obsession with dystopian streaming shows may be waning as a decade after Discovery was first in development, but spy series with a lot of action are very popular. Reworking S31 into a less dystopian Trek franchise spy series would fill a gap in Paramount’s line up regardless of how much old fans like us might dislike it on principle.

I understand your point, but let’s not kid ourselves, dude if there was a huge groundswell for this show, the show probably would’ve been in production ages ago. You don’t announce a show back in 2019 only to watch four other shows that was announced AFTER get developed and on the air it if people were really begging for this show to happen.

I get it, you seem to really want the show. I notice you are always pushing for it to happen. And as I said, it can still happen obviously. But I’m just looking at reality. Remember, Alex Kurtzman has said multiple times he READS these sites. He wants fan input. And that’s been very very clear he follows what most fans seem to want or not want. It’s been obvious from second season of Discovery through now that practically every decision he’s followed what majority of fans have been hollering about. He admitted they changed the Klingons because of all the backlash online. We have multiple post-Nemesis shows because fans were sick of prequels and reboots and wanted to go forward again. Discovery is only in the 32nd century now because fans complained of canon issues and wasn’t happy it was in the 23rd century.

And the biggest example is obviously SNW itself. And think about it, for every place like here where fans were begging for a Pike show, the same places people were highly divided or plain negative about a Section 31 show. It’s not rocket science, they obviously saw the show people were pushing for online to have and it simply won out.

And you’re talking to someone who was adamant that we weren’t going to even get SNW anytime soon because they kept pushing the idea that S31 was still in the works. At the time, I was convinced S31 was still coming. Remember all the things they were saying at the time? They already set up a writers room and they had planned to start that show after Discovery’s third season. That all went away once SNW was announced. They still keep saying it might happen, but when??? Discovery has now finished its fifth season, everyone is talking about what the new 25th century show could be about but not a peep about S31.

So yeah. We’ll see. But like the next movie, we been seeing and waiting for literally years now.

Word. The Star Trek franchise has vastly improved since the Section 31 announcement, thanks to Lower Decks, Prodigy, Strange New Worlds, and the tonal shift for Picard season three. For them to now return to a Discovery spinoff about Section 31 and a boring character like Georgiou would be a step backwards for a lot of fans, and I think CBS have realized that.

Yeah, again I’m just reading the vibe from social media and boards like this and all I’m getting is fans want more stuff like LDS, PRO and SNW. And less Discovery and Picard’s season one tones. And I didn’t have an issue with Picard’s tone in season one but many did.

Now of course it doesn’t mean S31 would just be a dystopian like show like a lot of people are assuming but the nature of organization doesn’t scream uplifting and optimistic either and I just think it would be another divisive show even if it’s good.

Only by the most basic and outdated measure of strong female character. A phrase that itself is now (rightly) considered obsolete and limiting, its use far too focused on violence, masculinity, and invulnerability.
Sorry, but the original Georgiou was great and killing her off was very limiting. They made Mirror Georgiou SO evil that bringing her to the show as a regular and expecting us to buy her redemption (esp. happening largely in the background) was a huge stretch that didn’t connect. (Thus her farewell scene feeling like it was more for the actress than the character.)
I’m all for a chaotic neutral or former baddie truth-teller on a redemption arc, love it, it’s a role that should go to more female characters as well, but they sacrificed any believability for that kind of plot for this specific character for the watercooler shock moment of seeing Georgiou in the seat of the Terran emperor.
They could have avoided this by simply not making her so powerful in the Mirror U, so in charge, and so unrepentant and nasty. (They could have even made up a new alt universe rather than the OTT weirdness that is the Mirror U.) But I don’t think they actually had a coherent long term PLAN, and it shows.
I would also add that, imho, Michelle Yeoh is just as much a joy to watch playing good characters. I want to see her bring out her sweet, funny, and silly side more, too, and again that’s something we could have had with the original Georgiou but feels out of place with the mirror one.

Why label people “haters” just because they find the idea of Section 31 boring? Gatekeeping isn’t needed so please stop. You might like the idea but that doesn’t mean you should be slinging insults at those who don’t.

I find it deeply ironic that you are telling people off for slinging insults when all you do to people who don’t share your worldview is attack and belittle them.

Since that is patently untrue, your response is moot. I have never mocked or belittled people for having a different worldview. Not even once. I am a long-time poster here and have always championed people not being gatekeepers and not being intolerant of different opinions. Any time I see someone denouncing or denigrating fans for liking or disliking shows, I always remind them not to gatekeep. I have a long history of pointing out that people have a right to like or dislike shows as they please, and that there’s nothing wrong with that. I defy you to prove otherwise, which you obviously can’t. Also, random troll, I have no idea who you are, which tells me we haven’t interacted much. So either you’re confusing me with someone else, or else you’re just trying to pick a fight. Either way, buzz off.

