Daystrom Station And Starfleet Museum Easter Eggs From The ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Episode “The Bounty”

Episode 6 of Star Trek: Picard season 3 included many references and callbacks to the Star Trek franchise, some of which were already discussed in our recap/review and the All Access Star Trek podcast. But there were many more, so we are taking a deep dive analysis to highlight some of these fun details focusing on the two big repositories, Daystrom Station and the Starfleet Museum.

Daystrom Station

After teasing Daystrom Station starting in episode 1, Raffi, Worf, and Riker visited the facility said to house Starfleet’s “most off-the-books” technology, experimental weapons, and alien contraband, including “Section 31’s most nefarious table scraps.”

The goal was to get into the vault and get the manifest to find out what the Changelings stole, and there they found a new version of Data after being confronted by a Professor Moriarty hologram.

On their way to the vault, they passed by cells containing quite a few familiar elements from Star Trek history. Mostly these were identified by displays on the doors, but a few gave us a closer look. Sometimes the displays were clear; for the others, we zoomed in.

James T. Kirk

One of the items they made very clear was a display of James T. Kirk, captain of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek: The Original Series. It appears Kirk’s body was retrieved from Veridian III, where he died (Star Trek Generations). It’s possible they wanted to study the body due to Kirk’s entering and exiting the mysterious Nexus.

Genesis II Device

A big piece of Kirk’s history was also highlighted. Daystrom built a second version of the Genesis Device from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which can instantly terraform lifeless planetary bodies. The original Genesis Device was detonated and created the Genesis Planet, later found to be unstable due to the use of protomatter. It have the description of “Genesis II” was likely a deep cut reference to the Gene Roddenberry created TV film from the 1973 with the same name.

Picard art director Kit Stølen shared an image on Twitter of the replica they made.

Genetically modified tribble

Tribbles are a constant in Star Trek, first showing up in the TOS episode “The Trouble with Tribbles.” Usually seen as cute, furry pets, their incessant breeding and consumption of food made them pests. The Klingon Empire considered them a grave enemy (TAS: “More Tribbles, More Troubles”) and so it was fitting that Daystrom’s genetically modified tribble (dubbed an “attack tribble” by Riker) startled Worf.

Thalaron generator

The first thing Riker walked by at Daystrom was a Thalaron generator, the same type of device that Shinzon used to wipe out the Romulan Senate in Star Trek: Nemesis.

Borg vinculum

Daystrom also housed a Borg vinculum, which each Borg vessel uses to connect its drones. It was first introduced in the Voyager episode “Infinite Regress.”

Arretan android body

Kirk’s wasn’t the only body spotted during the tour of the station. Daystrom is also holding one of the Arretan androids used to house the minds of the surviving Arretans from the TOS episode “Return to Tomorrow.”

Borg Queen

Another hard-to-spot item: the remains of the Borg Queen, presumably the metal skull and spine that were left after she was defeated in Star Trek: First Contact.

D’Arsay archive

The extinct D’Arsay civilization left behind space-based archives that contained their history, and vessels that make contact with them end up transforming to retell D’Arsay mythology, as seen in the TNG episode “Masks” (and again in Lower Decks).

Probability device

A Probability device alters the laws of probability. In the DS9 episode “Rivals,” an Al-Aurian named Martus Mazur acquired one and created replica gambling spheres for a casino until the devices started causing problems with the laws of physics around the station so they were destroyed—apparently, all except one snagged by Section 31 and housed at Daystrom.

Self-sealing stem bolt

Self-sealing stem bolts were a recurring gag on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but maybe the one Raffi passed by was unique in some way.

Production designer Dave Blass shared a video featuring the stem bolt display:

More behind-the-scenes reveals

Some items were more identifiable in a behind-the-scenes video about the station released by Paramount+. Here’s a close look at the display for the self-sealing stem bolt.

