Watch: Whoopi Goldberg Serves Drinks To The TNG Cast On ‘The View’ + ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Episode 302 Clip

Today the world is celebrating the debut of the third season of Star Trek: Picard. This includes a special appearance by members of the cast on The View, cohosted by TNG and Picard vet Whoopi Goldberg. There is also an extended Ready Room which includes a clip from next week’s episode.

Whoopi goes Guinan for her TNG friends on The View

Today Sir Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn, and Jonathan Frakes appeared on The View, reuniting with their Next Gen co-star Whoopi Goldberg, who served up drinks at a bar in her Guinan costume from season 2 of Picard.


Ready Room has interviews and a clip

A new episode of The Ready Room has an extended interview with Wil Wheaton and his former TNG co-stars Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden. He also talks to Picard showrunner Terry Matalas, and there are features offering a closer look at the characters of Dr. Crusher and William Riker. There is also a clip featuring the SS Eleos under attack (at the 41:30 mark). The episode ends with a nice tribute to Annie Wersching.

Picard streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the Americas, Europe, the Caribbean, and South Korea. It also streams internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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I have not yet seen the S3 premiere, so I stayed clear of the Ready Room, but I did watch the clip of Whoopi meeting her former TNG castmates…. classic reunion and great stories! Only a few hours to go!!!

It’s really neat that Whoopi Goldberg holds her time in ST in such regard. And it was especially gratifying to hear Gates McFadden’s comments about how she didn’t put on airs with the rest of the cast. You have to remember, when she started appearing on TNG, she was a Academy Award nominated bona fide movie star.

So we know Ed Speleers’ character’s name now. Thanks Ready Room!

I saw the name in one of the reviews I read elsewhere a few days ago. If his paternity isn’t the obvious choice, due to his name, I kinda fear his paternity is something very sci-fi-meets-soap-opera. But then, we’ve had many, “Spock had a SECRET SIBLING!! dun-dun-dun…” and Picard has a CLONE!!” moments, and we all got through them.

Anyone else hoping he was adopted after Nemesis? Maybe her late husband had a secret son?

The actor is the right age for the Pulaski season. But if born of Bev, how can the Crusher we knew have kept him a secret?

Or does he have some disease that ages him?

David Marcus was believable because Carol and David both were walled off from Kirk.

My two cents!

My reaction to Kirk having an unknown child was “He’d be the guy that happened to.”

The fact that he’d known David as a child and never even asked Carole if he might be the father was just icing on the cake.

Crusher and Picard are just such completely different people that I believe that the writer must come up with an incredibly strong rationale for her to have raised a child in isolation from her community.

Someone on another board proposed some timey wimey explanation or a caution from Wesley that identifying her son as Picard’s child would bring catastrophe.

That would be more convincing than her just taking off because her relationship failed and she didn’t want to co parent with an emotionally unavailable Picard.

Wow it’s so cool to see The View go all out for this show. The PR tour for season 3 has been amazing and probably the biggest out of all the modern shows so far. Not a surprise since it’s all about the TNG cast but you can tell Paramount knows they have a winner this season and spreading the word hard.

It’s also great to see how proud Whoopi is to be a part of Star Trek. I didn’t love season 2 but I did love her scenes in it for sure. It would’ve nice if she could’ve made another appearance this season.

When you consider the behind the scenes s**tshow that afflicts the TOS cast, it really is pleasing to see the genuine affinity the TNG cast seems to have for one another.

Yeah it’s night and day lol. Although the TOS cast gets along in spurts, it seem to be most of the cast had with issues Shatner specifically but the others all seem to get along at least. But I don’t think they were ever this close either. I don’t think any Trek cast has been so it’s very special to see.

…and the Voyager cast

Hope Whoopi is in Season 3, really. I was delighted to see Orla Brady today. If I remember correctly, she said she was not going to be in this season.

I love Guinan. Her scenes, race, wisdom. Pure joy listening to her stories and advice. Hope we can see her again in any of the upcoming 9 episodes.

