Watch: Final ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Trailer Reveals New Characters And A Warning To Trust No One

Paramount+ today debuted the official trailer for the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard during the AFC Championship Game airing on CBS and streaming on Paramount+. You can watch the extended version of the trailer below. Paramount+ has also released a new poster, new synopsis, and details on two new characters.

New Trailer

[International version available at]

NOTE: TrekMovie will have a special trailer breakdown report soon, so check back for that.

New Synopsis

In the epic, thrilling conclusion of Star Trek: Picard, a desperate message from a long-lost friend draws Starfleet legend Admiral Jean-Luc Picard into the most daring mission of his life, forcing him to recruit allies spanning generations old and new. This final adventure sets him on a collision course with the legacy of his past and explosive, new revelations that will alter the fate of the Federation forever.

New Characters

The trailer revealed two new season three cast members. Ed Speleers (Outlander, You, Downton Abbey) appear as a series regular. Paramount+ didn’t provide a name for the character, but he “aids Beverly Crusher’s medical efforts on worlds Starfleet has forgotten.”

Ed Speleers

The other new character is played by Todd Stashwick (12 Monkeys, Riches ). Again there is no character name but the announcement confirms Stashwick plays the captain of the U.S.S. Titan-A and he will have a recurring role.

Todd Stashwick

Sir Patrick Stewart returns in the titular role of Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Joining him in season three are his TNG costars LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner. And returning from seasons one and two of Picard are Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd.

New Poster

Finally, here is the official poster for Picard season 3, which adds Ed Speelers’ character to the mix with the other previously announced characters.

The third and final season of Picard premieres on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly on Thursdays. It will debut on Friday, Feb. 17 internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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Looks good I just hope it’s as great as S1 and S2 which where fantastic.

I must have seen a different show during season two because it was a serious dumpster fire.

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, of course you could do better.

Actually I could do better than season 2.

I think you could!

I think you could too

I highly doubt it, you haven’t shown much ability to string intelligent words together on here, let alone write drama.

The comments section of Trek fan sites is where the drama is.

Well said. It’s too bad that dude had to do a personal attack on me just because Trekutopia and I were sharing a little humor here. That’s just sad and immature.

You know, this kind of uncalled for gaslighting and bullying just goes to prove how much not an Alpha or even less a Predator you are, BettaPrey.

Don’t be so mean to AlphaPredator!

Bullies must be opposed.

Yeah, season 1 and especially season 2 were pretty awful.

In your opinion.


The writing was unquestionably poor, not a matter of opinion. Poor writing is not a subjective thing, writing can be evaluated. Now, that doesn’t mean people can’t enjoy it….there is no shame in that. I have enjoyed lots of poorly written or executed productions. Sometimes there is just something we can connect with and overlook the weak spots. Personally, I couldn’t do that with either Season of Picard though. Cautiously optimistic about Season 3.

Very poor writing in Season 2. They’d better have better writers and directors for this final season! This is, after all, the last direct link to Gene Roddenberry’s creation. TOS and TNG were “created by”; all the rest are “based on”.

Maybe lay off the drugs.

Must have. No idea why you’re here talking about a different show then. We’re here to talk about a show we enjoyed.

Remember Guinan’s actual genie bottle for summoning Q? Remember when they got the same actors to play unrelated characters like Laris/Tallinn and never found a way to make it make sense visually? Remember when they cast that guy from VOY Relativity who was not at all related to the guy he played in PIC even though the season was all about time travel? Remember Borgati taking time out of her plan to sing a song? Remember how nothing really made any sense plot-wise?

It honestly feels like a fever dream thinking back on it.

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Another time I wish there was a like button here!

Still DELICIOUS after all these years!

“Pepperidge Fahm Remembahs”

Aren’t those the ones who used to make that delicious, rectangular cake with thick, dense, creamy frosting on the top and even creamier between the layers? Chocolate, vanilla… of course this was in the 80’s or so, so they were probably made with toxic ingredients, but quite frankly I don’t even care. This was in Canada, I don’t know about the US…

Whenever it starts to blur in my memory and I soften even a little bit, all it takes is even a cursory list of the billion bizarre choices made to bring all that bullshit back into focus. How did that even get made? :D

I’d just like to point out that about 3/4ths of those problems are with directing, not writing. It’s not a given that writers know who’s going to be cast in what role or have any say over the casting process.

You can certainly blame the showrunner but I wouldn’t call most of those things objectively bad writing even if they are questionable choices.

You thought it was but Christoper enjoyed it. It’s your opinion, not fact. Not sure if you understand that.

Season one was fan fiction written by a 12 year old. Season 2 started out with two and a half good episodes followed by a garbage fire.

One and a half good episodes, homeboy!

I too disliked Season 2, but this hyperbole is ridiculous.

Why do people feel the need to pile on when someone liked something? And why when someone doesn’t like something, do those people feel the need to bang on about it repeatedly over and over forever, as if a show commits a cardinal, unforgivable sin for not being great?

Opinions are fine, you can express them, but for some reason those who dislike Picard especially seem dim as a 5 watt bulb, unable to have any though in their brain other than “PURE GARBAGE!”

Literally, I’ve seen various comments sections here and elsewhere, where someone will talk about Star Trek, not even Picard, but all the comments are “PICARD SEASON 2 SUCKED!”

And the crazy thing? Those people, like Upper/NormanDecks are actually proud of themselves and beaming with joy over their asinine commentary.

What a sad post. Trektopia and I were having fun with a humorous response to BRIAN’s “bitch, bitch, bitch,” comment, and we didn’t even start that thread Grow up please and stop with the unwarranted personal attacks.

It was obviously both of us having some fun with the topic. Sheesh.

Stop picking on AlphaPredator!


And who are YOU to go on the offensive and judge a poster’s intelligence by his or her post? Are your personal insults better than those posts you’re disparaging? Let me be more clear; look at yourself before judging others.

Thanks! The thing is, Trekutopia and I were just kind of having fun with it anyway, so I’m not getting his rage? Dude need to prop a Prozac or a get a happy massage.

You know what they say, “there’s a herbivore born every minute.” :-)

Totally agreed. Didn’t even watch the last two.

That seems to be a minority opinion.

S2 was boring, poorly acted, cheap (hence why they set it in 21st LA) and just plain nonsensical.

You’re being sarcastic, right?

Here’s a thought everyone: why don’t you just accept there are people out there who enjoy things you don’t and let them get on with it instead of trolling them?

I really enjoyed Season1; my only real complaint with that season is that the story needed a couple extra episodes to play out, say 12 instead of 10.

Regarding Season 2 – the first two episodes and the last two episodes were great. There were also some really great character moments in the middle, however spending six whole episodes (in a ten-episode season) in an alternate past so Jean-Luc Picard could come to terms with a childhood trauma was a bit self-indulgent. That story could have been a b-plot wrapped up over two or three episodes.

Precisely. Well put.

Hated the incest Romulans, the mass effect plot and Picard died and became a robot. Other than that Season 1 wasn’t that bad.

A golem is probably closer to an android, and Data would tell you a robot and an android are not the same.

Have they ever said what was the point of making Picard a robot/android/golem, something that it seems was never mentioned again except when Jurati greeted the admiral with “You’re looking positively positronic”? Also, shouldn’t Picard’s being an android have prevented him from being injured when he was hit by a car in season 2?

They made it clear when he got his golem body that the body didn’t have any “superpowers”. So no protection against getting hit by a car.
I think it was Chabon who explained the intention behind giving Picard the golem was that he wanted Picard to literally give his life to save the synths.
I can only guess that the golem body would have been a bigger part in season 2 if Chabon hadn’t left the show. As it was, the other showrunners basically dropped all story points from season 1 and even jettisoned some of the characters (while keeping the actors in different roles). And it seems like season 3 will do the same once again.

The lack of follow-up on the golem is on season two, not season one.

Season 1 worked better in hindsight. But with season 2 I do not see what makes it fantastic. It is nice to hear that you enjoyed it, though. At least some did.

S1&2 were utter garbage and embarrassed the entire history of the franchise.
Not just my opinion, but the opinion of a huge majority of ST fans.

Checks Trekmovie….. hmmmm…… miserable people being miserable in the comments..

Sure guys, you speak for everyone…. I’ll let you all keep thinking that and move on to something else. The place is all yours.

Why does it make it look like Riker is up to no good?

Might be Thomas Riker and that’s a link to Vadic through the dominion war

Hmmm, now that makes some sense.

Troi would be able to distinguish the two.

True, but we don’t know when Troi shows up we know Riker is in every episode.

I didn’t think of that.

