First Look At May Star Trek Comics Reveals Epic Trek Era-Spanning Crossover Annual Issue

IDW has announced all of their Star Trek comics coming in May and the first issue of the just-announced Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Echoes miniseries is only one of many new releases. The biggest news is the release of a special annual issue of the ongoing Star Trek series featuring an era-spanning crossover, and that’s in addition to a regular issue from the series. There are also new issues from the upcoming Star Trek: Defiant series and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Dog of War mini-series.

New May 2023 Star Trek comics

Star Trek: Defiant #3
(May 10 – $4.99)

Written by Christopher Cantwell; art by Angel Unzueta

Amid a ruse gone wrong, Worf and his away team of B’Elanna Torres and Ro Laren find themselves imprisoned by Orion pirates wary of the supposed Maquis separatists. Meanwhile, in the captain’s chair of the Defiant, Spock struggles to defend the ship with Lore’s musings of chaos in his ear.

Cover A by Angel Unzueta (also available in black and white variant)

Cover B by Rod Reis

Cover C by Louie de Martinis

RI cover by Jake Bartok (also available in full artwork variant)

Star Trek #8
(May 17 – $4.99)

Written by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing; art by Mike Feehan

 The newly established Obsidian Council of Cardassia Prime has spoken: The time has come for Benjamin Sisko to stand trial for the atrocities he ordered and for his contributions to war crimes by the Federation during the Dominion War.

Arc two of the critically acclaimed Star Trek flagship comic series continues here!

Cover A by Mike Feehan (also available in black and white variant)

Cover B by Caspar Wijngaard

Cover C by Caspar Wijngaard

RI cover by Malachi Ward (also available in full artwork variant)

Star Trek: Annual 2023
(May 31 – $7.99)

Written by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing; art by Rachael Stott

The Theseus crew finally get a chance to relax. But just as everyone settles down, a strange signal comes in with a message that reads, Mr. Scott. We have a problem. Bring help. —Jim

Upon finding the source of the signal, the Theseus bridge crew step into a fully activated holodeck recreating the bridge of the original U.S.S. Enterprise—complete with a “discovery” of some “strange new” guest stars!

Join the writers behind the critically acclaimed Star Trek series, Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly (Batman Beyond, Captain America), for an exciting romp through the history of Trek with art by Rachael Stott (Fantastic Four; Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures).

Cover A by Rachael Stott (also available in black and white variant)

Cover B by Steffi Hochriegl

Cover C by Rhys Yorke

RI cover by JK Woodward (also available in full artwork variant)

Star Trek: Defiant #4
(June 7 – $4.99)

Written by Christopher Cantwell; art by Angel Unzueta

With Kahless and the Red Path’s mission to conquer the universe looming over their heads, the Defiant crew must overcome their differences if they’re to prevent another massacre, and it’s the most unlikely of diplomats to convince them of as much…

Cover A by Angel Unzueta (also available in black and white variant)

Cover B by Andrea Broccardo

Cover C by J.K. Woodward

RI cover by Jake Bartok (also available in full artwork variant)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Dog of War #3 (of 5)
(June 7 – $4.99)

Written by Mike Chen; art by Angel Hernandez

The Deep Space 9 crew throw a farewell party worth a corgi’s weight in latinum! But just as they prepare to send off Latty, they are met with the screaming siren sounds of a security breach, and not only is the prized corgi nowhere to be found…the Borg headset is missing as well. Now the crew must put their heads together to retrieve their pup and keep the tech out of enemy hands!

Cover A by Angel Hernandez (also available in black and white variant)

Cover B by Adrián Bonilla

Cover C by Andy Price

RI cover by Liana Kangas (also available in full artwork variant)

Pre-order Star Trek comics

You can pre-order upcoming IDW Star Trek comics at TFAW. You can also pre-order digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

And for the Prelude issue, visit for more info on picking up a copy.

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I will throw you a bone. “Dogs of War” should be “The Dog of War”.

Not to be too nitpickey, but Pike’s SNW uniform vs Kirk’s TOS uniform doesn’t make sense. They are both the same in-universe uniform, just realized in different production eras. That was clarified by the SNW season finale “Quality of Mercy” that was set during the TOS timeframe…

I have always looked at the difference in uniforms not as if they were separate uniforms, but different artist interpretations of the same thing. Just like the situation with Pike’s Enterprise being on-display at Starfleet Command in “Picard”,…. no one puts credence in the abandonment of disbelief in some areas and it perplexes me some. But that’s another discussion for another time.

Given they mix animated characters and live action characters now in eps, these good ole uniform debates we all like to have now all get relegated to “don’t sweat the small stuff,” as we got bigger visual problems than those issues by far.

Eh, I feel like nitpicks like that make sense when applied to reality, but not to fiction. They are the same uniform, but they’re different artistic expressions of the same thing. That may be a contradiction in reality, but in fiction, it can be an asset, not a bug.

I guess it’s a big thing they were able to get Archer on a cover?

Why is Spock wearing an apron? lol

This should be great fun for the Lower Decks fans, and I mean that sincerely and hope they get a kick out of these — enjoy all!

James T’s been hitting the weight room I see.

His shoulders are too big.

theres the new movie poster for Star Trek Into The Multiverse (with CGI deaged Shatner), budget 250m. opening weekend 27m 😬

Really makes me wish that during the run of Enterprise they’d done a triple team-up with Picard on the Enterprise-E, Spock commanding the Enterprise-A, and Archer on the NX-01.

Would have been incredible, ratings monster, and the added benefit of making Shatner more annoyed.

i been reading Altman/Gross 50 Years Vol 2 and Enterprise was pretty much done ratings wise by season 4. its like nothing could boost the ratings even Manny Coto unleashing full on Trekkie awesomness. Shatner was approached to play Mirror Kirk for a potential rating boost but even that was deemed not worth his asking fee for what Paramount projected the ratings would be (so it got changed into ‘In A Mirror Darkly’). i did lol at how one of Enterprise guys described the Shatner lunch meeting with Berman and co, how he was pretty pumped about the ideas and doing Mirror Kirk vs the NX01 crew. and then at the end before he left he paused and said ‘you do realise this is gonna cost you..’

I can understand Shatner wanting to be paid properly for his work, but his bad attitude is largely why nobody wants to work with him, because he always wants everything to be about him.