Watch: First Trailer For ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 2 Features Kirk, Kane, And Klingons

With Star Trek: Picard wrapping up on Thursday, Paramount+ wants to remind fans that there is another season of Trek on its way in June. The brand-new teaser trailer for season 2 of Strange New Worlds features the return of Paul Wesley as James T. Kirk, the first look at Carol Kane as the USS Enterprise’s new engineer (Pelia), and the first look at Klingons for the series.

Watch the trailer

[Available internationally at]

Season 2 will premiere Thursday, June 15 on Paramount+ in the U.S, the U.K., Australia, Latin America, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The second season will also be available to stream on Paramount+ in South Korea, with premiere dates to be announced at a later date. Following the premiere, new episodes of the 10-episode season will drop weekly on Thursdays.

Strange New Worlds stars Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One, Ethan Peck as Science Officer Spock, Jess Bush as Nurse Christine Chapel, Christina Chong as La’an Noonien-Singh, Celia Rose Gooding as Cadet Nyota Uhura, Melissa Navia as Lt. Erica Ortegas, and Babs Olusanmokun as Dr. M’Benga. Season 2 also features the return of special guest star Paul Wesley as James T. Kirk and new addition Carol Kane in a recurring role as Pelia.

While not shown in the teaser, season 2 includes the previously announced special crossover episode featuring both live-action and animation, with Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Tawny Newsome as Ensign Beckett Mariner and Jack Quaid as Ensign Brad Boimler joining the U.S.S. Enterprise. The episode was directed by TNG vet Jonathan Frakes.

New poster

Paramount+ also released new key art for the season.

Season 2 teaser poster

And in case you missed it, on First Contact Day, Paramount+ released a series of character posters for the season.

Season 2 Pike character poster

Season 1 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is currently available to stream exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., the U.K., Latin America, Australia, South Korea, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave in Canada and on SkyShowtime in the Nordics, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Central and Eastern Europe. The series is distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution.

Keep up with news about the Star Trek Universe at

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Looks good, but man that Kirk actor is going to be hard to get behind.

“Looks good and man that Kirk actor looks great, too!”

Corrected it for you.

How can you be 100% wrong about everything? Ah, yes. You’re trolling.

Time to put warning labels on the Tranya.

By definition an opinion cannot be wrong. My comment is a popular and humorous way of responding to opinions one disagrees with. Sounds like you’re being the troll.

You’re contradicting yourself. If an opinion can’t be wrong (to which I agree), why then did you correct SNW’s opinion?

Think of it as an alternative, particularly so when the original comment was offered up as a statement of fact.

Some people lack vision. Not you and me, though, Phil.

The self-proclaimed visionary. The Chosen one. The only one with the answers.

…policing has become nonexistent, seems.

No, this place has become a cesspool. Mods would rather have page views than a constructive dialogue. Time to say goodbye.

Nicely done.

It’s nice to receive a compliment!

My comment is a unpopular and arrogant way of responding to opinions one disagrees with.

Corrected it for you.

That’s harsh.

Alpha Predator and I agree at least a few times a week.

While I’m a contrarian at times, I’m not inclined to troll.

Don’t take it personally, TG47, any time someone has a minority opinion they are accused of being a troll. Sadly, that’s just how it works.

And if one is in the majority, they are allowed to be as bullying, snarky, and nasty as they like.

If one disagrees with the majority, they’re accused of being authoritarian, of trying to police thought. But the truth is that — like anything in that sphere — every accusation is really a confession.

It should have been, ‘how can you be deaf to the facts and the reality of the thing with ears that big?’ to give it that trek flavor

Do you realize individuals are allowed to have a different opinion than you, AlphaTroll?

He does not.

I do. You just don’t pay attention. Maybe try, but I know that’s hard for a cookie.

The reality is that t’s everyone else who doesn’t like that I have my own opinion. Majority rules, right?

Ah yes. Now it’s the “I’m right, everybody else is wrong” angle. I wish I was a psychologist. Lots of material to work with here…

Do… do you not see how that applies to you, too? Because believe me, I am well aware that everyone has an opinion and nobody’s is right.

Seems you and everyone else, however, completely lack self-awareness. Talk about some psycho-analysis, pally!

I’m sure you believe what you say. My point is, first you insult Lorna Dune by calling him a cookie (I’m well aware of the Lorna Doone cookie reference), then you say it’s everybody else that whatever… I never do that. Then in this last post you do it again, you say me and everyone else completely lack self-awareness. Say again?

Here you say that if we disagree it’s us who don’t have self-awareness. That’s flat out saying we’re wrong because we don’t see things right and not because we have our own opinion which is as valid as yours. You’re contradicting the first sentence of your post.

We have different opinions. Right. But it’s not for you to go ahead and tell us our opinions are different because we lack vision or self-awareness. The very fact that you say this is a direct indication that you’re the one not seeing your opinions with the proper perspective.

Anyway I actually mostly agree with you. In this case I do about Wesley too. It’s the way you gaslight people… When I see people do that I call them out. Yah I can hear (read) you say “That’s what I do too!” but the difference is you’re obnoxious when people just happen to express an opinion you don’t like. When I’m obnoxious, most times it’s to call out people who I feel are disrespectful.

Calling Lorna Doone a cookie is being playful. It’s like people have just forgotten how to have fun.

Devil is in the details. Call somebody a cracker and it might not go down so smoothly for you.

Sorry, wrong post.

Alpha Predator, it’s cool that at least one person here could get behind that performance and and casting choice.

I think you’re better off accepting that you’ve got the countervailing view on this one though.

For me, regardless of any physical resemblance or attempted mimicry, or any narrative about being in a different timeline, Paul Westley’s Kirk didn’t have the charisma, presence or intensity that Shatner imbued into the role, or that Pine was able to recapture in his own way.

We’ll see if it’s any better in season two.

Bottom line: so far, not great.

I totally accept that i’m in the minority. The fact is, you have to accept how silly you sound, wanting him to be Shatner, or even wanting him to have the same “chairsma” or “presence” or “intensity.” Those are all nebulous, vague, subjective, and undefinable things… how convenient!

It’s all so hysterical to me. But keep on keepin on, me and every other reasonable fan is laughing at you.

It doesn’t have to be the same screen presence/charisma that Shatner had, it just has to be, well, any screen presence/charisma at all.

Hunter, Greenwood and Mount each had their own particular charisma as Pike.

Same with Shatner and Pine as JTK. Very different actors/performances (Pine isn’t Shatneresque), but both fit the character.

Sort of like Superman. The guy needs, well, something. (Brandon Routh, while stunning in person [I saw him in my local grocery store a while back], didn’t really have much presence as either Supes or Clark Kent.)

Yep, just my opinion. I just haven’t really clicked with Wesley in anything I’ve seen him in. But I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

As I said elsewhere, I thought his screen presence, charisma, and intensity were all solid. Once again, none of those things are quantifiable, as you even seem to admit. It’s just… a “certain something.”

I thought he was great.

What he said.

you are judging that by one episode where his life experiences were greatly different than the Shatner kirk?

i wanna go on record that i liked what he did in the episode

People love to be knee-jerk reactionaries and then pat each other on the back for it. I’m amused.

I was just trying to point out that I’m not agruing for the sake of arguing.

I actually dig Paul Weasly as a young Kirk

Yes, sorry for the confusion, I was agreeing — pointing out other people’s reaction to him.

“For me, regardless of any physical resemblance or attempted mimicry, or any narrative about being in a different timeline, Paul Westley’s Kirk didn’t have the charisma, presence or intensity that Shatner imbued into the role, or that Pine was able to recapture in his own way.”

Well put, TG47. I just find it hard to believe that a bunch of casting people in a room agreed “Yes! This is the guy to play Kirk!”, out of who knows how many auditioned.

I actually really like the new Kirk as well. More thoughtful, less hammy — a nice update for the 21st century audience.

We’ve only seen Wesley’s Kirk in a retconned Balance of Terror, but if you look at the original Balance of Terror, Shatner’s performance in that episode was not hammy at all; it was a controlled, understated, nuanced performance.

It’s cool to pick on Shatner as though it’s some great discovery and most audiences are simply impressed by anyone who’s on a screen in front of them, so it’s not a surprise that people think Wesley is Kirk because the TV tells them he is.

Yes indeed; very much so. That was the Kirk who was compassionate yet a total hardass when he needed to be (looking at you, Styles); a master tactician who abhorred the idea of actually going to war, with all of its costs for both sides. I wish we’d seen more of him.

Really wish Ed Speelers had landed the Kirk role. He has the presence and swagger to carry it off. I just can’t see Paul Westley as Kirk. Just doesn’t compute.

Honestly see Speelers and Westley as indicative of supremely bad casting choicses, which is magnified enormously when the material isn’t anything special. Mount was often able to elevate the material on dsc s2 and a lot of SNW, but thus far he is very much the exception to the rule when it comes to treknewcomers in front of the camera.

“Westley” is the former Dread Pirate Roberts. Paul Wesley is the actor playing Kirk. :)

Sorry, was going by the spelling from the poster above me. Shoulda checked first.
As you WIIIIIIIIssssshhhhhh.

Speelers is awesome in the role. Just wish he was nuKirk and they found someone else to be Jack Crusher. But in the role he has he is “crushing it.” Pun intended.
To each their own I guess.

Yeah, that reads better now. Good job with the white-out!

Thanks! Sometimes all it takes is a little correction tape! I think he has great charisma, fine screen presence, and a wonderful wit that works well for a younger Kirk. Can’t wait to see him in action.

The difference, I think, is that I have no special affinity for Shatner’s Kirk. I like him in the movies, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve never been really all that in love with the character. Nimoy’s Spock was much more important to me, and i’ll admit it was hard for me to warm up to Peck.

The difference is, I can separate Nimoy from Peck, and even though I still love Nimoy’s much more, I can appreciate Peck as simply a different interpretation of the character.

I’ve always liked Shatner’s Kirk, but I like Wesley as Kirk too. He has the Kirk presence and charisma, more so than Pine IMO.

Ah yes, the good ol’ “If I want your opinion I’ll give it to you” principle. Got it.

Yes, welcome to TrekMovie.

Thanks for ruining it. It was fun.

Did you forget my tutoring you on that?

No trying to forget but got PTSD over it. It’ll stay with me all my life…

Or the snappier and less charming Chuck Norris variant: I I want your opinion, I’ll beat it out of you.

