Report: ‘Section 31’ To Be The First Of Series Of Star Trek Movies For Paramount+

Yesterday, Paramount+ finally officially announced a greenlight for Star Trek: Section 31, a project that was first revealed to be in development over four years ago. Originally conceived as a series, the project has now transformed into a “special original movie event,” and it appears this may be the first of a new phase of Star Trek original content for Paramount+.

More Star Trek movies for Paramount+

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Star Trek: Section 31 is the start of “‘Star Trek’ Phase 2 at Paramount+.”  The trade reports that the Section 31 project began its transition into a film last summer at least partially because of concerns about “oversaturating” Star Trek on the platform. From the report:

Between Yeoh’s schedule, fears of having too many shows going on at the same time in the franchise and a desire to enter the feature film event space, a decision was made to shift Section 31 into a movie.

And according to THR sources, Section 31 will be the first of a series of Star Trek movie events for the streamer:

Section 31 is being envisioned as Mission: Impossible meets Guardians of the Galaxy, which with the big scope of both films would make doing a weekly series a larger challenge. The plan, sources note, is for Kurtzman and company to do a Star Trek made-for-streaming movie every two years for Paramount+.

As of now, Paramount+ has committed to two live-action Star Trek series (Strange New Worlds and Starfleet Academy) and two animated series (Lower Decks and Prodigy) with orders for additional seasons likely to provide content through 2024, and perhaps into 2025. The Section 31 movie is set to go into production later this year, which could allow for a release as early as late 2024. There is no indication now if Paramount+ will continue to commit to 4 ongoing Star Trek series once this new phase of Star Trek TV movies starts.

Pictured Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou from Star Trek: Discovery

What comes after Section 31?

There isn’t any indication yet of what the next movie could be in this new phase. It could simply be a sequel to the first Section 31 film with Michelle Yeoh’s Georgiou. Earlier this year Alex Kurtzman, who oversees the Star Trek franchise for Paramount+, hinted about doing limited series and movies, and he suggested they could focus on other individual characters:

By the way, even individual characters – I think we could absolutely continue to tell stories about individual characters that are set up on the show in other contexts. That’s the beauty of having a universe now is that, in a perfect world, we’re not just doing seasons of television, we’re doing event series [miniseries], we’re doing single events that could be two, three hours long [TV movies]. I think that we are now at a place where that’s really possible.

With Paramount+ both focusing on cutting costs and concerned about “oversaturating,” it’s possible this idea of limited events could provide a vehicle for a Star Trek: Picard spinoff, or maybe even work as a backdoor pilot for showrunner Terry Matalas’ vision of a new Star Trek: Legacy series. And there is no reason to limit things to live action; in 2021 Kurtzman suggested the idea of a theatrical film based on Star Trek: Prodigy, but that idea could also work as a streaming movie.

Patrick Stewart as Picard, Jonathan Frakes as Riker and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in “The Next Generation”

Of course, all of this talk about Paramount+ moving forward with its own slate of Star Trek movies can get complicated once Paramount Pictures sorts out its plans for the film franchise. When he took over the studio, CEO Brian Robbins said bringing Trek back to the big screen was a priority for Paramount, with the goal of releasing multiple Trek movies. Robbins has had the job for well over a year now, and the studio has still not been able to get a project past the development phase, with the last release being 2016’s Star Trek Beyond.

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Phase 2 movies (in theory)

S31 (2024)
ST4 kelvin/prime multiverse movie (2026/60th ann)
Enterprise (2028)
Khan (2030)

Khan again? is that then the 3rd time using him or is it more to give Star Trek an “bad Guy”?

I don’t want to see khan again

Yeah you do

No I don’t lol. I do not get the fascination people have with this guy? Love the character overall, but I don’t need another lunatic dictator starring in their own film. We now have Georgiou for that.

Plus we already knows how his story ends, a reason why it’s hard for me to be excited about prequels, especially with characters whose history has already been told.

Well, I get where you are coming from, but I think a focus on the Eugenics Wars that might include Khan could be interesting.

