Terry Matalas On How ‘Picard’ Season 3 Ends, Setting Up ‘Star Trek: Legacy’ Spin-Off

In addition to talking about why he put James T. Kirk’s body in Daystrom Station, Star Trek: Picard showrunner Terry Matalas spent time during his Inglorious Treksperts GalaxyCon panel talking about how season 3 will end and how it sets up what he hopes will be a new spin-off series.

Giving the TNG crew their Star Trek VI ending… without the signatures

When it was first announced that the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew was reuniting for the third season of Picard, Matalas said one of his motivations was to give them a “proper sendoff” akin to the one the TOS crew had in the 1991 film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. In his GalaxyCon chat, Matalas offered insight into how he sees a parallel in the way season 3 ends:

[Star Trek VI] really does have a feeling of finality to it. You do feel like at any moment, these characters might die. So the stakes are quite high. And again, it does a lot right for James T. Kirk… At the end of [Picard] season 3, it’s narratively right in that it closes a lot of narrative loops.

Even though he sees Star Trek VI as a model for season 3, there is one element he isn’t using. The Undiscovered Country ended with the cast’s signatures; when asked if he would do the same, Matalas explained why he wouldn’t:

No, because of Avengers: Endgame. [Marvel producer] Kevin Feige is one of the biggest Star Trek fans out there and he did it brilliantly in Avengers: Endgame and I felt like I can’t do it… But I think we do something quite nice, I will say. I think you will feel good.

Closing shot of the TOS cast in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Season 3 passes the torch for Star Trek: Legacy

As we previously reported, Matalas has pitched an idea he calls “Star Trek: Legacy” that would continue on the story after season 3 with a combination of new and legacy cast members. At GalaxyCon, he confirmed that no work is currently happening for this concept but again reiterated how season 3 sets up another show:

Look, I love this time period in Star Trek, the 25th century. I always view it as the present day in Star Trek, for me. It’s where we all left off. And the way we leave this season is a passing of the torch from the last generation to the next… I would certainly love [the spin-off] to happen. We certainly leave it so that you can do that.

The executive producer also offered some specifics on the kinds of characters and storylines that could be part of Star Trek: Legacy:

Boy, wouldn’t you want to check in with the Klingon Empire? Wouldn’t you want to check in with Deep Space Nine and The Doctor [from Voyager] and everything that went on with the Berman-verse?  So that’s kind of where I see is to explore the galaxy and sort of get back to the Next Gen roots of storytelling is what I would see as a kind of version of Star Trek I’d like to see, with this group of characters that we’re seeing. I don’t want to talk too much about them although I think you could guess as to who I would like to see. And by the way, I think that includes a great deal of some of these legacy characters who I think have never been better, Jonathan Frakes being one of them… I mean come on, guys, he’s amazing!

When moderator Mark Altman mentioned an earlier panel in which DS9 star Nana Visitor said she is loving the new season, Matalas indicated he would like to revisit the character of Kira Nerys as well:

She’s so good. I mean, gosh you want to see that. You want to see Nana so bad and what’s going on with her and everyone. That would be phenomenal.

Jonathan Frakes as Will Riker, Patrick Stewart as Picard, Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher and Ed Speleers as Jack Crusher in “No Win Scenario”

Matalas says “be loud”… and watch Picard

When it comes to how fans can make this spin-off happen, Matalas made it clear it wasn’t up to him. When asked what fans could do, he offered some thoughts:

I have no idea what you can do. I think be loud, I guess. I don’t work for Star Trek right now. We are not developing anything. I know that Star Trek came back to life because of the fans. They get to decide. So however you best make noise is however to do it.

Matalas did agree that past techniques like letter-writing campaigns do not work in the new era. He said that one of the best ways for fans to show their support for the spin-off is to watch the show on Paramount+ and to encourage former fans who may have “walked away” from Star Trek to try season 3 of Picard.

If you do want to show your support, one way would be to post or amplify messages on Twitter using the #StarTrekLegacy hashtag. There is also a petition calling for  Star Trek: Legacy  which has passed 15,000 votes, up 5,000 since we first reported on it 10 days ago. But Paramount+ is a business, which is why Matalas says viewership (and future DVD/Blu-ray sales) will likely be big factors in any decisions about it.

Ed Speleers as Jack Crusher and Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as Sidney La Forge in “Dominion”

The third and final season of Picard premiered on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., and Latin America, and on February 17 Paramount+ in Europe and elsewhere, with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly. It also debuted on Friday, Feb. 17 internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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“I always view it as the present day in Star Trek, for me.”


Except he’s wrong. Trek has no present day objectively. You can tell stories after ST6 in the late 23rd century, pre-Kirk, or a thousand years beyond. He might feel that’s the present for him, you might too, but it doesn’t mean it is.

After all, Kirk was the “present day” in 1986, and then it wasn’t.

Probably why he said, “for me”.

Also why I repeated that. But Garth Borca’s “this” implies that it’s “correct” sentiment.

Once again, it’s so great to have multiple future eras in current production at the same time.

It’s also so unhelpful to make give this some kind of competition between eras. Comments like ‘this is present day to me,’ begin to edge into that.

While I am so very glad that the Berman-era idea, that it wasn’t possible to go forward after Voyager returned, has been buried with 3 shows going forward in the late 24th century, I don’t need the 25th century to be Trek’s present.

Exactly. I’m happy we’re in the 25th for this series. But I still love the 23rd in SNW, and I would love a series set in the movie era too. I understand fans want to know “what happened after Voyager” — but I still want to know what happened during the 75 year gap between Movies and TNG, or explore the early days of the Federation post ENT Season 4.

Ahhh….I’ve been hoping for a tv series set in the TOS movie era for so long. Dunno if we’ll ever get it.

That’s not my first choice though. My “first” would be a series set in the 25th century era to continue that story telling. Picard’s leaving, so I really do hope they have a series to continue that. They’ve paid tribute to TNG…maybe it’s time they had a series to pay tribute to Voyager or (maybe even better) DS9.

Yeah it’s why I’m loving Trek so much right now. I’ve always said this is what I wanted even back in the DS9/VOY days and we have different Trek shows in different eras. One might be in the 23rd century. Another in the 24th. Another could be in the 26th and so on.

And thanks to Kurtzman we got it. We currently have shows in four different centuries. That’s pretty amazing. I’m not really worried we won’t get more 25th century Trek, it’s more about when and what form. If they are willing to go back to the 32nd century, then I have no idea why they wouldn’t go back to the 25th century lol. Especially now that fans are genuinely excited about it and there are so many legacy actors to leverage. One thing we can safely say is it’s allll about the member berries with these new shows and that’s probably reason number one we have PRO, LDS and PIC today.

And I don’t think there is any worry about ‘competition’ between eras. There is so much Star Trek around, there will be plenty to explore. But people are very impatient lol. But these shows probably won’t last more than 5 seasons generally if Discovery is an indicator and if Paramount plan to keep at least 3-4 shows on minimum, they will be making many many shows in the next decade alone and my guess is the 23rd-25th century stories will be the main basis of shows although I hope we get a 26th century show at some point too.

I feel you might be misinterpreting Matalas and seeking problems where they do not exist. “For me” is an explicit statement of personal performance- no need to misconstrue it as ANYTHING other than that!