Agreed, SNW. To me, the casting is glaringly off for the JTK character. The rest looks like a fun enough jaunt, though. I’m glad Klingons are back to looking recognizable, too. S1 was enjoyable, looking forward to this.

Yeah it’s great to see Klingons looking like Klingons again. ;)

why do Klingons wear the same uniforms we’ve seen since TSFS? I would’ve appreciated if they hewed a little closer to TOS designs. After all, Starfleet changes its uniforms every 6 months – why should Klingon culture be frozen in time?

I honestly don’t understand the problem people have with him. I feel like people are looking for an actor to do a Kirk impression instead of be to Kirk what Ethan Peck has been to Spock. I feel like he’s captured the Kirk eye twinkle perfectly without it being a caricature.

Same. I’m not going to claim he’s a brilliant award winner, but people are just looking to complain about something at this point, and because he’s a recast of an iconic character and didn’t absolutely crush it, he’s an easy target. He’s fine, move along people, nobody hurt your dog.

I don’t think that’s a fair comment, I don’t think people are just complaining in this instance out of a knee-jack reaction, since they generally haven’t been complaining about the recasting of Spock/Uhura/Chapel/Number One, nor complaining about the JJ recasting of the iconic Enterprise crew, though they may have other issues with those films.
And even if some people do complain about Wesley’s Kirk, I don’t think it’s any more nefarious than your own public antipathy towards Shatner’s Kirk. They’re just opinions, let them slide…

I think it is a fair comment. Nobody, in fact, hurt your dog.

As for you last comment, the same is true for everyone else. It’s just my opinion, let it slide, people. But you don’t because you don’t like my attitude, right?

Well, that’s why I am the way I am. Everyone’s attitude towards things they don’t like is vile.

Exactly. I like the dude myself.

Exactly- I don’t see any problem with Paul Wesley as Kirk. I don’t want to see an imitation of Shatner Kirk. The command presence of Wesley Kirk is fine. I do think we need to see how charming he is, and given La’an’s response to him, we may see this.

And I certainly don’t want to see Pine Kirk. Angry, smug, arrogant, and bad boy.
That is not who JTK prime is. JTK is Spock’s equal in intelligence – just with an offset of EQ and instinct and gut in place of the encyclopedic knowledge and logic.

Also, I thought we would have Lt Kirk. But he’s got Captain’s cuffs in the storefront scene, so I suppose he may be captain of the Farragut.

To not put too fine a point on it, he’s not Shatner.

I just feel he comes off wooden…and boring. Pine didn’t come off Shatner at all in the first two films, but he at least had a personality. What’s funny is Peck’s Spock has more of an engaging personality than him lol.

But I’m glad others are liking him. Hopefully my mind will be changed.

And he’s too darned skinny.

Glad some like him. Like I’ve said, he may grow on me.

During the episode A Quality of Mercy, when this Captain Kirk says “… but the Romulans don’t know that”. It was perfect.

Agreed. I really think most detractors will come around once the shock/newness of someone else playing Prime Kirk wears off.

I found more fault with Craig after every film he did (except maybe parts of QUANTUM), and that was even with starting off disliking him enormously. About the only time I’ve ever gotten used to what I initially saw as bad casting was in BATMAN RETURNS, and it took damned near the whole second movie to budge me just that little bit on Keaton.

Really? Just seemed like Jim Carrey to me.

Yes, that too. Get a definite Jim Carey vibe.

Paul Wesley doesn’t sell me on Kirk but the trailer looks fun. I am looking forward to S2.

That Kirk is just fine for me.

Agreed, even though I wish Andrew Gray–who I loved as Troy in Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce–would have gotten that role.

Kirk’s is the worst casting of the entire series.

Just goes to show how good the casting is, because he’s good.

Agreed! I’m glad to see other people saying this. I thought I must have been crazy for liking him haha.

There’s. Nothing. Wrong with. The casting.

Can everyone agree to disagree? There are Star Wars fans under 40 who are fine with Jar Jar Binks. Not me, but I ain’t going to hate on anyone for it.

Don’t you mean, ‘under 4’ years of age?

100%. Great actor.. wrong role.

The best part of this is I get to watch a great actor in the right role while everyone else is miserable and cries about it. I win. Yes, it’s indeed a contest.

You “win?” What, exactly?

I dunno, all we’ve seen in an alternate reality Kirk with a very different career. I’m sure he’ll be different this time.

While I wasn’t sold on his performance in SNW season finale, I’m willing to give him another chance given that the Kirk we saw in SNW had very different life experiences than the Kirk we know (and love?).

Plus, Paul Wesley is reminiscent of well-known fan film producer James Cawley’s turns as Kirk. On all the New Voyages episodes I liked the emphasis on thoughtful and introspective Kirk. I’m quite sure that Pine could give a very good Prime Kirk turn, but he’s out of the price range, and we all see him as Kelvin Kirk…

Agreed. He still sucks. :(

See this is the problem. The way people express their negative opinions is simply vicious and vile. No need for that.

LOL dude, you are the most negative person on this board. You snap at everybody when you disagree with them and yet you seem to ignore the CONSTANT complaints about it, including what people said here.

Instead of trying to police this board 24/7, why don’t you look in a mirror and try and reel in your own behavior the way you talk to actual people here? And worry less how people discuss fictional characters and TV shows?

Can you try and do that first?

And yeah I think the character S-U-C-K-S!!! The problem is you don’t seem to understand how a message board works.

That you don’t see your own negativity and nastiness is truly concerning. I worry for you.

Dude, how many times have people called you out on your behavior?????

This is the irony, you constantly try and control people here and yet you ignore your behavior time and time again when you are called out, correct?

No one cares what I say because I’m discussing the show. You’re too busy discussing the board. You don’t OWN the site man. Seriously. You don’t have to be here. And no one is going to bow down to you lol.

Stop telling others what to do and just concentrate on yourself, Jesus.

And yep you have disappeared yet again! Again, this is YOUR problem. Constantly want to call people out, but the second anyone tells you the truth, you just ignore it. Seriously, this is bizarre behavior.

Wow, I’m so shocked that the biggest “I’m always right – you’re always wrong” blow hard on this side is piling on you. like no one could see that coming…lol. The hypocrisy and irony just kills me. Freaking hilarious!

Keep your chin up and don’t believe a word he says.

…and honestly, these days you just come across as a really negative hench-person to Alpha, Upper. You started out very cool and nice as I remember, just another of us bantering about Trek, in a way that isn’t personally hurtful. Try to find that again.

Not anymore! 🤣

Upper my friend, you’re going through Alpha surreptitiously to get back at Tiger, without directly posting to Tiger because… I’m on nobody’s side here but this is exactly what you do that got him pissed in the first place no? Not cool.

Partially correct — you are correct in that it does partially relate to me because I’ve been on the other end of his bullying tirades and want to see those stop. Please look at that dude’s 3:05 and 3:10 posts from yesterday — no one deserves to be dressed down like that here — sure, Alpha Predator was humorously sarcastic/dickish, but he didn’t deserve that.

And the poor guy has disappeared now — so it looks like the bullying worked — that dude got what he want since Alpha went away. I am not down with that, and sure, given I’ve been on the other end of that, I am going to stand up against that BS. And he just did this earlier this week to Cmd. Bremman — name-called him a 70-year old fool (BTW he does these ageism personal attacks frequently, and I’ve been targeted on those from him myself…but no on ever defends the person getting that BS from him).

That dude is a bully, and too many here give him a free pass since he usually agrees with the majority view on all things Trek.

I’m sure “the poor guy” hasn’t disappeared. He’ll survive. I can’t talk to other posters’ reply to him but in my case, it’s always because he was out of line. When you do that you have to be able to take it from the other side too. Strangely enough I like the guy. That’s why I take the time to call him out. He has good posts. He’s just trying to act tough. Needs attention. Probably a little green :)

Well said. Also, I think a lot of his posts are meant to be sarcastically funny, but I see people responding to him getting all worked up like they think he is being completely serious — like if you name yourself after a Cookie combined with Dune, then he makes a little joke on it — kind of funny, should not be a big deal. But that type of humor can easily be misunderstood and taken too personally.

I’ve gotten into it with him a few times and just stood my ground, but I also generally like the guy, and we agree on a number of things.

Tiger2 has ALOT of street-cred here, Alpha, and not a shred of ‘nastiness.’ A lot of street-cred. You are toxic. I’m tired of it. This online Trek chat is supposed to be fun, remember? I have to wonder how really beat your real life is. Look in the mirror. In words you should remember as a ‘fan’ (and clearly you are, in a way): “Insufficient facts always invite danger.”

Did some of these folks have other names here years ago? Because they kind of remind me of folks who “left.”

Things were especially toxic back when Bob Orci used to post here because many thought they had a direct pipeline to the decision makers. I left for quite a while because things got ugly — name-calling and personal attacks instead of sound arguments.

…been wondering the same. I’ve been here pretty much since the site’s inception. Under the same name.

I find it sad that you don’t even recognize that your enabling a bully here. Can Alpha Predator be a bit of an ass? Sure he can. Did he deserve those “piling on,” bullying posts immediately above from that dude? NO! And did Cmd. Bremmon deserve just yesterday to get bullied out of a conversation earlier this week with that dude — or did you not even notice that?

I mean, you used the term “street cred” to describe the dude. I mean, come on, that’s an urban term used to complement a bad dude who’s pushes his weight around and who everyone is afraid of. For goodness sake, I know I am not the most liked participant here, but the minute people start using the term for me will signal to me that it’s time for me to check out of here.

Alpha Predator did not deserve this level of vitriol today for his comments (including his sarcastic/annoying comments), nor did he deserve the laying into he got from your “street cred” buddy. And if I see that bullying BS happening again, I will proudly defend him again — with no apologies.

And I will tell you this as well — the best thing I ever did was to stop directly addressing that dude or reading his posts where he tried to respond to mine (I ignore them completely and don’t read them) — I am having so much more of a positive experience and fun on this site without interacting with him. But if you want to keep drinking his Kool-Aid and thinking he’s just peachy, then God Bless You! :-)

WTF? Really?

Agreed. That Alpha Predator guy is nauseating. Half this board is talking about this guy.