That would be cool!

Oh I like this!

or maybe Riker is just scared/
feeling old, who knows?

I don’t know… Watching the trailer made me think this picked up the dropped “Conspiracy” plot from the end of S1.

Instead of bringing back bad ideas like Lore and Moriarity how about picking THAT up?

Now that is a very good theory!

Calling it now… Speleers is playing Picard’s son. Either via Beverly (the most obvious choice), or *shocker* the villainess.

And judging from the haunting VO at the end, I will assume that Troi dies.

Yeah I think a good few of us had figured that part of the plot out a few months ago from what Matalas had said about Picard and Crusher’s relationship this season. Never considered it could be a secret love child with the villain, but I doubt it will be. I think they’d have more to play with if it was Crusher’s. It’s nice to put a face to the character though and at least the casting seems good. I think there’s a good bit of Stewart family resemblance there in Ed Speleers. We’ll just have to see how they handle the storyline, although I kinda hate the idea of it.

And yes I thought so too about Troi being the one who bites the dust, from Matalas saying that not everyone comes out safely and from Sirtis being the quietest of all the cast about this season. I don’t think she’s even been interviewed once for it or has made any form of public comment on it which is odd.

Fridging Troi, one of only two women in the main cast, would not be a great look.

Now, if Marina Sirtis had signalled she couldn’t be available for a recurring future role in North America, it would be understandable.

Marina moved back to the UK after her husband’s death.

It may however just be a matter her having a lower social media presence in the past year. She had been fairly active on Twitter, but after a couple of hiatuses following some heated interactions and signals Musk was intending to buy, she deleted her account.

Thank you, I wasn’t aware that she had made the move over to the UK properly and got rid of her socials. It’s still so sad about her husband.

I really hope Troi doesn’t die. I loved seeing her back in season 1 of PIC, but that backstory about their deceased child really broke my heart. I just want Riker and Troi to live happily ever after with their other child, eating pizza and enjoying being retired away from all the danger. They’ve done enough for the galaxy.

I’m hoping they don’t forget about Kestra entirely in season 3.

Same! Or Thaddeus who died because of of having no access to an active positronic matrix…which Lore has. This would make for some interesting scenes between Troi, Riker and Lore, but unfortunately I don’t think the writers will remember this element and it will probably never come up.

Why does it have to be about the sex of the character. Give it a rest

Ed Speleers is too old to play a “love child” of Picard and Crusher; the actor is 35, and this secret love child would be 22 at most (and that’s assuming Jean-Luc and Bev hit the sheets right after NEM). He looks young, but not that young.

What if Picard and Beverly had a child when Beverly was gone in Season 2?

He’d be exactly 35 then.

Also, while there may well be artificial ways to reverse menopause or accidentally have a child in the 24th century, Crusher would be over 55 after Nemesis. But only 41 in Season 2.

I’m really thinking Vadic will be a member of the Ba’ku who has become a Son’a, perhaps even Anji herself.

I don’t know why.

Hard to imagine Anji taking such an extreme left turn. I doubt that. If it is, yikes!

Also, why would Anji’s voice change so much?

I have been wondering if Vadic is Vorta, or a Vorta/Human hybrid or possibly a founder, and the armored soldiers she has are Jem’Hadar.

She doesn’t look like Vorta do though. Yes redesigns but I would think they would have kept the ears.

But not if she was a Vorta trying to disguise herself after the dominion war, or if she is a hybrid Vorta/human.

Agree 100% that Troi’s going to die. The writing’s on the wall.

If Speelers is Picard’s “long lost” son that Beverly’s been hiding away, why would he have a British accent? Wouldn’t he talk like a Crusher with an American accent? Anyways, really hoping that’s not the case. Such a trope.

Let’s hope the Klingon bastards don’t kill his son too…

Exactly! It’s a trope even within Star Trek. Reminds me of TNG Season 7, where …

– Troi discovers a long lost sister
– Data discovers a long lost mother
– Worf reunites with his long lost brother
– Picard discovers a long lost son

They’ve even already done Picard’s “long lost son” story. Making it his ACTUAL son doesn’t even put a new spin on the classic trope! At least “Blood Lines” did that a little, since it wasn’t actually his son.

Woe, thank you for this. I hadn’t realised these were all from the same season.

I remember how great Fionnula Flanagan was in that episode as Data’s mother. She’s still acting and as busy as ever. I wish they had followed up on that storyline somehow as I recall by the end she still didn’t know that she herself was an android, it would’ve been great to see her in that role again in Trek.

Ha! Good one, Phil.

That’s assuming she raised him. Or she may have raised him in Britain. In any case, accents never make sense in Trek anyway. Picard has a British accent despite having grown up in France. Deanna’s accent is nothing like either of her parents’ accents, and nothing like any other Betazoid accent we’ve ever heard. And so on.

I’m still of the opinion Picard dies. Something about Jeri Ryan’s finality in her statement last year that this was definitely Picard’s final season.

Really? All that trouble for a brand new disease-free android body only to die a couple seasons later?

Yes, I think so. He dies saving everyone else.

Spock died in WOK to save everyone else. Data died in Nemesis to save everyone else. Maybe the the writers can think of something new?…

This time he’ll be really, really dead. Not just a little dead…

It seems quite possible Picard could die (too).

He already died! In season one.

Data has to die a 3rd time then.

I don’t think it will be Troi, especially if Crusher has been hiding a son from Picard – I think it will be Beverly. It may just also be Picard who dies again.
What if the Picard actually knows about the son and it’s a whole JTK/Carol Marcus mirror.

There was an article, somewhere on the net, where I read the Star Trek Online people were told they couldn’t use Prime Universe Beverly.

Maybe this is why?

Well… This is the show that actually used the “evil twin” trope. And the new writers have shown to have no imagination whatsoever. So I wouldn’t be surprised at any of this.

He grew up in the UK? Or around people who have a British accent?

No a trope, the accent has been around for a while lol

Presumably because Crusher didn’t raise her. Maybe she sent the child off to live with Robert and Renee and he was raised by Robert’s wife.

The arithmetic doesn’t really work for a son around 30 years old.

Unless there’s a near decade time jump, this season is early in the 25th century – putting any child born post Nemesis in his early 20s.

But I don’t think we’ve been given a date for this season.

Agreed. I realize actors sometimes play younger, but Ed Speelers is 35 so unless we’re going for a Luke Perry/Gabrielle Carteris situation a la 90210, I’m guessing the young man helping Beverly is not their son. Maybe he plays Beverly’s younger lover?

I do believe Matalas did say this takes place roughly a year after the events of Season 2, which would put the date 2402 I think?

So here is where you get a little older son that I can see. Beverly got pregnant after Insurrection, not Nemesis. Yes, Picard had a romance with Anij, but both Picard and Beverly, and the crew, were impacted by the radiation which made everyone younger. Beverly, if she wanted another child may have seduced JLP, or perhaps they just got it on anyway – Picard does have his horndog side too, any relationship with Anij didn’t need to be monogamous – or she may have broken it with him too.

Or – perhaps this kid is even older – and born during TNG season two, which is a reason why Beverly left the ship. That’s a little more problematic, because was this kid just raised by Beverly’s parents?

And it was 20 years between Nemesis and Picard Season 2. If Season 3 is 8-10 years further, it gives some time for this. Keep in mind that Geordi has two kids too. It doesn’t seem like he would be still on the Enterprise if he had some kids at home, given his parent’s situation, it just seems like Geordi would have chosen a non-ship based assignment if he had a new wife and children, so that probably puts all that post Nemesis.

This is a good point!

I hadn’t considered the ages of Geordi’s daughters, both adults and one a young bridge officer.

If Geordi had married and started a family between Insurrection and Nemesis, it might have been possible, especially if his daughter was a young entrant to the Academy like Wesley.

However, this would mean that Nemesis just didn’t show us a lot of the lives of Geordi and Beverly. Given how much I dislike that movie, I could live with it.

Placing the show a bit further forward, in say 2410, would have worked well though. Seven could have had time to establish herself as a Starfleet officer, Picard could have had his decade as a golem, and all the next generation could have actually reached their late twenties and early thirties.

We know Crusher’s been in some type of cryo sleep so her •son could’ve also been in one of those tubes for even longer than her.

•If it is her son.

Actually Matalas confirmed the year of season 3 somewhere and said it takes place two years after season two IIRC. So that would be 2403?

Still – that would put the supposed Picard/Crusher love child at 24. Speleers is too old to play that child. IF Matalas and crew did decide to go that route, the likely candidate is the very young looking man that Worf and Raffi appear to be training the NYCC trailer from a few months back.

