Season 1 Of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ To Stream For Free On Pluto TV Ahead Of Season 2 Release

Pluto TV, Paramount Streaming’s free ad-supported streaming service, is adding more Star Trek content, now expanding to include full seasons of original Paramount+ programming in the USA.

Stream SNW for free… season 2 of Picard already available

Paramount Global is leveraging the power of its popular free streaming service with a new initiative of offering full seasons of original programming before new seasons are released on Paramount+. According to Deadline, this will include the first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which should start streaming for free on Pluto TV in May, one month ahead of the debut of season two on Paramount+ on June 15.

Anson Mount as Pike, Rong Fu as Lt. Mitchell and Melissa Navia as Ortegas episode 1 of Strange New Worlds

The different original shows will be available via the Paramount+ Picks channel during primetime programming, and also available in special programming blocks on other channels. In the case of Strange New Worlds, this will likely mean the show will rotate through on one of the two dedicated Star Trek channels.

If Paramount continues with this corporate synergy, we could expect the most recent seasons of Lower Decks, Prodigy, and Discovery to also show up on Pluto TV ahead of the release of their upcoming new seasons on Paramount+. It looks like Pluto TV has already started this initiative, as the second season of Star Trek: Picard recently began streaming on Pluto TV’s Star Trek channel and all ten episodes of season 2 are currently available on demand, which is also available for free (with ads).

Season 2 of Picard available now on Pluto TV

Pluto TV is available on the web, and via apps for smart TVs, consoles, and mobile devices. To see Star Trek on Pluto TV, click here.

Strange New Promo

Paramount+ debuted a new promo for season two of Strange New Worlds along with the release of episode 9 of Picard’s third season. They have also released a version of this promo on social media.

Paramount+ has yet to release a trailer for SNW season two, with Picard wrapping up this Thursday they will likely want to get something out there to keep fans subscribing.

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Damn that ship and bridge look good.
They’ve got to set up a show down between the Big E and a D-7 this season.

Except for the strip lighting and the too-shiny parts, I’d agree with respect to the bridge.

I liked Tamara Deverell’s original version better.

Jonathan Lee seems to have added more strip lighting and upped the shine after the move and rebuild on CBS’ own soundstage that opened in the fall of 2019.

I liked the colors better. I don’t get why they went monochrome, it drives me nuts. If it is one thing the TOS bridge did, it used colors for info (and looked great with the colors).
I don’t get why they wasted money getting rid of the awesome color. Also loved the blue phasers

It’s really nice to see these shows being aired for people who may not be able to afford to subscribe to Paramount+. I hope LDS, PRO and DIS also show up as the article suggests.

It’s a no-brainer really. Give people the chance to see it free, even if late, and if they can afford to, it’ll convince them to sign up for Season 2. It’s a fantastic strategy that not every streamer has without going to a third and potentially helping a competitor.

It also seems to be a great way to reach markets that don’t yet have Paramount+ or Sky-Showtime – and to convince people in markets hat do to upgrade.

Yes, also agree with that!

Yes, true but considering how disjointed and poorly written the second season was, airing S2 of Picard might not be providing much of promotion for S3. Providing S1 free of charge would have made much more sense… especially since it sets up Riker and Troi’s backstory as well as Data’s and Picard himself, so much better than anything that happened in S2.
That said, if this is just a blanket standard P+ has decided on as a way to promote all their new series, then so be it. Free is free and you cant really complain with that.

I think you’d be surprised, but outside of the most diehard obsessively whiny Trek fandom, Seasons 1 and 2 of Picard are generally not hated the way they are around these parts.

I think Picard season 1 has a payoff now off now on why he’d obsess about Data, building an evacuation fleet using robots necessarily programmed to act as slaves (or are they slaves?) while ditching his friends (or in Crushed’s case, ditching him).

Generally, I think S1 had some really interesting ideas, the biggest problem was not following through on them. From a Synth uprising and ban to the Borg Reclamation project. Both really fascinating potential stories, that ultimately went nowhere because it felt like the studio wanted more action and more mystery.

To quote AMADEUS, “Too many notes.” Which, imo, is an issue with “Picard” this year as well. (Is the story about a righteously pissed-off Changeling torture victim or the upteenth return of you-know-who?). But at least Season 1 was about some serious ideas besides fanwank nostalgia.

Like with any drug, the first hit is free! :-)

Are they ever going to release the soundtrack for SNW?

I’m waiting for it too! They’re releasing PicS3 so maybe soon.

Are they doing this in Europe next?

Ads are a deal-killer but you can get S1 of SNW for free now on Amazon if (like me) you pile up credits for foregoing the fastest level of shipping.

Ads are useful in helping longevity as the subscription model ignores the number of viewers and only cares about new signups.