That would be the 4th time, homeboy.

I cannot fathom a situation where a Kelvinverse movie gets consigned to Paramount+.

I don’t see any reason to wait two years between movies.

Here’s my suggestion…

Section 31 (2024)
The House of Worf (2025, Worf, Raffi, Martok, etc.)
Star Trek: Federation (2026, President Archer)
Eugenics Wars: Rise and Fall of Khan (2027)
Excelsior/Enterprise-B adventure post-Generations (2028)

Let’s jump right to the E-B/Exc era now while I’m still viable to appreciate it (or sell them my decades-old treatment.)

You know there will have to be a live-action Janeway vehicle of some some kind in there.

In fact, my money is on that being next up after S31. . . Perhaps as a 6-episode limited/mini series rather than a movie.

I still think there will be a Legacy series, and Admiral Janeway will probably be recurring on that.

Kelvin/multiverse would be waaayy to expensive. Personally, I see a Khan movie as an unnecessary retread, but I can see how the suits at Paramount could view Khan as being on the same “evergreen villain everyone knows” stratum as the Joker.

No, I just Khan’t.

As I recall, a made-for-TV movie was one of the ideas floated as a way to bring back Star Trek in the 1970s. Echoes of history.

One of these could turn into a theatrical release if Paramount thinks they’ve got a hit (see “Smile” most recently).

Yeah. Star Trek Ii was ordinally set to be a tv movie, but was converted to a feature sometime during the latter stages of preproduction. Fact Trek posted a memo from early fall 1981 setting out how much more everyone would have to be paid now that it was a feature instead of a tv show.

Bet Shatner and Co were chuffed to get paid movie money again!

It’s an interesting read as it shows what certain people were to be paid for the “TV M.O.W.” vs. a feature. Interesting to note that “Nick Meyer” (as he’s referred to in the memo) was already onboard as director for the TV movie with a fee of $125,000. That doubled to $250K for the feature. Leonard Nimoy was to be paid $60K for the TV movie but his feature pay is simply listed as “?”. The biggest pay jump belonged to Harve Bennett, who saw his take jump from $40K to all the way to $200K.

“Smile” was produced for $17 million (which is probably what Section 31 will come in at). Anything produced for Paramount+ is produced at a loss but “Smile” was likely seen as easy money. Not being tied to a franchise, there was really no risk in a theatrical release.Star Trek is an entirely different beast

True, an inexpensive horror film can be a box office lay-up, versus a Star Trek movie about a character with three TV seasons worth of backstory.

Exactly. That won’t attract a casual viewer or broader audience.

$17 million is about what 2 Discovery episodes cost before COVID escalated production costs.

My bet is that they are willing to drop up to $50 million on S31.

This is a prestige event movie that can be expected to garnish a high Q. It’s already getting mainstream profile from CNN, USA Today and the LA times.

They can also recoup a bit through gate with a limited global release.

My number is based on the calibre of the principal actor, and Paramount’s willingness to pay $23 million per episode of 1923. Don’t think that Yeoh will accept her project getting less.

I think Star Trek Legacy would be better as a series of tv movies instead of a show. They could also do one with some of the Enterprise cast and tell the story of the Earth/Romulan war.

Star Trek The Beginning

Yes, I’d rather see movies and miniseries focused on the various legacy characters and settings than bend a ship-based show into a nostalgia tour.

That said, if Paramount is willing to ALSO give us a ship-based 25th Century Titan show with Shaw, Seven, the Laforges, and cadet Kestra, I’d be delighted.

Just want them out looking further across the galaxy for more weird and challenging. SNW is only ten episodes a season. There’s room for two ship-based shows in different eras.

Just cancel the wretched Starfleet Academy concept already and give Terry Matalas all the money and freedom he wants to keep making amazing Star Trek.

Could do Harve Bennetts alt Trek VI Starfleet Academy as a P+ movie instead

I concur completely WTF Captain.
Full spread of Quantum Torpedos and Phasers onto ‘Starfleet Academy’.
This is an insidious plot by the niave and clueless Borg that have taken over Star Trek,
Star Trek ‘Legacy’ (Terry Matalas) is the future and hope for Trek.


