Exclusive: ‘Picard’ Showrunner Explains The ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ Roots Of M’Talas Prime And Frontier Day

The season 3 premiere of Star Trek: Picard has fans buzzing and asking questions. TrekMovie had a chance to pose some of these questions with showrunner and episode writer Terry Matalas. Even though it was titled “The Next Generation” and featured the return of Star Trek: The Next Generation characters, Terry revealed that some key components of the story have their roots in Star Trek: Enterprise, a show he worked on. We also cover more Trek connections, new bits of canon, and what the deal is with Captain Shaw.

M’Talas Prime – a terrible place named for Terry 20 years ago

Raffi’s storyline was set on the planet M’Talas Prime, which fans may think was created for Picard to honor the showrunner, but the roots go back to Terry’s early days with the franchise when he worked on Star Trek: Enterprise. Matalas explains the story behind his namesake planet:

I think it was Chris Black who came up with it on Enterprise. The idea was to name the most horrible place in the galaxy after me. And when I was a young assistant on Star Trek: Enterprise. The most vile place in the galaxy was of course named “Matalas.” So on Picard when we were trying to name a place for sort of the epicenter of organized crime in the galaxy, somebody said, “Shouldn’t it be named after that vile place named for you?” And so the idea was it was supposed to be self-deprecating, hoping that fans would run to Google to find it.

Matalas also confirmed that in Picard, the planet M’Talas is “way outside Federation jurisdiction,” and this location will be back during the season:

There is a specific underworld story that we’re going to be telling for a bit.

The M’Talas Prime underworld is far from Federation jurisdiction

Frontier Day is also tied to Star Trek: Enterprise

“The Next Generation” had multiple mentions of the upcoming “Frontier Day.” Matalas explained this new Star Trek holiday:

It is the 250th anniversary celebrating when the NX-01 went out into space and the de-facto birth of modern Starfleet, and you will hear more about it. Starfleet didn’t really solidify until the NX-01 went out—this was the first ship with a multi-species crew and its voyage was pivotal to the founding of the Federation. It was essentially the birth of Starfleet as we know it.

Captain Jonathan Archer’s mission on the NX-01 Enterprise left Earth in 2151 and Matalas confirmed that season 3 of Picard is set in 2401 “to time with when the NX-01 launched.” As a point of clarification, Matalas said the Star Trek Log released last week on Instagram incorrectly listed the launch date of the USS Titan as 2402, it should be 2401. Captain Shaw’s mention of being captain for five years also covered the period when he oversaw the refit of the ship.

Familiar starship silhouettes can be seen in an enhanced zoom-in on the Frontier Day poster in 10 Forward from “The Next Generation”

The little things servicing the story… or just to be “cool”

The premiere contained a good number of little connections, nods, props, and bits of music tied into the franchise. Matalas explained how this is by design, and it starts with the story they are telling in this new season:

There’s 57 years of stories, characters, music, world-building, starships. I don’t know how you don’t run into those things in this universe often. There absolutely is a more of an Andor take on a show, which is absolutely interesting, and I would love to see that and be a part of it. But I don’t know that approach is right for this particular story of the Next Generation crew. I would say the only thing that is just for nostalgia sake is the title card “In the 25th Century,” but really what that was meant to do is signal it is going to feel a bit different than what came before in seasons one and two. It needed to do that.

He rejects notions of “fan service,” pointing to a particular favorite moment:

I just enjoy a proper ship leaving space dock sequence. Is that fan service or is that just something that should be part of traditional Star Trek?

Of course, the new season is making some changes, even with some small details. The showrunner offered insights into how some of these decisions came to be made, using the example of Dr. Crusher’s weapon and revealing how there is a nod to a classic Trek game:

In science fiction, there are two answers to every question, and if you’re doing it right, both answers are correct. Answer One: It’s logical and it makes sense within the rules of the world. Answer Two: It’s just awesome. The cool factor. And with this opening scene, we wanted to show Beverly active, commanding the moment. It was meant to be surprising, we don’t find her in sick bay on a starship as one might expect. So there is just something inherently cool about the protective heroine that signals her change here. And in discussions with Gates and Doug, we decided that simply pointing and shooting didn’t seem sufficient. The physical act of racking a load into the chamber, Linda Hamilton by way of Annie Oakley in the Wild West of space.

That’s what we wanted to evoke. And because she’s not on an official Starfleet vessel, because the Eleos is a kind of “Doctors Without Borders” craft that travels through the less traveled sectors, because they’d be equipping themselves as they go with whatever’s available wherever they might be, it felt logical that the weaponry onboard might be slightly unfamiliar or outdated. It’s also a bit of a fun nod to the weaponry in some of the old games like Voyager: Elite Force that was meant to feel more tactile to players. So it was, at least to us, both cool and understandable given their situation.

Another interesting choice was to have Jean-Luc Picard use reading glasses, which Matalas said was another example of a spontaneous decision:

That’s because Patrick Stewart looks really good in reading glasses. Patrick in the moment on the day felt like he might want reading glasses and then we all rationalized it and it looks really cool. And so we literally turned to each other on set and said he’s got an allergy to Retinax.

Dr. Crusher and her pump-action phaser shotgun

Shaw is his own man… and he picked Seven for a reason

One of the most talked-about introductions for Picard season three is Captain Shaw, the commander of the USS Titan played by Todd Stashwick. While some may draw comparisons to other captains in Trek’s past given how this character butts heads with the show’s heroes, however Matalas is emphatic that the character was actually influenced by his last show, 12 Monkeys:

With 57 years of story, it is impossible for any character not to be compared to another character. But the truth is, Shaw is entirely his own. When we sat down, all we envisioned was a character who would not be enamored by these two legends coming aboard, for some deeply traumatic reasons from his past. And as a sort of new, fresh take on it, we started using the phrase “Captain Stashwick,” based on our colleague Todd Stashwick from 12 Monkeys. Never did the name Jellico, Styles, or anybody from previous iterations come up in any of those discussions.

Shaw was shown to have some issues with Seven, now a commander and first officer of the Titan. Matalas said there is more to this story:

It is up to a captain to pick their first officer. So clearly, he saw something within her. I think he believes in her on many levels, but I think he definitely has some unspoken resentment about her past.

Captain Shaw played by 12 Monkeys vet Todd Stashwick

Picard streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the Americas, Europe, the Caribbean and South Korea. It also streams internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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love this season. the last season was unfortunately garbage. only trek I’ve only watched just one time in my whole life. this season looks to be amazing.

True Luke, but that’s literally what everyone was saying about the first episode of last season too lol. So I try very hard not to get carried away after the first episode since all the premiere episodes were considered huge hits from this show. It’s really later where the previous seasons took a major downturn.