Personally I don’t see it as competition. I get the impression that he views the 25th century as the ‘present day’ of Trek because he grew up in the Berman era and Star Trek Picard picked up in ‘real time’ after the last Next Gen movie. For him the TNG era is his youth, TOS and earlier the past and Discovery the future. If he was a decade or so older and had been introduced to Trek by TOS he’d likely consider anything set 30 years after TUC to be Star Trek’s ‘present day’. It’s a personal thing, I have a similar perspective but I still love to see Star Trek content set in different time periods and there’s nothing to suggest that Terry Matalas doesn’t either.

Blindingly obvious that Garth Lorca like Matalas were speaking for themselves and not all of objective reality so your pedantry is not required.

If you bothered to pay attention, you’d be more up to speed and not retorting with such silliness.

No, it implies that it’s correct for Garth, also. And it’s correct for me, as well, by the way.

I think the idea is that “Present day” is whereever the prior series left off

For TNG, present day was 2371
For DS9, present day was 2375
For Voyager, present day was 2378
Then Nemesis had 2379

Now Picard is 2401

I get the logic, I share it..but its also one of many POV’s

So what you’re saying is, “present day” is right when Harriman took command of the Enterprise-B?

I think that would be a suggestion- present day is whenever based on the series. Matalas is stating a preference for 25th century. Personally, I wouldn’t mind any time period – all I want is well written scifi based in Roddenberry’s vision and stories which respects the precepts of Roddenberry’ Federation and Starfleet plus throw in talented creators and writers who UNDERSTAND Star Trek and I’d be very happy. Sadly, only seen this in Season 3 Picard in recent times!

You didn’t see that in SNW or PRO either? I did.

Even in LDS, but yes that’s a more controversial one, so I won’t argue that one too much. But what is SNW and PRO missing for you that you are currently getting in PIC?

Yes, all he means is however long it’s been since Nemesis ended in real time which would be a little over 20 years later. And since we never had anything past that until Discovery jumped to the 32nd century so that implies the future. And everything prior to Nemesis is the past since it already happened in the timeline.

So logically that’s what he’s saying. It’s the present because it would be where we left off in the current timeline after Nemesis opened back in 2002.

But yes, in a world about a fictional show that doesn’t even start until at least another century after we’re all dead in real life, ‘present day’ can mean literally anything lol.

AlphaPredator, yes and no. If it is nothing but a matter of perspective, then even Pre-Archer could be the present or future. But fans have clamored for 20 years they want to go to the future, the future of NextGen…That’s the era we expect something worthwhile to happen.

But if they move to the 32nd century for SFA, then okay…that should be the new present. But then, everything… an Enterprise-X series or a Voyager-J series in another galaxy. Because only then, only then, a SFA makes sense, if it leads up to something meaningful…As an isolated teen soap going nowhere, it’s a waste of time…

So sad.

Yeah; I’m really sad about that. They really had me, a perfect momentum, a perfect storm. Trek seemed to be going exactly in the right direction for a couple of weeks. All they had to do is announce Legacy and scrap all those other sorry concepts…

You know, I no longer care. I’ve decided to live in the past. I’ve just ordered 200 TOS, TNG and VOY novels I still haven’t read. Not the Litverse stuff, that’s been obliterated by Coda.
No, the original standalone adventures set in each series’ timeframe. I’m gonna spend the rest of my life canonizing them, one seperate adventure after another, trying to imagine it’s still the 80s or 90s…

That’s my answer to SFA being set in the 32nd century…

But you may like the show. I know it’s divided in the fanbase but we still know very very little. I’m hoping we will at least hear more about it on First Contact day.

But I will also say if it’s just a soapy teen drama then no I wouldn’t be very interested in that either. But I’m hoping it won’t be that lol.

Here’s a thought: give Matalas Starfleet Academy- he’d make work, as his storytelling medium is scifi and he’s a Trekker through and through. The employment of the CW Nancy Drew producer speaks heaps towards the type of show & medium she’s versed in. Want to repair a spaceship: get an a spaceship mechanic NOT a car mechanic – a car mechanic can give it a go – however they’ve never worked on a spaceship before!

Definitely agree about Matalas. He would definitely make it work.

As far as the new show runner, I never heard of her or seen her shows before so I admit my optimism is also coming from one of ignorance. ;)

So if people think her other shows suck, I can’t argue it one way or the other. All I can say is I hope she gets and understands Star Trek and will surprise people who currently doubt her.

But as someone who really thinks Michelle Paradise is an awful show runner of Discovery only making that show even worse if that was possible was, surprise, surprise, also plucked from a CW show before doing Star Trek. Knowing that, I’m a little more worried now. :(

When with a carrot so goes the apple cart.

Always one!!!

Yea yes yes!

This! It’s even for me. Picard Is my Present day, where Discovery was Far Future

You know it’s 2023, right?

I fully agree with Matalas as well. The 25th century is present day Star Trek. I think for many fans and why they want to see more of it.

For me, the 25th century what I view as Star Trek’s present as well. Would love to see more stories told in that timeline. Again, that is only my subjective viewpoint and not a statement of fact. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
It’s sad we need to make all these clarifications to keep certain someones from whining about how our individual view is wrong.

LOL, yeah it’s always best to try and not offend certain people on a message board. I’ve done it many times without even trying. ;D

And we will definitely get more 25th century stories. It’s not even a question, just really when and in what form? I know some people are freaking out over the Academy show announcement (if they are not happy with it but I’m totally fine with it personally) but that show has been in development for 5 years now, so it was just its turn. It doesn’t mean anything more than that.

And they got the message loud and clear what the fanbase wants. They were also the people who wanted TNG/25th century show in the first place. Let’s remember, they went to Patrick Stewart first asking for another show, he didn’t go to them. ;)

So there will definitely be more and what’s sad is if Stewart didn’t want to stop doing the show after the third season they would probably be gearing up for the fourth season right now. But I don’t remotely blame the guy, he is 82 years old.

I agree totally. I want to see more of the universe that Next Gen,DS9 and Voyager and now Picard created. This is the timeline I want to see, Enterprise, Discovery and SNW are not the same for me.

Wake me up when Legacy gets a greenlight, or the 4th JJ film. I’m snoozing on Star Trek Academy.

Be prepared for a Khan-like cold sleep then, because I think it’s going to be a very long wait, if ever.

I am simply skeptical that they would view this as a market-expander type of series.

The most you will get is some mini series starring some old trek characters. Maybe Worf gets a cooking show.

Gagh is served raw. No cooking needed.

I’d watch Worf teach Klingon cuisine!

Indeed, they seem to be more intent on alienating a vast fanbase of millions of legacy fans and intent on pursuing their Disco era fanbase – with a keen teen focus (ala the ex CW producer) … such a BIG Universe, you’d think they’d pursue both groups!

Who says they’re not?

There’s every reason to believe it will happen, but if we’ve learned anything, it’s that Paramount is tortoise-like in getting to announcing new Trek shows.

As Tiger2 and I keep pointing out, it was more than a year after Discovery season two was streamed in 2019 that Strange New Worlds was officially announced.

There were also some SNW pilot-like Short Treks in between.

Then another 2 years until the first season premiered in 2022.

3 years.

We first heard the Starfleet Academy show was in development 5 years ago, and there’s finally an announcement last week.

S31 was also announced as in development 5 years ago. I’d expect an announcement of a limited series for that before any Legacy projects are confirmed.

Cheers for your scoop as key Entertainment Outsider.