Maybe that is all he wants, some attention? Am reminded of how an actor on SNL portrayed Harvey Feirstein back in the 90s with the near constant refrain of, ‘I just want to be loved!’

Aw, thanks man! I appreciate that! :)

Did you watch the Picard finale yet? I saw it on IMAX at a screening and we loooooved it! :D

Just so much fun. Can’t wait to post my review!

Agreed and cheers, Tiger.

Good one as usual bro! 👍


Totally agree, doesn’t give off Kirk vibes at all, unfortunately.

Nope. This Kirk is lame.

He’s too scrawny. I don’t understand the casting choice when the Pike and Spock casting choices seemed so perfect!

Really? Peck’s Spock is, for my money, at least a somewhat believable riff on Nimoy’s (and I like him better than Quinto in the role, who always struck me as too peevish), but Anson Mount? Don’t misunderstand; I like him very much as Pike, but his take on the character is absolutely, 100% different than Jeff Hunter’s, to the extent that he’s really not playing the same character at all. Which is actually just fine.

Agreed on the Mount/Hunter difference. Same with Greenwood’s Pike. Three different characters. And I’m fine with that.

I think Peck’s Spock mostly works – it’s not a Nimoy impression and that’s a good thing. Quinto looks more like Nimoy, but, yes, his range is basically just either mildly pissed off or really pissed off.

In this case, Wesley seems, so far, like a completely different character from Shatner’s Kirk, too. So was Pine’s Kirk, mostly. But in Wesley’s case, I’m not crazy about this new character — at least not yet.

Klearly not the “Discovery” Klingons..
and that’s a very good thing

So, it contradicts TOS canon.

Another good thing.

But, contradicting TOS canon is what people hated about the first season of Discovery, heh.

No argument there lol. But hey that’s the wackiness of today’s fandom. No logic.

While it absolutely did that in season one on a MASSIVE scale, the Klingons shown here still technically work thanks to Enterprise. And even if there was no Klingons on Enterprise or episodes dealing with the change of look I would still have no issue with it. Just as I had no issue with their change from TOS to TMP. Pretty sure most understood what was going on there.

TOS violates TOS canon.


Would be curious to know what exactly they violated in any meaningful way after the rules were finally firmly set.

TNG did a lot of that, too. Most people who complain about canon violations tend to complain about more significant things rather than, “Worf’s head changed from one season to the next”.

Define “meaningful,” I guess?

The problem is, the TOS changes that got discarded are declared not meaningful precisely because they were discarded. What’s the century? What’s Kirk’s middle initial? What do the uniforms look like? What do the nacelle tips look like? How long ago was the Eugenics War? Those are all meaningless continuity errors, right? But why are they meaningless?

Because they like TOS, so they’re meaningless. They don’t like DSC so it’s a mortal sin.

Meaningful in that they contradict the established rules of the fictitious universe. Kirk’s middle initial didn’t matter much in the 2nd pilot. The model undergoes some small changes but it’s still obviously the same ship. The century was never hammered out for sure because at the time it was created it didn’t matter much. Those things are meaningless because they did not affect the stories being told. And as said, most don’t sweat the small stuff.

I see what you’re saying, but is “affect the stories” the metric? The Discovery uniforms don’t affect the story. The design of the Shenzou didn’t affect the story. The appearance of the Klingons in Discovery didn’t affect the story. Heck, Discovery put more explanation into why Spock never mentioned his sister in TOS than TOS did to explain why the nacelles look different from shot to shot. And I say this as one who is no big fan of Discovery.

I guess I don’t get caught up in this because I never assumed we were seeing what things literally looked like on any of the shows or movies. The TOS Enterprise certainly didn’t look like a 1960s TV special effect. Planets didn’t look like blurry beachballs. When you watch TOS, you’re seeing an interpretation, not the actual thing. So I have no issue with the WNMHGB uniforms not looking like the regular series uniforms. They’re the same uniforms, just different interpretations (IMO, the TMP uniforms are also the TOS uniforms, just “movie-ized”).

Well said.

In the way that a show working itself out does, sure. That’s not the same as 50+ year old IP that wants credit for “deep cut” references and “Easter Eggs.”

Exactly people forget and are quick to ignore that the Klingons pretty much over night changed from the TOS look to TMP, because of better budgets. No one complained when the Borg got an updated look for First contact

“No one complained when the Borg got an updated look for First contact”

I did. To myself in the theatre. It was less the makeup/design changes and more that some of them suddenly looked comically angry/sinister.

if they not overdo it, i am fine with it.

Enterprise trying to justify the look of TOS Klingons was one of the few creative missteps Manny Coto made IMO. Everyone had accepted the later designs as canon and it wasn’t necessary to fix that.

I, and many others, think it was, and what Coto did worked really well.

Roddenberry telling people to pretend that Klingons always had ridges was very weak.

I’m with OP though. Not only was it a bad move, it gave fans the ridiculous need to have everything explained on-screen when it should just be handwaved. It’s fiction, it’s fun, it’s Star Trek. Let it go.

It really wasn’t. It was a necessary move to explain a discontinuity between TOS and TMP, TNG, DS9, and VOY. And it worked. There’s no denying that.

It wasn’t necessary. Trek had ignored it for 30 years. And should have continued to. Even DS9 turned it into a joke. Worst thing Manny Coto contributed to the franchise. Not just that it happened, but even his story was lame and contrived.

I enjoyed the story itself, but yeah, it set a bad precedent. DS9 was basically telling us to repeat to ourselves “it’s just a show” and we should really just relax.

At the same time, it was kind of inevitable. When you run out of creative juice, the next step is to mine the minutea.

That’s a good point. Coto was creatively bankrupt.

That wasn’t the point I was aiming at, but ok. I just meant if he didn’t do it, someone else would. It was the direction things were going.

But it was, and ignoring it made absolutely no sense. It is one of the more prequel things ENT did.

But it wasn’t. The best prequel stuff they did was actually in the totally underrated Seasons 1 and 2, where they showed the challenges of space travel in a more primitive era, before not just technology, but later interstellar politics.

Explaining forehead ridges? That’s fine for whiny pedants, I guess, but creatively bankrupt, as I said.

But it wasn’t a discontinuity until it was directly addressed on screen. Budgets increase, technology gets better, and something designed back in the 60s on a limited budget simply couldn’t match what the creators saw in their imagination.

But it was a discontinuity. because Klingons of one era did not look like ones from another, hence it merited being addressed.

It’s not as big a deal as you guys are making it. It was something that added more richness to the mythology of the Klingons. Likewise, the DIS redesign wasn’t a big deal either. It was something that HAD to happen in order to retain continuity with what came before.

White people in blackface with Fu Manchu makeup should never play Klingons again, and long as they keep making stories set during or prior to the TOS era they shouldn’t use Klingons with head ridges either.

In truth, they wouldn’t if it weren’t because they’re trying to appease the hard core Trekkies that hated the first season of DIS. Bringing them back, now that is something that has no narrative or creative value. It’s merely being done as an appeasement for the people that exist on the other side of the fourth wall.

Again, it only became a discontinuity when it was directly addressed on screen. If it had never been addressed, everyone would have gone on assuming (correctly) that the Klingons always had forehead ridges, but the TOS budget didn’t allow for that.

Absolutely 100% agree.


👍 👍

But it wasn’t weak, it was out of necessity. If Roddenberry had the budget available to him, the Klingons we saw in TOS would’ve looked like the Klingons in TMP and beyond.

Of course, but he didn’t, which caused a discontinuity with what came later.

That’s not how that works at all… Should we also assume that all of the boulders thrown at Kirk during TOS really were painted styrofoam? And thus if we ever revisit a planet we saw TOS we’ll need to create a complicated reason for the rocks looking like real rocks instead of styrofoam?

Heh. Not sure that I buy your analogy there, pardner, but it’s a pretty damn funny one all the same.

Not bad. Of course my position is a new version of any series is just an update, so why all the chatter in the first place? Goodness. Does it really matter? It’s a fictional story, series and franchise. I could care less. I guess it ultimately comes down to suspension of disbelief and everyone has to decide for themselves. It just disappoints me that many fans and producers are so focused on extraneous details.

I agree it was a mistake in Ent to do that. It was one thing for an anniversary tribute show on DS9 to show TOS Klingons, but it should have stopped there.

Forehead Klingons are correct. They were in TMP, and throughout ST 3-6. Given a larger budget for TOS, that’s what they would have looked like in TOS too.

Just like the TMP Enterprise isn’t the same ship as the TOS Enterprise, but we accept it to be.

That was supposed to be an update/refit in the story, though. Not the same thing at all.

Agreed. The makeup changes only became a continuity issue when it was directly address on screen (i.e. in Enterprise). Up until that point, everyone (or most everyone) understood that makeup, technological, and monetary limits were at play when it came to the production values of TOS. The Klingons we saw in TMP and beyond were what the Klingons always looked like; we just need to use our imagination to “see” the TOS Klingons with modern day makeup.


I am one of those who felt there was no need to explain away the Klingon looks because pretty much everyone understood what was going on there. I mean, is it necessary to explain the lack of movement in the Andorian’s antenna? No. We all understand what’s going on there.

That said the explanation was fine. Just not necessary.

I don’t think it contradicts canon, there’s just better make-up technology today. Imagine we were looking at an old blurry photo before and now we can finally see a sharp image. It’s the same Star Trek.

It contradicts canon in that Klingons during the time between ENT and TOS didn’t have head ridges. They were mostly white guys in blackface with Fu Manchu facial hair. Klingons with head ridges existed before the Augment virus and after TMP.

Ash Tyler looked pretty much exactly like a TOS-era Klingon.

Re-read it this way:

Imagine it like an old blurry photo (TOS) and now we’re seeing a sharp image (Later Trek). Similarly, I always thought of it like, all of Trek is just a recreation of a fictional history. Not all the details are always right, sometimes we uncover new details about the past, and budgets allow us to show it more accurately.

So they always had ridges, that’s how it should have been played. But DS9 had to revisit them and make a joke, and then ENT had to muck it up for good.

ENT didn’t muck it up, though. ENT offered a clever solution to the question of why Klingons were different before TMP, and it worked very well. Ignoring it any further or, doing as Roddenberry suggested, pretending they always had them, stopped working.

