Exclusive: Terry Matalas Breaks Down Final ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Trailer

There is a whole lot going on in the final Star Trek: Picard season 3 trailer released on Sunday. We have already reported on some immediate follow-ups from the Picard team, but there is much more to go over in detail. Usually, we do our own trailer breakdown, but this time we thought it would be fun to bring in a ringer in the form of executive producer and showrunner Terry Matalas.

This season is his vision and he also worked on putting together this trailer. So we present our exclusive trailer breakdown with Terry Matalas, mostly in a linear fashion, starting at the beginning.

Bringing back that naval feel

The trailer kicks off with Admiral Picard and Captain Riker being welcomed onto the USS Titan by an officer using a boatswain whistle. Matalas talked about why he brought back this bit of tradition:

I very much prefer Starfleet to feel like the Navy. And certainly, The Original Series and a lot of what [Star Trek II and VI director] Nick Meyer did feels like that the most. And the trailer, as does the first episode, starts with an air of pomp and circumstance. So it’s just getting a feel of what I think Starfleet should feel like. It’s the military. It’s serious. There are protocols. And that sort of permeates throughout the season.

And could this be the actual same whistle seen in Star Trek VI?

It felt like those whistles are usually traditional and are passed down from ship to ship to ship. So we thought that might be the case here. I suppose it could be the same one [from Star Trek VI] or just an older, hundreds-year-old model.

Seven is finding her way in Starfleet

It has previously been revealed that Seven of Nine is now a commander in Starfleet and the first officer of the USS Titan, the main ship for the season. We see her greeting Picard and Riker and presenting them to the bridge crew in a bit of an awkward moment. Terry gives a brief glimpse into what’s going on with Seven in season 3:

It is very much a conflict for her as to how fast she was inducted into Starfleet and whether or not she truly feels as though she belongs, and [whether] her captain feels as though she belongs.

Titan’s captain warns Picard not to expect action

The captain of the USS Titan is played by Todd Stashwick. With all the prior speculation that he had tapped this member of his 12 Monkeys cast, Matalas joked it was the “worst kept secret in Star Trek,” but he also predicted:

I think he’s going to be a fan favorite.

The scene with the captain (we still don’t know his name) showed him being a bit flippant with Picard and Riker, quipping they would find their inspection “boring” before referencing “blowing things up” and other harrowing feats. Matalas noted:

Again, harkening back to what I said earlier about this being the military and how legacy characters like Picard and Riker tend to be able to throw their weight around within this organization and get special treatment doesn’t always sit well with everyone within the Navy.

While the Titan captain recalled classic moments from The Next Generation and the TNG movies, his comments were intercut with phaser firefights and ship action from Picard season 3. Matalas did confirm we can expect more this time:

There is certainly more action than seasons 1 and 2.

Too many captains?

When Seven is introducing Picard and Riker, she announces “Admiral on the bridge,” and after Riker clears his throat to show his annoyance, she follows up with “…and captain on the bridge.”

So the Titan has two captains and an admiral on board. In addition to the actual captain of the Titan, we have seen shots in this and other trailers of Seven, Picard, and Riker in the captain’s chair. When asked if there is an element of “too many cooks” in that kitchen of a bridge, Matalas replies:

That definitely comes into question early on, yes.

Worf’s warning

Cut around a shot of the Titan’s bridge at red alert and Stashwick’s captain saying “battle stations,” we hear Worf in voice-over saying, “There is something coming… some kind of attack. And Starfleet could be the target.” Matalas has previously said that the season’s main plot is tied into the aftermath of the Dominion War from Deep Space Nine. And for our trailer analysis, he does confirm this connection:

Yes, absolutely [Worf is connected to the main plot]. He is still dealing with the fallout of the Dominion War.

Enterprise F is there… but not the focus

Worf’s warning cuts to a shot of the USS Enterprise-F, the successor to the USS Enterprise-E which appeared in 3 TNG movies. The Enterprise-F joins other ships as Worf warns about an attack on Starfleet, but Matalas wanted to make it clear that the Enterprise-F is not the hero for the season:

The Enterprise-F is not at all the focus of the season, although it does appear in very, very important moments. It is not the focus. The Next Gen cast does not all gather on the Enterprise-F and go have a bunch of adventures. The hero ship of this season is the Titan, an underdog.

Ed Speleers is part of Crusher’s crew

The trailer also introduced a new (still unnamed) character played by Ed Speleers. He’s seen a few times, at one point holding a phaser to Riker. Later he can be seen angrily asking someone, “Is anybody you know still the person you knew?” Matalas did offer a bit more about this mysterious character:

He is a crewman on the Eleos, Beverly Crusher’s starship. And he is a member of Beverly’s sort of ‘Doctors Without Borders’ group who’s helping people on worlds that Starfleet has forgotten.

Troi’s warning

In another voice-over we hear Deanna Troi saying, “There is a darkness, an all-consuming darkness.” Troi can be seen at various other points in the trailer as well. Even though Worf’s warning has a direct connection to his history with the Dominion War fallout, Matalas said that all of the returning TNG crew have their own connections to the story:

They all fit into the main plot. This won’t feel like a bunch of disparate stories that don’t come together. Everything here is connected to one singular idea. So she is definitely feeling the main threat of the season.

Raffi’s new journey

A shot of Raffi (no longer in Starfleet uniform as she was at the end of season 2) appears to show her putting something into her eye. The character has a history of substance abuse, so could this indicate she has fallen off the wagon? Matalas would only say, “That’s a good question.”

But the showrunner did offer some insight into what’s in store for the character in season 3:

We definitely reinvent Raffi quite a bit this season. She is on her own journey in a really interesting and surprising way.

Beverly only trusts Picard

It has previously been reported that the season kicks off with Beverly Crusher and an attack on her ship the Eleos, and that she hasn’t been in touch with Jean-Luc Picard in many years. In this new trailer, she sends an encrypted message and “ENCRYPTED COORDINATES” to her former captain with the warning “Jean-Luc, trust no one.” Matalas notes there is a reason she chooses now to finally make contact with her former captain:

There is a reason that Beverly will only reach out to Picard here. There’s a reason that she can only trust him. Something is going on that is dire enough to reach out to Picard in this way. The stakes are very high.

There is more to Vadic and her gang

The main villain of the season is Vadic, played by Amanda Plummer, who says in the trailer: “Jean-Luc Picard… we will have vengeance.” Vengeance is a common theme for villain motivation both in Star Trek and outside of Trek; however, Matalas made it clear there is a lot more going on:

There’s infinitely more to it. Just because there’s a line in the trailer that references vengeance doesn’t mean people have to roll their eyes about Khan. If I were to include more of Vadic’s dialogue it would be spoiling too much of her motivation. And I’m not in the business of spoiling things for fans that are part of the plot and the reveals that make the story satisfying. So for now, vengeance is certainly part of what she has to say, but certainly not all.

Vadic can also be heard as her ship the Shrike attacks the USS Titan, then we cut to a shot of Vadic and her masked soldiers. Matalas draws a connection between their look and her ship:

Her masked folk are symbolic of her ship, being the Shrike, that sort of bird-like skeleton on them. And part of her philosophy, which you’ll hear more about when you watch the season.

This really is the end, but…

Riker says to Picard, “You and I have traveled to the far reaches of space, but something’s different now. This is the end, my friend” as the trailer cuts to a title card with “THE FINAL VOYAGE BEGINS.” When he first revealed the TNG cast were returning for season 3 last year, Matalas said he was inspired to give them a “proper sendoff.” In fact, the message of “THE FINAL SEASON” is on all the promos and posters. However, members of the cast (and even Alex Kurtzman) have hinted that there could be more beyond season 3. Matalas clarified how these two things fit together:

There’s no question that this will feel, by the time it’s over, like the final voyage of the Next Gen cast. And without going into spoilerrific detail, that doesn’t mean to say that a kind of Next, Next Generation show couldn’t continue with legacy characters. A kind of “Star Trek: Legacy” if you will, where these characters can continue to interact with a whole new generation. And when I say that, I also mean characters from Deep Space Nine and Voyager as well. But again, I will remind fans, this is just my dream of dreams. And it’s not currently in development in any way. But should it ever be, I would be there in a New York minute.

Geordi has a new rank… and family concerns

There are a few shots of Geordi in a new Starfleet uniform in the trailer and Matalas confirms he is playing a Commodore.

After a voice-over from Picard saying “This is life or death,” a very skeptical Geordi (on viewscreen)  replies, “It’s always life or death, Jean-Luc… When has it not been?” Of this moment, Matalas reveals:

By the time Picard shows up at his door, Geordi has very strong concerns about what might be next for him and his family.

It has previously been revealed that in season 3, Geordi now has a family, including two daughters. Ensign Sidney La Forge is played by Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut and is the eldest daughter of Geordi La Forge and helmsman of the U.S.S. Titan. She can be seen briefly in the new trailer being manhandled by a one of Vadic’s goons.

Mica Burton (LeVar’s real-life daughter) plays Ensign Alandra La Forge, Geordi’s youngest daughter who works alongside her father. The pair can be seen together in the new trailer.

Crusher phasering, but mostly doctoring

A number of trailers (including this one) show Gates McFadden’s Dr. Beverly Crusher holding and firing a phaser rifle. However, Matalas notes she will also be doing what she does best:

You will primarily see Doctor Crusher this season. She has a whole lot of doctoring to do, for sure. However, that is not all she will do. Our first glimpse of her will be surprising and adrenalized.

Worf and Raffi in the underworld

There is a dramatic moment showing Worf and Raffi fighting it out. In voice-over, we can hear Worf say, “I too was once irrational, violent.” Matalas only added this intriguing tidbit:

Worf and Raffi will cross paths in the criminal underworld.

Yes, that’s Moriarty and Lore, again

Right before we see the Worf and Raffi fight, there is a quick shot of Daniel Davis as TNG’s holographic Professor Moriarty decrying “such pathetic old warriors,” which cuts to Worf, although the different lighting indicates these are two totally different scenes. Matalas didn’t have anything to add about Moriarty, just reconfirming comments from NYCC that Davis is back from TNG, playing one of the other adversaries this season.

There are also a couple of shots of Brent Spiner in the new trailer. Here again, Matalas would only reconfirm what was said at the NYCC panel: Spiner is playing Lore, Data’s nefarious brother android. One shot of Spiner’s Lore just shows him smirking—and plugged into something.

The other shot has him talking to someone while behind a glass door, saying “Survival… human nature, pal.”

Galactic and personal stakes

Intercut with lots of sci-fi action, we see Picard on the bridge of the Titan saying to Riker “We fight, or we die.” While there is certainly a big threat posed by Vadic, Matalas said there is more at stake for this season:

The stakes are very personal with galactic consequences. But they could not be more personal.

This personal connection is highlighted by the next moment in a bit of an homage to a TNG classic briefing room scene, with Admiral Picard addressing his old Enterprise crew, saying, “I need you. All of you.”

He said the thing

The main trailer wraps up with one final call to nostalgia: Picard is in the captain’s chair of the USS Titan (with Riker at his side). With a twinkle in his eye, Jean-Luc says, “Engage.”

… and a little bit of fun

After the final title card, there is a bonus bit showing a fun moment on a shuttle with Picard asking Riker, “Are you enjoying this?” Riker deadpans (with his own twinkle), “Of course not, are you?” The TNG series was known for a good amount of humor, often from Worf and Data. Picard as a series has not been known for humor, yet even with the big stakes at play in season 3. Matalas assures us that he still found time for the funny, but in different ways:

Worf is pretty hysterical this season, don’t you worry. There is humor everywhere. But you want to find that organically. The fact that these characters haven’t been in the game for a while and they’re coming back to it, there is always humor there. And Jonathan Frakes brings a certain level of charisma and spark in his eye and so that last moment is just a moment that would happen naturally with Patrick and Jonathan. So why not write towards it?

A trailer for everyone

The new trailer was released to coincide with a much-hyped edited version airing during Sunday night’s NFL AFC Championship Game on CBS. However, Matalas says it was not necessarily tailor-made for this audience:

The trailer is not designed for any particular group. We actually would probably have cut it a little differently if we knew this was going to be for the football folks. We probably would have teased it a little differently. So no, this is just what we thought was a great trailer.

The showrunner went on to explain the team’s goals:

We just cut a trailer that we thought didn’t divulge too much about the surprises of the plot and was entertaining and teased enough about what we felt the tone and the cinematic vibe of the season was.

Watch the trailer again

[International version available at startrek.com]

The third and final season of Picard premieres on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly on Thursdays. It will debut on Friday, Feb. 17 internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

Keep up with news about the Star Trek Universe at TrekMovie.com.