Same. Nothing there for me.

Have to keep the faith! It was just the Academy show’s turn, it’s been in development for 5 years. I’m actually excited about it (assuming it will be good), but I understand why others aren’t.

But there will be a 25th century show and hopefully Matalas will be leading it.

Star trek Academy could be good but hardly anyone in the star trek fan base trust Kurtzman. An I don’t think they know how to do it. I don’t want some school drama.

They need to bring in a team of people from Top Gun an Stanhurst and NASA to design a proper starfleet academy curriculum. It needs to feel like a real academy preparing people for space exploration.

If it parties and love stories, it won’t survive.

And that’s my problem with SFA being set in the 32nd century. It takes away attention from the NextGen’s NextGen… SFA in the early 25th century… I would rave about this out of joy! But 32nd? Not so much. I view DSC 3-5 as some sort of extended glimpse of the far away future à la Relativity or Daniels. But we should not stay there yet… I want to continue from where the Bermanverse and PIC left us.

The relegated the entire Litverse to “Legends” for the sake of PIC via Coda. Now they have to deliver on-screen!

I know, I know, to some I may come off as one of those die-hard TOS fans back in the 80s who were not willing to give TNG a chance because it wasn’t “their” Star Trek anymore… That’s so true. But I can’t help it. I grew up watching the 24th century and this along witrh the TOS era is where my heart belongs… not some remote 32nd century setting.

Call me a biased angry “old” man who doesn’t care about younger audiences. But hey, we do have an economic expiry date well in the 2040s, so Paramount should cater to us for at least two more decades. And older generations are simply more people due to demographic change. Why winning over 1 million 12-year-olds when they can exploit the purchasing power of 2 million 42-year-olds for the next 20 years?

You are a biased angry “old” man who doesn’t care about younger audiences.

(per your request)

I don’t know. I’m old enough to have watched TOS on NBC, and I would prefer to see the franchise move forward. I was all for TNG when it came out, although as you said, a lot of fans from my generation (as it were) were pretty down on it, and I didn’t get it.

Well, from my POV, Legacy would be all about moving forward and it is, unless you regard the 32nd century as the new present. And this where my problems lie. DSC 3-5 has turned the future of Next Gen into the distant past. They denied us “our” future, moving another 750 years into the future.

Hmm, sounds like how TOS movie era fans felt when TNG denied they “their” future for some snoozefest. Yikes!

Yeah, if anything, “ST: Legacy” is nothing but moving BACKWARDS, taking us back to characters we’ve seen a thousand times before.

I’m not against it, and may very well love it. Because I don’t believe Trek has to “go forward” to be Trek. Good stories are all it needs.

But the idea that “going forward” means returning to legacy characters in a time linearly after we last saw this just downright laughable.

I’m not against it, and may very well love it. Because I don’t believe Trek has to “go forward” to be Trek. Good stories are all it needs.

Exactly. I don’t really care what era a Trek show is in so long as it gives me good Star Trek. I mean, I see some of the same fans who drool over the Lower Decks cartoon suddenly act all concerned about the Trek timeline now — I mean where was that concern for the seriousness of Trek’s future history when that silly cartoon was thrust upon us as canon?

I don’t even care about the same characters. Yes, they could show up here and there, but it’s many the setting in the timeline I care about. The main characters of a 25th century show could be all-new characters…

Heck, the show could even be set 50 or 100 years later and I’d be fine with it! A true NextGen…

But 750 years? I cannot relate to that era. It’s beyond my comprehension of a fictional timeline because too much is missing inbetween. They’ve wasted CENTURIES (!) worthwile of storytelling by going to that particular time and while I liked DSC 3+4, I still cannot forgive them…

 “I still cannot forgive them…”

Dude, you are ridiculously dramatic.

We’ve got two years before we even see this show and this article isn’t even about Starfleet Academy.

I’m learning more about your personality quirks than star trek.

Dudes like this are always dramatic. They view Trek as important as actual reality. They’ve been consumed by fiction.

“Heck, the show could even be set 50 or 100 years later and I’d be fine with it! A true NextGen…”

That’s what I wanted back in 2017 and have a show take place 50+ years after Nemesis in the 25th century so they can start new and fresh with completely new characters and universe in a way. And most of the TNG era characters would be dead or retire so you couldn’t rely on legacy characters. That just made the most logical since.

Instead we got Discovery lol. And of course the even bigger irony the show would’ve fit much better in the 25th century than it did the 23rd but that’s been talked about to death.

But admittedly for me I don’t mind the 32nd century and made clear I do want to see more of it. And I never personally cared how much the show ‘related’ to me personally. I just like seeing cool future stuff lol. But I understand your point.

You can’t relate to 750 years forward, but you can relate to 375? Incredible comment, should be pinned to the hall of fame.

Nope, it’s been made clear that Legacy would rely significantly on the “next next generation” of characters. Do try to keep up.

You’re the one not keeping up. They said it would be a mix of both, and if you’ve bothered to actually read any comments here, you’d see that the overwhelming sentiment is that nobody wants “the next next gen” they want the “old old old.”

Are you sure you’ve not just accidentally wandered here from a video game website or something?

Uh that’s not right either. Garth Lorca, the person who started this discussion, literally said he would like a show 50-100 years post Nemesis. I agreed with him and said I wanted that back in 2017. Many people actually did want to start fresh going forward with all new characters post Nemesis back in 2017. Very few were calling for a TNG revival show.

And the fact is, most were happy when Discovery jumped to the 32nd century even though they loved having Pike and Spock on the show. But many argued it was better for DIS to do something new. Unfortunately the show still sucked for many, but it wasn’t because it was doing something different with new characters. The irony is people seem to like the new characters we did get like Book, Kovich, Vance, etc even if still not fond of the setting itself. I’m actually hoping Kovich and Vance show up on the new show.

In this case, people are simply responding to what Matalas is saying and saying they have no problems with a legacy show. Yeah others want it, but no one seems to be against a 25th century show with new characters either which Garth Lorca also said and I agree with.

Again, it’s not an either/or option. Most fans will watch anything if its good. Of course if you tell them there is an idea for a show starring Kirk, Picard or Janeway most people will gravitate to that first. But as I always say, there was a time those were obviously new characters people just happen to fall in love with meaning they can fall in love with the next Kirk, Picard or Janeway if they are indeed good characters.

Some of the TOS actors complained too, but presumably more out of economic self-interest than anything else.

Hmm, sounds like how TOS movie era fans felt when TNG denied they “their” future for some snoozefest. Yikes!

Yeah, how obtuse some fans get — this has happened before and it will happen again. It’s time for some fans to just grow up and accept that we have many centuries of Trek’s future history to go to.

Yeah Opinions are great and all, but sometimes you just have to tell a guy it’s not all about his wants and he’s just going to have to find a way to cope.

Yep that’s how I felt when I heard about Enterprise and Discovery lol. But people have to stay open minded about things when you’re dealing with a franchise that now has a thousand years of history to play with.

I’m old enough to remember seeing a fan in a TNG uniform at a costume constest say he liked TNG more than TOS at a con and the whole room booed him.

Star Trek fans like this are sad lol. But I’m assuming this is probably the early days of that show.

Early. Probably season 1 or 2. Star Trek V hadn’t come out yet. The word cosplay wasn’t a thing. We just had costume contests.

I’m old.