The same video also showed displays for some other items, although it is unclear if any of these were ever seen on screen. These included a Kataan probe (TNG “The Inner Light”), Pup probe (DS9 “The Forsaken”), and a Sporocystian lifeform (Voyager “Caretaker”).

Graphic artist Joe Relat revealed on Twitter some of his original models used to create the vault displays and this included another item that was hard to spot, the M-5 Multitronic Unit, the computer from the TOS episode “The Ultimate Computer.” The M5 was designed by Richard Daystrom, namesake of the Daystrom Institute.

Starfleet Museum

While Worf’s team was busy at Daystrom, the USS Titan made a visit to the Starfleet Museum at Athan Prime. The museum itself is a callback as Shaw reveals it is actually the original Earth Spacedock, first seen in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. The Earth Spacedock seen in Picard episode 301 is a newly constructed facility.

The Spacedock has now become the Fleet Museum, featuring a series of exhibits around the main structure, each housing a ship. A few of these historic ships were highlighted.

USS Enterprise-A

While Daystrom has James T. Kirk, the Museum has his last command, the USS Enterprise-A, the replacement for the original refit USS Enterprise. This ship was first seen in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and last seen in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

USS New Jersey

The Museum also has an example of an unrefit Constitution-class ship, like the original USS Enterprise from Star Trek: The Original Series. The USS New Jersey (NCC-1975) is new to canon, likely named in honor of showrunner Terry Matalas, born in New Jersey in 1975. This is also a deep cut from the TNG episode “Relics,” where Jean-Luc Picard told Montgomery “Scotty” Scott he once saw a Constitution-class ship at the Fleet Museum.

USS Defiant

After the first USS Defiant was destroyed during the Dominion War, it was replaced with the USS Sao Paulo, rechristened as the USS Defiant in the penultimate episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and now you can visit it at the Museum.

USS Voyager

Seven of Nine got choked up talking about the ship that she called home when pointing out the USS Voyager, the main vessel from the seven seasons of Star Trek: Voyager.

HMS Bounty

Hinted at in the episode title (“The Bounty”), the “HMS Bounty” from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (referred to as “the one with the whales”) became a key plot point when Jack and Sidney later stole the cloaking device from the Klingon B’Rel-class Bird of Prey, which was first seen in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

The cloaking device used a design by Rick Sternbach from the Klingon Bird of Prey Haynes Manual.

NX-01 Enterprise and Kronos One

The museum also included Captain Jonathan Archer’s NX-01 Enterprise from Star Trek: Enterprise; however, it was a refit, based on an unused design from Doug Drexler. Next to that was a Klingon K’Tinga class ship, presumably Kronos One from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

USS Stargazer

Another piece of Jean-Luc Picard’s history was at the Museum: the original USS Stargazer. You can see the top two nacelles of its distinctive four-nacelle configuration in one of the shots of the bay containing the (cloaked) USS Titan.

USS Excelsior and more

You can also see the Stargazer in one of the wide shots along with another famous ship, the USS Excelsior, first seen in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Other ship exhibits seen in the wide shot include another Constitution class along with two Starfleet Akira-class, a Nebula-class, a Miranda-class, and a Saber-class. There is also a Romulan Bird of Prey.

Geordi’s office

A brief shot of Geordi’s office at the Starfleet Museum didn’t show much, but you could a classic United Federation of Planets pennant from the TOS era in the background.

However, a publicity preview image showed his office contained quite a few more items tied to Trek history. These publicity images are generally shot during rehearsals, and as you can see below, LeVar Burton isn’t wearing his contacts.

Preview image

In a behind-the-scenes video feature from The Ready Room, you can see more from Geordi’s office. Next to the pennant in the back is a gold model of an Excelsior-class ship (likely the USS Enterprise-B from Star Trek Generations) and an Ambassador-class ship (likely the USS Enterprise-C from TNG’s Yesterday’s Enterprise”).