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The Enterprise-F is not at all the focus of the season, although it does appear in very, very important moments. It is not the focus. The Next Gen cast does not all gather on the Enterprise-F and go have a bunch of adventures. The hero ship of this season is the Titan, an underdog.”

If that’s the case, why even bother having it show up? Why bother getting rid of the Enterprise-E?

Discovery used the OG Enterprise to launch SNW. Perhaps the Enterprise-E is being used to launch TNNG.

Matalas mentioned that Stashwick’s character will be a fan favorite. Anson Mount’s Pike was also a fan favorite.

It’s already been intimated that the ship gets offed off-screen.

As for the original showing up in Disco, I questioned the need for it then, and I sorta still do now, even though SNW has proven to be mostly what I’m looking for in a new Trek show. Felt too early for it to be showing up; seemed like something that should’ve been reserved for like season 5 (had they not played the time jump card).

I meant the Enterprise-F, not the E. Maybe the appearance of the Enterprise-F will launch TNNG.

I don’t disagree about introducing the Enterprise in Discovery, but Pike and the Enterprise crew were the highlights of the first 2.5 seasons. I have not watched Discovery beyond that.

If they are introducing Stashwick’s character as captain of the Titan and believe that he could become a fan favourite it would make more sense to set a spinoff on the Titan – unless that ship is destroyed by the end of the season.

My other issue is the Titan-A being a thing…why? What was wrong with the design that was conceived for the novels (and canonized on Lower Decks)? Why bother with an A designation? I get Terry likes the refit Constitution-class, I do too, but I also know anything based on that design looks a little anachronistic compared to the ships it’ll be sharing screen time with. Hell, I’d have taken one of the STO derivatives over this ‘Neo Constitution-class’, and that’s coming from someone who thinks most of the STO designs are ugly.

Probably to avoid paying residuals to the designer of the Luna Class.

Same reason T’Pol wasn’t T’Pau…

CBS owns the Luna. It was part of the contest rules that all rights of the winning design would go to CBS.

Pretty sure he dies in the first episode.

pretty sure you are wrong.

Didn’t the Enterprise ‘E’ suffer the fate of several of the Sovereign class ships in the finale of Prodigy S1?

I know that the registry was on one of the models used in that battle, but since it wasn’t explicitly acknowledged as such in dialogue, I’m gonna go with no; think it was just he animators being cheeky. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Worf’s newfound pacifism somehow relates to the Enterprise-E’s destruction though; it seems like a card they’d play, particularly since, in the tie-in novels at least, Worf became captain of the E (not that I expect them to canonize that).

Terry said Worf’s background as being Captain of the Enterprise-E is still intact.

Pretty sure Terry just said the Enterprise was retired, not destroyed.

As a fan of Stashwick’s 12 Monkeys performance (and character’s redemption arc), I can’t say how happy it makes me to have a glimmer of hope that his ‘Captain Stashwick’ character won’t be killed off or otherwise eliminated this season.

Matalas has said elsewhere the dynamic between Seven and Stashwick will really hold people’s attention.

I know that as beloved as she is as a character, there are many fans who will need to see her earn her place in Starfleet after having been a Fenris raider and outsider. It sounds as though Matalas also wanted to resolve that in this season.

It’s Picard. Every character has an elevated risk of being killed after one scene.

Except, that didn’t happen in Season 2.

Not every Trek show has to revolve around the Enterprise. SNW bores me because of that ship.

It’s a lovely ship we never got enough of, but it’s been over 20 years – that’s plenty of time to see the ship retired or destroyed. Even with a refit the original was marked for decommissioning at the 20 year mark.

The Federation flagship doesn’t always have to be the top of the line model, but having it either be a nearly 3 decade old design that’s commonplace now, or a different, non-Enterprise starship would feel odd too. We need to wait for the story to know what the deal is here. If none of the crew is captaining the Enterprise, then it would make sense for it to not feature heavily and just be a fun little detail to explore in a future spin-off perhaps.

Its implied that the Enterprise didn’t become the Flagship until the Enterprise D.

Hell the Enterprise was an academy training ship prior to TWOK and wasn’t going out regularly (as 1701-A) during TUC.

We don’t know much about the actual histories, in “canon” of the Enterprise B and C, so unless something contradicts it, the Galaxy Class D was the first “Enterprise is Flagship”..and I don’t think it’s until Generations that Picard explicitly says that she’s the flagship.

I think it’ been sorta retconned in that it was the flagship, they just never got around to showing it ;-)

Didn’t the 1701 get referred to as the flagship on an episode of Discovery?

It might have, I didn’t pay super close attention to Discovery when watching episodes.

Really?! Well, if that’s true it only demonstrates how disposable these capital ships have become in this late stage of the Trek franchise. Back in Kirk’s day the Enterprise was considered something special, one of only twelve of her type, and such an investment of time and capital that it was cheaper to refit and modernize her over the decades than it was to scrap her altogether and start afresh. I get that they have replicator and other exotic technologies in the newer shows, but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s nothing particularly ‘special’ about these ships anymore — one gets destroyed, just throw together a new one in a year or so and you’re good to go. If everything is possible, then nothing means anything.

This! This is what I long for. I hope SNW keeps this in mind.


Wow, if you’re really THE Doug Drexler I’m honored. And we had an acquaintance in common, Jacque Fresco, whom I know you did some FX work for back in the day. If we ever meet, I’d love to hear about your experience working with him. 😊

NCC-1701 was around 40 years old when she was destroyed and the refit only about 14. Ships can serve for many decades. 20 years is nothing. We should be seeing the E and not the F.

Unfortunately, the ships on Star Trek are no longer characters. They are just disposable assets. It’s a shame. Picard and crew should be on an Enterprise.

I don’t have a problem with them not being on an Enterprise so much as I have an issue with what feels like a waste of a design. The E was a good looking ship; what would be wrong with having a new crew take it over?

That and I think the Odyssey-class is kind of ugly.

Re: why not continue with the Enterprise-E and a new crew: part of the decision may have been based on their desire to reuse the sets created for the Stargazer last season, and it might have been decided that that aesthetic wouldn’t fit with the Enterprise-E as it had previously been established.

(Yes, movies IV–VI showed us that the same ship can have vastly different bridges and interior designs, but still, I can see the desire to avoid reintroducing the E with a new interior look playing into the decision to set the main action on a different ship.)

What I’m less clear on is why they didn’t just have the characters return to the Stargazer (with a new captain if necessary) instead of introducing another Titan.

Didn’t they want to decommission the original Enterprise in Star Trek 3 for being “20 years old”?

Yes, but it was bad math.

It was an intentional mistake on Harve Bennett’s part. He knew the ship was older in-universe, but he also didn’t want to run the risk of alienating casual moviegoers. Or so sayeth Memory Alpha.

I think it was 45 or something at the time of its destruction.

Agree with you completely. Not having the “E” is something I really wanna know beyond its older now. Kirk and his crew got to stay with their ship. I’ve always wanted more of the “E” and they just say its old and here a new shiny one that your Enterprise crew wont be on.

Why does it need to have a big part???? Star Trek is bigger than the Enterprise

Considering we have 5 shows and only one of them takes place on an Enterprise does prove that point.

But people really love being on an Enterprise. :)

If I were a producer or exec on Star Trek, I probably wouldn’t want 2-3 concurrent shows featuring a ship called Enterprise. I’d imagine that could be somewhat confusing for casual viewers.

And it doesn’t have to be. Having one is enough. I even think that’s probably a big reason why this season takes place on the Titan and not the Enterprise F. I guess one they don’t want to fanboy it up too much by having the TNG crew on their third Enterprise but also probably due to SNW as well.

The irony is I was a bit excited this year thinking we might have three Enterprises lol with SNW, PIC and the next Kelvin movie that was suppose to open this year. Of course that got torpedoed once again but it’s cool we’ll at least see the Enterprise F even if it’s not the hero ship of the season.

It’s the flagship of the Federation…

Well, perhaps the commanding Officer of the Enterprise-F we see here is Gordi. If my guess is right, then Enterprise-F will get boarded, too

Andorian named Shon is in command in the Online game

Same thing that happens with every star trek movie. Writers cant resist having another iteration of the Enterprise and yet another new uniform.

Starfleet is military…..cue the wailings…

Some of the strongest movies have leaned into the military feel. TWOK and TUC come to mind.

Why can’t the series be better than the movies?

Regardless of where you come down on how naval Starfleet should be, I would much, much rather see strong naval traditions and competent officers than the bumbling, slapstick Starfleet staffed by incompetents and n’er-do-wells that we see in LOWER DECKS.

To this extent, Matalas’ comments are a good sign.

McHale’s Navy in space!

I would much, much rather see strong naval traditions and competent officers than the bumbling, slapstick Starfleet staffed by incompetents and n’er-do-wells that we see in LOWER DECKS.

Well said!

A friend shared a post elsewhere from the US Naval Heritage website. During WWII, a pair of sailors, upset about being on a “scrape and paint” detail, painted ‘for sale’ on the side of the warship. The n’er-do-well’s do liven things up a bit.. We also forget that when we see large numbers of uniformed service personal, the vast majority of them aren’t competent officers, but kids under 24.
Trek has been fuzzy on what you actually have to do to join the fleet. Chief O’Brian alludes to the fact that he went to the Academy, but isn’t an officer. So, yeah, maybe every at the academy gets their eight weeks of basic training, then after that Recruit Picard got shipped off to Officer Training, Recruit O’Brian to Engineering school, and Recruit Skippy just headed off to his plasma coil cleaning assignment on the USS Cerritos….

O’Brien specifically says on a number of occasions that he did not go to the academy

And rightly so! Roddenberry said in the TOS Writer’s Guide that Starfleet is QUASI-military and stated that certain “annoying medieval leftovers” would not be present in Starfleet, such as saluting, or saying, “Captain on the bridge.”

Starfleet isn’t supposed to be like the NAVY in space, it’s supposed to be like NASA in space — exploration and solving problems.

Nicholas Meyer liked the idea of “the navy in space” and also directed two of the stronger films, but those two things aren’t cause and effect. TWOK and TUC would have been just as good WITHOUT someone saying, “Captain on the bridge.”

100% agree!

Roddenberry was not consistent and contradicted himself frequently.

He was pretty consistent on that point though.

You should send him an email about it.

Weekend at Gene’s

The idea that Starfleet is more NASA than Navy is flawed. It definitely combines the two, but NASA does not arm it’s spacecraft with weapons of war, is not the front line in military conflicts, and does not operate a JAG that can apply military law, or have penal colony’s or brigs.

Regardless what TPTB might have to say about it, the eye test makes it very clear that Starfleet is in fact a military organization. Hybrid compared to today? Most definitely. But it is not, despite what has been said by character or writers, a ‘civilian’ organization.

No one is saying it’s all NASA and no military. But Roddenberry‘s vision was certainly that the NASA component would be predominant over the military component. Look at the motion picture and first two seasons of TNG – that’s what Starfleet supposed to be like. It’s not supposed to be like the charming, but way overdone naval ship-like presentation in the Nick Meyers movies, nor is it supposed to look like some of what we’re seeing in this trailer with that ridiculous naval whistle blowing BS thing…lol

Starfleet is more of marriage of Navy and NOAA…. in space.

Another 100% agreement!

Well, Admiral Jellico would agree 100% with you now :)

I get the feeling that Terry Matalas is getting really tired of sitting on this season, which, if RBM is correct, has been ready for release for about six months. He seems to think it is a work of genius, and not a single person who saw the screener has disagreed. I think Mr. Matalas wants to gush about it just as badly as I want to see it.

Honestly, his enthusiasm about all of this is the only thing making me genuinely interested in seeing how this goes. The prior two seasons certainly haven’t contributed to that.

If I remember correctly, Matalas mentioned back in July or August that he was almost finished with post production on season 3. So yes, this has been lying around for quite some time.

Yes, postproduction was completed before Star Trek Day.

SNW season two post is likely long completed as well.

RMB is a big reason I’m even remotely excited about the season. He’s been talking it up for five months now. And yes it is nice so far people who are getting the episodes have been positive. That said I still can’t blame anyone for feeling skeptical about it if they weren’t happy with either season.

And I think Matalas wants to feel redeemed if season 3 is that good over the flailing he’s gotten with season 2 even if he was just on it partly.

My personal opinion — I simply don’t believe that any of the “Internet fanboy personality” types have seen the entire season. I think it’s more likely they’ve seen a few clips and are stretching the truth — basically just blowing smoke to get the YouTube hits revenues. Many of those internet fanboy types don’t have a day job and this is their main source of income, so consider that before you reject my personal opinion out of hand on this. Feel free to disagree though…IDIC

In the last interview that Matalas did with Rob, he commented wryly (in reaction to a specific comment on the music in later episodes ) “You really have seen the whole thing haven’t you.”

