See Sisko Deal With A Borg Problem In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Dog Of War’ #1

This week IDW begins a new mini-series celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The new mini-series is touted as as an exclusive “lost episode” set within the timespan of DS9. The five-issue The Dog of War series is written by Mike Chen (Star Wars: Brotherhood) with art from Trek vet Angel Hernandez. We have a five-page preview and all the covers from the debut issue.

The Dog of War #1 (of 5)


BORK! An extremely rare purebred corgi from Earth makes its way aboard Deep Space 9 when Quark cuts a deal to procure it for a high buyer. After all, a Ferengi without profit is no Ferengi at all! But Latinum the corgi comes with unexpected cargo that shakes Captain Benjamin Sisko to the core: a Borg component discovered by a crew sent to uncover Cardassian technology after the station’s reoccupation.


Cover A by Angel Hernadez (also available in black and white RI variant

Wraparound cover by Chris Fenoglio

Cover C by Andy Price [NOTE all five C covers combine into a single image featuring DS9 characters and their “dog doppelgangers”]

RI Schematic cover (also available in textless RI variant)

Five-page preview:

The Dog of War kicks off on Wednesday

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Dog of War #1 arrives on Wednesday, April 5. You can order and pre-order individual copies at TFAW or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

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I wanna be interested but so far from the description of the series it’s not capturing my attention. Someone please let me know if Weyoun is in it?

Perhaps with Star Trek Academy or Legacy, we could use an New “Starfleet Nemesis”. The Borg’s are become nothing special anymore

in Archer’s Enterprise it was the Time Travel Cold War
in TOS it was Klingons
in TNG it was Romulans some time, until the Borg’s appeared. If we get to the root why they introduce the Borg, then perhaps we can move forward with the next “Nemesis” of Starfleet

Because. i do not think that the Writer Room want to play the Civilan War Card in Legacy to justify their Red Line Drive, right?

i know, i just writing stuff out of my Mind. But i hope it sparks some ideas. So no ill meanings from me here

Did you reply in the wrong thread?

No. All these Years there where nothing about Borg’s in DS9 or Changelings in TNG. Now they are mixing them together. it’s not a Bad thing. I like it. But until now we are just Recycling stuff. I think at some future point we could need new “things”

Deep Space Nine: to this day remains hugely underrated by those who aren’t self described ‘Niners’. When will Trek revisit the station (hopefully only when Matalas is Captain!)? When, if ever, will we learn of “The Sisko’s” fate? When will we encounter Admiral Kira Nerys or maybe Kai Nerys? When will the Prophets call us back to the Wormhole? When will Trek creators pay respect to the most unique series ever made under the Star Trek banner?

Lower Decks went there in season 3. Kira was there. Regardless of how everyone feels about cartoons and that show specifically, it’s still canon whether it’s liked or not.

I don’t know when or if Ben will return or be mentioned. Nobody can know that.

Besides what I want to see if how things are in the gamma quadrant. Not with the founders so much as we already know there and they were always the least interesting of the three to me (minus Odo). But with the Jem’Hadar and the Vorta and everything else.

Technically Sisko was already mentioned (albeit in the Confederation Timeline in Star Trek Picard Season 2, as General Sisko), but yeah… even a mention would be great in The Prime Timeline… a couple episodes of Picard Season 3 remain though… so we’ll see

Perhaps if Kira have an appearance then because (Insert Rank here above Captain) Sisko recommended her. Also she still could have good Bonds with the real changelings of DS9

Perhaps she is wearing an necklace, that in reality is some sort of best Friend in this Form *wink wink*

“If you make me look bad? I will beam you into the wormhole?” Sisko would never say anything like this… not even to Quark.

Somehow I just cannot deal with the whole 90s American comic book style graphic design. If it were a bit more like the golden era comic books of the 60s and 70s then maybe I might be inclined to give it a try. Perhaps that is just me.

I do one day hope to read A Stitch in Time by the actor who played Garak.