Thought so. Thanks for the response.

And here’s the reason why I generally gave cons and clubs a wide berth between 1987 & 89.

Fortunately my friends who had an all Trek wedding party sometime around then just went with regular wedding attire and not some kind of divisive cosplay.

I actually went to a con in 1989, got to meet John De Lancie.

Lucky you.

I think I saw James Doohan at one around the same time.

There were some good regional cons from ‘89 through the mid 90s. Once things settled down and the proportion of Berman-era fans began to muffle the TOS die-hards.

TAS is what attracted me to Star Trek in the first place. I was very young. Then i saw the movies. Then finally i appreciated TOS. If it wasn’t for the kids toon i never would have found out about Star Trek at least until high school. I watched everything animated good or bad. It was almost my entire tv diet at that age.

That’s what we got PROD for…But that series introduces kids to the late 24th century, not some obscure distant future… Again, a SFA series is a VERY good idea, in a meaningful era I can relate to via other ship-based shows and movies… I want younger audiences, but NOT at the price of selling out the future of TNG. If SH thinks they need the 32nd century to excite the kids, then I am simply sad…

Likewise, that’s what Academy will be good for: introducing pre-teens to the franchise who may be too old for Prodigy, but don’t get the appeal of SNW or PIC just yet.

Pre-teens being too old for Prodigy??? You’re too old for Prodigy at 10, 11 or 12? You’re never too old for Prodigy, and certainly not as a pre-teen…

And again, I’m absolutely not against AN Academy show introducing teens to Trek.- But they need to introduce them to mainstream Trek (TOS era, TNG era), not an obscure era introduced by an unpopular sidetrek that even the fanbase cannot fully appreciate as a whole…

I’m not a DSC hater at all, but anyone knows the show is divisive and controversial among fans.

I think he just means who want something a little more mature. And most people who is introduced to one show usually gravitate to the others in time. I hear it every day on other boards. People who has watched TNG, VOY, the Kelvin movies, ENT, TOS and on and on for the first time usually become curious of the other shows and wants to know what they should try out next and so on.

As far as I can tell, TNG still seems to be the most watched show for newbies and it does draw them in to TOS, DS9 and so on.

Star Trek is one big gateway drug lol. The idea is to get people to try a show they THINK will appeal to them or who would never give Trek a chance on its own. But once they give that a try and like it, they usually keep going trying out the other shows.

And the new show isn’t Discovery. It will be it’s own thing with new characters and situations. And yes hopefully better but we’ll see.

Yes, pre-teens are not the target demographic. As for DSC being “divisive and controversial” — take a look around. All modern Trek is divisive and controversial. Fans can’t agree on anything these days.

And frankly, the more divisive the better. The faster the franchise can push out canon purists, knee-jerk reactionaries, and ultra-right-wing conservatives, the better.

Please stop saying pre teens. So creepy.

Using a the accurate term for an age demographic isn’t creepy.

It is creepy when a bunch of old guys keep talking about them.

Dude, A34, some of us are parents and grandparents here.

We do have a clue, and good reason to wish to share the franchise with our families.

If Starfleet Academy is more in line with The Magicians or Nancy Drew in terms of niche, it may skew older than Alpha Predator is thinking of though.

Have they confirmed that the SFA they greenlit is the 32nd century version with Tilly? I see no mention of the setting in any of the press releases.

It’s strongly implied. No actual details have been divulged as of yet.

It says the Academy is reopening after 100 years.

That’s clearly 32nd century.

Tilly is TBC.

I really hope Cronenberg’s Kovich is a recurrent character. He adds a palpable level of intrigue. The Magicians was able to be successful as a campus based show with a multi season mystery. I hope SH takes a leaf out of that storytelling approach.

Cronenberg seems to love to take modest roles in locally made productions just to be on the other side of the camera. As long as he doesn’t have to leave Toronto. They should get him as much as they can.

Yes I definitely want Kovich back too for this show. But if he is, I hope they make it clear what the guy actually does lol.

Go back and reread what you wrote. It reeks of self indulged privilege. Do you want to speak to the manager?

I love this season, and I really like Terry Matalas, but it always bugs me when a filmmaker has to tell the audience to support the show more. It reeks of Jeb Bush’s “please clap.”

We are fans. If we like it, we’ll watch it, we’ll support it, we’ll get excited without that ask.

Matalas just wants a pay check

You should start a “fire Matalas” petition, you’ll get a LOT of support.

I probably will. We all know it doesn’t take long before the fans start to bite the hand that feeds them.

How could they fire Matalas? He isn’t even currently working for them. They’d have to rehire him just to fire him.

There isn’t that much logic in the sock puppet troll accounts.

I was being sarcastic, because A34 just like shouting the opposite opinion.

Yeah, this reminds me of some of the studio workers on the TNG Blu-Ray sets telling me I need the pay the $90 first day price on those sets to support TNG HD. I eventually did buy them all, but at a realistic price for the BR market and my personal budget.

I saw them all for free and uncut in full HD quality on BBC America. I paid nothing. Same with TOS remastered before they cut them down for more ads. Would pay for Deep Space Nine in HD, or Voyager. Been meaning to get Enterprise but i never get around to it i’m always able to find something more important to spend that hundred dollars on.

I have a blu ray player built into my PS4 and I have never watched a blu ray disc in my life. Streaming has leapfrog that technology.

I live for collecting physical media. It’s my replacement family.

Streaming can only replace cinema or linear TV, but it can never replace my absolute passion for collecting and owning things. I don’t know how to live on mere access. That’s why I have lost touch with Star Wars lately. As I can no longer own it, I cannot fully embrace it anymore. The linking piece is missing… I watch it but it doesn’t connect with me the same way it would if I could some day order it on BD…

Agreed. It’s my hobby, as is my “theater like” 4K home projection system and high-end audio set-up.

I just don’t like owning a lot of stuff.

I’ve compared the DVDs to the Blu-rays and even Blu-ray to streaming and its no contest. Well, streaming comes closer to Blu-ray, but the colors are better balanced on disc and the sound quality is sharper. I’m glad I own the blu-rays so I don’t constantly have to subscribe to watch the show.

Yeah, the video and audio quality is not even close between streaming and BR, and 4K UHD BR versus 4K streaming is a joke — 4K UHD BR is vastly superior.

I have no problem with anyone who prefers streaming, but it is so bizarre how some of them have some weird chip on their shoulder where they need to act all superior about them not having physical media?

If you can accept the lower quality video and audio, good for you then.

If you haven’t watched a Blu-Ray (or 4K disc) you don’t know what you’re missing. It runs rings around streaming quality. Apple devices are probably the highest quality for streaming, but they still don’t come close to a good disc player.

I have a 4K tv hooked up to a PS4, but I just really don’t care. I’ve never even touched a blu disc in my life. Ten years ago I would have cared though. Streaming technology is just more superior for its instantaneous gratification in my opinion.

So a vastly inferior picture and sound has leapfrogged physical media. I say thank god we still have it as those heavily compressed dark scenes are hard work watching on streamed media. There is no comparison I want every new Star Trek on UHD Blu Ray please.

Matalas didn’t raise the point; he was asked about it.

Absolutely. And he gave a response that rubs me the wrong way. If they’d asked “do you want to work on a spin-off” and he’d say “yes!” than that’s a very different story.

I’m more tolerant of this as people are literally, directly asking Matalas, “How can we influence Paramount to make more things like this that we like?”