Discovery S5 and Picard S3 are the shows I’m most looking forward too.

Same here, along with Lower Decks Season 4!

New movie (Kelvin/Prime) announced early this year for release summer or xmas 2024? or will they just wait for 60th ann?

Damnit, Beyond really fubar’d the movie franchise worse than Nemesis!

Beyond was the best of the 3. Into Darkness screwed things up so much even Beyond couldn’t save it.

lol. no its the other way around

They need to just give up on the Kelvinverse. Everyone has moved on. I think a post-Nemsis legacy movie is where it’s at, personally. Use a movie budget to build some Deep Space Nine sets that could then be reused for a series.

Yeah I could see a return to ‘Prime-verse’ movie but with some (not all) kelvin actors (so like Generations), Pine be too expensive, Saldana too busy with Avatar/Marvel, so in my movie idea it’d be just Quinto (like Nimoy in ST09) somehow emerging in the primeverse Picard era and various TNG/DS9/Voy legacy characters and a couple of new (to make up about 7). Basically like a reverse of ST09 lol, but probably P+ only as that all sounds budget/fan only for a proper cinema movie (which would be all the kelvin cast and the big Prime players for a timetravel/multiverse epic like XMen DOFP – unless they planning something like that to go big for 2026)

No one cares about the Kelvin movies anymore minus a few people meaning it will probably just bomb again and Paramount knows it. Their time ran out circa 2013 when Star Trek Into Disaster made a lot of people stop caring and we got Beyond next which killed it after that.

Make a cheaper post-Nemesis movie with legacy characters like you said. You’re never going to get a big audience or a lot of new people to care about these movies. So make something for fans again like the old days.

Again, it’s Paramount’s fault. They squandered these movies on a major level. They waited for years after the first one and then instead of STID being something that’s about exploration or just a fun action adventure story introducing a new species or something, they doubled down on yet another villain wants to take down the Federation trope and did it with a white Khan in the process and people just lost interest.

I don’t see another movie making anymore than between $350-400 million total (and that’s still MORE what than Beyond did). And my guess is Paramount probably has around the same projections and why they can’t get the money to make another one. No one is moving heaven and earth to make a movie that will make less money than Avatar 2 made in it’s opening weekend alone even if it eeks out a small profit.

But love of Kahless, if we get another movie before 2030, just do something DIFFERENT and ORIGINAL! And hopefully with a new cast of characters.

But like I said, I just stop caring. Make one, don’t make one, I don’t care either way anymore.

 or will they just wait for 60th ann?

Beyond really fubar’d the movie franchise worse than Nemesis!

And they even didn’t use the movie to celebrate the 50th anniversary…

The movie announced is basically a nonreality.

The director has left for Marvel. None of the cast were ever booked.

Why Paramount would make an announcement and schedule a release date without booking the cast is inexplicable, but it’s been established that it happened.

One gets the sense that some kind of weird contractual commitment with Bad Robot that required greenlighting by a certain date might have been in play. That’s purely my personal speculation but there must have been some financial driver for what otherwise was a completely subrational announcement decision.

Yes, Paramount totally screwed up on that one. Officially announcing the movie without anyone signed aboard? What idiot thought THAT was a good idea?

Apparently the ‘new’ regime who seems to think if you just announce a movie will happen without the actors, script or money in place first, it will still happen…eventually

I can’t believe people could be THIS incompetent. It’s amazing.

Beyond didn’t fubar anything. Many fans and critics consider it the best of the three. Into Darkness is what fubared it, because Paramount lost a lot of fans who didn’t come back for the third movie after that fiasco.

Beyond is the one that bombed though. ;)

As much as people claim to hate STID, it is actually the biggest film out of the three. It isn’t saying much, but it at least made money. Beyond lost money and only the second one in the franchise to do so.

I disagree, i think lots of fans (aside some vocal hard core trekkies) and especially general audiences were fine with ID, it made close to 500m a record for Trek (bit less than 09 in US but no biggie, still good for Trek), but Beyond just looked all kinds of meh with that early Fast&Furious in space trailer (a bad time for a meh trailer in front of the seismic event of the return of the original Star Wars), then the general lack of promotion bar an improved trailer and that 50th event, but ultimately the film wasn’t that interesting for audiences with very little ‘hooks’ for fans and casuals aside it being just another Star Trek film, like TNGs last 2 films (whereas ID had intriguing trailers, cool looking action/destruction, mystery of the villain, JJ directing again etc)

I agree with all of this. And I just think it’s more nuance than anything. I have said this many many MANY times lol. I think for long time fans, STID was more of a negative. But for new fans (or general audiences as you put it), it was a much bigger positive. If you didn’t know who Khan was before, then it’s not going to matter to you the way it is to a fan who looks at Montalban’s Khan as nearly iconic (and the reason why it was just a silly idea to even do).