Likewise, DIS was clever in offering yet a third rendering of how Klingons could have looked like prior to TOS in order to, one, not contradict ENT and TOS canon by having Klingons with ridges, and, two, not using white actors in blackface like Fu Manchu makeup like both TOS did in the ’60s and ENT did in the ’00s, a practice that no longer works.

Portraying Klingons as humans with facial hair, whether they were played by people of color or white people in blackface, would have been ignorant and dumb for DIS to do. Ash Tyler without prosthetic makeup looks like a TOS-era and post-Augment virus Klingon. That’s just ridicolous.

Consequently, to respect canon AND not be accused of racism by resorting to blackface, a third Klingon design was necessary. All that is missing is the context of why it exists.

I believe it is part of the continued effort by the Klingons to undo the damage the virus made to their genome. A cure to such a devastating thing would not be found overnight. We still don’t have a cure for COVID, just a vaccine…

Yes they did muck it up. Everything was fine before they came along and tried to explain something that didn’t need explaining.

But it did.muck

It did need explaining. For reasons that escape you.

It seems like I’m in a small ‘don’t care much either way’ minority on this one AlphaPredator.

I remember being shocked in the theatre when we first saw Klingons in TMP. I hadn’t got the brief that Roddenberry wanted them to look more alien. But it was also that we didn’t see them acting like the Klingons of TOS that doubled down on the sense that they must truly be some other opponent species.

However, as the later movies rounded out what Klingons did, I came round. Then Worf on TNG and the episode Heart of Honor pulled things at last altogether for me.

For me Worf’s journey reconciling the violent alien nature of Klingons and their traditions of honour was the fix that I needed, not an explanation about forehead designs.

I’m a bit bemused that people are passionate their feelings on both sides on this one. I think I’m coming to realize that I’m someone who likes cool design but am less concerned about visual continuity.

By contrast, I am quite put off by inconsistency or incoherence in characterization of either individuals or aliens or in plot arcs. Breaking continuity in world building about peoples and characters is what’s problematic.

Bottom line: I think we all need to work at at appreciating and accepting that there are things that really get in the way of the experience for fellow fans. Suspension of disbelief fails.

Telling people that it doesn’t or shouldn’t matter isn’t going to work.

When it becomes a large part of the fandom, it makes sense for writers to put in an in-universe explanation to resolve continuity even if it’s awkward for the rest of us who are just rolling with it.

That’s what Gene Roddenberry did in his actually kind-of-good novelization of THE MOTION PICTURE, where he has Admiral Kirk in the introduction imply that what we know as TOS was really just a dramatization of the actual events, ostensibly done by Roddenberry, and one that Kirk was not entirely happy with. To this day I think that’s a pretty clever way of getting around the canon issues fans get so up in arms about.

I mean … yeah. But also: Some white actors in blackface might not fly in modern hollywood anymore these days :-D

No it isn’t. That’s what the Klingons look like with hair. We have already seen them in Disco season 2.

It looks like they have simplified the prosthetics to only be the forehead, not the whole face

Definitely not what the Klingons in DISCO season 2 looked like. The makeup has been scaled way, way back (for better or worse…)

Oh, it’s better

The Klingons on DISCO also had different ethnicities.

I remember reading, somewhere, that all 3 Klingon makeups show up this season.

That would be really interesting and something I’d totally be onboard for.

The ship is also more recognizable as a D-series klassic Klingon design than anything we ever got on Discovery. I’m sure you’re rubbing your hands in anticipation of the eventual release of a model kit.

I thought the D7 on Discovery was pretty sweet. Just my personal opinion anyway.

I forgot about the D7 in season 2, that one did feel more traditional; those designs from season 1 were just a little too different for my tastes though.

Those ships were built by different Klingon houses. Each House had different styles.

I actually think the scaled back makeup (and addition of hair!) of the Klingons in DISCO season 2 were actually pretty good. Still a somewhat unnecessary makeup change (which we’ve seen a ton of in DISCO – like Andorian’s, Tellarites, and Ferengi), but nowhere near as egregious as the season 1 Klingons.

In general, I have no problem when a show’s (or the universe a show exists in) production values increase leading to changes in the overall look and feel with thing; but those changes should still honor what came before. A perfect example is the updated Borg makeup and design we saw in First Contact vs. what we saw in TNG. The updated design was definitely higher quality or more detailed, but still very much in line with what we saw in TNG.

Once again, trailer not available in the UK. You’d think they wanted to keep it a secret from the rest of the world.

The BBC blocks Doctor Who videos all the time.

In the UK you can see it on the Paramount+ page on Facebook

It’s on YouTube on the Paramount+ UK & Ireland page.

Available world-wide.

It’s also available on the Star Trek official site as accessed from the UK

I can’t wait to find out the context of the Klingon scene.

I also want this ship to go fast now, hurry up June 15th.

Glad it’s not the Disco Klingons (though I’m interested to see if/how the address that) but those foreheads look particularly… fake or rubbery or something. Something looks off.

My preference would be for them to show that there are three types of Klingons in this era; the TOS Augment virus-infected type, the DIS type, and the ENT pre-Augment virus type.

The DSC type Klingons are due to the incompetence and hubris of the DSC showrunners wanting to do things their own way instead of making Star Trek look like Star Trek. There’s no need to keep justifying this mistake by validating its existence with explanations.

OR, it was due to not wanting to portray Klingons using white actors in black face like it was done in 1966 because blackface in the 21st Century is not a thing anymore.

Canonically, Klingons don’t regain their ridges until after the third season of TOS and before TMP.

Not all Klingons lost their ridges. Just the infected colonies. My head canon is the Klingons used them against the Federation because they could do espionage and other things easier.

Indeed. That’s why I think that there are three types of Klingons. And hopefully SNW will explore that rather than tell audiences to pretend that DIS Klingons never existed.

Haha. “Head canon.”


Yeah Klingons still had ridges, simply not all of them.

They’re of the “Ruffle” sub-genus of Klingons.


And this is exactly why the ENT episodes ruined everything. Endless debates now about asinine minutiae.

Yeah like Enterprise was the first show to do that lol.

Never said it was the first lol. You invented that to be snarky, because you know i’m right and you have nothing to counter with.


In the late 80s (when FASA was the place for Trek) that was the thought, that the Klingon human hybrids were genetically engineered for that border

I actually liked the DSC updates, I think it actually made them seem alien. I do not care about visual continuity.


….what someone cares about is not relevant, according to many responses you’ve dumped upon the innocent here. How it relates to the conversation, is. So you liked the DSC Klingon updates. Cheers. Leave it at that. Many lessons such as this are possible.

Maybe you should just “leave it at that.” But you won’t. See how that works?

Roddenberry didn’t care about visual continuity either.

Obviously the Klingons didn’t all lose their ridges from the augment virus. Many of them did, but many still had ridges.

I think DIS Klingons represent a step toward curing the Augment virus, hence their having ridges.

The Augment Virus was worse than anything in Discovery. Let’s pretend it never happened.

It really wasn’t. It was clever.

It was not clever or necessary.

It was both.

At this point, this debate has taken on the “Rabbit season!” “Duck season!” “Rabbit season!” “Duck season!” quality of an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. Only, not quite so intellectually elevated. All due respect.

Yep. That’s why I’m enjoying the conversation.

My personal favorite is the one with the Bull and Bugs as the toreador. Classic.

It was neither clever or necessary.

The augment virus isn’t canon anymore.

Yeah, female crews with go-go dresses for uniforms, white actors in blackface, and white, male ship crews will definitely make Trek great again.

In all fairness, the go-go dresses were from the zeitgeist of the 60s. As were the hair and makeup…

Yeah, the micro-minis were actually considered “liberating” at the time and were not thought of as sexist at all. That would change in a few years.

Wait, wait, are you saying that bad visual design is defensible because of what’s popular, possible, or appropriate at the time it’s made, and an update later is OK? Interesting how that works!

When you say ‘bad visual design’ are you meaning to say ‘impractical’ or ‘inappropriate’? Just yesterday you were dismissing visual aesthetics as unimportant, so trying to figure out what playing field you are on before announcing whether you’re playing offense or defense.

Usually he plays left-field but the right field dude got injured running at the wall trying to catch that homer, so he’s playing on the right now (no allusion to political leanings).

Not sure I understand your post, you seem to be extrapolating what I wrote. It was appropriate at the time because that’s how the 60s were. Today it would be inappropriate because of reasons you must know. You can’t judge a generation’s look and values using another generation’s standards, especially not 60 years later. The exception is Disco. That’s bad. It was bad and stupid then, it’s bad and stupid now.

Change is okay. Different is not necessarily bad. Now, execution is everything, that’s a whole different thing. … But the desire to not repeat and try to do something different should be embraced as important. But every time I hear something is not Star Trek, I start thinking, “Well…maybe that’s a good thing.”

-Ira Steven Behr.

Do all Terrans look alike? Asians, Caucasians, Negroes, etc. look different, yet are of the same race. Why can’t Klingons? This continued criticism of Disco for creating different looking Klingons is misplaced and, well, uncalled for. Now the shows writing in spots? That’s another story.

Mine as well.

I liked that Picard put different types of Klingons in the same show. Prodigy is doing the same for Tellarites.

Yes, funny how fans act like this is a new thing. Trek has ALWAYS visually updated its aliens with each new generation of shows. And sometimes within a show.

they do look really …. smooth?

What is there to address. The Klingons looked different in EVERY TOS era feature film after they first redid the look in TMP – and hell, even in TNG they had Klingons with various and different types of ridges. There’s NOTHING to address.

Amen! I laugh at anyone who even cares about that sort of thing…


Time travel to the present
! It’s the one thing I’ve been wanting to see in Star Trek since the second season of Discovery!

I was thinking that, too. Honestly kinda tired of that.

Don’t worry. This time they’ll have smug, out-of-touch comments about how much more advanced and sophisticated they are. You know, something fresh!

At least Orville had the sense to have the characters react to the 21st century from the perspective of having not only survived it but thriving afterward.

Picard Season two …

He said Star Trek not Patrick Stewarts poorly written fan fic lol

I actually forgot about that! lol.

I envy you, I wish I could forget Picard season 2 lol.


Problem. Picard season 2 was Universe jumping not normal “time travel”. That’s the little differece here that could affect the future or past present. Where Universe Jumps do not have this problem. Because it’s not their World…

But let’s see

That’s true, to a point.

Yeah I LOVE time travel so I’m excited if that’s what we’re getting.


