Watch Sneak Peek Of Final ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Trailer Coming During AFC Championship Next Sunday

We now know that the final trailer for season 3 of Star Trek: Picard will debut next weekend during the AFC Championship, which will air on CBS and stream on Paramount+ . Today they released a football-themed announcement promo.

The end is near

During today’s NFL playoff game between the Bengals and the Bills on CBS and Paramount+, they ran a promo announcing the final Picard season 3 trailer will run at halftime during the NFL AFC Championship Game on Sunday, January 29th, just as we predicted here at TrekMovie. You can watch the promo from social media below, which includes new footage presumably from the upcoming trailer intercut with some NFL football action.

The NFL AFC Championship Game starts at 6:30 PM Eastern on CBS and Paramount+. An extended version of the final trailer will likely be released later online.

Worf hasn’t let go of the Dominion War

In other Picard news, showrunner Terry Matalas revealed here on that the season 3 plot is tied into the fallout from the Dominion War in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and that Worf has a connection to this fallout. Today, Matalas dropped another clue on Twitter in response to a fan talking about how the Dominion War reshaped the galaxy. Matalas revealed Worf “never quite moved on from the Dominion War…”


The third and final season of Picard premieres on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly on Thursdays.

Picard streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S.A. It is distributed concurrently by Paramount Global Content Distribution on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories, and in Canada it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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There sure is a lot of dark leather going on. Gonna be some edgy stuff.

Idk, looks an awful lot like the material future Pike wore in the finale. So far, this looks good. Cautiously optimistic. Personally, i’m not so concerned with the story — story was always secondary when it came to TNG. I’m mostly going to be interested in the characters, their relationships, and the performances of the cast.

If they can do those things well, i’ll be very happy. I think the first two seasons had mixed results not because of the story, but because some of the character work was all over the place.

The main story idea in Seasons 1 and 2 were good enough but horribly executed and the characters poorly written. The story with Picard and his mother felt awfully forced and out of character. The Picard of Star Trek Picard does not resemble and older TNG Jean Luc, he is more a representation of Patrick Stewarts own wishes. It has done a great disservice to the character.

Story was secondary with TNG? I mean…no it wasn’t.

The story was always supposed to be well-thought out in terms of how it would affect its characters, but I would agree – it’s a plot-based show with some lingering characters arcs and varying degrees of character development depending on whether or not you are Worf, Picard, Data… or Beverly ;).

lol it’s crazy that people see things so differently when even the writers have talked about how the focus of the show was the characters and their relationships lol. OK, whatever you say

That doesn’t mean the stories didn’t matter. Writers, and actors say a lot of things – but the quality of the stories was essential.

Never said the stories didn’t matter, you just invented that.

“Plot” and “story” are not interchangable terms.

Yes, yes it was, and many MANY critics have pointed this out. TNG was a “character-first” show. The real meat of the episodes wasn’t the plot, it was how the plot affected the characters.

DS9 was more of a story-first show. Both are valid. But different.

I think there is more to the characters in DS9 on balance (even with it having longer story arcs) but it’s fair to say those from TNG are beloved by many in a way I’m not sure even the TOS characters are.

Though to be fair, that’s also probably generational. TNG/VOY/DS9 were the shows of my childhood. Ask someone who saw TOS first run and you might get a very different perspective.

Actually, I think you’re instinct is correct. TOS has some good character work to be sure, but it’s largely plot-driven, which is what early TNG tried to copy, but couldn’t successfully recapture, which is why Piller pivoted when he came on in Season 3.

I think people largely have misinterpreted my statement that “TNG is character-first / DS9 is story-first.”

The key there is FIRST. Ron Moore and Michael Piller have repeatedly spoken about how their FOCUS on TNG was the characters: each episode wasn’t about the plot, it was about a specific character, and how the plot affected them. The story wasn’t unimportant, but it was secondary.

As such, a lot of story flaws can be hidden or overlooked when the character work is really strong.

The reverse is LARGELY true of DS9. The story comes first, so weak character work can be easily obscured when the stories are really strong.

On the flip side, if the character work on TNG falters, the episode does too, no matter how good the story might be, and if the story falters on DS9, it rarely works, even if the character work is really strong.

DS9 has many exceptions though, particularly where it relates to Sisko, Odo, and oddly enough Quark. When episodes centered on them, the story often took a backseat.