That said, yes, there is a very different feeling this season and it sounds very positive from all the people who reviewed it thus far…but we’ll never know until we see it for ourselves.

Sending out six screener episodes to a large group likely saved this season for them.

After two seasons that started out strongly, and then became incoherent by mid season, they needed to build belief that this season would sustain the quality.

Last season they sent out 3 episodes of Picard early to reviewers, who gave it similarly glowing reviews. Personally, anyone who claims S3 was “pure garbage” is not worth listening to.

As i’ve said many times, it’s not a great season, but the hyperbole is nonsense. Even if the story is riddled with plot holes, and is largely nonsensical, the performances are strong, the themes are compelling, there are still plenty of good moments throughout.

It’s less than the sum of its parts unfortunately, the parts are there. Unlike say, Season 1 of TNG, which has almost nothing to enjoy, other than a spark of promise.

Sorry, meant “anyone who claims S2 was…”

anyone who claims S3 was “pure garbage” is not worth listening to.” I think seasons 1 & 2 were awful. But you can like it if you want.

They absolutely can, and I can not listen to people who refuse to speak in anything but unreasonable hyperbole.


 January 27, 2023 12:08 pm
I had high hopes for Season 3, after being very turned off by Season 1. I’d heard the third was a step up in the story department, but could barely get through an episode…I cannot get past McFarlane, who basically turns it into what feels awfully like a parody fan film. His obvious fan-wankery rubs off on the rest of the cast, and their performances suffer for it….my gut says McFarlane has to go.

PS: For what it’s worth, I agree with your hyperbole here on LDS. But you might want to stop the your “I’m above the fray” BS, because it’s just not convincing…lol

I’m not sure I see your point here, as this is reasoned discourse that contributes to a conversation. You conveniently leave out the rest of the conversation, such as the nature of the topic, and the back and forth therein.

You might want to start paying attention.

No, I paid attention — you called for McMahon to be fired, and your comment basically throws the entire three seasons in the toilet. That’s hyperbole. I mean I don’t like LDS either, but I never exaggerated my dislike of it to the point where I called for the dude to be fired.

Anyway, and this is just an observation and it’s not that big a deal – I just think it’s disingenuous for you to always be chastising people here like you’re this “moral high ground sheriff’ given your own hyperbolic tendencies and your frequent condescending comments to other fans. I mean, just go back and look at some of your posts here over the last month to some fans — your comments are what they are.

And the funny thing is I don’t have any problem with any of your actual comments on Trek, hyperbolic or not. I’m just recommending to you to drop “I’m above the fray and let me school all of you” silly and condescending BS. :-)

Apparently you didn’t pay attention because he isn’t even talking about Lower Decks as you suggest, but about The Orville.

Thanks, I stand corrected on the show. My hyperbole hypocrisy point still stands though. That show is also liked by many fans, and to suggest all the seasons suck and the MacFarlane should be fired — that is hyperbole, which is fine by me, but then don’t disingenuously lecture other fans when they use hyperbolic comments like you are on some moral high ground that the rest of us aren’t. That’s all.

LOL, hilarious!

Sigh! I’m sticking by our agreement — I have both credible self-control and integrity.

Trekmovie — please consider adding an ignore button!

I just thought it was funny. I didn’t attack you dude. We definitely agree on the ignore button.

correction: McFarlane and The Orville.

My point still stands.

Also, here is the comment I made shortly after that one:

 Reply to A34
 January 28, 2023 4:21 pm

Yes, I’ve heard this, and it’s plainly obvious. I’m glad he gets to have fun, and I suppose it has its fans, so no harm, no foul.

I have long expressed that Orville is not my cup of tea, but if others enjoy it, I am happy to see them enjoy it. I do not go around tearing it apart any chance I get. I am indeed above that, unlike so many others on this and other forums who want nothing more than to yuck other people’s yum.

If something with Star Trek in the name let me stop watching mid seaon, it means its uterly pure garbage. I even watched all of Earth Final Conflict and Andromeda and could find the good in it. Picard S2 has nothing! Its pure insult and a Stewart Egoshow.

This is a perfectly fine opinion to have and state — there is no reason why anyone should shame you into having this general opinion and stating it here.

Yeah, I’m pretty optimistic but cautiously so after being burned last season. First season had a lot going for it in my opinion, but season 2 served up some real dregs.

Oh yeah I am too, but given everything I still have to feel a little bit cautious after jumping on the bandwagon of the first two seasons so quickly. What’s funny is after I felt burnt after season one, I told myself I’ll give season 2 a few episodes before I let my guard down and get excited for the season, only to ignore that after how much I loved the first episode lol. So I promised not to do it again this season and yet here I am. ;)

And I didn’t hate season one like I did season two, it was more of a let down instead of just totally dreadful that season two turned out to be. But I don’t have any interest to rewatch it either.

But yes, this definitely sounds different based on all the reviews so far and practically all of them hated season two, so that bolds well. So I’m more positive we’re going to at least get a better season but I’m still remaining more cautious until we just see more.

Star Trek Beyond is the only one that I haven’t watched twice. For whatever it’s worth, season 2 of Picard, while imperfect, is better binged. I enjoyed it more the second time around.

That’s me for STID and every season of Discovery and Picard so far. Watched all of them only once.

Maybe season 3 of Picard will finally break that streak.

Actually I only seen SNW once too but plan to rewatch it before season 2 starts.

I don’t understand the hate for Beyond. It isn’t the best movie for sure, but it is better than Final Frontier, Insurrection, and Nemesis.

I agree.

But I find it boring, like many recent not-stop thrill action-adventure movies. There just isn’t enough plot to hold my interest.

I see it with our teen kids too. I watched the new Ryan Reynolds movie on Netflix with one of our teens recently. They fell asleep at the point of the final, biggest fight scene. So much action choreography without context is boring it seems. No matter how well doneZ

I think Beyond’s biggest strength is its simple plot. The meat is the character stuff, not the action, and that’s why it’s so good. Into Darkness — which I also like — got bogged down in plot and lacked a lot of strong character work.

I have to say that when I think of Beyond, all that really sticks out in my mind is that the Enterprise gets blown up, and then the captain spends a lot of time zooming around on a motorcycle.

The plot is so simple, it’s forgettable.

Since I can’t get anyone else in the household to even try Into Darkness or Beyond, I haven’t rewatched.

Beyond is the only JJ verse movie I like but yeah a little on the dull side. It at least feels like a TOS story but I only seen it three times total.

