The Shuttle Pod Crew Boards The USS Titan For The First Two Episodes Of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3

Shuttlepodders Kayla and Brian tackle the first two episodes of Star Trek: Picard’s third season, and ask the tough questions, like what is the deal with Jack Crusher? Is Captain Shaw a jerk, or is he justified in his actions? Is there a mole on the Titan? Why is Raffi always talking to screens? Is showrunner Terry Matalas all that and a bag of chips?

Have a listen and find out!

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Is that the bridge of a starship or a panel at a Star Trek convention with a hotel conference room in the background?

I have a brand new very good QLED 4K HDR 65 inch tv, and I also turn off the lights! It felt like the dp of episode 1 and 2 (that beard buy) just didn’t know Star Trek.

The part where you talked about getting hurt from the previous season and the fact that makes you weary really struck a chord with me.

This was the first episode of you guys I listened too and thank you for the honest review. I recognize a lot in what you’re saying.

Thank you for the kind words!

So I mentioned ‘beard guy’ as the dp or cinematographer, but I think I got that wrong. Crecenzo was the dp for episode 3 and 4. He did a far better job on episode 3, which I just saw.

When I first read your comment I had feeling you were thinking of Crescenzo Notarile. I didn’t think he did episode 1-2 (turns out it was a DP named Jon Joffin), I’m so glad that’s right. His work is usually very good.

I try to like this podcast and I do still listen, but if it isn’t reminiscent of/or TOS then it isn’t Star Trek to the hosts.


Nice gatekeeping. Please, explain to everybody what Star Trek is so we follow your rules, Mr. Star Trek authority.

I think he’s saying that the hosts are gatekeeping…

Correct, RockstarED. I feel like the hosts are gatekeeping – it’s TOS and some TNG for the Shuttle Pod crew, or nothing.

I worded my post poorly, apologies. I was trying to say the hosts of the Shuttle Pod can come across as gatekeeping – it often feels like it’s TOS and some TNG for the Shuttle Pod crew, or nothing.

I think my favorite quote comes from Nana Visitor, who said at a convention recently that:

“It may not be your Star Trek, but it’s SOMEONE’S Star Trek.”

I love that! Thanks for sharing!

I understood what you meant right away jman.

I used to listen regularly, but there was a point when the tone of some of the crew became too stridently “that’s not Star Trek” rather than “that’s not working for means this is why.”

It became off putting.

So, now I find I check the comments first to get a sense of the conversation and decide if it might be something I wish to listen to.

Appreciate the feedback, everyone. Not going to deny this is very much a TOS/TNG podcast; we’ve even joked about it on the show. However, I fail to see how that falls into a definition of gatekeeping. We have never said that something “isn’t real Trek” or anything like that. We have, however, spoken out, often bluntly, when we don’t like something. That’s having an opinion; it is not gatekeeping.

We’re very much enjoying season 3 thus far and hope it ends up being one Trek’s best seasons ever and a worthy farewell to the TNG cast.

I’ll add that the show isn’t meant to be a news piece. The podcast is highly editorialized, and that’s on purpose. It’s where we talk opinions. I strongly believe (and have said it on the show) that whether or not you like something, doesn’t mean it’s not Trek. It’s all Trek whether you like it or not! Some stuff we like. Some stuff we don’t. If we liked everything my guess is you’d start to think we were shilling. It’s important for us to be candid. Thanks for listening!

I have been enjoying the other podcast from TrekMovie, All Access, but I felt like these hosts were too categorically negative towards other modern live action Trek. I’ve been enjoying Picard Season 3, but I find that the “trek feel” stuff that these hosts seem to enjoy is what I enjoy the least. It seems like Picard the show has lost its identity and is busy making a new one, clearly one that has a lot of appeal, but at what cost? I enjoy a variety of opinions, but I disliked the implicit negativity towards other modern live action Trek.


I enjoyed your podcast. I love hearing from different treksperts and I hope you come back for another one after 3/4.

Brian: I totally loved the Titan leaving space dock. I’m a ship guy and I eat that stuff up. The ships are characters in Star Trek and Terry understands that.

Kayla: I loved both episodes but miss the Easter eggs because they won’t turn on the lights. I just want to yell, “there are four lights, so use them.” (My bad attempt at humor.)

I wish I could stay cautious but after the final trailer, I couldn’t. My hopes are high. It’s too late. I’ve watched episodes 1/2 multiple times now. I’m not a big TNG fan but this is awesome. I think Terry is on to something.


Your hopes are high. It’s too late. You cannot stop the hopes! So glad to hear it. Trek should be fun!! Thanks for listening :)

I find the actress who plays Raffi not very good. She’s good in other things I’ve seen her in, but not this. Kind of like Scott Bakula when he played Archer.

Bakula is great as Archer.

totally agree on Bakula. He was OK, but I think he was badly miscast, and it was never one of his best performances

I don’t think she’s given the best material, unfortunately. My wife and I shouted “NO!!” every time the story went back to M’Talas Prime in the third episode. Raffi has been relegated to the role of a sidekick yet again.

I like the info we get in these podcasts, and I appreciate the work that the hosts put into this, but I do agree with some of the other comments here that the hosts come across as kind of joyless and a bit depressing concerning their opinions of today’s Star Trek offerings from Kurtzman and company.

I agree. 100%

The fatalism blows my mind, especially for Trek fans. Honestly, I think the fandom has changed more than the franchise has, probably because of the changing way we consume media in the 21st century vs the 20th.

I appreciate the feedback. We do feel snakebit from the previous two seasons, the last of which is arguably the worst season of Star Trek ever produced, which is really saying something.

Our feelings do not encompass all of the current shows; Lower Decks and Prodigy are great, and have been from their inception. The live action shows, however, are very much a mixed bag. We’re not going to go on a podcast and pretend otherwise. We’d much rather be honest.

I personally am very much enjoying season 3 and hope it portends great things for the future of Trek.

I like how the hosts went over the end credit images as clues. I am a little worried about the one image of the holodeck panel indicating Ten Forward in LA: maybe the bar Picard went to in episode one was actually in a holodeck and all the events that took place afterward are also in a holodeck. That would be a terrible switch on the audience, so I hope it’s not true. Also, all the Raffi/Worf stuff has nothing to do with Picard so far, so perhaps my fears are not supported.

Also, yes, it is too dang dark! That’s the worst thing about this show.

Maybe it will end with Kamen waking up from his fever and all of Star Trek was just a simulation beamed to him from an ancient space faring civilization that had him live the life of a legendary Starfleet captain from the 24th century.

Wow Kayla! The opening fanfare (which you refer to as a “sting” as being used as a “musical sting”) is integral to both TOS and TNG. Twice in one season is enough? The devil you say!