I’d really like to see Star Trek move beyond vengeance. It’s been playing that same tired old tune for decades. It’s the theme of movies II, VI, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII and XIII, as well as Discovery season 1. Please–no more. Enough of that theme already. It’s become a trite cliche at this point.


Yeah, I didn’t mean to type that. :)

Revenge is never trite or cliche. Several of those movies were excellent. Do a story well and it doesn’t matter how many times the basic theme has been done before.

Revenge is never trite or cliche.

That’s not remotely true.

If I had a dollar for every time here that a fan totally oversold their position on a topic here by saying NEVER on something, I would be a rich man. lol

Nice job, cookie, you didn’t actually respond to what I had to say, instead using a clever deflection. Nice casual admission that you are wrong.

BTW, my only problem with your comment was you used the word NEVER. That doesn’t make any sense. Otherwise, I get your point.

Yeah, they can reuse all the classic tropes all they want. If it’s done well, who cares, and it will be new to someone else.

An action/adventure franchise like this is always going to come back around to having a villain. This complaint is getting old.

Coming back around to it first requires them to do something else for a significant period of time. There can be antagonists with different motivations than revenge. And we might actually miss a revenge story after a while, but first a few something elses have to come down the pike.

It has been a while. We’re just older fans with longer memories.

Or maybe this season’s just not for you. Can’t please everyone. See you on the other side.

I can’t say it isn’t for me because I haven’t seen it yet. But revenge is an overused motivation, not just in Star Trek but in all fiction.

Whatever. Cool story, man

Whatever right back at you, buddy.

I suggest contacting Paramount’s complaint department because I don’t have the slightest idea what you want me to tell you.

It was a comment. This is what comment sections are for. You don’t need to tell me anything.

Comments sections are for comments that make sense, ideally.

You forgot to end that with…or else ;) I agree though.

Someone at Paramount will see this, and then the next movie will be titled, Star Trek: Beyond Vengeance, but of course it will actually be another vengeance story. ;-)

Actually it will be called Beyond Vengeance’s Wrath!


It worked with TWOK because it made sense with the character and what we’d seen of him before — and Montalban sold the heck out of that. But really, he was just the catalyst for a great character study of Kirk.

But, yeah, every time I see a clip of Amanda Plummer from S3, it sure feels like a TWOK “Vengeance!” retread.

That ship shown was NOT the Titan A. From what I could tell it actually looked like Riker’s Titan a bit or something else. Flash back?

Pretty sure that was the Titan-A inverted. Like Top Gun.

Yeah you’re right. I watched it slower this time.

“They’re not trying to kill the quarterback!”
–Trip Tucker

Btw, Matalas teased “a familiar voice” saying “battlestations” when the Enterprise flies by. I can’t tell, but the only guess i’ve seen that seems to line up is Tony Todd.

Tony Todd and Sisko sound similar…………

I must have listened to that bit about a 150,000 times and the only person i think it sounds like is Barack Obama.

It sounds like Todd Stashwick, the actor who played “Deacon” on the show 12 Monkeys. Matalas was also the showrunner of that show and Todd is playing a Starfleet captain this season

Thanks for being all over all things Trek, even on a Sunday afternoon!! I was watching the Bills Bengals game and they introduced the preview of the trailer – unfortunately up here north of the border we don’t get to see US commercial or previews.

I was hoping you guys would be posting video and voila, there it is! Thanks so much!!

Haha I must be highly anticipating Picard S3 if I am getting worked up about missing a preview of a trailer. Feb 16th is almost here!

Ah yes. Two things that always go well together – Trek fans and Football fans.

Speak for yourself, but I’m a fan of both! (Though if I was forced to chose, Trek would win hands down).

There’s definitely no reason they shouldn’t.

Picard squares off against his most powerful adversary yet!
Father Time! We draw the line here! No further!!

It’s always so lame when they have like a trailer for a trailer. This is so Matalas though…lol

or this is soooo…. Big Bang Theory!


They do know Trekkies don’t watch sports right? I’ve never watched a fooot ball game in my life.

Certainly validates my view of the NFL as endless commercials punctuated by a few football moves here and there. Once Tom Brady retires I’m probably going to stop watching football altogether. Soccer is in every way the superior sport!

Could they PUHLEEZE bring a camera into the venue where the match is being played? The whole geosynchronous orbit thing is getting a bit monotonous…..

