Watch: Patrick Stewart Brings ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Clip To Colbert That Name-Drops The Borg [UPDATED]

Star Trek: Picard season three arrives on Thursday and the promotional tour is in full swing. This included star Sir Patrick Stewart dropping by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night—and he brought video. UPDATE: And there is a second clip available.

UPDATE: Meet a La Forge

A new clip (via Cinemablend) shows Admiral Picard finding Sidney La Forge (Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut) piloting the USS Titan.

Stewart talks Picard with Colbert… with a clip

Here is Patrick Stewart talking about the final season of Picard along with a clip from the season premiere featuring Jean-Luc Picard and William Riker in Guinan’s 10 Forward bar, talking about decoding a message.

The message Picard and Riker are talking about could be related to a clip released a few months ago of Jean-Luc getting a message on his old TNG badge.

In the first part of Stewart’s sit-down with Stephen Colbert, the actor talked about his history in the theater and his upcoming memoir.

The third and final season of Picard premieres on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., and Latin America, and on February 17 Paramount+ in Europe and elsewhere, with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly. It will also debut on Friday, Feb. 17 internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.


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What time exactly will the episode drop? Would it be midnight EST?

If I recall a previous answer, it’s midnight PST.

That makes more sense. Thanks!

Oop, that’s 2:00 AM for me, so maybe I won’t stay up like I’d originally planned haha. Looks like I’m getting up about an hour earlier tomorrow though!

3 hours and counting

The f**king Borg?? Well, if you’re doing fan service, might as well go all in….

The Borg has been in both seasons of this show, you can’t be shocked now they mentioned them lol.

The third time’s the charm, eh??

It’s like name dropping the Klingons or Cardassians in an episode, it’s just all part of the universe. But I don’t think we’ll actually see the Borg this time and they made it clear they were a big part of the prior seasons before they started.

What’s actually interesting is we don’t know WHO the big bad is past Vadic but it’s clear it’s something on a much bigger level. For all the whining over how much Matalas talked about this season, we still know practically nothing of the main story at all which we couldn’t say about the first two. We at least knew who the main players were.

It was also necessary to mention the Borg because it’s part of Seven’s history and reality.

This season is intended to be an entry point for casual 90s TNG fans who saw nothing since.

Well I assume that’s what season 1 was for in the first place and it dealt with Picard’s trauma with the Borg directy. I’m guessing every TNG fan watched that first season…but few probably ever watched it again. ;)

But yeah it’s going to be tons of call backs to all the 24th century shows based on everything I read. We thought we were already getting a good run with LDS and it’s crazy easter eggs and references, it sounds like LDS was just a test run for this season.


Maybe they’ll be a Borg Doctor Soong in the following series so that Brent spinner can still cash a check…lol

Phil, stop being so negative in advance of the series — we haven’t seen anything yet.


Reviews have been mostly positive, but still far more mixed than the early gushing would have led you to expect. Still deciding on whether to re-up with Paramount to watch this.

The general trend I see in reviews is that fans love it and get it, but outsiders aren’t quite as impressed.

Well, I think Alan Sepinwall would consider himself a fan, and in fact he reports that he really enjoyed the fan service, of which there is apparently scads of in Picard Season 3. But he also said that the season doesn’t really break new ground thematically, and that the six episodes he got to see, while enjoyable, rank well below TNG’s best. That would be a shame, if true.

Agreed. I think a lot of fans will really dig the fan service, but it sounds like they may be leaning on it a but too much. Since I have the day off tomorrow, I’ll probably stay up and check it out.

The very few truly negative reviews I have seen are from younger-targeted techie mag sites.

One is from the camp that is campaigning for people not to watch at all. They put that right in the headline. Can’t respect that. It’s buying into the gatekeeping idea that some new and perfect Trek can only happen if Kurtzman and this era of Trek are buried.

Another seems to want a different kind of modern action-driven show. That’s ok, as mileage will certainly vary for those who aren’t looking to recapture the Berman-era feeling.

Well, Akiva Goldsman just signed a new first-look deal with Warner Brothers, so we might not be seeing as much of him anymore.

This was truly the best news to wake up to on the day of ST:P-S3’s premiere. One fewer manbaby to get in the way of making decent TV.

I had already suspected that SNW would have to be renewed with Myers at the helm once it was reporter Constantine 2 movie with Keanu Reeves is now moving ahead.