Yeah, I saw that and it was hard to say if he was being sarcastic, or otherwise?

Here’s the thing. I noted somewhere nearly a year ago that mentioned the actors all had to keep quiet on this season, yet I am suppose to then believe that P+ is allowing Matalas to let certain internet superfans watch the entire season? This seems a bit hard to believe. But if it is happening, then perhaps Matalas has done this on his own without P+’s approval, as that I could see happening given the dude can’t seem to control himself with the public info release, obviously.

Anyway, I am always very skeptical when I see this type of claim, which I see a lot of on multiple franchises (which frequently turn out to be bogus) on these internet shows — like here where there is some blowhard super-fan on a YouTube internet fanboy show (you know, one of those fan shows where there’s five guys wearing cheap T-shirts who look like they haven’t had a shower or shaved in a week…lol) who’s claiming he’s seen season three twice and that it’s the best Star Trek series in decades (and then he says SNW is the worst new show…lol).

So yeah, I remain skeptical, but is it possible Matalas did give the store away to his superfan buddies…yeah, that would fit I guess, but I would be surprised if he did that with P+’s approval. I can’t see Kurtzman or McMahan ever doing that.

I suspect rather that Rob (who unlike others does have industry connections and has been a paid consultant for some licensed games) did somehow get access to a copy.

Unless Matalas is a better actor than I would credit, it seems more likely that he has been given clearance to manage the situation of a leak.

Now that we’re in the embargoed early access window for reviewers, with six episodes in pre circulation, it’s not surprising if more of these guys have had a chance to see it officially or unofficially.

Going on other YouTube shows like TrekYards spreads the opportunity, while managing the messaging.

Wait Matalas went on Trekyards?? Did those guys say they saw the season too? I watch them every week, they never hinted they saw it yet.

TG47 was just giving an example. Matalas hasn’t been on TrekYards. Though he did show up in their live youtube chat for a couple minutes when they were breaking down the trailer.

OK I understand now, thanks!

The Trekyard guys had’n’t seen the season. But Terry joined their trailer discussion in chat and gave some tidbits and answered some questions.

OK gotcha. That’s cool Matalas got in the chat discussing it. Stuff like that really wins fans over.

The truth is there is NOTHING unusual about this situation. This is not Terry Matalas handing out screeners to whoever he wants. This is Paramount, and studios do this all the time.

Screeners for SNW went out to media (including YouTubers) a month ahead of the premiere. Screeners for Netflix go out weeks ahead of time. Marvel has even been known to give out screeners before release of their Disney+ shows.

You don’t hear about it that often, but how do you think media sites and youtubers have fully-produced, written, video’d, and thoughtfully-analyzed reviews released within hours of a show’s release?

They got it ahead of time, that’s how.

Wait is anyone questioning that the screeners are not real? What?? They been giving screeners to pretty much everyone who reviews these shows all the way to the first season of Discovery. And now a lot of YouTubers get them since they review the shows. Practically everyone I watch on YouTube got the PIC, SNW and LDS screeners last year. PIC had 3 episodes, SNW had 5 and LDS 8. I’m guessing they all have the new season of Picard too.

Yeah, they got 6 episodes for Picard Season 3.

1) Sending out screeners is much more common than you think. These days they’re all done digitally on sites with unique passwords and watermarks for each person, but back in the day they used to send them on DVDs. In the early days of the Walking Dead, I got DVD copies of the first half of the seasons from a friend of mine who was an online TV /movie reviewer (before the term “influencer” existed). It was only half the season and they all had his name on the screen the entire time. So far all of the feedback that’s been shared is that only the first six episodes of Picard have been shared.

2) The decision to send these out wasn’t ultimately decided by Terry, it was Paramount’s PR team. Terry may have had some influence in the decision and they may have even attached his name a note to the people who got the screener links, but there’s no way in hell Terry just went rogue and sent these out to random people on his own. Not only would that jeopardize his career, I doubt he’d take the time to create watermarked copies for every individual on his own.

So far all of the feedback that’s been shared is that only the first six episodes of Picard have been shared.

Nope, that RMB superfan blowhard claims to have seen the entire season twice. And that’s what I am calling BS on — I can’t recall a major series marketing campaign ever sharing an entire season with “influencers” (lol) in advance…it’s always like 3 to 6 eps. I do not believe than P+ would have let the entire season out…no way…it’s possible that Matalas did this on his own though given his predilection for not being able to help himself regarding letting everything out before we even get to the premiere. I get why you think that’s unlikely, but to me it seems like P+ has sort of given up at this point in time in trying to reign in all of his near-daily information releases to fans. Yeah, I think’s it’s possible still.

I don’t trust that dude’s opinion a bit, BTW, ever since he said SNW was the worst Trek series of all time. How could I possibly take the dude seriously after saying that…lol

Wasn’t he sued by Paramount about the whole Axenar thing? And now they are best buddies? That is what I find suspect.

He was, but it doesn’t mean he got official access, nor does a lawsuit mean he will never work with the studio again.

I also have to wonder if getting him to praise it, getting him watching it and gushing over it, is the studio’s way of attracting positive attention from the “Never NuTrek” crowd

To them, Burnett is basically Zack Snyder.

“RMB” is a former Trek producer, and could easily have been shown the whole season by a friend.

I have no idea what he’s saying nor do I care, so not sure why you do or why you’re arguing so hard about this other than to be able to run your mouth.

RMB is not a former “Trek producer.” He has produced behind-the-scenes content for TNG DVD and Blu Ray releases. Which doesn’t make him an authority on anything other producing content for DVD and Blu Ray releases, much less what constitutes worthwhile storytelling.

SMDH, he produced content for Paramount for official Trek releases, I am well aware of the scope of his work. It’s clearly he works with the studio, and knows many of the people involved with the show.

I knew someone was going to nitpick that point, but was hoping I wouldn’t need to elaborate in full detail… lordy lord.

That said, I highly doubt he’s watched it “three times” (though I didn’t personally see him make that claim, I trust those who say he did)

It’s likely he watched it with someone involved, and maybe at best watched certain moments more than once. But he does seem like something of a chest thumping blowhard who likes to make himself sound important.

There you go — we can agree on this.

There’s a recent interview with Terry on his channel where he said he’s watched it through 3 times.

Well, I may have misread the intent of your comment; and if so, my bad. If your point was that as someone who had done content work for Trek DVDs in the past that Burnett would be in a position to obtain an early screener of Season 3, no argument. But if you’re implying that his views regarding its quality are any more valuable than anyone else’s, I’d have to differ.

We’ll said, Michael

That’s simply not true — he was never involved in production of even a single episode of any Star Trek series.

So I’m not surprised that given you admit that you have no idea what he’s saying because you have no idea of his background either…lol

Well, I never would have thought that Lucasfilm would give us Andor. Maybe good things come to those who wait.

It’s really funny to me how wrong you are, and yet insist that you’re right, all while admitting that you have no actual information. Hilarious.

I think it’s both funny and sad how you need to keep insulting me. Congratulations on that…lol

I don’t need to do that to others — I’m confident in my information, and I explain my opinions.

I remember he said he’s seen the whole thing twice.

He’s seen it three times now! He really loves the season. Hopefully I will want to watch it that many times. ;)

You’re wrong. As I can personally attest, screeners of the first 6 episodes have gone out to members of the press, and this includes media reviewers, bloggers, and even popular YouTubers.

Huh? I specifically wrote in this thread:

Nope, that RMB superfan blowhard claims to have seen the entire season twice. And that’s what I am calling BS on — I can’t recall a major series marketing campaign ever sharing an entire season with “influencers” (lol) in advance…it’s always like 3 to 6 eps. I do not believe than P+ would have let the entire season out…no way

Look, I know you’re really trying hard to “gotcha” me, and to add in your personal insults wherever possible, but would it really be too much to ask for you to please at least bother to read the comments in the threads before responding with fraudulent responses like this?

The majority of them just make stuff up for views. I don’t bother to watching them anymore. Just a waste of time, anytime one of them show up on my youtube feed I block the channel.

The majority of them just make stuff up for views. 


I’m excited but i wish the show didn’t look like it was lit so dark. Do they not have lights anymore in the 25the centuary?

I complained about this, too, initially. And I still dislike it. But if we got our wish, and it was lit brighter, less murky, then it would no longer match the cinematography of the prior two seasons of this particular show. So I have to grudgingly concede that it’s the right move to maintain consistency, even if I greatly dislike it as a look overall. :(

If the season ends up being great, then it probably won’t matter as much. And if we hate it, more fuel for the fire I guess. :D

I dunno. Maybe all this darkness, haze, and dust is a cost-saving measure to avoid having to render scenes at higher resolution or build sets with adequate levels of detail?

That 1701-F flyby looks awfully pixelated, almost like it’s dropping frames, like a PS2 in-game cutscene vs a rendered video. No sense of scale.

Meanwhile, over at Disney+, ILM is building on what they did for Rogue One to make the space scenes in Andor look more like filmed models from the Original Trilogy.

Kinda wishing at this point that Star Trek had its own Dave Filoni. Not that the SNW team are doing poorly, but the Star Wars extended universe on Disney+ feels much more coherent.They make room for experimental stuff in the ‘Star Wars Visions’ series and tell side stories in things like Tales Of The Jedi.

It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to hand the franchise over to Mike McMahan and the Hageman Brothers, actually, because their past work is steeped in world-building, asking “if this (from canon) is true, what else is true?”, with visual clarity and characters you care about.

True, one show is comedy and one is on the track to become YA adventure, but they wouldn’t work as well as they do, unless there was good storytelling, character definition, and respect for canon.

I would be totally fine with it not matching the first 2 seasons as it would make it easier to ignore them if this season ends up a stand out home run fantastic piece of work by comparison to the more middling first two outings of this anthology-ish series.

This is honestly my biggest gripe so far. There’s absolutely no reason for the sets of the starships to be so dark. This actually hurts a lot of viewers with poor eyesight too — I have a huge Trekkie in my family who is older and struggles to watch dimly lit movies and shows, and will not be able to watch this, literally.

Unless they have data that suggests physically darker content is somehow more popular, i’m not sure I understand the creative choice there.

I know we have had our differences here lately, but I wanted to suggest as one fan to another that for your family member with the dark vision issues — get them prescription night driving glasses, which have a unique sort of yellow lenses that enhances and brightens dark environments. I think that would be really helpful to them for viewing dark TV shows like this one and others. These will make a major difference for them.

There’s no sunlight in deep space. So yeah, deep space is dark and black.

All I can say is I’ll be cranking up the brightness on my TV to 100%. Dark lightning can be done well: Generations looked beautiful. This is just murky looking; it needs greater contrast on the light sources to balance the dark.

Just tell us the connection to the Dominion War already! February 16th can’t come soon enough. The DS9 connections are the main thing I’m here for.

Perhaps Shapeshifters. But i do not see an connection with Picard


Matalas has pulled an Emperor’s New Clothes on the wailing fanboys who demonstrably ‘hate’ everything post-2009. Let them have what they say they want.

It’s a fan service season. Nothing’s lost in enjoying it for what it is, a change to see the TNG heroes one last time.

I got a friend who literally lives for when McDonald’s will re-release the McRib for a few months every few years. It’s shit food but it’s great food fan service, and I can’t begrudge him that pathetic smile, even though I imagine he’s doubling his Lipitor dose that week…lol

I agree with the other Phil 100%! What’s wrong with fan service? I’ve been a fan of Trek since TOS’s original network run on NBC. I’m very glad there’s new stuff being created — young minds, fresh ideas, be tolerant! — but there’s also absolutely nothing wrong in going back to your favorite restaurant and ordering your favorite dish and having it taste just the way you remember it. We can have both.

First there was Alien, then came Aliens…First there was Phil, then came Phils ;-)

Actually the other Phil was being sarcastic. He’s been railing on the show having a lot of nostalgia stuff for months now lol. But I agree with you phil (and clearly the smarter one!) I don’t have an issue with fan service as long as it’s done right! Look, I don’t have to see a single legacy character ever again and I will still happily watch every week just the same. But if they bring in characters I want to see again and they do them right, I have zero issues with it and hope they bring in more.

Secret Hideout has gotten tons of flack with these new shows, some of it very valid criticism IMO. But for me anyway, the one thing they seem to get more right than wrong are the legacy characters. With the exception of the new Kirk, I been pretty happy with all their returns and even for him, I’ll wait until season 2 to really judge. I know people don’t like how Picard has been portrayed either or hated that they killed off long time characters like Hugh or Icheb but you have to have SOME stakes, especially in a franchise that has so many reset buttons and resurrections as it does.