My biggest beef with Beyond (aside it being dull/minor in comparison to the 2 JJ films) is that it replaced the Orci/Shatner timeline under threat version. now THAT was the ST3 I wanted to see (wouldve been better for the anniversary too)

I would say the only thing that is just for nostalgia sake is the title card “In the 25th Century,”

I’m liking your show so far, Mr. Matalas, but come on. There’s a few more.

100% this!

This season has had a great start and I’m hoping that the rest of the season continues to be as great.

The first 2 seasons were great too and a worthy entry into the franchise (though some may disagree with that is their opinion and this is mine).

I hope that if we do get a episode where Picard visits the Starfleet museum that we get some good looks at all the older ships we have seen in previous shows and references to older characters too.

I would love to see references to Captain Archer and his crew or even Discovery/the crossfield class. As according to Admiral Vance the starfleet records do mention Discovery/the crossfield class just not the spore drive. So it would be next to get a reference to it.

I do recall that we will see the bridge of the Enterprise D in the season so am looking forward to seeing that.

Christopher, I know me and some of the others gave you some slack from your feelings over Picard on the other thread, but I want to make this very clear, it wasn’t about your opinion about the show at all, at least not from me. I am very happy you and others love every season of Picard. It’s not a bad thing to like a Star Trek show lol. It’s kind of why we’re here. I envy your outlook in fact. And no, you’re not alone on that either, every show and movie will have its fans of course. That’s all I wanted to say.

The irony about Enterprise is I remember when people used to say this was their favorite show when it was running and I just didn’t see their viewpoint at the time as well…and today it’s now one of my favorite shows too. ENT is pure Star Trek to me, but 20 years ago I saw it very differently (but I really didn’t like it being a prequel at the time). So yeah, you just never know how you will ultimately feel about a show after your first viewing of it.

I think we will see the Enterprise D in some form, probably in the Fleet Museum. And I would love to see the NX-01 part of it too, but maybe that would be a little too old to have. But yeah, it’s also fiction, so….

Tiger2 I remember the mud that was thrown when Next Gen premiered, vocal people hated it “How dare they produce something without Kirk, Spock and Bones” – “It isn’t Star Trek” they said! … Move forward to Deep Space Nine – too dark, not Next Gen, ‘Babylon 5’ rip off … not Star Trek! …Voyager – never going to last on UPN, ‘Lost In Space’ rip off …, Enterprise – Ship too advanced, needs more cardboard sets to be pre-TOS, “who needs a prequel, I want to see the next, Next Gen” …and so on. I could repeat this sort of scenario for the late Next Gen movies and with Discovery and Picard.

I have always come to Star Trek with the philosophy of going with the flow. In every iteration there are bad and good stories, some even great! I could nit pick something in every episode and I do on occasions but in the end I go with the flow and ultimately enjoy the ride. From time to time I need that ‘escape from this world’ for an hour or so and Star Trek always does that for me.

I agree that sections of Disco and Picard were not the best but I have to wonder someday will people on this page, in 10-20 years maybe, reevaluate these shows and like them in the same way you now think of Enterprise?

There are always possibilities!

Well there was also the fact that the first season of TNG pretty much stunk. Voyager didn’t really pick up steam until Seven was introduced. Here is my thought — perhaps the early eps on SOME Trek series weren’t all that great?

With all due respect, I find it kind of crazy that you bring in Enterprise here to back up your point — that show stunk every season and was eventually cancelled because fans kept checking out — and even many fans who like it point to seasons 3 and 4 of when it became much more watchable. I’ve re-watched the season one eps recently — that’s some pretty weak Star Trek still. Enterprise I would argue proved the opposite of the point you are trying to make here — it’s a failed series, and first season get’s really poor ratings.

Also, two out of the three TNG movies are still weak today — it is what it is.

Simply bringing up that “well many didn’t like a series out of the gate” to prove that “it ended up being a great series” I don’t think is accurate, or at least is not a one-size-fits-all conclusion you can make.

I will agree with you that there is a general trend of Trek fans to like older, flawed series eps over time — that’s due to repeat viewing, reinforced by sentimentality, and also reinforced in that they got to know and love some the characters better in latter eps, and now enjoy the early eps more because of the characters. But does that make their initial opinion wrong in that some of those early eps stunk? Of course not.

Good post though, dude!

This is basically my POV as well. I’m very aware that I’m sentimental to the Star Trek I watched as a kid, TOS-VOY. I was more critical of Voyager and Enterprise as I got older and started comparing them to not just Trek, but other dramas I was being exposed to. To me, there are basic foundational pillars of good drama that will always hold up. Plot, story construction, character, acting, direction, dialogue, production values… some things need context as time marches on and get weighed differently, but a good show remains a good show. Sometimes a show overdelivers on one pillar and that compensates for deficiencies in the others.

I’m still as critical as I used to be of early TNG, Generations, Insurrection & Nemesis, a lot of Voyager, and a lot of Enterprise (especially seasons 1 & 2, I’m one of the ones who thought it was getting better), and it’s all down to a combo of how those pillars were built. At the same time, to your point, I do rewatch them all quite a bit. I can still give you any Berman era episode by name if you play me 15-30 seconds of audio. Okay, maybe not Enterprise. But it’s all very close to my heart and I feel sentimental towards it, even when it’s not firing on all thrusters. At the same time, a lot of TNG and DS9 stills holds up to this day. TNG had great cast chemistry and indelible characters and clever intriguing plots. DS9 had great character work and character dynamics and ambitious and nuanced storytelling. There’s still sentiment, but a lot still works for me.

I don’t have all the same sentimental feelings towards the new shows. I’m supportive because it’s Star Trek, I appreciate a lot of the acting and production values and the intentions of the creatives, but I use the same critical eye I had always done on top of not being a kid anymore. So there’s a real degree of, “This isn’t always being made for me anymore,” which is fine, but if I don’t think a show is hitting the storytelling marks it needs to, then it doesn’t matter if it’s Star Trek or a crappy procedural on CBS – it’s what I notice.

So after being pretty consistently sour on a lot of Discovery and Picard, I did wonder how much childhood affection and nostalgia was fueling my positive reaction to the Picard season 3 premiere. Undeniably that was there, but there are also things which the old cast brings to the table that just amp up the show, creatively. Those who point out it borrows as much from TWOK as TNG are spot on. The dramatic weight that movie carries to this day comes down to the characters being older and lived-in, with a long history. The script doesn’t radically alter them, but sensitively and poignantly tugs at their friendships, regrets and legacy. That’s a timeless and evergreen idea to borrow, compared to say, Nemesis, which felt old and tired even when the cast was 20 years younger – it was derivative of specific plots of Treks past and had wan character work and dialogue to match.

