Preview “Disengage” With New Images And Clips From ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Episode 302

The third and final season of  Star Trek: Picard continues this week with the second episode. We have details along with new images (and identified previously released images), plus a couple of clips.


Episode 2 of Picard’s third season is called “Disengage,” a play on Jean-Luc Picard’s classic “engage.” The episode was written by Christopher Monfette & Sean Tretta, and directed by Doug Aarniokoski. It debuts on Paramount+ on Thursday, February 23.


Aided by Seven of Nine and the crew of the U.S.S. Titan, Picard makes a shocking discovery that will alter his life forever – and puts him on a collision course with the most cunning enemy he’s ever encountered. Meanwhile, Raffi races to track a catastrophic weapon – and collides with a familiar ally.

NEW Images from episode 2:

Patrick Stewart as Picard and Jonathan Frakes as Riker

Jonathan Frakes as Riker

Ed Speleers

Ed Speleers

Ed Speleers

Ed Speleers

Todd Stashwick as Captain Liam Shaw and Jonathan Frakes as Riker

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine and Todd Stashwick as Captain Liam Shaw

Todd Stashwick as Captain Liam Shaw

Todd Stashwick as Captain Liam Shaw

Patrick Stewart as Picard

Previously released images from episode 2:

Jonathan Frakes as Riker and Patrick Stewart as Picard

Jeri Ryan as Seven


A clip was shown at the end of the Ready Room (at 41:30):

IGN was also provided with an exclusive clip:

Final season 3 trailer:

The third and final season of Picard premiered on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., and Latin America, and on February 17 Paramount+ in Europe and elsewhere, with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly. It also debuted on Friday, Feb. 17 internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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I’m trying to be on my best behavior, but Speelers is using a STIII phaser. Come on, Terry..

Love it.

In universe, Beverly disappeared twenty years ago. Maybe she does not have access to Starfleet/Federation tech and they have been using whatever they get their hands on?

Star Trek fans have an almost unlimited ability to retcon stuff that doesn’t make sense, but this is an abuse of privilege. Matalas is just selling us an STIII mixtape and calling it a new album.

Oh please.

Oh my god!!!!!

For crying out loud, dude.

You say that now, but we’re probably only an episode or so away from a “Don’t call me tiny” joke.

Why is that such an outrageous statement to make? I couldn’t care less about what type phaser they have Beverly Crusher use, but the first episode was *precisely* a mashup of Trek’s Greatest Hits, and very little else. That may or may not accord with one’s personal taste, but that’s just an undeniable fact.

Because this objection is on the order of “the phaser beams were blue, not red,” and in any event it’s easily explainable. Crusher isn’t in Starfleet and is using surplus equipment. Even the Russian army has been found using WWII-era rifles in Ukraine.

No, not at all like complaining about the color of phaser light. The use of STIII style phasers is of a piece with the Beverly-Carol, Speelers-David, 130yo retro styled ship, meeting in a bar to plan around Starfleet while a spy is watching, revenge plots, and even the cynical hiring of Amanda Plummer to spin around in a chair like her father in TUC. And the music. So no. It’s not about phaser light, TRC. Star Trek Pastiche is all about crude fan service.

For sure, Bev is carrying the katra of Tuvok and they’s all gonna head for Mount Seleya wearing Chekov pilgrim outfits.

I that bothers you, you are just going to love the LDS-SNW crossover ep…lol

Right. And this is why she is also wearing Kirk’s Jacket. And Gollum Picard wearing his Glasses. :D

I liked everything in this episode. From A to Z.

That because he and Beverley are scrounging their gear. They aren’t being supplied by anyone. So the outdated equipment is an intentional choice.

It reminds me of a complaint I saw that the scale of the Titan shuttle didn’t make sense with the size of the Eleos.

But if you actually pay attention, it’s clear the Elios isn’t much bigger than say, the Defiant, while the Titan shuttles are actually much bigger than TNG-era shuttlecraft, and more akin to a Runabout.