Nostalgia bait and fan service is what fans want, so the studios provide it. The best example was when James Gunn revealing the ‘new’ DC slate of characters and movies for apparently the next 35 years and I saw thread after thread of complaining this character isn’t there or that character needs to be included and so on. People seemed upset Gunn wants to bring in characters that hasn’t been seen 100 times in a movie or TV show already, but fans want the nostalgia. Every fandom is the same. For every Star Trek fan who says they want to see something new, there is always three others who want to see Kirk, Janeway, Riker, Sisko, Archer and on and on brought back.

I would have felt better about killing off Icheb if it wasn’t solely to set up a villain of the week who had no impact whatsoever on the overall plot of the season.

No matter how problematic the actor who played Icheb was, brutally and graphically killing off a youth-viewpoint character from a previous series is a way to make both the new and old unwatchable for fans who had attached to that character the way he had been designed to.

They needed a solution for Icheb, and to give motivation for Seven, but it was a lousy choice. We have a teen in our household who was a core fan up to that moment, and now won’t watch any of the new live action shows until their seasons have finished.

(As an adult playing a teen on Voyager Icheb’s actor reportedly did not respect boundaries with Jerry Ryan, but his more recent social media behaviour was also self-damning. It’s understandable that the EPs would not bring back the actor, but killing off the character brutally isn’t the best way to close that door.)

However cool and validating it seems to be for writers to kill off characters, I don’t believe for one minute that Chabon or Goldsman – childhood TOS fans both – would have been ok with Chekhov dying horribly in TWOK if they had seen that unprepared in the film’s first run.

TWOK walked close to the line with TOS’ youth targeted character, making Chekhov the main cast member to be confronted with the creature to go his ear.

The Hageman brothers talk about how much that shaped them as kids. It was successfully scary but didn’t turn the TOS movies and the show into something unwatchable for that generation.

I don’t even remember who Icheb was. He was no great loss to Trek.

They didn’t kill him off because of the actor, sheesh.

Oh yeah we definitely agree on that. I had no issues with him being killed off, but how they did it and why could’ve been better for sure. And to this day I fast forward through his torture scene (but I literally only seen that episode twice lol).

I rather see new heros.

Really really exited for this. I’ve enjoyed all the new trek shows and even both seasons of Picard (middle section of Picard season 2 was rougher for me if I’m being honest but I still found things to enjoy). Based on that I feel I’ll absolutely love the new season.

For season 3 the hype is real!! The footage looks great to me and the early reactions are all positive. Also binged 12 monkeys last year and it was so good so happy to see Matalas was able to make the season he wanted.

I know some fans are going to bristle at Starfleet being called a military, but that is an accurate description. Despite what some fans claim, Starfleet has ranks, court martials, brigs, weaponry, battle stations, rules and regulations, uniforms and protocols all befitting the military. Court martials and ranks would be meaningless otherwise, and the troops wouldn’t be sent to fight in wars. It’s especially clear in Enterprise and Beyond with the MACOs. It’s a military.

TOS said it clearly that it was a combined service (IE scientific, humanitarian and military). It was just Roddenberry and his early TNG idiotic themes where the whole “we’re not the military!!” comes to play.

Agreed. And to this day I never understood if Roddenberry didn’t want Starfleet to be seen as a military then why not just create, you know, a military???

That’s why I really like the MACOS, it was realistic to have some defense force trained in battle when you have a potential species looking to hit Earth. I imagine if we ever see a Romulan war story line, they would be front and center of that battle.

But has it been anything other than a military since 2009?

Good point.

The KelvinVerse incarnation in “Beyond” did show the routine diplomatic/scientific side, the very mundane stuff that Kirk was unhappy with..

So, kind of?

Perhaps the theme of the “Dominion War” fallout will be that Starfleet has lost its way

We did see them do some exploring at the beginning of STID at least.

But, if you put to many Cooks on the Bridge. How would say the Direction? WIll you discuss it with the Crew?

The Naval traditions being incorporated feels right. Everyone had Naval ranks from the beginning. You’re aboard a ship, etc. I think it’s appropriate, and I just dig it. I think Navy when I hear or see these things, but I don’t think oppressive military force.. Civilian boats use the same structures.. it feels more maritime tradition to me, than military.

There’s also the part of having armed ships, patrolling borders, surveilling other powers, dropping spies and strikes teams behind the lines, and fighting wars.

But not a military! ;-)

There is also an interview, I saw it on YouTube a year ago, where Roddenberry identified that part of getting the initial pilot funding was related to Trek having a military feel to make it relatable.

But back then, more of the audience had military experience.

Exactly, Starfleet has two primary missions:

1- Serve as the Federation’s peacekeeping armada (military focus+humanitarian)

2- Explore the galaxy (includes science, first contact, etc)

I would only say Starfleet is more than a military. Firefighters and police and EMTS have ranks too. The primary mission of the Enterprise is clearly stated in the original intro — nothing said about destroying the enemy. If you went aboard a Navy (US) ship thinking you’re in StarFleet,, you’d quickly realize it’s quite different.

Well, the Federation and Starfleet would like nothing more than to give the universe a big hug. But it turns out the universe isn’t a hugger. So that’s why Starfleet is also a military.

Agreed, but you have to have more than military strategy and skill available. If the Enterprise is up against Organians, Excalbians or Metrons, among others, there is virtually no military solution. Your only choice is to hope they relent on swatting you down because you might grow up and learn how to behave. Ethics and morality saved Kirk and crew many times.

True, except commanders in any navy also have to take ethics and morality into account with every situation. They also have rules to follow and consequences to consider. They’re not simply brash instruments of force that lash out with weaponry at every turn.

Well, Starfleet is not the Navy in the past, with their Gunboat Diplomacy :). They are also Explores, trusted Allies and more. They are not just to Fight and frighten the Enemy’s. They are also (want to be) Friends

If you watch the later seasons of DS9 when the Dominion war starts, you get constant references of the characters referring to themselves as soldiers. Because yeah, they are fighting a war. Who fights wars? Why the military does. Funny, no one ever asked anyone from NASA to get more involved in the Iraq and Afghanistan war. So this has always been much ado about nothing.

Yes, it’s not strictly a military and where the debate comes in, but if you’re trained to be in combat and the people who are suppose to show up when Earth or Vulcan is attacked by the Klingons or the Borg, that basically makes you the military.

And that’s why I’m not nearly as down with the Dominion War arc as many fans, in spite of some admittedly great episodes (“Pale Moonlight,” etc.) Going back as far as TOS there are scientists onboard who clearly *don’t* think of themselves as being part of a military hierarchy, and it would have been really interesting to see how they reacted when the Federation got involved in a real war and the bill for all that science and exploration came due, when they would be expected to trade in their tricorders for phasers and act like soldiers. Some of them might have been down with that, but I’ll bet others would have said “No, thanks.” Instead, they mostly played it safe, giving us World War II in space, a “good” war no one saw the need to contest fighting. Vietnam would have been a lot more interesting.

This was actually something that season one of DISCO handled well. We saw Stamets struggle with the weaponization of his spore drive invention.

Conta all this, though, the military does a lot of science, even basic research — and certainly a lot more than it did back in the days of the Manhattan Project, when the very notion of a standing army was still controversial.

Therefore, I find it difficult to believe that the mere presence of scientists precludes Starfleet from being the “military.”

I don’t believe that it precludes it at all. Still, it’s simply a matter of history that you rarely see scientist-types personally firing the guns, even when they’re designing the guns that the soldiers use. Human psychology being what it is, I find it difficult to believe that at least some who signed up for the science and exploration wouldn’t balk at the thought of actually killing in a war, even if that possibility had been made clear to them when they signed up. For all of its supposed edginess, DS9 never bother to go there, much to its detriment imo.

Don’t disagree but you have to blame that on Roddenberry himself. He seemed obsessed with Star Trek not having a military although he was the same guy who set up multiple wars, neutral zones, etc with antagonist species.

I still don’t understand how the Federation becomes the Federation because of a war with the Romulans and when that’s over, you go the opposite way and basically say there is no self sufficient police or military force keeping them in check a century later? You got the ‘explorers’ manning the neutral zone? Why???

This goes beyond DS9, it was baked into the show since Balance of Terror. None of it makes a lick of sense to me lol, none of it!

I’m more than sure the makers of the later shows including DS9 would’ve loved to have made a separate military force that doesn’t involve the scientists and explores picking up a phaser, but it goes completely against what Roddenberry wanted, so what can you do?

We saw them invent the MACOs on Enterprise at least, but they only got away with that because it was pre-Federation. And then Beyond comes along and say that group was disbanded when the Federation was founded, once again probably to keep with Roddenberry ideals. OK fine, and it was replaced with what exactly? You see the problem?

That’s why while I love Star Trek, I can’t take it that seriously all the time either. Most of these ideas just doesn’t make a lot of sense, certainly not in the cold and harsh universe Star Trek lives in once you actually leave the Federation. If anything the Federation should have the biggest military of them all BECAUSE there are so many enemies and A-holes who want to take it down.

It is pretty ironic, Roddenberry based the show clearly around his time in the military and all the issues that came out of WW 2, but in the end his hippie like values won over in this regard.

Well I already answered this in the other post, but Michael your issue is not with DS9, it’s with Star Trek lol. Dude, the Dominion war wasn’t the first war Starfleet has fought. By this point it’s been around for 200 years. Starfleet by this period is only a few decades younger than America and it has involved itself in many wars and conflicts. These issues could’ve been asked all the way back to the original Romulan war and then the Klingon war and the Cardassian war not to mention the probably hundreds of conflicts we seen it get involved with planets and other antagonists for centuries now.

If you’re a scientist who decided they want to join Starfleet so they can be a botanist on some far off planet with a cushy job studying plants on a quiet idyllic world but the mission is averted because the Borg showed up on Betazoid for assimilation, you kind of know the score by now right?

This is what you signed up for, this is the trade off to working as a scientist in Starfleet. You can’t cry about it now when actual combat happens. And I’m guessing when you’re in the academy it’s drilled into you over and over again you are expected to fight and why all these scientists are trained in hand to hand combat and can curb stomp a Klingon when the time comes for it lol.

So this argument doesn’t ring true. Starfleet is centuries old, it is the police force of the Federation as ridiculous as that is. So they all know there is just as much a military aspect to the job as there is a exploratory/scientific one as well. If you don’t want to pick up a phaser and fight the Cardassians, Romulans, Dominion, Breen, Klingons, Borg and on and on, then you shouldn’t be in Starfleet, period. It’s really that simple.

But again I can write entire essays why this is all so ludicrous in the first place lol, so we don’t really disagree. But your entire argument is not really a valid one in this situation. When you sign up to be a Starfleet officer this is what you’re signing up for! No one is duping them into fighting, they are all well aware this is simply part of the job as ridiculous as that is.

And they got those cool bada** Black military uniforms.

Kirk also called himself a soldier in TOS.

Edit: I just realized I’ve replied to you several times in these comments… not intentional, just a coincidence you’ve said things I want to respond to lol

LOL no worries! Respond away. I love talking to most people here, it’s why I come. ;)

Well, the original TOS Writer’s Guide (as quoted in “The Making of Star Trek”) stated that Starfleet was only semi-military, and of course Riker in TNG stated that it wasn’t military at all. But one thing is for certain: people running this particular sandbox will interpret its furnishings however that suits them. And that’s probably okay.

One this is for sure: Never put Terry Matalas in charge of pulling off a surprise birthday party, lmfao 😂

I keep hearing this here – but what of substance has he actually revealed that isn’t in the trailers?

The funny thing is we still don’t know what the season is about beyond someone wants to do harm to Starfleet and it’s attached to the Dominion War in some way. That’s it, that’s literally it. We knew exactly what season 2 was about because the second trailer gave it away and no one seemed all that bothered by it. But the irony is we knew waaaay more of what season 2 was about than season 3, just none of the specifics.

I still don’t get why there is so much moaning over these interviews with Matalas? We knew every major twist in the first Kelvin movie 6 months before it came out other than Spock and Uhura were a couple and no one cared. It’s so ironic, JJ Abrams is known for total secrecy on his films and shows and yet he revealed major parts of the movie months before it came out. The biggest twist in the entire movie of Vulcan getting destroyed was in the freaking trailer. He was a little more cryptic over STID, but that was probably due to ‘Khan’.

Now tell me one major twist we know about season 3 yet? Just one?

I come to places like this because I want to hear about upcoming shows and seasons. Speculation is a lot of fun, but it’s actually fun when we get real news. I certainly understand there are people who don’t want to know anything about an upcoming season of a show. I totally get that, but you’re in the wrong place if that’s true lol. Seriously.