It’s also true that Kurtzman and Secret Hideout have come to recognize how important it is to have a creator-showrunner with a clear vision to champion a show.

However, as I’ve said, the optimal choice for a 25th century show, limited series or anthology of shorter projects might not be precisely what Matalas had pitched.

In the end Paramount will read the metrics, and may agree to some one-offs to and limited series carrying on from Picard to work out what would be a successful multi season show.

Better to have more Short Treks and one-offs to refine things as they did wit SNW than to have more rough starts like Discovery and Picard.

Matalas was asked about how fans can support the show so he answered. But please get back to your 100 plus comments a day, which aren’t at all obnoxious.

I’m not even sure why this minor criticism is eliciting an angry response from people lol

But thanks for being a fan. I’m on Cameo if you want a private video message!

Well I personally never once thought while watching Trek 6 that one of the characters was going to die.

Had she been Saavik Valeris betrayal certainly would have cut more deep. In a way that would have been worse than a character dying. They threatened Kirk dying in rura penthe but they would have never done it. Generations doesn’t count for me Kirk and the TOS story ended with his final signoff.

It would have, but only if they’d hired Kirstie Alley. Even Robin Curtis wouldn’t have had the same effect.

Making Saavik a conspirator never made sense to me. It didn’t fit with what (admittedly little) we’d seen of the character.

I remember watching the trailer and thinking someone may die – but not the movie.

Part of that may be because in those days that sort of thing wasn’t really done as much. Today, big budget prestige franchises will kill off a major character so often that it’s become an expectation.

Good point!

That’s funny, I do remember being afraid Kirk might die in TUC because the trailer showed him getting vaporized. Those tricky, tricky shapeshifters.

They did show Kirk getting vaporized it the ads. Turned out it was Martia.

Star Trek: Legacy = Star Trek: Last of the Summer Wine

No thanks

That’s a good analogy. Or Dad’s Army if we continue with British sitcoms. Nonetheless, I can understand why fans would support the idea. I just don’t think you’ll expand the fan base and garner a bunch of new P+ subscribers with it.

I completely agree with you.

That’s what Starfleet Academy, Prodigy, and SNW are for.

All Good Things Part III

I see Star Trek Legacy as likely starring Seven, Raffi, the La Forge Sisters, Jack Crusher, the bald Vulcan lady, and perhaps Shaw, with guest appearances from some TNG people. And I, a 35 year old who grew up on 90’s Trek in particular, would LOVE that.

Perhaps Shaw?

I’m enthusiastic about a Titan show. To each his own view of who we most want to see continue among the original characters.

A social media roundup however provides a different set of fan priorities.

There are a lot of exuberant Shaw fans on other social media saying they’ll ‘riot’ if Shaw is killed off this season, and want him back more than any of the other original Picard characters.

Sidney LaForge is the other season 3 original character that taking off.

I don’t think Matalas and Co expected Jack’s primary appeal to be as a potential romantic interest of Sidney’s.

So far, I’ve seen Shaw, Seven and Sidney in every single fan-designed poster for a new Titan or Legacy show. Jack was in just one with the other new Titan officers.

More, there are two excellent fan-made vfx title sequences with the Titan. Both feature Shaw, Seven, T’Veen and Ohk. One adds Mura as well. Neither lists Jack.

The Vulcan scientist officer T’Veen, Bajoran tactical officer Mura, and even Dr Ohk are getting more fan advocacy.

That’s the problem with a ST: Density series. It is the Enterprise-G with the Voyager-C and a thousand other starships in a preachy Federation where we tell the aliens how perfect we are, outside of some TOS movie era story where it’s David Marcus Picard and a (Neo) Constitution class starship in some one off where Starfleet has been totally hijacked, the `win’ is “Look it’s Tuvok!!! Look it’s Riker!!! OMG It’s Worf!! OMG it’s some character from some show back when no one even wanted to see a TNG movie let alone a show!” which I think restricts the fan base.
Now you’d say, “Hey Cmd. Bremmon, what gives, you love JTK, Spock in SNV, etc!” But the key there was never that you needed a TOS character, it’s that you needed the TOS action and adventure where you could still have the Federation learning, colonizing, aliens allowed to be aliens, facing danger, not being perfect while one starship was a big deal (the only ship in the quadrant!”). SNW has that (added bonus, we get the big E!”). I only wish they let SNW do a TOS movie era type story arc, hopefully that will take place one day.

That sounds horrible to me.

Dude if you ran Star Trek we probably would’ve gotten 5 more seasons of Discovery and that sounds really really horrible. ;)

No nude Trek for you.


Nobody has successfully lobbied Paramount for their own Star Trek show (Seth MacFarlane even when to Paramount himself pre-SH and asked to take over the franchise) so TM has a lot of history working against him by doing this so publicly, but good luck to him. The Pike-Strange New Worlds situation was different because that was basically the fans gassing up something that Akiva and Alex did and Trek is their thing right now and it was still early enough in the SH reign that they had the juice to do something like that.

This definitely has a lot to do with having sat on the finished season for so long. I feel like he’s talked about it a lot, to the point that some of the surprises this season haven’t hit as hard, and that includes teasing the ending of ST:P-3 to the point that it sort of encroaches on this Legacy pitch. Yeah, some of this is my fault for being online to the point that I see a lot of his comments, but also this feels like a guy who’s being forced to play to the public to drum up support because he doesn’t have a deal with Paramount/SH anymore. Of course, Hollywood being what it is, they’re more likely to say, “Hey, thanks for boosting the brand, best of luck in the gutter, pal!” than say, “Hey, come back and do some more for us!” Kurtzman, especially, is adept at winning out over his direct competition (RIP Bryan Fuller’s career).

But I think we can all understand where Matalas is coming from. It’s very easy to get excited about Star Trek, and having made it and having had a good experience with it, why wouldn’t he want to keep making it?

Not even Shatner or Reeves-Stevens for the Kirk Academy concept prequel. That became a single novel. Collision Course.

Kurtzman is as good at disposing of his competition as anyone I’ve ever seen, and I used to practice corporate law.

Fuller successfully lobbied for his own show. He just didn’t get to end up running it.

Same with Chabon.

CBS TV was already planning a new Star Trek to launch their streaming platform Fuller lobbied to get it. That is a big difference from what Matalas is doing. Chabon, too, was brought on board when Secret Hideout, which had won the bid to have the right to pitch new Trek projects, wanted to do a Picard show. From an LA Times article dated 6/9/2020:

Chabon: When they asked me to join, they were like, “We’re trying to get Patrick Stewart to come back and do Picard.” There was a bit of discouragement from Patrick Stewart’s side, and it seemed like the ship might be sailing. So I wrote this long document … that got sent to Patrick.

YEah but Matalas isn’t really doing a ‘new’ show either, it sounds like it will be a continuation of what we got in third season at the end of the day, just with a new story line. But a lot of the same characters will be coming back while others won’t. Maybe we’ll get 1 o 2 new characters but I suspect it’s going to basically be the characters we have now and even continues on the Titan if the ship survives.

He’s not trying to reinvent the wheel, just keep it rolling basically.

It’s new as in it does not currently exist. There is not currently a show called “Star Trek: Legacy.” A spinoff would still be a “new” show. What other word should I have used to make that clear (I thought I had)? I get the compulsion to have the last word in a discussion, but this is a weird callout.

