‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3: See Worf In Action, Starfleet’s New Ship Voice Explained & Trailer Update

The third and final season of Star Trek: Picard arrives in exactly one month from today, on February 16. We have  a few new updates for you while you wait.

New Glimpse at Worf in action

Paramount+ marked today’s date with a little promo about Worf, featuring some of his highlights over the years from TNG and DS9.

On Sunday, they released a social media promo for what is coming to the network in 2023 and it has a few quick shots from Picard and Discovery, primarily from previously released trailers—and a new shot of Michael Dorn as Worf in action that hasn’t been released before.

Worf can be seen using his new Klingon sword, a “kur’leth,” designed for Picard by Star Trek vet Dan Curry, who also designed the iconic Klingon bat’leth.

Worf with his new sword

Why there is a new computer voice

Earlier this month, showrunner Terry Matalas revealed on Twitter that season 3 of Picard will feature different computer voices, one for civilian ships and one for Starfleet ships. On Sunday, Matalas added that “Starfleet and civilian computer voices will each be voiced by different actresses.” With so many legacy actors coming back from Star Trek: The Next Generation, some fans may want full nostalgia and hope to hear the voice of the late Majel Barrett Roddenberry, who provided the voice for Starfleet ships during TNG, DS9 and Voyager. Matalas said this simply wasn’t practical.

Matalas later agreed that perhaps it was possible to bring back Majel’s voice using a combination of technology and a library of her vocal performance she made before passing, as was done with the voice of James Earl Jones as Darth Vader in the recent Kenobi series. But he also noted that cost remains an issue, saying it could be done “one day with the right technology and budget.”

This opens the door for a future show to use the same technology and work with the Roddenberry Productions (who’s involved with all the Star Trek shows) to recreate Majel Roddenberry’s classic voice for new dialogue.

Titan-A engine room?

The USS Titan-A is the primary hero ship for season 3, using a redress of the USS Stargazer sets seen in season 2. We should expect to see more of the ship in season 3, production designer Dave Blass hinted this will include the engine room, in response to a fan’s Twitter question.

Final trailer coming “soon”

Last week’s update confirmed there will be one more trailer before the launch of Picard season 3. On Sunday, Matalas said on Twitter this trailer is coming “soon.”

Our best guess for the release of this trailer is still January 29 during the NFL AFC Championship game, which streams on Paramount+ and airs on CBS.

The third and final season of Picard premieres on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly on Thursdays.

Picard streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S.A. It is distributed concurrently by Paramount Global Content Distribution on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories, and in Canada it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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My favorite computer voice is the one used on the DS9 station.

I think they really missed an opportunity to synthesize Majel’s voice using readily available technology. I’m guessing they did this to save a few dollars for the rights.

I so much would have preferred that they used the cash from that completely unnecessary Denise Crosby guest star cameo instead to have Majel’s audio AI synthesized for this. And how appropriate would that have been — using AI technology to create the computer voice from her recordings!

I understand some fans are attached to Majel’s voice.

I’m not one.

And it just seems like another way for the Roddenberrys to monetize every last iota of the franchise.

Perhaps I should be more generous to Majel’s memory, but I’m much more concerned to see her first character Number One get her due with a credible principal role in SNW.

Since Data is dead why don’t they use his voice and processors

>>Since Data is dead why don’t they use his voice and processors

Because how would you know if the computer is good or evil? There are 800 different versions of Datas and Soongs and most are evil or crazy.

Also Spiner is once again in this season, because,, well of course he is.

Data isn’t really dead. He will actually outlive homosapiens.

Well it’s not really a huge deal with me. I’m just saying that if I have $X to spend in the budget, and I have a choice between paying for a cameo one of the most lackluster characters/weak actors in Trek history (Yar/Crosby) or synthesizing Majel’s voice for The Computer, I am picking Majel’s voice every time.

Same. If they wanted Crosby back they had their opportunity to do so in season 1 of Picard when the story was about the Romulans.

Oh, hey One Lion.

Yes! And I made several public posts here about my name change after New Year’s.

Was on vacation. The new handle is fun to say!


Same here. In fact, I found her delivery as the computer voice distracting and a little irritating.