I agree that Association football is vastly superior to American football. Just for the lack of commercial breaks during the run of play alone. I find our American version plain unwatchable.

I have played and watched sports all my life while enjoying every single offering of Trek ever made. Not all Trekkies are cast members of Big Bang Theory.

I just find all sports to be boring so I never wasted my time watching it. Not a nerd, I just don’t have any interest in watching grown men play with balls.

Duel of the Gatekeepers.

LOL, yeah!

Unlike grown men watching middle-school comedy cartoons and saying it’s the best Trek ever.

Yes, ok… we all know you don’t like Lower Decks.

More like grade school…

Yep, lol

Considering you and ML31 behave like grade schoolers, it should be right up your alley!

Wow. Some people can’t handle differing opinions from their own. To them it’s “bullying.”


Wow, you and ML31 resorting to bullying. Why am I not surprised. Most Trekkies got bullied as kids just for being fans of “that nerdy show” now you’re picking on fans of Prodigy? Seriously? I’m embarrassed for you.

I watched pro baseball and football very religiously from ages 10 to 14 (got into TREK at age 12 when TOS went into syndication), and got very good at doing my own sportscasting of games by memorizing player numbers. And Little League is where I learned everything about how political the world was — we were in first place till the dad of a guy on another team who was the league president started umpiring our games and calling me out on strikes with pitches that bounced on home plate — and also learned that with the right help, a total klutz could still turn into a good hitter and overall player. Those lessons sound very contrary, but help explain why I think of THE BAD NEWS BEARS as a documentary, and also have innate belief in self that doesn’t owe to higher powers and suchlike.

But then as little league wrapped up, I realized I enjoyed the Football highlights films more than the games themselves, largely because of how they were scored like movies. I also started playing music against actual games, just to see how the action lined up with the music, and before I knew it, I was shooting super-8 film, just to have something to show against music. Sports totally back-ended me into a lifelong fascination with films and filmmaking.

Except for a Super Bowl with the Bengals when I was 20 or so and had a bet on the outcome, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a whole game again (and while I saw 200 baseball games at Candlestick Park as a kid — was there when Willie Mays got his 3000th hit and also was at the game where Mays and Bond collided and Mays still somehow caught the ball with glove up over the homerun fence — the last time was when Ed Halicki threw a no-hitter in the late 70s.) Since I stopped eating meat during the 80s, wouldn’t know what to do at a ballpark, since half the fun was the steamed hot dogs.

Interesting post! Whenever I hear about Candlestick park, I think of the 1989 Earthquake. I was actually watching the game (game 3 of the World Series). Not sure why, as I’m not a baseball fan, especially since our beloved Expos left and the jerk owner Loria and his BS-ing step-son screwed the Montreal fans with their lies and took the team away to D.C… But I digress.

Yeah, I was actually watching that game too!

I started seeing games there right before they put in the right field bleachers. Man, it was so insanely cold, because there was no windbreak at all, it was just wind off the bay direct and uncut. I think this is what led that one pitcher to be blown off the mound while making his delivery in an early 60s allstar game (they called a balk!)

One other memory — the one time I went with my school in 1970 we weren’t in box seats, we were out in the left field bleachers. We had binocs and could see some weird dugout scuffle at the start of the game, apparently Mays and the manager (was it Clyde King?) started shoving and punching. Anyway, it was the longest game I ever saw – 15 innings, 17-16, Padres winning on a home run by a guy who only hit one four-baggerall year long (i think he bounced it off the right field foul ball pole.)

I love my Candlestick memories. Went to tons of games there from 81-99. Was at the 2nd to last game there (final game was sold out fast). At Game 5 of the ’89 LCS when they won the Pennant. Had tickets to the game 3 of the WS in 89 (the earthquake game) but sold them and got game 5 tickets thinking “They won’t get swept”. Boy was I wrong. Was there in ’85 when they lost 100 games but in one glorious game against the Reds they scored 6 in the bottom of the 9th to win.

Anyway… Sorry to get a little sidetracked but you brought up the ‘Stick and I was compelled.

Ooh, so harsh (grown men play with balls) /s

Is being a fan of sports any stranger than being a fan of completely fictional stories that have no bearing on reality?

Love when people frame not being a fan of something as a form of superiority.