Time travel to the “present” always makes for a fun story… when they focus on it. That’s my biggest disappointment about PIC S2. They could have used it for a compelling, topical tale, but went… the route they went.

Yeah. Gotta see how this might connect to Pike pointing to Jan 6th as part of the start of WWIII.

Fun story but also a high risk of lameness and a short ‘best before’ date on the episode.

The TOS stone travel episodes to the 60s were cool in the 60s, but by the 70s they were completely cringe. Now they’re fine again because they’re period pieces.

Meanwhile Voyager’s time travel episodes remain the show’s weakest 2-parter.

I’ll definitely watch; I enjoyed SNW season 1 far more than any recent LiveTrek that came before it. I doubt I’ll enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed Picard season 3.

Agreed. Picard S3 has been just a mountain of an all time gift. Strange New Worlds season 1 was a ton of fun, a ton.

To be honest, strictly from a personal perspective, I’m less critical of SNW than I am of Picard because it has such close ties to the woeful Discovery, which I will never acknowledge as real Star Trek. I see it as more like a reboot or alternate history, like the Kelvin-verse. Yes, SNW is “canon”, however, if, with time, SNW does more things to distance itself from Discovery I might see it more as such.

However the show was tremendous last year, had far superior characters, and a real good Star Trek vibe. Can’t wait for the Lower Decks crossover. Bring on season 2!

Discovery is cannon. So is the Kelvin-verse. You never acknowledging it as “real” Star Trek is inconsequential. You don’t decide what “real” Star Trek is.

I am loving Picard season 3, but I’m really excited about having SNW back. PIC season 3 has been enjoyable but it’s also been really tense to put it mildly lol.

This trailer is just more colorful, light and fun again. But that’s what I like about all the various shows, they all have different tones and flavors. I certainly don’t mind a darker show like PIC and DIS IF they are good. But I been realizing in the last few years I am more of a LDS and SNW kind of fan where things can just be fun, lighter and comedic. It’s why those shows are tied for me now.

Amazing, as expected. Kirk looks great, good to see the Klingons, and excited for a time travel story! Only thing missing was a tease of Boimler…

I thought you hated nostalgia?

First off, that just shows you don’t pay attention to my posts, or lack reading comprehension. Second, I have no nostalgia for TOS.

Why are you always so rude to everyone here?

Yeah he just can’t seem to help himself. And it’s such a weird Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde thing going on. One post he’s very polite, engaging and social. But the very next one he comes off bitter, rude and snarky. I can not figure this guy out lol.

I do understand it because I’m the same way. (and also 😂 my personality named Aaron is a whole lot kinder than I am unless you really make him mad. Unfortunately rn he’s having a super bad time so he’s not in front so instead you got me, Theron, and Felix who is extremely unfriendly and will talk here never. Maybe we should start adding a way to tell who exactly is talking 🤔)

But seriously yeah none of us are Vulcans. We all have positive and negative emotions. Sometimes those negative emotions come out in places we don’t mean for them too. I’m not defending AlphaPredator and I could be wrong there entirely, I just relate and that’s how it is with us. A lot of our more negative outbursts recently have been because Aaron is stressed out and having a rough time. He feels bad about it though and left a note to say that he apologizes for it. As do I.

No you’re nothing like that guy lol. You don’t spend your time here trying to tell everybody what they should say or how they should say it. And you don’t jump down their throat because you disagree with them.

You are just passionate about YOUR opinion, that’s the way it should be.

Sometimes he’s fun to talk to, other times he’s a drain on this board. I understand everyone is different and sadly some Trek fans have a stereotype on their social abilities for a reason. And if I’m being honest, I suspect there is a mental issue involved there, but obviously I don’t know. But if this his behavior in real life, I have no idea how he keeps any friends or partners around. Especially for someone who constantly want to tell others their faults but doesn’t want to acknowledge any of their own.

In fact, that’s how I know you’re not like him, because you can admit to your negative behavior at times and even apologized for them while he completely ignores them.

Stress makes you say and do things you wouldn’t generally do otherwise, so Theron and Felix’s behaviours are understandable. And personally I’ve never read anything from any of you that is disrespectful. As you say we’re not Vulcans and a minimal understanding of human emotions should make us more understanding and not overly react to posts on the Internet. Alpha is probably an OK guy, he’s just a d*ck sometimes. Like you say we’re not Vulcans.

It’s called responding in kind. Look at the comment I was responding to. It’s asinine, trying to zing me with a “gotcha” comment. So I zinged him back.

But then, suddenly, i’m the one being rude. Funny ain’t it?

Dude, you do this ALL the time,OK? You seem to have some kind of issue, I have no idea what is, but it’s there.

And when people start calling you a troll for it (which you’re not), then you have to ACKNOWLEDGE maybe it’s just you. I been here over a decade, no one has ever called me out for my posting (I pissed off many people lol but no one has called me a troll or anything). Most people here has never been called out and they been here a long time too.

But you have all the time including here. Why do you think that is?

In the past, admins would have issued warnings for personal attacks, insults or going off topic, of which there are many now from a handful of people who dominate the threads. Hopefully this will be addressed at some point in the near future.

Yeah, it’s all been said by multiple people on this board. Something needs to be done. Part of the reason I like these boards is because they give people a wide berth to express themselves. But when it gets to this level of acrimony and only by a few number of people at that, there should be some moderation or at least warnings. The topic just gets derailed when it’s so much chaos lol.

Can I gently suggest trying to take the high road instead?

I think he leaves his PC unlocked, then gets up to go make himself a snack…. Then his obnoxious bratty 8 year old jumps in and snarks away…

I don’t know what it is, but it does feel like interacting with an 8 year old who gets upset when he doesn’t get his way.

And what is so frustrating about this is I have personally asked this guy 5 times now to ignore me. Five times lol. F-I-V-E!!! He doesn’t even respond to those but I know the guy has seen them but he still continues to talk to me anyway like we’re buddies because clearly he wants to keep engaging with me. Fine, then act like an adult and not a baby. It’s just bizarre behavior all around and it’s tiring. And this is why I ask certain people to ignore me, I don’t want to get into an argument every time I post something. Most people are great here, we disagree and then we move on. But there other personalities that wants to turn every.little.thing into a fight or always feel slighted as this guy does. Most of us just come to talk about Star Trek, not get into tedious fights every three posts because they feel ‘offended’ someone said something they didn’t like or constantly wants to argue why they are right. If he ignored my posts, guess what, he wouldn’t hear anything from me because I wouldn’t have to deal with his lunacy every time I get a response.

And what’s more frustrating everyone here isn’t getting on his case, he’s getting on everyone else’s lol. The guy keeps telling me and others what we can and can not say and it’s annoying. So god damn annoying. That’s why I ask him if I bother him so much, then just don’t interact with me and I won’t bother him, which I don’t 90% of the time anyway lol. But then I open up a board to see I somehow upsetted him yet again and here comes the snark. I have NO issue over any of his views. I DON’T CARE!!!! But he’s the one attacking people for their opinion, not the other way around.

And it really needs to stop. Seriously. And for the thousand times, this is why we need ignore buttons here for people like him.

Telling a bully to ignore you is the best way to have him continue to harass you. He just wants to rile you up, so the best way is just to ignore HIM. That’s for the Internet. In the real world you p*nch him in the face (shhhh!).

Thankfully that’s no longer a problem. And I never reported him but clearly others did and now he’s gone. I just wanted the guy to calm down and stop being so toxic to others. He couldn’t even admit to any of his own faults but wanted to critique everybody over theirs. It’s always amazing the people trying to tell you how to conduct yourself on a message board are usually tone deaf to their own failings.

Again, if he just left me the hell alone I wouldn’t have cared.

That’s because no one is interested in your posts.

Right, I was so disappointed not to see Jack Quaid

Same! I’m guessing we’ll see them in the next one. This is just a teaser.

Even being someone who likes Discovery and has never been a hater on it, the major visual retconning it did of established designs always bugged me, the Klingons in particular. Strange New Worlds did their best to bring a little bit more of TOS into the general aesthetic of things in the first season, and I’m really excited to see that the Klingons here just look like what we all think when we think of Klingons.

Interesting…use of Such Great Heights, a great song though the way it was mixed into the audio here was a little weird.

If this is how Discovery looked on day one, it would’ve gotten a whole lot more praise and probably could’ve stayed in the 23rd century as well.

People kept saying you can’t go back to the TOS aesthetic without it feeling dated and out of step when most people simply wanted what we are getting now in SNW.

The DIS Klingons was a HUGE mistake and I’m so glad they look like this again. But LDS and PRO has always had them, so it was never a question what they would like on this show.


Let’s just say the season one trailer was…. Better.

And leave it at that.

No mention of SH? You’ve lost a step, my friend.

That’s still a positive! Glad you liked it dude. :)

I have a strange feeling that things are going to work out for

Number One

He’s from Iowa. He only works in outer space.

Yep, that’s a very clear reference to that line and I love it.

I’m hugely excited for Season 2 of Strange New Worlds!!

I wish they didn’t have Kirk in it, though. Let this series be about PIKE’S crew; we can have Kirk later.

though 4 of pike’s crew are also members of kirk’s crew spock,uhura,m’benga,chapel

I am quite aware of that!

so it makes sense for kirk to be in the show also

It would make sense for him to show up around season 7, but this is too early. He shouldn’t really know any of these people until he takes over the Enterprise.


There is no logic in your comment.

Perhaps this are first glimpse how Pike influenced Kirk in his life. Also Kirk was always also good with Woman’s… so why not. As long there is respect, i am fine

No not the Womanizer young Kirk from Kelvin timeline. poor Green Cadet :). But perhaps both agreed to have their fun…. You know what scene i mean, come on

Pike didn’t influence regular-timeline Kirk. Kirk MET him when he took over the Enterprise from him. That’s it.

the old Pre-TOS Kirk, but is that the same Kirk? :) Okay. i get it. But until Kirk take over the Enterprise himself, they could have fun with him or not?. even Kirk has some “holes” in his History and i do not mind if SNW bend these holes a bit out, as long they do not overdo it or sacrilege his name, i am fine.

I just don’t want Pike to be overshadowed, and Kirk has a tendency to overshadow anything in his vicinity. Or maybe that’s just Shatner. :-)

This trailer is a pure delight. Holy crap I cannot wait!

