Watch Picard And Riker Reverse Their Classic Roles In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Episode 303 Clip

The third episode of Star Trek: Picard season three (titled “Seventeen Seconds”) arrives on Thursday on Paramount+ on Thursday. If you can’t wait, we have a clip and web promo to keep you going.


The new clip features a battle between the USS Titan and the Shrike.

Paramount+ has also released a promo video for the episode on social media…

“Seventeen Seconds” is directed by the original Number One, Jonathan Frakes. Here is the official synopsis:

Picard grapples with an explosive, life-altering revelation, while the Titan and her crew try to outmaneuver a relentless Vadic in a lethal game of nautical cat and mouse. Meanwhile, Raffi and Worf uncover a nefarious plot from a vengeful enemy Starfleet has long since forgotten.

And if you want even more, here is a previously released clip from last week’s episode of The Ready Room (at 33:22):

The third and final season of Picard premiered on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., and Latin America, and on February 17 Paramount+ in Europe and elsewhere, with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly. It also debuted on Friday, Feb. 17 internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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Okay, that last line got a chuckle out of me.

LOL, agreed!

I chucked, but… I also cringed. Too many words when “Call me Number One” would have sufficed. It is particularly obvious when contrasted against their preceding “short and sweet”, yet still cut-off dialog. It’s a pet peeve of mine and it seems common in modern scripts.

A pet peeve of mine is people who have to find something to bitch about.

“Too many words when “Call me Number One’ would have sufficed.”

I dunno, seems to be that that would’ve been considerably less conversational. Or, if it helps…less conversational.

Complaining about six words is definitely a new complaint i’ve not heard before. Gotta give fans credit for scraping the bottom of the barrel.



LOL same!

This season is so fun.

It might be Frakes’ best performance as Riker, or at least my favorite.

It’s true. He’s never given a finer performance. I think that was true in Season 1 also.

His performance is as though he hasn’t been absent for the last 20 years.

That’s why I said his best performance as Riker (clearly implying EVER), and not “best performance in the last 20 years.”

Aye, i agree. At first he had some “Stage Fright” think he lost his touch. But i once wrote, that it can be explained that his Active Duty, while Picard gone off Duty, changed him as we know him in the past until he gone into Reserve/Stand by. So it is all save. Perhaps becoming an Dad and Husband to Troy is also plausible. How he is now (Riker not Frakes). Perhaps Seven reminds him also of his own Daughter and that could boost his decision to be her Support

It’s like SNW Spock feared not to be Vulcan enough for his role. i once also wrote, Well, Spock is half-human and half-vulcan. He still has time to become the Spock we know. So the half-human part, he get it covered :)

If you find plausible stuff to explain, it#s all good. important it is not Hokus pokus or DeusEx Machina solution or just Directors baseball bats “Enough, i have the Power!” (He-man BGM Suddenly appears out of nowhere)

I remember hearing Frakes say once in an interview he thought he wasn’t that good an actor and that’s one reason he switched to directing. I think he was being overly modest. He’s really good as Riker.

I’m a huge star wars fan, but so far I’m more interested in this than the new Mando season.



I wish I hadn’t watched those clips. Now the waiting is even worse! Oh well.

Oh and I hope Beverly doesn’t use the Carol Marcus speech – “You had your world, and I had mine. And I wanted him in mine.”, when she explains to Picard why she never told him about his son.

If her excuse is that Jack would have been endangered by his parentage… I can buy it, just about.

Then again, her chosen line of work doesn’t seem very safe either.

True, but it’s taking risks on their own terms. They didn’t make any enemies they wouldn’t see coming.

“Seventeen Seconds” is directed by the original Number One, Jonathan Frakes. 

Isn’t Majel Barret the original Number One? I’m a nerd…

Majel Barrett was Number One on the failed first pilot. I’ll give that to Frakes.

Not really a failure, or we wouldn’t have…*gestures broadly*

They clearly mean in terms of the Picard and Riker relationship.

or Una from SNW?

Oof that dialogue and scene is really the kind of cheesy fan service/fan fiction I was hoping they’d avoid. Really starting to believe a comment I saw elsewhere from a reviewer who said that Matalas’s view of the characters- at least Riker and Picard- is still stuck somewhere back in 1993.

I’m not seeing an issue, at least with this single clip. Can you clarify? What is it that makes them feel too much like their characters from TNG that it’s a problem?

I’m totally open to reevaluating, but just calling it fan service… not sure I see the concern.

Just the dialogue and how cliched the scene here is. Like of course something happens to Shaw and they take over but surprise, it’s a reverse of TNG and now Riker is in charge. I was just hoping for something a little better and more well rounded than that.

