‘Star Trek: Legacy’ Fan Petition Surpasses One Preceding ‘Strange New Worlds’

(art by @TheScorch1701)

It hasn’t been a week since the series finale of Star Trek: Picard, but many fans are already making their voices heard about wanting to continue the 25th century story with a “Star Trek: Legacy” series.

Fans signing up for Legacy

On Monday, we posted an update with comments from executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Terry Matalas explaining a Picard spin-off isn’t currently in active development, but the two have been talking about it, as well as the fan reaction to season 3. At that time, a petition calling for Legacy had just over 27,000 signatures. Just two days later, that number is approaching 32,000, surpassing the 2019 petition that called for more of Captain Pike and the USS Enterprise and gained traction after the second season of Discovery. Later that year, Pike, Spock, Una, and the Enterprise appeared in Short Treks, and in 2020, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds was officially announced, with the first season arriving in 2022.

Of course, Strange New Worlds was given a green light for a number of reasons, including the active advocacy of executive producer Akiva Goldsman, who started pushing for a Pike show behind the scenes even before season 2 of Discovery. The show was also given its green light when Paramount was reaching its spending peak for original programming. But fan interest was certainly noticed. Ahead of the official announcement of Strange New Worlds, Alex Kurtzman acknowledged fans calling for the show with similar language as his recent comment about hearing fans “loud and clear” regarding Legacy.

Patrick Stewart as Picard and Ed Speleers as Jack Crusher in “The Last Generation”

Legacy fan art

The idea of a spin-off has also inspired some creative fans, who have been sharing their visions of Star Trek: Legacy on social media. Many fans have been coming up with their own posters, like this one:

Many fans chose Tuesday as “Star Trek Legacy Day” to share their love with creations like this popular fan art poster.

Artist J.J. Lendl put together a Legacy-themed poster honoring the history of ships named Enterprise.

This animation got the attention of showrunner Terry Matalas…

Will Legacy happen?

Currently, Paramount+ is committed to two live-action series: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which has been renewed through to a third season, and the recently announced Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. They have also announced a Star Trek: Section 31 TV-movie starring Michelle Yeoh, which may be the first of a series of made-for-streaming Star Trek movies for Paramount+. Along with the two animated shows, the current crop of Star Trek content provides a mix of different styles and target focuses, with Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks aimed more for the built-in fanbase, and Prodigy and Starfleet Academy focused on expanding that base to include more new fans.

With a new commitment to control costs to get the streaming service into profit, it would be a challenge to convince Paramount to add even more original Star Trek content beyond the current plan. And with Paramount+ expanding globally, they may not have help financing a show anymore, as they have pivoted away from offering exclusive co-production international licensing deals.

There would also be logistical issues regarding a spin-off. The Los Angeles-based Picard production has been completely shut down, and it is likely any new production would be set up outside of LA (likely Canada). Even though production outside of LA would provide some cost savings, there would be significant costs in getting things going again, including construction along with securing actors, creatives, and production crew. Pivoting the Legacy project into a miniseries or TV-movie might be an attractive idea to control costs. However, the core concept for a starship-based show would require a significant upfront commitment that might not work with a more limited budget.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in “The Next Generation”

The recent announcements for the Academy and Section 31 projects show there is a long lead time when it comes to developing these projects; both have been in the works for years. For now, fans should be realistic when it comes to hopes for Star: Trek Legacy… and patient.

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Ah. Change.org.

I want to sign….but dont want the silly amount of spam.which comes after signing, which has happened every time ive done so via this site

Use a throwaway email.

I’ve had zero spam.

Throwaway email is the way.

The spam is real, even for accounts outside the US. Can only imagine what it’s like in the US.

Agreed. I’ve signed petitions there in the past, then have been slammed with email spam.

They just ask you if you want emails after signing, that’s all. I had no spam

In theory, that’s true. However, each time I’ve signed a petition, I’ve asked not to receive emails, yet have been horribly spammed anyway. So I’ve stopped signing the petitions.

Hmm. No spam for me either.

Yeah, I’ll never sign another petition on that website. Lesson learned.
Oh, and I wouldn’t sign this petition, regardless of where it was located. I’m perfectly good with the TNG crew sailing off into the sunset.

This is the right choice.

[/Bane voice] For you. [/Bane]


Tons of spam, never again.

Create an account you don’t use except for signing up for these sorts of things.

Change.org never changed anything

Burner emails, people. Sheesh.

That’s true, it creates the illusion of doing something with little commitment beyond dealing with a deluge of spam after you click send.

I just roll my eyes whenever someone brings up change.org. Totally worthless.

It got Earth on the RADAR of the Galatic Empire when a petition requested we build the Death Star. ;)

Ditto the plan of having a spam mail throwaway account for shopping and mailing list etc. For fun, a lot of times a friend of mine will give organizations a funny name so that once in awhile the subject header will read something like, “Hey F*cko, don’t forget to vote this Tuesday!”

Yeah spam galore.

I would like this series to air. Now.

I get the SNW reference, funny.

No, in fact, the line must be drawn…here!


I’d love a “legacy” show that focused on different themes and characters over an arc or a season. I would really like to see an arc to wrap up Sisco’s story, he’s still MIA. It’s really too bad Picard ended where it did with the Enterprise-G for me, I would prefer to see the Titan-A with Captain Shaw, Commander Hansen (Seven) and crew. At any rate, I’m on board regardless.

Sadly I don’t think Avery Brooks wants to act anymore. Maybe if they back up a Brinks truck.

Mr. Brooks seems very content with his current work. Let’s also not forget that he’s not a young man, either. Frankly, to suggest that all he needs is a big enough bribe to perform for this circus is insulting.

Apparently, it’s a bit more complicated than money or the desire to work. Some clues on his Wikipedia page if you want to know more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avery_Brooks

I thought he had said recently that he would be willing to return?

I believe you are right. People get older, realize the meaning of something in their lives, sometimes they change their minds. Nimoy did!

However, the last time I saw Brooks in an interview – that was like 10 or 12 years back, a documentary about the ST captains — he seemed unfocused and pretty non-responsive to standard, innocuous questions. Kinda a stream-of-consciousness ramble. I have no idea what that was about. (He might just have been f—ing with his interviewer, who I think was Shatner.)

Brooks at the piano was kind of amazing. Shatner asked about what happens after death, saying he wished he knew, so Brooks played “I Wish I Knew” by Harry Warren, since he didn’t have the answer either.

I met Brooks after that doc at a convention and he was enigmatic and a little eccentric, but very engaged. Like a fun professor trying to get the audience to think a little, which makes sense. He was happy to sing the Move Along Home song when asked what his least favorite episode was. He also said he did play hardball in his contract renegotiations, to the point that he told them if they killed Sisko off, he would still be okay.

The idea that Bryan Fuller had of doing an anthology show with each season focusing on something different really excited me. But the reality is that is insanely expensive to do from a visual effects, set building and costuming standpoint.

Same here. That anthology idea could have really been something interesting and varied. But as you said, also prohibitive cost-wise.

Yeah, agreed on the costs being the big issue, which is unfortunate.

Yep really liked the idea too. I think it would’ve been cool to see a different crews in multiple centuries and really expand the franchise.

In terms of building sets and costumes, yes. But you can also save a ton of money by casting talented unknown actors in key roles in this kind of anthology series, then replace them before they get too expensive. Fans naturally loved seeing the TNG gang reunited, but I’ll bet the season would have had a lot more money for scope and adventure without them.

NO. We want a Titan prequel with captain Shaw, from the moment he took over from captain Riker tot the moment of Picard season 3.

Then they could play the “Seven saved him and his Day!” Solution. Where is Shawn after that happen? Well in Sickbay Cryo Medical State, like Dr. Crusher on the earlier Episodes. After that he need some time to get this “Emergency Borg Blood Transfer” out of his body without killing him… Perhaps he gets also an Artificial heart like Picard…

and for not making Seven now to OP, She has also lost some Blood while doing that. So there is Limits, too

This could be done and sounds plausible, but it’s them to make it real. i mean i just get this out of my mouth, make it into TV Stuff is another matter. No Offense here to other “Story Writers”

oh, you mean prequel, i read sequel. My bad (Edit timer run out)

‘We’ ALL want that?

Only a Sith speaks in absolutes. (Whoops, wrong franchise).

Who’s “we?” Are you a colony being?

(In other words, you don’t speak for fandom.)

I’m sure the plan is to bring him back as a force ghost — I-I mean, Emergency Engineer Hologram or Grease Monkey Hologram

MMmm. No. I want to follow the characters I became invested in THIS season. By all accounts up until Picard S3, it was a pretty humdrum 5 years.

But how is everyone going to cry when Kim shows up, and then cry again when they see the Voyager-B and then tear up when Chakotay shows up to find out Seven is now with her first officer?

We? Got a mouse in your pocket?

I love Shaw, and wish that he would have lived, but a prequel sounds rather boring, when he was so by the book.

No. You get a comic book.

Ha! Got a chuckle out of that one.

Except I think BEFORE he grew as a character in Pic S3 I doubt he was as interesting.