When I watched “The Next Generation,” I saw a concerted effort to recapture some familiar magic, but aided by confident veteran actors with great chemistry. And enough of the storytelling fundamentals were there to make it work. Not all the dialogue is amazing – there was a lot of clunky exposition they could have handled better, but the comedy resonated, Seven worked, Shaw worked, and aged Picard and Riker felt right, for similar reasons as Kirk and Spock were so endearing in TWOK. Add in that the show looks like a proper prestige television event (if too contrasty and dark for no reason other than Because Modern), the story had some good intrigue, McFadden is getting a meatier role, and the promise of a slow reintroduction of the rest of the old cast is a tantalizing gimmick. It’s very possible some things won’t pan out, but so far I think the show is building the right sort of foundation to hold up in the years to come.

That is the beauty of Star Trek, it seems to all age pretty well to the point you now have fans for all the classic shows and they are all decades old now. Sure not everyone is going to love all of them and they will all have their critics but the fact that they are all referenced so much today in all the new stuff says a lot.

And I’m torn on some of the new stuff too as you know. I do love LDS, SNW and PRO but not in the way I love TNG, TOS, DS9, VOY and ENT. But I suspect I can love those shows faster than I liked a lot of the other shows too.

I’m really hoping Picard finally becomes the show many of us wanted first season. It doesn’t even have to be TNG season 8, it just has to be good in its own right. But Matalas not only got Riker completely right, Picard is now more Picard than he was the first two seasons. And Beverly looks like she’s going to have the best role she’s ever had. And I also think because Matalas was smart to include the actors in the process and talked about who they are today, what they will be doing etc. So they were probably allowed to shape the characters as much as they wanted like Stewart could when he agreed to come back.

Out of all the new shows, it is Picard I was the most excited about for obvious reasons. I really want to see this show become a success because it will give more in the future. So I’m hoping it goes out with a bang.

So after being pretty consistently sour on a lot of Discovery and Picard, I did wonder how much childhood affection and nostalgia was fueling my positive reaction to the Picard season 3 premiere. Undeniably that was there, but there are also things which the old cast brings to the table that just amp up the show, creatively. Those who point out it borrows as much from TWOK as TNG are spot on. The dramatic weight that movie carries to this day comes down to the characters being older and lived-in, with a long history. The script doesn’t radically alter them, but sensitively and poignantly tugs at their friendships, regrets and legacy. 

These comments are spot-on with what I was commenting on earlier. Although I have a good feeling about this season, we do need to consider that they are pulling at our sentimentality for the TNG and the Harve Bennett Trek movies and not let that overwhelm our opinions of this season, good or bad.

And I need to be careful myself, in that I like the music so much that
it may cover up for things on screen that might not be all that great.

Almost any new series is going to take a little time to find its character chemistry, its voice and rhythms. New Trek series are especially scrutinized in this regard since there are always extremely high expectations on the part its fans. Sometimes it’s hard for those producing and writing the show to assess what’s working and what isn’t until after episodes have been filmed and broadcast and viewed. I think they’re in a bit of a bubble during the writing phase.

Well said!

I always remind people YouTube didn’t exist until a year after Enterprise ended. Social media was still in its infancy. Today there is just way more people online and with a lost more access to boot. I mean I have never even been on the internet until I got into college and DS9 was in it’s third or fourth season by then. I still remember going to the college library and a librarian had to assist me on how to send emails to my professors…and the first website I looked up was a Star Trek one lol.

Now everyone has it, literally everywhere they go today. So the shows has way more scrutiny online than thee classic shows were. In fact I would say it was around the year Voyager was launched when the internet became a mass tool for most people, especially where I was from.

Obviously I fully agree with this. Every show had it’s rough start, we can certainly see that with DIS and PIC lol.

By the time ENT had started, I was a bit tired of Star Trek and yes being a prequel just did nothing for me as a lot of people. I still think that was the biggest issue for many. And then many thought it was a BAD prequel on top of that. That’s why it kills me they tried it again with Discovery with even worse results lol.

But anyway, it was the only show I gave up on and I didn’t watch it after its first season again until 2013. In other words, I had no plans to even watch the show at all. And by that point, I wasn’t watching a lot of Star Trek anymore. I sort of kept up when the Kelvin movies were announced, but I wasn’t even that involved in those until the first trailers came out. But ironically after STID came out and because it centered around Khan (ugh), I remembered hearing the story line about the Augments on Enterprise and was curious how it connected to Khan. That was what got me to try the show out again. After I watched those episodes, I really loved it….waaaay more than STID lol. So I decided to go back and just start from the beginning and see if I could like the show and I did. I saw with different eyes from that point. I think I just needed a break and I got one lol.

Now there were things I still didn’t like, but no more than I didn’t like in all the other shows.

But Enterprise taught me not to judge a show so fast (which is why I keep giving Discovery a chance over and over ad over again). Of course I already knew this but the prequel premise did sour the show for me as did Discovery. Once I accepted Enterprise on its terms, then I finally came around and came around fast. I fell in love with it by its second season. But I still prefer to go forward but I don’t mind prequels so much, now that we are going forward again with the animated shows, Picard and Discovery, even if I don’t love all those either.

I agree that time will benefit Picard seasons 1 & 2. I think people went into it with specific expectations, and because it wasn’t GREAT, fans couldn’t get past it. Throw in the modern day sentiment that something is either TOTALLY AMAZEBALLS or COMPLETE GARBAGE — with no room for anything in between — and you’ll start to understand the response…

Absolutely! This is the problem today. People outright berate you for having the audacity to not agree entirely with them. Keeping an open mind is a blessing these days as is manners. I’m glad Tiger2 came around with Enterprise. There were some stinker episodes in seasons 1 and 2 as there were in STNG, DS9 and VOY but then like those other Star Trek series, Enterprise found it’s feat in the Xindi arc of Season 3 but I have to say Manny Cotos season 4 was my favourite.

The biggest problem with S1 & 2 is the forced episode count. I think both shows would have been better received if the writers had not been encumbered by being forced into a specific number of episodes, and could have just written the story as it flowed in their heads.

The ideas are compelling, the themes are strong, the performances are good. I think fan response to them will soften in the years to come, the same way fans of SW now look fondly upon the prequels.

I sort of get the feeling that these new ‘season story arc’ series are treated like a long movie. In other words they write a story that could be told in one or two normal episodes and then drag it out with filler to stretch it to 10 or whatever episodes.

The old days of watching a single episode rerun on TV and getting a story with an real beginning, middle and end seems to be gone. The problem with shows like Discovery and Picard now is you can’t just watch one episode without the weight of thinking you have to watch the whole season again.

