Watch: New ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Preview Features Geordi, Worf, Troi, Lore And More

We have only seen one episode of season 3 of Star Trek: Picard, but a new “This Season On” preview offers clues on what is to come from the remaining nine episodes. You can watch it below, plus we have highlighted moments with the TNG stars that have yet to appear in season 3.  [SPOILERS BELOW]

Watch the preview

The following preview is available on Paramount+  (in the “CLIPS” section of Picard) and now via YouTube.

More drama from more of the TNG crew

The first episode featured both Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) and William Riker (Jonathan Frakes); the rest of the main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation is also part of season 3 of Picard and featured in the preview.

Troi clashes with Will

In an alien-looking location, Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) tells her husband Will (Jonathan Frakes), “You left the second Jean-Luc called and put half a galaxy between us.”


Geordi clashes with his daughter

Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) confronts his daughter, Sidney (Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut), saying “They are not your family” and she replies, “Yes they are, you taught me that.”

Geordi clashes with Lore

Lore (Brent Spiner) can be seen in the far background of a Starfleet med bay, possibly on the Titan.

This is followed by a cut of Lore smirking through a window and Geordi La Forge yelling “Goddammit, Lore!”

Worf clashes with thugs

Worf (Michael Dorn) takes a moment, perhaps to indicate his new embrace of pacifism.

Later, he shows how the pacifism thing is not absolute as he takes out some underworld goons with his new sword. In voiceover he says, “Fearful be the man or beast that stands in my way.”

The third and final season of Picard premieres on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., and Latin America, and on February 17 Paramount+ in Europe and elsewhere, with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly. It will also debut on Friday, Feb. 17 internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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Troi and Riker were a item prior to TNG, so that they need their space from time to time isn’t a surprise.
Yeah, Worf is Raffi’s handler.
What pissed Geordi off? Oh, the Navy has it’s heritage command, so that he’s in charge of the fleet museum isn’t unrealistic.
Captain Shaw may be the guy you want to ride into battle with, after all.

Perhaps he means Starfleet as family and not his old TNG Buddies. But even so, what make him so angry that She coose to walk the “Speed Demon” path unlike her “Fix it!” Sister?

Remember the early TNG episode where Geordi is building a wooden ship model? Plus there’s the scene of him nerding out in the holodeck over the Enterprise under construction (the first one with Leah Brahms).

The man does enjoy ship history, so yeah, it would make sense to see him in charge of a museum.

“Fearful be man or beast that stands in my way.”

Worf, after driving on the LA freeway. Love it.

I do really love that we’re starting to see Geordi a *touch* more emotionally broad and frankly a little unstable. In TNG he had moments of indignation and frustration but not really what I would call anger or genuine upheaval.

Geordi: “So I go and run this museum because it’s a cushy job . . . . . Then all of these people start to really piss me off!”

Retro feelings. Because he can see everyday the Enterprise (or what is left of it) D in front of him. Perhaps it calms he down. After they separated their Ways, he got frustrated perhaps about Starfleet

“We are not the Star Police!” or “We can not feed anyone on this Galaxy!” or “the need of one above the need of the many!” was to many times their reply (i am guessing). Starfleet did not have enough “Admiral Charles Vance’s” out there (yet). Perhaps to many Bootlickers and “bad Admirals”

How knows. His STO career could be a hint… Perhaps

Agreed. I’m looking forward to chip on his shoulder Geordi – We’ve never really seen that

I can’t help but wonder if Geordi is a widower, and is resentful of Picard endangering his daughter because she and her sister are all he has left? I wouldn’t put it past the writers to have had his wife killed in the Mars attacks and somehow by extension Geordi now blames Picard

Even without that, he would have been burnt out and traumatized after the Mars destruction.

A project leader who survived while his people in the Utopia Planetia yard died?

His trauma would have been no less than Picard’s, but he still had young kids to support and raise, partner or not.

And it was Picard to pressed him into the role of leading such an ambitious and risky project.

The thing is, yes Geordi was an awfully bland character but that was epidemic among the bulk of the TNG cast. All of them felt very wooden and 2 dimensional. Except for Worf. The only interesting character in the cast. Even Picard, who did have loads of charisma, was a surprisingly dull character.

