Chris Pine Wants To Return For ‘Star Trek 4’… And “Many More”

Last we heard from Chris Pine he was expressing his frustration over the Star Trek 4 project and not even having a script for a movie that was supposed to go into production last year. But the actor is still talking about Star Trek and his hopes to continue playing Captain Kirk well into the future.

Pine wants “many more” Star Treks

Chris Pine is out promoting his new Paramount Pictures release, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and the subject of Star Trek came up a few times during a Wired “autocomplete interview” where celebrities answer the web’s most search questions about them. Here is what Pine had to say to the Internet question about how many Star Trek movies he has made…

How many Chris Pine Star Trek? I’ve made three Star Treks. I’ve been involved in Three Star Treks. Hoepfuly, many more.

This is a more optimistic tone than he expressed in his Esquire interview from earlier in the month. Last year the actor talked about the idea of returning to the role of Kirk throughout his upcoming career, saying:

It’s super cool. I love the idea. It’s very rare to get a chance to play one character over the entire essentially course of your career. If I had the chance to do that, I think it would be so cool. So, so cool. So hopefully we get to do it.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto in 2009’s Star Trek

In the new Wired interview Pine also answer the question about when he became famous, again pointing to his role as Kirk:

[What made Chris Pine famous?] Star Trek, the first one. And the first week that it came out when there were paparazzi outside of my tiny apartment that I was living at on Silverlake Boulevard was a very eye-opening experience.

Pine’s career has been busy since 2009 including co-starring in two Wonder Woman films and playing a King. Pine has often worked with Paramount Pictures; in addition to his three Star Trek movies, he has also starred in a Jack Ryan movie in 2014, last year’s The Contractor, and on March 31st he can be seen starring in the new Dungeons and Dragons movie.

Chris Pine plays Edgin and Michelle Rodriguez plays Holga in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves 

No surprise, Tarantino’s last movie isn’t Star Trek

Between late 2017 and early 2020, there was a lot of buzz about a Star Trek movie based on a pitch from Quentin Tarantino. Paramount execs, new Star Trek actors, and legacy stars all talked up the project along with their hopes to work with the Oscar-winning writer-director. Tarantino has famously said he will only make a total of 10 feature films and his last film (2019’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) was his ninth. It was generally assumed that getting him to agree to direct was a key ingredient to getting his Star Trek project going at Paramount, but in early 2020 he indicated he had moved on from the project. And to put a final nail in this project’s coffin,  yesterday it was reported Tarantino has written a new script (titled The Movie Critic) which he plans to shoot this fall.

Last year Mark L. Smith, who Tarantino tapped to write up his pitch, described it as a “gangster movie,” involving time travel. He also said it included the character of James T. Kirk. Tarantino’s R-rated Trek movie is one of the more mysterious and tantalizing unrealized projects in the franchise’s history.

We will never see what Tarantino’s Trek could have been (Image: Nerdist)

Watch Pine autocomplete Internet questions

Here is Pine along with his Dungeons and Dragons co-stars Hugh Grant and Michelle Rodriguez doing their Wired interview answering the Internet questions.


Find more news and analysis on upcoming Star Trek feature films.

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Wouldn’t it be interesting if he went to the studio and cut his own deal for him to executive produce the next movie and pull the whole thing away from bad robot… and then his deal will give him a percentage cut inside of a huge bloated salary, plush you remove the whole JJA cadre of producers who end up costing so much.

I think you’re on the right track! I actually suggested this on another thread, that if they want Pine in at a more digestible price, they could consider spreading out his salary over multiple “roles,” whether that’s as an Executive Producer or even as Director. Give him $7 million, but if he wears multiple hats, you can spread it around the budget differently.

Exactly. This would also given P a palatable “excuse” to move away from JJA.

A good model to this in the F&F franchise, where Vin Diesel has done this approach.

Unfortunately, i’m not sure they can move away from JJA as producing partners, contractually. I certainly don’t know the terms of their deal, but I could certainly envision that they have to be paid if there are more movies in this series. Now, that doesn’t mean JJ will be actively involved — but they may be required to pay him.

Just seeing your comment now and we’re totally on the same page.


This situation very much has the feel of a contract Paramount can’t get out of until Bad Robot exhausts its extension options and/or demonstrates provable non-performance, non-delivery.

It’s telling that Paramount had JJ Abrams himself come to the investors meeting to announce the release date for the 4th Kelvin movie. He’s failed to meet that.