I want to see Shaw’s days in High School.

Would be open to that idea but more interested in seeing Seven as a first time captain.

I would love more Liam Shaw but I especially hope they make him the gay man that I know he could be.

And humanity struggle with the concept of “we” continues!

Should start a petition to un-greenlight the Academy show and give the greenlight to the Legacy type show.

Lol! That actually makes a lot of sense, but would never happen.

It’s an Two Side Sword here

Academy could be their thing to reach Younger Audience, to get “New Blood” into Star Trek. But yes, i also understand the Legacy Fans (i am one of them, too)

i do not want to be the decider here.

Yeah, fans don’t want new characters. They want old characters. Nostalgia nostalgia nostalgia.

How sad.

Very sad

Most of these characters were just introduced 11 weeks ago. Seven is the only legacy character, and I’m fine with Ryan being the main star. The Legacy concept could allow other legacy characters to appear now and then (Geordi in particular) but the show would mostly be about the Enterprise-G crew, would it not?

And I really don’t like the name Legacy. It really sounds like a 50th High School Reunion. Come up with something more forward-thinking, please, Mr. Matalas. (Though that artwork is nice.)

Star Trek: Nostalgia
You’re welcome. Call it what it is.

Yeah, I can see that boardroom meeting at P+….
Good morning. Wilson will make our first presentation, a review of change.org petitions on how we should be running our business this week….
Said no one, ever.



Studio Project Manager: Fred will make our second presentation, a review of JJ Abrahm’s latest idea for the next Star Trek movie.

CEO: Let’s table for that now and revisit it at the next Quarterly Meeting

Having worked at competing entities, they do listen to fans and that enthusiasm is a contributing factor for spinoffs, renewals and one-off films to wrap up stories. The posters, promos, artwork, petitions, etc. don’t go unnoticed.

Plus let’s not forget that sending letters to Santa Claus might work.

Give it a try. Ask him for that Harley you always wanted.

The funny thing is I could see someone starting that petition lol. I don’t think it will do anything but I suspect it will get as many signatures as this one has.

Ok , this is the kind of thing I loathe.

Don’t please ever tell Paramount to stop making one thing in order to get another different thing you want personally.

It’s toxic and it’s harmful to our getting to any Trek at all.

Saying it one more time, because it’s a new thread and a ‘new name’…

In the early 1970s fans campaigned calling on NBC to halt work on The Animated Series. They even took out full page ads in major newspapers saying stop animated Star Trek.

What did this accomplish?

1) TAS – the only Trek series ever to win a series Emmy award – was canceled 6 episodes into its second season

2) No new Trek happened for 5 years

– Phase II remained stuck in development hell, and The Motion Picture barely survived its creation, despite the double-edged sword of the transformation of the sci-fi tentpole market by SW.

Dude, you’re too late, fans already did this several years ago when they were pleading with TPTB not make the Section 31 show and make SNW instead. Am I like the only person who remembers this lol. It’s so odd me as if this is some new concept. We already been through this in 2019. It’s funny how no one was upset about that. C’mon don’t pretend like this is some new idea lol.

And sometimes we have to remind ourselves we’re just talking about TV shows. This isn’t anything actually important like people campaigning to limit people’s civil rights or abortion. It’s just entertainment that 99% of the world doesn’t even care about. And people have the right to say what they like to watch.

Tiger2, I believe I was one of the ones saying let’s not dump on show’s in development. I think I’ve been pretty clear on this stuff all the way along.

In S31s case, we were told it was in development with coshowrunners at an earlier stage (and the same for Academy with an earlier set of creators who have moved on.). This was premerger.

Post merger, Paramount seems to be waiting until things are much more advanced, as we saw with SNW. The Academy show is officially announced in the trade pages as greenlit, vs officially in development.

I agree, in general, with the thought of not arguing to shut down any in-development Trek, because almost any Trek is better than no, or less, Trek.

The one exception I will make is for Section 31; it is rather anathema to what Trek is (in my opinion) and I would rather it not exist. Unless, it somehow is 180 degrees off of how all of DIS presented Section 31 to date. If the new tv-movie treats S31 as the bad guys who need to be reformed or shut down, rather than the “cool, blackclad spec ops heroes” they have been presented as recently, then I will change my stance and welcome it into Trek.

Right, now I give it about a 40% of treating Section 31 as it should within Trek – as the villains they are.

Well you certainly got your wish on that. Of course many people, me included, never wanted a S 31 show and they listened. Of course I don’t think that’s it alone. Maybe Yeoh had lost interest as well or too busy. But nothing stops them from just making a S 31 show on its own.

Now if they made it, I would’ve gave it a shot and supported it but it just felt so far from what Trek really is and why people were so bothered about it. A movie however works great and I’m actually excited for it.

And we have multiple shows on the air right now and two of them has been renewed for more seasons. This isn’t anything like the 70s man. Let’s pull back on the hyperbole a bit.

Phase II as a series wasn’t so much stuck in development hell as it was a victim of a shift in priorities at Paramount when Paramount abandoned the idea of a new network and saw the success of Star Wars. There were sets, scripts, test footage, a cast and a production start date. Paramount knew what they had. It was just a matter of how they were going to utilize it.

The shows success in syndication paired with fan enthusiasm is what brought Star Trek back. From cancellation in 1969 to production of a new series in roughly 7 years later was unheard of . Abandoning the series idea for a feature film? Unprecedented.

Personally, I want both. I like the idea of keeping the extant “eras” alive simultaneously: SNW for the 23rd century, LD/PRO for the 24th century, LEG for the 25th century, and SA for the 32nd century. I want Legacy more than any of the other shows, but I’d rather not topple another series to do it.

This exactly how I feel. I love having so many different shows in multiple periods. I wanted something like this as far back in the Berman era.

I think we’ll get the Legacy show, it’ll just come later.

There could be a Writers Strike in a matter of days, which would likely halt production on SNW and Starfleet Academy, and block a theoretical Legacy writers room from even getting off the ground. If Paramount is seriously considering it, I would have to think they’re going to wait until things are ironed out with the WGA.

A strike could actually cancel SFA or SNW even with their pickups. Will be interesting to see what happens there, even though a prolonged strike will devastate a lot of people/families.

Also, the DGA is going to strike right after.

SAG’s contract is up this summer too. Could get very messy.

ChatGPT could write scripts now.

One of the reasons the WGA may end up striking.

We want scripts with Soul. Not Mechanically mass products :)

That has to be a better writer than the people writing Discovery.

Discovery success is the only result he have so many ST shows on tv right now. So you’re full of it.


I think Discovery has been more successful in concept than execution.
Original show developer let go, followed by two or three other sets of showrunners who departed. Had to revamp of a lot of the well-intended but “not quite right” new approaches to alien designs, story and character focuses, etc. to bring them back to more Trek-like.

Rotten Tomatoes audience grades of 49%, 36%, 40%, and 21% and IMDB season average scores of 7.5, 7.4, 6.6, 5.6. (And yes the Tomatoes scores might have been “bombed” by haters as the critics scores have been all 80s or 90s.)

Cancelled after production of the final season ended (minus some reshoots allowed to give it some closure) and after “only” 5 seasons.

The most successful individual elements have been the Pike/Spock/Una stuff that spun off into SNW but were significantly based on pre-existing characters and settings (but did get amazing casting).

I see Discovery as a “flagship” product for the Paramount+ streaming service that did well enough for audiences and in generating discussion that proved to the network that Trek could and did still have an audience in the modern age, but that hasn’t been a big success in and of itself. I consider it somewhat of a “loss leader” that supported the rest of modern Trek development.

One thing it has done very well is supported and encouraged greater diversity in Trek. Trek was always known for diversity, but largely of race. Discovery supports greater diversity of other types. The storylines that have gone with this diversity may not have always been the strongest, but this support has been valuable none-the-less.

Oh, and BTW, I agree with TG1701 that the writing has not been a particularly strong element.

The Transformers movies are the most successful franchise films Paramount has ever made…it still doesn’t them good movies.

I get you like the show, but it’s still a very badly written one for many out there. It’s the only Star Trek show I think is still bad after four seasons.

I would love to do some “greenlight” reading for Star Trek Legacy. But I know nothing is written or produced yet and the Writer Room needs some time to make it great. We’ve seen what good writing can do on screen. So I understand the time it takes for the Writer’s Workshop to give birth to an embryo and let it grow until it is big enough to go into production. Maybe some updates from time to time could help. But be careful, the story is the ground of success. If they rush it, the Legacy Flower will die.

Sorry, for those picture descriptions. But that’s how I am

There’s no writers room for a Picard sequel (whatever you want to call it). If the WGA goings on strike Sunday, there won’t be one for a long, long time, assuming a sequel concept is going to get picked up.

But be careful, the story is the ground of success

Well the story for S3 was just awful. TNG-reunion/nostalgia/fan service covered all that up.

But you must admit that it worked wonders. But the Spinoff do not have this luxury so.. back to “Story are their Soil!”

Whatever the narrative on Picard season three is now, the WGA strike may deflate the momentum on Legacy (or whatever it ends up being called).