Secret Hideout hired Matalas to finish up their contractual obligation of a third season of Picard and Paramount pays Secret Hideout to manage Star Trek for them.

Matalas was already on board in season 2 and though three seasons had been announced, it’s never really a guarantee.

Oh right. I keep forgetting that he is responsible for one of the worst seasons of TV made this century. In any case, he was a work for hire and Alex Kurtzman is not going to let some subcontractor steal his thunder.


Cosign! 👍

Fans want more Terry Trek. No one really cares about the CW Academy show.

Speak for yourself.

I want to see more of the gorgeous 32nd century. And if Kovich is recurrently involved in that Academy, I’ll be glued to the screen.

More to the point, Picard season three is good, but I am in a large company of fans who wouldn’t put it above SNW, Prodigy or Lower Decks.

As a die-hard 12 Monkeys fan, who was a Matalas booster long before many of the ‘Terry Trek’ crowd knew his name, I can’t believe I am the one coming here to say ‘please stop!’ with this stuff. We don’t need a divisive fan-campaigns for a change in franchise leadership.

Fan enough man but let’s not kid ourselves, most fans want more 25th century Trek. If you like Discovery then you are probably interested in the 32nd century stuff but from I’m reading that seems to be in a minority.

And bro, one last time, I’m discussing one show for Terry to run,I don’t want LDS or SNW replaced. Maybe some do but not me, OK? 👍

I think Kurtzman is a hack but I’m not trying to get him replaced either. Just keep hitting more people like Matalas and McMahan and the Hageman brothers, that’s all.

Oops I meant hiring not hitting. Stupid autocorrect. 😆

I think this is the problem. When some people say ‘Terry Trek’ all they mean is they just want another spin off show for him to run. But others seem imply they want Kurtzman fired and he’s the new honcho to replace him.

I think for people who generally like NuTrek, they are obviously not saying that. It’s the old bitter fanboys that has hated everything since 2009 or at least since 2017. Most people here are not that bitter lol. Yes people hate certain shows and some question Kurtzman’s ‘vision’ but most people here at least are not suggesting Matalas take over the whole thing.

And I don’t even think Matalas wants that job lol. He has only worked on shows one at a time. That’s why his resume is pretty thin, he’s not trying to be a JJ Abrams and has his hands in 10 different pots. He seems to just work on the show he’s hired for and when that ends, he moves on. I don’t think he wants to be responsible for overseeing the next half dozen Trek shows, it’s just his fans who want him too. So no one has to even worry or care about that.

Right. But I do plan to from-here-forward, keep track of his work. I never watched the 13 Monkeys series, just the film, but I plan to.

I’d be happy if he were more of a Dave Filoni for Star Trek the way Filoni is for Star Wars.

Started in animation (Clone Wars/Rebels), moved to live action, now moving into feature films. All the projects have A+ casting and scripts that keep you guessing, with only well-placed moments of fan service – by focusing on people that aren’t from the Skywalker Saga we don’t know how their stories are going to go, yet the stories are interlaced (not always tightly, but they rarely drop a thread).

That’s why it’s interesting for the new P+ Trek era to focus less on prequels with characters we know, but to show us characters we *get* to know, against the backdrop of eras we know the broad outlines of.

Like, it probably won’t be as good, but if S31 is half as good as Andor, I’d be pleased.

I actually don’t mind the Academy show, but it’s really not a contest what most fans want which is the Legacy show. I do think we’ll get it and hopefully with Matalas making it, I just don’t think it will be right away.

…the one thing on the side of the legacy show fans is the actors aren’t getting any younger, which may work out. Sooner the better. Michael Dorn’s work this season really knocked my socks off, what a treat. As well as LeVar Burton. Never, imo, was LaForge so well played.

Maybe both actors just properly grew into their roles. Either way, whatever happens tomorrow (finale and beyond), this was a great ride.