I never said I was your superior. You implied it, not me. :)

Yeah, you and I both know that’s not what happened. Sorry you got picked last.

Don’t be jealous 😊

Yeah, some do, but not in my circles. At least we can watch it online after.

I’ve seen this said here and all over social media, and I’ve gotta say, it doesn’t ring true for me at all. The biggest Trek fans I know are also huge football fans. Same goes for me.

That’s been my experience as well. Maybe 40 years ago that was the case?


I discovered Trek and the Dodgers at about the same age.

Speak for yourself, but I’m a big football and baseball fan. Granted, I can’t imagine the majority of Trekkies being sports fans – but we do exist!

I’m personally a guy who loves both Trek and the NHL. Will follow baseball and football.

Sorry, but I do watch sports… just not American Football. I watch soccer (our football) here in Europe all the time. I even used to go to the stadium until a decade ago.

Well, no. YOU don’t watch sports. And don’t people realize that the commercial is aimed at the general public, not at Trekkies (Trekkies are going to watch S3 regardless)? That’s precisely the point, they want to attract viewers that are not necessarily Star Trek fans, and America loves its football, so what better place to put a Star Trek commercial?

Exactly. As I said elsewhere here, this is done all the time for Marvel, SW and DC stuff. We should be glad that Trek shows now rise to the level where they get this type of marketing — to expand the audience.

Why would a general public viewer want to watch season 3 of a show they don’t usually watch?

You’ve never started watching a show from the latest season, to later-on watch the previous seasons? If they see the commercial for S3 and find it interesting, they’re going to watch S3, not start with S1…

Nope. The same way I would never start reading a book in the middle.

This season on Picard is different given it’s like a final season of TNG, and I’m sure the TV commercials will market it that way. That’s why.

I love both baseball and football. And anyway, how often do a bunch of friends go to the bar for beer and wings on a Sunday afternoon to watch the latest Trek show?

Well, the expanded set of DSC fans do in do this some, though perhaps not on a Sunday afternoon specifically. I have provided a couple of examples below. While some here make fun of me when I provide my convention observations in relation to when I say that DSC has grown the audience of the franchise, but here is another example beyond my convention observations that support this:

Example 1
Event by Priority One: McHale’s Bar & Grill (Duration: 4 hr)
We’ve been waiting (and planning) for this since we got that first glimpse of the reimagined NCC-1701…no bloody A, B, C or D…in the DISCO S1 finale! And now the date has finally been set.
NYC Area Trekkies rejoice as we all come together to celebrate the return of Star Trek: Discovery on January 17th!
The second season of Star Trek: Discovery premieres Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019 at 8:30 PM, ET/5:30 PM, PT on CBS All Access in the United States.
with raffles during the breaks

Example 1
For the season premiere of Star Trek: Discovery season 3, Little Cinema created a digital immersive experience based in the world of the show. 
Following the screening of the first episode, each guest was welcomed into the sci-fi multi-room after party which included a DJ set, a talent fireside chat, a bar with an Orion lounge singer and human bartender, and a cosplay room with a live host commentating on cosplay submissions from Star Trek fans around the world. 

They do know Trekkies don’t watch sports right?”

This…just isn’t accurate at all.

Some Star Trek fans despise sports, others like me love sports . Personally that includes both football (NFL and CFL) and futbol or soccer, NHL hockey and both IndyCar and F1 auto racing.

That said, I agree with the post that said Trek fans like us are going to see the trailer no matter what – meanwhile millions will be watching the AFC Championship game, so why not promote Picard to the mainstream audience too.

Ultimately, the fanbase is very diverse or as Spock would say… IDIC.

The trailer for… a trailer. C’mon, brotha…

That’s what I was about to say. Still, I suppose we should be grateful that they’re marketing this one properly, unlike nearly all the Star Trek movies. Good music, too.

Yeah, as lame as someone whining that they own a topic here just because they said it first…lol

Come on now. In a day or two, there’ll be a frame by frame analysis, and some of the more sensitive types here will be railing about how Kurtzman is destroying their childhood…again.

…with you overreacting to them again as well? ;-)

….and yet, deep down, you know I’m right.


At least it can be seen in Europe too!

I’m worried — Patrick Stewart’s voiceover sounds like the poor dude is running out of breath and sort of “whispering loud” rather than projecting his once commanding voice; and he just looks so much older than in S1 just three years ago.