It’s understandable that they wouldn’t have set up an arrangement with creators, yet more started to build the core of a writers room with the strike looming.

Paramount however won’t come out of the strike exactly where it went in, how they look at the cold metrics a few months done the line is a question once the narrative in the entertainment trades has moved on.

They’ll also have the first SNW Nielsen streaming numbers out in the public domain for comparison. This could shift the narrative on Picard’s success or reinforce it. We’ll see.

In terms of the others –

S31 and Starfleet Academy have writers rooms and scripts. This gives them some safety new.

S31 could begin some preproduction under Osunsami’s and the line EP’s direction.

I believe Osunsami is both DGA and DGC (although they have mutual recognition), either way he would be out with a directors strike.

In YOUR opinion.
Not one shared by the majority of fans thankfully.

Respectfully, no one does scientific polling on questions like this the way that political campaigns do — probably that even extends to the studios themselves. And even in politics, everyone argues over what polls mean and how accurate they are.

In short, while I see some basis for saying PICARD was popular, I don’t see a lot of basis for asserting why that was so. As a *hypothesis*, I find “people wanted to see the TNG crew again” quite plausible, probably more so than “people liked the plot.” Were I a Paramount executive, I would be looking at ways to test that hypothesis.

They could dig into Seven’s, Worf’s past and well… See. There is not much Flesh to continue to draw Picrad’s Episode arc Style. But also episode of the week like SNW, is also stressful. i fear if Paramount want to test the same tactic like in Picard Season 3, they will not find much there

to gain some time, they could introduce some Crew Pal of Seven. But even that would not cover an entire season

Sure Mr. Gallop, whatever you say. lol

I can respect an iffy idea that has been successfully pulled off. I admire them for making it work.

It worked enough for the reunion to be fun and to get TNG closure. However, without that reunion/nostalgia/fan service crutch to cover up for the iffy plotting and storyline, I have significant concerns the Matalas can pull off a series without those elements.

One of the executive producers and writers for Picard season 3 was a guest on The Popcast a few days ago and he said they certainly have ideas where they would take the next show. He said there were a lot of discussions after they started shooting the season so I’m not worried about that. If it takes a year or longer, it will just give them more time to lay out ideas for it assuming it does get the green light.

Good to hear that. I am exited


I think this will happen, but as with SNW.. it takes some time. The situation is VASTLY different though. With a new show already coming, I think there is a limit on what they will greenlight, which kind of wasn’t the case back when SNW gained steam. The streaming wars was for maximizing content, and they were spending to grow subscribers. Now, not so much. The variable might be that they have to replace a show down the road, and it won’t be slotted until then. But I think this has all the hallmarks of a no brainer otherwise. For me, I almost don’t care if they make Legacy or something else, as long as Matalas is running it. I’m just down with keeping him in the fold. There are elements of what’s being done that I’ll be less enthusiastic about, but ultimately, he’s the one person who has an appropriate reverence for what’s come before, and knows how to tell a story while respecting the characters. Those are the three things I need from Trek. Until Picard S3, we really haven’t gotten that. Maybe in isolated moments (Disco S2 had some of the best moments of that), but nothing was crafted with such care as Picard S3.

Well, perhaps Matalas could do the same with DS9. But for that he need the old Crew back on Screen. and a show already without Odo, Worf and perhaps Sisko is hard to sell for the DS9 trekkies

Actually not for me at all. I’m absolutely okay with not having all three of them. I just want someone in to represent Odo. Give me that and I’m happy. I’m not okay with Matalas doing it though. Unless he really earns my trust first.

Actually, I’d not want Matalas anywhere near DS9. Ira Steven Behr was just about perfection at the end of the shows run, Matalas would just f**k it up.



I’m far from convinced that “keys to DS9” should even exist. The conventional Trek premise — diverse crew on a starship, working towards a common goal of exploration; “the adventure continues” — is self-renewing. DS9’s story has been told.

The bit of wiggle room I see is that we never actually saw Bajor join the Federation, which was ultimately SIsko’s assignment. Personally, I saw that as a bit of an afterthought after the Dominion war, and that it was enough we saw Kira in a Starfleet uniform. But I could see a story to be told relating to that topic. A real-world antecedent might be something like how West Germany joined NATO, and how the proposed European Defence Community never came to be.

Yea, I agree. A one-off movie with Ira being a must at the helm, that would fit. Matalas, NO WAY!!!

Honestly, I don’t think a revisit to DS9 as a focus is needed at all. In a series like this, they can give us the characters / actors that are still available. As someone else said.. without Avery, Auberjonois, and a hard to see how she’d fit in Terry Farrell, what’s the point of focusing on that cast? A series set in this time period could allow some of them to filter in over the course of the series. I’d love that.

They are dreaming if they think their “movie every two years” is going to pull anyone new in and it’s certainly not going to keep them engaged with the platform.

More likely it’s part of a bigger plan and they’ve done their market research homework.

The plan is pretty basic: One direct to streaming movie every two years produced with a budget somewhere in the neighborhood of two episodes. It’s Star Trek with minimal investment and minimal risk.

It’s not, but one movie isn’t intended to. They want a slate of content, and it’s one piece of the puzzle. Probably more to cash in on Michelle Yeoh, and to provide content between seasons. I think a lot of us forget how they monetize this stuff. Sure, you get subscriber money… but I get a version of Paramount Plus that is free, but have to watch commercials. That’s income for them too, so if people are watching, that’s still a driver of revenue.

Your posts are absolutely nailing it.

Well, thank you sir!

A Matalas series without TGN-reunion/nostalgia/fan service to prop it up is a dubious proposition.

I disagree in a big way. I am fine with the balance they did this season, because the story was organic, compelling, and supported. No, it’s not perfect, but the fan service worked in a way it doesn’t in other shows because of how carefully it was weaved in. Besides, we’re talking about a show that is about a 90 year old beloved character from the 80’s/90’s. By definition, it’s nostalgia. All I want is for it to have purpose, and 90% of it does. Bigger than Picard, though.. 12 monkeys is very well done, and I’d be excited to have a show runner that gets sci-fi, than I am anything else. I certainly want a potential new show to not be as awash in nostalgia as this one is, but I don’t want it to ignore the past either.

I hear you, but I don’t have confidence Matalas is the one to pull it off. His Star Wars-like house-of-cards story only did not fall apart because the fan service/nostalgia was done well enough to achieve TNG closure that fans wanted. Without all that, I don’t have confidence that Matalas will break from his JJA-like Star Wars ways and give us legitimate, problem solving, Star Trek.

I think you are missing out on all the other nostalgia potential out there. Voyager is often listed as one of the most popular streaming offerings out there, often leading lists of most streamed episodes. And I regularly read stories of people (many women in particular) who were inspired by the show and its characters, particularly Janeway, Torres, and Seven, to either STEM careers or just Trek interest in general. DS9 is often ranked as the best series overall, was somewhat ahead of its time with the mix of episodic and serialized elements, and has the absolutely deepest bench of supporting characters and associated storylines to “exploit” (as our favorite bartender might say) for a new show.

Those two shows alone or in concert with other, not-yet-concluded TNG-specific elements (e.g., Conspiracy-bugs, the Sheliak, Q) have tons of nostalgia and fan service to support a Legacy Trek show.

OK, but if that happens, I want legitimate, “smart people solving problems and avoiding mega-violence,” plot lines, not “Star Wars: The Return of the Picard” plot lines, which is basically what we just watched.

Exactly! This has been my thinking since the day they threw out a spin off idea. It’s not going to happen overnight regardless.

But it’s funny how people want everything now and if they don’t get it, then it’s all over. But assuming Paramount plans to keep at least four shows on, in time one of them simply have to be replaced. My gut tells me Lower Decks will be the next show to go, either after it’s fifth season or maybe a few more years after that. If that is the case, then it’s a no-brainer to have the Legacy show to replace it. And probably by then the money situation will just be better as (hopefully) subscriptions get higher and they found a better equilibrium with content.

And what makes that even more likely is there is nothing else in the pipeline we know of. The Academy show and Section 31 were the last long delayed projects and now they are both being made. Sure there can be new stuff happening but it would be nuts this show doesn’t take major priority over everything else.

Just have to have a little patience. :)

I’m just curious how Trek will continue to factor in to Paramount Plus. The live action series are very expensive shows to make… so that’s my only caveat. Outside of that, I think this happens, but it’s going to take awhile. The fact that Kurtzman is acknowledging it, is a very good sign. Very similar to what how he acted about SNW right after Disco S2.

I mean unless they just make animated Trek shows for a decade, then live action shows will still get made. We are getting the Academy show next, so that’s proof live action Trek is still a priority. It’s probably cheaper than the other shows but who knows?

Yes Kurtzman acknowledging it is a great sign. That means they are at least discussing it as I imagine you would be nuts to ignore it lol. Again, outside of money, I can’t think of a single reason not to do it. The fans totally want it, the actors are all on board, the creative team certainly wants to make more and it would be a big hit as long as its good. So exactly what stops them other than money? And again, this isn’t a Patrick Stewart lead show anymore, I doubt Jeri Ryan would get even half what they were paying him lol. So yeah.