My suspicion is that at least part of the moaning isn’t actually because “there is too much information” but because people don’t like what they are hearing. So they’d rather Matalas stop talking altogether lest he say any more they don’t like.
Of course, they could simply stop reading the articles but we all know that’s never going to happen. Just like some people keep saying how much they hate certain shows and yet they keep watching. It’s completely irrational, but I guess none of us are Vulcan after all.

Sure that can be true too, but if they are going to watch the season anyway, I’m not sure how knowing ahead of time will change that.

I don’t think Matalas has revealed one major thing. And the irony is for the people whose watched the season, they have literally said that lol. Even the stuff we seen in the trailers they have said it’s pretty misleading, from the villain to even what is being suggested in the plot of the story. That’s the thing, the people who have seen it is still saying nothing of substance has been revealed yet. Not one major twist in the story has been leaked and there are apparently plenty of them.

And that’s another thing, there has been NO leaks about the season from third party sources. There is not a single rumor out there of who dies, who shows up, etc, for a season they shot basically a year ago ago. We didn’t even know the TNG cast was back until AFTER they shot it lol.

I think it’s all been really controlled at an impressive level. Being told that Worf is going to do a lot of fighting or that Crusher will have a big role or it’s Dominion war related is not exactly life altering stuff in the big reveals department. The guy has been way more cryptic than everyone who did the first Kelvin movie, that’s for sure. Tell me what major reveals we DIDN’T know about before that movie opened?

I don’t disagree.

The only time I was sorry about reading about spoilers beforehand was many years ago: The reveal of the FInal Five on BSG. That ruined a pretty cool reveal for me because I knew the whole time what was coming.

But here I have not much of any idea about the season except that it has all the TNG crew in it and some villain that looks very cliched (unfortunately). Oh, and lots of explosions, but if you look at old Star Trek trailers from decades ago you’d be surprised how often they, too, featured phaser fights and explosions and that kind of stuff.

Yeah I have certainly been burnt by spoilers too like when I found out Hydra was the real enemy in Captain America: Winter Soldier. I was SO upset I learned that but I was so obsessed with that movie at the time. But I have no one to blame but myself lol.

With Star Trek, I basically knew every major plot point of STID before I saw it, mostly because it played a few weeks early than when my country got it and me being me I couldn’t help not to read a lot of people’s thoughts, including on this site. I don’t think I was surprised by a single thing. And I knew that Kirk was going to ‘die’ four months before it opened because someone spilled it on IMDB and naturally I clicked lol. But I wasn’t really upset about learning any of it either. I think it was a good thing I knew Khan was in the movie before I saw it or I would’ve been MORE upset lol. At least then I could be prepared.

As for this season, I’m going to say it again, there isn’t one major twist we know about, not one, rumored or otherwise and it’s now just two weeks away. I mean when Frakes dropped that Discovery was going back to the MU before the first season started, that’s a spoiler lol. Nothing on that level of reveal has been said yet. So I think it’s just a lot of moaning over nothing.

Now that said, if you’re the type that wants to know NOTHING, then OK, that’s different, but you shouldn’t even be on this site if that was the case. So they only have themselves to blame.

Seriously, I am with you Tiger2.

I’ve been looking for production gossip since it had to be gotten from a friend of a friend who knew someone who was willing to say something to a club with a mimeod fanzine.

I have enough difficulty staying away for a half a day while I’m waiting for CTV Sci-fi channel to broadcast new episodes at 9:00 pm on release day.

I think I told you this before somewhere but I can not stay away from spoilers to save my life lol. The second it says ‘spoiler’ in a link somewhere I click at warp speed. The thing is I don’t WANT to know spoilers but the minute it’s out there I have to know it! Sometimes I hate that I did click like when I learned Dal was really an augment on Prodigy.

But nothing that has been said about this season, not one thing, has felt remotely like a spoiler to me. What is the biggest ‘twist’ we have learned? I mean seriously what is it? Geordi has a family now? Riker and Picard get into an argument?

To be honest, the only real twists we know is that Lore and Moriarty are in the season, and that was in the trailer obviously. But nothing Matalas has said has given away anything major in the story, which is obvious since no one can tell us what the story is about lol. If anything I want to know MORE!

I don’t stay away from spoilers either. Not because I need to know or whatever but because I’ve been burned or hit square in the trauma by stuff way too many times so I look to be prepared for whatever’s coming. Sure people can judge me all they want for this, idrc, be in my shoes for a mile is all I can say.

This season though is driving me up a wall. I can be patient and look per episode but ahh at the same time I want to know more.

Lol, exactly!

Apparently I have been to many other web sites and YouTube where I see Terry just chomping at the bit to talk about the show. He does give little kernels here and there. It is not a criticism, it is an observation. He even showed up in a Trekyard’s YouTube chat the other day. I’m actually happy that he is excited about the show.

He is also very successfully reaching out to many of the old fan opinion influencers.

He’s both enough of an old hand and a Trek nerd to hold his own with any of them.

He’s also completely blunt that getting vfx done involves trade-offs that he wish he didn’t have to make.

There’s some serious “All Good Things…but different” feelings from this.

In AGT it was Riker and Picard that kind of had a falling out over the years (and Riker and Worf)..this time it seems that Geordi is taking on that “Strained relationship tired of Picards shit” role in this future.

Which sort of bookends Geordi’s initial dialog to Picard in AGT about one or another crisis in Engineering.

Cool. The litany of people unaffiliated that have now seen and are gushing over the first several episodes are getting me a tad excited.

So they claim…

They have no reason to lie. I’ve seen people who hated the first 2 seasons liking this season.

If their livelihood depends on subscribers and hits, you bet that some will stretch the truth, and some will even lie. It seems pretty clear that P+ gave a few select influencers 6 eps, but yet one influencer is claiming to have seen all 10, which I severely doubt is the case…so stretching the truth.

Me too! But I am still being cautious.

I think I heard that the Captain of the USS Titan-A, played by Todd Stashwick, is called Liam Shaw.

Fine if so. Makes no connections for me.

I still like my wild prediction that he’s a Jellico best.

Doug Drexler posted that on his facebook. He wasn’t supposed to.

The trailer does play quite like a movie trailer. It also gives just enough to make you want more to see how it all plays out. Unlike many of the negative posts, I’m keeping an open mind. Sure there will be things I may not like but at least we have some new Trek and not have to wait years for the next movie to come out. The production quality and setting raises the standard for the movies to surpass for sure.

Is it just me or does the new villain look and sound like the Russian agent in the James Bond movie?

The entire trailer has a very JJ Abrams Trek movie vibe to it. Tons of explosions, tons of phaser fire, the crew in conflict with each other, cardboard revenge characters.

Honestly, if you photoshopped in the Kelvin crew this would look like a Star Trek Into Darkness reboot. I mean the paranoid “trust no one” thing is straight out of Bob Orci’s over the top, screen writing playbook.

It feels to me like Wrath of Khan with todays sensibilities. I hope it is more than that it would be a waste otherwise. Cause we’ve done that with Nemesis, and 2009, and Into Darkness and Beyond.


LOL she does!

Why do the fans on here just post such negative stuff and close off their opinions before they have even seen anything. Yes the first few seasons weren’t what I expected for a Star Trek show… but we sit here and pick things like ‘the lighting looks dark’ ‘Worf’s beard isn’t right’ we criticise the story lines of the characters that these actors have lived and breathed for over 30 years because it’s not how we would have liked them to develop. The comments on here at times are toxic. Why spread hate and negativity. If you don’t want to watch Season 3…. Do not watch it. The whole world doesn’t need to know.

Well put Kevin.

So we can’t react to all of these pre-marketing spoilers they release nearly every day because We have to worry about some fans being oversensitive to it?

I mean they are releasing this stuff nearly every day — it’s unprecedented in Trek pre-marketing. So then as we read these as fans were not allowed to comment, both positive and negative on them? And I would say that about 2/3 of the comments are positive anyway,

My recommendation is for you to chill out and be more confident in your own positive position and be much less sensitive to some fans who are pointing out some issues they are responding to — which they have a right to do given the studio is the one giving us all of this material nearly every day to read and comment on.

Be confident in your own positive views and don’t sweat those who are simply reacting to this unprecedented onslaught of near-daily info/spoilers. IDIC, RELAX!

Rewind the whine soundtrack a few years, and there was constant complaining that there was no promotion for Star Trek Beyond. So, it seems there’s no pleasing some people.
Sorry, but you’re being an @$$hole with the non-stop complaining, then getting hypersensitive when someone calls you out on your lack of self-awareness.

Go back even further when fans first got wind of the rumor that Spock was going to die in WOK. Remember all the indignant angry reactions, even in pre-internet times? Who now would change even one frame of that film?

Yeah, but so what? I am skeptical and don’t like what I am seeing in some of this massive amount of pre-material being released, but perhaps the series will be great and will be one of my fav’s of all time in Trek…and so, so what that I shared some opinions ahead of time that were skeptical?

Sure, many fans were shocked at the time when they heard the rumors that Spock was going to be killed off…seems perfectly understandable and predicable to me. And then the movie handled it so well and brought Spock back in the next movie that many of the fans then ended up loving it….and them seems perfectly understandable.

So I am not sure what your point is?

Here’s a thought — perhaps BOTH Star Trek Beyond had way too little marketing, and Picard S3 has way too much marketing. Also, I am done complaining — I am at the stage where the whole thing amuses me — maybe you should take the same approach and stop being so reactive to other’s differing opinions on the marketing?

I’m not in the industry, but I’m guessing that the people who make marketing decisions are NOT the creatives and producers who actually make the show. For all I know they might be a bunch of number crunchers and media buyers who treat Trek as just one of many Paramount properties they have to deal with.

I have absolutely no problem with “complaining” on chatboards, though. The people here are by and large doing it out of love for the franchise. Its the sort of friendly nitpicking and bickering among fellow fans over a shared interest that has been going on for over 50 years. It’s part of the fun!

Great points — I agree with most of this.

You’re absolutely right.

And before anyone else jumps onto this comment with “IDIC” remember: it’s less a be a donkey free card and more about how a Chinese descent LGBT man like me has as much right to exist as much as the next person.

IDIC is also an openness to assessing and accepting other points of view rather than the belief that your perspective is absolute.

So like I said. Not a be a donkey free card. Because that goes both ways there.

I agree

What is a “be a donkey free card”?

Horses and Mules use them to get into select drinking establishments that do not allowing those annoying Donkeys.

It’s just how we fans roll lol. I don’ think it’s all that toxic though. I think people are just being honest with their thoughts. And a lot of people were highly disappointed in the first two seasons, me included and so I get the cynicism. And the irony is I don’t think you could’ve found a more enthusiastic bunch of people at the beginning of the first two seasons, especially season one obviously. Certainly more so than Discovery lol and even that show had a lot of enthusiasm at the beginning of season 2 IMO. But a lot of people felt disappointed in those so they are just more cynical.

If season 3 is good, really good, it will go away. Look at Lower Decks? People were highly critical of that show before it started and for good reason, now its basically adored here. Sure there are still people who don’t like it which is fine, but you don’t see the fanbase as a whole going after it and nitpicking at every little thing anymore because most seem to like it. And if more people like season 3 of Picard, these issues will go away fast as well.

After the Picard S1 trailer, almost everyone here was super enthusiastic. Threads had 600+ comments.

By half way through S2, many of us wouldn’t even engage on any of the Picard threads.

The fact that Matalas and the legacy cast have managed to build up the level of interest in the upcoming premiere is truly nothing less than astonishing.

Exactly! I have said it many times, they know both seasons are seen as a dud by the overall fanbase. This is the last season of the show, it’s TNG’s supposed last hurrah (yeah right) and so they know they have to get a lot of those fans back who just given up on it. Season 1 was bad, but I don’t think it was THAT bad, just not anywhere to a lot of ours admittedly high expectations were at the time. But I can at least say I enjoyed more of the episodes than I didn’t.

But season 2 was THAT bad. It’s one of the worst seasons of TV I have watched once you get past the first two episodes. And yes like it or not, Matalas name is on every episode of that season in some fashion. So he probably feels he has something to prove.

I’m getting more excited now myself, but honestly it’s probably due to people like Robert Myer Burnett and his total praise for the season. So I’m more hopeful since he loves it so much. He even says the last two episodes are so good he thinks they can be shown in a movie theater. This is high praise coming from a guy who thinks the Kelvin movies shouldn’t even be considered canon and said the first two seasons of Picard were unwatchable. And I don’t agree with all of that but such a huge turnaround for a guy who has been railing against NuTrek for nearly 15 years does say a lot.