No I’m not arguing with any of that, just citing the year it takes place in.

That could make sense given her fate in All Good Things. It could be one of those things that is inevitable, no matter how much you change history.

Speleers is playing Picard’s son.

I think this theory will prove correct, simply because Speelers resembles a young Stewart.

Also just reviewing the trailer he seems to be on the ship that Crusher is on in that cryo pod thing. We see him holding a gun up to Riker and leading him into a room where Picard already is. It looks as if Riker and Picard went looking for her and he possibly got the call too and got there ahead of them, but he possibly didn’t recognise Riker and was trying to protect her possibly hence the holding him at gun point?

We see his reaction to seeing Picard which seems to mean something to him.

I could be reading it wrong though as there could be some clever editing at play though but that’s what it reads to me.

Could Steelers be playing a clone? Maybe there was a spare Picard clone around after Nemesis, and Beverly raised him as a son?

Just spitballing. I’m hoping it’s not as obvious as being Picard’s actual son.

And I hope they don’t kill any of the TNG crew off. Data’s dead, Picard died kinda… it’s a little bit of a trope atm.

Star has him working with Beverly Crusher so possibly more a link to Beverly and Picard

Matalas says the VO is Beverly (even though I agree it sounded liked Troi to me) so maybe it’s Beverly that goes?

This looks like it just might redeem PICARD in the final act.

Fingers crossed!

Hmm. I see everything in this trailer that I constantly hear so many fans complaining about from the JJ Abrams Trek movies . Cardboard out for revenge bad guys, starships doing stupid Star wars fighter like maneuvers just because they look cool, explosions, more explosions and more explosions, tons of phaser fire and bad lighting, and unearned family dynamics.

Unless this is bait-and-switch and neither Lore nor Moriarty are actually bad guys this time. As for Plummer’s character, do we really know she’s out for revenge and not, say, wanting to seize power in some remote sector of the Federation?

do we really know she’s out for revenge

Well I am certainly comfortable saying that I am 99.9% a YES on this.

Really really really really hope so! ;)

It’s hard to get a read on what the story is going to be. Other than it appears the Titan’s captain won’t last long, lol.

As a fan of Stashwick in other roles, I would rather he didn’t get killed off to advance Seven’s career.

Fridging to enable character development is getting to be a bad habit in this era of live-action Trek.

That’s the other problem with the trailer. We still have no idea what the story is. All we got is yet another “revenge” plot for some unknown (and likely ridiculous) reason and lots of “pew pew”. Still no idea what it’s actually about.

It may be hard to get a sense of the season arc because it’s not the only plot arc.

Matalas has said at some points that the season is more episodic, with some of the legacy TNG characters having their moments in some of the episodes but not all. So, cutting the trailer to include every legacy character has necessarily given us a blenderized supercut.

As far as we know, Riker is the only one other than Picard to appear in every episode.

I like the idea of some more self contained episodes along the season’s journey. It would certainly be better than the situation where plot and character arcs go nowhere. This seems to be an issue for ambitious serialized shows that are trying to hard for twists that they fail to deliver in the season’s internal logic. Picard season two is an example, but its not the only franchise show that did this in 2022.

The trailer did not suggest at all that this was more episodic. It STRONGLY suggested a season long arc. That combined with the fact that the other two seasons were basically 10 chapter stories one can safely conclude this as well is a 10 chapter story. Promos of more episodic shows are cut differently than this. So I suspect anyone who claimed this is made up of 10 stand alone episodes is pulling a chain.

I’ve listened now to an interview where someone says to Matalas that it’s a “ten hour movie.”

And Matalas agrees…but there’s also a discussion about the villain’s story being revealed in layers, like an onion.

It seems the point was absolutely to not reveal the principal plot or character arcs in the trailer, but to spark interest.

So, we’re seeing a supercut through different layers, profiling moments with different legacy characters. Nothing inherently to criticize in that.

Which is exactly how shows with full season story arcs behave.

Obviously the point is to get people jazzed up or interested in the show. But I guess I’m in the minority where part of “getting interested” is being told the basic storyline heading into the show.

So, everyone kind of hates Picard again?

Where do you get that idea?

Well, in the trailer Geordi doesn’t look pleased to see him, the villain and Lore are obviously against him, and we know from interviews there’s going to be tension at times with Riker and Beverly.

Geordi seems more than a little annoyed. Lore’s uniform matches Geordi’s and I kind of get the impression that Lore is a snarky, grumpy sort now, not upset with Picard. Picard, according to Stewart, is pissed at Beverly. Riker’s no longer Picard’s first officer so they are likely to clash. In the end they’re a family and that’s kind of how things go with families.

The Enterprise F is part of an Armada responding to the greater threat. Surely the Shrike does not make up the threat herself because that would be too much of a Nemesis redo. Something bigger is going on and I suspect a master villain will yet be revealed. Perhaps that is Sela or someone else. Vadic seems too front and center to be a “main threat.” She can certainly be the person tasked with dealing with Picard and Crew, but whatever the bigger threat Worf is referring to is being controlled by someone else. Dominion leftovers perhaps?

Maybe Badgey?

Can you imagine?! That would be hilarious!

Or Peanut Hamper

That was my thought overnight, considering those clicking bird like aliens.

Have we ever seen those aliens that are standing behind Vadic before? I don’t think so.

But their makeup looks like it could be an updated version of the Vorgon makeup from “Captain’s Holiday.” Which also suggests that if Speelers is indeed playing Picard’s son, the mother could be Vash.

I’m starting to agree. I don’t think whatever is going on, she is pulling all the strings either. Could be wrong obviously but people have been saying the second trailer was misleading on purpose,ie, what the actual story is about hasn’t been shown in the trailer at all.

And remember they actually did something similar in the season one trailers. We got the Borg and the Romulans of course, but the actual catalyst and story line of the season was completely left out which were the synths. We knew nothing about them until the show actually started. I thought that was a nice misdirect and this could be an even bigger one.

The final trailer looks amazing particularly the battle scenes. Was odd to think TNG premiered my senior year of high school and here I am 36 years later very much looking forward to seeing these characters again. Fingers crossed we get a story worthy of this cast.

Lore and Geordi are wearing matching uniforms and I suspect that there’s a bit of Data in Lore. He also looks a bit less android and a bit more human.

I would say a lot more human, maybe even a synth (like Picard).

A prototype, perhaps? Hmmm….

That would be cool if Lore does end up having Data’s memories! Never occurred to me until now. They have shown and said so little of Lore but I expect we are going to get lots of surprises with him.

I think we’re going to walk away loving Lore. Just a theory.

I do too. I think both Lore and Moriarty come down on the side of the good guys. After sufficient threatening menace, of course.

Riker and Troi might not be his biggest fans in the world if he was out there and could’ve helped their son Thaddeus survive his illness with his active positronic matrix. Something that will probably never come up in season 3 unfortunately.

That’s a stretch, though. Riker and Troi could very well have had no idea Lore was reactivated, and Lore would have little reason to be keeping up with The Life and Times of Will and Deanna.

Yeah it might be a bit of a stretch, just came to mind watching the trailer and seeing him in it so much, was thinking of the potential scenes between the trio and how they could react to his presence.

But.. Star Trek: The Life and Times of Will and Deanna.

Now there’s a spin off idea! “Will…I’m sensing some….pizza” 😅

Would have been better than the middle eight episodes of Picard Season 2!

I hope that Lore fits into the story organically, and was not shoehorned into the script because they felt Spiner had to participate.

Data’s exit in season one was pitch-perfect, and Spiner’s appearance in season 2 definitely felt shoehorned.

Sorry… It’s painfully obvious the only way to get Spiner in this would be to find a way to “shoehorn” Data’s evil twin in. Spiner wanted to end Data in Nemesis. Got a glorious end that culminated his character’s journey quite well. Then it seems he sorta regretted that decision and tried to find ways to join in this Picard thing. Is he hurting for work or something?

Does this mean Lore is in Starfleet? How would this make sense with the synth ban I wonder, or did he join afterwards if it was lifted? And didn’t Troi and Riker’s deceased child need an active positronic matrix to survive but they didn’t think there was any existing ones to use? But Lore was obviously still knocking about. I hope they address these ideas in the show

How could someone like Lore even get into Starfleet lol. This is the guy who aligned himself with the crystaline entity that was responsible for wiping out multiple colonies and then used the Borg to try and conquer the galaxy. I mean how do you scrub that off your resume?

As far as the positronic brain issue to save Thaddeus, exactly how would Lore even know? It’s not like he and the Rikers are friends.

