Review: EXO-6 ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Seven Of Nine Figure Is Close To Perfection

Star Trek: Voyager Seven of Nine 1/6 Figure

Manufacturer: EXO-6
Price: $220
Grade: A+

Voyager’s Borg gambit

Sometime in 1997, someone decided that Star Trek Voyager needed a sexy female in a catsuit. Voyager debuted in 1995 and became the first Trek series to boast a female starship captain as its lead character. Despite this empowering move, the show (like its predecessor, Deep Space Nine) struggled in the ratings, failing to match the viewership of the hit Star Trek: The Next Generation that had spawned both DS9 and Voyager. So maybe Captain Kathryn Janeway, played by Kate Mulgrew, wasn’t sexy enough?

DS9 had juiced its ratings by adding Michael Dorn’s popular Klingon character Worf in its fourth season in 1995, and Voyager producers Rick Berman, Jeri Taylor and Brannon Braga deduced that a similar Hail Mary move was in order for Voyager, so they introduced Jeri Ryan as Borg drone Seven of Nine in the episode “Scorpion, Part II” in September 1997. Seven is first seen in biomechanical zombie mode as a full-fledged Borg, but once disconnected from the Borg unimatrix and rehabilitated she becomes a loyal, if offbeat member of the Voyager crew.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in Voyager publicity photo

The introduction of Seven of Nine could easily have been a jump-the-shark moment for the series, and in fact, it reportedly infuriated Kate Mulgrew, leading to a great deal of on-set tension between her and Ryan. While the idea of incorporating a Borg into a Starfleet crew was fascinating, Seven’s post-unimatrix garb of a form-fitting silver catsuit complete with high heels that hugged every inch of Jeri Ryan’s voluptuous body initially seemed to be the entire point of the character. Thankfully Ryan proved to be such a skilled and powerful performer and the writing of her character was so sharp that Seven quickly rose to the occasion and provided the kind of Spock-like outsider perspective the show had been lacking. In fact, the incorporation of Seven was so successful that when it came time to put the cast of the next Trek series, Enterprise, together, a cat-suited, voluptuous female character was apparently a given, although arguably Jolen Blalok’s T’Pol was less effective and more pandering than Seven of Nine.

Seven ultimately became popular enough to survive into the era of Paramount+’s Picard series, where Jeri Ryan’s presence has been one of the most consistently effective elements of the show—thankfully she no longer wears a catsuit, but she looks impressive enough to imagine she might still fit in one, and appears so comfortable in the command chair of the U.S.S. Titan that it’s pretty easy to imagine her commanding her own ship someday.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in “Flesh and Blood” With Robert Beltran (Chakotay) and Tim Russ (Tuvok)

EXO-6 Seven Figure

EXO-6’s 1/6 scale Seven of Nine action figure captures Seven as she was seen on Voyager, although not as she was introduced. The character originally wore a metallic silver catsuit that was ultimately deemed too revealing even for this character; the EXO figure dresses her in her subsequent burgundy/lavender catsuit that has more of a Starfleet look. EXO-6 reportedly put a huge amount of research and engineering into this character to reproduce the look of Seven as closely as possible, and the results are stunning. EXO’s 12-inch scale is the classic Barbie Doll size so it’s easy for female characters, particularly ones with built-in glamour like Seven, to come off as nothing more than glorified Barbies.

EXO-6 Seven figure

The softer, more subtle contours of female characters are more difficult to capture in a sculpture, and Seven’s “cranial implant” around her left eye gives an asymmetrical aspect to her features. All that said, sculptor Sean Dabbs captures Jeri Ryan’s face flawlessly, and the make-or-break paint application delivers a likeness that is uncannily lifelike—this is Hot Toys-level work. Seven’s blonde-brown hair is pulled back into a tight braid, which eliminates the bane of female figures in this scale: thick plastic hair sculptures that extend so far down around the neck that they can even limit the mobility of the head. The only minor nit here is the slight gloss over the excellent paint job on the hair, which accentuates the plastic look. This is necessary to capture some of the highlights of real hair but it’s difficult to pull off the look in this scale. Interestingly, under some lighting conditions the hair has an almost metallic sheen.