Well after seeing the finale I don’t think it will be a big deal. It did promise what everyone was saying and it will be more about the next next generation. But sure I know they will definitely get some reccuring TNG characters pop up if it happens.

This is completely plausible. Academy could easy go the wayside like the Section 31 series. Until it’s being made, there is no assurance which way it might go.

Also, Starfleet Academy could easily be set in 2402 after the events in Picard Season 3. With picking up the pieces, it would make sense that they could have to be really increase Starfleet Academy enrollment and Shaw & Seven could be instructors on the Titan.

I dread an Academy series, but I hate a Legacy series even more. How lazy, safe uncreative and unimaginative!

Once every two years is a pretty laid-back schedule. I wonder if they’ll spend as much on these as Netflix has in the past (Red Notice cost a reported $200mm). I kind of doubt it, but a two year release schedule implies that these are not going to low-budget, crank-’em-out fare either.

Probably no $200 million. If Paramount had that kind of money to spare we’d be having a forth theatrical movie.
On the other hand, unless they rely heavily on existing assets from SNW, Discovery or the new Academy show or go really small in scope (which doesn’t mesh with the “event movie” description), a 2-hour streaming movie would probably not be cheaper than a season of a show. There are just a lot of setup costs involved in establishing that future world. The Star Trek Voyager pilot reportedly cost $23 million back at the time. That would correspond to about $47 million today. Normally, these costs are “spread out” on a TV show because the sets, props, costumes etc. can be reused over the course of the show. But if they do stand-alone streaming movies that would be one-time investments.

I would expect this movie to be in the $60-$80MM range, but I’m just spitballing with no real insight.

They’ll utilize assets from SNW and Discovery and will probably bring this in for the cost of two episodes. The infrastructure is already in place to keep costs down.

One thing to keep in mind is that CBS Studios is building its own base of physical soundstage sets, props and vfx sets in Mississauga/Toronto.

This is creating a Trek production complex where there is potential to redress and amortize over more than one movie or miniseries.

EPs Siracusa and Weber persuaded CBS Studios back in 2018 that it was better to have their own soundstages than lease, and by 2019 the conversion project to turn warehouses into 6 soundstages was done. They also have priority on long term access and use of the Pixmodo / WH White AR wall.

With Discovery wound up, the production in Ontario will be in based on CBS’ own staging. It sounds like, with the additional tax advantages of owning their own facilities, if they need expansion, it will happen.

Figure something in the neighborhood of the cost of two episodes since, for all intents and purposes, these films will likely be filmed like extended episodes of the series. The two year release schedule is probably what works within what Paramount is willing to budget.

Yeah that’s probably closer to reality. It’s probably more in the neighborhood of $20 million than $50 million. I don’t really care how much it cost of course and as all the live action shows prove, your money just go a much longer way on a TV screen than a movie screen. SNW honestly feels like a big budget movie to me but I know they cut a lot of corners by keeping episodes mostly ship based like Picard has been doing. Still, they look great.

On it’s face, this is a sound plan, and I think a win for us fans. If they focus on certain characters/crews Paramount can gauge interest for future series, and as fans we get a variety of films to pick from. Even if it’s a character/topic/era that doesn’t appeal, it’s just a two hour movie and God knows I’ve managed to sit through enough bad movies in my life. I just hope they’re well written. Interested to see what they come up with.

Remember when Bryan Fuller wanted to make Star Trek: Discovery an anthology that explored multiple eras throughout the history of the franchise?

The last five years were that, but with extra steps, lol.

While I like the way things turned out with Discovery, Picard, Strange New Worlds, Lower Decks and Prodigy and how they are unfolding with Academy and Section 31, if Fuller and CBS had only agreed that the best plan was to expand beyond one series rather than limit them to a single anthology he would still be around and not have been fired.

Fuller was fired for failing to come in on time and on budget and clashing with the studio, something he already had a history of doing. Smart, talented man but not the best guy to be running the day-to-day.

