Exclusive: Season 2 Of Gates McFadden’s ‘InvestiGates’ Podcast Arrives In February With More Star Trek Guests

In 2021, Star Trek: The Next Generation star Gates McFadden launched InvestiGates: Who Do You Think You Are?, her own podcast featuring frank discussions with many of her Star Trek friends. TrekMovie has exclusive news on the launch of season 2, which will feature more Star Trek guests.

InvestiGates season 2

The first season of InvestiGates: Who Do You Think You Are? was a must-listen for Trek fans and season 2 looks like it will be as well. NacelleCast has tipped off TrekMovie that the second season of their critically acclaimed podcast with Gates McFadden will premiere on February 21, 2023.

“Just like the camping song I sang as a kid—season 2 is silver and gold—I’m making new friends, but honoring some longtime ones as well. Old friends from Voyager, Enterprise, and the original Star Trek. And new friends from Discovery, Lower Decks, and Strange New Worlds,” said Gates McFadden in a statement.

The second season features brand-new interviews with a number of Star Trek stars from classic Trek to the new Paramount+ series including William Shatner, Kate Mulgrew, Anson Mount, Tawny Newsome, Jack Quaid, and John Billingsley. NacelleCast also promises “some surprise guests.”

Here is the official trailer:

“Working with Gates once was, and still is, as surreal as it gets. But twice? I feel like I’m in “The Inner Light” or something!! ” said Nacelle founder and CEO Brian Volk-Weiss.

The first season of InvestiGates gave fans insights through McFadden’s close personal friendships with her Next Generation co-stars Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, and Wil Wheaton, along with friends from other Trek shows. All 15 episodes featured intimate conversations that delved into stories about their lives, families and careers along with fun and sometimes serious stories from their shared experiences on Star Trek.

The entire first season of Gates McFadden InvestiGates: Who Do You Think You Are? is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, Google Podcasts, and wherever else you listen to your favorite shows.

For more details visit the official podcast page at nacellecompany.com.

Keep up with Star Trek celebrity news at TrekMovie.

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Fantastic! I love this podcast and have been eagerly awaiting a return date. :)

Great genes. In all these years, her voice hasn’t changed a bit.

Delightful news! I love this podcast… I listen to it when building starship models. It’s so, so well done. I can’t wait for more! Best news of the day!!!

I love Gates’ podcast! Here’s hoping she can interview Patrick Stewart so that will complete the entire TNG cast of interviews!

Also, I wonder if she can interview Jennifer Lien. I’d love to know more of her story. Another hard “get” would be Avery Brooks. But I’m very excited for all those listed above. Maybe Jack Quaid most of all.

If Ms. Lien approached someone about an interview, perhaps, after careful consideration. If she desires to be left alone, the fan base should respect that.

Phenomenal Podcast, can’t wait! Also, the ShuttlePod One Podcast is a MUST listen, especially the episode with Nana Visitor and Michael Dorn.

Uggh, she’s doing fringe lunacy bs, you should not be promoting this here or anywhere else.

I’ve listened to the first season of podcasts. Unless you’re one of those people losing their s**t over M&M’s, there was no fringe lunacy there. Maybe you should find a different pot to stir…elsewhere.

What in the world are you talking about? InvestiGates is fantastic and I can’t wait for Season Two!

She isn’t.

I have not listened to her podcast yet (I’m currently focused on the Delta Flyers podcast and still trying to catch up with all those seasons since I started a few months ago) but I want to start soon. It’s fun to see McFadden so involved wit Star Trek again and now she’s going to start interviewing people from the newer shows. It would be nice if she interviews a few actors from the Kelvin movies as well. She probably can get many of them on if she asks. That can be season 3 I guess. ;)

Give it time.
Oh, this was also the first podcasts I’ve listened to. Good stuff.

Her Podcast is top notch — I recommend it.

I also endorse this. Good time to be alive with all the new Trek stuff coming up.

So, Shatner does do SOME podcasts.

But honestly, I can understand why he puts that as a disclaimer in his profile. I’m sure he gets inundated to do them.