But this is not the same thing as a new pitch. Basically what we are watching now is a back door pilot which Matalas said was always built in. I guess it’s different because if the next show takes place on the Titan starring Riker, as its new Captain with Seven, Sidney, Crusher, etc, I don’t really see it as something brand new.

Now if its TRULY different and it’s more of a Starfleet spy show staring Worf and Raffi yeah I agree, it’s a new show. But just based what he’s been saying, it really just sounds it will be what we have now with a few different variables. And if it’s considered a hit in terms of views and praise, it’s not really a risk in the sense you are pitching something completely cold like officers working on a space station near a wormhole or a Starfleet Academy show in the 32nd century, etc.

But if it something radically different, then we agree. To me, it basically sounds like it will be the same show minus Picard essentially but I could be wrong. And it does sound like there will be some big game changer to the season at the end, so that could radically change things too in terms of what the show could be.

And I’m not trying to get the last word since this is the first time I responded to this topic, just having a conversation.

I don’t see how “a Starfleet spy showing [starring] Worf and Raffi” would be “TRULY different,” since we’re already seeing them do exactly that in this season of Picard and it has been integral to the story. And, based on Matalas’s comments, it doesn’t seem like the thrust of Legacy would be a serialized story — it might be more episodic; so, that would be different from ST:P-S3, too.

Regardless, maybe I should’ve used the word “iteration” instead of “new?” I think the focus on the word “new” when I really mean next / a show that has yet to produce a season 1 (Star Trek: Picard – Season 3 is not season 1 of Legacy, just as season 8 of The Practice was not season 1 of Boston Legal) is kind of getting in the way of a comment that seems uncontroversial:

Matalas is trying to pitch his own Star Trek show to the studio via public comments and nobody has ever done that before and been successful. Nobody has ever done it privately, either! Paramount came to Roddenberry to develop a show (which then became TOS), then they came back to him to do Phase II, before Star Wars pushed them to tell him to make it a movie, then they came to him to revive TNG, came to Berman & Piller to make DS9, take TNG to the movies, and then VOY to launch UPN and then ENT to give that network something stable. Then P+ sought out someone to come up with a take to launch their new streamer. (And yes, I’m aware that throughout *most* of this chain of events, fan demand played a huge part — but in motivating Paramount to act)

And whether or not he did pitch season three as setting up a new series/backdoor pilot (which is debatable, given that they didn’t sign any of the new cast to holding deals), he doesn’t have a deal anymore. Maybe Paramount/SH will go on and make a version of his pitch, but he’s pitching himself to be the one running it. I’m sure plenty of people without deals have pitched their own Star Trek shows to the studio, but they’ve all failed. Matalas is trying to be the first to succeed. That’s the only real point I was trying to make. I wasn’t trying to get granular with the concept of what is new.

OK, fair enough! I get your point. We’ll see how it all plays out but I think his chances are good if this season is a big hit. Again, end of the day that is the big difference. He’s one of the few people pitching a new show based on one that’s actually running now. That’s never happened before in terms of Star Trek AFAIK.

So that gives him a major advantage if fans are liking it and it’s pulling in major views; and so far they seem to be. There is now even a petition for another show. The last time that happened was for SNW. So the apatite is there and it’s so much easier to go with that if there is real backing behind it from the fanbase and they are watching this show in droves. But yeah nothing is guaranteed obviously until someone just says yes.

ST Legacy or ST Titan needs to happen! I have no interest in a Tilly lead 32nd century academy show. If you set the show after ST6 during the ENT-B or C era I’d be interested.

I feel like Paramount would say we can’t have 2 ship shows (SNW & Titan) they’re too similar. As much as I like SNW, I’d much rather a Tian show with Shaw, 7 & company.

I think the ST Legacy could be an anthology series like American Horror Story, where we get a 5 ep series each year with a different story each time.

I just have no interest in anymore Discovery shows…like academy or S31. If academy or S31 were in the 23rd-25th century I’m interested though, the premise of both are fine it’s just DSC I want to be done with

I don’t think they’d say we can’t have two ship shows. We have them right now, with SNW and PIC, and last season we had SNW and DSC.

The different eras – particularly the tone of those eras – helps make them distinct.

Well, the setup with Georgiou for S31 was that she stepped into the Guardian of Forever and vanished, with the only promise being that she’d be closer to her own time period.

I’m loving Picard but it’s because we are really getting the Next Gen as it should have been, a TOS movie era spin off with some DS9 politics making the analog work.
But that ship has sailed and I don’t know how to keep it from evolving into playing space hotel in a series. Another Dominion War? Maybe they can bring back the Borg, the real collective Borg, not the lameness they devolved into?
We’ve got SNW that I’m happy, a starship (better yet the Big E) exploring a still dangerous final frontier (space when it was really wild) but what’s next?
Could be the Academy show of it is a story about rebuilding the Starfleet in the 32nd century where you have a handful of people who have an idea, and the rest just cadets trying to do the best they can (vs. just cadets in school). The only thing that hurts this is all the magic tech (mushroom spore drive, detachable nacelles). I suppose Calypso opened the door to lose all that, you have it where the spore drive screws up space-time and you end up with multiple copies of DIS or something.
These days I lean to a soft reboot, you do Cochrane in Montana post WW3 and use the modified timeline from FC vs. prime timeline as an out.. Cash in on the SpaceX analogs.
I suppose you could go into the temporal cold war era with a Starfleet legacy show?? And go all in on that – into exploring the multiverse, multiverse politics etc. – all these universes link up and time lines are irrelevant. If your going that route, colonize with the Genesis II when lost out there and you need to regenerate JTK to save everything. lol

A post WW3 and pre ENT show is also my idea. I’d love to see a more realistic Star Trek show setting in the near future. I also consider First Contact as a slighty altered timeline with ENT and DSC as a sequel.

There’s some issues with that theory ya know..

Namely we’ve now seen the NX-01 in the prime timeline, as well as Zefram Chochrans statue from Enteprise in Picard, etc.

Ah but that has the Borg having been on Earth. In theory there is a (prime?) timeline where that did not happen yet
I think that conundrum is how you can get away with a soft reboot and you can even leave the viewer to decide which is prime (is ENT pre or post FC?).
That being said I think you don’t need to play with canon that much. You can bring in relics of Vegan Tyranny to explain why races are emerging around the same time (the answer to the Fermi paradox being they were being destroyed only now free to develop), you have the rebuilding of the sol system, you can use the Kzinti as the big bads Vs. The Romulans.
You can even have the XCV Enterprise from TMP (a Vulcan ship gifted to Earth).
Pilot I think would be Cochrane’s Montana team testing warp in prep for a mission to Alpha Centauri
discovers a distress call from a Vulcan science ship captured by a Tyranny relic. To Cochrane’s surprise no Vulcan rescue effort is planned given it would be illogical to attempt given the distress call was sent weeks ago, the superior tech of the Tyranny and the fear of rekindling a force that once ravaged the quadrant. The new rep from the just formed (and dysfunctional) “United Earth” gives Cochrane’s space probe agency agrees not to attempt a rescue as well with a mandate the team is to focus on the rebuilding of Earth. Hearing the distress signal again Cochrane and his team decide to proceed with a rescue mission anyway (which ultimately succeeds despite being an epic failure on many levels).