Brady said she did work a few days for season three, but it always sounded like it was just for the first episode which we saw.

I think you’re right, but it would be incredibly delightful if the very last scene of this series is Jean-Luc meeting Laris in that bar she talked of.


I was thinking the exact same thing. I love this press tour, it’s so fun and this View appearance was so lovely!

I loved this! So much fun and you can see how much Star Trek means to Whoopi.
Michael Dorn is one funny man!

Seems to me that Star Trek, since the Motion Picture, has gone from “exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations” to saving the galaxy. Disappointing.

that happened more on tv with TNG onwards.
its the movies that got stuck in a rut.

Actually the part wherein Starfleet functions as a space military or space cops defending the Federation from threats has been part of the franchise since the beginning. You might prefer the show “We’re Only Astronauts With No Weapons or Peacekeeping Responsibilities.”

the movies doubled down on the military aspect from ‘khan’ onwards, save for ‘voyage’

Second part of The View interview:

Good to see whoopie again with the cast. I felt she was shortchanged in Picard season 2 with that sort of bait and switch for a younger actor which made no sense given that character ages hundreds of years

Come on. Perhaps it has other reasons. They are not that agile anymore. Or do you wanted to see Gainen every time behind a Bar or inside a Bar? So i am okay with that

We’ll they seem to have no issue accommodating old less agile actors whose characters who aren’t even suppose to age like old Q and old Lore, so I find it questionable that we were not given the real, Goldberg-Guinan in S2 that I thought we were promised? I just don’t get it?

Maybe she couldn’t commit to weeks of filming? But the idea of Goldberg and Stewart running around certainly was more appealing to me. I think they’d have “gotten” the character better if they knew they’d be having Goldberg reciting the lines and possibly giving them feedback about them.

Good points, Ian

Not only did it not make zero sense, but the portrayal of 2024 Guinan as cynical and jaded was completely at odds with what we saw throughout TNG, including in “Time’s Arrow,” where Guinan was the one rebutting Mark Twain’s cynicism in the 19th century.

It’s almost as if the S2 writers couldn’t think beyond the “sassy black woman” trope when writing Guinan.


the guinan of TNG era showed her anger in ‘i, borg’ over hugh being on the ship

I liked Young Guinan, the actress was wonderful. Not everyone agrees. I really liked her and Picard’s ancestor. I thought all the actresses were well written characters and well represented. What was poorly written were, Q and Picard. And The evil guy Spiner was playing. Basically the male roles were thin and cardboard. Unworthy of these actors.

wasted opportunity, i am very much interested in guinans historical insights, for example world war 2 germany, since she lived through that time.

Exactly! Instead we got this lame, young Guinan bartender whose was more Samantha Stevens than the Guinan we know and love.

I enjoyed the Ready Room interview with Matalas.

It reprised some of the content from the previous week’s cut of that interview, but had some new elements too.

Wheaton and Matalas are very natural together. If Matalas gets his sequel, I can see his finding a way to work Wesley the Traveler in to the arc in a less completely bonkers way than the season two finale.

(I love trippy Trek, and appreciate Goldsman’s bonkers elements in SNW, but his wild contributions to Picard’s early seasons, especially the finales as well as Discovery’s season one finale, just didn’t really fit with the grounding they were trying to achieve.)

interesting that only certain of them seem to be doing the promo circuit. No signs of Spiner, Burton or Sirtis outside of the trailers really…hmm

Spiner and Burton are in some of the 5 minute mini interviews with genres media.

Sirtis is living in the UK now. There may be reasons (her dogs) that she didn’t want to make the trip to LA, or perhaps they didn’t offer to cover that flight.

I’m a bit surprised that she hasn’t been doing the rounds of UK media though.

Not the first time I’ve seen this comment, which may be trying to read something into the promo tours that isn’t there. If they aren’t available, then they aren’t available. It may be nothing more than that.