‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 2 Debut Confirmed For 2023

We now have confirmation that the animated series Star Trek: Prodigy will return this year, making 2023 another big year for original Star Trek on Paramount+.

Prodigy 2023

Star Trek: Prodigy breaks up its 20-episode seasons into 10-episode volumes and the second half of season one wrapped up in the last week of 2022. Now Paramount+ has confirmed the return of the series in 2023. The news comes from a brand new promo highlighting what’s coming for Paramount+ with Showtime in 2023. This included a shot of some footage from Prodigy season one with the message “New season streaming this year.”

Prodigy confirmed to return this year in new Paramount+ promo

In a January panel, Prodigy executive producers said they hoped the second season would get a 2023 debut, but Kevin Hageman noted “We don’t even know when it’s going to get released.” Ben Hibon said at the time that production was “in full swing,” with different episodes of the 20-episode season at different stages of completion, but at the time they were already doing the final mix on the first two episodes.

Another big year for Trek

This confirmation from Paramount+ means that 2023 is shaping up to be much like 2022, with up to fifty total episodes of new original Star Trek. Things kick off next week with the debut of the third season of Picard. It has previously been confirmed that in 2023 Paramount+ will stream the second season of Strange New Worlds, the fourth season of Lower Decks, and the fifth season of Discovery.

Picard season 3 arrives in one week

It is expected that the second season of Prodigy will also be broken into 10-episode volumes, so the second half of the season is likely to debut in 2024.

Here is the new Paramount+ promo, which also highlights Star Trek: Picard season 3.

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Not a huge surprise but great news!

Prodigy is currently my favorite show out of modern Star Trek and I’m really excited to see where it all goes next. But I’m really excited for this year in general with it, Lower Decks and SNW! But I’m crossing my fingers Picard season 3 will finally be the show many of us wanted since the first season judging by all the glowing reviews of people who seen the season so far. Prepared to be disappointed of course, but yeah I really really want to love it!

OK, that was a rant lol. Anyway, great news for Prodigy and I suspect we’ll see it in the fall as before. But it’s a great time to be a fan! :)

I been looking at Rob Burnett videos and that guy now has me hyped about Picard! He says episode 9 is his favorite but seems to like them all. He says it’s a very emotional episode.

Prodigy and Lower Decks are tied for me as my favorite new shows too. But it’s weird it’s even news it’s airing in this year. I thought they all were?

Why isn’t LDS, DIS and SNW not announced either?

Prodigy is a Nickelodeon product although it streams first in P+.

It’s marketing is a bit different, especially as the back half of the first season will be on Nickelodeon soon.

I saw a video from RMB a month ago where he said that episodes 9 and 10 are so good, it belongs in a movie theater lol. That’s some pretty big praise there, but I had no idea how strongly he thought about the 9th episode. I’m trying not to get myself overly optimistic but from every person who has seen the first six episodes all seem to agree the season is back to true Star Trek again. So far so good.

As far as the why the other shows aren’t announced in the ad, yeah, its odd but I assume all or most of the shows will be shown this year. Maybe TG47 is right and it’s marketed a bit differently. IDK, but it’s also just an ad and a vague one at that. I’m guessing when they finalize actual dates, then we’ll get specifics? I assume SNW will come after Picard like it did last year. Or it could be DIS next and then SNW in the summer possibly.

Yeah maybe but it’s just so strange. Season 1 just finished a month ago and they have already mentioned another is coming this year, which is kind of ‘duh’, right?

Meanwhile shows like Discovery which has been off the air a year now… nothing. Or maybe that’s a good thing. 🤣

But you’re probably right they will announce others soon.

I’m still trying to keep my expectations in check about Picard but I think if nothing else it’ll be the best season of the three. I mean c’mon how hard is that!?! 🙄

Wow has it been a year since Discovery played??? Where does the time go? I guess I forgot since I fell asleep on the last four episodes lol.

Yeah it is a little odd though, especially announcing a show that probably won’t even air until the Fall the earliest I’m guessing. But it’s no way there won’t be any Star Trek after Picard for that long. Maybe they will push a show off to next year or something if there isn’t going to be a lot of new stuff ready. It’s possible at least.

You should also watch the videos from the guys of Popcast Unleashed. They actually given out more info about the season than RMB has. They broke down the last trailer of Picard and it was hysterical because they are trying soooo hard not to give away spoilers in it as they talked about it. But they actually gave a lot of great hints about what we’re seeing in the final trailer.