Goldsman wrote the first version of the script and is still involved. It will surely take much of his time in the next 18 months.

The first-look deal confirms that Gunn wants him for more than this one project.

“One is from the camp that is campaigning for people not to watch at all. They put that right in the headline.”

Come on, that’s what reviews do – “stream it or skip it.” It’s not campaigning – it’s reviewing.

I decided that I’m definitely going to sign up to get the last four at the very least (I’m still waiting on the screeners for first six.) Am figuring this will also let me see some DS9 s5 (the only season I’m missing on DVD, now that I got a season 1-3 package at Hamilton Books.) When did the prices on these disks go up so high! (answer: when everybody finally accepted that Par is not going to remaster/fix them in the immediate future.)

If you do sign up, then we can weigh in together on each ep’s merits once into that end stretch.

I hate how Patrick is looking doddery nowadays. It happens, but it hurts. For so long he seemed changeless

I know what you mean. It’s hard watching the ones you love age. Right?

Well, “hate” is not the word I would use, but I get your idea. Sir Patrick is now two years older than my father when he died 7 years ago. That entire generation is on the verge of being called back. So many bright stars are going to turn supernova in the next couple of years. People that seemed ageless, larger than life, our heroes, our guides, our friends.
When I signed up for this trip 29 years ago, I couldn’t imagine seeing all of them age away. But that’s life.

That being said, I’m really glad we got this show as a big goodbye, an afterthought, one final swim in the aftermath of greatness…

It happens. On the satellite radio subscription, the Springsteen channel routinely airs past concerts. Yesterday, they up one up which is one of his first post-covid tour dates….and the guy sounds 73 now. Kinda pains me that I’ve added him to my “see them before they die” singers list….

I’m not into pop and rock music at all and I never went to any concert but I care a lot about TV and movie stars who starred in my favourite franchises. And there is a long list of timeless actors I simply adore.
Some of them have already passed (Leonard Nimoy, Sean Connery, Christopher Lee) but most of my all-time favourites are still alive: Sir Patrick has always been my number one, closely followed by The Shat, Tom Baker, Ian McKellen, Mark Hamill and The Hoff.

Betty White!!

Weird to go off on a Springsteen tangent on a Star Trek post, but here I go. I hear what you’re saying about “sounding 73” but I saw him in Atlanta on the 2nd (maybe 3rd?) night of this tour a few weeks ago. And he, like Patrick Stewart, doesn’t ignore his age. It’s in the way the way he sings his songs, the songs he chooses to sing from his catalog and the new songs that he’s done that reflect more on mortality and what we leave behind. And yet, he still got out there and did a 3 hour, rocking, emotional show without an intermission and without an opening act. I think people like Springsteen and Patrick Stewart don’t look at age as an enemy but simply a part of who they are now. They don’t ignore it – they embrace it and they incorporate it into who they are, what they do and how they practice their craft. I think that’s kind of nice. I’m 56 and I should be so lucky to age as gracefully and as wholesomely as they have. Something to try and emulate, ya know?

USS Shady Pines

It happens. It’s too bad, too, because one of my problems with season two was how much Stewart could actually drag down a scene. He really doesn’t bring a lot of energy anymore, and that’s OK, given his age, but I would think he would need very careful direction and editing.

It shows how, er, unusual Shatner is. He seems to be getting sharper every year.

You’re right, the only similar examples I can come up with are George Burns and Henry Kissinger

Yeah it’s sad, but man the poor guy is looking and soundin much slower than just three years ago when they started the series. I got to believe that the Covid period and travel for someone his age is a big load that may have accelerated things. I saw a significant difference between season one and season two in this regard for him.

Prime Video in Latin America still hasn’t added season three to the site. Odd. In contrast, they added the second season of Carnival Row weeks ago and that also premieres this week.

Can we just talk about how great the carry through of history and emotion is in this scene when Riker refers to Picard’s assimilation by the Borg.

Riker won’t even use the term “assimilation,” he instead uses a word that conveys Picard’s inability to stop what occurred, while also clearly divorcing Picard from Locutus and his actions. He knows that Picard’s assimilation is a wound that will never fully heal and so approaches anything connected to it with a tact and sensitivity that illustrates the care and love he has for his former captain and his knowledge of the pain that event still holds for Picard, decades later.