It’s all a time loop anyway imo

One problem with a “legacy” show is that Paramount seems to be all-in on Toronto as the ST production nexus (heh), and that might complicate getting some actors, a lot of whom are CA based. Frakes used to live in Maine, but he’s back in California now, and Stewart originally insisted on filming PIC in LA as a condition for doing the series.

This is precisely why I think that we won’t see Jeffrey Combs in live action again. Animated characters are more likely to be all we get there with him and that’s okay. I’ll be sad but I understand it and I respect it.

Frakes seems to be more than happy to go up to Toronto/Mississauga to direct.

He also spends a lot of time in Vancouver and Georgia working on non-Trek projects.

I don’t think it would be an issue for recurring projects.

For some UK legacy actors, e.g., Siddig, working in Toronto would be more appealing than in the US.

I don’t think its a huge deal since I doubt Riker would even be on the show full time. And Frakes seems to have no problem going there since he’s shot a ton of Discovery episodes there and as a director you’re spending weeks to prep an episode before you even shoot it.

Also Anson Mount didn’t seem very excited about shooting a show full time in Canada, especially the length these new shows shoot for since he lives in the states but they figured it out. I suspect most of the actors will do it if they want to do more Star Trek. If not, the beauty of this time period is there are ton of legacy actors out there to choose from if someone else says no.

Two words: More Sidney.

I second that emotion.

I want both Sidney and Alandra… time for a first family of Trek :-)

More Sidney, Shaw & Seven.

Also agreed!

I would like to see Star Trek: Legacy set around the time of Star Trek Online, which takes place in 2409.

May I ask why? Why that year specifically since this show is already in 2401. Is there something special that takes place in that game?

The team behind this season would knock a new series out of the park. If they doubled down on the hope and optimism, turned the lights up and remind the world that the reason Star Trek stands out in a sea of generic Sci-Fi is because it leaves it’s viewers feeling good. This is needed so very badly because the real world is so dark and divided right now. We need Star Trek’s hope for a brighter future more than ever.

The reason I am not keen on Star Trek Legacy is because it would most likely than not take place on the Titan be about the characters from The Next Generation and Voyager rather than the ship it should be about, the Enterprise.

Destroy the Titan and transfer this crew over to the Enterprise-G and then I’ll care.


We already have one show set on the Enterprise.

In the past. Not in the 25th Century.

Ha ha.

Or, just name every ship in the fleet Enterprise. Problem solved.

“Oh no! It’s another Enterprise.”

McMahan had to be thinking of this kind of thing when they put those words in Pakled mouths.


Better rename her Enterprise after the F gets destroyed :-)

Nah, I think they will be introducing an Enterprise G. Why else retire the F they already confirmed is happening when they haven’t even shown the ship yet?

Put that password generator to work…
USS Enterprise – G.4A7$/@rySp3

It’ll be great. Crewed by clones of the TNG crew and cheap positronic knockoffs.

That actually sounds like the 32nd century version of the Enterprise which I think Discovery confirmed existed in season 4. ;)

That is certainly an option.

Ah this brings back memories

“Star Trek is based on the enterprise..not some space station”

Thanks for the nostalgia trip

And I’d subscribe to that any day. Star Trek IS based on the Enterprise. DS9 and the other shows are SET in the same universe, just like Torchwood is set in the Doctor Who universe but isn’t Doctor Who.

And you may get your wish. ;)

People keep saying that they will probably not have two shows concurrently running that takes place on an Enterprise. And I agree, that’s probably less likely to happen. Buuuuuut, if the spin off happens, it’s probably 2-3 years away regardless. SNW may be done by it’s fifth season anyway assuming they didn’t just cancel Discovery for low ratings and they are about to begin the third season. So I can definitely see this show starting up after SNW is done. And even if SNW is still running, they may still put the show on the E-G if SNW only has another season to go or something.

So it’s possible for sure. Probable, that’s a different question though.


I’m cool with a legacy show. Terry has done great work with this season so I would watch it. Besides, I’m getting the SFA series so I’m happy. #TrekForever

And just like that, Matalas let slip that Riker doesn’t die.

LOL! But seriously I don’t understand why people think anyone would even die??? They already killed off Ro, they can say they killed off a ‘legacy character’. No one is looking for anyone to die, I don’t understand why there needs to be even a thing at this point. Everyone knows it’s really hard to kill off the characters permanently anyway, ie, welcome back Data. ;)

They can’t let Riker die. Outside some TOS movie era story awesomely pasted over TNG where it’s David Marcus Picard and a (Neo) Constitution class starship in some one off where Starfleet has been totally hijacked, the `win’ of a ST: Destiny is “Look it’s Riker!!! OMG!” at least as long as it is a story about the Enterprise-G with the Voyager-F with starships a dime a dozen telling aliens how great the Federation is.
That being said miniseries where we get more of this TOS movie era type stories, I’m all aboard!
Thinking about it, one option is if the Starfleet is hijacked by AI on frontier day/Borgized, they have to lose most of the new era ships and rebuild? That might work? Or have to chase a Borg-Dominion alliance in older ships to some far off galaxy or something?
There is a reason why the Burn had to happen in the 30th century.which is where some fans think that “Star Trek is only about going forward” and thus need to set the series after.. thus SFA. That being said Starfleet Academy has to be about rebuilding the Federation, that you get back to discovery and starships not being a commodity. Just wish they could ditch the magic mushroom drive.

Yeah we agree, Riker is not dying! :)

And the fanbase would have Matalas head lol.

A good mini-series follow up might be Riker and Troy trying to save their son, maybe a tie in to the Guardian of Forever arc. Doesn’t make sense why all the obsession by Picard on saving Data and AI and time travel after time travel arc while Thaddeus stays dead.

I loved Carl on Discovery. One of the best characters to return! I’m all for a GOF/Carl miniseries.

More Carl the evolved Guardian of Forever? Yes please!

Yeah Carl is pure a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

The more I read about the drive to “Legacy” the more I’m finding myself torn. As some folks have wisely stated, a Legacy show doesn’t really drive the franchise forward. That said, I sympathize with the feeling of the “present” being early 25th century, and finding it hard to connect to DSC’s 32nd century setting. It doesn’t – for me – have the vibe of Star Trek. There’s an in-universe continuity that I recognize from ENT to TOS to TNG-era to S3-PIC. I feel like SNW fits into that, even if it pushes the boundaries a little. Even LD feels like it’s set in that continuum, even if the tone is very different.

Apart from the CW-esque element, that’s the disconnect for me with Late Discovery-era Trek. It doesn’t feel like it comes from the same universe. That doesn’t make it wrong – of course things would change in 700 years – but it makes it more difficult for me to emotionally connect it with the franchise as a whole. I remain skeptical, but as with all other Treks, I’ll give it a go. I love LD, and I was so down on the concept when it was announced. It could be fun! I hope to be proven wrong.

Coming back to the point though, I don’t think I want “Legacy.” I’d be happy to see ST: Titan. Captain Shaw flying around, doing stuff. Even bring along Seven! She’s killing it this season. Sure, maybe bump into legacy characters every once in a while (a la Encounter at Farpoint, Unification, Relics, etc.) but don’t make them the focus of the show. It took PIC two swings and misses to get basic storytelling right. I don’t want to see the same floundering with other characters.