I can’t stand Majel’s voice – not as Number One, Not as Chapel, DEFINITLY not as M’ress (A turn off, and I’m a furry!) – and she’s just barely tolerable as Lwaxana!

A B-Class actress at best (But if you look at her IMDB, she always seemed to be working steady) who lucked out after years of suffering with Gene when the “ship” finally came in and Gene’s Norway Productions finally saw his profit participation in the MILLIONS in the early 1980’s! (Even if she did have to spend years battling his ex-wife…)

She apparently loved him very much…and she had to put up with his struggles for more successes, being treated badly by the Studio in the 1970’s and 1980’s, his substances and alcohol abuse issues, and his womanizing.

@OneLion Like Matalas mentioned in his tweet, the issues are cost and quality. And probably practicality. I doubt it was as simple a choice as Crosby vs. Barrett.

Also – who will care other than a few fans? Darth Vader’s voice is far more iconic (and essential to the character – – and also James Earl Jones is alive to help them and Disney/Lucasfilm have a huge budget) that the Enterprise computer’s, I’d argue

I get your point, but on the other hand, given Matalas has gone the extra mile on so many things to please fans it just seems odd that this one fell through the cracks, that’s all.

Again, this is not that big a deal for me I just have always enjoyed the consistency of her voice as the computer, and unlike some, I really like her voice.

It is an excuse. There is a product on the market named Descript (https://www.descript.com/overdub). I use it in my business already. You speak into it for 30 minutes and it learns your voice and 100% clones it. With the library of Majel’s voice, this could easily have been done.

It works immediately and is less than $40 per month for a subscription. Please!

There is a difference between business, commercial and personal use. They probably can’t use the site or something like that for commercial purposes like a movie production. I’m pretty sure Hollywood has their own voice synthesizer but the cost would probably be expensive.

I am sure they could cut a deal. It is not that expensive.

Yeah exactly! This one’s a head scratcher? Did some suit tell Matalas they could not afford 20K for this (i’m guessing on the rights to her voice, but it’s got to be less than 50k)

Again, if it was a cost issue, just shitcan the Denise Crosby appearance and keep the computer voice as it’s been for decades.

Or have the guts to tell Spinner’s agent, “we really can’t force fit another version of the annoying Soong/Data family for you into this one, so we hope you client understands that he’s not included in the main cast this time around, outside of a short cameo we are willing to pay for,”. Making that move probably would’ve saved them half a mill… And I really don’t need any more of Data’s annoying and unnecessary family members this year.

If they had just revived Data in season 1 of Picard, all this would be easy. Data said one time he had an aging program. Spiner needs to chill.

I really want to love next season SO much! I never expected to see any of the TNG characters again after Nemesis outside of maybe a cameo or something in a future post-Nemesis show or movie. But now that they are all back, I’m crossing my fingers we get the same magic we got with them in TNG, still my second favorite show to this day 35 years later. And I hope if this season finally makes Picard a great show, then we’ll continue to see many characters in future shows and the potential spin off show.

But if nothing else, we’ll always see Riker showing up somewhere and that’s enough for me! ;D

I think they (the TNG cast and Terry Matalas) will pull this off. You can tell how much Matalas loves TNG and the respect for him from the cast is obvious.

Yeah I’m just being overly cautious at this point…and can you blame me. ;)

But based on several YouTubers who seen it already (the whole season, not just the first 2-3 episodes), they are saying it’s really a return to form and for anyone who doesn’t like the new shows or movies (including Picard), this is what they been waiting for. That’s some high praise and I like most of the new stuff but yeah not big on Picard lol.

We’ll know in a month I guess! But I am hoping all that is true and more.

It’s just a TV show. You’re over thinking it. Just sit back and watch.

I don’t like bad TV shows though…it’s why I’m still not a huge Discovery fan. ;)

Really hoping Picard turns the tide.

Discovery isn’t bad. It’s the best show to date. I’ll probably watch Discovery before Picard. Still haven’t seen all of SNW yet.

No it’s bad. Pretty pretty pretty bad! Just my opinion of course. If you like it though, thumbs up! I don’t want to watch most of those seasons ever again.

