First Look At June Star Trek Comics Reveals The Return Of A Familiar Face

IDW has announced all of their Star Trek comics coming in June, which includes new issues from the ongoing Star Trek and new Star Trek: Defiant series as well as the penultimate issue of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Dog of War mini-series and the second issue of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Echoes miniseries which launches in May.  We have covers and synopses for each. (NOTE: RI Covers not yet available)

New June 2023 Star Trek comics

Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Echoes #2
(May 14 – $4.99)

Written by Marc Guggenheim; art by Oleg Chudakov

With the fugitive criminal Akris having escaped into Romulan space, Nyota Uhura and the crew of the USS Enterprise must quickly devise a plan if they’re to prevent an alliance between the agent of chaos from a parallel universe and one of the Federation’s most dangerous enemies..

Cover A by Jake Bartok

Cover B by Liana Kangas

Star Trek #9
(June 14 – $4.99)

Written by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing; art by Mike Feehan

After a surprise encounter with the adrenaline-jacked Red Path during their infiltration of the hidden Cardassian facility, the Theseus’ crew must recover the Orb of Destruction-and make it out alive-if they’re to put a stop to Kahless’ bloody reign. But with Captain Sisko standing trial on Cardassia Prime with Commander Data by his side, can his crew succeed when they are divided?

Cover A by Mike Feehan

Cover B by J.J. Lendl

Cover C by Daniel Bayliss

Star Trek: Defiant #5
(July 5 – $4.99)

Written by Christopher Cantwell; art by Angel Unzueta

Captain Worf struggles to maintain order among the Defiant’s crew with the addition of two reluctant new recruits, causing friction on board the stolen vessel. And with Klingon adrenaline still surging through Kahless’ veins, the need to find-and stop-him has never seemed so urgent.

Cover A by Angel Unzueta

Cover B by Mark Alvarado

Cover C by Suzi “Suspiria” Vilchez

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Dog of War #4 (of 5)
(July 5 – $4.99)

Written by Mike Chen; art by Angel Hernandez

Captain Benjamin Sisko leads a stealth mission to recover the station’s beloved puppy, Latinum, and the missing Borg interface. But what he and his crew discover aboard the enemy craft has the potential to arm the Dominion with an alarming power over the Federation in an already costly war.

Cover A by Angel Hernandez

Cover B by Mali Ware

Cover C by Andy Price

Pre-order Star Trek comics

You can pre-order upcoming IDW Star Trek comics at TFAW. You can also pre-order digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

And for the Prelude issue, visit for more info on picking up a copy.

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Why hasn’t Sela aged?

this comic is set in the 2380s and a 40 year old Romulan is going to look fairly young since they live as long as Vulcans


I still say it was a huge missed opportunity not to put Sela in season one of Picard.

There’s still time in Season 3… after all who knew Tuvok was going to have a cameo, and there was some mention of Tasha Yar being included somehow.