I feel bad for saying this, but I’m glad Fuller was fired seeing what we got with DIS. And Denny C has said it, it wasn’t for creative reasons, he was doing too much already and the show kept getting delayed because he wasn’t around and the show was going over budget.

Michelle Yeoh’s Phillipa Geourgiou was my favorite Discovery character. Yes, I like Michelle Sonequa Greene’s Burnham and Doug Jones’ Saru, and David Ajala’s Book. Greene is a great actress and brings the save strong emotion and strength to Burnham that she did with her Walking Dead character. Doug Jones has brought so many crazy, alien, characters to life that he is a total pro and I first noticed Ajala on Supergirl. Yeah, I like those characters, but I loved Empress Georgiou. So I’m onboard with this Section 31 film. But, unlike all the previous ST films, this one isn’t about a ship’s crew of good guys trying to do the right thing. This is a black ops film of not so good guys doing unethical things for the greater good. That makes it far different from any ST film before it.

I would’ve hoped that the first ST film from the new Kurtzmann-led production would be something more in the traditional ST model with more established characters and that bums me out a biit. There’s still no ST 4 with Pine, Quinto, Urban and the rest and that saddens me.

If you’re a fan of David Ajala, you should check out ‘Nightflyers’ on Netflix if you haven’t already. I will warn that it was cancelled after one season so the cliffhanger ending is very unsatisfying but I loved the look and feel of that show, I wanted more and was very sad it was cancelled.

Georgiou was my favorite character too! I love the idea of a black ops film rather than the typical good guys trying to do the right thing — that’s the thing with Georgiou that I find really intriguing, she may not be a great person and she is definitely capable of doing very unethical things, but she’s very intelligent and she’s also more capable of securing the Federation’s values than the other characters on Discovery.

Now, whether or not she cares about the Federation’s values is one thing, but she’s capable of getting the results she wants, she knows how to navigate politics and warfare, she also knows how diplomacy works (she was the Emperor of the Terran Empire, and we also saw her dealing with the Federation higher-ups when she was part of Section 31) — Prime Georgiou, Michael, Cornwell, and the majority of the Discovery crew may want peace, but that doesn’t mean they know how to get it.

This is a black ops film of not so good guys doing unethical things for the greater good. 

So, we’re better off having done Guanatanmo. Gotcha.

IMO – With the runaway success of Picard SE3, and the growing fan support for Terry Matalas, something should be approved for a Picard spinoff.

*It work for Strange New Worlds. :-D

I have to believe that Matalas’ ST: Legacy is going to be approved. I’d much rather see that than the Starfleet Academy idea. You’re right, it worked for Strange New Worlds so why wouldn’t it work again?

It won’t.

Matalas has said it’s not being developed (at least not currently), and after they wrapped, the Titan and Enterprise-D sets were junked. Not that they can’t rebuild them, of course.

NO, those sets were not “junked”. It has been stated that the the Enterprise D bridge will be kept safe (presumably forever this time). And I believe that the Titan bridge is saved as well.

There are two conflicting pieces of information on this. One is Blass on twitter saying the set has been “gone for over a year” and a recent Variety article implying that the set was saved in the Star Trek Archive… not sure what that all means.

Blass also said that key interior fittings were saved, packed and shipped.

It sounds like the underlying construction would need to be rebuilt.

If an announcement is coming, it will likely be at tonight’s IMAX event.

I wonder if with the success of SNW and Picard Season 3, which both series are less Kurtzman, if when his deal is up in 2026, if then Matalas may come in as franchise runner, and at that point we might see the Titan show.

NX-01 mini-series.

I guess this make Starfleet Academy the new Flag when Disco ends.

LOL no. That’s SNW!

SNW is too cheap to be the Flag.

And how do you know the next show won’t be even cheaper? They are trying to save money after all. ;)

I suspect that’s SNW, especially for rollout outside North America.

Captain Worf and the last mysterious Mission of the Enterprise-E !

Turn Starfleet Academy into your teen movie and give us a Legacy show instead

…. x2. Agreed.

Why not both?