The shot of Geordi’s desk above also shows the copy of A Tale of Two Cities which Spock gifted Kirk in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The behind-the-scenes video also gives a closer look at a replica of the statue of Zefram Cochrane, the inventor of Earth’s first warp ship, the Phoenix (also seen in Geordi’s office). When he traveled back in time in the film Star Trek: First Contact, Geordi met Cochrane and told him about the statue that would be erected on that site in Bozeman, Montana, later seen in Star Trek: Lower Decks. Captain Jonathan Archer had also had a replica of the statue in Enterprise.

Dave Blass also shared this video of LeVar Burton’s delight over the Cochrane statue; he gave Blass a kiss for his attention to detail. The video of Geordi’s desk included a replica of a long range shuttle like the one Spock used in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. You can also see that Geordi’s office was a redress of the Titan ready room.

What did you see?

Spot anything we missed from the Fleet Museum or Daystrom? Have a favorite? Sound off in the comments below.

The third and final season of Picard premiered on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., and Latin America, and on February 17 Paramount+ in Europe and elsewhere, with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly. It also debuted on Friday, Feb. 17 internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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Apparently, President Jonathan Archer’s body is on the station too.

I read that people mistook the android body from “Return to Tomorrow” for Archer

I tried editing my comment to reflect this, but I can’t. Anyway, thank you for clarifying! Stand down red alert!

NCC-1701-D (reborn)?

I think that’s Docking Bay 12.

Yeah, I’m sure it’s the D-saucer in Hangar Bay 12

Yeah, I’m guessing we’ll see that the “fat one” is what’s in hangar 12. There may have been a few intact star drives from the Dominion War that they could have attached to the recovered D saucer. Personally, out of all of those, and the threat they are facing, I would go with the Defiant. It’s an actual warship…

If the D is in there, and it has a drive section, don’t be surprised if its a new “cool looking” design to make it stand apart. These producers can’t even get on the same page with the uniforms, they all want to put their own little fingerprints on the crystal.

Just to be clear, the Excelsior made its on-screen debut in ST III as the NX-2000. It was re-designated NCC-2000 in ST VI. (The article states the Excelsior first appeared in ST VI.)

The Cochrane statue was described in First Contact but was previously seen in Lower Decks.

It was first seen as a statuette in Captain Archer’s quarters on Enterprise.

And was in Archer’s Quarters on the NX-01.

Obviously as it was a failed experiment they turned it to NCC

I’m really surprised the reveal of James T. Kirk’s body, dead or possibly alive, being kept in Daystrom is only casually mentioned in the article without even bringing up the possible implications of the biobed sound coming from the vault and the “Project Phoenix” mentioned on the display.

Wow, if they actually managed to bring back the Shat without anyone noticing… my, would I geek out over that…

You and me both! That reveal really distracted me for the rest of the episode. My fingers are crossed that there is more to it.

Reckon he may come back as a changling…

Stand in agreement.

Yeah, maybe. Not so happy about all these bodies being there. Kind of creepy. Even Gary Mitchell said (of Kirk) — “He deserves a decent burial at least” – or something like that.

That might be a seriously veiled reference to the early (and much-maligned, tho I dug them) Bantam Trek novels THE PRICE OF THE PHOENIX and THE FATE OF THE PHOENIX.

I know, I know. .. I reach (as in, am really reaching there)

Robert Meyer Burnett saw it as a shout-out to the first Shatnerverse novel THE RETURN.

Isn’t that the 2nd one, after THE ASHES OF EDEN? I only read four or five of them before I just couldn’t keep going — pretty much gave up on all other Trek novels before that time, except for Andy Robinson’s awesome Garak book.

Yes, this is the 2nd one.
I consider Ashes of Eden as Star Trek VI 1/2 and The Return as ST VII 1/2, halfway between Generations and First Contact.
The Return was my first Star Trek novel ever because I was so eager to read how the brought back Kirk. Also Ashes of Eden is great. Would have made a great movie.
After that I started to collect around 200 pocket books butI never found the time to read them all… Maybe 10-15% of them. Because some of them were not yet (or no more) available in German, I read some in English. Voyager’s Homecoming was also great. I never read English so fast before.