Signed it. Make it so…..

No joke. I just commented… the exact same words.

The number of subscribers to Paramount Plus may be of more value to the bean counters than the number signing the petition. Ultimately, Paramount need a return on their investment to green light a new show

Star Trek is no longer the reason people subscribe to P+ now. I haven’t even seen the last 4 episodes of Picard yet, but I’m up to date with the new season of Beavis and Butthead.

That’s still an active show?

Yeah Beavis and Butthead came back last year. The second season just started.

Interesting. I wonder if that type of humor still works today? I guess if it’s on S2, that answers my question, but, like Wayne’s World and Bill and Ted, the concept seems dated now.

It’s pretty good. They mostly watch YouTube videos now. Hilarious. They also have a movie that explains how they got from the 90’s to 2022.

OK, I will check it out — thanks.

Considering the ratings it’s gotten, I would think the subs be higher than normal. We don’t know what the finale got yet, but it would be shocking in didn’t land in the top 10 of the Nielsen charts given the crazy hype it before and after it aired.

Weird I didn’t hear a word about the end of Picard. Maybe it’s because I don’t waste my time on social media. I haven’t seen the last four episodes yet also. Still spoiler free.

The cast have been on talk shows, there have been lots of articles about the final episodes. It’s been a healthy PR blitz. Well done on avoiding all that!

Thanks. I never saw any of that. I don’t watch broadcast tv. Just Netflix, YouTube and of course P+. I have to be careful about YouTube though. I’ve pretty much blocked every Trek YouTube channel that showed up in my feed months ago.

“and in 2021, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds was officially announced”

Nope. That was 2020, during the first months of Covid lockdown… I vividly rememeber that because I was locked in my old parental home that we had to sell at the end of that year. If it had been 2021, I would have watched the announcement teaser in my new flat but that isn’t what I remember…

We must do something people!
Let’s ALL just write in the comments:


S31 is a non-issue… It’s a MOVIE and not in the way of LEG… SFA is a different story…

Yeah and I think if Section 31 got green lighted as a show, people would be having a melt down right now lol. Not just because how much they hate the idea of a show but that it would’ve sidelined another show automatically for years. Now there is a good chance the Legacy show will come after SFA at least if it happens.

And while I am no fan of Space Hitler and think a show would’ve been a bad idea, obviously I would’ve given it a chance. Everyone would’ve despite what they say on a message board. But no matter how you feel about it personally, the problem of a S 31 show was always the concept in itself and strayed too far from what people consider proper Star Trek.

And sure, that was the point, but I think they are catching on if you give fans a choice between a traditional Star Trek show or an ‘alternative’ one, the traditional show will probably win out every single time. Again, why it was a no-brainer to make SNW when fans started shouting for that. Legacy is literally what that is, simply in sequel form instead of a prequel; so of course this is what fans want first and foremost. If you have to choose between Pike or Georgiou or even Seven and Georgiou, it’s just no contest to most fans out there.

The TV movie idea was such a life saver in many ways.

That day would’ve been Armageddon man! 😂

Thank God they came to their senses and we’re only forced to watch Georgiou struct around and brag how many cultures she wiped out in one movie and not a 5 year show.

A show will still happen.

You should start holding your breath now then! Maybe without the Kelpian eater someday.

If the movie is a huge success you can count on it that a tv show will spin off from it. Michelle Yeoh doesn’t need to be involved in the show. She basically the Samuel L Jackson of the Trek universe now.

Wow, that is quite a stretch. A secondary/guest character that shows up for 2-ish seasons of 1 show and gets a spin-off television movie is likened to a main character who led SHIELD and organized the Avengers and appeared in 11 movies and 2 tv shows and is soon to be staring in his own show?

(hmm, unless you actually mean Samuel L “I appear in 10 movies a year” Jackson and not Nick Fury…then no to that also.)

If that was the case, then they could’ve just made the Section 31 show now, right? In fact have it start as a movie as they are doing now with Yeoh involved and then she hands it off to, wait for it, the next generation and they continue on in the show.

Do I think a Section 31 show can happen, sure. But let’s be honest, they only wanted a Section 31 anything because it was basically a vehicle for Yeoh. Without her, I highly doubt it would’ve ever been a thing at all and frankly another reason why fans wasn’t excited for it since ironically since most wasn’t begging Yeoh to stick around. Very few people even liked her character.

When all this started they were probably betting on the idea that MU Georgiou could probably be something like Gul Dukat or Khan and a really popular character despite still being an utter POS. But fans love to hate Dukat and Khan because those were characters that were both well written and well acted. With Georgiou, many just hate her.

The show will have to wait until after the recession.

In other words… cancel anything that involves new characters and push the franchise forward, and instead make shows with old legacy characters for that nostalgia hit.

I want Star Trek: Retirement Home

Star Trek: The Voyage Retirement Home

Snooze Trek: The Nostalgic Generation.

Our parents and grandparents are also “nostalgic” – should they “shut up” in life because of that? NO!!!

Well if their nostalgia is being used to gloss over a bad storyline for their life, then perhaps, yes. ;-)

No, don’t think I’ll be doing that. And stop shouting.

Perhaps a sign that we now have Star Trek “Karens'” ? lol

Up with the proletariat, down with the bourgeoisie!

Legacy is a terrible name btw.

I was at the IMAX showing in L.A. where all the executives were. I can not tell you how much excitement and outpouring fans were showing there. So many people went up to Matalas and Kurtzman and it was obvious they were pleading for them to continue this track.

They are all well aware of it, believe me. One of the executive producers in an interview on YouTube said Paramount was both happy and surprised just how much fans have taken to the season (but after the first two, it’s really not that hard to believe lol). I don’t think they expected the reaction they been getting. I think everyone knew having the TNG cast back would be huge in itself, but probably didn’t factor in that people would be crying over it lol.

I have to make this clear I am looking forward to both the Academy show and S 31 movie, but you would have to be deaf and blind to know what the fan base is truly excited about. And it’s just less of a risk because fans already know what they would be getting with the Legacy show, it was all spelled out, hence why they want it so much now. SFA and Section 31 can both be amazing products, but they are both very unknown and untested. And the S 31 movie is still pretty divisive in the fan base, even though it’s just a TV movie now.

Every time I get hopeful, there goes the bucket of “scared studio” cold water. I’m sorry but you can’t sustain the franchise on a movie every two years. So glad we have a season three of SNW but I can’t really call the S31 movie something that will keep people engaged with P+. Lower Decks is awesome but also a niche audience. Come 2025, the best we can expect is MAYBE S31 and SNW for live action. Academy has it’s place but it is also going to be niche. A huge chunk of ST fans aren’t going to throng to a CW show (regardless how well it turns out). Meanwhile, start up or not, if they are at all interested, You have to lock down actors (the thing you need the most IMO), before they become unavailable.

P+ is way more than Star Trek now.

Star Trek. Now with horses.

And Beavis

Signed it. Make it so.

Yes you did!

If they made Star Trek Legacy, Seven of Nine would recite Cochrane’s speech that serves as the series’ intro, “Space, the final frontier…”.

That would be very cool…

Or, here’s a crazy thought, why not push Trek forward and come up with a NEW speech instead of re-visiting past Trek over and over and over and over again.

Or, here’s a crazy thought, why not push Trek forward and come up with a NEW speech instead of re-visiting past Trek over and over and over and over again.


Since Star Trek Legacy would be about the Enterprise, why would it deviate from every other series about the Enterprise that came before it?

Dude, no offense, but I think from Emily’s and my POV, what you just said — for us anyway — is part of the problem, not part of the solution. But, IDIC — stick up for what you want to see, of course.

What problem?


“Or, here’s a crazy thought, why not push Trek forward and come up with a NEW speech instead of re-visiting past Trek over and over and over and over again.”

Because people love their comfort food. I saw people say they choked up when they heard Pike say the original intro for the SNW opening.

I would be the first person here to do everything completely new with a completely new crew and an unexplored time period far away from the others like the 26th century or something, but shows like SNW, PIC, PRO and LDS seems to prove over and over again fans want fan service and nostalgia more than anything.

OMG. Is this the same Tiger2 that for years was all “Star Trek must go FORWARD, not backward in the timeline” regardless of characters, plot, environment, how repetitive space exploration becomes and now routine starships become?
Congrats, you win, Star Fleet Academy in the 35th century lol

I never once said that. I have told you a dozen times now I have no issues with a prequel, I simply didn’t want the franchise to only be prequels which a lot of people have said many times. Yes I don’t love prequels but I’m not so shallow I believe none should never be made, especially if they have a good idea for one.

But if I was so against them then how come I like Enterprise and SNW so much? And I started out not like Enterprise at all. I’m not even against the Kelvin movies, they just aren’t my favorite either.

And I have stated many times over I would like to see a post-TUC show since that era hasn’t been dealt with yet and could be a nice build up to TNG. I have said this multiple, multiple, multiple times. ML31 can certainly back me up because this is the one thing we both agree on and talked about. That would constitute a prequel era, would it not?