As for the other, just speaking for me, it’s a few things. I’ve been enjoying the show for the most part and I’m sure I’ll most likely enjoy the rest for the most part. However, something has felt off for me about all of this since the last trailer and the press tour. I’m not one of those who was expecting everyone back together for a big reunion, but now we’re learning from people that outside of Beverly, Riker, and Picard, the other other TNG people are sparsely in it outside of maybe getting some good Worf stuff. I’ve seen at least three or four reviews and comments from people hinting at them coming away from the show with the thought that Matalas really dislikes one of the TNG character and that some of the stuff with that character is really tacky. Could be people over-exaggerating but it’s dampening my interest, especially based on what we’ve seen so far. Everything just seems to so fan-fictiony so far. Of course Crusher and Picard have a son. Of course Riker is having a mid-life crisis and wants away from his family so we can get him back how he was in TNG. Of course the Enterprise crew are the only ones who can save everybody. Of course there are a million cameos. I was just hoping for something a little more nuanced. But it’s only been two episodes, so we’ll see.

Also, I’m just not a big fan in general of nostalgia just for the sake of it, so there’s also that.

Thank you for the more nuanced response. I think I get it. I don’t agree, but I can understand your perspective.

The only point i’ll take issue with is that any reviewer who suggests Matalas “doesn’t like” a TNG regular is doing a disservice to journalism and TV criticism, as it’s impossible to get inside his head and make such claims just because they might not like the way one character was handled.

As for Riker having a mid-life crisis, such a lapse can also lead to some good character growth, and I don’t think it was done to make him single like on TNG at all. Let’s see where the story goes, shall we?

No problem, and of course. Obviously we should wait and see how it plays out. I am enjoying it for the most part, even if it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for.

You sound like you share my attitude Trekfan – enjoy and even love it for what it is than for what we can imagine it might have been.

As for the dialogue, Trek has always been known for long bits of dialogue being delivered, often very theatrically, often at great speed. For a long time, it was said that Trek was the last place one could do Shakespeare on television. Finding a happy medium between that and crisp and natural dialogue is a challenge that I’m willing to be patient with.

As long as the writers don’t have the characters pause in the middle of intense action for an earnest and emotional CW-style hallway conversation, I think the odd bit of drawling dry wit is fine.

There’s a reason why Trek has always been seen as the more nerdy sci-fi. It was talky, cerebral, and often slow-moving. In fact, that’s usually one of the big complaints about DSC — it’s fast-paced, action-centric, and not nearly as dialogue heavy.


Having adjusted my expectations to expect cheesy fan service, I’ve been able to enjoy season three just fine.

The view of Riker and Picard should come from 1993. It’s when they were at their best.

It flows much better in context with the rest of the scene!

Man this is looking amazing!! Sooo can’t wait!

Excited to hear the part I apparently played/influenced in the next episode? Lol


I (apparently) suggested the use of a music cue (on Twitter) that they used.

Was it the use of Insurrection music? Saw a review noting its inclusion.

Nothing but love for that battle clip. If you find it cheesy, so be it, but I’d love to show you some lovely episodes of TNG (and some TOS, etc. too) that had exactly that kind of repartee between characters. This is Star Trek doing its thing and having fun.

Yes. Exactly this, I feel the same.

Feel the same! It’s just fun to see the great chemistry between Riker and Picard! I want more of this, not less!


To be honest, I don’t think it’s cheesy enough. One of my few gripes of the season is their constant ambition to make it feel big, like a movie.

I think RLM said it best, that this feels (so far) like the TNG movie we never got. But.. truth be told I don’t necessarily want a big TNG movie again (and I know i’m not alone there).

That said, it’s as good as I could have imagined a TNG movie being, so kudos for that.

Agreed! I’m loving it.

Also agree! I love seeing Riker and Picard back in their element! This is the stuff we needed with Picard in the first two seasons.

Yep exactly. TOS especially is fully of cheesy Kirk/Spock/McCoy moments.

Btw, this kind of Maneuver i saw, i can see the Mass Effect inspirations and i like that. As i wrote, Star Trek and Mass Effect has many things that both Sides covered. Also some Babylon 5 Space fights was very good, if you think about their Hardware power at that time

Trek has done this before too.

Let’s not forget that Babylon 5 and Mass Effect took their share of ideas from Trek. The adaptation and feedback loops through all the franchises.

I know. But this Scene reminds me of Mass Effect’s Normandy evading an Attack of the Reapers in the Intro of Mass Effect 2, where Joker done it utmost to save the Ship. But Fem Shepard (My Avatar) got him to change mind and saved him in the last Second.. And the Rest is History.. I also speculated about Mass Effect 5 intro.. But this is not the right place now to get into details

DS9 Dominion War fights could fit in Mass Effect 2. But this is just me

Seat belts save Federation lives. Click it or ticket…

The one thing they got right in JJ verse.

No need, Artificial Gravitation inside the Ship. They are always “Up”. Think it like Shinki from Eden’s Zero (Manga), but if you are talking about the Seat Belts because of the Fight, then yes of course. The Internal Dampers need still some time to counter it. Also they could put it to minimum power to save the Energy for the Fight “Reroute all Power into Shields!”