This looks really great and it’s giving Paramount everything they want and need in their marketing. It is very much a reboot, though, and that’s the only way it “fits” in with Star Trek “canon” (such as that is anymore). ST:P-S3 is the cap on the tube of the TOS-TNG-DS9-VOY era of Trek and that’s now it’s own closed system. SNW and Academy are the new generation and if they accidentally cause people to go back and look at the museum pieces people like me were fans of, that’s great, but otherwise, these new things don’t have to bother with the past. They are self evidently their own thing borrowing/using whatever elements they need from that past to forge a new path — like every new generation does. Congrats! That trailer is really, truly cool, exciting, and (surprisingly) has glimpses of some interesting possibilities.

Doug Drexler was saying that he sees Star Trek as having three distinct timelines, with the NX-01 as a constant: Prime, Kelvin, Discovery. Picard Season 3 seems to make a point of reinforcing that idea with the inclusion of the U.S.S. Pioneer and U.S.S. New Jersey at the Starfleet museum and no vessels from Discovery or SNW.

This also frees up the writers on SNW to go in any direction that they want and have a bit of fun with it.

I’d be totally cool with that (and definitely like Enterprise being a temporal focal point because of the Cold War element baked into that series), but it’s aggravating that the people in charge of these shows won’t say it because it compels a lot of fans out there to defend the position that Disco and Strange New are consistent with TOS-VOY era, saying really ridiculous things like eVEn ToS wAsN’T CoNsiSTenT, and the Trek media apparatus won’t press the issue because they don’t want to lose access, even if the evidence is staring us all right in the face.

I think some people see some sort of shame in SNW and Discovery being in their own lane as though it diminishes them, but if they can’t stand on their own without “canon” connection, then I don’t think it’s reasonable to say that they’re strong shows, right? Let them be their own beast using the bits they like to forge a new path. Star Trek won’t survive with people like me still watching it 10-20 years from now. If the only way a bunch of people can come into the show is this way (that is, using iconography and characters familiar in the zeitgeist, and Paramount’s market research must say that’s true), then at least let it stand on its own.

Also, I suspect most Trek fans wouldn’t actually care. The percentage of fans offended by a reboot can’t be any greater than the percentage of fans offended by the statement that Disco and Strange New are canonically consistent with the “prime” universe. They’d just be swapping offended fans (and, of course, Trek fans are quick to take offense with a lot already).

Problem with this theory is that the SNW Pikeprise appeared in Picard S1

I never heard that from Drexler but I like this idea too.

And I don’t care the SNW Enterprise doesn’t quite fit in with the classic stuff like we saw in Picard. Some things can just be different because it’s a TV show and will have creative differences. It fits in close enough IMO.

And remember that PIC season 1 — sorry, but that’s every bit as “canonical” as season 3 — had a holo representation of the 1701 at Starfleet HQ (that place where old ladies say the effword) based on the DSC/SNW redesign. So, weirdly enough, PIC isn’t even consistent with itself.

I’m cool with the multiverse, but I find it a bit off-side for creatives like Drexler to be putting their own ideas or headcanon out into the debate.

Visual canon continuity isn’t such a bill to die on. In fact, it’s bizarre that so little changed through time or geography in the Berman-era.

Frankly we have had more diversity in visual design on our one planet across continents and 50 years of changing sensibilities.

I knew they were going to wait until after Picard had ended to release the teaser trailer.

It hasn’t ended quite yet.

They didn’t.

As much as I have been enjoying — despites its many issues — Picard Fan Service Into Darkness, it’s so refreshing to see that classic TOS-updated type of positive Trek is on the horizon.

Prediction — this season of SNW will easily become the most viewed streaming Trek season to date. This is going to blow up the internet for Trek.

I don’t think it will be able to break PIC S3, if only because of all the mainstream press over the return of a classic cast and the rebuilt Enterprise. It took it to a whole other level.

That said, it’s possible that SNW S2 is able to convert fist-time viewers of PIC S3, and add to the existing large fanbase.

We’ll see.

I hope so. Strange New Worlds and Starfleet Academy are great prongs, along with Prodigy and Lower Decks, in the attack to attract younger viewers and create a next generation of Star Trek fans, but I still don’ know how many 12-24 year olds are subscribing to Paramount+ and suspect that it’s going to be important for their parents to *stay* subscribed or the content is compelling enough for old fuddy-duddies to choose to subscribe. My sense is that P+ still has an “old people” vibe to the platform which might hurt attracting the desired audience.

Step back for a second, holy cow we are spoiled. Look at all the Trek we’re getting… Lord oh lord we’ve had 5 new shows since 2017, an upcoming movie, a 6th show not long after, and likely a Picard spin-off. Crazy!

Actually, Paramount+ has the best demographic distribution of pretty much any of the streamers, across both age and gender. It’s still heavily weighted towards the mid 40s

Even so, WB, Discovery and Amazon would be delighted to have Paramount+‘s distribution.

SNW season one skewed strongly older and somewhat male however. So, it wasn’t pulling Paramount’s younger adult audience into the franchise.

Parrot Analytics did a super interesting demographic analysis of all the major streamers (which of course I can’t find now.)


Sure, the makeup is far from perfect, but man that is still good to see.

and if someones complain, they are not original TOS Klingons.. Well, today they have much better Makeup tricks. So i do not mind

There was always room to play with the look of the Klingons, but they overdid it in Disco… WAY overdid it. So nice to see the original look back.

Nice choice of song. When I heard it it immediately brought to mind Jon Anderson of Yes. A little research and I’m pretty sure it is Such Great Heights by The Postal Service.

So it’s a song from a USPS commercial?

You serious

No :-))

On thing that immediately struck me was how they ignored the BS retconning of the Klingons in Enterprise and instead we DON’T see the human-in-black-makeup version of them in their more human form in this updated TOS timeline — and that’s the way GR would have wanted it. GR said they were always intended to be more alien looking in TOS, but budget constraints prevented it, and he urged fans to accept TMP/movie versions as the correct one — basically ignoring the way they looked in TOS.

So I commend Kurtzman and company for totally rejecting and retconning the ridiculous, fan pandering, Klingon retrovirus eps — those eps now should no longer be considered as canon.

I am hoping that this is the first step in them eventually re-writing the pre-TOS history of Trek and that we will get a reimagined version of a new Enterprise series perhaps in a decade that has a better starship that is consistent with what we saw as that ship in TMP, better characters/actors, less fan service BS, no softcore near-po*n massage scenes, and Vulcans that we can all be proud of!

Enterprise is the “SW Christmas Special” failed effort in this franchise, and it’s good to see this small, first step towards making it obsolete

I’ve never considered Enterprise canon and the show gave me the out by having the Temporal Cold War element.

But why stop at rewriting the pre-TOS history of Trek? Why not just let this be a rebooted TOS? Most people in the world only know Kirk as a punchline, most people don’t give a darn about a 57-year old TV show… let SNW be its own thing. It already picks and chooses which elements, characters, concepts it wants from TOS and uses it for its own purposes. It’s a reboot by any other name. Let’s all stop pretending. It doesn’t denigrate what the show is and for a lot of people, this will be the definitive portrayal of the Enterprise.

Hey dude, I would definitely be on board with what you are suggesting here!

I just hope Matalas had something to say producing this.

No, he didn’t. He was simply hired to help Secret Hideout fulfill their contractual obligation in producing three seasons of Picard. He no longer has a deal with them and SNW was always going to be Akiva’s show.

No thanks.

He had nothing to do with Season 1 and it was fantastic. I’m all for giving him a chance at a new show, but give me a break.

Yes please.

I don’t. He had a good run with Picard’s fan fiction season. Go out on top.

Nah I’m good.

no need. SNW Season 1 was good for me. But perhaps some Gust Episodes, i do not mind. So he earn more feathers on his Wings

Finally! Looks like this is going to hit the same fun notes as season 1. As much as I’ve loved Picard season 3, I’m ready for more fun Star Trek.

And supremely well-written, clever, problem-solving Trek!


Real fictional Klingons not fake fictional Klingons.

They’re all Klingons.

I just want to see an episode with 6 different kinds of Klingons on a Klingon colony planet, calling one another out.

headline has ‘Kane’ and I see a Klingon in the image and I’m thinking ‘man, that’s a bad typo, but Kang! Awesome’ lol

Call her Carol Kang.

Can’t wait to meet Carol Kane…. Loved seeing a D-7!
It is time! Connie vs. D-7 all out. I’m talking like Starfleet Battles, sending boarding parties while both ships take it to the limit. TWOK final battle scene x 100 – capital ship on capital ship, winner gets the quadrant.

I think the D7 was the same as the one used on Discovery.

Which was good (the D-7 looks awesome, the Connie looks awesome).
Now it’s time to put them mano a mano; Master and Commander style, both the only ships in the quadrant, both with experienced commanders. Maybe it is over an alien artifact. Maybe over the fate of some neutral zone world. Maybe both in support of some faction in a civil war. Maybe a Klingon attempt to take a solar system to see how Starfleet reacts. Whatever.
Just let’s have it where it isn’t 30 seconds and done, more Balance of Terror, TWOK then DS9 two seconds and warp core breach.
I am talking TWOK strategy complete with use of planets, black holes, electronic warfare, phasers, torpedoes, transporters beaming over landing parties, transporter mines, damage control parties fixing critical systems, high energy turns, shields collapsing, 400 souls on 400 souls, hull breaches and still going hour long episode where we finally get to see a Connie vs. a D-7 capital ship on capital ship.
See the movie Master and Commander or play it out with Starfleet Battles, I’m talking real Horatio Hornblower in space.
PS – Let the Feds have blue phasers, Klingons have green disruptors, etc.
Time to get back to when a single starship could decide the fate of the universe and these were sophisticated, expensive capital ships.
Star Trek starship combat has sucked so bad lately, 30 seconds and its a warp core breach, 1000 starships like fighters… let’s get back to some real TOS starship combat – .

I’m liking that the EPs seem to have been hearing fans calling out for more submarine warfare engagements and less emphasis of massive busy engagements.

We got submarine style tactics and situations in both SNW S1 and Picard S3.

We’re getting it Cmdr.Bremmon but, it feels that someone on high has ordered that a certain amount of SW screen saturation with little ships etc., has to be in the mix on occasion.

I think we need to accept that we’re going to see a bit of both.