Frankly, when it comes to scale, Trek has never been consistent. TNG was particularly bad at this, with TOS-movie era starbases suddenly being much bigger to accommodate the Enterprise-D (both the mushroom base and the tiny-sized Regula 1), and Klingon Bird of Preys suddenly being massive, instead of the very small size they originally were.

And then of course the Kelvin starships got much, much bigger. Good post!

Oooo….the canon sphincter is running on kung fu grip mode today.

Nah, I could care less about how Kurtzman has treated canon in other shows – as long as they’re telling an original story. In fact, I celebrate to this day everything about S1 of Discovery. But this greatest hits mash-up of narratives, ship design, and stock characters is on a totally different level. It’s sad.

Yeah, the Offspring of the Klingons was a bit to much that they Overshoot there. and “even in death they Protect us from Harm!” Ship’s Hull Coffins

I could care less about how Kurtzman has treated canon

So…. you care, then.

No, I could care less about Kurtzman breaking canon to expand the universe, as was done with Klingons, Spock’s family, etc. It’s all great storytelling.So it’s not the canon that’s I’m defending, it’s a basic adherence to the principle of creative originality. Playing a medley for fans is not creative or original–it’s what Disneyland does when they want you to leave.

Yeah, I find this all way too nitpicky. Let’s save the canon sphincter comments for the LDS-SNW crossover ep — where it will most likely be deserved.

Maybe that’s what Bev had available to her at that time. It is possible to over-interpret things.

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that this season is Matalas’ attempt to make his own version of the TOS era movies, and he’s throwing in as much directly from them as he can justify. I’m OK with it if the results are good, and so far they are.

Some will criticize it simply because he’s doing his version of something old rather than something new, but that’s a lot of filmmaking, and always has been. George Lucas made Star Wars as his version of the old serials he loved as a kid, and there are countless examples of great movies and TV shows being the result of a filmmaker doing “their version” of something they loved growing up.

If it’s good, that’s really all that matters. The use of STIII phasers doesn’t bother me, since it’s plenty justified for the story. Now, I have fears about what the end of the season might do particularly in its finale — that definitely would bother me, and I can already see the seeds being planted for it — but we’ll just have to see where he goes with it.

I agreee Alpha Predator.

I am always surprised when this criticism is levelled because this type of retelling is baked in the franchise from the first pilot.

TOS was built on Roddenberry’s remix of westerns, 50s sci-fi and war movies with Green myth and Shakespeare kit-bashed in.

Just because many in the current generation of viewers haven’t seen ‘Forbidden Planet’ or ‘The Enemy Below’ doesn’t mean that ‘The Cage’ and ‘Balance of Terror’, respectively, weren’t lifted quite directly from them.

For me, the question always is whether a story or imagery is well retold in the Star Trek framework.

Sometimes it’s not. Other times the retelling surpasses the source as with Voyager’s ‘The Thaw’ which is a transparent retelling of ‘It.’

Exactly! When it’s done well, you get a classic episode and nobody cares that it’s derivative. When it’s done poorly, the derivative nature is blamed, rather than simply being poorly written.

It is possible, at times, that the writer’s flaw is getting too bogged down in homage, and so I can understand the skepticism here, particularly from those who were disappointed in S1-S2. But so far, it’s a pretty good one.

Wow, guys. You’re actually trying to convince yourself that not being original is canon. Wow.

That is not an STIII phaser….

Replication may be highly restricted and regulated for weapons.

So, a civilian vessel may just be limited to whatever Starfleet surplus and decommissioned weaponry is on the secondary market.

That’s not a TSFS phaser, Jefferies. I know what one looks like and that one clearly is NOT!

Trekyard shows it is modified

You say that like it’s a bad thing. :-)

I have no qualms about my behavior one way or another. That’s not a phaser from Star Trek III, or any of the other TOS movies.

This is an awfully nitpicky fanbase to get things like that wrong.

Hey if it’s old and it still works, no reason to not use it. 100 year old guns are perfectly fine today if they’re maintained.

