‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Wins 3 Canadian Costume Awards

On Sunday night in Toronto, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds was one of the big winners at the 2023 Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume Arts and Design (CAFTCAD) Awards. The freshman season of the series took home 3 awards, beating out its fellow Canadian-produced series Star Trek: Discovery (season 4) in a number of categories.


The CAFTCAD Awards is an annual celebration of Canadian costuming. In 2021 (for season 3), Discovery picked up three awards. This year, Star Trek was again well represented with a number of nominations in multiple categories for two different shows, including some categories where Discovery and Strange New Worlds went head-to-head.

On Sunday night, Strange New Worlds won three awards, including Costume Design Excellence in Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Television, with the award going to costume designer Bernadette Croft for the episode “The Elysian Kingdom,” winning over competition from Snowpiercer, The Expanse, What We Do In The Shadows, and Titans.

“King Ridley” costume design from “The Elysian Kingdom”

Strange New Worlds also won the Excellence in Crafts Award in Textiles, with the award going to Anna Pantcheva for her work on season 1 over her competitors on Star Trek: Discovery, Yellowjackets, and Station Eleven.

Textile detail on “Pollux” costume from “The Elysian Kingdom”

Strange New Worlds also won the Excellence in Crafts Award in Building. The award went to the team of Sue Furlong, Susan Dicks, Geoff Hughes, Olena Fedorenko for their work in season 1. They beat out competition from Star Trek: Discovery, The Handmaid’s Tale, Odd Squad Mobile Unit, and The Boys.

“Princess Thalia” dress build detail from “The Elysian Kingdom”

Strange New Worlds and Discovery were also nominated for the Excellence in Crafts Award in Special FX Building, which went to Station Eleven.

The winners of the 2023 CAFTCAD awards (Photo: THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-The Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts & Design)

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Well done!

The excellence in costume design and execution in both SNW and Discovery has been high, regardless of fan ideas about what makes a good uniform or not.

I appreciate TrekMovie’s listing the other nominees in each category. It’s stiff competition. I’m not sure if folks outside Canada are aware that all these shows are produced in Canada with local creative teams.

What a fun romp of an episode. Near the bottom of the pack for the season, but that its worst episodes are still fun little adventures speaks volumes to the quality of the show. I know this will sound weird, but I don’t know how else to say it: Trek needs more mediocre filler episodes.

Couldn’t agree more. We definitely need filler episodes!

Data’s Day is one of my favorite episodes ever and I’m sad that there’s very little room for episodes like that in this modern production of Trek.

Agree 100%

I thought that as far as dumb Trek episodes go … it was pretty dumb. But it did make me notice new details on my clock.

Well, maybe you should stop watching Trek, and go become a fan of your clock. Your time is probably better spent watching it.

Loving Strange New Worlds, well deserved, every episode is different from the next, very bright and colorful, loved episode 8 “The Elysian Kingdom”, all the costumes was great.

The thing I’ve noticed more than anything else is the set design. Pike’s and M’Benga’s quarters are both fucking stunning neo-midcentury pieces.

They double fucking stunned the hell out of me like a bolt from Harold Robbins.

It’s so funny that SNW, DSC, Prodigy and Picard keep racking up WIN after WIN in multiple award competitions, but LDS still hasn’t won Jack Squat anywhere…LDS only gets a few nominations here and there, but no actual WINs — like a bride being left at the alter over and over and over…lol

Say what you want about DSC, but at least it wasn’t the all-time choke artist in Trek history for awards by it’s professional peers in the media fields.

So childish.

I think UD’s phrasing may be awkward but I think he’s trying to give Discovery credit for winning some awards. At least… I think.

All right let me try this on you instead:

In terms of Trek series’ awards recognition, LDS is the Ensign Kim of the franchise.

Better? ;-)

Nope, it’s just a mean-spirited joke however you want to keep playing it. You do you though.


You tell ’em, Uppy!



…worthy due to that episode alone! Well deserved. If there’s one good thing I can say about all SH live-offerings thus far, whether I’ve liked the show or not, the costuming/props, etc. have all looked top-notch.

Well done, Strange new worlds is my favourite out of the new shows, loved episode 8, every episode is different and the costumes are amazing

It wasn’t a great episode but it definitely had some great costuming!

The only thing I remember is the lady and her pup.

Might be time to add in Prevagen with your daily multivitamin there, Champ.

Yeah the dog was cute!

These awards are well deserved; those costumes were stunning!

Fun episode too. Very classic Trek. When it comes to the “fantasies come alive” trope that every series has done, I think it might be the best one.