I love the guy, but I am actually concerned for him — perhaps it’s time to retire and not work so hard?

The guy is 83 years old. I mean I remember from my own grandfather how energetic he was until his mid 80s and after that he all of a sudden just stopped so the body naturally slows down. Patrick Stewart seems to be one of those people who wants to do what he loves until the end and we should appreciate him for that.

Sure, I do appreciate him immensely. I’m just not sure it’s wise, and I’m also not sure it’s looking that convincing on screen. Hopefully I am wrong through, but in S2 he looked so frail (unlike S1)

You are being very unkind here, not to mention ageist and ableist. He does not look any different than he did in season 1. You are projecting because you dislike the show and Matalas.

Who’s the one creating a special new name so they can personally insult someone else here? Is that behavior being kind and likable?

And I’m sensitive myself to that unwarranted charge because there is another person here who uses ageist insults to frequently compare me to his “elderly uncle.” — that’s ageism at it’s worst. And not only that, but I am approaching 60 myself and I’m personally dealing with keeping my job viable at my age at work.

I love Patrick Stewart. But I guess I’m not allowed to objectively assess his performance in season two and this trailer and make a comment that I’m concerned about his ability to play Picard much longer given how much healthier and active he looked and sounded in season one just three years ago — without (I assume) one of the regulars here creating a new identity specifically designed to personally and unfairly insult me.

Again, he isn’t physically wrestling with the Borg or speeding around in a dune buggy anymore, he’s playing a 90 year old man. He doesn’t even need to be one of the best actors of his generation to pull that off, so… bonus! I just don’t understand the “convincing” argument when it’s an actor playing close to their own age, or in this case, older.

Look, I think he will do just fine as you suggest with this approach, but it is an obviously much more action packed season three, so (my opinion) so I do have some concerns given what I saw in season two.

Really my main comment is concern for him and my hope that he will not do the rigors of a TV series AFTER THIS SEASON so as to preserve his health and lifespan. He did not look so good in season two and his VoiceOver does not sound so great in this trailer — that’s just my personal opinion — feel free to disagree. IDIC

It’s not really up to me to disagree. I’m not him, his doctor, his wife, or his children, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to project anything on him as to what I think he should physically be doing at his age, including working as the lead on a tv series.

No, what I said was:

He did not look so good in season two and his VoiceOver does not sound so great in this trailer — that’s just my personal opinion — feel free to disagree.

It’s a cop out to say you can’t agree or disagree with this statement, as this statement was NOT about you projecting on whether he should do another lead on a series. And both Jai and BMAR here agreed with this statement of mine in regards to his voice.

I assumed that was connected to the sentence directly preceding it since they were part of the same paragraph, where you said you didn’t think it was good for Stewart’s health to keep working the way he has been, and I’m not comfortable doing that. Yes, his voice is more frail than it used to be. Obviously.

OK, no worries. Thanks

Exactly. Well said alphantrion. Extremely grateful at his age, he is doing this for the fans, to spend time with friends.

The only thing was a challenge to watch, was child/mom story. Something not to expected as a fan. But pushed by Sir Patrick as a must in order to return to his role. This I’d something very important for him as a person, not necessary for the character. The story doesn’t match the Jean Luc we remember.

Nothing is perfect. So glad he is back and a new STNG Reunion coming soon!

Extremely grateful at his age, he is doing this for the fans, to spend time with friends…Nothing is perfect. So glad he is back and a new STNG Reunion coming soon!

I completely agree!

I’m worried — Patrick Stewart’s voiceover sounds like the poor dude is running out of breath and sort of “whispering loud” rather than projecting his once commanding voice; and he just looks so much older than in S1 just three years ago.

I suspect it’s because of long-term effects of Covid. I have older relatives around the same age as Patrick Stewart, and exactly the same things happened to them, even when the infections were mild overall (the multiple vaccinations and booster shots also made sure those infections didn’t get worse, of course). But for quite a while, it had the same ongoing effects on their voices and physiques (PatStew also looked noticeably thinner on PIC, beyond the normal age-related muscle loss).

Fortunately, like my relatives, Patrick Stewart’s voice etc should eventually recover, assuming this hasn’t happened off-screen already.