This increasingly has the signs of documented non-performance that will hold up in court (if needed).

I don’t know about that. Do we know that such a clause even exists? Even if it does, we don’t know that BR is the source of the non performance. It could very well be Paramount.

I think it’s just as possible that BR gets right of first refusal on producing any more films in this series, ie: Trek films with this cast, set in this “universe.” It’s also possible that Paramount will have to pay to terminate any such agreement.

It’s the basics of contract law, you don’t get something for nothing.

Assuming Bad Robot has the option of first refusal to make Star Trek cinematic features, it has to produce or pass.

The production company isn’t paying cash for that right of first refusal, so it’s side must be that when it says it will exercise its option and deliver a film by a certain date, it does that.

If it repeatedly fails to deliver a product, then Paramount isn’t getting something back for that option.

You’re correct. It’s a pretty standard clause in contracts, particularly in Hollywood. It’s a very litigious industry, and that sort of protection is typically built in.

I wasn’t aware you’d seen the contract! Tell me, when does it expire and what are the post-termination clauses? Do you know the minimum guarantee to trigger early termination? Do you know the royalty payment structure? Is it quarterly or by release?

Are all assets transferrable or is there a clause for destruction?

I know you just want to disagree because you think I have it out for you (lol) but unless you’re a Hollywood attorney I highly doubt you have any idea how their deal works.

Dude, since you and Lorna are both anonymous “internet resume droppers” here, you should know that Lorna has claimed to have worked at Paramount.

Who knows what is the really case given you and most of us are anonymous posters here. Instead of you being a big dealmaker and Lorna being a former employee of Paramount, it’s entirely possible that you work for the Taco Bell right across the street from the Burger King that Lorna works at…LOL. No one can really be sure, right?

Personally, I am always a bit skeptical of “internet resumes” being dropped by fans who are anonymously posting. It’s like the “No, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night” clever ads…lol

“Lorna has claimed to have worked at Paramount”

LOL. No, I haven’t. I said I work on TV and film sets, which I do. The studio varies, depending on the job. I’m not a resume dropper since I’ve never mentioned any of my jobs.

You seem to think that merely mentioning I work in Hollywood is somehow resume dropping. However, there are thousands of people who work in this industry. It’s neither a badge of honor nor something unique. Saying I work in Hollywood is no different than saying “I sell cars for a living.” It’s just a job, it often involves grunt work, and the only reason I’ve ever mentioned it is to share what limited insights I’ve picked up from simply being present.

Amusingly, I ***have*** worked at Burger King, so that jibe brought a smile to my face. It was when I was putting myself through college many years ago, and every day I worked behind the grill, covered in grease and smelling disgusting, was another reminder of why I was earning my degree. (I still can’t eat their food. The smell is nauseating to me, and I’ve seen what goes on behind the counter.) Never Taco Bell, though–that place is just gross.

OK, I retract that and apologize for my memory lapse, lol. I think perhaps you referenced knowing people at Paramount from your industry job, as I don’t think my brain just randomly concluded that? BTW, I also worked at BK back in my college days, and was stuck at the grill like you. :-)

This reply is great

“I wasn’t aware you’d seen the contract!”

Non sequitur since I said nothing about their contract.

The truth is, you haven’t seen the contract. I have worked with complex agreements, and there can be any number of stipulations incorporated. Here are just a few ways they could have written the deal:

1) BR to produce all Star Trek movies for X amount of time
2) BR to produce all Star Trek movies as long as one is in any stage of production every 5 years (any amount of time could be stipulated)
3) BR produces Star Trek films at their discretion for X amount of time, and Paramount may not produce competing films for X amount of time

There may also be clauses that could include:

4) upon expiration of the agreement, BR will have right of first refusal to produce Star Trek films for X amount of time (right of first refusal means they are given the offer to produce, and Paramount can only go to another production company if BR declines a production agreement negotiated under good faith)
5) BR will receive % of profit on all Star Trek projects produced for X amount of time, even if they decline right of first refusal.
6) If Paramount wishes to pursue alternative production house, they must pay $X to terminate the agreement early (and in such cases there will typically be a slew of other clauses attached.

These are all standard clauses and terms I have seen used in complex agreements.

Fact is, neither you nor I knows how their production deal is structured, or how the options are arranged, so it’s pointless to sit here and pretend we know what’s going to happen.