Yeah I’m not sure lol. He was pretty diabolical. I was just going by the Starfleet uniform he’s wearing and the idea that somehow he might have some of Data’s memories or qualities now somehow. Otherwise i’ve no idea how they’d let him back in unless this isn’t the Lore we once knew… Or – they just gave him the uniform to wear lol!

And the Thaddeus thing – Yeah i’m sure Lore wouldn’t have known at all, espeically if he was in hiding during the synth ban. But I mention it moreso for Riker and Troi in that if they see this guy again they might have some feelings about it, or maybe they did go looking for him during that time as a last resort desperation thing. I’m sure that will never come up during the season though and the writers will have forgotten it, but it could be a little interesting character dynamic between the three.

I guess if he’s technically a new and improved Lore with Data’s memories, then it’s possible. Still just the name Lore would probably be a non-starter. This is the same Starfleet that denied Seven for joining Starfleet just for being ex-Borg, but maybe there is a special reason he’s there if he is in Starfleet. Either way I’m really interested in his place this season. Lore could even be the break out star!

And I understand your feelings about the Rikers. Yeah that’s a good point, but I think you’re right, it’ll probably never come up. I’m even starting to wonder will Kestra come up at all as well since it looks like she’s not in the season either.

They let Mirror Georgiou into Starfleet (and Section 31) and she was a genocidal dictator who ate sentient species.

Well it’s Discovery, so…

But yeah (unfortunately).

I have a feeling Lore was activated and somehow got access to B4; Thus getting all of Data’s memories. Maybe they even retcon it to where Lore was B4 and working with Romulans. Somehow he got turned into a synth tho and we are going to get Data back is my bet….

It looks potentially quite good. The first thought I had was that I don’t know though how anyone could work in the dark like that. This looks like X-Files level of onscreen physical darkness.

But I am excited from what the people who got the 6 episode screeners have said online. I’m hoping the storyline has something to do with the nexus from Generations, but I’ll probably be disappointed by that.

Also, where’s Spot? 🐈

Ha, I had the same thinking when Generations came out and suddenly the Enterprise was lit so much moodier. Little did I know what was to come!

Haha so true.
I never thought I’d ever miss the extreme brightness of the Kelvin Universe interiors.

That was deliberate. For one thing, it was more cinematic than the flat lighting they’d been using since season three. Also, they were using Enterprise sets leftover from the TV series, which was not shot in what we’d now call HD. So shooting in lower light levels helped obscure lack of detail and fit and finish of the TV quality sets.

i love the music. Hate the lighting.

And the bridge? Not only too dark, but too many steps. Definitely not an accessible bridge, and we know from “Too Short a Season” and “Melora” that wheelchairs haven’t entirely disappeared. Anti-gravity can fail sometimes, you know. Plus, how many times have we seen characters get thrown all over the place in battle? It’s a safety hazard.

By no means “the ultimate bridge set.”

So true about the stairs! Jeez any bit of turbulence paired with that darkness and you’re doomed to meet your fate at the bottom of those steps.

I’ll likely enjoy it, but only for what it is. Fan service. I’ve no expectations beyond that.

Come on Phil, have an open mind and you might enjoy this.

I think I said that. Fan service has it’s place in pop culture. Trek isn’t any different.

You might want to brush up on what the term “fan service” means, because that’s not what’s happening in this trailer.

This morning’s Terry Teaser Post…..but wait!! More cameos!!
Fan service. Plenty of the fan base are loving it. Enjoy.

We’ve known for a long time now there would be more legacy characters showing up.

Is that thing a mining ship like the Narada?

That’s been my thought since the first teaser.

I’d like to know why everything is so darkly lit. Did they forget to install light switches?

😂 Probably why that ships nacelle was blown off, they pressed the torpedo button instead of hail by accident.

According to someone whose seen the season, it’s not always that dark in the season itself but yeah it’s so weird how dark everything is. I’m missing the Kelvin Enterprise where you can actually see what’s in front of you and Starfleet invested in lights again.

That level of darkness would be atrocious psychologically for crews on deep space missions. It would be somnambulistic, and quite possibly induce permanent seasonal affective disorder.

I agree. I really liked the much-criticized iBridge from the Kelvin films.

I think DS9 has similar lack of lighting problems.

DS9 was a Cardassian design. The Defiant’s bridge was typically bright for the era.

Not unless you are allergic to SEDSinox

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again…

Remember how Generations turned down the lights big time? Well that early scene where Troi goes into Picard’s quarters and he says “What can I do for you Counselor?” In the theater I thought MST3K style “You can order the lights be turned back on!”

Pretty similar to the last trailer. No particularly new reveals except for Speelers, I guess. Nice action motifs, hopefully it’s also got some heart to it. Optimistic, but I’ve been fooled by Picard trailers before with Season 2.

I wasn’t fooled by the S2 trailer. It made the season look bad and it didn’t disappoint. Now S1 trailers made the show look promising. Those made that turd look like a good meal.

Speelers is one of my favorite actors. He plays a great hero and a masterful villain. Looking forward to S3 of Picard.

I liked the trailer but also a little disappointed. It was more of the same we got last time and nothing more about the story itself other than someone really wants to hurt Starfleet…oh and probably Picard’s son. It did look great though and the space shots looked amazing. It’s just nice to see everyone back together again! And only two weeks to go!

And please don’t suck this time!

I was kind of hoping for an unexpected character to make an appearance, but I guess we got a few of them in the last trailer.

Yep me too. I knew the chances were slim to none but I was kind of hoping Janeway popped up at the end lol. Or any legacy characters they haven’t announced yet. So that’s probably on me as well for getting my hopes up. ;)

I came here to share the same sentiment. I think part of the problem is that the trailer was basically the teaser, but introduced some of the new faces for the season. Otherwise everything else is a mystery so it’s hard to know what I should be excited for beyond just seeing these characters again. Terry Matalas has done way more to tease the show on social media than the actually teaser/trailer. I guess I’m just growing anxious about the plot outside of the tedious “Vengeance” cliches. Strangely enough, nothing in these Teasers/Trailers actually uses fan service to tickle my TNG brain. But I hope the anticipation pays off and we aren’t disappointed.

I agree with you. I mean I think some fans are putting their heads in the sand on this. If you took this trailer and looked at the JJ Abrams trailers for his two first movies there is not a hell of a lot of difference.

This looks like JJ-Trek, with tons of explosions, tons of phaser fire, starships ships doing Star wars fighter like maneuvers, cardboard bad guys out for revenge, and overdone family dynamics.

But I remember a lot of the same for TNG episode trailers. You have to reel people in.

Yeah I definitely agree obviously. It still felt like a teaser, just a very extended one because it just focused on the villain again, which is common, but when something is ten hours, then clearly there is a LOT more going on. I was hoping we see more of other stuff too.

As far as Vadac as the villain, I’ve been moaning about her like so many others and complained about it in the last thread about her. I just hate going this direction yet again after we got it for the last four movies. Sigh

However, I think now it’s probably more of a bait and switch then what we are thinking and not another Nero or Shinzon clone (pun intended ;)). There is a video that Rob Meyer Burnett made on Star Trek day with Terry Matalas and Doug Drexler which I watched when it first aired on Star Trek day in September but watched it again yesterday. There is part in it I completely forgot about but RMB brings up the villain in the video, which we didn’t know about yet since she wasn’t introduced until the next trailer. So at the time, it just went completely over my head. But rewatcing some of that video they say some very interesting things about her without going into major spoilers obviously.

Basically Rob in the video calls the Vadac character ‘original’ and ‘surprising’. And then he asks Matalas did he get any ‘push back’ from producers in the idea of who she is and he said ‘no’ and I’ll quote Metalas directly ‘because the nature of the villain gave you so much story. It’seemingly one thing and then the more you get to know, it’s like peeling an onion and just gives you more story. And every time we told it to others, they were like saying its really cool because you can do this and so on.’

That entire exchange between them is really telling.

It’s only 2 minutes in the entire video so its very easy to miss but rewatching that one section has really piqued my interest now. Especially because Rob has complained about all the uber-villains we been getting on Star Trek lately but he loves her because it does sound like it’s not what the trailer is showing who she really is. Sure she could be Khan’s daughter or something lol, but I don’t think that’s it. Listening to them it really sounds like it’s very different than we got before and the trailers are basically just giving you the impression it’s another tired villain out for revenge when its much more than that.