One of the strengths of older Star Trek is you could watch an episode (or 2 parter) rerun and feel satisfied by the end that you got a full story.

There’s gonna be a Wolf-359 connection to Shaw isn’t there? That’s his issue with her past and why he had a dig at Picard about the Borg

I hope not. Is he old enough for that?

Perhaps losing Parents and he become an War Orphan

People age more slowly in Trek, and Stashwick the actor himself would have been about 20 when BOBW aired.

So perhaps, a realistic scenario would be that Shaw was an ensign or a lieutenant junior grade at Wolf 359. It would have been a career-defining experience and a profound trauma.

In universe Wolf-359 was 34 years ago so assuming Shaw is the same age as the actor that would make him 20 then just as you said.

If he wasn’t aboard the USS Constance then I’ll eat my hat.

I am in 100% agreement
No way that Sisko was the only Star Fleet Wolf 359 vet that harbors some ill will towards Locutus.

Yeah this seems really plausible.

No matter what age i’d imagine going through something like that would be a profound trauma.

Likely. Shaw clearly held Picard in contempt for his former Borg status. Coupled with his requirement of Seven to go by her human name and the status of their relationship is a very strong indication that Shaw has strong feelings about their former Borg associations.

Wolf-359 is one of the most devastating events in Federation history. It is logical that there would be decades of resentment. Growing up in the 70s/80s, I recall WWII veterans having a similar resentment toward the Japanese.

A clue to this might have been dropped in the end credits sequence. Thanks to TrekCulture’s “Ups and Downs” segment for this episode for pointing it out.

In the end credits sequence, there is an LCARS image with the following info:

Official Starfleet
War Damage Report
SERIAL NUMBER: 6274835492-L
U.S.S. Constance – Constellation Class
STATUS: Lost in action, <<redacted>>
STARDATE: 44002.3

That stardate is, in fact, the actual stardate of the battle of Wolf 359.

I have to believe that nothing dropped into the end credits sequence was just random… this has to be an Easter Egg or some kind of foreshadowing clue. More than likely, Shaw was a young Ensign, or maybe even a cadet in training, serving on the Constance and managed to survive the ship’s destruction. Or he could have lost one or more parents in the attack… anything that somehow ties him into the historic battle. I could see how those events could leave lasting scars on a person… they certainly did on Sisko when we first meet him in DS9.

So, yeah… I’m going to venture out on a limb and predict that Shaw was part of the fleet in Wolf 359 (or lost a family member in the attack) and this will tie into how he deals with both Picard and Seven.

Wow, amazing catch! I would’ve never caught that at all. And they confirmed that the easter eggs in the closing credits are real clues to future episodes. Matalas has really thought this stuff out lol.

But if Shaw was present at Wolf 359 then that would obviously explain a lot. Wow, I just thought of something and what if we got a flashback to that event like we got on ‘Emissary’, only with an even bigger budget and better FX? I could’ve swore or heard that there will be some flashbacks in the season so if true, fingers crossed.

I’ve not watched VOY and DS9 for some years because my video projection screen is to big and they look crap! So I have been upressing my Voyager DVD’s to HD using AI Video enhance technology and the result are very good.

Unimatrix Zero never looked so good! Figured it would be the closest I’d get to real HD until (if ever) CBS remasters the series.

I’m about to start work on DS9. It will be interesting how much more detail I can resolve during the Wolf359 battle sequence.

Here’s a new thought…

What if a parent or older sibling of Shaw’s was taken by the Borg and never recovered?

That would be a reason to take a seven on as an XO, but also would make him conflicted and want her to demonstrate her loyalty to her human identity.

We haven’t previously seen someone who lost close kin to the Borg who were not recovered.

Go to the top of the class! Now I have an another excuse to go watch the episode again just to wait for the credits and slo-mo. Great pickup!

Dr. Crusher has not many TNG Episodes where she was the Main Cast of the Day/Week. But in my mind there is still the one time where the entire Enterprise D Crew needed to get of ship. I do not remember clearly because of why. But She get the temporary command of the Ship. And someone wanted to board this Ship. She she needed to save the Ship and the Crew. At that time the Ships Computer had this Sun corona Protection Shield Prototype in it’s Databank. So, while seeking a desperate Way to Flee from the boarding an try to save the Crew. She activated this Prototyp Sun Shield and got on Skin touching with an Sun. Of course the following Ship got to Hot and exploded. While Enterprise D survived. But Time was still running out, and there was no Way to Beam the Crew just in Time to safety. So She asked the Ships Computer to equip all Transporters on the Ship with Human Teleportation Filters. Yes, even these ones just for Supplies and stuff. So with no threat at hand she tell the Computer to give all Teleports full Power and so she could teleport so many at once back to Ship that they made it in time…

As you see, there was some “Strong Dr. Berverly” Episode. But yes, they where Rare. Like the ones with Troy. Where she had to take command on the Bridge when Disasters strike the Enterprise and she was the Highest Rank Officer there. It was the Episode where they used Data’s Head to backup the Ship functions, because the Ship Main Computer was still Offline. I mean it was an Episode of “Levar Burton” behind the Camera

So yes, also here some “Strong” Episodes. But as i said, they where Rare. It all changed when Capt. Janeway entered the Playground

Ups, it ended in an Wall of Text. Sorry

You’re thinking of ‘Descent.’

Yes. thanks for the Episode name

Also, there was an Episode with Dr. Crusher and Capt. Picard that was connected trough an Device sharing Dreams, Feelings and stuff. But this Episode laid the Base of this Arc. Episode “Attached”. So lets see how this evolved since then or this Episode was someones Birthday :) How knows :) *blink blink*

Everything seems related to ENT these days. The snowglobe and Archer’s spacedock on DSC, the USS Archer in the pilot of SNW, young Picard playing with an NX-01 model, now these two things… Isn’t it finally time to stop teasing us and delivering S5 of ENT instead? :-)

Give us a fifth season of Enterprise already! I really want to see those characters back! 👍

I want to see them back too, especially Shran.

Oh yeah, also agree! In fact, I would choose another season of Enterprise before we got another show or movie.

Please no.

I would love to see Tripp, T’Pol or even Dr Phlox, but leave that show in the past please.

The problem is that even though it has its supporters, they are wildly divided on which seasons they like. Which is a significant barrier. TNG, it doesn’t have the potential to bring a large former mass market linear audience to Paramount+. Unlike Voyager, it didn’t find a huge global audience on Netflix (even if it has established more of one than it ever did on UPN.)