So I’m hoping it’s true and this is the real deal this time.

i’m the optimist i am still hoping Disco season 5 will be good when the last 4 seasons were terrible. If Picard season 3 is good far be it for me to complain, just so sick of the revenge villains since Nemesis. I have a lot of hope Star Trek can get better. I have no hope for Disney Star Wars i have checked out.

I won’t lie, I basically given up on Discovery at this point. I haven’t felt this way about a show since Enterprise and that show changed my mind by the second season. I personally think Discovery is just a lost cause for me at this point. But if others love it, that’s great. Maybe season 5 will convince me but that trailer did nothing for me…nothing.

And yeah I too am sick of the revenge villain plots but I am getting more hopeful now that’s not what it really is or there is a lot more to it. I even pointed out a video on Youtube where he goes a lot farther and says the villain is really something we never seen before and says it again in this article. So I’m hopeful it is more than just another Khan redux.

Wha, Season 4 was amazing, it was a classic Trek story.

I generally don’t put a lot of stock in what people associated with a show say about it while they’re promoting it. Having said that, it’s hard to imagine this won’t be better than season two, because nothing can be worse than that. It was objectively bad tv.

If nothing else, its sounds like this is miles better then season 2.

“I very much prefer Starfleet to feel like the Navy.”

Yes! Thank you!


Looks great, but every scene is going overboard on darkness. Can nobody afford light bulbs in the future?

Here is a little known fact, in the 25th century the makers of RETinox introduced a companion medication called SEDSinox, which eliminates the need for the human brain to be comforted by bright environments, thereby allowing Starfleet to reduce it’s overall energy profile by 3% by reducing lighting fleetwide, which helps to reduce the environmental impacts of dylithium crystal mining.

I think out of all three trailers we had ONE scene of daylight lol. The one where the Starfleet building is getting destroyed. That’s literally been it. Others who seen it says its not that dark all the time in the season at least but my guess is it’s going to be a dark season overall.

Matalas has acknowledged that he wanted to emphasize that much of this season is set in space.

Space is dark.

Not sure why starship interiors would also be dim (speaking as someone who grew up with highish latitude winters), but outside in daytime on planets is decidedly not where much of the season will happen.

But that’s what we’re talking about, not space, the interiors. Star Trek has constantly gone back and for from ultra bright to extra dark ships or stations, but they usually try to find a balance at times. Hopefully there will be here.

OMG, freaking breaking down in detail his own trailer? Lol. This is just too much. He’s like the little brother who can never keep a secret. At this point I’m just laughing at this unnecessarily Chatty Kathy Doll-like continuous spoiler thing of his , so please don’t take my comment all that seriously…but i’ve never seen anything like this in advance of a new Trek series.

Most of your post is bitching about his commentary, and you’re closing with “but don’t take hat I just said seriously”? Whether you like it or not is your choice, but you seem to be reducing to being put off about his enthusiasm. Are you that hard up to find something to complain about?

It’s to the point now where it’s absurdly funny to me, that’s all.

Maybe he’s just very passionate


“Scientists have always been pawns of the military!”

So, there’s that.


I mean yeah, we wouldn’t have gotten the atom bomb without them along with every major military advanced tech in the last 70 years. The government created an entire agency, DARPA, just for scientists to make the military cool things.

We definitely reinvent Raffi quite a bit this season.

Thank god!

I really like the actress, but I think they’ve done a disservice to her talents, particularly in season 2. Her sole purpose that season was to be sad, then just angry. And be the person in the room to go “I don’t agree / No! / I don’t like this!” to plans or ideas that any of the other characters presented. That got old very quick.

Glad they’re going back to the drawing board with her and hopefully the material will actually level up with Hurd’s talent.

Agree 100%

Personally, I think the characters in SNW speak in a way too informal dialect. It’s neither military-minded nor professional in general. It’s rather off-putting actually. Pike and the helmsman are most guilty of it. Lots of eye rolls on my end.

Same here. I don’t mind when they have one character who is the comedy relief, like Ortegas, with the occasional quip. Emphasis on occasional. But they could cut it back quite a bit, in my opinion.

Similarly, the line in the Picard trailer about “blowing stuff up” made me roll my eyes. It reminds me of something a friend once asked: “Why does so much of this dialogue now sound like it’s written by Chandler Bing?”

Lower Decks must drive you crazy then, right.

Yeah. I can’t watch it. I can barely watch Strange New Worlds because of it. Nevermind the military; if hearing my boss say it would make me cringe, I don’t want the captain of the Enterprise saying it. Just act professional.

Well, you’ve certainly identified a gripe I had with SNW but couldn’t quite put my finger on.

The informality reflects the attitude of the writers rooms which flows from the heads of their organizations(s). To SH and Viacom, Star Trek is 1) scifi schlock and 2) out of stories to tell. They’re all just trying to have fun with it to keep from getting bored.

I agree, but I don’t think it’s SNW alone. LDS and DIS does the same thing. It’s obviously understandable with Prodigy. I just think it’s the writers with no real military or command experience.

We’ve probably also gotten very used to how stylized and formal the dialogue for Berman Era Trek was. It got to the point where Enterprise was a little too stilted for being closer to our time than Picard’s. Probably why Trip was a breath of fresh air to me – Trinneer naturalized his dialogue and the writers liked him so they leaned into it.

True and to be honest I miss it a bit. It just felt like they were people in a very different period being centuries away from us. It made much more sense to talk a little more closer to us being in their time period. And I also agree it was great to have someone like Trip sounding like a good ole boy and just being himself.

I don’t have a huge problem the new shows sounding more contemporary today, but it would be nice they sounded more professional and I love both LDS and SNW and LDS definitely the worst culprit in that department.

It made more sense for Enterprise to talk a little closer to us being…

Yeah. The heightened reality and tone of LDS gives it more of a pass, but SNW is definitely jarring when you try to square it with TOS and how everyone talked back then. Tough to balance sensibilities now and storytelling decisions that made the older series what they were.

Picard though… they were on notice from the moment they so drastically changed not only Seven of Nine’s voice, but also Picard’s. He’s a producer and the show can’t happen without him, but the character talks and acts too much like Patrick Stewart now.

Probably so. Remember that Roddenberry served in the military during the war, as did several cast members, and was then a captain at Pan Am (surviving a plane crash, to boot). That is perhaps a tad more relevant that Anson Mount and his hair.

It is very much a conflict for her as to how fast she was inducted into Starfleet and whether or not she truly feels as though she belongs, and [whether] her captain feels as though she belongs.

She has been assimilated. Resistance is futile…

Now I’m thinking there is a changeling element to this…is Beverley really Beverley….

I can’t help but wonder if “Lore” isn’t genuinely Lore..but is DataLore.

He’s pictured with the heroes on the poster and he doesn’t seem genuinely antagonistic in the snippets we’ve seen.

I’d interested to see if Data is brought back through Lore

I really, really hope that they don’t do this. Data had a perfect ending in season one.

I can’t stand this “we must resurrect dead characters” trend. It worked well once (TSFS), maybe twice, if you think Yar was “resurrected” (I don’t think that really qualifies, but set that aside). It cheapens everything and removes any suspense.

but why so much leather? ugh

“I very much prefer Starfleet to feel like the Navy.”

I don’t. I’m afraid of water.

Man, I get seasick even watchin’ it on the TV! 

So far, I’m not seeing a lot to like in any of this. I hope I’m wrong.

Looking forward to this!

For people interested, someone on Reddit made a thread collecting a few impressions of the season by people given the first six episodes so far. Not a lot of detail but everyone at least seemed impressed what they seen.


Now of course, we’ve all been down this transwarp conduit before. There has been lots of glowing reviews from early reviewers that didn’t always gel once the masses got a look, first two seasons of Picard being a big example lol. However, I will say since they been given so many episodes and still impressed is a decent sign we’re at least getting a better season overall.

And I remember when critics raved about the first five episodes of SNW, I was definitely skeptical too but I feel they basically matched what they were saying. And when a studio gives you literally over half the season of episodes, it does tell you they feel confident about it. If you think it sucks, you’re not giving out half the season just to be picked apart later.

Really can’t wait for the full reviews now!

lol one of the comments in that Reddit thread:

“After experiencing the first two seasons, I will be reserving judgement until the final credits of episode 10.”

I think that’s fair! Season two was a failure of imagination and the actual production of television.

Yeah I think it’s fair as well. The fact is some fans feel they were literally duped over those seasons. And the reality is we kind of were lol. But that’s anytime Hollywood releases a movie or show singing its praises knowing its a stinker but it’s a business, so it will do whatever it needs to sell it to the public. And to be fair the stuff that was reviewed early actually was at least decent. It was the later stuff that really had the problems.

And I don’t want to give the impression I’m shilling for this season lol. I’m certainly not, I have made my feelings known many times I’m still on the fence until I see it myself. But yeah I want them to all be proven right and I’m rooting for Matalas just like I root for every one on these shows that they delivered a winner. But the minute that’s not the case, I will say so, especially as I have for both seasons of Picard and all four seasons of Discovery and I was beyond excited for four of them.

Also, I don’t believe for a second that all those internet fanboys who claim to have seen Pic S3 have really seen much of it, let alone the entire S3. There are a lot of blowhards on Youtube and elsewhere that depend on click/subscriber bait for their daily grocery bill, and truth-stretching is widely practiced, and it competitively accelerates — i.e., when one superfan claims to have special access, within a week, multiple other superfans will claim similar access…lol

The press and influencers have been given the first 6 episodes, Terry confirmed it on his twitter.

Yeah, but some are claiming they have seen the entire season multiple times…that’s stretching the truth at best, or lying if you want to be direct about it.

A YouTuber also got to see the whole thing too. Someone linked his video on Reddit with him talking to Matalas about the season. He said the last two episodes are insane. He liked it a lot. I’m jealous!

Oops nevermind! I see you guys are already talking about him here. I’m too lazy to read the 300 posts, sorry! 🤣

Burnett really likes it so I’m feeling a little more positive about it since I watched his video with Matalas. I can’t wait until the other reviews drop too.

They gotta get this right this time!

RMB says it’s a true return to Berman Star Trek (my favorite by far) and once he said that. I got more excited. It doesn’t mean it will be great or it can’t suck but it’s nice to have more of that IMO. But LDS and SNW is basically Berman style Trek as well and probably another reason why those shows are more popular than DIS and the first two seasons of Picard are. People love their comfort food Star Trek! I certainly do.

Wow that’s cool! I’m really hoping it feels like real Berman/TNG Trek again. It doesn’t have to look like it just have the same spirit.

No JJ Trek or whatever nonsense they keep doing on Discovery, just catching up to these great characters again and giving them a real TNG story that will make fans smile.

I’m still afraid we’re getting another Nemesis/JJ verse villain but Matalas said that’s not the case. That’s really the only thing that bothers me. Every thing else look great so far.

I’m hoping this season is great. I’m liking what some of the other people are saying about it online too.

Yeah I’m really upbeat about people’s thoughts so far! Yeah it’s still a tiny pool of people right now so I won’t over think it but if it keeps going in this direction by most who watched it so far we may be getting an amazing season! :)

I am calling it now… this season is following up on S1 TNG episode “Conspiracy”.

That’s a wild hypothesis that I could get behind.

Here’s my wild call… Titan’s captain (played by Stashwick) is Captain Jellico, son of the TNG captain Edward Jellico (and animated LDS and Prodigy admiral).

My supporting factoid of evidence is that Stashwick and Ronny Cox are the same height.

Stashwick can carry by the book on his own, but if they’re going for legacy, why not give Titan’s captain a fun callback?

Here’s my wild call… Titan’s captain (played by Stashwick) is Captain Jellico, son of the TNG captain Edward Jellico (and animated LDS and Prodigy admiral).

Wow, not a bad deduction — that would be cool!

In the words of Ronny Cox in a recent TrekMovie interview after his character’s appearance in Prodigy, “All they have to do is do what Jellico says to do, and things will be fine.”

Or not.

I mean, I think that’s a fantastic idea for a fourth season of PICARD, or TNNG, or wherever they decide to go with this setup.

But what’s the evidence this is plotline for season three? “Trust No One”? That’s the kind of vague line that could apply to any complicated situation, kind of a spy thriller cliche.

My logic is this… Star Trek is starting to have its MCU moment where all the disparate shows are coming together. The parasites from Conspiracy are in books/comics revealed to be mutated Trill symbiote that were engineered on behalf of the Iconians to invade the alpha quadrant. Given the way S2 of PIC ended, and with PIC already integrating TNG and VOY, this is the logical route to bring in DS9 and TOS. Also, I think Vadic, Lore, and Moriarity are too visible to be the real villains behind the curtains. I think they are pawns being used by the Iconians&parasites to stoke resentment on worlds that UFP has forgotten about.