I really really want to post that video, but there are some more spoilerish things. But if people want to find it. It’s called ‘Star Trek Day with Doug Drexler and Picard S3 Showrunner Terry Matalas’ And the part I quoted is at the 40 minute mark exactly. They only talk about her for two minutes, but I say it’s better to watch the video for all of us cynics over this character (and there are a lot of us lol) because when you see their reaction discussing her it’s really telling there is a bigger story there that they are saving beyond just another “My name is Khan.” (ugh)

So I am more upbeat about her at least now that I rewatched that exchange.

Given my previous comments about possible deliberate misdirection in the trailer (and the fact that I want to avoid anything remotely spoilerish like Rob’s video), I may be off the mark here, but there are a few statements (and observations from other commenters) that may have some clues:

A Warning To Trust No One

explosive, new revelations that will alter the fate of the Federation forever.

[there is a bigger story there that they are saving]

[Something bigger is going on and I suspect a master villain will yet be revealed.]

[Matalas’s comments about ongoing fallout from the Dominion War]

Some wild guesses:

1. It involves shady geopolitical goings-on involving Section 31 and/or Starfleet Intelligence, possibly as per some of the things I suggested last week. For example, Sisko’s “Pale Moonlight” conspiracy becomes public knowledge, maybe S31’s attempted genocide of the Founders also becomes public knowledge, it turns out S31/SI were responsible for the Romulan supernova, or something else but similarly incriminating.

2. Maybe not all of the Founders accepted the Dominion’s defeat and surrender. After the war, some of them may have stayed away from Odo, the Great Link etc, and played “the long game” instead by infiltrating the Federation and trying to destroy it from the inside. An allegory for Putin’s refusal to accept the end of the Cold War, and the various “long game” infiltration/destabilisation actions he’s subsequently been taking during the past few decades. (Remember Odo’s shocked comment at the end of the DS9 episode “The Adversary”, repeating the dying Founder’s whispered last words to him? The Founder had said “You are too late…We are everywhere”).

Interesting ideas Jai.

I don’t know that this is the show where I’d be looking for S31 complexities or iconoclastic Founders, but I agree that it would be great for a Dominion War legacy storyline to be anchored in plot as well as character.

These are interesting ideas Jai,

I think the second one is more feasible though since we do know its a continuation of the Dominion war and would make a great allegory as you said and that the Founders just doesn’t want to accept their reign is over. It would be crazy if it was revealed they were the real villains in the story and doing everything under the radar. And I really really want to see the Founders again.

I like the first idea too I just have a feeling for some reason they want to avoid the Section 31 angle, but sure they could be the villains as well. And sometimes I forget Section 31 was basically created (production wise) due to the events of the Dominion war, so it could be a continuation of that as well.

This is essentially the outcome I’m looking for, a payoff to the mystery. The only risk is that the payoff falls flat and too much is riding on it. I guess that’s what makes me anxious, especially since the previous seasons have been uneven to say the least. My only consolation is that Terry Matalas absolutely NAILED the first 3 episodes of Season 2, but it’s hard to trust anybody producing Star Trek Picard after so much wrong has been committed. The difference this season is that we don’t have the same hooks to get me excited, such as the Borg Queen or Q. This all looks too much like a Star Trek movie cliche, basically Star Trek Beyond complete with a vengeful anti-Federation baddy. Admittedly, Amanda Plummer’s performance looks like it could be amazing. I just hope the rest pays off and doesn’t feel weird like so much of Picard has been.

Yeah, I agree once again, on the surface it definitely does have that Nemesis/Beyond feel and some nut out to get revenge for some flimsy reason, but when you hear them talk about it, then it feels like there is something much deeper going on.

And I’m so focused on Rob’s reaction to her because this guy has railed against the Kelvin movies for many reasons, but one of them is the cliche villains in all of them just like I have. He absolutely despised Krall as a villain and thought Idris Elba was completely wasted in the role. That’s why it’s interesting how much he likes Vadic as a character because she sounds like something different even though the trailer seems to suggest the same villain stuff we gotten over and over again. So I’m crossing my fingers.

And yes, I agree about the first episodes of season 2. I absolutely love The Star Gazer and even though I don’t know if I can ever watch the entire season as a whole again, that episode alone is still some of the best Star Trek we had in decades IMO. If we’re getting an entire season of that, then its going to be amazing.

I just watched this video Tiger2 and the timestamp you cited and…. yeah I’m very intrigued now.

It seems like this villain and their backstory or motives or actions brings more options that are far reaching. Maybe this is what Matalas was referring to in that interview where he said there is something game-changing or a big event in season 3. Maybe this character is going to be like one of the MCU villains like Thanos or Kang, perhaps they change the universe in some way or break the timeline or something like that which will have far reaching consequences for the rest of the shows going forward?

Thank you for the link btw, very interesting!

I’m so glad you watched it Trekuopia!

It’s funny, when I originally watched it back in September, that exchanged barely registered at the time. And I just didn’t really care about another villain in general. But now watching it again, I’m so much more intrigued. Maybe she will still suck as a villain but it sounds like we’re getting something much more layered and new listening to them talk about her in such a glowing way.

It would be crazy if she was the game changer Matalas is talking about. I don’t want to over think it too much (but it’s probably too late on that lol) but you’re right it could be something that really change the dynamics of the Star Trek universe. I’ll just be happy it’s more than just another psycho who is trying to release a bioweapon on a planet or star base. I think Matalas is thinking much more beyond that and we’re getting some real nuance with this character even if nothing about the trailer is suggesting it.

Thanks for citing the exact title of the video Tiger2.

I didn’t find it excessively spoilerish, given how much is out there from Matalas’ tweets and interviews recently as well as the trailer.

Two production-related things that I hadn’t been aware of stood out, and are worth mentioning here:

1 – when they say the seasons were shot back-to-back, they are being quite literal. There wasn’t even a hiatus of a few weeks in between, which is why Matalas had to set up the second writers room and preproduction while season two was being shot.

2 – Patrick Stewart had a kind of veto on the type of story that would be told, and Matalas had to sell him on a concept that wasn’t what Patrick had seen himself doing. I suspect that we’re all going to be glad this was successful.

Yeah at this point, you’re probably right. I just know how much TM frowns on people listing spoilers so I always try to air on the side of caution. And that video is now months old so it”s probably all been said. At the time, there were definitely things they were saying that I didn’t hear anywhere else. I wasn’t talking about their exchange about Vadic (and it’s so funny watching Matalas freaking out that Rob was giving to give out a major spoiler and Drexler laughing about it), just things though out the video in general.

As far as your points, I knew about the first one for awhile. Stewart himself said it in an interview somewhere that he literally started working on season 3 the day after they shot season 2. In fact, that was probably a reason why he decided season 3 was his last because the guy was probably just tired lol. According to him, they shot both seasons for 10 months straight. I’m sure there were breaks, etc, but it’s still an 80 year old guy shooting 12-18 hour days for months on end.

Number two was interesting because it sounded like he approved the story in season one just to get him onboard, but then in season two it didn’t sound like he had any approval at all because in one interview at the end of season one, he said he had no idea what the next story was even about which sounded odd for someone listed as a executive producer. So it is strange he had such strong veto power for season 3 but yeah I’m glad he went along with it.

And I know we talked about this in the past, but I wish he wasn’t so hung up on the show feeling more like TNG from the outset. I get the reasons like everyone else and was totally onboard with whatever they did, but it just didn’t really work in the long term. The premise of season one just felt a little too niche going forward and why they basically threw most of them in Starfleet in season two. I think it would’ve made more sense if they did it like how they used the legacy characters in The Force Awakens and have the some of the TNG characters at least there and involved in Starfleet even if they weren’t the main focus and more recurring; but still a part of the overall story while introducing new characters, but I digress.

Anyway I am hoping we’re getting something really special now.

And please don’t suck this time!

I think that’s the mantra we all have going on in our heads!

Yeah. I’ve semi given up on that. I still watch but I watch like I watch my sports teams. I know they suck but I’m a fan and I still hold out unrealistic hope they could turn things around. Even though I am fully aware of the reality.

I’m sort of tired of Brent Spiner playing villainous characters… I’d love to see a little bit of Data’s benevolence make an appearance in Lore or somewhere in this series…

I don’t think he’s a villain. He’s wearing a Starfleet uniform which matches Geordi’s. He seems a but more bemused and cranky than villainous.

Maybe… but Lore was always the evil twin, wasn’t he?

Maybe Jurati tried to copy B4’s memory of Data into Lore?

I wouldn’t mind that, simply because it keeps Jurati consequential to the series. I continue to be disappointed that the crafted such an intriguing set of characters for season one, and mostly abandoned them even in season two.

Rios was the one guy who deserved to be on this final season. And the PTB jettisoned him. Shows they don’t know when they have a good thing on their hands.