I seem to recall reading that ASHES was Shatner’s intended story for ST VI, if he’ had gotten to direct two in a row like Nimoy, and that RETURN was his pitch for ST VIII after GEN.I almost got the graphic novel of ASHES, because it did read like a movie to me. I thin RETURN is the one with the great Defiant-style ship uncloaking insdie the open space in a Rom Warbrid, which is, along with the FEDERATION novel ramming, two of the best space fights in Trek IMO. Reeves-Stevens really knew their stuff with certain parts of TREK in their early books, I’ll say that, though their strengths did not extend to nonfic journalism or very far into screenwriting.

Wow, haven’t thought of the ‘Phoenix’ books in many years. Most posters here probably wouldn’t know who Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath were, but for a period during the late Seventies and early Eighties they dominated the line of Trek novels at Pocket Books (and also authored the nonfiction STAR TREK LIVES! and a biography of Bill Shatner). They were big fans of Ayn Rand as well as Trek, which showed in their approach to the subject matter as well as their prose which, like Rand’s, tended towards the purple side.

As with Michael Chabon I had really admired the Reeves-Stevens’ work in print, couldn’t wait to see that they could bring to filmed Trek — and, sadly, for the most part was similarly let down. You just never know.

Just about everybody I’ve ever met hated the PHOENIX books, but I thought they were terrific and reread them a lot. Then again, I was also totally clueless for decades that a certain scene was supposed to heavily hint that the villain was forcing Kirk to fellate him, which only got revealed to me on trekbbs earlier this century. I think those two were Bantam titles, while their Pocket work was limited to THE PROMETHEUS DESIGN (which I also liked, though I found TRIANGE to be just godawful bad.)

I think maybe that the Reeves-Stevens’ had just burned through all their brilliant ideas by the time of ENT. There was so much good stuff in PRIME D and FEDERATION and a ton of good ideas in MEMORY PRIME as well, plus those set-piece moments in the early Shatnerverse books.

Please, please no. I mean, I haven’t read those since I was way too young to try, but they are… dank.

New Shatner-starring Trek feature film, anyone?

Or maybe the movie which Generations should have been…

I hope there is a close-up of the NX-01 on Frontier-Day .Otherwise it would be a disappointment if the series were not explicitly acknowledged

Yeah same! Many people still wonder why not show up close with the rest of the ships? Hopefully they are saving it for another episode.

The Remains of Kirk being there is an amazing Easter Egg. It is so cool. Could it possibly be intended for future use, or is it just a fun thing for us to find? My other thought – did I miss something, or by taking the AI did they leave all that dangerous stuff completely unguarded?

Maybe Star Trek Legacy will be about recovering the stolen items…

Warehouse 13

I was thinking of Warehouse 13 throughout the entire visit to Daystrom.

If — If they bring back James T Kirk I will LOSE MY MIND. Imagine keeping THAT a secret for a year???!!!! That would be Incredible. Would love to see Bill in “Picard.”

I would think they’d get Paul Wesley as a resurrected Kirk for a spin-off series.

I dunno. The creators may have just gone overboard with that James T. Kirk easteregg. It’s just too big for us fans to handle. They might really not have intended it to be anything but an Easter egg.

Wonderful call backs. Genesis II was also the title of a Gene Roddenberry TV pilot in the early 1970s.

It’s quite the weapon: it gives everyone two bellybuttons!

The Animation Movie “Titan A.E.” is also about somethink similar like the Genesis Device. It just collect Minerals and other stuff from Asteroids field, do some Magic and Boom. an New fresh born “New Earth” Planet

So, as you can see. How many film this Genesis Device inspired

I’m betting the Enterprise D is in hanger bay 12, at least the saucer, and Kirk is returning for the final episode.