Looking at her son, I wonder if we’ll find out the “real” reason she was absent in season 2…

Ed Speleers is 34. IF his character is the same age, he would have been born during TNG season four (2367). It could work if they make him two years younger.

I’m really hoping there’s a twist and that’s not the case. I get that we haven’t seen her in twenty years, but if Beverly was going to try and hide a love child, why come back to the D at all? Plus, there’s the whole episode of “Attached…” They get so close they can read each other’s thoughts …

My guess is Beverly did not know she had another child until after Nemesis, and he probably has a connection to Picard that would force her to stay away from her friends/family. I don’t think it’s going to be so basic, there has to be a twist.

I really hope not; it just wouldn’t make sense. Deanna would presumably have been able to sense Beverly was hiding something. Surely Wesley would have known, particularly after “Remember Me”? Then there is “Attached,” where Picard and Crusher could read each other’s thoughts. How would she have hidden such a secret from him?

Of course, heavily implied canon was no obstacle to Matalas in Season 2, where we learned that Picard’s mother committed suicide (notwithstanding “Where No One Has Gone Before”) and Guinan was a young, cynical hipster (despite “Time’s Arrow”).

That said, I have always found it odd that Crusher would leapfrog from CMO to Head of Starfleet Medical, as the latter position presumably would require flag rank, and almost certainly would have entailed a promotion to captain.

I had long assumed that the position was “acting head” — i.e, temporary — for this reason, and/or that Crusher was selected because (aside from any other physicians aboard Enterprise) she was the only Starfleet doctor to have real experience with the “Conspiracy” parasites who invaded just before her departure.

…Picard makes a shocking discovery that will alter his life forever

More life-altering than getting an android body? Just another day at the office for Jean-Luc…

Well. Suddenly knowing he is a father?.. I dunno. But then is he his Biological or now adopted Father. That only Beverly and this Guy knows it seems. Because if there would be Starfleet infos they would had found out already

Also 3 Guys in Starfleet uniform and forcing the First Prime directive? Did Beverly make First Contact with a New Race? Do not tell me we have her Count Doku, that erased an Planet from all Maps out there to have it for him selves. Yes, this Planet full of Clone Technology that born him this Mass Stormtroppers. Sorry for the Star Wars Easter Egg. But i like to compare things with what i saw

Old androids suffer from ED, too?

The first episode was pretty good hope the rest of the season can stick the landing.

I have a Guts feeling about some Future events… i hope that i am not Right

I take into account the Trailers we got, and the current events. So Elios is the Name of Beverly’s Ship, right? Or at last the Ship’s Computer name. What if they someone recovered the Elios and Capt. Shawn and some Away Team beam over to fix it so that Elios can be Tractor beamed out of Harm and to some Ships repair Station? So they are offship

But i remember a Scene where Picard nearly cried and the Titan Crew witnesses an Explosion of an Ship…. Perhaps it was the Elios with still Capt. Shawn’s away team on board…. So that could explain his absences in so many trailsers we saw. As Rank highest Personal on the Titan, Picard is an “retired” Admiral. But in the end of Season 1, Capt. Riker put him back into Duty. I think. So he has now artohity, or had it just for this Action. Anyway. Picard comes first, then Riker as Captain and Seven as First Officer.But picard has some long Off Duty time, where Riker was on Standby. So Riker has here now more Experience then him..

Well, as i wrote. this is just an Guts feeling of me. I like to speculate, i hope you do not mind.

You’re speculating, all right. Have fun, and enjoy yourself.

Yes. I do not have ill will behind this. i just love it, that’s all

Time travel is Matalas’ specialty. Look forward to watching the whole season.

Okay will do. And my Guts is also creating an Solution of this Mysterious New Weapon, that in reality is no Weapon at all. But i do not want now running amok here :)

Picard’s position seems akin to that of Adm. Satie in “The Drumhead”; ostensibly retired, but in practice not.

