Star Trek’s Next ‘Autobiography’ Is Coming From Captain Benjamin Sisko

Titan’s series of books focusing on different iconic characters from Star Trek will next delve into the life of Benjamin Sisko, from Deep Space Nine.

Sisko’s book

Due out later this year, The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko celebrates the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Like the previous four titles from Titan’s series, the new prose book is written from an in-universe perspective. According to the announcement, this new book will be exploring the “fascinating life of Starfleet’s celebrated war captain and Bajor’s Emissary of the Prophets—Benjamin Sisko.” The book is being written (“edited”) by author Derek Tyler Attico, a two-time winner of the Strange New Worlds writing contest and story contributor to the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game.

Here is the synopsis:

Discover the hidden history of his childhood and early career in Starfleet and the innermost thoughts of the man who discovered the Gamma Quadrant, made first contact with the wormhole aliens, and united Starfleet, Klingon and Romulan forces to defeat the Dominion Empire. See Sisko’s personal take on his confidants Lieutenant Dax and Major Kira Nerys, the enigmatic Garak, and his adversaries, Gul Dukat and Kai Winn, as well as his fatherly advice for his son Jake.

And here is the cover:

This is the fifth title from the Titan Books series that began in 2015 with The Autobiography of James T. Kirk. That was followed up with “autobiographies” from Jean-Luc Picard (2017), Kathryn Janeway (2020), and Mr. Spock (2021). The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko will be released by Titan Books later this year. It isn’t available yet for pre-order.

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I´m very excited for this!

Same here! Hope it’s well written! 🤞😃

It would be nice if they have a forward written by Jake.


Or even a foreword, for that matter! 😜

I would have even appreciated the entire thing being a biography written entirely by Jake, after the disappearance of Benjamin.

Great idea. Could have even gone with Jake editing it from Sisko’s journals and logs or with him finishing a book the elder Sisko started but never finished. Hopefully, the finished product will so good we won’t second guess the author’s decision to make it an autobiography.

Yes, agree 100%.

How about 10 forwards from Jake.

Something tells me the autobiography of Jonathan Archer is in our future!

I hope you’re right. Archer is the best Captain.


Have you ever heard of letting people be excited about something even if you’re personally not? If you haven’t, it’s something you obviously need to hear of.

Regardless, an Archer one would be really cool. It’s nice to see support for it.

A forum is to express opinions. Opinions are sometimes negative.

Then you ignore the comment you disagree with and express your negative opinion in a comment of your own. It’s that simple. I’m not an ENT fan but I will always uplift those who are instead of putting them down.

“You ignore the comment you disagree with and express your opinion in a comment of your own…” ? Why, just to spare the feelings of the poster? Disagreeing with someone is not being rude or insensitive. This is not how this works.

And others will be annoyed by it and say something. Especially when it happens repeatedly.

People becoming annoyed because other people disagree with them is the problem. They have to accept and respect other people’s points of vue. Like the discussion we’re having here. You say what you think, I disagree and reply with what I think. I’m not saying you’re wrong or that I’m right. At this point we just disagree. I’m not annoyed in the least and I hope you’re not too! IDIC…

Okay but now you just stated the point that I was admittedly poorly trying to make to begin with. Yes exactly, IDIC. Enterprise fans can co-exist with TNG fans, with TOS fans, with Kelvin universe fans! Trek is a huge franchise, people can like what they like and others can like what they do. There’s nothing wrong with that and I will defend their right to like what they do. Just like I will respect people who don’t like the things that I do.

Others can be excited for the things they want to see, like the person who originally posted this comment. I hope they get their Archer autobiography. I really hope they do.

However there is a huge difference between respecting the disagreeing opinion of others and being flat out dismissive and low-key being a donkey to them. I’ve been lurking for a long time and it’s a consistent problem among some people in the comment sections of articles on this website. Maybe the problem is how I interpret things. That’s why I said what I did to start with, we can be and should be nicer to each other. This is Trek.

After this, I’m done commenting on this particular thing.

Ok fair enough and I certainly agree that people should be nicer to each other, here and quite frankly, everywhere.

That dude needs to chill out – thanks for responding to him correctly.

Gritizens, of course I respect your opinion. RELAX! I hope to converse with you more in the future here

ps: Many, many, many times here I’ve had my “Joy of Star Trek Discovery Balloon” unceremoniously and sometimes rudely popped and stepped on. My response is to defend the show as best I can and not get personal or overly defensive about it

I know what you want; the autobiography of Michael Burham.

It would be 300 pages of tears and referring to her crew mates as “family.” 😁

Lol, yeah, I could see that

Only if it is ghostwritten by DC Fontana (emphasis on the ‘ghost’ part.)