Is it my imagination or does the Shrike top-down design resemble the creatures from “Conspiracy”?

That would be cool. References to that episode are popping up here and there. Is it because it’s a hanging plot thread from TNG? Or because some people have seen the season in entirety? Dunno. But the idea of Terry & Co. tugging on that particular thread is intriguing. We’ll see.

“Conspiracy” is one of the more interesting episodes from TNG’s first season, because of the potential it left unexplored. I get that TNG was an episodic show, but I always found it strange no one ever went back to that story. A resolution to the story didn’t even have to occur on TNG, the very nature of these aliens is something that would have worked on DS9 or VOY.

If this is indeed a thread that Matalas and Co have pulled for this season, that could explain some things.

Honestly, if they were going to use any antagonist from any of the episodes, that is the one they should go to for a 10 episode story. A huge set up that was left completely untouched. Which is why I have enormous doubts that will have anything to do with anything in this tale.

Hard to know. The shape likely means something in the end, but what specific thing?

The top down design looks like a lot of things actually. All the more when you try to tie it to the ship image from the museum in the end credits.

The mining ship Narada comes to mind for the large ship.

The Breen ships have a similar prong structure, but are asymmetric. Since they are modular though, this could just be a different configuration. In 25 years, their ship design trends could have changed as much as Starfleet’s.

The Trekyards guys listed off a few others. One of them noted that he’d played with some forward pronged ship ideas in the past, and found that the forward pincer look ends up being fairly common to any of these.

It, somewhat, reminds me of a Son’a ship.

It really reminds me of a NeoCylon Raider from BSG 2.0

Yes, that’s one of the ones the Trekyards guys suggested.

I’m thinking that it’s intentionally chosen as something that’s not sufficiently unique that it pinpoints the species.

Vadic also looks human and so do the Son’a when they are healthy.

It’s not visible in the trailer, but take a close look at the Shrike at the end of the 1st episode. The deflector dish looks exactly the same as the Enterprise D, just with a yellow glow.

Absolutely! This season is the continuation of “Conspiracy”! No doubt!

Unless you’re Terry Matalas, I think it’s really uncouth of someone who’s seen the show to spoil ANYTHING related to the show, even when it’s something that DOESN’T happen.

Seems the admins deleted the comment I was replying to. Good.

Dude, I appreciate you for monitoring this – thanks!

Well I had to stop watching it was giving so much away… Looks awesome though… Really enjoyed seeing Geordi get pissed off.

As someone who has seen quite a few episodes, I can tell you that they’ve actually done a great job of not spoiling anything meaningful. It’s truly astounding that the actual plot of the season still hasn’t leaked.

It is.

And it’s appreciated. For me, much of the fun of a mystery box storyline is the opportunity to speculate.

When it’s well constructed, finding out the actual plot is great fun. All the more so when the writers land the ending.

When it’s not though, it can be deflating no matter how great the individual elements or performances.

Knowing many reviewers believe that it succeeds without being spoiled is the perfect combination.

This was my biggest problem with Season 1. It had a lot of good individual elements, but its rushed ending kind of deflated everything.

Season 2 had a wholly different problem, that I believe stemmed from being a bit too ambitious. In isolated moments the season explored some very compelling themes, and even a few interesting story points. But ultimately it tried to do waaay too much, and just felt completely off track.

Both seasons have strong moments though in isolation, which is why I am so mystified that people call them pure trash. Has anyone even seen Cop Rock? Heck, Anson Mount’s Inhumans was utterly unwatchable,.

Like Discovery’s early seasons, my take is that Picard’s first two seasons suffered from incoherence.

But serialized shows need that more than episodic ones so it’s more damaging to the experience when the coherent vision, guide-rails and priority setting isn’t in place.

For Picard seasons one and two, it seemed to me there were too many EPs with vetos and ‘must haves’ and no one owning the complete product.

Season three has a single champion, and Patrick Stewart seems to have eased back on exercising his veto.