The opposite seems to be the case with Beyond. Long time fans seem to like it more and yes for many they seem to feel it was the most Trek-y out off the three. But new fans there was really nothing about it to interest them. That seemed sadly part of the problem, it was a more Star Trek story where as the first two films had elements of Star Wars and bigger action.

And looking at the scores of IMDB seems to bare this out.

STID: 7,7 audience score
STB: 7.0 audience score

So while on all the Trek sites sees STID as a failure that destroyed the momentum of the Kelvin (and as people have suggested here), I do think it’s a bit more complicated. I even blamed STID that lead to people being less interested in the next movie, but I’m speaking in terms of old fans. But if I’m being honest, I think Beyond didn’t really excite new or old fans that much. Sure I think more long time fans enjoyed the movie over STID, but the problem is most of them just waited for the film to come to Blu Ray or cable to make that assessment. Many probably stayed home after that really bad trailer. And while the second was better, still nothing to get that excited about. And if STID already soured them, then even more so. But many more saw STID in the theater because there was just more interest/hype at the time.

So it’s really no wonder why it will be 7 years this year we still haven’t gotten another movie; the longest in Trek’s films history sadly. There is just no more hype for these movies for newer or old fans.

Really looking forward to most of the shows actually. Obviously Picard season 3 is the big one for probably many fans. It probably would be bigger if the show wasn’t so divisive the last two seasons but fingers crossed. Very excited about about the Lower Decks and SNW crossover. I think it’s going to be tons of fun and of course can’t wait for both shows returning. Prodigy has become my favorite show out of all the modern shows so yeah, truly excited for more!

As far as a new show, I’m pretty much open to anything (although still skeptical of Section 31) but I really want to know the show that’s going to replace Picard. I think that’s the one most fans are most curious about. And what legacy characters will be part of it? On that front I’m open to literally anyone. I don’t care if they are from Voyager, TNG, DS9, etc just give us more. ;)

As far as the next movie….lol! That’s all I have to say on that. Biggest irony they were suppose to be making one right now. Maybe some day they will figure something out. I just don’t care anymore.

I’m looking forward to hearing what new shows are being greenlighted. I hope it will be soon. I also hope we’ll hear that SNW season three is going into production soon.

As I said in the Prodigy finale thread, I’m concerned that the Picard season 3 premiere is being held until mid February. It seems like a signal that the people doing the scheduling are wanting to draw out the release of shows already produced.

The promise of new episodes year round seems fragile just now.

The two animated series are long lead times and there’s no word about new seasons after those well advanced in post.

SNW and Discovery likewise have been in post a long time with no hint of preproduction for further seasons.

I hate to be the glass half full person but there seems to have been some kind of pause at the level of the streamer.

It could be just an adjustment period to let the new subscribers in the EU catch up, but for a streamer that’s got a stated strategy of relying on franchises, this seems off. Or, it could just be that Paramount is saving some big announcements for the winter investors meetings.

Yeah I not only fully agree with your points about future season announcements being stalled, I have been thinking about that since LDS ended last season. It is a little odd they have not announced any new seasons for LDS, SNW or PRO yet. Yeah maybe it’s nothing, we know they are ALL coming back for another season, so maybe it’s more about waiting for those seasons to run before announcing the next one. But it is a little weird considering it’s been the opposite since Picard started and then been jumping ahead to announce seasons.

But then I do remember LDS they never officially announced the fourth season. It’s true, we were never given an announcement in advance with that show for some reason, they announced it after it was already in production. So it could be the same thing here too.

That is me looking at it as the glass half full, but yes it could be the opposite and maybe some of these shows could be on the cancellation block. Streaming is such a different animal than traditional TV because traditional TV was really about the here and now. If the show was successful today, that’s all that mattered. If it wasn’t, it was cancelled. But streaming is all about building libraries and enhancing your IPs. They have to think about both today and tomorrow. This is just my guess (and I hope I’m wrong), but I don’t think any of these Star Trek shows are pulling in tons of people or new viewers. Certainly enough to be successful and a steady flow of people subscribing just to watch these shows, but I don’t think the viewership is jumping higher with each new show either. Just keeping the same flow of people whose been watching since Discovery and Picard probably with some spikes here and there.

And as much as many seem to love LDS and PRO, they probably do get less views from average fans since most are more invested in the live action shows for obvious reasons. But same time, those shows are probably muuuuch cheaper to produce as well, so it balances itself out.