Lol. At some future date, sure

At this point I’m guessing he’s next since they already did one of Janeway, Kirk, Picard and now Sisko. And he’s the only captain that became a Federation president so there would be some really interesting things to cover.

Where is he writing it from, the wormhole?

Yeah, my question too. Maybe it’s set before the finale or something.

As I recall, important tomes did seem to make it out of the “celestial temple” or wormhole–sacred tablets and whatnot. It seems like the Emissary of the Prophets could probably do the same. That’s definitely a stretch though!

“I know I abandoned my son and my pregnant wife with a vague promise that I would return in some nondescript way, but here, lemme spit out a book of memoirs while you wait for me.”

Lol, exactly. This is like a bad lower decks episode… Or a good one depending on your point of view lol

I’d love if the upcoming season of Picard addressed Sisko’s status. All you would need to do is give a throwaway line to Worf “It is good to see you again Captain Riker. I think the last time we saw each other was when we met on Bajor to welcome Captain Sisko back from the Celestial Temple. It was…strange.”

That seems like a very understated throwaway line for an event everyone wants to see actually happen.

Perhaps but we’ll never see Avery Brooks in anything Trek related again. Maybe we’ll eventually see another character from DS9 show up but the Sisko won’t be one of them.

Here’s how they fix this. In the autobiography we are going to learn that sacred tablets have always meant sacred tablet computers! And so his autobiography will be on a Microsoft Surface “Sacred Tablet” that is released from the celestial temple.

are the new comics canon? Because he’s back in those

This is very exciting. After a long silence, we are getting new DS9 related content on several fronts. Can’t wait for the return of The Sisko.

Amen to that! Returning to “The Sisko’s” fate is long overdue.

honestly if the sisko ever returned within an existing series i think dscovery would be best… the idea he could step out and it’s 700 years later is more impactful than just 25 years real time. or do it as a miniseries and they can do any timeline they want. he could actually pop in and out of all the trek timelines.

Wow. A while ago thought the same!? I agree. I imagine him confused and disoriented trying to reach DS9 or the Federation, not realizing he arrived at the wrong date.

Great idea!

Sisko and The Crusher: Traveling Adventures in Space Time

Love it!

But first, the Wormhole must be still there. But since the great Burn, many things changed

But Sisko and Discovery could work, yes. But What position he would take? We all began to love our Admiral and Capt Burnham and Crew. So what is Sisko’s role in all of this? Perhaps he has many knownlenght. But wenn he exit the Wormhole he could play an New Start truthfully. If Sisko is about to make an appereance and want to stay in Discovery, then the Show must change. But let’s see how the new Season turns out (the Direction)

I hope they do Archer next. He’s the best Captain.

And if my grandmother had wheels she’d be a wagon.

^ now that’s how to disagree with somebody on a Trek forum.



I mean, not the best at fighting…

…or diplomacy

…or at helping species who are sick and he has the cure

…or speeches

…arguably even dog ownership

But he’s certainly a Captain

Archer formed The Coalition of Planets, which was the biggest diplomatic achievement you could pull off getting former enemies to work with each other and would ultimately lead to the formation of the Federation. Can you tell me a captain that has pulled off a bigger diplomatic breakthrough…or one as long lasting?

Other than all that, he’s great…lol

And I’d argue that the pre-Federation group he set up pretty much fell into this lap…I’ll give him credit for not screwing it up, but it’s quite a stretch to give him the primary credit for starting the Federation…lol


Cool, so they let you bring your laptop with you when you transcend to the celestial temple! Who knew? Lol

That was exactly my thought as well. When was he supposedly to have written this?

Looking forward to getting a no-nonsense, firsthand account of becoming a non-corporeal, trans-temporal messiah figure.

With a forward penned by his good transcendent pal, Force-Ghost, Obi Wan Kenobi

Really enjoyed the Spock one. Haven’t read the other ones yet.

About time they got to my favorite Captain. I’m curious to see where the author ends Sisko’s story. Does it end after his defeat of Dukat and victory in the war with the Dominion or do we go past what was shown on screen and learn what happened after he returned from his time with the Prophets?

It doesn’t matter. I’ll buy it and read it regardless.

They could do this as a blank book, in tribute to how Sisko lays out his involvement in the skullduggery that brought the Roms into the war and then deletes the whole log at the end.

So the only traditionally printed part is the open that says, computer begin recording and the end where he says delete recording.

You have to have UV or some kind of secret decoder ring to read the 200 blank pages in-between.

The timeline for this is going to be interesting. I wonder if it’ll be something Sisko was writing out for Jake before he was taken by the Prophets. Or, on the flip side of things, the reader gets to the edge of canon and we find out that Sisko’s actually been back for a while.

I cant wait to read about his early days with Curzon Dax.