For further context: I recently saw a 2019 documentary series here in the UK where Stewart provided the narration/voiceover, and it was his usual recognisably rich, commanding voice. He has also given the voiceover in an exaggerated booming voice for some amusing new British commercials (sounds like he has indeed recovered now). So given the pandemic between late 2019 and 2022, it’s pretty likely Covid was the reason for the things you’ve correctly noticed.

Unfortunately, I suspect it’s not the long term effects of COVID. I work in the television industry and was fortunate to do a voice over session with Sir Patrick several years ago, before the pandemic. Even at that point, his voice had the qualities we’re hearing now. If the series that you watched was the one I produced (it aired in the US and UK) we had to do a lot of work on his voice to make it sound close to the tone it had when he was younger.

Everyone’s voice changes as they get older, and as others have pointed out, he’s in his 80’s. Gotta give him respect, though, for still being at it, as his age.

If the series that you watched was the one I produced (it aired in the US and UK)

The series I watched was called “The Ideas that Changed the World”. It was very good.

Yep. That’s it – it was actually called “Breakthrough: The Ideas that Changed the World.” And thanks…

I work in the television industry and was fortunate to do a voice over session with Sir Patrick several years ago, before the pandemic. Even at that point, his voice had the qualities we’re hearing now. If the series that you watched was the one I produced (it aired in the US and UK) we had to do a lot of work on his voice to make it sound close to the tone it had when he was younger.

Well said. For me, I noticed the change was pretty significant between S1 and S2 of Picard. So I think you and Jai might BOTH be correct — COVID could have made his natural voice change in older age accelerate.

I also noticed a fairly significant voice change for Nimoy doing Spock in Into Darkness versus Trek 2009. I suspect that’s because his COPD was getting worse.

I think commenting on this stuff shows our love for the characters and actors and concerns for their health and lifespan. Fans who want to bury their hands in the sand and say we are being callous are just off base.

Everyone except William Shatner, it seems.

Thanks, Jai. It’s good to have an intelligent conversation over something we both have noticed here that is rather obvious to any objective person paying attention to his performance. That makes a lot of sense.

Next up there will probably be a trailer for a trailer for a trailer…. I mean really?

Was it really necessary to mix football into the trailer?

Yeah, that’s as bad as like if they mixed cartoon characters into an ep of SNW. ;-)

Seriously, this is done all the time for Marvel, SW and DC stuff. We should be glad that Trek shows now rise to the level where they get this type of marketing — to expand the audience.

At least they didn’t mix Beastie Boys into it…

Lets see. The segment promotes a sports broadcast, and a streaming show. So, yes, it was.

I love football, been watching the Bills for over 40 years. I also love Star Trek. As to the trailer, why are the ship interiors so damn dark? Until Discovery came along ship interiors were well lit. How can the characters even see the control panels? Also must we have yet again another revenge story? TNG had many well-written episodes with dramatic story telling and great acting that utilized creative story telling in a science fiction setting. Very few dealt with madmen bent on revenge. And finally yes, Picard seems old and his voice feeble. I know he’s playing a character in his 90s, but I too miss his firm authoritative voice. I will watch all ten episodes of season 3, but having been twice burned with the first two seasons I’m not optimistic.

The dark interior thing actually started with the TNG movies.

My condolences, that was an unexpected outcome last night.

Please not another remake of Star Trek II. Way too many Khan remakes.

Okay but how does the plot tie into fallout of the Dominion War? I don’t see any connections at all in any of the stuff released for it so far. Where is this connection?

Federation/Picard Abandoned Planet/Colony to the Dominion/Cardassians during the war for strategic reasons. Artrocities ensued.
Survior wows revenge against the Federation for abandoning them.

Being European I never got into American Football. It still puzzles me why it is even called “football” if you run around with that ball under your arm most of the time. Soccer is the only football that has the ball played with their feet :-) An ocean of differences, I know…

It’s probably closer to accurate to say that gridiron football is the football where the ball spends the smallest percentage of the time being played with the feet of the players, because a) these aren’t the only two sports called “football” and so b) there’s a spectrum of sports between the two.

Yet Rugby is not played on a throw carpet, Cricket doesn’t involve noise-making insects, Badminton is not a failed coin-making facility, and Pickleball has nothing to do with fermented/seasoned cucumbers.

Worf’s wife died during the war, maybe he hasn’t gotten over it.

Maybe, but her death was only sort of connected to the war.

Only thing is the leather glove wearing pantomime villain with the emo haircut out for vengeance with bigger and badder ship trope, not feeling that.

