‘Star Trek: Picard’ Team Teases More Season 3 Cameos, Shares Behind-The Scenes-Images

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Sunday night’s release of the final trailer for season 3 of Star Trek: Picard has fans buzzing, with almost 1 million views on YouTube overnight. The release inspired members of the team behind Picard to share even more on social media—and we have curated the most interesting bits.

Terry teases more cameos

Many characters returning for season 3 of Picard have already been revealed, including the TNG crew, Moriarty, and Lore. But showrunner Terry Matalas confirmed there are still more “top secret cameos” to be revealed.

Stashwick celebrates captaincy

In December we reported on how it was likely former 12 Monkeys star Todd Stashwick was playing the as-yet unrevealed captain of the USS Titan. This was confirmed yesterday with the release of the final trailer. After the release, Stashwick posted a fun video of himself getting some Starfleet captain coffee.

He followed that up with a more serious thanks to showrunner Terry Matalas, who worked with Stashwick when he was showrunner on 12 Monkeys.

Ryan brags

The release of the trailer allowed Jeri Ryan to hype her newly announced co-stars, Todd Stashwick and Ed Speleers.

LeVar is a proud Starfleet father

Season 3 of Picard features LeVar Burton’s daughter, Mica Burton, playing one of Geordi LaForge’s two daughters. Mica posted an image of herself and her father from the trailer which her father shared, adding “I could not possibly be more proud!”

Mica also shared an image of herself and her father on their first day of work together on Picard.

Gates and her gun

Gates McFadden celebrated the release of the trailer with just a shot of herself as Dr. Crusher holding a phaser rifle.

Drexler shares behind-the-scenes photos of Titan bridge redress

The bridge of the USS Titan is a redress of the bridge set from the USS Stargazer used in season 2. Veteran Trek designer Doug Drexler took to Facebook to post images of himself along with Denise and Mike Okuda and production designer Dave Blass on set as the bridge was being redressed.


This included a close look at the new Titan dedication plaque.

Mackinnon cameo

Star Trek makeup designer James Mackinnon revealed he has a small cameo in season three, which you can see in the trailer.


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The third and final season of Picard premieres on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly on Thursdays. It will debut on Friday, Feb. 17 internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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I hope one of the secret cameos is Jeffrey Combs!

If he’s AGIMUS, his best character yet!

That’s Penk erasure!

No I’m hoping that Shran accidentally time travelled.

For real though I love all of his characters and I’ll take any of them. Or even a new one. Weyoun was adorable so I definitely wouldn’t say no to Weyoun 9.

Gotta get all those legacy characters/cameos/fan service in to make up for the complete lack of pushing Trek forward and competent writing. It’s so depressing to see what Trek has become these days.

Don’t forget the nepo babies.

God, I hate that phrase. There is NOTHING wrong with children following their parents into Hollywood, or into any other profession.

Well, yes, there is. Merit should be the gauge, not connections.

Concerning “children of actors who also act” (clunky), “nepotism” may get them in the door, but they will probably need some talent to continue. You can also argue that they have the exposure to and therefore some experience in the field, as well as perhaps a genetic predisposition to having ability. So as “unjust” things go in this world, this is probably not the biggest.

I loathe the expression as well.

It is important though, in the context of Americans culture that promotes the belief that ‘anyone can make it’ with talent, skill and hard work, to acknowledge that following in a family career path has very large advantages.

Equally talented people from families who do different things never get those same opportunities.

Whether elite sports, academia, skilled trades, business, creative arts, or journalism, having the knowledge of the context and what’s needed to be successful are make or break for many with the natural talent and work ethic. Parents and extended family provide those. The benefits of network connections is undeniably profound as well.

I chose the path of doing something very different and paid the price of being one of two in a very large extended family to go that route. It was challenging, and I know that I would have managed my career better with a better idea of what I was getting into. I still can’t say that I would have been satisfied to have followed in my Dad’s footsteps, but it could have opened so very many doors, and avoided as many pitfalls.

Oh if Trek isn’t being pushed forward then where’s any info on how the Cardassians are doing post Dominion War. Or the gamma quadrant itself. Or most of the cast from Voyager or DS9. Hmm. Such catering going on here.

What’s wrong with fan service? Just enjoy it for what it is.

Nothing as long as it fits the story, the show would be good even without said service and the show doesn’t completely revolve around it.

They are getting screen time because of past character work. Nobody really cares if they are reading the phone book or not, as long as they are in character. If having a drink helps make it more palatable, then pour yourself a stiff one. Or two.

Concur with this comment. A stiff bourbon helped me get through Picard, season two, multiple episodes. Once Borgati broke out the Pat Benatar, I was two fisting it. I have faith that S3 will redeem the series.

Whatever gets you through the Star Trek night
It’s all right, it’s all right….


Writing off and griping about an entire season before you’ve seen it. Classic Trek fandom behaviour.

I swear I saw a fan letter in those old tv review magazines back in the 80s who said the same thing about the The Next Generation when it first came out.