So I don’t think the five shows a year will go on forever, especially as that site just get more popular and bigger shows. I notice Paramount+ reported that new show, 1923, got 7 million viewers for it’s premiere episode. I guess that’s really big for a streaming site to get. But to this day they have not reported any numbers for ANY of the Star Trek shows. Not one. Again we know they are popular enough because we have five of them lol. But as I said, I do feel maybe not at a level they can crow about. Picard and SNW had TONS of fanfare coming in, you would think they would be shouting how big those shows did. They put out releases saying it was their biggest shows on the site, but since they are not reporting the actual numbers, its probably not on the level the bigger franchises do. Good for Star Trek but not bonafide good viewing wise.

That said, I think ALL the shows (minus Picard obviously) will get more seasons. But that’s probably not going to be a guarantee in the near future either.

I wouldn’t read too much into that Tiger2.

Looking at the most rapid outside source, Parrot Analytics, 1923 isn’t pulling nearly the relative demand numbers that either Discovery or SNW do typically.

1923 is in 9th place for breakout streaming series in the past 100 days with 16.8 times typical demand.

Discovery and SNW don’t ever quite get to the top of the streaming originals, but are usually clocking 33 times average during their runs. More, these market research and social media estimates have been proven to line up closely with the Nielsen numbers that come out about a month late for streaming.

Other important and cool stats from Parrot Analytics show that Paramount+ relies much more heavily on content it makes itself vs other streamers: 83.4% vs under 10 % for all the others.

Well OK, I’ll take your word for it.

But it’s not illegal to just post numbers of how many people view your shows.

You mention the Nilesn’s chart which Disney+, Hulu, Peacok, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc are all on these days. The only major site NOT on it appears to be Paramount+.

There could be some business reason why they aren’t, IDK, but we wouldn’t need places like Parrot Analytics if they simply showed the numbers. Maybe they feel their shows are not getting the same views a Netflix or Disney+ is. I’m guessing neither is Peacock but they are on it as well.

And I don’t know how good that number is for 1923, even though I been talking about streaming endlessly for five years now., But so much about it still baffles me lol. I don’t know how many views are considered a ‘good’ show or movie, how long do they look at numbers, ie, the first day, over a week, a month, etc since streaming is not like TV and stuff just stays up there and doesn’t disappear after a day, Or even how much does gaining new subscriptions factor in favor of show’s or movie success? I always assumed that was a big factor but again, no clue if it is or isn’t.

So I don’t know. But I do know we’ve had 5 new Trek shows and about 130 episodes produced by them so far but complete black hole on how they are doing by the people who makes them. Again, as I said, obviously they are doing well enough if they keep getting renewed, but who knows what that really means in terms of overall or new viewers? I’m not like some posters around here throwing out BS claims which shows are attracting ‘new viewers’ based on the shows they basically like because there is no data anywhere from what I know. Maybe SNW for example is drawing tons of new viewers so it’s considered ‘successful’ or maybe it’s actually drawing in the least.

But they are attracting enough viewers I guess now, so whatever it is, it’s good enough.

Nielsen has released numbers on Paramount+ at times.

They’ve looked pretty much like they do on Parrot for the US, but that’s because Paramount+ is the streamer that’s been shown to have its shows most balanced across all the age groups. (Pluto is targeted at older viewers.)

Which is interesting when you also consider that Paramount+ makes in-house a very large proportion of the shows and movies it streams. The ‘menu of shows’ model for the Trek franchise seems to line up closely with the broad audience that P+ is trying to attract, and is apparently successful at getting.

I would note that Nielsen skews ‘old‘ in its statistics because it only measures viewership on actual television setboxes. Younger audiences are more likely to use computers, tablets and phones.

Nielsen nearly lost its accreditation with the advertising industry oversight body because it’s just not reliable as it once was. Not measuring a significant proportion of the target young adult market is a huge failure from the point of view of the advertisers trying to draw that audience.

So, the industry has to rely increasingly on alternative methodologies. The fact that Parrot Analytics and Nielsen line up for the slice of the audience that Nielsen can actually reasonably capture, validates Parrot’s methodology such that it can be looked to for the parts of the audience Nielsen doesn’t capture. More, Parrot can provide comparisons across countries.

OK, fair enough. You have your pulse on this stuff much more than I do. But you were also the one who originally made the point the shows not getting renewed right away might be a concern. But now you’re suggesting they seem to be getting healthy viewership. So I’m a bit confused lol.

But as I said myself, I think ALL of the shows will get another season but like you, I am starting to think this gravy train may not roll on as long as we hope as the site just gets bigger and has more varied content to market.

“I hate to be the glass half full person”

That’s odd! Normally, people hate to be the glass half empty person… 🤷‍♂️ Wear your optimism proudly, I say! 😜

I think that we just ended a really long run of new Trek every week. I have been trying to figure out how long it was, but did it not start in like August 2021 with LD? Then we had Prodigy, Discovery, Picard, SNW, Lower Decks, Prodigy? Other than a few short breaks, we have had 63 episodes in 72 weeks.