Other than that seems to follow the dark tones of Nemesis as expected for an action adventure trying to tap into a general audience market.

Some press reports have been very favourable at screenings, but fans have a better eye for these things…looking forward to it!!

‘Emo hair cut?’

What is it with Americans and hair?

(I lived several years of grad school in the US and I still don’t get the valences placed on male hair.)

And…As far as I can infer, the villain isn’t even intended to be male-presenting, and they’re not human.

Valences? I remember that from chemistry class.

I looked it up, still don’t know what it means, outside of the chemistry relation. I was waiting for you to ask what it meant… I didn’t want to display my vocabulary deficiencies… Then again I believe our friend TG47 may be a Brit living in Canada, from his/her previous posts, and you know those Brits, they speak crazy…

Agreed. Maybe it’s a typo?

At the risk of having everyone jump down my throat, I kind of lost interest in DS9 after the first few seasons, and never really went back to it. I know it’s a fan favorite, and there’s something about it that probably escaped me back when it first aired. All that said, all this talk of The Dominion war figuring heavily in this season of Picard has me concerned. I’m hoping that the writers don’t presume that all viewers have an in-depth understanding or memory of what The Dominion War was all about and don’t lean too heavily on it, and at least give us what we need to know to keep up.

It’s also nearly 25 years since it ended, so I hope the show reflects that…

In other Picard news from this weekend, Showrunner Terry Matalas revealed here on that the season three plot is tied into the fallout from the Dominion War from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and that Worf has a connection to this fallout. Today, Matalas dropped another clue on Twitter responding to a fan talking about how the Dominion War reshaped the galaxy, with Matalas revealing Worf “never quite moved on from the Dominion War…”

A few guesses:

1. Like a lot of people on Matalas’s twitter feed have speculated, it’s possible this specifically has something to do with Worf losing his wife Jadzia.

2. The emotional stress of the various things Worf went through on DS9 (not just Jadzia’s death, but the other stuff too) may have taken a long-term psychological toll on Worf, causing his hair to prematurely turn white (and, potentially, causing him to reevaulate his attitude to a lot of things in life in general).

3. Someone upthread mentioned the trailer includes a voice that sounds a lot like Tony Todd. Maybe Kurn is going to resurface on PIC, possibly in an adversarial position to Worf, and possibly involving what Worf eventually did to Kurn on DS9 (especially if Kurn has now regained his memory). Or Worf has had a lot of time to think about all this and he feels very guilty about his actions.

4. The Romulans have found out about Sisko’s “Pale Moonlight” conspiracy that tricked them into joining the war against the Dominion. Since this probably caused the deaths of millions of Romulans, Worf has either had an honour-based guilt-trip about it or, as one of Sisko’s senior officers, he’s falsely implicated in the plot even though he actually had nothing to do with it.

5. The fallout of the Dominion War has had some major consequences for Martok and/or Alexander, which would obviously impact Worf personally.

To be quite honest. I hope it’s not the 4th because it has literally nothing to do with the TNG cast (with the exceptions of Worf himself and Deanna Troi since it was her own homeworld being invaded that prompted Sisko’s plot.) Any fallout for that is better left on a show about the cast of DS9. [If anyone needs to help Worf clear his name, it needs to be the people actually closer to that situation, or Garak himself.] Also if the Romulans are finding out now, they’re really behind. With how the Tal Shiar is, I’d think they would have already learned.

This is interesting. Sisko really didn’t like Picard when DS9 started, and blamed him for the death of his wife.

I can imagine that if Picard cares for Romulans, Picard might be sour about this kind of revelation about Worf and Sisko.

We know that in P3, Riker is at odds with Picard. It could very well have to do with Worf’s relationship to this. Maybe Riker is taking Worf’s side, and Picard would rather sacrifice Worf to something….

Building from there, the Shrike makes more sense. Maybe Vadic’s revenge is not squarely for Picard, but for Sisko.


That’s a different situation though. Ben lost Jennifer as a direct result of Picard’s actions. Ben was not blaming a third party that had nothing to do with it.

If she’s looking for revenge for that, she needs to go straight to somewhere like. Hmm. Maybe Deep Space Nine itself. Or Worf himself directly if she’s looking to blame him. There’s also nothing stopping her from turning her anger onto the Gamma Quadrant and the people in it.