You should watch SNW, it’s actually good! That’s the show most fans seem to actually like and care about. :)

SNW kind of bores me. Is just a rehash. Would have been more exciting if they had picked any other ship besides the Enterprise. I prefer new stuff, I don’t care about tos. I can’t wait for the new season of Disco.

The reshash is still 10 times better than Discovery lol.

I don’t think it would even be a contest if fans had to choose which show got cancelled first, do you?

And weren’t you the one telling everybody they should never make a post-Nemesis show because no one will ever watch it and that people only care about 23rd century Star Trek? Last I checked, it’s the only 23rd century show on and now you don’t even want to watch it. Your trolling confuses me sometimes. ;)

Same here, I said good bye after Nemesis. Unreal the whole STNG crew is back next month. However, will do my best to wait 6-7 weeks to binge the whole thing all at once. :D

With Picard and Discovery, I have learned to lower my expectations. This time, really hoping for a big and unexpected surprise, like SNW and Prodigy. Will test patience and discipline like a Vulcan! 🖖🏾

Yeah definitely learned to lower my expectations on both of these shows lol. And for the record, you’re talking to someone who was ecstatic about Discovery season’s 2 and 3 and both seasons of Picard. Sadly all of them have been big let downs although I will say Discovery overall was at least more enjoyable and a lot more solid episodes than Picard. But obviously really really really want to like them but very disappointed so far and much more with Picard for obvious reasons.

I basically given up on Discovery but I’m still watching it obviously and hope to be surprised. Picard I still have hope next season will be great. It’s frustrating because they ALWAYS say the right things and the trailers look good and yet! But people who had the same feelings about the first two seasons are saying this is truly great Star Trek of the past so I hope they’re right!

And I was thinking about binging all of TNG as well but I’m just a little too busy for one these days. I’m ALWAYS on my computer work wise but less in front of a TV. An I did binge the whole thing back in 2021 for my grand rewatch of the franchise and I have to say I really loved it. That rewatch brought back my love for both TOS and TNG I haven’t felt in awhile. And I don’t have as bad of a reaction of the first two seasons but never hated them like others and probably a change of heart after watching some of the newer shows I guess.

But I hope you do it and enjoy it Jay! :)

However, will do my best to wait 6-7 weeks to binge the whole thing all at once.

An interesting point. I have considered doing the same thing. (I also considered a binge-rewatch of season 2, but never got around to it.)

I would be interested in what others are planning in this regard.

LOL I just realized I read your post wrong. You were talking about binging Picard and not TNG. Should’ve read it closer!

Good intentions and four dollars will buy you a cup of coffee.

You can tell how much Matalas loves TNG and the respect for him from the cast is obvious.

Well, yes, he’s obviously a Trekspert and has great reverence for TNG.

Whether that translates into epic writing has yet to be seen.

I gotta say it…Patrick Stewart and Harrison Ford look rather unconvincing at their ages in these roles from the trailers and this sneak peak that I am seeing — I hope to be proven wrong on both accounts. Plus, it looks like most of P+’s offerings are recycled old stuff. Teen Wolf reboot, seriously?

@Darkstar4209 — Dude, we don’t need more info or new trailers from Matalas…I want to be at least somewhat surprised next month. And no, it seems like it was just a couple of weeks back that we got the mediocre first trailer. The series is almost here, so the last thing I want are more Matalas spoilers and additional trailers.

This season of Picard had better live up to all of this hype or we can kiss goodbye any follow-on series with TNG/VOY characters, especially in this belt-tightening period for the streaming services.

Harrison Ford is a force of nature in real life as well as 1923. They shot parts of that show in Montana, on horseback on mountainsides in inclement weather and sub-zero temperatures, and according to the director Ford didn’t complain once, he just handled it like a boss. I shouod be so lucky to be as well-preserved and active as him or Stewart at their ages.

I was commenting on how they appeared in the trailers and media for these shows. I see what I see, and I hope they look more convincing when I actually watch both series in totally. And I’ll be honest, Stewart in Picard S2 looked much more frail than in Picard S1.

Of course it’s great that they have active lives at those ages — yes, I should be as lucky as well when I (hopefully!) make it to about 80.