LD Season 4 and Prodigy Season 2, from everything I have seen are being produced.

I would expect we will hear more about SNW Season 3 closer to the time the show starts, and probably at some convention.

I do think they are probably weighing Discovery Season 6, and what to do after Picard.
I tend to think they will not want to replace two shows at once, and so a Disco Season 6 is probably going to happen.

S31 I think is dead. What I think is likely is that we could see the announcement of a Kirk show- and probably the announcement of a 32nd century Academy show.

One of those could be switched up with a Picard spinoff, which could be Worf, Riker, Geordi, Seven, Janeway, or someone else… although Janeway seems unlikely since Prodigy is now the Janeway show.

I was under the impression that Discovery finished production within the last couple of months or so? It would still be in post? It’s SNW that’s been in post forever.

Yes, Discovery season five started production in the late spring and wrapped in November.

Beyond COVID restrictions, it’s more cost effective not to try to rush the vfx and editing in post the way it was done in the early seasons when the shows premiered while post was still being done on the later episodes.

That said, sitting on shows for a half a year or more between wrap and release to stretch out the schedule seems a bit excessive (even if Paramount+ isn’t the only streamer doing it.)

It’s likely Strange New Worlds will begin streaming its second season right after Picard concludes. I’d expect an announcement on that right before Picard S3 begins. Discovery S5 will also likely begin right after Strange New Worlds S2 ends, with Lower Decks and Prodigy finishing out the year, although Prodigy. Since Prodigy has 20 eps per season, it makes sense to make it the final show for 2023 so it can carry ten weeks over into 2024. Any new series announced this year wouldn’t make it to our screens until at least the end of 2024.

Thanks for the reminder about Carol Kane on SNW! Totally forgot about that. She’s always been so great at playing out there, unique and eccentric characters so hopefully she’ll bring that to the role for some good humour. And live action Boimler and Mariner too, very excited for that. Looking forward to seeing how they bring Sybok into the mix too.

I do have some concerns about Paul Wesley’s Kirk, but we’ll see how that works out – finger’s crossed!

I am totally on hold with Wesley’s Kirk. For two reasons – 1) Wesley and the producers were clear that his inclusion in the finale is an alternate Kirk, and was portrayed purposefully that way, whose experiences differed from Shatner’s Kirk by not having been on the Enterprise and being with Spock for over a year at that point. alt-2266 Spock is portrayed differently than 2260 Spock, so why would alt-2266 Kirk be like the flagship commanding 2266 Kirk.
and 2) we all know how we feel about Mount’s Pike – we had expectations of that. Like him or not, Wesley-Kirk also is compared to Pine-Kirk & Shatner-Kirk. That’s not right for <30 minutes of guest star.

Quite frankly, I don’t want Pine-Kirk, or Shatner-Kirk in a modern show.

I’m fine in principle with Kirk being in a different place in his life.

Wesley however brought none of the Kirk energy, charisma, intensity or whatever.

People like that exist in any era. There are other actors in other recent shows in the that have brought this to their characters. Wesley however has not been one of them. In fact has given no evidence of being able to bring that. It’s a legitimate concern.

What i am looking for? Well, when they release the Lower Decks Season 3 Blu-ray here on Germany

I am looking for Paramounts next Trek movie announcement that will crash and burn like the previous ones and make them lose all their pedigree. Also I wonder if one of the new shows announced will be that Klingon show that Michael Dorn has been pitching for so long, since he is officially returning to the franchise in Picard season 3.

A Worf show would be great. If the Picard spinoff includes Worf, then we have a good chance it could also include DS9 folks.

It’s going to be a great year for Star Trek!

(note: I am rolling out my new “name” for 2023 — I was previously One Lion)

Enjoy learning about all these updates. Also, I’m a high school journalism teacher, and I am gritting my teeth on a couple of the sentences here. IDW is a singular comic book company, so IDW should be referred to as an “it” instead of a “their.” Also, Hasbro is an inanimate — and a singular — company; that means Hasbo is a “which” instead of a “who” and (again) an “its” instead of a “their.”

Chuckling here.

TrekMovie is an American independent franchise news source and board, true. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s locked down to a mid twentieth century American style guide.

Plural and personal nouns for governments and corporations are fairly widely used in other English speaking countries, and are becoming (I notice) more common in US usage as well. It’s really not that different than the longstanding shift in the US to using them instead of these for inanimate objects (which still grates against my Canadian/British sensibilities).

Language evolves.

As a Canadian, I have seen some of our spelling and grammar being driven to American norms due to the pressure of Microsoft spelling and grammar checkers. A Canadian version of Word is relatively recently generally available, but the intervening impact has been high. I’ve heard that social media is also driving to convergence in both English and French.