For the first season, yes. It had hands in way too many cookie jars. They couldn’t decide what storyline to follow there were so very many which made it nearly impossible to give all of them satisfying conclusions. The 2nd season there was a lot less of that. It was more focused. They did get a little bogged down but I think that was because the main story was simply not thick enough to drag out for 10 episodes. So they ended up with far too much unintriguing side stories. And oddly there were some side elements that still weren’t given filled out plots. Which is weird because they has so very much time to devote to them. Regarding the main story they did try to focus on, and I have said this before, it was a laudable goal. A good idea. The problem was the way they went about delivering it was less than stellar. Honestly I just don’t have any faith in the writers Secret Hideout has hired. I don’t know what’s on their previous resumes but based on the Trek stuff not only do they not seem to know how to write Trek but they don’t know how to write coherent stories to begin with.

Agreed with all of this. It would be disingenuous to say that there were no good episodes in either season of course. Both seasons actually had some of the best episodes for me since DS9. But yeah, this is the problem with serialized story telling, if the story doesn’t resonate in the end, it’s really easy to overlook the stuff you liked. It’s the opposite though when the story is a hit overall and you can overlook the stuff you hated more.

Hopefully season 3 will be the charm where we get both a great story and some really classic episodes out of it.

Even I found a couple of decent individual episodes in the first 2 seasons. Hell even Discovery S1 had one good episode. Obviously I liked S2 more than most here it seems but I still think it was bad overall.

However I do feel it appropriate to say that even if this season ultimately ends up being decent that doesn’t wipe away all the garbage that came before and it certainly doesn’t mean there is a trend for them to start producing better Trek. To all it would indicate is that Kurtzman made a mistake.

Cop Rock should haunt the dreams of those folks pushing for a Star Trek musical episode!

Frakes wants to direct a trek musical, he even remembered about how Paramount folks were trying to figure out how to do a TOS opera on stage back in the 90s.

Just think if you could get an analog recording of such an opera … it would truly be ‘the vinyl frontier.’ (best I could do on little sleep.)

It gives away nothing we didn’t already learn in episode 1. Nothing revealed that early should be considered “spoiler”. If this were available BEFORE the episode was made available nothing in Ep 1 would have been ruined.

The lighting on this season is an act of sabotage.

I’m wondering if the lighting on-set is good, but someone in post-production is putting some weird grading on the footage. Because it looks like there are plenty of light sources. I just wish they were allowed to shine through.

Probably the same person who decolorized the TOS bridge in SNW. Hey those colors stand out, let’s monochrome those monitors just to blandify everything.

It’s not anywhere near as objectionable in eps 3 & 4. At least the bridge doesn’t look so smokey.

The technical side of these productions have been pretty darn good. Except the lighting. I’ve never gotten on board with the ultra dark ship. Part of me considers the possibility that since the overall feel of the shows have a KU vibe to them someone decided it was getting to be too much so the decision was made to intentionally go the other way. While the KU Enterprise was lit brightly these would all be broody dark. If the shows were better this would merely be a nit pick. But since they aren’t this error appears larger than perhaps it should.

Star Trek The Pissed Off Generation!
Wow a lot of built up emotions finally released. What is going on here? To bad I don’t have Paramount + Subscription.

Forced to say this is the best trailer I’ve seen for this season. Find myself wishing they opened with this. The Rafi reveal is not that bit a thing to keep secret. They exposed it in episode 1!

“I think we should boldly get the hell out of here.”

LOL, Riker seems like he’s going to be totally awesome this year. This trailer was great and can’t wait to see more.

I get that it’s sort of a catch phrase but Picard saying “Engage” the way he does in this series in general doesn’t feel genuine to me anymore… it sort of has that feeling of, “this is what I think I’m supposed to say this like” rather than just saying it as Picard in the moment.

I think that was true even as far back as GENERATIONS.

Fair point. In this entire series when he does it I feel like he is looking right at the audience and does it like he was finishing up a speech at a convention. He appears far too self aware when he says it now.

I think so too.

I believe that it was happening even in the later seasons of TNG, but the camera was further back, and it was often done with a bit of wryness appropriate to the situation.

I noticed this when watching the trailer – and the second-to-last picture seems to confirm – that Worf appears to be in combat with a Romulan. The being he is slicing into seems to have green blood the same shade as the Romulans we saw on Earth who killed Soji. Maybe it’s a Reman? I can’t imagine Picard would have been okay beginning an evacuation of Romulus and just leave the Remans to die.

Correction to my thought above … I meant to say Dahj instead of Soji, since it’s Dahj who is killed on Earth.