Good to know, thanks

I find Ed Speeler’s acting a little too campy already. His accent and facial expressions are almost cartoony to a point. Still very interested in who his father is (I’m also speculating he’s a clone of “someone we know,” perhaps that Bev has been raising all these years in secret) – and also still very keen on this season overall.

I have the sense that Speleers is being directed to ‘act younger’.

Teen or early twenties would match his behaviour better than the actor’s mid 30s age.

His face looks so late 30s though that I can’t buy it. UHD is too unforgiving for that kind of casting.

I’m fine with it. They cast a great actor, and that’s what matters above all else. He’s not THAT old looking that I can’t overlook it. That said, it does make me wonder if they cast an established name because he can potentially lead his own series…

They could have made this easier to buy by moving a a few years further in time, say 2306.

A 34 year old playing 25 comes off differently than playing 19.

Also, a jump ahead would have made Seven’s advancement in Starfleet, and weariness with the struggles of an accelerated development program, more credible.

As it is, trying to map to the 250 year anniversary of the launch of the NX-01, has boxed them in. It doesn’t even give much time to have passed from season two that took place in the fall (harvest time) of 2400.

There’s a point where it beggars belief. I mean, why not cast Ian McKellen as Crusher’s son, beause he’s indisputably a “great actor”?

a jack crusher clone? you could say that picard looks like he saw a ghost in episode 1

Yes, I agree that it’s likely a Jack Crusher clone. I hope it is anyway. I’d rather that than Picard’s secret child.

It seems like all signs point to Ed Speelers being Picard’s son. Although the age issue could be explained if Beverly adopted him as a child, after she left Starfleet.. Which is quite possible… But then, how does that connect to Picard? So it kind of leads back to Picard being the dad,, since he’s the name on the show, lol.

The fact that nearly everybody is speculating that Jack Crusher is going to turn out to be Picard’s son makes me think that perhaps writers are intentionally misdirecting us, and have some less-predictable surprise up their sleeves.

I agree 100 percent. The first episode made it seem so obvious that Picard got Beverly pregnant 20 some years ago, and she quit Starfleet and cut everyone off to hide it. So I’m hoping it’s something less obvious than that.

If she found another Shinzon clone and adopted him as her own son to protect him, I could see Picard being really pissed off for her not letting him know …. But I can’t imagine the Beverly we know doing something like that, unless she had really good reasons.

I, alas, don’t think they are that clever, generally speaking. Also – he can’t be a Shinzon-type clone because he’s not bald (which was so, so incredibly stupid)

Why is the Titan-A a Constitution-III class and not a Shangri-La-II class since she looks more like Saavik’s Titan?

totally agree

Because: fan service.

i’m guessing speelers is not picard’s son, but rather picard and beverly’s grandson. and that crusher found out about her grandson 20 years ago and how crazy her love child with jean luc had become and stole him away from her and hid him from her to keep him safe. you could potentially say that vadic was born during season 2 of TNG and that could retcon why she was away for a year.

i know that this is the 25th century and it is possible for women in their 50s to still get pregnant, but its still a stretch and a big literary license to make speelers their son. if he is their grandson its a bit of an eyeroll cause that feels very the rise of skywalker-esque but at least done in a better way (potentially). wesley having a half brother would imply he could return this season. i always thought it would be fun if wesley was really picard and crusher’s son and jack never knew about it (only a doctor could alter medical records).

Interesting idea to throw out there. Amanda Plummer is 65, she could pull off being Patrick Stewart’s kid, for sure. Gates is 73, that’s a little harder to justify the math if she was Amanda Plummer’s mom… but hey it’s SCI FI. Lol. I am hoping Beverly adopted the boy to protect him. I just think there has to be a Picard connection because his name is on the show. 😀

If we take the first scene of the first episode at face value, we know that:

  1. Beverly locks Ed Speeler behind a door to protect him.
  2. If the baddies wanted to kill them, they would have fired on Beverly’s ship. They boarded it instead.
  3. They want something or SOMEONE on that ship.
  4. The baddies fire at Beverly, so it doesn’t seem like they care if she dies or not.
  5. So either there is something on that ship that they want, or they were coming for ED SPEELER’s character.