I’m gonna lose my mind over any of those two options…

A friend, and Star Trek fan, who hadn’t seen Picard season three yet asked me what the season was like. I told him that it was ridiculous, but in the most wonderful way.

What a perfect way to describe episode six.

Ensign Kim is still aboard Voyager as a permanent fixture, hopelessly waiting for a box with a promotion insignia to show up on his chair…

Na, he’s a Captain by now… We know that from Endgame…

That future never happened


Different timeline, though.

STO was friendlier with him. There he have the rank of an Captain

LOL, probaby!

He deserves it!

Another Easter egg, unrelated to the museum itself, is when Geordi meets with Picard and says: “That young man, he’s your son?”. This is a callback to a scene in the director’s cut of ST II when Kirk climbs the ladders towards the bridge and tells Spock “That young man, he’s my son!”

No Galaxy class or Sovereign class ships at the museum 🤔?

Head scratcher…

I’m willing to be there’s a Galaxy Class at the museum. We just haven’t seen her…yet. 😉

Properly without the Stardrive. But if some other Ship can Tow it into Warp, it could maintain this Speed on it’s own for some time (Backup function)

Unless of course one of the other lesser-known Galaxy classes lost their saucer at some point, giving Geordi an opportunity to do to a full restoration.

Given how long Starfleet history is, it’s not unreasonable to assume that they either rotate the ships that are on display, or have other museums orbiting the planet. This may just be the main one, who knows.

Well remember in the first episode this season, the 10 forward bartender said “nobody likes the fat ones….” Lol

we also havent seen inside the space dock, so its possible there are a ton in there since it is the space dock from ST3? who knows

Remember that the former Earth space dock that is now the museum can also hold many ships inside of its structure.

That’s probably the food court now :D I mean, if that’s what they have on the OUTSIDE of the museum… what the heck could they have inside?

I can already see a potential plot for the next Star Trek movie: a cybernetic lifeform from the future, evolved of some stored parts in the museum, travels back in time to prevent that evolution which would lead to the destruction of the universe… 😉 hmmm… wait…

I’m thinking that Kirk will be cloned, with Paul Wesley playing him, and he will be one of the stars of the Section 31 show with Michelle Yeoh.

Paul Wesley was a bad Kirk.

I think he was fine, but no matter your feelings on him, he’s the new Kirk (though if they bring Kirk back in the 25th century i’m still pulling for Pine).

well we only saw him play an alternative take on Kirk in SNW, but i for one didn’t care for his “Jim Carey Approach”. It felt more like parody. I do hope the next time we see him (and i’m sure we will) he’s a bit more nuanced.


Possibly but I do remember reading about Shatner allowing a company to deage his likeness and store it somewhere for future use. Maybe they could also use a de-aged Shatner.

I hope so! Last chance ever to bring back Shatner’s Kirk… and to give him a better send-off than in Generations.

Hear Hear!
Suggests that the Romulan Bird of Prey could be the one that Lower Decks used?

As a 3D Artist, I immediately thought something was wrong with Voyager. I may be nitpicking here, but it is sad that even for that short scene, they used such a primitive model where all the details, such as the proportions on the main deflector dish, radii, and bevels, were totally wrong. Voyager is my favourite Starfleet ship, so that moment hurt a bit.

Perhaps it is the Version before they got lost.. but when Seven hat warm flashbacks on her Life on this Ship, then it must be the original one. So it has the Anti-Borg Armor Upgrades.. But proberly striped out of it.. I wonder if these Ships Computers are still functional and reconize them “Wellcome back,<insert name> it was a long Time since your Visit!”…. *whistles innocently “Short Treck’s”

I think the model is from Star Trek Online.

And TNG’s Enterprise changed from shot to shot based on which model was used, ditto the CGI Defiant on DS9.

Voyager had to have all its future tech removed. Who knows what it might have gone through during that period.