Could it be that Starfleet somehow reassembles Lore to pretend to be Data? I don’t think Matalas would resurrect Lore to simply be a villain. I mean, I’d rather Spiner come back as Altan Soong from Season 1. There has to be something more going on with Lore.

You know what? This trekkie is officially excited! I know….I know….be cautious….but I can’t. I’m ready for some new trek and the return of Trek Movie podcast. I miss Tony and Laurie.

What spoke to me was seeing the gang back together and actually hear them speak in this trailer. I’m looking forward to that aspect a lot!

What didn’t speak to me was the very dark and grim atmosphere. Also didn’t like the music in the trailer. Didn’t give me any Trek vibes.

Still looking forward to it, but also nervous.

I suspect a rehash of the Kirk Carol David story with Picard Bev New bloke

No. For that to happen you’d need to have a crazy person from Picard past out for revenge…. an unemotional but recently promoted Starfleet officer to help Picard… an old smaller ship damaging a refitted version of Picard previous ship he commanded and… oh…… oh no. It’s Picard: Wrath of Khan

Ha! Brilliant analysis! Good one!

Do I have to finish season 2 to watch this?

According to everyone who watched it, no! It’s basically a direct sequel to Nemesis and just tie up anything up from season 2 with a few references. It’s a totally different story.

So far, each season has been a self-contained story. I’m sure there will be dialogue that references Season 2, but I don’t think you’ll have to finish the second season (although you should) to enjoy the third.

Matalas has noted that Picard was intended from the start to be a kind of anthology, with each season standing on its own.

This surprised me, but that’s the narrative.

OK I found a direct quote from Matalas on twitter responding to a fan:

Hi Josh! Not really. You can follow the context clues. There are a few threads but they are explained to new characters within the narrative. It’s mostly a whole new story. You just need your Next Gen basics!

Doubt it. Fan service stands alone.

Does no one remember Ed Speelers was in Downton Abbey??

Ah yes Jimmy Kent. The character who made Thomas more than a 2-dimensional villain, although I stopped watching it soon afterwards so I’m not sure if he went back to just being a bad egg or not.

In the first trailer, when Beverly was alone on her ship, if I remember correctly, the aliens there made a clicking sound. It reminded me of the subspace aliens from “Schisms.” There are a lot of places you could go with that.

Each trailer we’ve heard that clicking sound when they (the aliens Vadic seems to be commanding) are communicating. I also think of “Schisms” each time I hear them.

They look like the bird people from LDS.

It’s Migleemo’s mom!


My first reaction — a JJ Abrams Trek movie without the lens flares. Explosions, explosions and more explosions. Starships making maneuvers like Star wars fighters.

That’s not what made TNG great.

Pew Pew! Buckle up, it’s Big Threat Time!

Lol, exactly

Remember, trailers are cut to reveal scenes that will draw in viewers. It’s very possible most of the “action” will take place in the final two-three episodes.

I really don’t understand why they feel the need to make starfleet ship interior surfaces hyper reflective in the modern era of Trek production design… at the very least the floors don’t need to be massively shiny like that. A little specular highlighting or very very soft “shape” type reflections of things just touching the floor but that whole, “the floor is a mirror” thing just makes things look super distracting to me.

You bring up a good point. Why would anyone want to look down at the floor and see their reflection?

Was any one else surprised that they didn’t show the whole trailer during the game? OTOH, is it a good hook to get people to watch it online?

I felt like the truncated trailer they showed as bait is not compelling if you are not a fan… there is no idea why this is different or what the story is. And from what we hear, the tone sounds totally different. Is that impossible to show?

No I think a minute long is what most movie and TV show trailers are for things like the Superbowl for example. Sometimes they are usually just 30 seconds and then the is a fuller trailer is on YT. Of course the difference is companies have to pay for those trailers for the Superbowl and they’re expensive enough.

In fact I haven’t even seen the game trailer. I just waited for the full one on YT.

It was cool because they introduced it from the field during halftime. But otherwise… not sure it was impactful.

That’s a barn-burner, for sure. Gun it!

I don’t think Ed Speleers is the speculated love child of Picard and Crusher folks seem to think he is. If they hooked up (right after) after Nemesis the child could only be 22yo tops. Speleers is 35, so that seems unlikely to me. We know Speleers is playing a series regular who is helping Beverly out on her medical missions, so perhaps he’s her younger lover? That would be far more interesting and could potentially validate some clips we’ve seen in this and other trailers.

The “clicking” aliens Vadic is working with … the Breen? We’ve been teased a big DS9 connection for this upcoming season. The Breen aided the Dominion in the war; they also aided in the attempted genocide of the Cardassian people. I don’t think Vadic is the “big bad” of the season, but maybe (whoever she is) she’s able to coerce or hire some Breen mercenaries to help her out? DS9 showed more of the Breen than we’ve seen before, but perhaps the “clicking” is how they communicate without the universal translator? If there’s any TNG-era villain that needs a refresh it’s the Breen.

Todd Stashwick in a recurring role as captain of the Titan-A – I am here for it. I think we’ve been given too much information to not suspect a spinoff to PIC is not in the works, even if nothing has been officially greenlit by Paramount+. Shashwick was brilliant on Matalas’ 12 Monkeys series. Based on what we’ve seen in this trailer I can’t wait to see him interact on screen with Jeri Ryan.

What if the clicking aliens from Riker’s pan-dimensional “Scisms” are here to exact their revenge for….escaping?

And ‘Zurg’ is a crew member they left behind

She’d be too old to have an accidental baby after Nemesis. Nearly 56.

However, she could have had a baby in Season 2 when McFadden left the show and he’d be around 35.

Picard is supposedly angry at Beverly over something in their past. Could she have hooked up with JLP when she left the Enterprise (no protocol would have stood in the way of them hooking up while she wasn’t under his command), gotten pregnant, and never told him?

One might worry that it would be a character assassination of Dr. Crusher but the truth is that we only know her well from a few episodes and she’s underwritten enough in TNG and especially the movies to have kept a secret son with an adoptive family and never told Picard.

This trailer isn’t exactly filling me with confidence. Sorry but that is about all I can muster. It’s a trailer so they filled it with space battles and exchanges someone probably thought was witty.

On a positive note, Stewart appears more alive in this than he did in the previous two seasons. Again, it’s a trailer so we shall see where this goes. But I have to tell you… I am not excited over this.

Trailers are cut to bring in excitement and possibly new viewers.

I did mention the fact that it is a trailer and is designed to focus on certain things to get viewers to want to check it out.

I have to agree, I didn’t think it was that amazing or anything but it did it’s job, which was to show them all together and the spirit is still there. And yes, people have been saying that Picard in season 3 is like the Picard of TNG and that is a big positive if it’s true.

It seems to have been specifically targeted at the large mainstream audience of casual TNG fans of the 90s.

My spouse really liked it. They’re more of a fan than that, but I doubt they’d watch any of it without my company.

Nemesis(dark tones, revenge plot, space battles) meets Into Darkness (trust noone conspiracy) meets Search for Spock (space cowboys?) meets Discovery (galaxy wide threat and questionable cringey dialogue)

Still watching this at least twice though, hopefully not face palming at the same time. Seems like a copy paste plot again however.

As troi would say….”I sense danger…”

Beyond the thrill of seeing TNG cast back together, this trailer didn’t really do it for me. It’s looks like a greatest hits of what has made all the post TUC movies so cliched and reductive. The lightning is also far, far too low.

How do we know she’s not another Vau N’Akat that didn’t get the memo after the events of Prodigy Season 1. There could have been a third one that survived and ended up in an even later time period than the Vindicator or the Diviner.

While I seriously doubt it, I would actually love a tie in to Prodigy like that. But I think this season is less about the new shows and focusing on the classic shows again. And thinking about it, both of Picard seasons hasn’t referenced much of the new shows at all. Maybe someone will correct me but I can’t think of a single reference from Discovery or the animated shows? SNW was not on the air when they shot seasos 2 and 3, so I don’t expect anything from that show.

I read somewhere that there was a blink and you’ll miss it reference to Lower Decks but that’s been it. And that was particularly to Rutherford. Which is nice but it would be nice too to see Jack Quaid playing the third in command of the Titan A. (Lieutenant Commander Bradward Boimler!) Or just follow up on name dropping Rutherford and give us Chief Engineer Samanthan Rutherford. Literally any kind of tie in or reference would be nice.

I don’t expect any of that either but it’s something new Trek is seriously lacking compared to old Trek. Either way, I’m hoping for at least Alexander Siddig and maybe Jeffrey Combs as far as old Trek goes but I sure wouldn’t say no to Kate Mulgrew or Garrett Wang, especially the latter.