I can imagine that if Picard cares for Romulans, Picard might be sour about this kind of revelation about Worf and Sisko.

We know that in P3, Riker is at odds with Picard.

I’ve wondered about this too. I vaguely remember there was a TNG episode where the dialogue explicitly made a point about Riker’s skill in lateral thinking and outside-the-box solutions (or words to that effect). Given the extreme circumstances that caused Sisko to cross the Rubicon with his, shall we say, “unconventional” Pale Moonlight plot*, you can imagine Riker understanding Sisko’s motives and (grudgingly) taking his side, despite having very mixed feelings about it all. However, as you’ve noted, Picard would probably have a very different reaction to the revelations. An angry difference of opinion between Riker and Picard in this situation is certainly feasible.

(*With a lot of devilish encouragement from Garak, of course. Sidebar: I suspect some of those scenes were inspired by the famous “Chicago Way” dialogues in “The Untouchables”, when Sean Connery’s character was debating with Kevin Costner’s Elliot Ness about exactly how far Ness would be willing to go to defeat Al Capone. There’s a *lot* of similarity between the scenes. Great stuff).

I still get chills when I recall seeing The Untouchables as a kid. Time for a revisit!

I’m not entirely convinced that in the context of an existential war Picard wouldn’t condone Sisko’s actions in ‘In the Pale Moonlight’. Picard is a principled idealist, but I don’t think he’s oblivious to the idea that there could be a time for moral compromise. Though there’s also the fact that he refuses to leverage Hugh to destroy the Borg, albeit that’s a much greater assault blowing up one ship.

So who knows? The writers I suppose, should they decide to explore it.

Considering the wide swath of destruction the Dominion War inflicted on the Federation, it really hasn’t been treated as much more then an afterthought on the content produced since DS9 left the air.

I’m not understanding where people think Tony Todd’s voice is coming in (although I would stand up and cheer were Kurn to return).

What I think I hear is Michael Dorn saying “something is coming.” Now it doesn’t have Dorn’s (former) radio announcer resonance, but it’s so hard to be sure since all of them are getting to the point where age impacts voice quality. (I hate it when I hear it in my own voice TBH…)

If Joe Burrow doesn’t make a cameo on THE FINAL SEASON, I’m going to feel cheated.

this is just a trick to get us to watch football.
don’t fall for it

Why release a trailer for a trailer?

Did Riker just slip in a little The Doors reference at the end? Well played sir.

Hey Matalas! I know you read this site for kicks….RELEASE THE SISKO!

yay ds9… i really hope we get a new show in this era of picard. feels like there’s so much material out there.

Today, Matalas dropped another clue on Twitter responding to a fan talking about how the Dominion War reshaped the galaxy, with Matalas revealing Worf “never quite moved on from the Dominion War…

Hey Alex, any chance you guys can lock Terry in a room for four weeks with no smartphone or internet…with of course a nice couch, an Uber Eats unlimited account, and a huge Trek blu-rays collection with a dumb TV. ;-0

Looks like Amanda Plummers character has a bit of a dying Shinzon about her, especially with the veins popping out her face

Clone Sister

I am concerned about her character — the more I watch it the more “cardboard bad guy out for revenge” it looks.

I still don’t think Worf should be as old has he looks.

I think they made the entire cast look too old — including Plummer. This was obviously a deliberate choice given Hollywood make-up could have easily made all them look 10 years younger instead.

I don’t think I should be as old as I look. ;)

I Kinda feel like there is not a lot of overlap among audiences for these two events.

I know I won’t be tuning into a game I have no interest in just for a trailer I can see on line likely moments after it airs.

And this is really an Official Trailer? Oh Boy they really need that Money to burn

Is this a teaser for Picard or a teaser for a Football game?


Reading through these comments, so many of the gatekeeping type comments and statements and overanalysis remind me why I largely avoid reading the comments these days. Some people have too much time, and too little going on to occupy their minds.

Another ridiculous ‘possible alternative timeline story’ where the Buffalo Bills are in the AFC championship game?

Thinking about it. The only thing about the Dominion War that I want to see is Worf working through his emotions when a Vorta shows up to say that the Dominion has finished licking its wounds, Odo won the argument, and they want to be friends now.

Jeffrey Combs please! But I won’t get my hopes up there. I’ll take any Vorta as long as I get to see them again.