Oh and another guy named Dave Cullen who has a YouTube channel I(but don’t like his views much at all) has also seen the first six episodes at least and like RMB, was basically a total NuTrek hater too. He doubted RMB how good he said the season was and now even HE is saying Rob was right and the season (at least the first six) are good. Again, ALL of these guys were NuTrek haters from the movies to even SNW (The Popcast guys like that show though) and it’s weird they are all on the Picard train after destroying it for two seasons. He’s going to give his review on Friday I think, but no spoilers obviously.

Actually someone posted a video of Burnett on TrkCore saying that Cullen saw the episodes and liked them too.

I know who Cullen is but I can’t stand that guy and it’s always ‘everything is soooo woke’ nonsense. We actually agree on a lot of things about NuTrek and definitely Discovery and how bad the show is but he’s constantly complaining about too many gays, women or POC are in it. That’s actually one of the reasons I like the show, because at least that’s Star Trek to me But if just can’t be that alone either.

I think cry baby Burnham is one of the worst characters Star Trek has made but I’m happy she’s a black woman… just could’ve gotten a better actress IMO.

But if he likes Picard that much I guess it means he’s been won over even if there is woke stuff in it.

You mentioned the Popcast dudes before but I completely forgot to check out their stuff. I’ll look for that Picard trailer though. 👍

Yeah agreed. he’s one of the reviewers that shouts ‘identity politics’ a lot and why I don’t watch much of his review videos. He doesn’t come off a mouth breather like some of these people and comes off calm and sane and does make good points a lot of times. But when he and others start spouting off that stuff they completely lose me.

Obviously I want to hear all sides, the good and the bad. But I usually stick to the more ‘neutral’ reviewers and generally has a positive view of NuTrek even if they are not big fans of all of it like TrekCulture, Trekyards, Trek Central, etc. It’s funny how they can discuss their issue of an episode and not include things like too many women in an episode or that one character they turned into a different race as a reason why it sucked.

The other thing too IMHO is that for P+ Star Trek seems to have a lot of it’s own special marketing that the other shows save for maybe the Yellowstone shows do not.

Don’t get too hyped up by these comments.

I know, I’m trying to keep it in check!

This is excellent news!

Wish the promo wasn’t region locked, but understand that it’s tailored to the US releases.

You didn’t miss much, it’s like 3 seconds in the announcement…literally. Tons of Picard though for obvious reasons, but no new footage either.

Wow, that’s a lot of episodes once again! This could be the last time we see this many episodes in a single year (which is totally fine). Let’s just hope Picard lives up the hype and Discovery continues its incremental improvements.

Nothing is filming in live action currently…. as far as I can tell. I’m thinking we may have a lighter 2024. All the streaming services seem to be more cautious at the moment, not trying to push the content after they flooded the market. There’s a limit to how much viewers can consume now people are tightening their belts.

50 episodes of Trek coming our way over five shows.

If no overlap, that suggests the first part of Prodigy season two will creep into 2024.

That however will eat up everything in postproduction and leave us with just the back half of Prodigy season ready to be scheduled for later in 2024.

Still no rumours or signals of Discovery, SNW or a new show preparing for production in Toronto/Mississauga.

The only thing CBS Studios has listed in preproduction in Ontario is a pilot for a Matlock reboot.

I’m hoping that Paramount executives are going to be willing to make greenlighting announcements once Picard’s protected announcement window for the premiere is behind us.

I don’t want to relive the same talk we been having here for weeks now, but it’s still surprising there’s been no announcements or movement on anything. I suspect too this year we’ll get plenty off episodes, but next year who knows? It’s still only February, but if they aren’t even writing scripts right now to prepare for the next seasons, we could be in for a wait in terms of what comes next.

Hopefully it will work out, but no matter what, it’s probably going to be a large gap somewhere in 2024.

It’s also possible they’ll open up some bigger gaps between the seasons and push some shows from ’23 to ’24 releases. I figure a downsizing is very likely with fewer shows moving forward or being renewed. I have think SNW, Lower Decks, & Prodigy are staying and I imagine Discovery is almost certainly concluding. We may get one more live action show to replace Disco and Picard.

This is literally what I been saying as well. If things are going where they have to downsize, then yeah Picard is already done obviously and Discovery is already five seasons old, so IF they are cutting shows, those two are the most logical, in terms of a Picard spin off anyway.

Streaming shows don’t usually go that long and most seem to have around a 5 year life span; but yeah it could go another year or two. I REALLY want a Picard spin off if season 3 is good as people been saying, but I imagine that would be cut as well.

So we’ll see, but I think no matter what, we may not be getting the five shows a year much longer. Probably still get more Star Trek regardless, just not as spoiled for choices.