Chiming in… I actually considered switching both of those to “it” and “which” but decided to keep them as is because they are also referring to the people at those companies. We know the folks at IDW, and both companies have people working there who are clearly Star Trek fans and have come up with ideas not just based on numbers, but on creative choices that can only be made by humans. So that’s why I didn’t change them. There is also some flexibility on such things, given the context.

“There is also some flexibility on such things, given the context.”

Exactly. The rules are not as black and white as David is making them out to be. He IS mostly correct… but it just doesn’t matter and it’s fine not to make the suggested changes.

Except that this site uses US style. If they want to start using British style, there is a lot more to change than simply pluralizing corporate names.

David, while you are mostly correct in your assertions, this is a fan website, not a professional journalism source, and you’re not paying for any of the content. So you should cut some slack. There’s no need to be pedantic.

That being said, in the spirit of pedantry…

MLA style for em-dashes is to not have spaces on either side of them. :)

Group nouns can take the plural in most English varieties. It’s not a must but it isn’t wrong either.

“IDW are” and “Hasbro are” are both correct sentences. Only the German influence on AmE has widely eliminated the plural form with group nouns as far as I know. Me being a Germany-based English teacher :-).

I’m a writer and copy editor (professionally), and in general, I don’t use the plural form with group nouns, but it was a very conscious choice in this instance as I was thinking about the people working on these products vs. the corporations. I do love these kinds of discussions, though!

Give me more of my Lower Decks and Prodigy and I’m in Trekkies heaven! 😁😁

Looking forward to To The Journey and even kicked in a little money for the cause! Can’t wait!!

JJ verse and those silly movies has died once again! I guess I’m already in heaven! 😂

Lots of great stuff to look forward to!!
The creative team should explore delving into limited episode mini-series or straight-to-streaming movies…

A limited episode mini-series would be a great way to tie up/resolve Georgiou’s redemption arc and Section 31, since it seems to be the show the fewest fans are excited about. Something like five or six episodes, set it in the PIC era, involve some legacies and some new characters, and then use is as a springboard for the next actual live-action series.

Star Trek Discovery Series opened up Star Trek again and made it come to life again that it is not died that you are getting more of star trek that you would not have gotten with out it to give a new start

Fair point.

Discovery has struggled, but it’s clearly established its own audience (even if that’s not much represented among the regulars here).

It’s still not my favourite, and hasn’t held the interest of my spouse or our (now teen) kids. But that’s ok.

I’m a bit confused by your unclear wording (no offense intended), but I ***think*** you’re saying that Discovery deserves more credit than people are giving it because it relaunched Star Trek. Did I understand you correctly?

If so, I sort of agree with you. While Discovery is not what relaunched Star Trek (that would be the Kelvin films–Discovery debuted a year after Beyond hit theaters), it IS what made it widely popular again, since the Kelvin trilogy had diminishing returns. And although it’s one of the weakest of all the current shows, Discovery deserves credit for helping to breathe new life into the mythos.

I’m looking forward to exactly nothing on that list. And that really hurts. This was my favorite franchise. I even have it listed unter “interests” in my CV. But I just don’t care about any of this anymore.

Resurgance looks kind of interesting in previews and I like low story based video games. Maybe I’ll give that one a chance …

If you love Star Trek but have been disappointed with the latest incarnations, I highly recommend giving Prodigy another try. It may change your mind. And if you loved ’90s Trek, you will enjoy Gates McFadden’s podcast too! Check out season 1. Start with Michael Westmore, maybe.

I tried watching Prodigy … about half of the first half-Season but just couldn’t get into it. I somewhat enjoy Lower Decks but after three seasons with barely any real developement I’m growing tired of that one, too.

I don’t consider Podcasts by the actors really part of canon but, I might check it out. The Shuttlepod Show is also pretty great though I don’t know if Enterprise can be considered 90s Trek :-D

Oh well … maybe there’ll be a fourth Orville Season. One can hope …

If you have only watched the first 5 episodes of Prodigy then you’ve missed out on some absolute gems like “Kobayashi”, “Time Amok”, “All The World’s a Stage” and “Mindwalk”.

I must admit that I had my misgivings at the start too because it just did not “feel” or look like Star Trek to me, but I persisted and honestly it’s been the biggest surprise and has become my favourite new Star Trek of them all.

The writers intentionally started out the show in a more “alien” way, with nothing really resembling Star Trek as the character’s had never heard of Starfleet or the Federation. But they introduce more and more classic Star Trek elements during the season until it’s fully immersed in the Star Trek world by the end.

I’d definitely agree with Laurie and encourage you to try again and hopefully you have a better response to it once you experience the best of the season.