But they don’t shy away from his age in Picard, so I’ve never really had more than a twinge of, “Oh, everyone is getting on, aren’t they?” In 1923 Ford is a beast and he’s entirely convincing – the man lives on a ranch in Wyoming and has ridden horses and growled at people on screen for a living for decades! But he too is playing his age, so I did not feel like I was being challenged to accept anything preposterous.

OK, fair enough. So the 1923 series is already streaming?

It is! Already halfway through airing. The production value is pretty impressive. I know a lot of its $22 million/episode budget went to salaries, but the location filming in Montana and Africa is sumptuous.

OK, thanks, I will check it out. The trailer didn’t show Ford doing much, so I am glad to hear that’s not the case.

It not like he got a queue of people looking to hire him for projects nowadays. He had to suck it up and work for the pay check.

Who? Ford or Stewart? Either way I don’t agree at all.

LOL Harrison Ford is worth over $300 million. He’s also in Indy 5 this year and signed on to a new Captain America movie. Do you really think he’s waiting by the phone because he needs to feed his family?

At this point, it’s just more money to buy another mansion basically.

Yeah, he’s working because it’s what he loves.

and something nice for callista

Guess you missed the Indiana Jones in the Dial of Destiny trailer?

Whoops! (-: Lol

Paramount+ is successfully covering a broad base of ages and interests.

This month’s new paranormal show not actually a Teen Wolf reboot (although there is a Teen Wolf movie this month with the original cast).

Wolf Pack is based on a series of Canadian YA novels.

What is really interesting is that Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning to television to helm the show as an adult arson investigator who gets pulled into the teens’ story.

OK, well, to each his own. Their lineup outside of the Trek and Yellowstone franchises seems very forgettable to me.

P+ is no Apple TV+, where they have built one great new series after another great new series from nothing, plus theatrical-level movies, and which started about the same time as the CBS/Paramount streaming service.

Funny, I’ve only found three or four series on Apple that have held my interest.

But those that do are really great.

No one else in our household watches anything on it though. It’s really hard to justify the cost.

You haven’t really explored the service then. They have over 50 ongoing series, and is the best lineup of ongoing sf series of all the streaming services (unless you count the brain dead Marvel stuff) including Severance, Foundation, For All Mankind, Invasion, Circuit Breakers, See, plus five major new sf series coming up this year, including Wool, Metropolis, Dark Matter, Time Bandits and Sugar. And I’m not even touching on the 40+ drama, comedy and documentary series…plus Masters of the Air coming up (Spielberg’s/Hanks miniseries on WWII aviation like Band of Brothers and The Pacific).

I’m definitely getting my $6.99 value each month. They don’t “settle” for recycled TV star drama or teen-focused stuff. Almost everything looks and feels high end rather than typical TV stuff, like I see on P+. And none of the superhero stuff that I am getting so burnt out on — thank god, lol

Anyway, IDIC, YMMV

PS: I still have not ever paid for Disney and I don’t think I’m missing much given what I have watched at my sisters house on that channel. I typically do Hulu and HBO max for a about 2 months per year and binge watch those to get caught up. I pay full years for Netflix, Amazon, Apple and P+.

Looking high end isn’t enough. There’s a fair amount of recycled and lurid melodramatic storytelling on AppleTV dressed up in expensive product.

If you can recommend Invasion, we’re clearly not at all in the same market. What a boring and manipulative, derivative show with unsympathetic characters? I consider my attempt to get through the first season time lost that I won’t get back.

For All Mankind made some very poor choices in season two and doubled down on them in season three. I tapped out about half way through the third season and didn’t get back.

Ted Lasso season one is a gem. Season two was uneven. I hope it’s third (and reportedly final) season doesn’t follow For All Mankind into bizarre melodrama.

And that’s the story of too many of the shows on AppleTV. The creatives have a lot of freedom for good or ill. There’s a lot of self indulgent ill with huge production values.

Yeah we have different interests then. I meant for me the last thing I want to see is young adult werewolf series, recycled TV actors from 20 years ago, soccer and Transformers cartoons, and a whole bunch of cheap looking series stuff that looks like it’s broadcast TV. And I Unapologetically love both Invasion and For all Mankind. And foundation and severance are two of my favorite science-fiction series going right now.