Looks great! Though I do hope they give Una more to do this season. She was one of the characters I was most looking forward to and she kind of just drifted off in the background.

Yes, I was really surprised how little focus she had in the first season. I really hope she’s a stronger presence from here on in.

Everything looks great except that Kirk, who is horrible. And that he also claims to come from space. Man, you’re from Iowa.

Hey look, there’s the joke flying right by you. He looks great. My hope is that Mount leaves after Season 3 and Kirk leads the show for another 7 seasons!

Its too early for Kirk to take over. Pike still has a few years left in the chair.

The sooner it upsets people the better though

Yep, they shouldn’t have included the Kirk character at all.

Yeah I wish they waited at least until season 4 or 5 but that was a total pipe dream lol.

This looks AWESOME. I like Paul just fine as James Kirk, no issues there.

I’m guessing the bell ring is Una’s court martial but looks like by her many lines in the trailer she’s going to be OK.

Season one of SNW was Classic TOS episodic FUN for a 21st century audience and I can’t wait for season 2.

Hoping that the “Department Store” scene is just an earth-like planet and not time travel. A bit too much of that (Pic season 2) lately (and well, a LOT).

I like Spock’s last line here.

SNW: “Hit it! Punch it! Let’s fly! Engage! and I would like the ship to go (boldly)”

Given that there is a familiar “automatic caution door” and fire alarm behind La’an, this is probably time travel. Unless they’re bringing back the old TOS trope of planets that are exactly the same as Earth due to Hodgkin’s Law or whatever.

Can’t we leave the time travel to the TNG shows? I know they had it in TOS, but it just makes no sense. I’d probably even enjoy it in a Section 31/Guardian time has no meaning let’s go crazy show, but for SNW let’s let consequences be consequences including Pike having to deal with his fate. The whole definition of a hero in my opinion is thinking you face a high probably of being killed, doing it anyway because you are doing something for someone else. Time travel cheapens all that (and while your at it, why not save everyone from the past too?).

They had time travel on TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, and two of the movies. It’s a staple of Trek, as classic a concept as there is in the franchise.

Yeah that scene is very odd looking. It could be time travel or maybe it is one of the parallel Earth TOS episodes since they are in their uniforms. I have no issue with time travel but the latter would be pretty cool. We haven’t had a parallel Earth story since North Star; still one of my favorite Enterprise episodes.

I liked North Star. I just thought it was poorly placed in the Xindi season. They should have saved it for season 4. And the space cowboys at least made more sense than the space Romans or Miri’s planet since we got an actual explanation for why there were space cowboys.

Yeah I get your point for sure in terms of its placement but I really do love that episode, mostly because as you said, they really explained it. They did explain some of them on TOS like Patterns of Force (very good) and A Piece of the Action, but then you had stuff like Miri where everyone just kind of shrugs over it lol.

I’ve always attributed Magna Roma in “Bread and Circuses” to an alien race such as the Briori in Voyager (sadly referenced almost in passing, never heard of again) or the Skagarans in North Star kidnapping cities from pre-warp human civilizations in some kind of historic preservation effort. There could actually be a good story told about that.

It’s not a department store. The store they are in is a Canadian apparel chain called Roots. The logo is on the wall and very visible. Looks like a time travel thing. Glad its not to the United States… why do people always seem to time travel just to one country ;)

It’s filmed in Toronto and like many other American series, Toronto passes as somewhere in an American city (New York, Chicago, …). So you’re likely to be disappointed that they probably time traveled to the US, again…

Season 2 looks very promising. Can’t wait. Feels like Season 1 was just a preview of what is coming next.

Not important, but amusing to see the Klingons again have a different look from Discovery. To keep consistent with the inconsistency, wished we could watch an episode to see why they have so many “transformations.” Worf not discussing this issue with Miles and Bashir could easily be fixed with Ash Tyler related gene manipulation. A quick fix to understand why every iteration has a new Klingon face. :D

Oh, totally forgot about the augment virus!?

that’s ok – so did the producers

I think the forehead looks the same as Discovery. Just the nose is different. Maybe other things can’t remember.

Discovery Season 1 Klingons? They are VERY different.

Not as different as people like to pretend.

Looks great, can’t wait!

Paul Wesley is at least 10 years older than Kirk should be in this time. Tough to reconcile.

If Kirk was 33-34 when he took command of the Enterprise in TOS and SNW is 10 years before that (with season 2 being maybe 8-9 years prior), then Kirk would be about 25 and he’s being played by an actor who’s 40. Now if they start retconning age and all that, I know all Strange New Worlds fans will be totally fine with it, but between that and casting a middle aged man to play a kid, it’s a reboot.

which it and Discovery should have been all along

I’m really not impressed with whoever in their US casting has decided that middle aged people playing youths is going to fly.

I feel like I’m being told to work harder to pretend that their performances are coming across as younger than their ages, being gaslighted that I can’t see the wrinkles around their eyes in UHD in the close-ups.

The truth is that I work with 23-28 year olds and have a good sense of what they look like, what they behave like.

More, the 18-35 year old demographic that Paramount+ wants to attract knows what their age group looks like.

The sniggering from 30-35 year olds on other platforms about how Jack Crusher and the majority of the ‘under 25 assimilated’ Titan bridge officers look older than they do ought to be flags both at Secret Hideout and Paramount.

I’m impressed because they cast good actors. I don’t care about a few wrinkles. Pardon me if I ignore your expertise on what young people look like. It just doesn’t matter.

There are PLENTY of good twenty-something actors out there. And if seeing a 40 year old actor on screen playing a 25 year old doesn’t ruin the verisimilitude of the show for you, you have a better imagination than I (or is it “me”?)

This trailer shows some promise that maybe there’ll be some fresh storytelling ground broken this season. Last season looked good, but felt derivative.

Will agree with that. I didn’t mind it too much first season. They wanted it to feel like classic Trek again. But I really hope the stories are more original this season.

Same. It was clearly done last season to convince skeptical whiner Trekkies that this was old school, classic Trek in the traditional sense, and I certainly don’t mind falling back on some old formulas — the best TNG/VOY/ENT episodes did the same — I just also hope they also branch into their own thing, this time.

That said, if they’re all as good as last season, I don’t really care.

I like the look of the Klingons, but nothing about the show jumps out at me. It’s just… not my cup of tea. I want something a little more ambitious than the tired episodic formula of old.

I really enjoy the episodic format personally but I understand for others, especially younger people if they want more serialized stories since that’s what they grew up with. This show is trying to appeal to older fans taste who grew up with this style. And it does seem to be working for them at least.

Oddly enough, I have gut feeling that TV in general is going to start to swing back to episodic storytelling. I don’t know why, but SNW is certainly having success with it, and showing that you don’t need a season-long arc to keep people watching and subscribing.

…another good comment, without cutting anyone down. Keep it up.

You may notice that when comments are fair and reasonable, I respond the same way. Pay attention to the pattern.

Serialized storytelling was a good step forward in the evolution of TV, but you can go too far with it. My go-to example was Heroes, which made a routine out of building up to a cliffhanger, only to quickly resolve it at the start of the next episode and building up to another cliffhanger. Rinse, repeat.

In terms of writing, the setup is the easy part. A lot of what makes a story “good” is how everything comes together at the end. Serialized storytelling allowed writers to be all about the setup and ignore the payoff. It made it easy to pump out content but that content was usually bad.

I do also think we’re swinging back to a good middle ground, where each episode is about something, with a beginning, middle, and end. But also has some throughput in terms of character continuity, so there’s a sense of growth and progression.

As an old person, can you explain to me what this means?

Man, the episodic nature (and the apparent better ability for the writers to carry it off compared to serialization’s problems in DIS 1-4, PIC 1-3) is one of the major draws for me for this show.

Now, if they could stretch a little in their plots this season, that is what I want. I get it that they were doing their version of “a body swap episode”, “a fantasy land episode”, etc. last year, but this year I would like to see them do their own all-new effort each episode.

I don’t know why Secret Hideout is obsessed with the “go to warp catchphrase” as both 1) an actual thing and 2) a running joke, but it sure does seem like it gets seals/fans clapping. One of Strange New Worlds flaws in its first season was repurposing generic jokes from pop culture and thinking they were being uniquely funny in the show. But, again, plenty of people LOVE when characters say “Seriously?!” and “What does that even mean?” and the one thing this show does very well is endear itself to most people.

Well, all long-running pop cultural artifacts become self-referential eventually, unless the producers of such exercise a lot of restraint. It was always a certainty that someone in a Star Wars movie would eventually get around to repeating “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” and “I know” because. . . you know.

That said, I thought the Spock gag was reasonably amusing in this trailer, though I wouldn’t like it in the context of anything serious going on in the actual episode. It’s not the kind of thing that Nimoy’s Spock would say, but that’s okay, this version of the character having his own sort of charm. YMMV, of course.

This looks very cute and fun! :)

Its great to finally see the Klingons back in live action again. As someone who was sick of the Klingons, I’m so happy to see them back lol.

I was hoping to see our lower deckers show up, but this is more of a teaser trailer. I assume we will see them in the next one.

And sorry, the new Kirk still sucks. But hopefully he’ll grow on me. Did like his line though lol.

But overall I’m so happy this show will be back. I really like its fun energy, doesn’t take itself too seriously and yes, exploration. So really looking forward to it.


Love seeing the Klingons back, and their look is more like the Klingons we know. Spoiler alert.. looks like we clearly get Una back. Kirk and L’aan on a buddy mission together just gives me the wrong vibe.. feels like another hand wave of a canon connection like the Gorn were. I like the tone overall tone of the series, and Im hopeful it’ll be good, but at the same time, I’m not optimistic. I give what I saw a 6/10.

Right. I got a “Kirk was hitting on Khan’s descendant” vibe. Not cool, not necessary. Like her lineage isn’t necessary.

Danpaine, some of us were having a chat on another thread that, looking across the shows, there seems to be a pattern of ‘must haves’ laid down by Paramount executives that all the shows are bound to.

We can see that someone with money-related decision-making power has some kind of checklist derived from audience analyses.

One of the regulars put it forward and it makes sense. One of the annoying things listed is constant recapping.

Someone else here said that Paramount has not historically spent as much on audience research so the list may not be well considered. What they think is necessary may not be that important, but the EPs have to comply.

