See Dr. Crusher Try To Figure Out If Sisko Is Still Human In Preview Of IDW’s ‘Star Trek’ #3

IDW’s new ongoing flagship Star Trek series made our Best of Star Trek 2022 list, and the third issue arrives tomorrow continuing the adventures of Captain Benjamin Sisko after his return from the Bajoran Wormhole on a mission from the gods. The series is written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, the leads behind IDW’s Star Trek: Year Five series, with art by Ramon Rosanas (Marvel’s Star WarsAnt-Man).

The third issue starts off with some backstory on the new character T’Lir, and Dr. Crusher trying to sort out how much humanity is left in Sisko after his time as a god. There is also an appearance of Jake Sisko. We have a 5-page preview of issue 3.

Star Trek #3


When strange malfunctions begin plaguing the U.S.S. Theseus mid-warp, Benjamin Sisko and his crew must band together to unveil the source behind the mysterious phenomena aboard the ship. But what initially appear as mere technological quagmires and strange happenings become a test that will determine the very fate of the universe.


Star Trek #3 cover A by Ramon Rosanas

Star Trek #3 Cover B by Angel Unzueta

Star Trek #3 Cover C by Liana Kangas

Star Trek #3 RI Cover by Stefano Simeone

Five-page preview: 

Star Trek arrives on Wednesday

Star Trek #3 arrives on January 4. You can order issue 4 or upcoming issues at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

Star Trek #4 Cover A by Ramon Rosanas

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Has IDW stopped including the table of contents with writer/artist credits in previews? That information has always been interesting in addition to the art pages.

Why does the dialog in the top preview remind me of Lower Decks?!

Yikes, that dialogue is….not good.

Yeah, not exactly giving Watchmen a run for its money.

I have to ask… why is Dr. Crusher doing this and not a psychologist like Deanna or Ezri?

I’d say cause she’s a medical doctor who previously was head of Starfleet medical. Deanna is great but only half way since she’s dealing with the Psyche. Where Beverly has experience in xenobiology and can understand any changes in Benjamin. Though I do like the dig on her about her son.

The story is promising so far, although the dialogue is stilted and just doesn’t sound natural. The art could be bette and…T’Lirs’s haircut is ridiculously hipster for a Vulcan—where’s the logic in such an overly preened style?

You know he’s just going to make an appearance in Picard….and so is Janeway….

Janeway I would bet on. But I highly doubt Sisko.

Avery Brooks has retired from acting and doesn’t engage with Star Trek any more. So it would be extremely surprising unfortunately.

The artwork looks unfinished at best, and a travesty to be honest.