I had Apple TV for 3 months free. There was a (crazy) deal if you have a Roku TV you got it free. I just couldn’t justify paying for yet another service, especially one I only wanted to watch a few shows on. But once that offer came up, I was in all in lol.

I binged it like nuts and watched every show I was always curious about like Ted Lasso, Morning Show, Severance, Foundation and All Man Kind. The last two I always planned to watch at some point being a big sci fi nut (duh) and I read the Foundation trilogy. And after I finished those I still had a lot of time left and got through a few more shows and movies. I have to say overall I liked all of it. Ted Lasso seems to be the big show everyone loves which is probably a tenth of what something like Foundation costs lol. But I also agree season one was better but liked both seasons for sure.

I was super excited For All Mankind and literally waited last to watch it. Overall I thought it was great! It was a great reminder why I miss Moore working on Star Trek. I love how grounded and realistic it felt. But I do have to agree, there was a little too much melodrama. I heard that complaint before I started watching and was prepared for it but overall loved every season. It was a slow burn but good IMO.

Now all that said, once I got through all the shows I wanted and watched a few more, I just didn’t have an urge to really watch anything else. I even went online and researched what other shows people really liked but most just didn’t appeal to me. And it bothers me there is just a lack of a library overall. Paramount+ doesn’t have a ton of new shows I want to watch but there are SO many movies now on it, it’s really worth the $50 annual fee lol.

After the deal on Apple TV which ended a month ago I had no urge to keep subscribing, I saw everything I wanted lol. I’ll subscribe again when one of those shows have a new season, but I’ll just wait until a season is over and binge it. That saves a ton of money! ;)

When Paramount+ struck that deal with Walmart that made plain what their aim was – middlebrow/middle American appeal. Honestly, from a business POV, that makes a ton of sense. Apple TV+ can be the new HBO because Apple doesn’t need it to be highly profitable, just something that enhances their brand and boosts the services sector. Ditto Amazon – Prime membership gets people to use Amazon more in general. Netflix is all in on streaming and had a huge head start. Paramount, Disney and Warner Bros have to be profitable faster and gobble up market share to make streaming work since they rely entirely on entertainment and media assets.

There’s usually something on it I enjoy. Between Ted Lasso, Severance, Mythic Quest, Slow Horses, For All Mankind, Foundation and Trying, plus their increasingly canny forays into mini series and movies, it’s not really bothered me paying for it. This year’s lineup is pretty solid.

HBO Max is now a mess but there’s still value there. I shared my Disney+ account to way too many people to cut them off. I did dump Hulu, refuse to upgrade Peacock, and probably will only do a month at a time for Netflix. Paramount+ I do only keep for Star Trek and a couple CBS shows I will never remember to watch live, plus 1923 is pretty great. But at one point I only had cable to watch UPN and Voyager, so I’m used to paying for Trek, even when it makes me mad.

You and I are in complete agreement.

And once a year for two or three months I’ll do the HBO Max Hulu package to binge watch/catch up on what I like there, but no way am I paying for an annual subscription.

I’ve watched a couple Star Wars things on Disney at my sisters house from time to time. Awhile back I did a free trial Disney to watch the horrible scarlet witch TV series — after seeing that “bad Bewitched reboot” I have no interest in marvel TV shows on that channel.

I’m a bit surprised to see my tweet in this article. Thanks for that :)

That was a great question — from his response, it sounds like, YES.

I hope they do bring Majel’s voice back some day. Its not super important, and I get why they haven’t done it, but the Starfleet computer just doesn’t sound right with any other voice.

Get over it, Computers can have different voices.

Majel will always be the best and definitive computer voice. You feel a sense of homeyness when you hear her voice throughout the various shows as the Fed/Starfleet computer. They need to get to work on a virtual voice now, ready for if they do a full blown 25th century live action series post-Picard S3. The Roddenberry estate mentioned doing this in 2016 so a tad disappointment it hasn’t been done these 7 years later. Technology is getting better and better, shame they don’t ask their ol’ buddies at Lucasfilm for a hand, the synthesised JEJ Vader voice used in Kenobi was spot on.