A made for streaming movie or 6 hour limited series might work, especially if Shran were in it, but if it centres on Archer, many of us won’t watch – unless the writing and Bakula’s performance change drastically.

I’m going to completely honest. My favorite Trek species are: Vorta (what a shock lol), Betazoids and Andorians. So when I’m asking for more of Enterprise what I’m really asking for is more development for Andorians. I don’t mean in Trek literature because I don’t have the time or the attention span to read much these days. I’m talking about on screen development in a TV show which is what we had to an extent from Enterprise. And imo Disco S3 both does and doesn’t count. It does but it doesn’t effect Andorians in the past.

(All three species need more development but that’s a different conversation.)

That’s fine you don’t like the show, but many of us do!

And the funny thing is I don’t think it’s really that divided at all. Everywhere you go these days, people are way more positive about it. Here is a good example, these are the audience scores from RT of all four seasons. It’s not a large sample of reviews but it’s amazingly consistent throughout all four seasons:

Season 1: 76%

Season 2: 76%

Season 3: 82%

Season 4: 83%

It’s not nearly as divided as you make it out to be these days. It’s not 2002 anymore, an entire group of new fans has watched the show and doesn’t have the same baggage with it old fans had at the time. And a lot of old fans have changed their mind on it; especially now that we had several prequels and some, like Discovery, was worse (hence why it’s no longer a prequel ;)).

Sure, maybe less people watch it than VOY or TNG, no one is suggesting it needs to be a full on show again (although many would like that lol), I think most just want what TNG is getting now, a final season to wrap up the story line better (and to make clear Trip didn’t die!!!). It can be around 10 episodes or even a TV movie. Others suggested an animated show as well if you want the show to take place right after season 4.

The beauty of Star Trek is nothing stays dead forever. Now maybe we’ll never get a revival of the show, but the drum beats louder for it every year for a reason. Even Matalas has said he could see a return to that show and those characters some day.

Yup, Discovery is loved. Not by me, though.

I abandoned it midway through Season 3. But I largely stay away from trashing it. Why? Because I don’t like it and I don’t watch it, and I think fans of the show deserve to enjoy it without me butting in to tell them what I think of it. I voiced my criticisms at the time I had them, gave my negative review, then I dusted off my hands and walked away.

If I were to hang around and just rag on it incessantly like so many others do, i wouldn’t be adding anything to the discussion, I would just be spewing word vomit.

And that’s largely my problem with those with nonstop negative opinions. People are free to have their negative view, and to express it, but the repetitive “this sucks, and here’s six paragraphs why” isn’t healthy insightful conversation, it’s a nasty diatribe aimed at people trying to enjoy it, for no other reason that they’re resentful that people are enjoying it.

Tiger is referencing the Rotten Tomatoes Audience scores for Enterprise. As a legacy show, its rating is probably pretty baked in, barring some massive audience revisit in the future.
Discovery and Picard definitely got review bombed, so it’s difficult to get a really accurate assessment of how they stack up with fans. All that’s clear is that they’ve been divisive.

I would also point out that while the average of critics on Rotten Tomatoes makes a good effort to include other English language pro reviews, the audience scores are overwhelmingly from the US.

While that was once the most important market, and remains significant, Netflix and Amazon have built their subscription base largely outside of the US at this point.

US preoccupied streamers aren’t likely to survive. This is why Paramount is intensively if belatedly expanding, especially in Europe.

Not only that, but (they won’t give the actual percentage) it’s been reported that the RT ratings are overwhelmingly MEN’S ratings.

So I do think most of us would agree that DSC is significantly more popular among female fans, so of course that leads to DSC’s ratings being hard to trust on RT given the sizable female audience of DSC (many of whom are new female fans that the series has brought in as well).

Here’s the thing. Are the many, many fans and viewers who watched Enterprise 20+ years ago — and who still haven’t warmed up to it — are they going to take the time to do a low rated view on RT? It seems very doubtful to me. I mean, as you know, I really don’t like the series, but I have not taken the time to do a low rated RT review on it, and I expect that most of the large number of fans who thought the series was lame back in the day are probably just like me in this regard — why would I rate and old show now that I never liked and don’t like now?

And you so have the more recent fans who do like the series, as well as the Enteprise apologist types who have more an incentive to up the ratings of course taking the time to vote it up NOW. And also remember, none of the ratings on RT are scientific polls that represent a representative population of viewers. Considering this all, I don’t believe for one NY minute that an 80-level rating on any season of this series on RT is accurate…my guess is that a scientific survey would calculate a MUCH lower number — I mean, it was a failed series, and fans kept checking out…no matter how much the small, but vocal minority of fans now wants to pretend otherwise.

However, the differences between the ratings on a show between seasons I think you can trust a bit more, because it’s reasonable to assume that many of the same voters are doing multiple seasons. So while I wouldn’t come close to trusting any actual rating number (e.g. 80), I would trust the relative difference in the ratings between seasons.

In other words, if a Season 5 of and old show was rated 80, and Season 6 of an old show was rated a 72, I wouldn’t trust those actual numbers at all, but I would trust a bit that Season 6 is judged to be not as good as Season 5.

There is no such thing as a scientific survey when it comes to assessing the quality of any Star Trek season, so it’s a bit pointless to try to flail around for widespread justification for an opinion.

Enterprise is so underrated, particularly its first two seasons. Ironic that the third and fourth seasons that get gritty, violent, and self-serious are the ones people love, when in hindsight it’s basically a spiritual precursor to Discovery that everyone claims is terrible.

Yeah it’s funny but I think season two is the best season by a long shot, and the only generally watchable entire season in my opinion, but many fans today who now like it keep going to the “Manny Coto saved Enterprise” narrative — yet those two seasons are filled with fan service schlock and gritty violence, plus fans at that time kept dropping out at the same rate they did the first two seasons — there was absolutely no ratings stabilization, unlike what we saw with Seven added to Voyager.

Sorry, got confused with the conversation below where people were discussing Discovery.

I think everyone should be free to say what they want of course, that’s why message boards exist. But I do agree you shouldn’t just rain on people’s parade because you don’t like something either and just want to poo poo on something. And yes, some people definitely do that, but I feel most are just having a discussion and want to get their views across, which I know TG47 is doing.

And Star Trek fans are infamous for saying what they are unhappy with lol. We all have our individual tastes of course and I will actually say alllll the complaining actually does get results. Look at Discovery itself, it was all the moaning and whining people were doing in its first season that got major changes to that show; from changing the Klingons to even putting it in a different time period because so many people complained about it being another prequel.So the complaints can work if A. enough people are listening and B. they are consistent complaints everywhere.