You said it yourself here, “x amount of time.” Surely that “x” must have already run out or not have much time left, unless Paramount’s old brass and lawyers were complete dumbasses.

Alpha’s point is well-made, though. Their contract could very well have clauses like the ones Alpha mentions. And it’s entirely possible that the X in “X amount of time” could be longer than the amount of time has passed. When those contracts were signed, JJ Abrams and Bad Robot were on track to become the next Steven Spielberg and Amblin. So they would have had a lot of clout.


So, to paraphrase a bit from QT’s last movie, is that cigarette dipped in acid?

Phil, I am looking forward to your reaction when the next movie does actually get done.

I’m not getting any younger, unfortunately.

I’d love to see him do that.

I love Pine- he apparently doesn’t own a smartphone, he does these interviews where he sees social media like he’s Unfrozen Caveman Laywer, and it’s amusing.

He is a very talented actor, and he nailed the essence of James Kirk (even when the scripts overplayed some of Kirk’s traits). It would be a shame to not see his Jim Kirk again. If only Bad Robot could get its act together. Or maybe Paramount cuts ties with the production company and goes ahead with its own sequel.

Yeah, Pine looks like he is preparing to star in Burt Reynold’s biographical film, lol…and it makes me wonder if he has fuzzy dice and a Playboy air freshener hanging from the review mirror in his car? :-))

It’s kinda ironic: we now live in a time where lots of A-list actors really réally want to play in a Star Trek project. Yet at the end, the studio is (again) making a mess of it. Big shame.

I would rather have no Star Trek movie than another JJ Trek movie. All these updates about a stalled ST4 are monotonous, but they are ultimately good news.

Me too! In fact I think Star Trek should stay away from movies.

Kind of like you and the Roman Senate chamber.

lol Julius just got pwned. Trek stay away from movies? Pah

And that is apparently what you have. Good job.

I would rather have another TNG movie, especially how awesome Picard has been this season! I think fans would be way more excited about that.

Agreed. I’m tired of meaningless action and stunts and minimal character development. JJ never liked Star Trek and never had a problem saying that in interviews. I’d rather see no Star Trek movie than another JJ Trek fiasco.

Can’t believe we have been years waiting for the next Kelvin movie. How many updates already!?

Paramount thinks fans are begging for ONE movie, when in reality the whole world is waiting for more than four.

1. Kelvin Movie
2. Berman Movie
3. Kurtzman Movie
4. Or a combination of the previous three

Kurt Berkel.


Am I the only one who doesn’t want Quentin Tarantino anywhere near Star Trek? His repertoire speaks for itself and his Trek movie idea was yet another riff on A Piece of the Action. No thank you.

Not the only one. Let’s leave this idea in the transporter buffer for 300 years.

Definitely not the only one! His sensibility does not seem at all Trekkian to me.

You, one of Sybok’s relatives, and a handful of others are the only ones.

I think Paramount also agrees with you! 😁

It sounded like a bad idea and why, thankfully, everyone moved on.

Hard to say without having a script in front of us.
1. Taratino’s “repertoire” has not been wholly flawless, but it *has* been groundbreaking. PULP FICTION remains one of my favorite movies.
2. He did an uncredited script doctoring job on CRIMSON TIDE, if I understand correctly, which was an excellent techno-thriller, deviated a bit from his usual pulpy blood-and-guts fare, and had Star Trek-ish elements to boot.

The Star Trek references in CT were in fact from Tarantino.

All the movie references to THE ENEMY BELOW were probably his too, but my guess is that Robert Towne — who did the other expensive and uncredited rewrite on CT — is the one who came up with all the stuff about the stallions and the nature of war.

No thank you!

I am skeptical. They need to drastically cut production costs to make Trek viable at the box office. The Kelvin timeline cast may be way too expensive for that.

I mean, even big-name stars take on roles far below their pay grade from time to time. But it’s usually independently produced passion projects, not tent-pole studio pictures that just need to save a little bit on the budget.
Paramount could try to offer them a profit sharing agreement, but given how the previous movies performed, the actors may not be willing to bet as much on after-release payments.

Chris Pine looks like he would have rather been anywhere else than doing this.