Man, that just displays such a solid knowledge of these characters.

I agree, I think we’re going to really see that TNG chemistry and interaction with the characters again along with the intelligent and thoughtful dialogue that show just did so well. And TBH what’s missing from some of the newer stuff.

Meh I think that doing that is like those people who think that Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader are two different people. It’s still very much a part of who Picard is, whether he likes it or not.

…I was thinking along very similar lines, there. Some fine acting, and a callback to one of the highlights of the TNG era.

Sooooo excited! :)

I’m really hoping third time is the charm and we are going to get a fantastic season and hopefully will lead us into the next generation! Based on everything said, I think this is the one many of us been waiting a long time for!

The writing is quite clunky in that scene, but I appreciate the deep cut. You can Fan-Service me all you want, this is our last shot at it! Patrick Stewart is unfortunately not very recognizable as Picard now, but he reminds me of my Dad who is nearly the same age, so I identify with elderly Picard and appreciate who he is now. I’m thankful for every last minute we get with this crew, I never thought it would ever happen again so I won’t criticize, I’ll be grateful!

It’s been awhile since I seen Best of Both Worlds, but I don’t recall the Borg infecting the Enterprise with a virus. Is that something actually in the episode, or is it a retcon?

Definitely not in the episode. Probably suppose to happen in the off camera.

That’s what I thought. Honestly, the Borg conducting cyberwarfare is more 21st century storybeat. Possible in the 80s and 90s, just that writers wouldn’t have immediately thought about it.

Kinda surprising they went that rte IMO. Not that it bothers me. But the borg were so powerful that they didn’t need a virus to infiltrate the Enterprise. And if you think about it, Picard/Locutus WAS supposed to act as the virus of sorts.

This may sound super nitpicky, and I still have high hopes for the season, but something about this clip doesn’t sit well with me. There’s no hint of navigational or computer problems at the end of BOBW Part I or during Part II. In fact, except for the battle scene where they rescue Picard, the Enterprise is on a beeline for Earth the entire time. Seems like there were better ways to do whatever it is the writers were trying to do here without shoehorning something into an iconic episode that pretty transparently did not happen on screen.

I have no problem with it. We don’t see literally everything that happens in every episode, but I also don’t care that much about “canon violations” either, given that ST, in all its iterations, is basically cobbled together.

Maybe the writers conflated the Enterprise getting partially assimilated in FC with the Borg encounters in BoBW. But you’d think someone would have caught that.

It’s not a virus the Borg infected the Enterprise with, it’s a virus that was created as one of the means to defeat the Borg using something Picard wouldn’t know about. Having a virus that effects coordinates would send the Borg in the wrong direction, while the Enterprise crew, who knew about it, knew how to input coordinates that would work.

Riker said “they scrambled our navigation system”, so I’d take that as the Enterprise being infected.

It sort feels to me like Riker is saying it was one of the weapons the Enterprise crew was developing to fight the Borg like the Heavy Graviton Beam or Wesley’s nanites. If it was a Borg invention, Jean Luc/Locutus would have known about it. The scene is cut off mid explanation. I have a feeling the rest of the discussion will flesh it out a touch more.

I’d be more surprised if there wasn’t a reference to the Borg in the show.

There has been a Borg reference in every season of every post-Nemesis show and the Borg has shown up in 3 of the 4 of those shows minus Discovery so far (OK, only in hologram form on LDS). Yeah,it would be a surprise if they didn’t lol.

God I could listen to Patrick Stewart talking about his memories of a long and successful career forever.

Can’t wait for the memoirs, or “memwaauus” as he would say 😂

The LaForge scene is fun. Scenes like that sprinkled throughout add so much. It’s delightful seeing Frakes so comfortable in Riker’s skin.

“Crash LaForge” is darned unfair teasing.

Familiarity has its price.

Very reminiscent of Demora Sulu. Same exact helm position in fact.

I smiled through that whole thing. Just hearing that beautiful music brought me back to Star Trek of old.

Is it that clip or are they walking around in the dark on that bridge where they meet Sidney? It’s so dark and muddy.

Nice man of course, but I still think he’s locked into the show needing to be about him primarily, and that really got old by season two.


Turn on the lights!!!!!! Why does the bridge have to be so dark?? I wanna see it!!