Maybe a tie-in with rogue Founders too. For the DS9 angle.

As DS9 is my favorite of the Trek series, I’m a bit apprehensive about the references to the Dominion War. The Cardassians were destroyed. The Dominion defeated. Odo leading the Founders to a new era of tolerance of solids. The alliance with the Klingons had never been stronger with Martok at the helm. The Romulans were still shifty but we know from Nemesis and Picard that they’re capable of causing trouble but are no longer a galactic power. So what’s unresolved from the war? The fate of Sisko (which apparently will never be known by we viewers). Bajor joining the Federation. What else? The rise of section 31? That’s already been played out. The Breen? Haven’t seen a helmet yet. Life forms engineered to be soldiers? Hmmm. Could the Federation have followed the lead of the Founders and adapted their technology to make their own version of the Jem’Hadar?

We’ll know soon enough but I am curious to see how the Dominion War is connected.

Likely that a planet or race was left behind and forgotten about by the federation and turned into a criminal hotspot…

Yeah me too tbh.

It has been 27 years (in-universe time) between What You Leave Behind and the beginning of S3 of PIC. If the Federation and Bajor restarted their efforts to colonize in the Gamma Quadrant (no doubt promising to steer clear of Dominion territory), there could be some issues with non-aligned worlds there who had their trade routes disrupted during the war.

The Cardassian Union may have been destroyed, but as a people they were not completely wiped out. What if the Federation Council decided to provide relief aid to Cardassia Prime to help in their efforts to rebuild? Despite Martok’s leadership he still has a council to contend with. Add to that Picard and Starfleet attempted to help the Romulans evacuate to some of their outer worlds. It’s possible relations with the Klingons are not all that cozy.

i dont like laforge calling picard “jean-luc” it dosent feel right

It does feel weird. Decades later I still want to address teachers and parents of childhood friends Mister and Mrs.

Still better than JL though!

EDIT: Sorry Ian, meant to reply to harryfmudd’s OG comment there!

Nothing wrong with JL. They’re friends.

Sorry no.

Decades later, my first boss expects me to call him by his full first name. It’s his respect for my growth and status as a professional.

As it happened, as he is Francophone, what I call him by is a formal double-barreled name not unlike Jean-Luc.

Also, like many Francophones of his generation, he is more informally known by his initials. Some of my former colleagues who were very close to him use that.

The only thing I find off about Raffi calling Jean Luc ‘JL’ is that Francophones would hyphen it as ‘J-L’.

Being Francophone myself, and by this I mean French-Canadian, I’m not sure I understand your Raffi reference above. How would you pronounce J-L differently than JL? But I should add that Picard is not Francophone, he’s French. The former is an expression referring to the French-speaking people of Quebec (as opposed to Anglophone) and has meaning in that context. We would never include other French-speaking individuals from other areas of the world as Francophone. And there’s a world of difference between being French (i.e. from France) and French-Canadian. The culture is different, the language has evolved differently… We are more different than the Americans are from the British. We are much closer to our American cousins in our way of thinking and culture than our European forefathers (this varies, as those proudly Québécois would insist on pointing out). I write this because I identify as Canadian, not French, and will not be bundled together under the Francophone umbrella.

We would never include other French-speaking individuals from other areas of the world as Francophone. 

Rubbish. It’s very common to refer to former French colonies as “la francophonie.”

This is not a phenomenon of the English-speaking world, either. There is even an international organization (Organisation internationale de la Francophonie) that consists of most of France’s former colonies, including those in Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

If anything it’s over-inclusive (there are quite a few non-French speaking observer members, like Mexico and South Korea).

Respectfully, I think you’re trying to mould the term “francophone” as commonly used to your political preferences as to the status of Québec. An analogous situation might be the “Latino” versus “Hispano” debate in the US southwest.

I’ve been living here in Quebec all my life, and have always heard the use of Francophone/Anglophone between local people here, used to differentiate between the French and English speakers, as sometimes it’s relevant to do so. I have cousins living in Ontario and they didn’t even know the terms. So no, I didn’t know other French-speaking countries or communities did also use that term. Thank you for the info!

As far as “my political preference as to the status of Quebec”, let it be clear that I’m Canadian first, and am wholeheartedly opposed to how the French language is imposed on the population. My wife is an English-speaking Canadian born here in Quebec and even she feels oppressed by the language laws here…

I’m a bilingual Canadian (for context) but shared a flat with with a housemate from France when I attended grad school in the US.

How Canadian is it to call one another out for not getting too far in the weeds with those who don’t live in two languages every day?

Sorry if if you thought I was bundling, but the habit of contracting double-barrelled French personal names to letters when dealing with English speakers doesn’t seem to me much different between French from France or North American Francophones, whether Québécois, Franco-Ontarien or Acadien or other smaller populations in western Canada or the United States. (I dare you to attempt to explain to an Acadien that ‘Francophone’ is reserved for Québécois.)

My first boss was Franco-Ontarien as it happens. When I worked for him we called him ‘Patron’ more often than by his family name. So, I was just giving a concrete example that Americans shouldn’t impose their expectations on a non-English language group. Star Trek is already too much of ‘American Exceptionalism in Space’ for the health of the franchise.

In terms of Picard being a Francophone, TNG made it clear that in addition to being from the geographic area of France (the country as a political entity doesn’t really exist), Picard is also one of the few thousand remaining native French language speakers. He took exception when Data described it as a near dead language. As a situation it seemed closest to the Acadian communities that preserve the archaic forms of the language that have fallen from modern Québécois or Parisian French.

The hyphening is just an observation as I was surprised to see it written in official site text and subtitles as JL. Phonetically, the same of course.

I have the feeling they confuse the relationships and attachments of the actors with the characters. I find it annoying how all this fictional characters aren’t true to there orgins anyone but are only representations of those actors with their real world hobbies, believes and families.

I agree with your point in principle odarek.

It has nothing to do however with how Picard’s former senior officers, now captains themselves, would call him in private interactions.

If they are in fact friends over the decades since they are no longer in his chain of command, Picard should show them the respect of insisting they call him by his first name in private.

I admit that it is possible but is it also plausible? That’s my point. But I have my own personal cultural background where the disitnction between formal an informal speech is more strict than in the American context. That could cloud my vision.

I had the same response. I get that he’s gotten up in the ranks, but Picard is still his superior and I never felt Picard was particularly close to LaForge. But then again, that was ages ago.

I’m excited! I’m also excited for Terry. I don’t know him personally, but his enthusiasm, his joie de vivre for the franchise is so infectious and I can’t help be excited for this final chapter. I think it’s going to be a winner. Terry, you got this!

Agreed. I’m excited to see what he does when he flies solo, and I am not going to get bent out of shape by all this publicity. It’s delightful to me to have a fanboy showrunner who is actually assisting in the kind of trailer breakdown sites like this one live for. Such a treat.

Yeah I am too. RMB has made me more of a believer in general but I love Matalas passion over it. He’s definitely a true fan and gets it. If he really hits it out of the park, people will be begging him to develop the next 25th century spin off.show.

They don’t want too much of the Enterprise-F showcased as they are planning a whole new show based on it’s crew–so obvious ;)

Or it’s obvious the new show will be Star Trek: Titan, with the underdog hero ship.

I think there is a chance TNNG will be aboard the 1701-G.

I wonder if Lore is still a jerk. Probably. Gawd, that guy. Or it could be a curveball — he’s still an ass but not a total heel. And maybe they need his Sooong power. There could be some fun banter if they had to begrudgingly work with Lore. I can hear it now. I think this is going to be a grand adventure.

Could the old stellar cartography on the Enterprise D make an appearance repurposed in some holodeck manner at around time index 1:30?

“There is a darkness, an all-consuming darkness.”

“Is anybody you know still the person you knew?”

“Trust no one.”

Sounds a hell of a lot like Star Trek Into Darkness, doesn’t it?

Also The X-Files.

True! Given the extreme dark lighting choices in the trailers all we would need now is Crusher declaring that she’s “a medical doctor!” at every opportune moment and a StarFleet cover-up of some kind to complete the X-Files vibe 😂.

Let’s give this a chance.

Matalas had said that the final send off for the TNG crew could have been a bad two hour movie or a ten hour streaming series.

Even if it’s true that they share some plot ideas (and I remain to be convinced), Into Darkness is a very different format. This will give us a very different product.

Shapeshifter’s from DS9 Dominion War. Perhaps an Sleeper?


60s Roddenbery in the Star Trek writers guide constantly referenced the Enterprise as a “heavy cruiser” and Horatio Hornblower in space. He used a destroyer captain in Vietnam as a analog to how the Captain should be written. He had the Enterprise set up the Vietnam War in “A Private Little War” and it was Kirk who said he was a “soldier not a diplomat” in “Errand of Mercy”. The whole “Omega Glory” episode was his tribute to the US Constitution and fighting the Kohms. The Federation members were more NATO than UN allowed to disagree at Babel and be totally different (Andorians were like good guy Klingons, Tellerites were all about trading, Vulcans all rational, humans in between, etc). That was some fun TV!
He did note that it was supposed to be a merger of NASA and the military though such that there were no enlisted personnal as everyone was to have had a degree by then for exploration purposes. This was confused by some to mean that it wasn’t to be the military, that’s not how I read the original writers guide at all! (Between you and me, I am glad Meyer brought back the enlisted personnel, those starships should need a lot of care and the more variety the better!).
Unfortunately 60s Roddenbery who wrote fun action TV slowly transformed into messiah Roddenbery which gave us the bland TNG. Afraid of a Me Too backlash or loving all the attention that he was some kind of messiah he then went all “not a military crazy” especially after Meyer did a better Trek movie than he ever did with TWOK vs. TMP. Suddendly the guy was all anti military and families were supposed to be on these ships with no conflict. The bridge is too look like a hotel, not a functional command centre. The big bad guys were to be the United States capitalists in the form of the Ferengi. Just horrid writing, bad TV. Just ugh.
Oh and all aliens had to learn to love the perfect enlightened humans that are sooo amazing and have absolutely nothing to learn from anyone. Why even Q has to learn from the humans! (Ironically this from the TMP “writer” who had it where “new humans” were too conjectual to handle the difficulties of space travel vs “old human” Kirk).
TNG suffered from the Roddenbery rules that were largely ignored when he passed, saved somewhat by BOBW.
That the TNG characters seem finally allowed to play DS9 type stories in a movie era continuation looks awesome. It’s like we are going to get TNG the way it was supposed to be, should have been TWOK the TV show. Just sad Saavik isn’t in it, that would have been glorious!
Dr. Crusher leaving Starfleet to help people on the dangerous frontier… awesome, I’m in.
This is the first TNG since BOBW that I really want to watch, hope it is good.

Seasons 3-6 of TNG are still some of the best Trek ever for many fans, your intense dislike of it because of your narrow definition of what is good Trek doesn’t change that.

I never liked Starfleet as a strictly military organization, and it makes me scratch my head that the same fans that want the franchise to be about exploration, discovery, and optimism also want a by-the-book military show. The military is a necessary evil, not something to be admired and exalted, if you ask me. In a perfect world, it wouldn’t even exist.

As a result, to expand on that, the militarism of Starfleet has always seemed to me like a reluctant but necessary aspect. They are science and exploration first, military and defense second, because the Federation does need one.

Only Meyer turned it into a truly military org.

I don’t want it to be totally military, but I do think it is like the Royal Navy in the 1400s. Watch Master and Commander : The Far Side of the World and it could easily be a Star Trek movie in space. Yes you are a military but you are also on the frontier. It’s the wild west, wagon train to the stars. Colonists are depending on you. Colonization, first contacts, it’s all you on the edge. Your the only ship the quadrant. Your ship represents all of the Federation because everyone else is back home safe. That’s what I like in Trek – action, adventure, danger, shades of grey, pushing everything to the limit.
Humanity with lots to learn, not a perfect humanity all the aliens want to be where space travel is just another cruise.
Sorry seasons 3-6 I thought were boring outside the time Picard destroyed half the Starfleet. Picard was okay when it looked they were going to take a risk and allow the Borg to be truely evil again and farm the Federation for AI = life tech to make assimlation and organics obsolete, but I think they totally chickened out in the end.
I watched, I know all about it, but my evaluation is mostly a total loss outside the characters and some of the Worf episodes.. where unfortunately the Klingons became the Romulans and the Romulans the Klingons while all firing generic disruptors and using generic cloaking devices with all having Birds of prey. Ugh.