Heres how it should go down. bring back Tarantino to direct (after his ‘final film’). Abrams produce. Piece of the Action meets City On The Edge meets Yesterdays Enterprise. Pine to star with Bill Shatner. Margot Robbie as Edith. QT regulars SLJ, Kurt,Roth,Waltz, Madsen etc as gangsters, klingons, space crazy starfleet captains/Badmirals .

set phasers for kill!(bill)

I know you are joking, but that would certainly be awesome as a great one-off. And this wouldn’t be all that much more wacky than than some of the stuff I have seen on LDS.

Definitely fun to play around with all the “what ifs.” Here’s another; Joan Collins is still with us and in decent health. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the last shot of the movie was Kirk and Edith Keeler sitting at a table together after some weird time shenanigans, brought back together by a shifting of the timelines? In this new timeline Edith never died and they’ve been together over 50 years. Fade to black, end of story. And you just need the two of them for one day of filming.

That idea kinda reminds me of YOUNG INDY, where at the end of the ep set at the start of ww1, you flash ahead and see old Indy happen into the love of his life — for the first time in 75 years. There were a few, just a few, awesome shows in that series, and that was one of them. First time I ever saw Elizabeth Hurley in anything, I think.

Oh, I love The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles / The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, and I think the series in general is pretty awesome, even if not every individual part is (kind of like a lot of Star Trek shows). It’s actually probably my second favorite Indy production, and I’m a fan of that whole franchise as well.

Wow now that would be a great ending. bit like Avengers Endgame actually

rest of the film im picturing it starting off like Yesterdays Enterprise..the JJprise-A in battle with Romulans protecting a Klingon outpost as in the ep, but they get thrown back in time .. head to earth. Its the 1930s, gangsters (PoTA meets Pulp Fiction), along the way Kirk meets Edith and it goes all City on the Edge, have to figure out how to get back to 23rd century. cant simply shoot around sun (ship too damaged, not enough warp power,shields etc), so they head to the Guardian of Forever (in kelvinverse some other ship found it) and there opens up all kinds of timeline/multiverse bending Endgame/BTTF2 stuff: Pine&Quinto going into the future but its Primeverse and on the ToS Enterprise in various eps/movies (all 60s/80s Trek, maybe even 70s ‘Phase II’) encountering Shatner Kirk (deaged to curly hair movie era) who helps them out so they able repair the JJprise to get back to the (kelvin)future. but along the way stuff goes off kilter and Shatner ends up having to save the day, something like the end of Yesterdays Ent battle with Shatner on the Enterprise bridge sacrificing himself to save Pine&Co (but not really). ends with the Shatner & Joan Collins scene lol

Madsen is literally a non-starter.

Tarantino will still continue to write I am sure, if you count the movies he wrote, he is already over his ten film deadline, which is clearly just for directing. I wouldn’t be surprise if one day his film will get the greenlight, but it will be with a different director.

The QT thing has been dead for a while now. No news there.

Pine seemed to enjoy the people he was working with, and the character, so his comment is completely understandable. We all understand he’s not the one making decisions, so, really, there’s no news there, either.

“Nobody dies in science fiction”

The last real news we got was that Paramount took the last one off the calendar.. again. 😂

But as someone who thinks JJ verse sucks the last six years has been way more entertaining of just constant talk of nothing happening than any of those movies. 👍

Paramount is not (that) stupid. They know the next one can bomb again. People moved on long, long ago now.

That screenshot from the 2009 movie amazed me, because my first thought on seeing it was, “Wow, they’re CHILDREN.” I know we all get older — boy, do I know, and to my sorrow, too — but Pine and Quinto look so very young there.

There’s an old TV guide cover from I think Nov. 1967, a painting of Nimoy and Shatner, and I swear to you, Kirk looks EXACTLY like Pine does today.

Pine was a good choice for reprising that role, for sure. I had problems with reboot Kirk, but they’re all the fault of the writers, not the actor.

Chris Pine is obviously a very attractive man, but he has aged beyond his years. He’s still only 42 but he looks a lot older than that.

From this video alone you would never guess that there is a 20 year difference between Pine and Hugh Grant, who is 62.

I thought it was very brave of a 42-year-old actor to do interviews with visible gray in his hair. I thought I read somewhere that most actors prefer to play roles that are younger than they are, since their career lasts longer that way. But I guess Pine isn’t exactly hurting for work. :-)

He doesn’t look older than 42. He just looks like an ordinary 42, rather than a Hollywood 42.

I also wanted many more seasons of Jericho but life can be cruel. 😥

Did they give that show a proper ending when they brought it back after mass fan protest, or did it just trickle into cliffhanger oblivion? I never followed it after the first cancelation.