Where I’m getting to on this is that in every single new live-action show there has been a, seemingly unnecessary, linkage of new characters by family relationships, too popular legacy characters.

This is especially the case for new female characters – Burnham to Spock, Dahl/Soji to Data, the LaForge sisters; La’an to Khan. I think we need to wrap our heads around this being a feature-by-Paramount-executive-design and not a bug.

In Picard S3, it seems like Matalas looked at the note and fed it back as a trope ‘next next generation.’

That was me who put that forward, and I’ve been saying it for years. Mostly derived from the 2016 Netflix infographic which was actually one of the first times Netflix ever shared user data.

It’s almost certainly why Seven was in the cast of Picard, why the Borg were villains three seasons running, and why Q was brought back (8 of the top ten episodes most-watched were Borg, Seven, and Q episodes)

While I kind of hate it all, I do see the logic in it. People clearly want to see these characters, and it’s likely they are a draw. It’s also, I suspect, driven by MASS audience appeal, not Trekkie appeal.

Amazing! One of the very few things Discovery did right is help conceive this wonderful show

This looks like a lot of fun, and it’s so good to see 1990s-style Klingons again.

Amen to that! ;)

To me, it’s like a mix of 1990s and 1960s style Klingons, which is great!

They kind of look more like 1980s Klingons to me. They’re giving me TOS movie vibes.

Says Worf: What am I, chopped liver?

Are we going to get a three-episode arc to explain why they look different than the DSC Klingons? If not, it’s lazy writing!

Three episodes to explain something? What is this, Star Trek: Picard?! ;-)

But I think all it would take is a scene with the different designs/races together. With maybe something like this:

Uhura: “Those are all Klingons?”
Pike: (shrugs) “It’s a big empire.”

Picard went way past three…

Oh yeah, I can’t argue with that.

Yup, totally agree.

They definitely needed another take on that revolving door bit, it was like seeing George Lazenby awkwardly step into a boat at the start of his Bond flick.

Aw, you’re just being a killjoy. (Which absolutely no one would ever accuse me of being.)

I can already tell that I’m going to have to just think ‘this is somebody else altogether’ when he is onscreen. The physicality alone is just too apart from Shatner’s Kirk.

But what do I know about comic book movies, In spite of Schumacher pissing on everything he laid hands on (except for the magnificent FALLING DOWN), I sorta liked Kilmer’s Batman and would have loved to see Clooney batwinging it through any other script than the one he got (no wonder he bailed on the Gordon role in WILD WILD WEST, he would have been rightfully gunshy of big stupid studio pics after B&R.)

I’d never accuse you of being a killjoy, Michael. Paraphrasing how Ellison described himself (in fiction no less), you’re just a force for good in our time.

Thanks! Harlan Ellison will always be a hero of mine, of course, but in truth he could be as full of it as anyone. I was particularly disappointed by his reflexive defense of his friend Frank Miller, author of “The Dark Knight,” after Miller trashed college protesters who weren’t on board with Bush Junior’s Iraqi adventure. Miller snarked that the young’uns should instead make themselves useful by enlisting, in spite of the fact that his sole martial experience was in penning the aggressively stupid, ahistorical “300” comic book and movie. An earlier Ellison would have eviscerated him, friend or no.

That’s a stunner, one I hadn’t heard about. Still, one of the tenets of drama is having to deal when you find out your heroes have feet of clay, so here’s me still relearning that, threescore and two into the human adventure.

Everyone it seems is a killjoy. This trailer is awesome top to bottom. Even Wesley’s Kirk looks fun, far cry from the overly serious version in the finale. But nobody wants to enjoy anything these days.

We’re just going to have to accept casting can be divisive.

On the other hand, we’re along way away from the view (ardently held by many fans up to recently) that recasting should never happen.

Many of us feel they hit gold with the Kelvin cast, as well as Mount, Romjin, and Peck. So, the conversation has moved from ‘shouldn’t happen’ to ‘fantastic’ vs ‘this one’s not working for me.’

This is a good thing.

I understand Kirk isn’t everyone’s favorite, and that’s totally fine. It’s even fine to express it! I just don’t grasp the need for people to come in and be like “wow that looks great but YUCK THAT KIRK SUX WORST CASTING EVER”

The trailer is a time to be excited, not focus on the negative, especially when even the one thing you dislike it a very small part of it.

It’ll also be really funny if he turns out to be great, and people come around, and they realize how stupid it was to be a killjoy in the first place.

Damn. If the “Aw” preceding the “killjoy” didn’t clue you that I was kidding, my insistence about never being accused of that myself, after everything I’ve said about “Picard” these past two months, certainly should have.

I did know you were kidding. But there was absolutely truth to it.

These new Klingon uniforms have design elements from the 1960s TOS Klingons: the gold vest (now armor) and the parallelogram-belt buckle. IMHO THIS is how the 1979 and 1980s Trek movies should have done with the Klingon uniforms: base them off the original show.

They look really, really good!

The rest of the trailer looks amazing. I also agree the Kirk actor looks bad, but I can overlook that.

Discovery and SNW have been great at taking the old designs and upgrading them.

Many many years ago I actually worked with one of the guys who helped design the new Enterprise. When I saw him interviewed for a featurette I laughed. Because he was always so good at combining new and retro styles.

…not sure if you realize, but this is the best of all your posts.

You clearly don’t read all of my posts. I’m incredibly insightful, erudite, and quick-witted.

Wow, that’s amazing!!!!! What were you working on??
I love the SNW Enterprise, that was a great update (the only change I would have suggested is keeping the straight pylons to the nacelles)!! Soooo much better than the Kelvin verse big E.
Easily one of the best ship designs ever.

looks like another opportunity for some colorful metaphors from Kirk in modern day.
Maybe this is where he learned to use money. Maybe Scott will come along and learn his mac skills

Jim Kirk is from Iowa. He only works in outer space.

It looks so good!


Plenty of strange new worlds! Check!

Real Klingons in golden armors! Check!

The Gorn firmly established as the Trek version of the Xenomorph! Check!

I love this trailer to death!

If I had any gripe, it’s the use of the AR wall. It’s always so painfully obvious. But again, super minor flaw. It all looks fantastic.

Oh Boy, this SNW trailer is on another Level then Season 1. They where not lying

Oh boy oh boy…. *exited*

Have you been getting season one free on PlutoTV in Germany?

Season 1 was far from perfect, and I thought (as is usual with streaming Trek these days, alas) that the first episodes were better overall than the back half. Still, this looks great — the closest thing to TOS we’re ever likely to see again, full of wonder and hope and possibility as opposed to dour nostalgia. Right now, at least, this is the Trek for me.

Nothing is ever perfect, but it far exceeded even my high expectations. There wasn’t a bad episode all year. A couple of “very good/not great” episodes, but top to bottom it was a home run.

Hi. Haven’t posted here in a while as a few big life things have happened.

But this trailer looks like we’re in store for a lot of fun. I cannot wait for the new season!

What I haven’t seen anyone mention is that there are a few shots where it looks like a Constitution-class ship is absolutely destroyed, and I’m wondering if it is the Enterprise itself?

Timestamps: 0:32, 0:59, 1:08 – 1:10.

At 0:32 it looks like the Gorn are responsible for this as you can see two ships on the left side of the screen as the saucer section and neck plummet into a planets atmosphere; presumably that is Chapel and Spock floating in their spacesuits looking on as they appear in them as shown from 1:08-1:10. Here it looks like they’re in a damaged bridge and must escape through the hole at the top. And we see what looks like the transporter room blowing up too at 0:59.

Interesting. I wonder would they destroy the Enterprise in order to reintroduce it as something more in line with the TOS version, as we’ve just seen in PIC season 3?

Now off course this could be a completely different ship, but it’s fun to speculate. I’ve no problems with the newly designed ship btw, I think it looks great and the interior sets are stunning. And well lit 😜!

A few other observations:

Love the clear Alien 3 reference at 1:14 with the Gorn face and La’an. I like the retcon of the Gorn into a more xenomorph-type species personally. I think it gives the show a chance to inject more overtly horror elements into the story, which I am a fan of.

While I like the OG Klingon design coming back, I think the makeup itself looks really…idk rubbery and fake? I think this may be because it looks too uniform in color to my eye? I wish there was some darker tones used within the creases of the ridges on the forehead and blended out to give it a bit more dimension, like what they used to do for Worf and B’Elanna etc.

I see a lot of people complaining about Wesley, but from this trailer I don’t see much to talk about. His delivery of the line “I’m from space” was totally fine. I did think it was weird that Kirk can’t figure out a revolving door though. This isn’t Wesley’s fault obviously, but it’s a weird choice. Reminded me of that famous video of Justin Bieber not being able to figure out a revolving door when he was really young 😂. Kirk isn’t dumb, but I’m guessing this might me a “Voyage Home”, fish-out-of-water, time-travelling comedy episode so I’ll just ignore it for physical comedy’s sake.

While the trailer is fine and didn’t leave me with anything to complain about I do have my own concerns about Wesley, but that’s coming from having watched the entire run of The Vampire Diaries when it initially aired and being familiar with his work from that, which btw was perhaps the worst part of the entire show. So much so that he went from lead character, alongside Nina Dobrev, to supporting character after the second season due to negative fan reception and lack of onscreen chemistry with Dobrev. I really hope he pulls it off, I do. I’m keeping a hopeful open mind until I actually see what he does, my concern is just coming from experience I guess lol.

Lastly, CAROL KANE! Honestly her and the LD crossover are what I’m personally looking forward to this season.

June 15th can’t come quick enough!

Lucky Trek fans, there is always a Wesley to complain about :-)

😂 Good point!

I still find the Discoverse’s lack of augment klingons… disturbing.

Head canon: Cranial reconstruction surgery is so hot right now!


Season 2 looks like it is going to be amazing! Like others, I’m going to need some time to get used to Paul Wesley as Kirk. But if they ever decided to make a Bewitched reboot, he would be my casting pick for the part of Darrin Stephens.

….every time you say that I can’t unsee it, cracks me up. The actor is a dead-ringer.

To me he looks more like a less healthy Jim Carrey. Oh yeah, maybe that is Darrin, come to think of it!

Oh no, now this image has been added to Jim Carrey… but I do like Wesley as Kirk. I think he has a certain commanding presence. He’s credible as a Starfleet captain, unlike another who shall remain unnamed.