But I think it’s time to just ignore you dude. You can’t seem to remember anything I say here and then get bitter over things I never said. It’s just tiring to have these inept conversations with you over and over again. You don’t seem to understand any of my arguments but act childish over it like you are doing right now. You have been dong this for literally years now and I’m just tired of it man. I am soooo tired of it. If me wanting to ignore you because I get tired of the tedious arguing and the fact you want to constantly tease more over things I never said or implied makes me look evil, so be it. Bye.

Not the tropical island and naked women speech?


No it wouldn’t. It’s pretty lame. God….

I’m pretty convince when Cochrane wrote his ‘where no man has gone before’ speech, he was still pretty drunk when he did.

No doubt. When did he make his speech about the Borg before or after this one?

I should know this, I literally watched Regeneration a week ago lol. I’m going to say that was before the Warp 5 ceremony launch but I know someone will correct me soon if I’m wrong.

“where no man has gone before” was probably the name of a strip club.

LOL, I actually hope it is now.

At this rate, the fans will end up making the series and hiring Terry as showrunner.

That’s a great idea! Getting him teamed up with Cawley and company and doing fan-funded productions would be a win-win for all. I would much prefer this solution versus having him a P+ series.

fan submitted scripts with a good producer and writer’s room did pretty good for TNG….

Agreed. Yeah, it would be great if he and Cawley could team up.

STAR TREK: LEGACY CHARACTERS. THAT’S ALL FANS CARE ABOUT. bit of a mouthful for a title, but it fits.

You are not wrong — at least for most of the Berman-era fans.

Ugh you win.. just saying “Berman-era” and I’ve lost my enthasium for the series. Ignore my post in support. Can’t this be on the Trek on the side ignored by Berman Berman-era like DS9?

Agreed, Cmd. This situation is kind of sad, actually.

This era of Trek is definitely my favorite and what got me into Star Trek. And if course I love seeing all my guys back, but I never had a problem having new characters either, just want them to stick around in this era.

It’s a reason why I love Lower Decks so much because it has all new characters but it’s still in my favorite era of Star Trek. I’ve grown to love Tendi as much as I love Seven, Janeway, T’Pol and Kira.

Most fans don’t have a problem with new characters, we’re just happy when we get the old ones as well.

And I don’t remember anyone crying about having Pike, Kirk and Spock back on SNW. 😂

Exactly! We can have both new shows with new characters and new shows with old characters, and new shows with new and old characters. We have a universe of existing characters, history, and tons of unknown events/future. Why not exploit them all at the same time? Some shows can explore completely new times and places and others can show us how those we already know have changed and evolved since we last saw them.

Is anyone disappointed by Worf’s changes since NEM? (I could have used more screentime for Worf.)

Does no one want to find out what happened to Cardassia since the end of the war? To Garak? To the remaining Maquis (like Ro or B’lanna or Chakotay)? What about the Doctor? Did Harry Kim ever get promoted? Did Bajor join the Federation? What happened to the Jem’Hadar or the Dominion?

Agreed as well, yeah, you can simply do both. I mean we do have five shows on, I think there is room there to have both new and legacy characters on.

And it’s a misnomer to even suggest fans don’t want new characters because A. All these shows have new characters and B. Most seem to be well liked or popular.

Look at Shaw for example, many fans are upset the guy was killed off and he was in a total of 9 episodes and surrounded by legacy characters. And yet, shockingly, people manage to turn away from Picard, Riker and Seven long enough to be infatuated with someone new. And so much so, Matalas has already promised he will still be involved in the Legacy show if it gets made.

And then look at shows like LDS and PRO. With the exception of Janeway all the main characters are new. As TG1701 pointed out, everyone on LDS is new and these characters have all become popular in the fanbase as well.

So this idea fans only want or care about new characters is eye rolling. Fans have zero issues with new characters just as long as they are interesting and well written on their own. The characters some people don’t love like Burnham, Raffi or Emperor Georgiou, etc are not because they are ‘new’ its because they are not well written or divisive in the fan base. And in time that will go away as it did for characters like Janeway and even Wesley (OK, that never went completely away with Wesley lol). And Raffi was more well liked this season because she was better written and had a purpose other than arguing with Seven about their relationship for 10 episodes.

But of course if you give fans more legacy characters, most are going to be drawn in. And yes, it’s probably why four of five of shows now have legacy characters as their lead..I now include that for Prodigy since Admiral Janeway will obviously be the lead in that show and not a ‘supporting’ one like her hologram version.

I can’t believe I am saying this but a 25th century show will now work if it is a follow up to the disaster that occurred on the last episode of Picard that it sets up a continuation of the whole TOS movie style adventure arc.
Younger crews are now traumatized, they’ve been basically mind controlled / used against their will by the Borg using Crusher/Picard. Changlings are still infiltrating the fleet. Earth spacedock is destroyed. Utopia Planetia is in ruins after Starfleet tried to build a fleet with robots programmed to act as slaves.
Faith in the Starfleet should be at a all time low.
That’s where you have it where the Neo-Connies and new crews have to rebuild Starfleet. Jack Crusher will have a cool arc where he is seen as a Borg sympathizer but like Seven it wasn’t really his fault.
Seven of Nine can be a leader given she know’s the trauma of essentially being used by the Borg to kill people. I mean now half of Starfleet has been forced to kill friends, family, comrades, etc.
Plus you’ve got robo-Picard tech… and changlings and control maybe even trying to resurrect or creat a new more powerful fully cyberneticBorg mind.
I think if you do a show on that, restoring faith, dealing with trauma, rebuilding the Starfleet with neo-Constitution class cruisers, getting back in the exploration game while countering this new Changling / Control threat you’ve got yourself a fun action packed adventure.
Just get the Titan / Enterprise-G a real bridge please. Take the Star Trek VI bridge and then put those cool LCAR displays we sort of got to see in Picard S2/S3 in the occasional side shot but fully around it as if people have to be working and needing info on a starship. Done.
This can then lead into the temporal wars where maybe some Starfleet officers start to go rouge and mess with the timeline.
If it is just crying over seeing Kim, then Tuvok has a meeting with Bashir, then crying over the Voyager-C with the excelsior-Q while tearing up on chakotay having coffee with Seven to learn he is now with the first officer only to then be brought to tears again on seeing Dax go on a date with Worf on some cheesy nonsensical bridge in a museum, then no, count me out on a return to Snoozefest Trek the Nostalgia Generation.
If it is just straight up exploration, Strange New Worlds has that covered better given less starships at the time (each ship matters way more) and more unexplored space, more to learn, a better bridge and an amazing looking Starship (PLEASE LET HER FACE OFF WITH A D-7 AND MAKE IT SFB GOOD)… and Pike’s crew is super cool. More Number One please.

I hope that we do get a Star Trek Legacy show at some point but not at the expense of Starfleet Academy(or any other shows/tv movie that is planned) as i want that show.
There is room for different types of Star Trek shows not just shows that follow the same formula that we have had in the past.

Some fans are saying they want Starfleet Academy cancelled so they can get their Legacy show but sorry but that shouldn’t and thankfully isn’t the way things are done. So these fans want to ruin mine and other fans potential enjoyment of another new Trek show because they don’t care that other Trekkies are looking forward to Starfleet Academy.

We Trekkies waited 12 years for Star Trek to finally come back to TV and thanks to Star Trek Discovery being a major success for Paramount (and it has been a major success and no amount of gatekeeping/goal post moving or twisted facts can change this real hard fact)we are in getting so much more new content to watch. Yet there is still no patience in some fans.

Heck if Star Trek legacy was to be announced today we wouldn’t see it airing until at least 2025 at the earliest.
My point is to the fans calling for Starfleet Academy to be cancelled please stop it. Your being really selfish and your trying to ruin the enjoyment of other Trekkies like me who want a Starfleet Academy show. Star Trek Legacy will be made at some point but please learn to have patience. Thank You.

Some fans are saying they want Starfleet Academy cancelled so they can get their Legacy show but sorry but that shouldn’t and thankfully isn’t the way things are done. So these fans want to ruin mine and other fans potential enjoyment of another new Trek show because they don’t care that other Trekkies are looking forward to Starfleet Academy.

Well said. Plus, I believe some fans are so enthralled with TNG reunion, fan service/nostalgia elements from Pic S3, that they are going to be shocked if Matalas brings his weak storytelling with nonsensical plot items and SW-like crap happening — without the fan service/nostalgia — because that is what Legacy will be. And when they are shocked on surprised with what they get in Legacy S1, I can just see these fans complaining about S1, with there well-meaning solutions being “let’s add Picard, Worf, Troi, Riker and Crusher to this for S2, that will fix it.”

Matalas should be kept in the fan wank video section of Star Trek.

Thanks Christopher, we don’t always agree.

I’m 100% supportive though of your discomfort with ther tone of many of these posts.

It’s unsettling how rapidly some people’s joy with what they personally experienced in Picard S3 has moved to demanding and attempting to tear down anything that is to perceived to be ahead in the queue or in priority.

So. Many. Gatekeeping. Posts…..

Stop gatekeeping the gatekeeping. That’s gatekeeping and it’s not allowed.