It’s been so long but from what I can remember they tried to wrap it up as best as they could and it was a little open ended if they got another season but it had an ending, just not a great one IMO. But it was obvious they knew it was most likely done after second season so no cliffhangers or anything.

I heard they even made a comic book series that really wrapped everything up well but never read it

I often think about how the Tarantino thing would’ve turned out if it were actually green-lit. I’m sure tone and story-wise it would’ve been interesting, if nothing else. Possibly like nothing we’ve ever seen before, but I’m Ok with that. I know a lot of people wouldn’t be like that, but I’m totally fine with seeing Trek interpreted in different ways and it’s probably why I am able to really appreciate the likes of LD and PROD. But I’m also positive that if it did go ahead it would’ve brought in a huge new audience to Trek that would not have been interested in doing so before.

Tarantino is one of only a handful of directors out there who can pack in audiences into a movie theatre just because of his name alone. From absolute film buffs to the regular person on the street, he does command a really wide-ranging level of interest from all walks of life because of his successful filmography. People want to see what he does next. Like Spielberg, Cameron or Nolan to name a few other examples.

I remember going to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood a good few weeks after it was released, and the screening was still sold out even though it had been on release for a while by then. I remember noting at the time how diverse the audience was in terms of age demographic. Sure, the cast was a major draw too off course, but even so I’d argue that just by virtue of it being a “new Tarantino movie” a buzz is created and his films become water-cooler events. I can’t help thinking that Paramount really missed a trick on this one for that fact alone, regardless of how the end product would’ve turned out.

I think ultimately they want a Trek film to be seen by as many people as possible outside of the fanbase, at least that’s what has been attempted so far with the huge tentpole blockbuster model, but they would’ve had that automatically with his name attached to it.

It’s bizarre things like this that make me want to be able to verse jump like Evelyn from EEAAO 😂.

Im hoping Paramount will just think ‘yknow what f**k it let Tarantino do it’ and we get Tarantinos Trek (directed by him) for summer or late 2025.(Trek wouldn’t count as one of his of 10 as its in an established franchise and he didnt write the actual script)

Bro Tarantino himself said he wasn’t interested in directing it anymore. This was four years ago already.

You have to accept reality and move on. It’s dead. 😉

Let Terry make the movie!

Terry/Hageman bros.

Yes, please!!! 🙏


If they do a forth kelvin movie, it wont be set in the TOS era, because there older now, so it will be set at an time of THE MOTION PICTURE/ WRATH OF KHAN.

This might be blasphemy, but maybe they could just do a movie with just Kirk, Spock and Bones if scheduling makes it hard to bring all six cast member back together.

It’s dead, Jim.

So, it is.

Beyond nailed if they need to follow that same tone make it more of the same!

At this point I’m pretty ambivalent as to any more adventures involving the Kelvin crew. Pine made a good enough Kirk I suppose, though I would have preferred Joshua Jackson, who auditioned for the part back in 09′ as well. Anyway, I just really wish they’d STOP re-casting Kirk altogether. The guy they picked as JTK in SNW is a pretty poor choice, at least from what we’ve seen so far, imo.

I’m all for keeping the legacy of previous iterations Trek alive, but do we have to have the same characters rebooted over and over again?

Anyway, Pine was pretty good as Kirk, but the film he really stood out in for me was Hell or High Water, alongside Jeff Bridges and Ben Foster. Fantastic work, there, imo.

Noteworthy that Hell or High Water was written by Taylor Sheridan, who created Yellowstone, 1883, and 1923 for Paramount. Get him to write the new Trek movie for Pine. Star Trek: 2273. :)

I was actually going to mention that…oh, one could only hope. :)

The real shame is wasting Pine, who’s not only a big star but is FANTASTIC as Kirk.

One way to use him without a new Kelvin movie might be to bring him into the Prime Timeline, playing Shatner’s Kirk, in a series or movie set just prior to TMP. Show his adventures as a newly minted Admiral, with an entirely different cast of characters around him, and those rarely-seen late ’70s uniforms!

I’d love to see one last hurrah with the Kelvin cast. Hell, if they can’t all be involved (or not that much involved due to scheduling or expense), they could do something like this season of PIC – a one-off adventure with crew members dropping in here and there.