Alternate series pitches if you need to bring back Legacy characters:

  • Star Trek: Combs – everyone played by Jeffrey Combs
  • Star Trek: Ghost Hunters – O’Brien and La Forge become space ghostbusters
  • Star Trek: Garak – just Garak, scheming (give him the Star Trek S31 show)
  • Star Trek: Succession – Alan Ruck comes back as Harriman, but is also Connor Roy somehow.
  • Star Trek: Enterprises – stories from the Enterprises B and C

Some of those are more serious than others.

Any and all of these would make sense for one-shots or limited series.

Any Legacy character, place or time period would work. Or, as you suggest, fill in some gaps.

If people want more Crushers, give Beverly and Jack a handful of episodes and fulfil fans’ pleadings for a Starfleet medical show on a Starbase.

Star Trek: Ghost Hunters

Mike Stoklasa?!

I mean, who actually wants a Section 31 show, Starfleet Academy show over Legacy?

Star Trek IS mainly the TNG era so how do you not capitalize on that? Look at SNW’s success after they relaunched the TOS era. No Titan though, we already have a Constitution-class ship. If not the Enterprise-G, make it some other new, large, flagship.

They should have, however, made Starfleet Academy in the TMP era just like the video games. That would have been epic.

The Academy show has been something they been trying to get on the air for five years now. They have been developing this specific concept for over a year according to news articles. And that makes sense given the Tilly/Academy episode we got in season 4.

If you ask me personally which show would I take, I would take the Picard show 100 times over, no question. BUT I would also take the Academy show as well. And I don’t think they knew just how much people would like this season given how badly received its first two seasons have been. It’s just more of bad timing IMO announcing a new show that sounds like it’s not really made for old fans over something people have been wanting again since the 90s.

I’m pretty sure we will still be getting a spin off show, it will just come later, that’s all. People hollered about a SNW show and we got it, but I have to remind people that show didn’t get announced until literally a year after season 2 of Discovery ended and didn’t premiere until another two years after that; so it may take some time regardless.

Section 31 is the GOAT bro.

A series that doesn’t yet exist is the GOAT?
Now….that’s getting pretty damn rich 🙄
IF Paramount was using its noodle 🍜 they
would somehow bring Picard back for one
more season AT LEAST.
The idea of a Star Trek movie is wickedly
cool but they’ve all bombed out big time. Go
with what works and Picard Season 3 is the
🐾 🐈. 🐾 Cats meow and that’s the honest truth.

I want a Section 31 show over Legacy.

“Boy, wouldn’t you want to check in with the Klingon Empire? Wouldn’t you want to check in with Deep Space Nine and The Doctor [from Voyager] and everything that went on with the Berman-verse?”

Yes, yes, and yes.

Wouldn’t it be better to give these legacy characters and settings their own one-shots and limited series?

‘Visiting’ will mean that the legacy characters will be subordinated to the ship’s storylines.

I’d rather have a shorter piece that really focuses on a legacy than a series of cameo visits or small world coincidences.

Absolutely count me in as well!

While I do like the Idea of continuing on with the USS Titan, I would like for them to get rid of most of the Legacy characters and just do some good Trek Stories in this time period. Keeping Seven around makes sense storywise but the rest of the TNG cast should be retired in universe. We’ve had more than enough membermerries. Maybe the odd cameo once a season but I would like a Trek Show that actually tells Trek Stories and the only one that somewhat manages to do so is Lower Decks. Haven’t seen Prodigy past the first three episodes and SNW just pretends to tell Trek Stories while delivering mostly empty calories. But at least the format works and I do like most of the charakters.

On another note: I’d like there to be a post credit scene in Season 3 of Picard, where Geordy fixes the Lights on that ship

I like better the strategy that TrekMovie quoted Kurtzman on a week or so ago.

There could still be Star Trek: Titan with Shaw, Seven Sideny and the other new officers to have new adventures in the earliest 25th century.

But for the Legacy characters, it makes sense to have a separate, kind of anthology frame of limited series and one-shots.

Here are a few that could work, and that would fulfil some longstanding fan pitches for other kinds of shows in the universe.

– Janeway as Admiral, C-in-C, with some Federation political complexities;

– Beverly Crusher returning Starfleet to run a medical centre, with Jack moving from emergency medical technician towards a full physician;

– Troi and Riker returning to regular ship service (with Kestra in whatever post-secondary);

I’m sure that there would be similar opportunities for DS9 and other Voyager characters too.

I’m hoping Worf and Raffi end up with Georgiou in S31.

Yeah. Going that route could work. Basically doing little movies every once in a while. Wouldn’t even have to be specific to a certain time frame or universe, if the’d like to do some Kelvin- oder Enterprise stuff. I allways thought a Romulan War mini-series aboard the NX-01 could be something (though I don’t know if the time frame works for show and actors).

However … I so do not care for Kurtzmans hardon for S31. They should really let go of that.

I appreciate a great trip down memory lane, for sure, but enough with the fan service. It’s too much.

Please… a new crew, a new situation, new adventures. There are so many stories to tell in the Star Trek universe without having to go back to the same well so often.

Just pass the torch already.

Please… a new crew, a new situation, new adventures. There are so many stories to tell in the Star Trek universe without having to go back to the same well so often.

Lamentable that I had to scroll through nearly 100 fantasy football comments to find this.

In fairness, the Secret Hideout penchant for dreaming up idiotic Star Trek pastiches, throwing the mud against the wall, and seeing what sticks has undoutbedly contributed to this.

Star Trek 90210. Boggles the mind.

Personally think ent, disco, original series have all covered substantial ground on the early days, I always say that gap in time between star trek 6 and TNG has never truly been explored…let’s gap fill!!

And yes give DS9 it’s day in the sun, I think producers are scared of tampering with its legacy as it was a near perfect tv series

Yes, I’ve always wanted to see that 80 (or so) year period explored as well. With proper writing, there’s a lot of potential there.

That is what i wanted Nick Meyer to explore instead he wanted to give Khan a prequel.

That is the one prequel setting I would love to see as well. And I’ve always to see something like how first contact with the Cardassians went and how they ended up in a war with them.

I want signatures in space!

like every good SF, ‘trek’ can illuminate the state of the present day, not just the possible utopia of the future.

The change.or link is useless. One can’t subscribe, just pay.

change.org was bought over by a private company.

Many people are reluctant to support petitions listed there now.

It is basically making money off of promoting the petitions it hosts.

It also will spam email addresses to promote other petitions. This isn’t a big volume if you’re outside the US, but I understand that it’s a major deterrent to signing any petitions in the US.

Terry is the voice Star Trek has needed for a very long time

I would like to see RIKER get his own show.

I am fully on board with Legacy getting the green light.
So long as we can all recognize that Goldsmith and Kurtzman were not involved and that is the ONLY reason Picard season 3 is good.

That the writing, and setup for all of this was only possible because the other two horrible producers were not around to turn it into hot garbage.

Matalas needs full control.

We are extremely lucky that this strange turn of events has occurred. Unlike the other producers, Matalas was actually a fan of the series before the bad writers and horrible producers came into the picture. And he wrote this without them.

It actually astounds me how there are people who don’t realize just how trash the writing has been for these past few years of Trek.

I wonder how mad at Matalas his coworkers are, considering the amount of blatant spat in their face he has done in Picard S3. It’s very clear he wanted absolutely nothing to do with any of the other productions, or their terrible writing.

Help us Terry Matalas, you’re our only hope!!!