And you sir, are the perfect gatekeeper against gatekeeping. Keep up the good work.

How many gates could a gatekeeper keep if Gates gatekeeper kept keeping gates?
Such a dilemma for Ms. McFadden …


No thank you. Don’t want. Old trek fans need to move on and embrace the new. BTW online petitions are useless.

Maybe but SNW still happened. ;)

Not because of a petition, though. During one of Anson Mount’s Ready Room interviews, he said he was told when he was hired on DISC that they were planning to spin Pike off.

They had an idea for a spin off show at the time just like they have an idea for this one. That’s what he was saying. But it didn’t get an actual green light until a year later. And Mount has also said multiple times the show really only happened because of how much fans pushed for it, which is obviously the point in all of this.

For the record, I do agree I don’t think the petition itself did all that much and I never signed either that one or this current one although I wanted both shows to happen. I worked in PR for a long time in another life and petitions do have an effect at times; but it obviously depends on what the issue is and is usually the smaller part of any campaign.

They are great for getting a bill recognized or to get a issue heard. I have no idea how much it works to get TV shows on the air though.

“And Mount has also said multiple times the show really only happened because of how much fans pushed for it”

Mount was just blowing smoke up you know where. You guys always fall for this. 🤣

I think you are stretching reality there.

SNW didn’t happen because of online petitions. SNW basically had a mini pilot on Discovery. They were always going to make the show.

I certainly think the critical and fan reaction played into greenlighting something they were considering, but the petition itself I agree was only a minor consideration, if any.

Fan reaction is demonstrated in many ways.

Petitions are one contributor, so is the volume and intensity of social media engagement, and old media Q (quotient).

Mostly it’s measures we haven’t been able see publicly like how many views and rewatches. (Paramount’s being added to the Nielsen streaming audience scores for the US as of February 2023 will help with that.)

As I lay out elsewhere on this thread, old CBS was moving forward with preproduction on both shows, SNW and S31 in the winter of 2019-2020. Preproduction was happening in Mississauga on two shows under working title pseudonyms.

Then the ViacomCBS merger happened and cash was tight and COVID shut down everything.

Suddenly, the decision was to pull back to 3 live-action shows, and announce SNW. Eventually there was a public statement that an another new show would hold until Picard wrapped.

Picard season three came so much later than ever envisaged but there it is.

But it’s also true that the global rollout of Paramount+ took far longer than anyone imagined after the merger.

So, going back and looking at the facts, it’s fair to say that fan enthusiasm for a Pike-anchored show on Enterprise had an impact in the decision about which show to go with when the newly merged company pulled back in COVID.

So did the trade off between the US base audience and developing new audiences globally when the streamer wasn’t ready to deliver that itself.

It’s another challenging situation for Paramount now. It the context isn’t the same though.

It’s not at all clear to me how relatively important it is for Paramount+ to attract and hold more of the Berman-era fans who won’t watch the new shows or other stuff on P+.

Bottom line: if those who are only subscribed to watch Picard S3 don’t stick around to watch SNW or other content on P+, that will definitely undermine any public campaigning for a Legacy.

Again, this is distorting history at best.


A. There was no guarantee a show was being made and just people talking about the possibility of one…as being done now with the Legacy show and B. Mount acknowledged it was the fans who were really pushing for it. This interview was maybe a week at best after the season 2 finale of Discovery aired and he recognized how much people were pushing for it.

And as shown, Mount wasn’t even sure he wanted to do a show unless certain demands were made first. And it was made clear he had a one year contract to do Discovery and that was it at that point which is why he made that statement. It would be a little too late to say that if he was already signed on for SNW right?

LOL I forgot to make the other link in my post. But this says it all:


Pretty ironic lol. Mount obviously knew how much fans were involved in pushing to get the show on the air just like Matalas has said. It really is history repeating itself. And I agree with others, I don’t think it was a petition that got them the Pike show. But the fact one was even created just shows how much fans wanted the show to happen and guess what, it eventually did. :)

I could be wrong, but the Legacy show feels like it’s more of a ‘when’ than an ‘if’ at this point. I think if they at least said they were looking into the idea after the Academy show was launched, all the anger over it on both sides would go away tomorrow.

Lol Dude, I heard Anson Mount say these exact words, crafted messages clearly, at our local Comicon in our part of Ontario in May 2019.

He just repeated them in interviews and at other panels in the following weeks.

I actually have the sound file for that. And photos. Both were lousy quality because our youngest didn’t meet the age cutoff for premium seating and we were half way back.

It was a weekend literally right mid shooting of the two SNW pilot-ish Short Treks Q&A and the Mount-focused one. Suddenly, Mount and Peck got added to to make a panel for what had originally been an appearance by Anthony Rapp.

Anyway, Mount seemed to clearly know a show was coming, but was putting his negotiating conditions for his principal role out there.

From his more lengthy remarks, he’d found the long soundstage production process for Discovery less than ideal compared to Hell on Wheels which used a lot of locations.

Anyway, to the point, memory doesn’t always serve, that’s why I went back and looked at the local reports on production not then, but in the next winter 2019-2020 just before COVID.

I’d recalled that there had been a time when both S31 and SNW were in advanced preproduction, and I was right. Work on building sets etc for S31 had already started about a month before SNW and craft guild people were listing that they were working on props.

TrekMovie never reported it because Paramount wasn’t making announcements yet, and they were being cautious about publishing what’s behind the scenes, but it was right there on public guild sheets and people’s CVs online.

But dude, you’re right to some degree.

Once COVID settled, S31 does appear to have been been made to take a backseat to SNW. But before the ViacomCBS merger and COVID, we were on the cusp of getting both.

To put it more fairly, when Paramount decided to go from four live action shows to three, S31 was the one that was delayed.

I tend to believe that, even if suits thought S3 of Picard was a one-off, Kurtzman who has a veto, wouldn’t have let Matalas include a transparent backdoor pilot any more than he let Goldsman do it for Pike, unless he was open to testing the audience and seeing what happens.

Again, good strategy and management on Kurtzman’s part.

And I agree, if once all the metrics are in, the suits will always be open to readjusting priorities and schedules if there is a sound business case.

They always adjust things, and like the path from Discovery season two through the Short Treks to SNW, negotiations will happen and we aren’t likely to see exactly what Matalas proposed in the Picard series finale. But something, somewhen, seems more than likely.

They might even rethink how many niches in Trek they can cover without overdoing it and we can be back to three live-action shows in production.

I still don’t think we need tantrums demanding Legacy vs Academy. Don’t think it helps, isn’t fun, and makes this place less interesting to be.

I also note that it’s somewhat ironic that the toddler-toned demands are in many cases coming from the folks who had no patience for the classic sci-fi story for the cause of the Burn.

He’s an actor, he’s use to repeating things, especially in interviews. It’s cool you got to see him. :)

And we don’t really disagree on anything here although your last line is a bit weird lol. I don’t really understand that point.

I’ve already said it, everyone needs to relax. I’m sure they are talking about the Legacy show and it will happen, just maybe not on people’s timeline here and other places.

Maybe we should just die off.

That will happen in 8 years. I know people in NASA. 😉

I’m not all all happy that they decided to use the lettering style from TMP for this. TMP, is the “hardest” science fiction production ever in Star Trek, and to re-use that styling to prop up one of the “lightest” science fiction productions (Pic S3 was barely above fantasy) ever in Trek, I find that as doing a disservice to GR, Robert Wise, NASA Science Advisor Jessco von Puttkamer, Alan Dean Foster, Andy Probert, and all the people who worked hard to make the movie give the most realistic portrayal possible of a Star Trek future history that might conceivably happen.

It is easily the best of the Trek title logos (the TMP version). I think it goes good with the theme of recapturing the TOS movie era type action/adventure, though granted more Kahn than TMP.

So true. TMP stands apart.

Every time I watch it, I love it more and more, and I come closer and closer to saying it’s the best Star Trek movie. Watching it in the theater last year was a delight. Someone in the row ahead of me summed it up at the end: “that was a work of art.”

Agree 100%. It gets better with time. I saw it last year as well at a theater in LA — just magnificent!

I’ll go a step further and say it had no business being used on Voyager. IMO it belongs to the TOS films, and should reappear only if used with some TMP-era production that shares the ’70s aesthetics.

Bit late for that. It’s an iconic Star Trek font, up there with the TOS and TNG ones, and used across the board. It’s in DS9 and Voyager, and got used for UPN Voyager promos in seasons 3 and 4. I don’t think it needed to be separated out any more than the TMP music theme should have been confined to the movies either.

While this is all fine and dandy don’t forget there is a potential strike on the horizon so they’re probably waiting until that gets resolved before announcing anything else

Realistically: like many Legacy boosters, I’m an old f*rt who remembers TNG in first run. Heck, I remember TOS in first run – it both fascinated and scarred (monsters!) my tiny preschooler brain

Old f*arts aren’t Paramount+’s target demo. We’re just not. But I suspect from reading comments on various boards that the wildly positive reception ST:P has received includes a whole lot of younger viewers.