Excellent observations!

Excellent point.

And if Crusher’s ‘son’ is the objective, and she knows it, the question becomes “How long has she known that her son was being hunted?”

It would certainly be sufficient reason to go off the grid for decades – rather than raising her second son within a community as she did with Wesley.

Aye, She locked his Door to keep him Inside from Harm.

But. While Beverly’s Ship is charging it’s Warp Drive/Bubble this Ship that had Docked would had been inside the Bubble and would fly with them away. But did not. Sry, i am not that Hardcore trekkie. It just catch my Eye

If this is an “hole”, i have an Solution. Before the Ship goes into Warp, it makes an suddenly Impuls Drive Boost forward, this Momentum broke the connection between these Two Ships and in Split Second the Warp Drive kicks in

Alternatively, Speeler’s character has been replaced by a changeling?

ugh – if Wesely turns out to be Picard’s it undercuts nearly every moral, character and emotional beat between Crusher, Picard, Wes and even hologram jack in ‘Family’ – so…that’s probably what it will be.

I just watched an Picard S3 extended trailer on Paramount’s YouTube channel that painted this season in a much different light that the existing trailers. Worf was no pacifist and LaForge was very angry. Troi was not a happy camper either. The trailer was epic.

I’ve seen no comments on Riker’s line that “Deanna and Kestra are probably glad to get away from me.” That was quite intriguing.

Captain Shaw doesn’t look to happy. I’m looking forward to Riker and Shaw having it out.

Perhaps ‘having it out’ might get them to appreciate each other’s perspective?

Rather than Shaw being completely sidelined as were the resisting captains in the TOS movies, we might be seeing shifting subsets of the ensemble as they struggle to find the best way forward.

We’ve been forewarned that Riker will strongly disagree with Picard at some points in the season. We’ve also seen friction with Geordi in the trailers.

Who’s to say Shaw and Riker or Shaw and Seven might not be on the same side of the arguments at some point?

For those of us who have seen 12 monkeys, this feels familiar. As the key members of the ensemble share and discover different information we could see shifting perspectives about what should be the course of action, what are the risks, and what are the priorities.

We might not see everyone working in the same direction, best intentions notwithstanding, until the final episodes of the season.

Well, he likes Seven or he would not wanted her on His Ship. But then why treating her that Way? Seven is also bounded to Janeway and Picard. Trying to get her back on the right path? Away from Fenris Rangers? her Killing Spree with Laser Rifles? Try to “calm her down”?

Trying to save this Padawan from walk the Path of Anger and Hate?

i am guessing like all others, too

After one episode, it’s tracking as though Shaw picked Seven as first officer as some sort of passive aggressive hatred of The Borg. He might have demons from being at the Battle of Wolf 359?

Perhaps both have a talk out, about:

The Titan, because it was once Riker’s old Ship

The History of Capt. Shaw behavior and using Seven’s not usable Human Name. Because everybody called her Seven since Voyager, also since Capt. Janeway’s Crew. It’s just him, and perhaps both talking this out why. I bet it has something to do with Borg. Borg here, Borg there, Borg everywhere. Also even Sisko had his little Problems with Picard.. Perhaps it is connected to Wolf 359. So perhaps he has his Problems with everybody tied to Picard

But i am guessing like all the others here, too

There is a trailer showing voyager flying by ,looking good.!

correction not the voyager its the new enterprise

Ed Speleers is awesome. He was in freakin’ Downton Abbey.

@TrekMovie: If you guys consistently credit Ed Speleers as Ed Speelers, it’s no wonder that folks are confused about both the spelling and pronunciation of his surname. 🫲🙄🫱

Sorry, that is a function of the official captions from Paramount+. It will be fixed

Thank you!

And: That’s quite the blunder on Paramount’s part! 😳 No wonder I’ve read the typo quite a lot all over the place…

So much standing around in a room and talking. Now THAT’S some retro TNG stuff and I’m here for it.