If I had to make a guess if they are going to seriously cut down on Trek then SNW and Prodigy are the ones that will stick around. Prodigy and obv Dora are the shows they keep pushing for kids and SNW had such high reviews during it’s first season even among non-Trek fans.

Not sure they can risk opening up significant gaps between the runs of Trek shows.

Couple of points:

First, ‘seasonality’ in offerings is what leads to subscription churn. Industry watchers are pointing to the need for streamers to keep a month to month cycle of new content.

Paramount+ has been doing better on that than other streamers (especially Disney and HBO Max). Opening up gaps in their Star Trek offerings would increase the churn.

Making sure all their new shows are on P+’ had to have been the first priority, but with yesterday’s announcement, they have that covered internationally.

So, second, P+ would need to either continue to have new Trek shows and episodes more than quarterly and/or offer other new shows that Trek fans like to watch.

(Disney has demonstrated that one Marvel 10-episode series launch per quarter isn’t sufficient to hold is Marvel-focused subscribers.)

To date, P+ execs have mentioned that Trek fans also watch their Avatar backlist and new offerings, but what else?

What is the boomer and Gen-X overlap in audiences between the Yellowstone franchise and Trek, who knows? I haven’t seen stats.

I suspect that the Teen Wolf/Wolf Pack genre audience doesn’t overlap as much as P+ might have hoped.

Perhaps they have some indication that their is overlap between some of the Trek audience and subscribers to Showtime?

If they don’t have enough overlap between all those things, they may be in the same situation as Disney is with Marvel fans: it’s an important subscriber base, but they won’t stay if they don’t get enough new content specifically in their franchise.

I don’t see DSC ending just yet, but I guess it’s possible. I do think at least one new show, but with Picard ending, we’ll still have the same number of shows.

Remember, even with 5 shows, we’re still getting slightly fewer than the number of episodes we got between 1996-2000, when DS9 and VOY were churning out 26 per season each.

While it’s fair to argue that led to a drop in quality, remember that each of these shows has a very different creative team and audience. I wouldn’t argue that every new Trek series is brilliant, each one has a healthy, happy audience and the variety is helping keep things fresh.

As I said before, it makes a lot of sense to focus all the attention on Picard and get the maximum lift from this season. If SNW follows through with a strong season season, it will create a lot of positive buzz.

Things may not be as behind as it seems.

Story may have already been broken and scripts might be being written without too much leaking out. For all we know, Discovery and SNW may be close to launching preproduction, and the same for the shows ‘in development.’

It’s when they start contracting the creative guilds that there’s little true scope to hide that work is underway beyond the thin veil of a pseudonym. (Discovery has had three different ones to date.)

S31 had got quite far in with a couple of months preproduction under a fairly obvious pseudonym before it was stalled several years ago now. I’m sure they don’t want a repeat experience, but if all the stars align, it could happen. That is, we could start to see preproduction gear up once Picard has premiered.

Discovery may be the next one in production actually as its cast are hitting the 7 calendar year mark in their contracts. If they renew, and extend the contracts for an 8th year, they will need to shoot in the spring and summer.

Unless Myers effectively becomes the principal showrunner for SNW, I’m super doubtful it will be out of the production gate anytime soon. Akiva Goldsman is producing the DC movie Constantine sequel with Keanu Reeves which was recently confirmed to not be one of the ones being canceled by Gunn.

I think folks need to chill out. There is an unusual pause right now because of the P+ – Showtime integration. I am sure by March we will get announcements for all shows. I am expecting good news on SNW and DSC, a final 4th season for LDS, and no follow-on for Picard for now.

I really hope you’re right. And we do have some small precedence on this and that LDS never officially announced a season 3. It’s the only show that just quietly got renewed and we didn’t find out until months later. But it’s a bit easier to do that when you don’t have actors on sets or location shooting lol. So you could be right on this too.

But I checked when the last time these shows were announced for new seasons and that was literally a year ago, January 2022. Over a year later after multiple seasons have aired…nothing. No renewals since for any of them, so it’s a little weird.

But as I have said, yes it may be much ado about nothing, but until someone just says something officially I can’t blame people for being concerned.

And I don’t think it’s the same thing comparing with S31, because that was new. They obviously weren’t even sure if the show was getting a green light…and it didn’t lol. The other shows are either cancelled or not, right? So that’s not quite the same thing IMO.

Last year at this time we already had a the airing order and start dates. Hopefully we see that soon, maybe with the start of Picard.

2024 is shaping up to be a much thinner year for Star Trek shows, even if they start green lighting new season now, there is no way they can fill a schedule at this point. This is most likely the last year of wall-to-wall Star Trek episodes, unless they start spreading out releases into next year.

