Pluto TV Adding ‘Star Trek: Voyager’; Trek Shows To Be Available Live And On Demand

Pluto TV is again expanding its offering of Star Trek content with the addition of Star Trek: Voyager, starting on March 1 in the USA. They are also making three Trek shows available on demand.

Pluto goes Delta

Paramount Global’s Pluto TV is the leading free streaming service in the USA, with dozens of live channels featuring a wide variety of Paramount and licensed programming. This includes two dedicated Star Trek channels. On March 1, the service is adding all seven seasons of Star Trek: Voyager, which will stream live on the “More Star Trek” channel. Pluto started in 2021 with just Star Trek: The Next Generation but added The Original Series and Deep Space Nine last November.

Trek on demand

To date, the Star Trek shows have only been available via live streaming; however, starting in March, select seasons of Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star Trek: Voyager will also be available on demand.

In addition to the classic Star Trek shows, Pluto TV will continue to offer sample episodes of the new original Star Trek series on Paramount+ Picks (Channel 210), along with additional programming from Paramount+.  Paramount Global has cited Pluto TV as one of the drivers for new subscriptions for Paramount+. This week, Pluto is streaming the season 3 premiere of Star Trek: Picard for free to promote that series.

Pluto TV is available on the web, and via apps for smart TVs, consoles, and mobile devices. To see Star Trek on Pluto TV, click here.

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This is good. Ultimately you don’t want all of star trek in one place. You can’t reach new fans if it’s behind one pay app.

This is really important.

Pluto TV is the most viewed ad-supported streaming globally, and growing rapidly.

Having the classic shows available as well as promotional episodes of the new ones will be a key way to build interest in the franchise, especially in countries like Spain and Italy that did not get the shows in first run.

I wish they would do this in France too :(

Pluto TV is available in France through the App Store.

Are you saying that it doesn’t carry Star Trek? I thought that the Star Trek channels were part of the launch in 2021.

I expect Voyager and other offerings will be rolled in other countries once the Netflix licenses cooling off period is done.

They only had some of the TOS films playing randomly but it was a long time ago now.

They need to add Enterprise, Insurrection, Nemesis and STV next.

Set a course for Parallax and Cathexis.

I watch Pluto more than P+. It has great channels for classic TV and if you just want Star Trek on for background noise or just want to watch a random episode, Pluto does it for me. I have a lot of paid subscriptions but watch Pluto the most.

I’ve got Paramount+, so I can easily watch any Star Trek whenever I want, and this probably sounds silly, but there is something nice about throwing on the PlutoTV TNG or DS9 channel and just watching whatever episode is on without really having to think about it; so it’ll be nice to have VOY added to that.

100%. I have loved putting it on every day and just enjoying whatever episode is on. Unfortunately it appears VOY won’t be “added” to that, but will be replacing DS9. I was hoping they would have added another Trek channel so we could pick the series, but for now it appears no more DS9. Maybe they’ll just alternate series on the same channel instead of having one on all the time, similar to TNG and TOS on the other Trek channel.

*This week

THE DVD is the best version and it isn’t even the best quality a DVD could offer, they are still using the old tapes. The show never was remastered in HD.