Facial sculpt on EXO-6 Seven figure

EXO-6 put enormous effort into the engineering of this figure’s body and it really pays off, starting with the elegant, almost invisible joint where the neck meets the head, allowing for a decent range of movement without compromising the beauty of the character. EXO engineered a custom body for Seven to duplicate Jeri Ryan’s figure that includes seamless arms and legs to more realistically duplicate the character’s elbows and knees inside the tight-fitting costume. This results in a limited range of movement for these areas—both the elbows and knees can be bent to around a 90-degree angle, but the shoulders and hip joints boast a wider range of flexibility, so if you’re intent on putting Seven in yoga poses you might manage a few.

EXO-6 Seven figure

As a character, Seven of Nine had a more formal, Spock-like rigidity, so she’s not going to be moving like Spider-Man. Seven’s costume had an interior “girdle” that gave her abdomen a ribbed, semi-mechanical look, and EXO reproduces the look by building the ribs directly onto the figure’s body so that it moves underneath the catsuit. The fit and look of the catsuit costume is flawless—even from the rear it looks almost seamless, although a closer examination reveals a subtle seam running from the back of the neck to the middle of Seven’s lower back. There’s a decent range of movement in the figure’s waist too and the figure is balanced enough to stand easily on her high heels.

Detail on hand for EXO-6 Seven figure

Seven boasts 9 different hands including 5 left hands that include a marvelously delicate reproduction of the Borg tech webbing or lacing seen on the character; one left hand even includes those creepy Borg assimilation tubes in case Seven needs to suck one of her fellow action figures into the unimatrix. Two of the hands are designed to hold the compression rifle—I would recommend attaching the hands and their wrist mounts to the rifle first and then inserting the hands into their respective wrists—the limited range of motion of the arms does come into play a bit here as there’s no twist joint in the upper arms which limits the ways Seven can aim the rifle.

EXO-6 Seven figure with tubule hand

There’s a foldable tricorder, a PADD for clerical work and weapons including a cobra phaser and a Buck Rogers-like compression phaser rifle included, and to keep Seven from looking silly with phasers and tricorders sticking to her catsuit, the character has a burgundy holster belt that matches her uniform and carries her equipment. The belt is flexible vinyl and pins together at the back; two circular magnets are attached to the belt with adhesive, and one downside is flexing the belt too much can dislodge the magnets, so take care you don’t pop one off as I did.

EXO-6 Seven figure with phaser rifle accessory

I’ll admit I was lukewarm on purchasing this figure—I wanted to have at least one character from Voyager and it was either Seven or Janeway. Most of the photos I’ve seen of the EXO Seven of Nine figure haven’t done her justice—while male figures often benefit from outdoor or direct, harsher lighting to highlight the craggy shadows of their head sculpts, softer lighting brings out the subtleties in Seven’s likeness. Between the amazing likeness and the stunningly engineered reproduction of the character’s physicality, Seven of Nine easily ranks as one of EXO-6’s finest figures. Reportedly so much work went into this figure that EXO ultimately lost money on Seven of Nine, but for collectors, the payoff is undeniable.

EXO-6 Seven figure with belt and tricorder

Given the character’s pivotal role in Picard and the promise that she may even move on to other yet-to-be-made Star Trek shows, this figure should appreciate tremendously in value, and it makes for a stunning addition to anyone’s collection. Unfortunately, the Seven of Nine figure sold during pre-order both at EXO-6’s website and Entertainment Earth. The figure may be available via other retailers or the secondary market.

The Seven figure is part of EXO-6’s Star Trek: Voyager collection, which also includes Janeway, Tuvok, The Doctor, and Chakotay. The Janeway figure is currently the only one still available to purchase at

A closer look at Seven

Jeff Bond is a freelance writer and book author who’s addicted to plastic models and action figures. You can catch up with him on Facebook and Instagram where he posts model works in progress, and takes commissions. His latest Star Trek book is Star Trek: The Motion Picture: The Art and Visual Effects.
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I have to be honest that, while impressive, something is off with the sculpt. I think it’s the hair.

For one thing, Seven’s hair was a lot blonder than this.

I agree that the hair color is off. But so is the face sculpt — especially that wide, turned down mouth, combined with a little too much of a duck-lip. 🦆 She’d have needed her teeth to show ever so slightly (as she does in the promotional and scene photos above) in order to remedy the weird look. 👄

Plus, I believe that her eyelashes are painted too pale, and her pupils are a bit too far apart (not yet as extreme as Marty Feldman’s, but it’s getting close). 👁 👁 I wonder if this last problem is consistent for all of these, or if it’s a case-by-case issue.

Yeah, definitely the hair, although it looks more golden in other pictures I have seen. For me, I also think it’s the lips. Her lips are so natural and gorgeous, whereas these look like someone who had “filler” injections or something.