Now before someone starts typing I’m not saying they should listen to every random nobody online and make expensive and deep changes because somebody isn’t happy with something; I mean things that people legitimately see as a deep flaw within the show and it’s bringing it down due to it; which many shows before and after Discovery has had. Now, sadly I still don’t think Discovery is a much better show but the changes have been a positive just the same IMO.

But yeah, whatever the issues are, they should still be civil and rational about any show or movie series. Saying stuff like Discovery should be cancelled, it’s not ‘real’ Star Trek (a comment I literally just read that someone made about it on another board today) and everyone working in NuTrek should be fired, etc. That doesn’t help anything and those people just come off as angry mouth breathers.

Yep I had sooooo many problems with this show!

But the biggest, besides the awful writing, is that it just didn’t belong in the 23rd century. It just took me out of the show a lot of the times when they had stuff that was way more advanced than the 24th century. Many people complained it just felt too advanced for the period it was in.

I’m glad if nothing else they listened to the fans on that and rebooted the show. I give Kurtzman a lot of grief because I think he’s terrible running Star Trek but I can’t deny the guy doesn’t take the criticisms to heart and has made changes, mostly for the better.

Like you I don’t think Discovery is that much better today but it does feel a lot more like Star Trek now and not the dreary BSG knock off like first season.

I agree, he does take the criticisms to heart. And he said it in an interview years ago, he reads all these boards and he wants to know what fans thinks are working for them and what isn’t. I understand there is that other adage that you shouldn’t listen to fans, but I’m sorry that will only get your show cancelled faster if there are legitimate gripes and people are turning out over them.

And I said it myself, these people can see what is working and what isn’t for themselves. Kurtzman said they changed the Klingons because of fan complaints but they could see for themselves that they weren’t working when your actors could barely talk under all that heavy make up. We can all agree they are trying to put on a good show and everyone has the best intentions. It must suck to spend probably a year creating something just to see it axed because fanboys moaned about it all season, but they also know that’s part of the job. Even if the fans don’t complain a lot, if executives aren’t happy over something, it’s going regardless.

And not only has complaints made past or current shows better, but it has also made an impact on future shows like LDS, PRO and SNW. The reality is all the shows after Picard went a completely different direction after those two aired. Regardless how you feel about LDS as a show, I feel it only exists because there was so much complaining how dark, brooding and cynical DIS was (and PIC itself ended up being but it was already green lit before PIC ran). LDS was the counterweight to that where Star Trek was just FUN again and it was about exploration and a very optimistic outlook while feeling closer to Berman era Star Trek again, and it worked. First season started off shaky but by the end of it, a lot more fans appreciated it and seasons 2 and 3 only got stronger. Again, RT audience score says it all.

Season 1, 54%, which is pretty divisive but around episode 3, first time I looked, it had a 34% score.

Season 2, 79%, look how big of a jump that is?

Season 3, 80%, that’s tied with SNW.

The point being made is they heard the complaints and they have made major pivots on all these shows. LDS is reaching an audience that basically gave up on DIS and PIC. PRO and SNW has only strengthen that goodwill more. It’s those complaints that has made all the other shows much stronger out of the gate because now they know what not to do either.

Again, the only reason we have Picard season 3 was due to a lot of the moaning over season 1. Yes, it was Matalas who pushed to bring the TNG cast back, but if the show was a huge hit out of the gate and fans were truly excited what they got in season 1 with the new cast, it would’ve been a lot harder to just turn it into TNG season 8 just two seasons later.

And it’s also why Section 31 got delayed over SNW! Again, people can spin it until the cows came home, but it was obvious S31 was going to be closer to the tone of the first seasons of DIS and PIC were and saw how much fans were not responding to that or loved the idea Space Hitler was going to be the star of said show.

So they went the opposite way and approved Captain Pike the boy scout and very comfort food Roddenberry/Berman-esque Star Trek back on the original Enterprise again. And where the star of the show never eats a sentient species as a delicacy. It would certainly make all those dinners he cooks for his staff feel a bit awkward. ;D

Definitely agree. The Section 31 show just didn’t sound all that appealing to a lot of fans and MU Georgiou was a turn off as well. I always have to say it if it ever gets made I’ll give it a fair shot like I give every show but SNW just made the most sense to do because it’s actually Star Trek and what most fans wanted.

I think if the S31 show does happen, it will be an entirely different show than they originally had in mind, at least in terms of its tone.

But it’s obvious the early seasons of PIC and DIS was a very different direction of a darker more edgy show versus now where those shows today definitely feel much more like classic Star Trek. A lot of fans still seem very divided on both of them, but if season 3 of Picard is more back to basics and fans love it, then that will be more proof not only are they are listening to the fans more, but being rewarded for it.

I would bet we will see the 250 year old NX-01 at some point. But wondering whether it will be the S1-4 version or the intended S5 refit version.

Wow that’s actually an interesting point. I was assuming it would just be the regular version but Picard made the refit version canon last season so yeah it could be that version as well.

The refit is there but we don’t know if it’s actually Enterprise. Could be Columbia or another of its class. My theory is that once the charter was signed, Enterprise was retired which would the the Enterprise NCC-1701 the first Federation starship named Enterprise (which aligns with the A’s dedication plaque, Scotty in “Relics” and a reference to the E in DS9 in “Trials and Tribbleations”).

Interesting, I never thought it that way, but you could be right. I would assume it would be Enterprise since that’s the one which got the headlines but could’ve been a different ship.

I just hope we get to see one in either version.

Ha! I love the nod to Voyager: Elite Force. That was one of my favorite Star Trek games. Speaking of… It would be nice to get a new version of that game with all of this new Star Trek happening.

I’m just happy it’s been rereleased on Good Old Games.
Now, if they would just get around to DS9: The Fallen and Klingon Academy…

Same! I loved it!

I think they just need to make a third version of the game and not go the way of remakes that is currently happening in gaming. It’s high time we got another solid Trek shooter game.

Funny stuff!

A few weeks ago RMB said that the story would naturally focus on TNG, DS9 and VOY but he cryptically said that a bit of ENT and TOS is included too. Reading this, maybe we will see a shot of the NX-01 in the Fleet Museum during Frontier Day; knowing it basically all started with that ship and crew. I would lose it if we do lol.

I wonder if there will be any mention of Picard’s golem body at all? Allergic to Retinax? I get the joke and link to TWOK but…

I haven’t had the courage to go back and watch season 2 a second time, but I distinctly remember a scene in that clinic where Picard was unconscious and they used a defibrillator on him and it went haywire and that’s how Theresa, or whatever that nice lady’s name was, began to have serious suspicions. So obviously this golem body is not just a normal body, I find it weird that it would be allergic to anything.