The Vader voice was also quite expensive to do and for a character that’s of more intrinsic value to its franchise than Majel’s computer voice which is sentimental for older fans more than anything. Don’t get me wrong, if it were my decision I’d work very hard to make it happen, but hiring an actor to do a VO for a minor role is infinitely cheaper. These shows have big budgets, but Matalas is right – they have their limits and Paramount does not have Disney’s pocketbook. Look at how much worse Picard’s attempts at de-aging look than The Book of Boba Fett’s, for example.

There must be plenty of voice actors in Hollywood. Surely they could find someone who sounds like Majel Barrett. Under the circumstances, close would be good enough.

“Or I could spend that on bringing back a legacy character” – sums up current Trek. Gotta get as many legacy characters in. God forbid we push the franchise forward

Hopefully, this is what Picard S3 will do. What with the new characters reported to be in the show, including La Forge’s daughter.

The fans want legacy characters. It is what it is. Read the boards and you will see that people want more legacy characters from DS9 and ENT. People want a Seven spin-off. People want a live action Janeway show. Fans basically were responsible for SNW due to seeing legacy characters. And when the franchise was pushing forward with shows like Discovery, fans didn’t want it.

I don’t want legacy characters, I want good writing. Discovery is very poorly written as was the majority of Picard S1 and S2. If the legacy characters come with bad writing attached, then that’s no better than Discovery. The cast of Discovery is fantastic but what they’re given to work with is such a shame.

Reading through the comments on these boards and others, you are in the minority. Most people do want to see legacy characters.

@PMW67 Oh, have you done a survey? Personally, I don’t want them adding legacy characters for the sake of it either – I want good writing and a compelling story.

Actually, Jack, I did say that “Reading through the comments…” sooooooo…. kind of an informal survey from what I have read. But I am sure that is Anthony put up a survey with the question: “Do you want to see legacy characters in New Trek? Yes or No” I am pretty sure you would have a resounding response from people saying yes.

I think if you put that poll on something like Star Trek.com, it wouldn’t be a contest. People wanting legacy characters would be 2-1 easily. TM may not be as wide but yeah I have no doubt it will be the majority. Not just the same 50 people who type here, I mean all the lurkers who reads it.

And look, everyone seems to want legacy characters, it just seems like there is simply a degree of how many and who they want that’s the issue. Just because you don’t want Kira, Data or Janeway back but still begging people to bring in Kirk and Khan (ugh) back means you still want legacy characters lol. I see this all the time. It’s just a matter of degrees or what era people are more interested in most of the time.

I can you give my own example. I was really excited when we heard Pike was coming on Discovery, but then really hated when I heard he was going to be in the entire season. I thought it would great to introduce Pike for 1-2 episodes but then move on to the original characters. Having him full time and so soon just felt like it was pandering of the worst kind. Now later I changed my mind on that, but the point it’s not black and white either. I can understand people who loved the idea of having Picard back but not wanting to turn it into a TNG reunion. I mean that was very naive lol, but I understand it. Again it’s just a matter of degrees. Some want to see 1 or 2 show up in an episode. Others want an entire show of old characters, which we are now getting on SNW, PIC and I suspect Prodigy too.

But everyone wants them, everyone. It doesn’t mean they don’t want new shows with new characters or won’t watch unless an old character is there, but it’s been made plainly obvious people get a lot more animated when they hear Seven of Nine or Spock is showing up in something again for a reason.

And I don’t pretend to be a hypocrite about it. Bring as many as you want, I don’t care at all, just as long as there is a good story for it.

I can tell you that’s certainly the case on YouTube lol. Every time there is a Trek video dealing with an old show or character, just read the comments section. It’s just people wanting this so and so character or actor back over and over again.

I certainly like to see characters back, we all do to a degree. And because there are so many legacy actors right now who could reprise their roles its easy to imagine basically anyone back these days.

“If the legacy characters come with bad writing attached, then that’s no better than Discovery.”

This, I find to be very true, Horizon. Good point. Picard has proved this, so far.

What would you consider well-written Star Trek?

Modern Trek is at fault for fans wanting legacy characters. We’ve been trained to want it after Picard, SNW and Lower Decks. Discovery was badly written from the start, with a terrible box-ticking cast, and so fans fell off that and just wanted what was familiar.