I’m not sure why the Picard season three gang keep trying to make this an either or proposition.

It’s not a competition.

It’s about having a menu of options that includes shows that appeal to long time fans as well as ones designed to extend the reach of the franchise.

If there’s a business case for some kind of Matalas-helmed 25th century show, it will happen. The overlap between that niche and Starfleet Academy is modest. In fact, they are so complementary that TNG fans should be happy.

“….Picard season three gang…”

We have “gangs” here now? A great number of people here, and elsewhere, agree the first two seasons were dismal, and that’s being kind. Personally I think they were terrible. This season has been a great improvement, and kudos to all involved. As to what they make a series or a film, clearly up to TPTB.

I too agree that Picard season three was an improvement.

However, I wish we didn’t have this kind of division being promoted by those who want every show in the fandom to be just like this season Danpaine.

I don’t know what’s the least bad descriptor. Sounds like ‘groups’ isn’t it.

On one hand, I’m delighted that the YouTuber “Terry Trek” campaigners have at last found something new they can get behind.

I’ve been a strong believer in the ‘menu of shows strategy’ so I think it’s important that at least one thing in the menu does appeal to them, while at the same time having some pretty satisfying elements for many TNG fans.

I like season three, and especially like that my spouse is more into it than anything but SNW. But it’s not emotionally captivating either of us the way it seems to be affecting others.

And I have really enjoyed Matalas other shows, and would like to see what he could do with a 25th century show that he builds from the ground up.

So pluses.

The minuses is that there is a great deal of campaigning “Terry Trek all the way”, “give him the keys to the franchise” or “don’t make those other things and only make what we want” recurrent messages.

I was pretty blue about that just before the Academy show announcement.

I’ve been around the franchise long enough to remember the ‘camps’ within the fandom when TNG was in its early seasons. It was enough to keep me away from con’s and clubs for a couple of years.

I don’t want to see the equivalent of the old TOS vs TNG mutual contempt resurface. As a result, I’m inclined to push back on this kind of ‘gatekeeping by promotion’ behaviour when I see it.

To be honest, while I agree with 99% of what you said, I don’t know that I actually want people like the Terry Trek Campaigners to have a show they like. They are bigoted, homophobic, sexist, vile, hateful fans and I wish they’d just go away.

Sadly, Picard has emboldened them, and given them something to rally behind, a big middle finger, and they’re now using it as “proof” that “Woke Trek” is bad.

We need a Star Trek: The Next Generation by Balenciaga movie. Google it.

I’m just thinking that after Yeoh won her Oscar, won’t she be more expensive to get to do the movie? Unless, they had an agreement prior when the plan may have been a tv series or similar, or an options clause when she first started. Just saying.

I hope the stories and production values are out there but realize they aren’t the BIG $200M spectacles we get with the theatrical movies. The streaming shows are quite good but the service needs to crank out good product to get me to keep paying that monthly subscription fee.

She’ll certainly get more than she would have a couple of months ago, but female Best Actress Oscar winners don’t get anything like the pay bump their male counterparts get.

As far as locking her into a deal, this thing has been languishing in development long enough, it’s hard for me to imagine that any option Paramount had on her hasn’t expired. I just look at this as Yeoh signing for a job just like any other.

She’ll probably get a producer credit and a fatter check is a given but there is an expectation that television projects will pay less than feature films. There is money to be made on the back end, however.

Yeoh is indeed listed as an executive producer on the movie in Trekmovie’s other article.

I don’t know where people are getting this weird idea just because you win an Oscar, your asking fee suddenly doubles or something? I’m guessing the overwhelming majority of people who win an Oscar still makes the same money they were making before. All the make up artists, sound technicians, songwriters, costume designers, screenwriters, etc who wins one don’t suddenly get massive pay bumps for their next project. I’m guessing they can demand more but it’s not a guarantee either.

Obviously it’s a little different for actors but winning awards doesn’t suddenly mean they get huge salaries for their movies. Its funny because no one seems to assume that with her co-star, Ke Huy Quan, who also won an Oscar. Trust me, he’s not suddenly getting million dollar paychecks just because he won one. He may demand a little more money but in reality it will just give him more exposure than anything.