The eyes look more like Kai Winn than Seven of Nine!

I disagree with this review’s headline — three issues:

-The figure’s face is too long for the character

-The figure’s chest is smaller and less curvy than the character’s

-The figure’s hair is significantly darker than the character’s

“The figure’s chest is smaller and less curvy than the character’s”

We got an expert over here.

LOL. It is what it is.

Well, I’m glad someone said it. I was thinking it but couldn’t come up with a tasteful way of saying it (which you did!).

Bigger tits.

The line about Seven appearing “so comfortable in the command chair of the U.S.S. Titan that it’s pretty easy to imagine her commanding her own ship someday” made me do the math, and to my surprise, Jeri Ryan, right now, is actually TNG season 1’s Patrick Stewart’s senior by a whoppin’ 8 years! ☝️😯👍

The actor is absolutely ready.

Regrettably, by putting this season inexplicably in 2401, just a few months after the end of season two, the character hasn’t earned the right to the status of captain. Whatever her in-universe past experience as a specialist and a Ranger, she’s barely been commissioned.

It would do a disservice to both Seven and to other legacy characters who had to put in decades before being offered the centre seat, to put her in the chair immediately. Even if she does something heroic at end of season.

Despite the character needing more time in grade, there’s still a contingent of fans calling for Jeri to helm a show with Seven as Captain now.

After all the criticism of Burnham’s return to a place she was recommended for in the opening scene of Discovery’s pilot, this kind of old-guard fan inconsistency about Seven (the character) really irks me.

BTW I agree with others that there’s something off about the face sculpt but, I’ve felt that about all of them. I’m wondering if they seem different in 3D real life vs a photo.

Well to be fair about Burnham, she was a mutineer who was stripped of her rank and would probably still be sitting in a jail cell right about now if not for circumstances….or jumping 900 years in the future.

If not for that, I don’t think anyone would care what rank she was now. ;)

Agree about Seven’s face. It does a little off.

My apologies. But that isn’t a sculpture of Jeri Ryan and is barely her likeness. Is this a paid promotion? Other EXO-6 sculpts have been very nice. This is a sculpture of a dehydrated cosplayer in a 7 of 9 uniform.

Agreed! Maybe it just photographed poorly.


It very…very much is not.

Others have said it but it’s really just… wow that likeness is just… not there. They should really consider doing a running change to a better one and offer early buyers a free replacement.

Hmm. She does look wrong. So does Quark though, to be quite honest. So they get some wrong on occasion. It happens.

On a different subject. Shran looks good. I’m gonna be selfish and gay here. They should make the other Jeffrey Combs characters and make them look as good as Shran did. I want Weyoun. Make Weyoun merch at long last, I have waited nearly 30 years for that.

Quark? Really? That looks to me one of the best of the bunch. Shran actually seems off.

Agree about Weyoun in that I would love to see them make one though.

I’m rewatching DS9 rn so I look at the Quark one and it just looks off to me. I’ve been looking at screenshots of Shran while preparing for a watch of ENT and he doesn’t look bad to me. But I could be wrong.

Yeah, it’s seems pretty subjective, and some angles on these look better than others. It’d be nice to see one up close. I ordered a couple (TMP Spock and Locutus), and the delivery date keeps getting pushed back.

“Close to perfection”? Hardly. I checked the date to see if the article is from April 1st. LOL

They got the pose and costume down but the face looks nothing like Jerry Ryan. Also I don’t understand how they can get so much detail in a face sculpt, but the hair looks like an 80s Ken doll.

Looks absolutely nothing like Jeri Ryan or Seven of Nine. This reeks of sponsored content.

This….doesn’t look great. I purchased the Kolinahr Spock based on a review on this very site. It’s just OK. But compared to Hot Toys stuff, this is Hot Garbage.

These figures from EXO are on a sliding scale. this looks about as good as the Robert Picardo EMH figure they did… gross

The eyes look more like Kai Winn that Seven of Nine

I think it looks more like Lena Headey than Jeri Ryan…

highlights just how stupid that costume was

Nice figure doesn’t look like Jeri Ryan. Something off about the face can’t really put me finger on it. For 220 bucks this ought to be perfect.That is like Hot Toys price but not the same quality.

Edit: never mind it looks better on the sideshow website. Maybe the images here are a prototype or just not as good. Or as 3 dimensional.

Why does this figure have Janeway’s hair color?

The first image looks like Kes with botoxed lips.