Given the gritty environment Raffi seems to be working in, I think a DS9 reference would fit perfectly there. Perhaps we could get lucky enough to get Alexander Siddig and Andy Robinson?

I would love to see Andy Robinson too! An update on how things are for the Cardassians now would be great.

Agreed!! What better way to touch on Cardassia nearly 25 years later than Garak?

Oh yeah, I’m up for anyone to make an appearance from any of the new shows. I would definitely love to see the Lower Decks characters on it but I think it makes it difficult to show them that far from the LDS timeline and kind of handcuff their development on LDS.

But I would LOVE a live action reunion between Boimler and Riker on the Titan A! :)

Speaking of reunion I really really want Janeway to show up this season to share a scene with Seven. I have a (sad) feeling we’re not going to get it now but anything is still possible. This entire season already proves that. ;)

And I also want to see Bashier and Kim back as well!

ngl the main reason I want to see them at a higher rank is so we won’t have a cast full of Harry Kims, so we can know that in the future they do get promoted and it sticks. I do have a theory about Boimler that may make seeing him being promoted harder but it’s just a theory that may not be true.

We’ll see about Kathryn and Annika though. Maybe we’ll be surprised.

It all looks fairly generic and cliched NuTrek. I imagine all the fan service will win a lot of good will, but everything else just seems more of the same. The lighting (or complete lack of it) is terrible.

Looks like JJtrek meets Nemesis. I guess i have to reserve my criticism until i have watched it. But i hated the second trailer even more than the first one. It is nice to see Picard in the center seat again and in Starfleet. With everyone except for Data. It is something i thought we would never see since Stewart outright refused to do a sequel to TNG and wanted Picard to be more reflective. Another space revenge plot and villain, please please don’t be another remake of Khan.

It’ll end up with Lore hosting the most recent ‘backup’ of Data, but a Lore that is designed to age (as seen in the trailers), thereby betting rid of that ‘issue’ of cgi de-aging. That’ll be the happy ending we likely need after – by the look of things – losing Troi or possibly Worf.

Have to say, not feeling it from these trailers, once you get over the initial feel-good thrill of seeing the cast back together again. Just looks like yet another dose of over-wrought EMO Trek S3, with everyone having gritty issues of some kind, yet another vengence seeking baddie (really? Terry?! You have a whole galaxy to explore…), and an over-reliance of throwing everything at the screen for the endless ‘pew pew pew’ space battle shots.

I can’t help thinking this will ultimately be a disappointment again. Just hoping the trailers are very unrepresentative. Prefer a naff trailer advertising a superb series, rather than the reverse (as in Picard S1 and 2).

Oh and how can 7of9, after operating outside the Federation (and likely their laws) as a ranger, suddenly be a Captain? It seems anyone can be a captain quickly after Star Trek 2009…

Regarding season 1: the premiere episode was decent, to be honest; yet the rest was OK. Regarding season 2: the season two premiere was decent as well; yet the rest was so-so. I’m looking forward to season 3.

I have some thoughts about the young man in the trailer, about who he might be. There is a small chance that he is the assumed dead son of Riker and Troi. And since Vadic has it in for Picard and he is on her ship, this is what might cause the rift between Picard and Riker.

Second thought: he could be Shinzon’s offspring. That would also make him Picard’s son, biologically.


More thoughts:
Anyone else notice, the supporting TNG crew in the poster are facing to the left except Riker who is facing in a completely opposite direction……..oh-oh

Lore will have a hero moment after picard convinces him to help him ‘just like Data’ would of.

Troi thinking its her dead son but it actually isnt?

Enterprise will come in firing having a hero moment when all hope is lost (the shot of the enterprise in the trailer looks like the tail-end of the series as we say goodbye)

Geordi is captain/commander of the Enterprise. Will do a Sulu as in UC

This is not a happy show. Misery, darkness, glimmers of hope etc.

Regarding the poster … They’re all looking or facing differently. Not sure what you’re trying to say – are you imply Riker is not “Riker?” There have been some Thomas Riker theories but I just don’t see it based on the three live action trailers we’ve been given.

As for Lore, I’m guessing Starfleet has reassembled him (and put him in a Starfleet uniform) to impersonate Data.

“Troi thinking it’s her dead son but it actually isn’t?” I watched each trailer multiple times, not sure where you got this?

I can absolutely see the Enterprise-F being the “hero ship” at the end. I can even see Geordi as the captain of F.

Riker is the only one looking to his left, away into another direction….I remember the Lost posters had all the characters facing forward except one, symbolising that characters connection to the island.

May mean something or may not..

Here is an interesting video discussing some of the new trailer on Robert Myer Burnetts channel with Terry Matalas and Todd Stashwick who is the new captain. Nothing in the video is spoilers and it’s about 20 minutes. I posted it mostly because it does sound like Stashwick’s character is going to be around longer than an episode which I think most are of us are assuming. He even got a tattoo on his arm with a logo of the Titan A. That’s some hardcore loyalty to that ship lol. They drop a few tidbits about the season but it’s mostly things we heard already outside of his role:

And RMB has now seen the season 3 times! This is a guy who has raked both seasons over the coals and has not been a fan of most of NuTrek at all. But he adores season 3 to the point he’s getting Matalas on his show just to gush about it, so hope springs eternal.

And for the other six 12 Monkeys fans, there is another video an hour long they share some insights into that show but it’s strictly about that show and other things they worked on if you want to have a look at that one, but sans Star Trek.

There’s a growing number who have seen screener episodes and all the comments I’ve read/heard are quite positive including from a chap I know who writes for a major metropolitan “newspaper.”

Yeah I read that somewhere as well, that people are now getting the first six episodes and so far it’s sounding very positive. Rob has seen the entire season and he first saw it when the visuals and music wasn’t even done yet months ago and still loved it; so his word carries even more weight.

I’m trying to really get excited about this season, but after being burned twice it’s still a little hard lol. But most of the people who says they have seen it felt the same way about the first two seasons like RMB and now this season’s biggest gushers!

I think with Matalas in full control, there seems to be a big difference as well. And it was revealed he had nothing to do with the season’s 2 story line. They had already decided on that before he came aboard. This is totally his and another reason to be more hopeful!

Also forgot to mention in my OP but Rob also said this season is the most Roddenberry/Berman era Trek we gotten in over 20 years. Matalas said in the video the season has influences to all the 24th century shows and the TOS movies, so that will probably be music to a lot of fans ears; especially if they haven’t been that happy with the newer stuff (although LDS and SNW both fits in the Berman era of Trek just fine IMO…minus the humor in LDS).

Yeah, I listen to Inglorious Treksperts and RMB keeps saying how good season three is. I mean, it’s almost hyperbole at this point. Should we even believe him? How did he get to watch the show?

I know I want to believe him obviously but I’m trying to still keep in check. But every time he talks about it, his face lights up lol.

He hasn’t said how directly but it sounds like Matalas reached out to him on twitter and they started talking and probably saw it at some screening in L.A. since they both live there. But that’s strictly speculation only. A few others on YouTube has said they also seen it and funny enough they also all live in L.A. ;) So it could be some place they are specifically screening it.

A few of them who already saw it even got invited to the premiere which will be at the Chinese theater in Hollywood Feb 9th. And I assume RMB is on the list. He definitely wasn’t before lol.

If RMB’s endorsement doesn’t convince the naysayers, I don’t know what will.

Thanks for flagging this Tiger2.

I’m hoping that ‘Captain Stashwick’ survives the season. Whatever the case, Todd Stashwick the actor seems over the moon to have had ‘his starship.’

That was a great interview! So Matalas saw First Contact five times in the theaters in one week? Wow, he beat me by one!

I know he loves the TOS movies, and I’m happy this season is more Starfleet-centered than the previous. I just hope it has that TNG-feeling. My favorite TNG moment of all time was “five card stud, nothing wild, and the sky’s the limit.” IYKYK THAT is what I want this season to be.

Based on everyone I read or watched who has seen it so far, they say it feels very much like TNG/Berman era Star Trek again, and a big reason why they are praising it. So I’m super excited if that’s indeed the case!

So will Ed Speleers playing the fabulous rumoring Son of Picard? How knows. Perhaps or perhaps not. Also then there is Still Wesley :). Perhaps he is an unknown Twin Brother or Clone of her Husband. That could also be true for an rumor. It would give Picard nearly the same reaction. Seeing an familiar face after so long and i bet she has also mixed feelings. Clone secret DNA Data-banks are scary

p.s. Admin of r/startrek do not like me. Got ban again

This trailer was simply “meh” for me. Looking forward to the show though, but keeping my expectations in check

Yeah hopefully the show itself will be great. I was a little disappointed in the trailer as well.