“Hardly any new developments??? Well, the main character revealed her gay lifestyle in the past season. That’s pretty big news! And Boimler, the former object of her flirtations, is showing signs that he’s heading in that direction, too. Great character development!

I don’t really care about the characters sexual orientation. The whole point of Treks philosophy has allways that it dosn’t matter who you love and people don’t really care as long as it’s consensual. So no … having a same sex relationship or bisexual character isn’t anything noteworthy. Neither in Star Trek nor in the Media Landscape as a whole.

And as a personal thing: I never watched Star Trek for the fucking

Sorry to hear that. But my enthusiasm for Trek hasn’t been any greater since the mid 90s. I’m not a huge fan of PIC S1+2 but the rest I absolutely adore.

Funny. You listed Trek under “interests” in your CV… Never had to write one but philosophically speaking, my Trek fandom IS my CV. I feel as if I had been born again when first watching Star Trek at the age of 13. I’ve added some more franchises along the way (mainly Doctor Who, Star Wars, Middle-Earth and Harry Potter), but Trek will always be front and center of my life. I’m married to the Enterprise, my oath of celebacy rests with my Starfleet files :-)

For me it’s Prodigy, SNW, Picard, and Strange New Worlds: The High Country. I still need to read Rogue Elements, but I liked the sample a lot.I can’t look forward to announcements, tbh. It feels like setting up for disappointment b/c Star Trek/Paramount has yet to prove fully (imo) that they wait long enough to announce things. Obviously they don’t when it comes to films. No-one can foresee everything and of course some projects will become delayed or not happen, and sometimes announcements are the best way to gauge interest…I guess. -.-
But even in the best of circumstances, which are largely relegated to the past anyway, I lean towards not getting particularly set on things like release dates or announcements until the stars actually seem to be aligning. My life often means that, for instance, I don’t know until the day whether I’ll actually be able to go to the movie I have tickets for, or if I’ll be attending holiday celebrations, so I’m pretty used to the attitude of “if it happens, cool, if not oh well better luck next time”.

I would like to see a new animated series. It would be aimed at an adult audience and would cover different Trek time periods. One episode might cover just after TMP, for example.

I’m looking forward to seeing if any of the streaming Trek series get renewed and if any new series are announced. Neither has happened in almost a year!

According to a friend of mine at CBS, who I was texting about doing some set work, there has been a lot of movement on the Star Trek TV front, but none of it has yet been announced. She’s been cagey with details, but it sounds like we’ll be getting several announcements pretty soon. I hope so. It’s been a rough couple months and I need to go back to work.

Are you guys actually willing to put your money where your digital mouth is on a movie announcement? I’ll take that bet, let me know where I can collect?

Remember when Gus Van Sant did a shot-by-shot remake of Psycho? A possible idea for the next Trek movie could be — take it back to the beginning — a shot-by-shot remake of Trek: The Motion Picture, one last rodeo for Pine and friends. (I suppose they could go by the “Director’s Edition.”) Those LED walls could be used to keep costs down.

I’m sorry…but no. Make an original story, that’s want fans want. STID made clear making a ‘homage’ to other stories is just not the best move even with good intentions.

…ugh, I still get a bad taste in my mouth anytime STID is mentioned. Worst Trek theater experience I ever had, and I’ve seen them all in theaters.

LOL sorry Danpaine!

And what I can’t get is who in their right mind would want a shot by shot copy of TMP lol. I know that movie has it’s fans, but I can’t even get through the first 20 minutes of it. I’ve seen it three times in my life. I tried watching it again last year when they released the 4K version on First Contact day. I thought with all the new effects and enhancement, it would be a better experience for me. Nope!

And the Kelvin movies are utterly antithetical to what TMP is. TMP is Trek’s version of 2001. The Kelvin movies are Trek’s version of the MCU; loud, big and lots of spectacle. The two couldn’t be any different. If people thought Beyond drove new fans away, the short attention span of today’s audience would kill that movie dead by it’s third day of release.

Nemesis is the worst i have ever seen, period. Not even Star Trek V comes close. I was so disappointed by the movie i left the theater depressed. The cool ship fight at the end doesn’t make up for how awful it is. Data’s death was handled better than in Picard i will grudgingly admit.

Remember when Gus Van Sant did a shot-by-shot remake of Psycho?

I do. And I remember everyone hating it.

Psycho is a classic in the horror genre. Sad to say, TMP isn’t in its respective genre. In Sci-Fi, that distinction falls to Wrath of Khan, and if we’re going to be completely honest with ourselves, WOK was a “lightening in the bottle” moment. A copy would be just that. A copy. Try selling that to investors, and you’re going to get laughed out of the room.

I’m surprised there’s no mention of the Khan podcast.