Where was the Federation cloaking device from the USS Pegasus?
That would be exactly the kind of item that would be stored at the Daystrom Station!

Probably in use …

Plot twist: It’s already being used to cloak another station with the NCC-1701D inside it.

don’t they have copies of the specs for the defiant cloaking device given to sisko by the romulans?

Couldn’t they have just replicated the loaned device? It’s small enough to replicate, unless somebody invoked some weird rule of space about not being able to replicate stealth tech w/o tearing a hole in spacetime. (god, I still dream about how much more I would have enjoyed 24th century trek if they had decried replication was bad for space-time fabric and had to be wholly abandoned … limited resources grounds a story and makes it so much more relatabe IMO.)

In fact, s31 or ‘normal SF intel’ would’ve probably replicated it before even installing it on DEFIANT, and since the replacement DEFIANT didn’t have (or at least ever use) a cloak, it is still just a small tough fighting machine, not a stealth craft.

How can you tell easter eggs when the whole series is too dark to make out anything?

Gamma modifying can help a bit… but yes, it has its limits

Also here:

Thanks for the link. I think it’s time to start using Retinax V. I love the show, just can’t see some of these small details.

I suspect the authors of this article looked at the screen and saw them.

When they’re UV easter eggs, which probably hatched the lousy big fighter Kirk ‘knees’ in TUC?

I like dark, but not when it isn’t including crisp slivers of bright. The mush we’re getting here (at least as seen on my little 32″ set) is just murk, and I still couldn’t make out Kirk’s name even on a second viewing after I knew to look for it (missed it completely 1st time through.)

Boy, I sure am shocked they didn’t offer a clear shot of Kirks panel.


I was kind of hoping for that as well.

For there to be two Akira class ships suggests the museum is less about preserving each and every class, and more about the legendary voyages of any given ship and its respective captain/crew. Which makes me wonder if the Akiras, the Nova etc all had as many galactic shenanigans (says 7 seasons worth of mad adventures happen to them) as all the other ships we know and love.

I wouldn’t have minded seeing another Crossfield class be renamed to Discovery and added to the museum, but then nobody really knew about the sporedrive, and perhaps the ship didn’t achieve enough to make the criteria (when compared to Kirk, Picard etc). If Discovery had been episodic, they’d have had a better chance at featuring in the museum!

They also just redacted the ship out of Starfleet records so it’s less that and more like they probably just didn’t remember that it existed.

Ah that’s true, yeah, closer to it never having existed in the first place.

I love everything about this season. This, however, this makes me squee more then I ever thought possible.

And then the Enterprise-A showing up… Dear Rao… I’m with Jack Crusher on this one: best ship design EVER.

Are there old school TOS data disks on Geordies desk?

They’re translucent datacards from TNG and DS9

Data’s voice in the computer as the key was inserted

One of the security officers at Daystrom was called Sternbach which I assume is a shout out to Rick.

And the other is Cole, right, named for Lee Cole from TWOK/TMP/P2 design semi-fame?

Couldn’t the Klingon ship be one of the ones left behind by V’Ger at the end of “ST: The Motion Picture”, rather than Kronos 1 from “ST6”? I would think that the latter would be likely to be kept by the Klingons as one of their “Air Force Ones”, while the 3 in “TMP” were already left in near-Earth space.

Also, a “Probability Device” strikes a call to Douglas Addams’ “The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to The Galaxy”.

Dead Spock + Genesis Device = Living Spock

Dead Kirk + Genesis II Device = ??????? (Just Hoping)

Turns Kirk into Dylan Hunt.

Wow, Section 31 has been busy, haven’t they? They seem to spend a lot of time scavenging crazy and dangerous tech from many strange new worlds and civilizations. If the Section 31 show happens, we can see all kinds of crazy things like this being actually used.