We’re Star Trek fans who loved a lot about the legacy shows. It’s pretty standard for any show or movie fans to want to see beloved actors reprise beloved characters. We can be distracted by something new and shiny (as happened with TNG-ENT), but I don’t subscribe to the idea that problems some of us had with Discovery drove us to demanding the old guard’s return (and don’t forget Discovery had multiple legacy characters in seasons 1 and 2). We’re always going to have a soft spot for the old shows and I’d wager there are few of us who wouldn’t cheer for more legacy actors to come back if they were given material worthy of them.

This is a big reason why I love the Berman era so much. Every show stood on its own. You have crossover story lines and characters at times, but that was mostly being in the same time and setting.

But I still remembered watching Emissary for the first time and that shot where the Enterprise D left the station and the camera then panned down to DS9. That was such a meaningful shot to me because it was basically saying ‘we know how much you love the adventures of those guys, but it’s time to focus on these new people now.’ I don’t think it was meant to be symbolic or anything but that’s how it felt to me. And I won’t lie, I really wanted that ship to come back in the next scene lol. Today DS9 is my favorite show, period. Because it was able to be it’s own thing. Yes PLENTY of old characters showed up and Worf became part of the show. But here’s the thing the ‘new’ characters made that show shine in a way no other show has since because it tried to be its own thing.

But I won’t lie, I do like most of the new shows, I’m loving stuff like SNW and LDS because yeah they are basically made specifically for nostalgia and old fans. That can’t be denied. SNW has six TOS characters as the main cast and then ANOTHER three recurring TOS characters on top of that (T’Pring, Sam Kirk and Robert April). And then they introduced Kirk and Sybok on top of that who will be recurring (I’m guessing anyway) in season 2. And if THAT isn’t enough nostalgia bait for you, they include a ‘new’ character who is related to Khan lol. I mean, yeah, if that’s not an overload of fan service I don’t know what is?

Now I’ll be fair, the recurring characters were only in 1 episode prior (and one literally showed up dead) so I don’t have an issue they are there and can really be developed. But the ‘Pike show’ is basically a TOS show…starring Pike. Let’s not kid ourselves. But I imagine more people are watching it due to that.

But as Star Trek fans, we can watch new characters with no issues. We had four previous shows that did in the Berman era and all still generally popular today. But for some reason, starting in 2009 with the Kelvin movies to now, there seems to be a fear of just doing something with completely new characters and NO attachments to the old ones. I keep saying this but I just suspect there are a lot of casual fans out there who only wants to pay for a show because Janeway or Kirk is in it and that’s probably the main issue. That and just having your shows made by fanboys themselves who grew up watching those former shows.

The fans want to live in the past forever. Do something different and they clutch their peals.

It is nostalgia and it is what brought shows like SNW and Picard season 3 to bear. Like it or not, the fans have their say. Like it or not, that is the reality of the situation. I think we all want good writing but I think the need to see legacy characters is stronger. It is a connection to tie it all together. Same thing with Star Wars… all their TV shows are based on legacy characters.

Most people who say they want good writing, wouldn’t know good writing if it hit them on the head. I feel people just say that when they don’t like the direction of the show.

IMHO SNW feels rehashed and under budget. At least Picard is trying new things with the senior citizens they replaced the cast with.

How does SNW feels under budget? Seems like it’s as big as the others.

Based on what it sounds like, we will see new characters too and they implied they would be part of the new spin off show if it happens.

But end of the day, they are going to get whoever they feel will get more people to pay. Maybe if it was free in America again like the old days it might be different. Either way this has been a thing since 2009 starting with the reboots and it’s gone strong in every show since.

For some reason it’s taking a while for me to get used to white hair on Worf!

It’s funny, I grew up with TNG when I was a kid. Now, when i rewatch the series I’m aware that most the cast are probably younger than I am now. While in real life they’re pensioner age and in some cases older than TOS crew in there final films? The passage of time is crazy and scary.

It a shame that fans keep having to tell the “professionals” that this stuff is possible after they make every excuse in the book to say it not.

The fans need to get lives. Just because something can be done doesn’t mean it Should be done.