I guess that the Trekmovie editors either don’t look forward to it as much OR they simply forgot. I don’t hear much talk about that project anywhere.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to that A LOT. If there is one gaping hole in Trek’s exploits, it’s audio drama. I’m green with envy looking at all those 1000+ Doctor Who audio dramas from Big Finish, having spawned a gazillion spin-off ranges. Trek needs full-cast audio dramas ASAP… Even Alien got a whole trilogy of them on Audible.

You forgot a big one. The Enterprise F appering on screen. Sure the Oddessy is a ten year old design, but A new Enterprise on screen is worth noting I’d say

I guess because it’s in the trailer we’ve technically all already seen it, maybe that’s why it was omitted.

i hope the Voy doc is honest about the show being entertaining but not really working, not true to its premise.

I thought it worked fine, but it probably could’ve honored its premise better if it could’ve been serialized like DS9, but the network was fiercely against serialized stories at the time.

The show botched a serialised arc with jonas

Dude, I had to look that character up. Sure it could’ve been better but I was fine with the outcome. You don’t seem to be a Voyager fan, which is OK obviously, but I just don’t have the same issues with the show like you and others do. I liked it because it WASN’T serialized. But yes some parts of the story arcs definitely could’ve benefited from it.

i just wanted more from a ST show after TNG and DS9 did so well and it came up short.
entertaining, especially with the EMH and 7 around but disappointing in the end

I understand of course, you were disappointed by the show. And you certainly weren’t the only one. All I can say I wasn’t one of them. I loved the show from beginning to end, but yes I agree it had problems for sure, but that’s a common issue with Star Trek lol. And I also agree, TNG and DS9 were superior, hence why Voyager is my third favorite out of the three.

It was working for me. Much better than turning it into Trek’s version of NuBSG but doing A Year of Hell-style story arcs. I’m so glad they kept it episodic and optimistic TNG redux-style. But then of course, modern audiences disagree with me :-)

It avoided the truth of their situation, cared little for necessary character development and relied on the Borg after not creating their own alien nemesis like the past ST shows and Ent

They still had other enemies after the Borg like the Hirogen who stuck around through season 7.

And the problem with Voyager was that it was a show that was constantly going warp 9 in one direction (for the most part) for years on end. There’s also no seat of power like the Alpha quadrant has for an enemy to siege upon like the Federation or Starfleet. Or even just a planet. There’s nothing to really conquer the same way the Klingons, Borg, Dominion or Xindi tried to do in the Alpha quadrant. It’s just one ship in a BIG area of space.

And all that makes it really hard to have a long term enemy the way DS9 or ENT had one unless that species has basically over took the entire Delta Quadrant and could be everywhere. Not even the Borg had that once they were out of Borg space. But because of the transwarp conduits, it was easy for them to appear in different areas of the quadrant at any time.

Unless they are fighting the Empire from Star Wars, it’s just not very realistic and why we saw threats come and go as they left systems.

sure, the Hirogen worked for me

Many of us wanted more or something different from Voyager at the time, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that overall, despite unevenness, what Voyager did well, it did very, very well.

There’s a reason it’s held up well and has been, through syndicated reruns and streaming, as impactful on younger millennials and Gen Z as TOS reruns were on kids in the 70s.

Many younger people note (on Reddit and other platforms) that Voyager’s version of many of the classic Trek trope stories are so much better done that when they see them in TNG or TOS those versions seem like lower quality drafts. For them, the Voyager versions are the ones to come back to.

Time for an HD-remaster of VOY… or at least of the double-episodes.
It s***** when you have to change the DVD’s to see them.

I just got the making of Star Trek First Contact. Looking forward to the making of The Wrath of Khan. I also can’t wait for the remastered TNG Blu-Rays and 4K. I saw the remastered First Contact digitally it was fantastic the disc version should be even better.

I remember reading or hearing that Nana Visitor was/is writing an in-depth book about the women of Star Trek – featuring interviews not only with actors, but women behind the scenes at all levels of production as well, from all the shows including The Original Series. I wonder what the status of that is? Does anyone know?

I’m looking forward to it too!

She’s also recording interviews on video that could (hopefully, potentially) form the basis for a documentary. I think she may still be holding out for some of the women who have not yet been willing to come forward. (For example, Marina Sirtis who has said that’s she’s already said publicly all she’s willing to.)

Laurie interviewed Nana last year. There is more than one TrekMovie article in the archive.

It was going to be published by Hero Collector, which is now gone, but I think someone else is picking it up. I really want to read it, so I hope so!

There’s never been a better time to be a Star Trek fan. I’m so grateful for the glorious abundance of Star Trek goodness available – all the shows, movies, books, comics, music, games, toys, collectibles, podcasts – and the fun of sharing it all with family and friends (old and new and still to be made.) We are a lucky fandom. LLAP.