The items at Daystrom weren’t solely from Section 31. Just that some of the toys from 31 are stored there. They mentioned that Daystrom is a storage facility for many items from multiple groups within the Federation.

OK, but then I’m a bit confused because isn’t Section 31 suppose to be a secret to the rest of the Federation? Why would they keep their highly classified projects with official Starfleet inventory? But yeah thinking about it, I guess it’s suppose to be an Area 51 kind of place and off the books to the public, but naming it Daystrom is odd too since that’s something everyone in Starfleet knows.

OK, I’m going to stop hurting my brain now lol.

has anyone told shatner about this??!!!?

If they did this via deepfake, all they’d need would be the voice, so he could phone that part of it in.

Deepfake is really making impressive (and alarming) gains. The new DEAD RINGERS uses it on occasion, employing very high quality visuals instead of the more typical ‘grabbed from youtube’ basis.

Captain JTK and the Enterprise-A live!! Awesome!
Also Genesis II.. can the Fed now colonize uninhabited planets/solar systems?
And how do all the other races react?

The Constitution class ship looks a bit different (more TOS-y) than the new SNW Constitution….wonder what the implications of that are

There was also an Insignia-class (originallly fan-design) as an outline on the computer interface that Seven uses to flip through the camera views.

I don’t think Burton used contact lenses for this, I thought I heard somewhere they CGI’d them instead

Does Shatner know that Kirk’s body has turned up on Daystrom Station? Is it true that there’s something on the display about a “Phoenix Project?”

Heck, they apparently have another Genesis device and we know what that did with Captain Spock’s body.

I dunno. This could just be another Easter Egg, but iti does kind of answer the question of if Picard kept Kirk’s departure from the Nexus a secret. Obviously, the Kirk’s body was either removed from the cairn and removed along with the Enterprise personnel from Veridian III or Section 31 came later and got it after a debrief from Picard, who I don’t think would ever have lied about Kirk’s help in saving the Veridian system. I would think that Picard would want to have Kirk’s body removed for a proper burial by his family and friends on Earth, say in San Francisco or Iowa with his parents or near his brother George. But if Kirk’s body was removed from the Cairn and put in stasis immediately, then, with the weird Genesis technology or Nexus energy or whatever, section 31 could potentially resurrect him.

Of course, Spock was initially a baby in ST III and didn’t have any memories of his original life in ST III, so this whole speculation is probably moot!

Still, it’s a heck of an easter egg there. Of all the things in that station, why indeed would section 31 really want Kirk and Picard’s bodies?

I know why Kirk’s body is there. Point 1, his presence at Veridian III is classified. Point 2, the galaxy believes he died on the Enterprise B, and his funeral has been held long ago. Point 3, he was temporally displaced through the Nexus and may be the only known example of that, so his remains are incredibly valuable to temporal research. Lastly, Point 4, the next planet in the Veridian system has a pre-warp civilization, leaving Kirk’s body there is just as dangerous to that culture as the saucer itself. Kirk was undoubtedly removed during the Federation’s cleanup.

All good points.

Ryan Szimanski is the actual curator of the USS New Jersey battleship museum. Of course, after E6 hit his message box got lit up because of the Constitution Class New Jersey at the Starfleet Museum. The guy got up to speed on the episode and posted a short video, as to why the Starfleet museum is likely a failure. The guys not a fan of the show, but overall, his observations aren’t wrong.
It’s worth a look. Google “Why The Star Fleet Museum Would Fail and Other Museum Ships on TV” to take a look.

It’s not from the museum or Daystrom, but I hope you guys caught the reference when Worf talked about “eleven years, four months, five days.”

(For those who didn’t, that’s the amount of time Spock says he served under Pike in “The Menagerie.”)

It was totally illogical to take the Enterprise D for the fight against the Borg. The USS Voyager Seven’s former home is much better suited thanks to the many modifications B’Elanna made thanks to Admiral Janeway from the future. These are the special optional hull armour and the transphasic torpedoes.