It was a goofy, light interview and I can’t imagine he would have voiced much concerns there. He’s ALWAYS been enthusiastic about the character and the franchise, just not the BTS stuff. It’s frustrating as a fan of those movies–they got me back into ST as an adult–because I think he has good ideas and I can’t imagine any upcoming films wouldn’t benefit from him being more of a collaborator, from going the route he has suggested. It’s inexplicable, but that’s probably only because of behind the scenes stuff with people who hold money (and want more) who’s names we don’t see in the press. As ever, I’ll cross my fingers but not hold my breath for another Kelvin film.

Oh, and Tarantino can keep his snobby, ridiculous paws off Star Trek, yay! He’s made all of two films I found watchable and every time he opens his mouth he’s so obnoxious and boring that my soul shrivels up and dies temporarily. Like a desert plant. Tumbleweeding away to watch just about anyone else’s films.

At this point, let Terry Matalas take a crack at coming up with a concept and writing a script. Plug and play on director. I’d keep it out of the hands of Kurtzman and his group running the TV product, but just give the reins to Terry to shepherd it. At this point, why not?

Agreed. Give Matalas a chance to write the next movie and would love for it to be a 25th century based film. Besides just being a great writer he actually loves and understands Star Trek.

Give him a movie and please keep hacks like Kurtzman and Abrams far far away.

I think there is a conflict of interest with JJ ever since he took on Star Wars. If Paramount had the balls to take the project off Bad Robot and handed the movie over to Matalas and Frakes we might see Pine and team with a great story back up on the big screen a hell of a lot sooner.

To be honest…. I am not sure that there is a need for any more ST JJ-verse movies at this point, regardless of a script or story/plot. There may be a small minority of fans, etc. that would like to see an additional film or two with this cast…but lets be honest, will it succeed? Will Paramount really make their money back on it or get the profit they think they would get? I am not sure.

Nothing against this cast…or the three movies, (except Into Darkness was a complete rip off of TWOK and was disappointing IMO) but too much time has passed, and with the success of the streaming series, I just don’t believe that there would be a general interest and need to make any more movies with this cast and JJ-verse situation.

Lets be honest, the numerous series on Paramount+ (whether you like all of them or not is besides the point) have been successful. they have established a true return of Star Trek to television (in form of streaming mind you), and it has been successful in this format and platform.

The JJ-verse needs to be put to bed/rest.

With the continued canon series being re-introduced in series format…if any movies were to continue (which I do not believe) there is much of a need at this point in time, then they need to consider using or continuing with the current canon cast of characters and story lines alike.

I just feel it is hard to justify any new movies in the Star Trek universe to be made right now to be released in the theaters. And the same argument can be made with Star Wars too. Because streaming has proved to be successful with various stories and series of these IP’s.
Sure, one can make the argument that the theater experience is coming back after being stale for 2-2.5 years…I will give you that. BUT, I also believe there was and still is a Superhero (Marvel, DC, et al) & Sci-Fi (ST, SW, et al.) exhaustion among us.

To me, the classic theater Star Trek was great in the good ‘ol days of the OS and TNG…….but it is just not working anymore overall with the JJ-verse, because I think it may conflict with the cast/characters in the streaming series current.
But hey – this is my thoughts. ;-)

Outside N America these streaming Treks are not very popular…the movies are go figure….!

Beyond bombed bro. And the movies make only a small amount abroad compared to big franchises. If the movies were as popular as you claim they wouldn’t be dead today. 😉

The TV shows are at least successful since they are all getting renewed even if Discovery got cancelled. But it still made it to 5 seasons and I hate that show.

I realize Paramount’s film division is different than it’s TV/streaming division, but at this point I think it’s more likely to get a new streaming series (or mini-series) announced before another JJverse film.

I wanted a sequel to Into Darkness that brought back Carol Marcus. And dealt with the war with the Klingons. The story should matter plot threads in one film should be continued into the next or not mentioned at all. Kelvin Timeline should have been a trilogy at least or maybe 4 films that told a consistent story. Instead we had 2 films telling a story and a third that had nothing to do with the first two.

Exactly, we had Orci’s version going to do that , then Paramount saw Guardians doing 750m ww and went ‘ZOMG we gotta get some of that! Here get rid of this Star Trekkie nerd script with William Shatner whoever that is and get Pegg and the Fast guy to work on Guardians of the Furious so we get that magical Avengers billion we should’ve had last time!’

Yes, that is also what We want, Many More!