I didn’t want to be the first to day it around here, but I, too, was underwhelmed by the trailer.

This trailer was very underwhelming. In fact, the only good trailer/teaser was the very first cast announcement one that listed their names at the end with the TNG theme. Paramount has a marketing problem going back a few years.

Update: I watched it several more times and changed my mind. I do like the trailer, but I felt that the voices were drowned out by the music and effects at times. That kind of ruined it.

Still hoping for something amazing!

I’ve seen so many great reactions from people that have already seen the 6 episode screeners which is really exciting. But I will say that these people have had the benefit of binging all of those episodes at once. I asked one reviewer if they thought that they’d enjoy it as much if it was a week by week and they said that they thought the season worked really well as a binge-fest.

I know that if I had binged season 2 all in one go it would not have been as painful as it was to watch week by week because it’s a much quicker process and you can be more forgiving of the bad bits when you’re powering through as they don’t linger in the mind for too long.

Hopefully the season is strong enough to hold up through weekly analysis.

Also – This poster is fantastic.
Do we know the artist?

Can I ask where you are seeing some of these reviews? I been trying to find them online but no luck. A YouTuber who hasn’t watched it yet said that he had several friends whose seen the episodes too, mostly Collider (where he used to work) but I found nothing there yet either.

But when a studio gives out that many episodes to watch, you can tell how confident they are of the season.They gave reviewers 5 episodes of SNW and 8 episodes of LDS for season 3. So this does bold well in that regard.

I’ve seen a good few on Twitter popping up on my feed from people like Scott Mantz who’s a film and tv critic, Duncan Barrett who’s an author and Ryan Britt who’s a contributor on Den of Geek, but there’s been many more. All glowing with praise for Matalas. But these are just initial reactions and not reviews yet as they’d be under some form of NDA before the release of the eps.

And yeah I think you’re right. Didn’t know about the 8 eps of LDS – that’s crazy! I’m very envious of these folk who got to spend the last few days immersed in the new season – what a cool perk of being a reviewer!

OK, thanks! I don’t have Twitter, but I understand now. It sounds like since it’s not a full review they can only post their thoughts on social media. That’s why I was really confused when someone said Collider praised the episodes but then I couldn’t find anything on their site, so it makes sense now.

I’m guessing the embargo will be lifted after February 9th because that’s the day of the premiere. But it’s sooo comforting to hear nearly everyone whose seen it seems to really like it. Especially since the first two seasons the show started to take a dip after the first 2-3 episodes which were all the reviewers were given for those seasons.

Premiere for us ordinary viewers is February 16th.

Sorry to make you wait another week;)

No that what I was talking about. There is going to be a Hollywood premiere at the Mann Chinese theater that day. A few YouTubers got invited and showed off their invitation. That’s only about 25 minutes away from me and now thinking I might show up and maybe see who I can spot. Last time I did a Star Trek premiere was in Sydney for the 2009 movie! I was living there at the time, I’m not that obsessed lol.

Pretty cool they are going so big for this though!

One of the editors over on Trekcore mentioned that they have received a screener of the first 6 episodes. Apparently, that site will post a (non-spoilery) preview about a week before the premiere.

Thanks! And totally make sense since they are having a big premiere in Hollywood on February 9th!

yeah, it works as a binge because it’s just a long, over the top movie. Which, on some level is fine, but outside of SNW, seems to be the only way Trek knows how to trek anymore.

I must say I am, in general, finding the ‘everyone on the poster’ trope very dated at this point.

But for this season, it’s exactly right.

Yeah I’d agree, that can be a bit overkill and busy for a poster if they threw everyone and their granny into it, but this one works well. I also love the way it has been rendered. It appears to be colouring pencil? Not sure if it’s real or digital though.

I found the person who made it. His name is Paul Shipper and he’s an artist and illustrator.
Incredible work, he captured everyone’s likeness so perfectly. He takes inspiration from the work of Drew Struzan who created the iconic posters for Star Wars, Blade Runner and Spielberg films like Indiana Jones and Back to the Future films.

I wasn’t able to get through the whole chain here, but does anyone else think the enemy ship looks like the Narada? Could there be a connection to close out the Kelvin timeline?

Yep I originally thought the Narada myself. I don’t think it has any connection to the Kelvin universe but would love to see it!

Second the yep.

A Kelvin link would be interesting.

After all didn’t the Kelvin Universe officer we saw the hologram of in Discovery S3 come from the twenty-fourth century?

That was Yor and yes he came from the 24th century, but don’t remember the exact year.. I still remember how excited everyone was about that lol. I would love for a show to travel to that time period eventually and see how different it evolved.

They must use the same people to create the trailer…same template everytime.

Further thoughts –
Riker dies midway in the series and the “this is the end my friend” is his “spirit” where picard imagines/dreams talking to him.

Moriarty is pitted against Lore….and one/both solve a complex scientific problem key to the plot

Son of Picard is definitely son of Picard. How many times have we thought the writers won’t be so derivative and they turn out to play the obvious choice

Your first point is really intriguing. It’s hard to imagine the entire TNG cast survives this. As for your second point, Daniel Davis. I believe, said he only worked one day, so I don’t know if that’s possible.

I’m with you regarding Son of Picard. That’s such a cliche.

I ** really ** hope it’s not Son of Picard. It would make him more of a deadbeat dad than Worf, and undercut the emotional heart out of his scene in Generations lamenting the loss of his family.

I’m getting Mirror Universe vibes. There are a few shots of the uniforms looking very leathery, all the talk of don’t trust anyone and do you know who anybody is, blah blah blah, and that the TNG cast never really did a Mirror episode, the showrunners probably think they are due, and apparently Trek can’t do anything lately that isn’t somehow touching on Mirror universe.

i have a feeling that the villian (captain hunny bunny) is beverly and picard’s daughter and the new character we saw is their grandson and the plot of season 3 is she has psychological warfare on the tng crew and each much face their greatest fear or regret either through some kind of drug, nebula space technobable or holodeck

in some ST Movie, the Enterprise was hunted from an special Clone. Made out of DNA Samples of him. Perhaps here is something similar. Must not been an biological Kid, could be artificial or last survivors of this hidden secret Stuff of the Romulans. So i would not ride on the true source of his child here

that was tragically horrible “Star Trek: Nemesis” – in which the audience was considered so stupid that they had to give young Picard a disease to explain his baldness, instead of just trusting people to understand that a younger Picard just might have hair

Picard (aging hero) = Kirk. Seven (stoic and recently promoted) = Spock. Riker (emotional and edgy) = Bones. Lore (good guy turned bad = Chekov(with space bugs). Vedic (crazy person out for revenge = Khan. Titan-A (new version of old ship)= Refit enterprise. Beverly (estranged former lovet) = Carol Marcus. New guy = David. Beverly’s Ship = Reliant. Need I go on???

I still don’t understand how so many people think, this is going to be better than the last two horrible seasons. It looks exactly the same with some Star Trek looking spaceship shots added in (finally!) … it has all the Kurtzmann-isms that have been there since 2009 even so he supposedly had nothing to do with it.

Well … I’ll wait till the season is over and catch some reviews

That trailer really felt like a souped up Wrath of Khan retread: bosun’s whistle, training cruise, ambiguous angry character who may be the star’s son, villain bent on vengeance, with a few helpings of fan service sprinkled in. Kind of sad that these new shows can’t seem to get past the old villain carrying a grudge storyline and continue to use TWOK as their blueprint.

^ 100%

it seems like the show, outside of Moriarty, will only have movie-level memory of the adventures of the TNG crew. The captain giving Riker and Picard shade about all the explosions and crashing, and shooting, etc…while kind of funny, really only applies to the post-series movies, ie: action figure Picard. Alas.

Terry Matalas is a huge TWOK fan, so I’m not at all surprised there are callbacks like the bosun’s whistle. I’ve always liked the more naval elements of Starfleet that Nicholas Meyer introduced, so the more of that sorta stuff Matalas puts in the Season 3, the better as far as I’m concerned. Matalas has also gone on record as saying that the plot of Season 3 is not revenge-driven. I don’t know what Vadic’s motivation is at this point, but I look forward to finding out!

My guess is that Vadic is a Betazoid. She does have those dark eyes. So I think this ties into Troi somehow and one of the TNG episodes. Maybe Troi’s child from The Child?

Matalas is also a Star Wars fan, so I wonder if he will put in some Betazoid-sensing-telepathic communication like the Force-sensing.