Just like bicycles or motorbikes or hoverboards and so on save so much time when they are on planetary away missions. Never understood why they have to WALK for hours after landing or beaming on the planet. They get to the planet in less time than to their destination on the planets…
How would that work in real life? Imagine flying around the world and then having to walk from the airport for one day or so….

Prodigy rules with the Protostar’s all-purpose industrial-sized vehicle replicator.

Also “Teleportation Errors from the Planet/Enemy or Shield. So we need to Walk in there” – Solutions

The role-reversal is cute, but the “tactical brilliance” of blowing up something with a phaser that’s designed to blow up very efficiently on its own for its “concussive effect” in the vacuum of space is — well, I’m sorry, there’s no other word for it — unimaginative. It’s a very small thing, and I still hope that I’ll like the episode, but that was pretty lame.

At this point you’re just looking for stuff to pick on. That’s just how Star Trek works. We’ve even seen that exact tactic used before. Unimaginative because they didn’t think of a new move? I mean, maybe? But do you want them to stop using photon torpedos because “oh well they always do that!”

I rather liked seeing that Picard didn’t even have to wait for Riker to finish explaining and already knew what his former first officer was suggesting. The two had years of experience working together and I think that scene just showed that they are still a great team when under pressure. I didn’t find it lame at all.

The entire point is that it isn’t new for them.

They’ve done it before, many times, unlike Shaw. So they are functioning as a team with the equivalent of muscle memory.

They may be old but it’s their very experience that makes them think and move faster in the crisis.

Looks like a mighty fine episode coming up. Will get up at 5 before work to see it.

As a fan, I want to be served.

I REALLY like Shaw in this scene. He has *HAD* it. He has been played, he has been manipulated, he said NO (and they therefore are going anyway) and now he’s bashed, bloody and in a lot of pain, and he’s DONE with them. The command transfer (the pro tem) line I take it is temporary but he’s DONE == and he’s not wrong; I love Picard and Riker but Shaw had been misled, lied to, overruled by subordinates and he is DONE.

GREAT scene. I REALLY hope Shaw doesn’t get killed off; he’s VERY interesting and want to see more!

The number one line — love it! Great stuff!

I’m with you.

And I notice that Seven, the ship’s actual Number One is still relieved or elsewhere.

They’ve run out of chairs on the bridge.

Totally agree. I hated Shaw in the first ep but he was great here and totally justified

Someone’s actually bleeding after getting busted up on Trek. No Pepto Bismol blood…

Well, I would hope that they didn’t actually harm the actor ;-)

OMG, I loved this clip! And I think the scene where Shaw gets blasted away was really why people thought he was going to be a goner in the season. It’s been confirmed since he was sticking around but nice to see it for my own eyes. I’m really loving that guy overall (but yes hate all the stuff against Seven just the same).

Anyway, can’t wait!!

I’m also thinking that we’re going to get some ‘Captain removed from duty, miserable in sick bay moments.’

This will give Crusher someone to interact with.

Also, I like the idea of Shaw being the one to tease out some of the backstory and mystery elements. He’s wounded, but he’s still a smart captain. He’ll be asking questions.

But to remove an Captain from Active Duty from the Ships Doctor, he/she needs the Voice of the First Officer, too

Even in TOS, Bones could not alone relive Kirk from Command without the help of Spock

In the clip, Shaw’s removed himself. So, there’s no need for the physician to step in.

It will nonetheless take a Chief Medical Officer to clear him for return to duty.

Ah thanks, i now got me Uptodate with the news entry here on Trekmovie. Yes, now i understand it. But normal rules would be, if the captain is not fit for leading the Doctor together with First Officer, can release him from Duty

Really enjoying them enjoying themselves. Riker has really grown from the piece of wood he was in TNG S01.

The classic sound effects are very comforting. Ditto seeing long orange phaser beams again, too. If it ain’t broke…

Your phrase “comforting” hits it on the head. What some people are calling “tropes” or “fan service” — such as giving new spins to old stories, or rehashing plot beats we’ve seen before — is being done for the same reason you re-use old sounds and visual cues.

It’s comforting. These are safe choices to be sure, and border on tiresome for many, but at the end of the day, nuTrek has spent a decade being too different for a large section of the fanbase, they’re probably hoping by giving fans something safe and familiar will win them back.

TLDR: These things can make fans feel safe, after years of upsetting them with things that were too different.

Thanks Paramount for the International Clip on Twitter :)

I found an Glitch in the Twitter trailer

For an split second we see Seven with her Eyebrow Implant on the wrong side. Is this an Mirroring Fluke or on purpose? She wearing normally her Implant over her left Eye, right? But this Split seconds show it over her right eye 0:08Min

Yeah, must be an Image Error, because even her rank Insignia are on the wrong side of her uniform