Maybe the best and most hopeful scenario would short term involve a series of Legacy movies that heavily cannibalize existing Trek sets (which I guess just means SNW unless they’ve kept any other sets intact from Disco or Picard) and are done so cheap that you’ll think it’s a Dr. Who from 1963. Cue disembodied hand swooping an Enterprise figurine onto a screen while someone vocalizes “Vrrrrroooom!” noises. Move the bridge to holographic Ten-Forward so all the scenes can take place on the same little soundstage. Film it as a theatrical production, with rolling black walls of LED stars. Write the bleeping scripts, call ’em canon, and film table reads via Zoom for P+ release! I don’t care. It’s the stories most of us TNG diehards are here for, right?

And then in a few years when hopefully things aren’t so glum for P+, we can push for a series, which presumably will have an even bigger built in fan base at that point.

I’m ready for this to well and truly be the end (mostly) for the original TNG cast, but you made us fall in love with Shaw and Jack and Sydney — and Seven, all over again. Maybe Matalas was evil to pressure Paramount with a blatent back door pilot epi…erm, series, but It’ll leave a bad taste for a whole lotta fandom to now just say, “okay, that’s all there is for that.”

I am still waiting for a compelling argument as to why an older audience’s subscription money is worth less than a more fickle younger audience’s.

For an ad-dependent service, younger audiences mean you can charge higher rates for ads. Broadly, the “key demographic” or “target audience” is 18-54, but most TV providers aren’t interested in anyone over 49, and some cases, anyone over 35 (the CW’s key demo is 18-34.)

Yea, this is Advertising 101 stuff. Like, duh! :-)

Like I said before: mean-spirited and childish.

I’m just stating the obvious and having a little fun with it. I get your interpretation, but I would also say regarding your response: “over-sensitive and a killjoy.”

Meh. You can’t help yourself and I think it’s jerk-ish. Calling people you don’t know bozos, taking pleasure in people not winning awards, passive aggressively deriding others here by replying to a reply in their threads while pretending you mean no offense, and spreading your own brand of killjoy when you don’t like something too. We can stop engaging on these boards, I won’t mind.

But that didn’t stop them from making SNW! That show is for older people too.

And it’s not like they don’t have shows for younger people which is why both LDS and PRO exists.

I bet most older people would say SNW is too woke. I love woke btw. I’m pushing for the next Star Trek captain to be trans.

Yeah probably. To me Star Trek should be woke so I have no issues with it. And you did meet a trans Star Trek Captain…its Captain Angel. 😁

She is my favorite characters on the show and excited to see her next season. And she’s dating Sybok, the coolest Vulcan next to Tuvok. 🖖

Really. I have to rewatch that episode. LOL

I should say she’s one of my favorites but I do like her. She’s fun! 😎

…with the starship powered by transwarp drive.

That’s only natural.

But Paramount+ is not totally ad dependent, so it’s not the greatest argument. Again, what makes a 50 year-old’s subscription revenue more valuable than a 49 year-old’s? The bulk of streaming revenue is still in the actual subscriptions and retention of subscribers, not the limited advertising in the ad-supported tiers.

Not totally dependent, but dependent a degree. And advertisers have known forever, that younger people are more “persuadable” when it comes to, say switching from Coke to Pepsi, so it makes sense to go after them.

I know, but the model is still heavily dependent on the subscription revenue as a bedrock. You can’t advertise to someone at all if they don’t have a subscription to your service to begin with. And the advertising can be so much better targeted now with the data these companies have about us, for better or worse.

One of the things which kept propping Voyager up even though it’s ratings kept dropping in the midst of a very one-sided deal with Paramount was the data about how affluent it’s viewers were compared to the rest of the lineup’s. It helped them charge a premium for the ads, regardless of the demos.

But, in the end, the marketing business models do play a part in business decisions.

Why the key demos end in the 30s is because people have usually formed brand loyalty by that point. They know what they like and it can be hard to sway them away from those preferences. That’s why they’re key demos and, even though there is an option not to have ads, some people do purchase the base subscriptions that are ad supported.

It does appear too that more and more streamers are pushing the ad free tiers to higher costs, with less content. Perfect example is Peacock. When it launched it was free with ads and the premium package (which gave access to Universal products still in theaters) had ads too.

And, just look now at P+. I have the ad free tier because I wanted to be able to download to watch offline. There are ads before my show begins.

Old people don’t spend money.


“Of course, Strange New Worlds was given a green light for a number of reasons, including the active advocacy of executive producer Akiva Goldsman, who started pushing for a Pike show behind the scenes even before season 2 of Discovery. The show was also given its green light when Paramount was reaching its spending peak for original programming. But fan interest was certainly noticed. Ahead of the official announcement of Strange New Worlds, Alex Kurtzman acknowledged fans calling for the show with similar language as his recent comment about hearing fans “loud and clear” regarding Legacy.”

Yep, I actually said a version of this on the other thread. There is a real parallel happening between this show and SNW and it’s truly surreal. I’m loving all of it! I love to see all the passion and energy of fans when they truly love and get behind something. And I wasn’t even that excited about a Pike show initially (because…prequel), but the excitement fans had over it ultimately got me excited too lol. I feel that same wave happening here too.

And while I do feel ultimately they will stick to their guns and make the SFA show, same time I’m not 100% certain either. I just feel this could be another SNW//Section 31 trade off. I’m actually excited about both the Academy show and the Section 31 movie (because it’s only a movie now ;)), but yeah plenty of people are now against these for the Legacy show. And there is nothing wrong with that, people will want what they want but whatever gets made fans will give it a chance regardless.

To me the though, Legacy is just a no-brainer for so many reasons, but yeah if it’s a money issue that obviously can’t be ignored. And Paramount+ is not Disney, HBO, Amazon or Netflix, they probably have to weigh things a lot more, hence Discovery’s cancellation. And I always said if they have to cut shows, the two that would be obvious to go first would be DIS and any PiC spin off idea. Those always made the most sense and I was right (so far). So I get that, but man it would be a shame if that’s the only thing stopping them; especially now when you can see the potential in the long term and the huge demand.

But I have faith (of the heart) they will figure something out though. It’s just too great of an opportunity to pass up now with all this momentum happening.

I hope it’s not the kind of trade-off where another show gets dumped to make space for a backdoor pilot hit.

Paramount nearly lost having the cachet of an recent Oscar winner over that. It lost two promising young showrunners who are now successfully running Sweet Tooth for Netflix. If they keep burning stars and creators, they might not be successful it attracting high quality ones down the line.

I’m also not sure that’s actually a fair description of what happened in 2020.

First, Pike and Spock’s huge presence in Discovery S2, was encouraged and blessed.

After our exchange earlier on this thread, I double checked some more local reports from back then. You were right things were further along when S31 was pulled, even though it had been many months since there has been an announcement it was in development and no official news on SNW.

So second, BOTH S31 and SNW were in preproduction in Toronto/Mississauga in the later fall/winter of 2019-2020 under obvious pseudonyms. CBS Stages had just opened in Mississauga. Michelle Yeoh attended the opening because that was where her

BUT that was also the exact timing of the CBS-Viacom merger. In the midst of that, what was CBS All Access switched gears to say S31 would wait till Picard was done. No one ever expected COVID delays that would mean Picard S3 running in spring 2023.

Since both were having sets built and props designed winter 2019-2020,, it’s pretty clear that in the wake of the merger, and COVID, the money guys at Paramount decided to gear down from 4 live action shows to 3, and SNW edged out S31. That’s a different real story than the way it’s being spun.

On the money issue, important to remember that in that January 2020, the CEO misstepped majorly with investors by saying that they would continue to licence content as well as steadily build up their streamers. This was punished with a hit to ViacomCBS share price because the market was focused on subscriber numbers more than revenue.

Baklish might have had the right strategy in hindsight. Now the markets are looking at revenue generation over subscriptions, and PlutoTV is raking in ad dollars, suddenly the darling of the industry.

All to say, it’s a different scenario, hard to say how it will play out.

More, if they keep dumping creative new things, they will stop having the successes they’ve had with all the showrunners they’ve had since the issues with Discovery.

We don’t need to see a revolving door on the television side the way we do on the theatrical releases.

I was going to give a lengthy response as one does lol, but then by responding to someone else in this thread, I came across this old article and it says everything for me:


Just read the comments, seriously. This thread could’ve been made four years ago and it basically was. As far as which show was more developed at the time or post vs pre merger issues, that’s all just inside baseball stuff. I doubt anyone remotely cares or would change their opinion over any of it. And again, at the time, everyone just assumed the Section 31 show was a done deal, including me. All they were waiting for was the right time to officially announce it, that’s all. But as we know today, it never came. Was it due to SNW, we’ll never truly know, but yeah most likely. ;)

Again, read the comments. People were adamant they wanted the Pike show and the petition made that clear as it does here. So no one and I mean NO ONE should be surprised it’s happening yet again with Legacy and the Academy show. Now, maybe the outcome will be different this time, so we’ll see.

And people are just giving their opinions and it’s not just on this board alone. At the end of the day the people who make this stuff have the power to do what they want, we have zero control over that.