In my head I’m just going to put it down as a fashion choice. Like when Hipsters wore non-prescription glasses to complete the look. Makes more sense to me.

From where I read, the golem thing is brought up…but sounds like more of a dig about it. In fact, some say a lot of the season takes digs at the first two. Probably not in a mean way or anything, maybe kind of like how LDS takes digs at the Star Trek movies lol.

Oh this is very interesting and I can’t wait to see how this shows up!

It was so weird in S2 that he’s in a normal hospital being treated with 21st century medicine, and presumably getting X-rays, MRI’s etc, but no mention of his AI/Golem body and positronic brain are being made?

Just another thing to add to the list of things they never bothered to explain because it didn’t make any sense lol!

They did mention it. The doctor asks Seven & Co. if Picard has any medical conditions. Seven says something like “he has some transplants”. The doctor asks how many, and Raffi says “all of them.”

Besides, we already know that golems/androids can presumably fool sensors, since Juliana Tainor fooled everybody (even herself) for two decades or more. And that was fooling 24th Century sensors.

Well, that is true about Juliana. God I loved Fionnula Flanagan in that episode!

Thanks for remembering that. Still, he in the hospital for a long time, so it’s hard to buy into that.

Didn’t the end credits show a positronic matrix or something? I thought that was supposed to be Golem Picard.

I thought that might be a reference to Lore, or whatever mash-up of Data/B4/Lore Spiner is palying, but you could be correct.

Hows ST: Discovery? Is it a good show? Any easter eggs/references/call back to ST past?

I would give it a try and make your own choice.

Mileage will vary. Many here strongly dislike it.

It’s extraordinarily uneven.

Which is understandable because it’s had the roughest start in the history of the franchise.

With the original creator/showrunner leaving before the pilot was shot (but sets were already built), then the next showrunners fired during production of season two for harassment, it changes style and tone wildly.

It definitely has its audience of younger fans though. For quite a while it was one of CBS All Access (now Paramount+) most streamed shows.

I like it more than most here, but my spouse never got around to watching season four.

Definitely give it a shot and see what you think, you’ll never get a quorum here on what’s good and bad about it. I can say the production value is high and heavily influenced by the JJ Abrams films. There are some solid actors in the mix quite often. The tone and approach to storytelling and characters does change quite a bit with every new showrunner, so there’s some variety to judge. It certainly broke a lot of new ground so other shows could have the space to follow their own paths.

Yeah, Im very new to Trek and am binging TOS right now, will eventually make my way to the other series so was just curious if Discovery still feels like Trek. I enjoyed the Kelvin movies

If you liked the Kelvin movies, I would also recommend Picard Season 3. Like the Kelvin movies, the Starships cross huge distances quickly to serve the plot, the technology explanations provide key plot shortcuts that also served to keep the story moving fast; there are baddies out for revenge with plenty of battle scenes and death, and Starfleet can’t be generally trusted.

I have personally enjoyed it. Saru has probably been one of my favourite new characters in Star Trek of all the new shows. Call backs to Enterprise and the Animated Series. Maybe the first mention of Robert April in live action. Obviously season 2 has all the callbacks to The Cage, Pike, Spock, and Number One.

Some other ones but not sure if that ruins the surprise of them.

Saru is the real deal and I think that’s because Doug Jones is the real deal. Comes right through all the makeup and gear… as a talent and as a human being.

I want to like the show more than I do, but the cast is great and makes much of what they are given, and for me, this is especially true of Mr. Jones. And his scenes with Ms. Green (who elevates her material IMHO) have a depth of feeling that comes across to me.

My $0.02 and YMMV. 😉

Enjoy the new golden age of Trek!!

As others said, just give it a chance, you may love it. It’s a very divided show in the fanbase but the people who like it really do seem to like it at least. I been on the fence with it since day one, but I think it’s second season was generally strong and that’s the season Pike and Spock showed up in it, which were big hits in the fanbase (hence SNW). It also feels the most TOS in that season too. I would personally start at season two but maybe you may feel a little lost since it does have (some) connections to season one but it’s a completely different story altogether.

And it’s a Star Trek show, there are tons of references and callbacks, especially in season two having Spock and Pike there; although the call backs are not on the level of all the shows that come after it lol.

TBH, every answer will probably be different so I agree with others, just check it out for yourself. I have my thoughts on this show for sure but you may come away with a very different feeling about it.

My favorite season so far is season 3, but I think I’m in the minority on that one.

In the bitterest of ironies, the best thing that came out of “Star Trek: Discovery” was “Strange New Worlds”.

Yes, that will always be the biggest irony lol.

Well, DSC S2 was so good it led to the SNW spinoff, and they have another spinoff planned based on Section 31.

That all speaks for itself in terms of the general audience response and popularity of the series. I think it will eventually be viewed as the Law&Order-like anchor series that was the great spin-off generator of multiple Trek series’

Is anyone else hoping that Captain J Archer will be in ST:P in a recorded speech for frontier day?

I like that idea.

I think it would be better if the episode ended with Archer revealed to be watching the events of the series in a holodeck aboard the Enterprise-J, guided by Lt. Daniels, who tells him the future turned out well thanks to him.

Another series finale on a holodeck would really piss people off. Not gonna happen.

Did you not get the joke? Because it really seems like you just didn’t get the joke. Trek fans these days, I guess.


That would actually be a pretty cool tie in when Zeffram Cochrane gave his recorded speech before the NX-01 launched in Broken Bow.

Look, if the goal was to make Captain Shaw a character I as a fan would love to hate, mission accomplished. That being said I can’t get enough of and can’t stop re-watching episode one. My only wish is given that it’s a long holiday weekend they would have given dropped a two episode premier. But I know I’m being greedy right! Also where’s the TrekMovie.com story about the new “This season” trailer they’ve attached to the end of episode one on paramount plus? Guess the staff is off for the weekend huh lol

i feel like shaw and the old 7 would get along swimingly. its interesting shaw is a less polite version of picard when we met picard in tng season 1, whether that was intentional or not. i hope shaw sticks around and we get a shaw and 7 titan show after PIC season 3 ends.

Me too.

I have been thinking Shaw lost family at Wolf 359 and/or was a young officer traumatized by that catastrophic loss to the Borg.

But now I am wondering if Shaw lost family or other loved ones to assimilation, who have never returned.

His insistence on Seven using her human name may be wish fulfilment because he longs for someone important to him to return to humanity.

He’s not able to appreciate that Seven needs to own her identity and experience as an XB. She cannot go back to the identity that would have developed had she never been assimilated.