Funny how history repeats even now.

You are right.

Then there’s the full page ads in major US newspapers, taken out by fans in the early 70s, that demanded that NBC pull back from airing The Animated Series – despite having the same main cast and writers.

So the Titan-A is a Connie III class. I assume the Connie refit is consider the II then?

Enterprise-class according to Probert (not Okuda.)

Interesting. The plaque does say III, right? It’s just the last digit is peeling.

Maybe the Constitution II is a lost era class.

I saw Enterprise class once before, on a blueprint of the refit E some 40 years ago. I also saw Constitution II, but don’t remember where.

TUC, I think

“Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise”, I think.

Correct. It refers to the refit as Constitution Class II.

Enterprise-class is seen on the door to the training simulator in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Sirna Kolrami cameo. Make it happen Terry. Hmmmm mmmmmmm

Those screenshots are SOOO DARK. Is it hide the cast’s wrinkles? Dear Prophets, crank up the lighting.

I appreciate that most of the cast has aged naturally. It’s silly to have the show be so darkly lit.

I just hope they turn on the lights.

Yes! I actually had to turn the brightness way up on my monitor to make out the picture with Geordi and his daughter. Modern Trek has definitely had darker lighting than pervious Trek, but both the trailers and stills Paramount has released for Season 3 are dark even by those standards.

That’s been my biggest complaint. Let’s see the ships!

Doesn’t Starfleet pay its electric bills?

Love the plaque, but it does have my personal bugbear of a typesetting/grammar error: a single open quotation mark instead of an apostrophe before ’til.

Does anyone but me think that maybe Rick Berman’s name should also be on the plaque? He did take over for Rodenberry and did do a lot for Trek.


Probably due to MS Word auto correct.

Love the ship and the new TNG consoles (I hated the Ent-D LCARS but these look great). Cheers to them for taking awesome pictures from the side. It’s too bad the back wall in front of the Captain’s chair (which is like >75% of the actual shots generally) is still a giant door and nonfunctional blinking lights instead of those awesome graphics. If it is a Connie III why not lose the steps that Picard doesn’t fall down and the door and use the Discoprize bridge with LCARS placed in front of all the consoles?
Crusher story seems more than enough to make up for the ignored robo-Picard plot (AI = life now, V’ger was wrong but oh well, no impact on the Borg or anything!).
I like the idea of her doing medical missions on the frontier and contacting a long lost Picard.
This is the first time since BOBW I am actually looking forward to something involving the TNG crew. Maybe it is the awesome movie era looking ships being used?

I’m just so happy to see a return of TNG in such a big way. I really do love this cast and it is sounding more and more they have made a great season. I’m still a little cautious after suffering PTSD known as seasons 1 and 2 but maybe we may finally get something really special here.

They couldn’t even come up with an original quote for the dedication plaque. Yet more fan service. *rolls eyes*

You would have perhaps preferred, “May fortune favor the foolish?”

“it was the best of stardates … it was the worst of stardates.”

Maybe you’d have preferred “Would you like an adventure now, or would like to have your tea first?”

Just don’t watch PIC. DISCO post season 2 has been all uncharted territory.

Why no Chabon on the Titan dedication plaque? Even if he isn’t involved with season 3, he’s one of the creators of the show, and much of it wouldn’t exist without his work.

Probably falls under the heading of ‘what have you done for me lately?’ After all, we’re talking about a real writer working in Hollywood, so knives were probably out when he flew in and then when he flew out again.

I take it that the deal to adapt his book(s) for streaming has faded away.

It’s truly amazing how Chabon got so much fanfare when he joined Star Trek and disappeared just as fast. It kind of reminds me of what happened to Nic Meyer or Discovery, but unlike Chabon, he seemed like he was sidelined from the start.

I think there is a lot that happened during the making of Picard that soured the experience and maybe left him cynical about the whole thing. Even if he wasn’t going to be a show runner on Picard anymore, I thought he was still going to stick around, help write an occasional script or maybe work on some of the other shows from time to time like so many others, but none of that turned out to be the case.

Ugh, all those screen shots are so dark with Gates and Levar. It’s like the show takes place in a cave. Hopefully, it’s Plato’s Cave or something…

So there’s another trailer during the Super Bowl? NEAT!!

I don’t think they’ll pony up enough he cash for a that. AFC Championship is more of a bargain.

Just thought it sounded like it reading that last persons instagram post,jrmackinnon,saying,AND made it in the Super Bowl trailer!! Probably reading too much into that,lol.

I strongly dislike reusing class names for clarity’s sake.

Gotta get as much fan service in as possible.

Buzz is building … word is getting out … this is the greatest Trek since the Xindi-aquatics floated coyly on our screens. The anticipation is growing unbearable.

Some intriguing readings coming in … saying the words “fan service” over and over doesn’t necessarily amount to a coherent thought …

About Vadic, I believe she is part of that cristal entity people and that she wants to kill Picard, because she thinks he killed Lore. In order to avoid further distruction they will have to turn Lore on to proof that he is alive.