Not necessarily. The first part of 2024 will likely start with the back half of Prodigy S2. We’re likely to get S3 of SNW, S5 of LDS, and S6 of DSC in short order. Whatever live-action show currently prepped to follow PIC will be ready to show by the end of 2024.

I really hope you’re right, but even if all these shows get new seasons, they all take about a year to produce one. So unless they are in SOME kind of pre-production and writing scripts, prepping sets, etc, my guess is there won’t be anything new right away after the back end after Prodigy season 2 ends assuming it crosses over into 2024. My guess is there will be a 3 month gap at minimum. And it could be longer than that obviously UNLESS we get word in the next month or two something is starting up soon.

Huh, we just got Prodigy eps likely set for early 2024 (i.e, the second set of 10 S2 eps). If DSC and SNW get renewed by next month, they then can then roll them out in spring and summer 2024 respectively — and then perhaps LDS in Fall 2024. And I would be shocked if SNW and DSC were not in preproduction already to be queued up for this.

So I am not really getting where you are going with this? I think we will get four series of 10 eps next year easily.

Yes! I can’t wait! I’m happy that Star Trek will continue to boldly go on P+.

Let’s Fly!

Yeah love Prodigy! Happy we’ll see it this year but it will probably be a wait lol.

Awesome. I recall a few of the “brain surgeons” on the various Trek sites I read last week suggesting that Prodigy might be in danger, yet it is the first show to get a renew out of the five…LOL

This nails my first prediction for renewals. My other predictions for renewals that our still outstanding:

DSC renewed, with the announcement that it will sunset after S7
SNW renewed
Picard — no follow-on approved
Lower Decks — announcement that it will be sunset after S4.

This isn’t Prodigy getting renewed: it’s Prodigy getting an indication of when the episodes already in production will get released. The show still hasn’t been publicly renewed for season 3, past its original 40-episode order.

I’m curious about why you expect Lower Decks to end after season 4, though. I’m expecting seven seasons, since TNG, DS9 and VOY each ran for seven seasons.

Yeah Prodigy was renewed for season 2 back in 2020. No word for season 3 yet unfortunately.

Edit: My mistake, it was renewed in 2021.

As for LDS, I’m still pushing for 7 seasons…and a movie! But prepared to cry like a baby if it is cancelled in season 4.

That’s a moot point — now would have been an easy time to not go forward with the additional work and funding to continue with Prodigy, so yeah, given the belt tightening and P+’s pause right now, this is essentially a renew for Prodigy in my book.

For LDS, I am just doubting that P+, in this streaming belt-tightening period will fund more seasons for a show that primarily appeals to older fans and doesn’t really grow the franchise like say a SNW, DCS or Prodigy does. Same with Picard — barring S3 being a huge hit, any potential follow-on with a cast of 60-70 year old legacy characters is done for the same reasons.

My thoughts as well. And I think SNW gets at least a third season, but I’m not sure about any more after that. The real question is – where does P+ take ST? It doesn’t seem that they’re interested in streaming year-long ST any more, but how much are they willing to do?

My thoughts as well. And I think SNW gets at least a third season, but I’m not sure about any more after that. The real question is – where does P+ take ST? It doesn’t seem that they’re interested in streaming year-long ST any more, but how much are they willing to do?

Well said. I think they will downsize within two years to SNW and Prodigy (DSC will be done at S7 and LDS at S4), and then add two new shows gradually — I am thinking the Section 31 series by 2025 and then Star Trek TOS Continues around 2026.

Good to know but didn’t everyone assume it would air this year? Why wouldn’t it? They been working on it for over a year already. And aren’t all of them airing this year? What’s airing after Picard?

It’s so weird.

Amazing! I’m more hyped about season two of Star Trek: Prodigy–my #1 current Star Trek show–than of the final season of Picard.

I recently saw that like other streaming services Paramount+ started to cut back a bit on their offerings. I’m glad Trek is not on their list.

I am Groot.

Prodigy had such a big break. I watched it with my 8 year old son and he didnt understand if its for kids why they held back so long. He kept saying it should just be season 2 since it was so much later.

“Prodigy” has been really stirring up the Delta Quadrant nostalgia! I want to know when we’re going to get a modern “Star Trek: Voyager” series. For a show broadcast on a network which many markets didn’t even have access to, it has a LOT of fans.

While we loved Picard’s dalliances with the Borg, Janeway and company gave us the best moments with them. Revisiting with Thompson or (squeal!) Krige would make for much more entertaining storylines than what we got in the first couple of seasons of “Picard”. Bring back the Borg and our beloved Voyager crew!