Yeoh was already a big star, but still not an A-lister either. If they can pay Harrison Ford to be on a show who is still considered an A lister, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal for Yeoh.

And I have said this before, if she really wants to do it, then she won’t price herself out of doing it lol. Actors can just take less money obviously and many do if they just want to be part of a movie or show they really like.

Her Oscar win isn’t that great. Her movie was a box office disappointment coming only 37th for the entire year. Producers and executives will want to see box office return proven and not some pompous award.

So did you or didn’t you vote for the greasy orange criminal?

I just have the feeling that there is not going to be a Legacy series, and they will instead punt that to a promise to fanbase that the second movie will cover that territory…but no series.

It sounds like movies are the way they’re going henceforth.

So now YOU’RE one of the “sky is falling” naysayers? Oh brother!

This is great! If these movies are Picard Season 3 quality, I bet they could head up straight to the theaters.

Good news but I think TV movies should be released at least annually… Okay, let’s not be greedy. It’s a lot better than no TV movies at all…

I’m really really excited about this! :)

It will be nice just to have movies again, even if they aren’t theatrical. And I think its a huge sign they are moving away from the big tent pole stuff they tried with the Kelvin movies.

But this is a nice middle ground if so. They can’t put out mid-budget movies anymore like the old days but they can’t really compete in the big budget arena either;especially if the aim is to make $500+ million. But producing low to mid budget movies will at least guarantee a profit and will still pull in both hardcore and casual fans. And even some newbies but I’m guessing it’s not going to be marketed to them as much like the theatrical movies. But again, that’s the issue with the big tentpole movies, you need them just to make a profit as Beyond proved.

So I really do think this is the way to go, at least for now. I like the Kelvin movies and I have no issues with big CGI spectacle, but Star Trek has always been geared more for TV end of the day. And while I like big escape popcorn movies as most people, it’s never been necessary for Trek to thrive on that either.

And I just want more freaking movies lol. If they still try to make another big studio movie in the future, I’m all for it of course. But now, no matter what happens with those, we’re now guaranteed to get a steady stream of them (no pun intended ;)) on Paramount+.

It’s just a lot easier to get them off the ground when you’re paying around $50 million for them and not a $150 million.

Actually very interested to see what they come up with, Tiger. I share your enthusiasm. And you’re right. Written well, these films don’t have to break the bank. Written well.

It just makes sense. The movie side has been floundering and I think they see the opportunity this can bring. Keep the features dead until you find hopefully a more suitable project. I just don’t see anything for at least 5 years now.

I agree,its like Paramount has finally figured it out how to do star trek films when you can’t really do them on the big screen anymore for less than 150m for whatever reasons .. And its like they using the newly Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh and the uncertainty of the S31 series as like a springboard for the ‘Trek TV Movie’ franchise (bringing back memories of when Star Trek II started off as a TV movie).. Hopefully to be followed by the Trek movies we REALLY want (a Kelvin ST4, Orcis ST3?, The Enterprise Movie),

Sisco must return.

Much prefer series to movies where we can get to know these characters. Movies are for after we know the chatacters from a series. Plus i don’t think anyone really asked for a show set at the academy. SNW was only greenlit because Pike was the only thing people seemed to like from Discovery. just because Just do a Picard spin off set after it where we see the aftermath of he end of Picard the movie the story along from there maybe take a tad longer to give us more episodes & make them more character oriented & less big action do we get more use out of the sets & have less special effects. That’ll save some money.

I’m not an Emperor Georgiou fan, but I do like Michelle Yeoh. I hope this turns out well enough that Paramount will play it in theatres first. I’d love to love it!

Let’s get Project Phoenix going.

This could be a nice chance to adapt some novels into a movie. There is some amazing material there. I would watch the hell out of a movie adapting “Spock’s world” with the SNW crew, with Pike and MBenga replacing Kirk and McCoy.