The Trailer also show us the proof with the Ramming Sequence, that the Bridge section are more heavy or sturdy guarded then rest of the Ship. But since this is still Human’s pushing Buttons, i hope the signal Lines are still working

The ship didn’t hit the bridge, it hit the saucer.

The aliens are jem hadar in disguise that were left behind and founded their own society. But suffered because they did not get Thetracell White. … or something

Ketracel but hmm would be interesting.

That’s a VERY interesting theory, actually.

The aliens are jem hadar in disguise that were left behind

I’ve wondered about that too. In fact, Vadic herself may be a Vorta in disguise.

Then there is the Problem of their own Drug. Jem Hadar are Drug addicts

Terry said the Dominion connection was specifically with Worf, not the entire plot of the season lol

If this is really an homage to TWOK, one ingredient that we know almost nothing about is an analog for the Genesis Device. No one mentions it, but that is the secret sauce for what made that film so beautiful to watch. The deice propels the story can from all sides – Carol’s, David’s, Kirk’s and Khan’s and Spock’s; it unifies and amplifies the themes of getting old and needing renewal.

Is there any plot point, or in-universe fact, as multifaceted in Picard Season 3?

I have seen nothing from Matalas to suggest that the season is any kind of homage to TWOK. The only suggestion comes from the trailers, with a villain who seems like she wants vengeance on Picard. But in this very interview Matalas says there’s much more to her story than simply wanting some kind of revenge.

If there’s anything that’s become tiresome in Trek it’s producers saying they were inspired by TWOK and Khan.

I agree the Khan aspect is tiresome, but there is clearly an intention in the music and other comments Terry has made to have some callbacks and homage. But — I don’t think we have seen anything like the Genesis device again.

I’m gonna be real. I never liked Montalkhan. I found him super boring. (Cumberkhan, who I think is actually a different person than Montalkhan entirely, could be a different story if they had done something different with him.) So I hope it’s not really WoK inspired at all.

That’s difficult for me too. I had wanted to be excited about La’an Noonien-Singh but reading what’s been said about SNW S2, I’m not really at all now. She would have been more compelling if she wasn’t about her ancestor and if they do make her about him, it just isn’t a good look. New Trek is hurting itself here with this in my eyes.

Montalban himself was so popular when that film came out, I can’t really judge the performance objectively. Mostly what I want, what I would hope for is… actual science fiction.

I didn’t say anything about Montalban’s performance. Montalkhan is just my way of referring to the character of Khan Noonien-Singh. I found the character boring, Montalban was just doing the best he could with him.

Interesting. I never thought he was “boring.” I will think about that.

Its a touch over-rated I think. I say a touch because there are some fans who say it’s heads above the other films. Its a good film and is the most serious and impactful film of the TOS series, but it’s not perfect. It’s quite heavy film too for me, I don’t return to it all that often. It’s good but it’s not Empire Strikes Back good.
I weird though. I like Star Trek V, despite knowing damn well it has issues. I still like it though as it just makes for a feel good movie.

Dude I like Star Trek V too lol. It’s nice when I meet someone else who likes it every few years or so. ;D

If it is a homage to anything its more likely to be Star Trek VI I think. I’m going off the central villain who is played by the daughter of the actor who played Chang in Star Trek VI. It’s being billed as the final TNG adventure (we shall see). Personally I do wish they’d refrain from advertising it as the ‘final season’ or whatever. Its not really necessary. That’s not a gripe so much as some sort of personal opinion from myself. There is never any such thing as an ‘end’. The end leads to the new beginning.

Maybe you’ve hit on it – it’s a little of both – and does offer new hope through the next next generation.

Terry has said several times that the Khan comparison is in accurate.

 a member of Beverly’s sort of ‘Doctors Without Borders’ group who’s helping people on worlds that Starfleet has forgotten.

The idea of worlds that Starfleet has forgotten echoes a major theme from the most recent season of Lower Decks.

To be fair, this goes back to Picard Season 1, with the existence of the Fenris rangers. When Crusher’s role was first revealed in fact, I wondered if she might be part of that group, but her use of a Starfleet ship, suggested otherwise.

Not only Lower Decks, it also existed in DS9 and even Voyager, we known them as “The Maquis”

Eh? The Maquis are not the same.

They kinda are. They were from the worlds the Federation abandoned to face the Cardassians on their own.

They seemed to forget all about that Khan fellow, too.

Cut around a shot of the Titan’s bridge at red alert and Stashwick’s captain saying “battle stations,” we hear Worf in voice-over saying, “There is something coming… some kind of attack. And Starfleet could be the target.” Matalas has previously said that the season’s main plot is tied into the aftermath of the Dominion War from Deep Space Nine

[Crusher] sends an encrypted message and “ENCRYPTED COORDINATES” to her former captain with the warning “Jean-Luc, trust no one.”

[Riker] can be seen angrily asking someone, “Is anybody you know still the person you knew?”

In another voice-over we hear Deanna Troi saying, “There is a darkness, an all-consuming darkness.”

While there is certainly a big threat posed by Vadic, Matalas said there is more at stake for this season


1. Due to Odo’s efforts via the Great Link, the Founders came to an amicable understanding with the Federation. However (to expand on Bernard Gluck’s excellent suggestion upthread), the Jem’Hadar and the Vorta were somehow betrayed/shafted/abandoned as part of the peace deal. So you end up with thousands/millions of dangerous soldiers and their Vorta commanders left in the wilderness, with no purpose, and with the Dominion no longer having any need for them and the Federation either unwilling or unable to integrate them into the UFP. Also, remember the Jem’Hadar war cry: “Victory is life”. How would they handle the fact that the outcome of the Dominion War was actually their defeat?

2. The Vorta are genetically-engineered to think of the Founders as gods. The Jem’Hadar are conditioned to follow the Vortas’ orders and fight (and, if necessary, die) on behalf of the Founders, even when they know it’s wrong, because “that is the order of things” and because their loyalty is insidiously controlled via genetically-engineered drug addiction. Neither the Vorta nor the Jem’Hadar are going to react well if they manage to make the psychological breakthrough that the Founders are certainly not gods and have been manipulating & exploiting them via some very nasty methods. It’s possible their “vengeance” is primarily aimed at the Founders, and Starfleet is attacked because it has been *protecting* the Founders as part of the post-Dominion War peace deal.

3. The Dominion was an authoritarian society. The Founders placed themselves at the top of the ruling 3 “castes”, they had complete contempt for species they termed “solids”, and they enforced their control using brutal methods. After the Dominion War, there would be a lot of species within Dominion territory that had been subjugated and may now be looking for revenge and/or independence. The Federation may have been involved in offering humanitarian support at the very least, and (if Section 31/Starfleet Intelligence were involved) possibly other actions that undermined the control of the Dominion’s erstwhile rulers.

4. As I suggested on another thread earlier this week, it’s possible that not all of the Founders accepted the Dominion’s defeat and surrender. After the war, some of them may have stayed away from Odo, the Great Link etc and “played the long game” instead: They infiltrated the Federation and have spent decades trying to destroy it from within. This could be an allegory for Putin’s refusal to accept the end of the Cold War, and the various “long game” infiltration plans he’s been executing since then. (Remember the dying Founder’s last words to Odo at the end of the DS9 episode The Adversary: “You are too late…We are everywhere”). I think this stuff best explains the quotes above by Crusher, Riker, Matalas etc.

As I’ve also said a few times, trailers can be very misleading (often deliberately), and this has been the case pretty much every time with all the new Trek shows — including the last 2 seasons of PIC. So it wouldn’t be surprising if none of my suggestions turned out to be correct ;) But it’s always fun to speculate.

if your Theory is correct:

The Jem’dar need their Drugs to live on and i doubt the Vorta knows it’s Secret. Perhaps Dr. Crusher tried to recreate this Drug to help, but backfired after someone Vorta could replicate it

But with so many DS9 References, there is no Sisko? Strange

On point number two. May I remind you of the legend of Weyoun Six. That was already starting to happen during the war itself, being gently nudged along by Odo himself. So that’s totally possible but I can’t see Odo not helping them. (Would be a nice shout-out to Weyoun Six himself there, maybe Weyoun Seven didn’t contain it as well as he thought. Or maybe every Weyoun since still secretly thought that.)

Also it could be any species that the Dominion had ruled over that went to the Federation for help and got turned down. So similar to what you said in the third section.

It is fun to speculate Jai, and it’s great to hear you elaborate your thoughts.

I really like the possibility that the show might embrace broader idea that, just as the Federation is a multi species entity, the various empires (Dominion, Klingon, Romulan) necessarily include many and diverse species and culture.

Even if they are societies that place a single culture and species at the apex such that the Federation mainly interacts with the dominant species (Klingons, Romulans) or a designated subject people (Vorta), when an empire dissolves, we should see the subject peoples coming into increasing contact and potentially conflicts. Picard season one gave us some of that with the need for the Fenris Rangers. Prodigy is showing us a bit of that with the lawlessness of the Delta Quadrant frontier in the wake of the collapse of the Borg.

That legacy of governance vacuums and resurfacing of marginalized and colonized peoples is another parallel to Putin and the continuing dissolution of the former Soviet Union.

Anyway, the more the current shows acknowledge that the opposing and allied empires aren’t monolithic, the richer the world building.

(Meanwhile in my corner, I’m somewhat hypocritically still promoting my own ‘small world’ hypothesis that the Titan’s captain is a relation of the by-the-book Captain, now Admiral Edward Jellico.)

Dude I would love any of those to come true! I don’t know if the season is doing that deep of a dive into the Dominion war but as I said in another thread, it would be great if the season really was based around the Founders trying to seize control in the Alpha quadrant again and infiltrated the Federation. That would certainly be a ‘game changer’ that Matalas has alluded to recently.

But I also learn not to get my hopes up on things like this. The fact is with PIC and DIS, the fans theories have always been way better than what we got in the end. But people are singing Matalas praises right now so whatever the season is about sounds like its working and it would be great if it was Dominion War related.

it’s just getting a feel of what I think Starfleet should feel like. It’s the military. It’s serious. There are protocols.” – Thank you Terry, thank you

Seven of Nine is a Nepo Baby

Now that Seven of Nine has joined Starfleet and is an officer, how is she addressed? Commander Seven of Nine? Commander Seven? Commander Of Nine (like in that Voyager episode with the Nazi Hirogen, when she was Mademoiselle de Neuf = Miss Of Nine)? Commander Hansen?

I don’t know what her rank is, so I used “Commander” because I had to use something.

I’m just curious – How did she join Starfleet? Did she go to the academy?

If not, how did she gain this rank and become a first officer?

Just a bit confused about the promotion system here lol

I’m pretty sure the writers are as well lol.

The answer is they wanted Seven in Starfleet so they could find a legitimate way to have her involved in the story in season 3 since it’s clearly gone back to being a Starfleet based show.

I remember from season 2 that Seven told Raffi that Janeway tried to get her into Starfleet, but Starfleet wouldn’t allow it.

Good question about whether Seven went to the Academy. Maybe she knows everything that was known by Starfleet officers whom the Borg assimilated.

I wondered that too. Cmdr. Hansen?

Field commission.
Why would we assume all space faring cultures identify first name/last name, or some combination. If she’s legally known in the Federation as Seven of Nine, as a singular name, then she’s (rank) Seven of Nine.

Love that we are finally getting some leather uniforms! Finally! LoL

This may finally turn out to be a great Star Trek season. The stuff I’m reading is making me feel more positive about it. This season may even be good as Prodigy, LDS and SNW.

I’m currently watching 12 Monkeys for the first time and that show is fantastic! Now I see why everyone keeps talking this guy up! I’m excited to see what he will do with Picard alone now.

The Picard season three promotion seems to finally be convincing people to try 12 monkeys.

This makes me very happy as it’s a great show that deserves so much more audience than it got on SyFy.

Yeah we roped in another one lol. 12 Monkeys is probably my favorite sci fi show not counting Star Trek of course. I love time travel shows and stories in general but this one took it at a level I wasn’t expecting at all. In fact I’m thinking of watching it again.

I’ve been thinking I’m due to give it a rewatch too lol.

So Lore is back but they HAD to kill Data? Pathetic. I am beginning (continuing) to have the feeling for each great (TNG) thing they do on this season of Picard, they will counter with (at least) another awful thing.(25% different). And at least two big baddies are AI. Subtle!
…but of course I’ll be watching…

I’ve said this before. Why does it have to be The Titan? Doesn’t anyone remember “These are the voyages of the starship, Enterprise.” They say it in every single episode. If this is the final adventure of our beloved TNG crew, why aren’t they on The Enterprise?? The Enterprise is just as much a character as anyone else. We want The Enterprise! We want to see Picard and crew on The Enterprise! Why can’t they give us THE ENTERPRISE!?