Poor guy have to defend himself why he did’t resurrect dead voice over roles. I wouldn’t have given him the time of day, like Matalas did. Utterly absurd.

I agree. It’s absurd nonsense.

Yeah, that’s definitely not the shame here.

That was a great trailer. Paramount+ has come a long way from the early days of CBSAA.

Terry might be underestimating just how good even the lower end AI tech is and really, it wouldn’t be fabricating a very nuanced performance, it would have just been a few lines here and there from the computer. There is years of material from TNG that could have been fed into a program and replicated her voice perfectly.

Hopefully the clip will be available in Canada soon

I certainly wasn’t aware of this library” — and that Star Trek fans, is your showrunner. Something nearly every fan has heard about….

Jeez, come on.

First I’d heard of it.

I’ve heard of it but it wasn’t until a few years ago. She died in 2008. I don’t think this is some widely known thing and no one has ever really talked about it much. I mean I’m not even sure how true it actually is since no one has actually used it yet. So there must be a reason somewhere.

It does seem a little strange that Rod Roddenberry wouldn’t bring it up, considering he is an executive producer on all the new Trek shows. Then again, I have often wondered how actively involved he actually is or whether this is just a formal title for which he cashes a cheque and that’s all. Maybe he did already try to sell it to Secret Hideout years ago and it didn’t work out for whatever reason.

That’s the thing though, NO ONE in charge has ever brought it up AFAIK. It’s become one of these internet things where fans are clearly more focused on it than the production itself, which leads me to believe it’s probably not as simple as we’re assuming, if its real at all.

As far as Rod Roddenberry he’s probably just producer in name. I was shocked to even see him at Comic Con last year. But I doubt he has any clout or power. They may keep him up to date with their plans and he may be able to give his say on things but I don’t think anyone has to listen to it either. But could be wrong, I’m very good at being wrong! ;D

God, who cares about the computer voice. I wouldn’t care if Pee Wee Herman did the voice.

God, now I actually sort of DO want Pee Wee Herman to do the voice. Someone says the special word and the ship goes on red alert. Maybe an idea for Lower Decks

It worked surprisingly well in Flight of the Navigator…

“God, who cares about the computer voice. I wouldn’t care if Pee Wee Herman did the voice.”

Different strokes for different folks.

Oh yeah, it’s nice to see pacifist Worf meditating and drinking tea in that image. ;D

Majel should at least be the voice of the Enterprise computer if it pops up this season. Her son Rod Roddenberry is in charge of the Roddenberry estate and he’s an Executive Producer on Picard. Seems like they could have worked something out if it’s a rights issue.

That dude does nothing but collect a check. My dog could do his job as executive producer.

Video NOT AVALAIBLE on your location! Seriously, Paramount+???? I thought you expanded to my country too before I subscribed for 4 weeks…

The Paramount+ Twitter videos are all geoblocked to the US.

It’s exasperating.

It’s not as though their providers in every country run their own social media.

In principle, all the significant video content gets posted to the official site StarTrek.com. In practice, almost none of the short clips do.

It’s quite the opposite of a global outreaching IDIC ethos.

You’d think that someone at Paramount would get the message that they are offending their global fans, especially since the relatively low audience outside North America is one of the major challenges of the franchise in terms of profitability.

“Warp core breach, a lot sooner than you think.”

Why does anyone care about this? There were actual, real problems with the first couple of seasons, issues related to story, character, editing, pacing, but fans are really making an issue about a new voice for the computer. Mind boggling.

I think it’s mainly because it would have been incredibly easy to do at this point in time. There are years worth of Majel’s voice to train an AI with…and it’s a computer voice, so it’s doesn’t have to sound perfectly human. I think also the responses came off as a bit dismissive and condescending…but as someone else said, wait a few weeks after all the episodes have aired and I’ll bet someone will edit Majel’s voice into some scenes as a proof of concept.

I like Majel as the various incarnations of the computer voice. (‘Tomorrow is Yesterday”s version is fun!) But changing the voice make sense. It makes more sense then a lot of the other changes these later series have made. (I hat-, very much dislike, the windshield in the front of the bridge that apparently they must have now in every ship.)