As far as ‘burning stars and creators’ over cancelling developing projects, this is the same company that has cancelled five Star Trek movie sequel projects in the last 6 years. And trust me, whenever they try for a sixth time they won’t have any problem getting another director and writer on board along with any actors. People already know the score in Hollywood and they will still sign up even with just the feint hope the next will be given the ‘go’ word.

I was excited about SFA but after S3 Picard, Id rather have a legacy show. Terry gets Star Trek! P+ needs to beam him up now.

The fan base hasn’t been this energised for a long time. Paramount would be fools not to green light Legacy.

Picard season 3 was awesome.


Did anyone stop to notice that the ENTERPRISE-G is the SEVENTH [actual] “Federation” starship to bear the name? (NX-01 is pre-Federation) 1.1701 2.1701-B 3.1701-C 4.1701-D 5.1701-E 6.1701-F 7.1701-G ……… and that SEVEN of Nine is the Captain? How fitting is THAT, eh!? So why didn’t I include the “A” ….? It’s said it was the original USS Yorktown, rechristened, so I left that one out, which is why I also show “actual” in brackets. If confirmed in canon, it’s amazing that SEVEN is Capt. of the SEVENTH Enterprise.

Now, to the argument about not including the “A” in that list: it’s fodder for plenty of banter back and forth on any Lower Decks episodes that might take place AFTER PIC S3, should any be made of that ship’s crew later on – at the beginning of the 25th Century.

Uh. Okay let’s learn about logic. If you don’t count the A because rechristened then you shouldn’t count the G because….
(Sorry to burst your 7, 7 pattern thing?)

The dedication plaque for the D indicates that it’s the fifth (which we see again in Picard) and the Enterprise E plaque (which was sold at auction back in 2006) indicates that it’s the 6th. The Enterprise 1701 and Enterprise 1701-A are of the same vessel class but different ships.

Canonically, the Enterprise A is the second Federation starship to bear the name. The Enterprise G, originally the Titan A, is now the 8th.

Would have been cool, though, to have Seven as captain of the 7th vessel named Enterprise.

With Discovery done just ditch the academy show. Considering how SNW turned out I certainly wouldn’t miss it either.

Hey kids, get off my damn lawn.

Agree about Discovery but why do you not like SNW? At least no one is crying on that show every other episode.

Ok, I count on Trek Movie’s journalistic standards.

Tony’s a stickler for confirming news and rumours before posting here. I really appreciate it.

In this case, I’m questioning why we don’t have a cited number or source for what the petition to create Pike’s Enterprise reached before the show was greenlit.

My recollection was that the Pike petition reached 35,000 and that’s what I see on change.org when I look at the old petition now.

It may have crept up after the announcement, but I haven’t found any reports saying it was under 32,000 in 2020.

In this case, I’m questioning why we don’t have a cited number or source for what the petition to create Pike’s Enterprise reached before the show was greenlit.

Yeah, I can’t find a source for this either?

I see now that I misread the change.org Pike petition, but the comment will not allow me to delete it.

Original Pike petition came in under 31,000.

I for one think that a series that combines crews from the ’80s and ’90s Trek shows can work very well. The G needs a doctor (why not THE Doctor?) and, maybe, a counsellor (Ezri?).

I signed this puppy as far back as the second episode! I don’t think it was even 10,000 signatures then. It’s great to see this blow up so fast and even surpassed SNW.

Great work Trekkies! Let’s keep it going after this amazing season. 👍

Thinking about it, what if the half human/half unjoined Trill child of Ezri Dax and Bashir was both the Enterprise-G’s doctor AND counsellor?

I don’t get the business rationale for Starfleet Academy versus having a show like Legacy. Well, I think I see what they’re going for, but it doesn’t really make sense for a streaming service.

From everything I’ve read and seen, Starfleet Academy seems like it’s being produced to be the equivalent of a CW show like Legends of Tomorrow or Gotham Knights. A cheaper Canadian production using an established IP with young (cheap) talent and the hope of drawing in teens and kids.

Now that makes sense if you’re The CW and you’re just trying to draw in a smaller (but desired) demo audience on network television to get specific ad spending, but someone tell me how Paramount thinks Starfleet Academy gets them more subscriptions for a streaming service?

Wouldn’t it make the most sense to get as much of the Star Trek audience as you can get with a flagship show (either Strange New Worlds or Legacy), and then spin off Starfleet Academy from either one within the series (i.e., the same way TNG laid the track down for DS9, and both of those shows introduced the circumstances that set up Voyager) introduce characters, write specific plotlines and world-build organically within the larger franchise. I know someone is going to say “well Discovery is Paramount’s flagship Trek series,” and I just don’t feel that, and I think you’re going to end up with a highly niche audience within the already niche Trek audience with a Starfleet Academy series that’s spun off from Discovery.

As far as I can tell, Paramount+ isn’t really reaching the younger demographic, and they need to. If nothing else, because it’s the “key demographic” that determines ad rates. In addition, as you mention, it would be relatively cheap and given that streamers are no longer throwing dump trucks of money at projects, SFA makes economic sense.

Young people complaining about the “old.” Hahahaha. Old is coming for ya.

Yeah, life in prison becomes less of a deterrent for us every year now.

We don’t need a Star Trek Legacy Day…lol. Give me a freaking break.

We didn’t need that for SNW. 😉

I showed my support in 2019-2020 by going to con panels with Mount and Pike, buying fan-made shirts on T-public, following the cast members and Pike-related fan twitter accounts.

I spent a lot of energy here speculating on what I’d like to see.

I signed the petition for a show with Pike, Spock and Una.

Mostly, I rewatched the episodes of Discovery season two and the Short Treks a lot.

All of those are things the metrics capture.

While I really want this show, I think renaming the ship from the Titan to the Enterprise was not a great move. It would create brand confusion having two running shows with a ship named Enterprise in each. Hope they change it back if anything were to be greenlit.

Sad Riker’s (and Shaws) legacy got tossed aside. But that neo Connie class bringing back TOS movie starship design.. awesome!

The ship is beautiful, no doubt.

Paramount Are You Listening?
NO Star Trek: Starfleet Academy series.
Save yourselves the embarrassment and disappointment of your first streaming flop.

There is room for both.

Petitions are meaningless. We got 70 thousand for the original cuts of Star Wars. They were never released. Except as laserdisc master ported over to non anamorphic bonus DVD. Its the 40th of ROTJ and we will get nothing. No Blu-ray disc and no 4K. I guess Star Trek fans are better off. Paramount even released the theatrical Cuts of the Motion Picture and the Special longer version. SLV 4K only and in a expensive set but its still something.

Ah. Starfleet Academy, the series nobody asked for.

I really hope fans continue to be very vocal about wanting Legacy. I will eat crow if Kurtzman would give Matalas free-reign of a new show. I imagine he probably resents Matalas’ success too. I truly hope someone higher up at Paramount is noticing the incredible response to S3, which by all accounts was produced incredibly cheaply and perhaps the same higher influence that had Kurtzman step away from the shows, will show the same influence again – and insist Matalas is brought back.

I don’t genuinely believe Strange New Worlds was approved because of the fans having a positive reaction to Pike…

I think studios keep churning out unwanted prequels because they believe the TOS stuff speaks to the larger audience they want to attract (‘because the enterprise and that Spork guy with the ears right?) and I believe once the response to Discovery was understood as underwhelming, it was then CBS’s intention to do a show which recast familiar characters – it was just happy coincidence that fans seemed to be reacting positively to Anson Mount. And they famously claimed they were listening to the fans, but I truly don’t believe they were – it was a happy coincidence and marketing gold.

In my cynical opinion, fans were praising Anson Mount because he represented a type of Starfleet we missed seeing… I would read comments online and it felt like fans were politely trying to say ‘and Burnham and her yum-yum, I Love Science, The Power Of Math People teen gang isn’t what we want… but you did well with Pike… more of that please.’ I honestly believe the positive reaction to a recast Pike, Number One and Spock was a response to not having enjoyed Discovery. Fans were trying to say ‘this is more like it! more of this style of characters please.’ and NOBODY was really asking for yet another prequel or want beloved legacy characters to be recast…

Ultimately the execs know they have our loyalty, even if their product deviates wildly from what we want… the fanbase will still hang around for the crumbs. An academy show could speak more to the wider audience they are chasing… I think Kurtzman even threatened us with a musical episode at one point… nothing would surprise me.

Legacy would be for the loyal fans. Are there as many of us left as there were 20 years ago? Are we as vocal as we might have been 20 years ago? Or do we have kids, or mortgages or other adult stuff to focus on…

I really hope Legacy happens. I can’t help feel Kurtzman is an obstacle to it though… as Matalas’ style and intent is so far away from the previous destructive, canon-burning live-shows that SecretHideOut has been creating.

I hope Matalas gives gets a chance to do more Trek. He fixed our broken TNG hearts, healed bad endings and brought us back to the end of All Good Things. I hope we can work his magic with a continuation to the DS9 and VOY stories… Keep plugging those story holes and work to bring loose ends together – his restoring the in-universe logic and continuity has warmed my heart and brought my faith back into a franchise I used to love so much. I can watch TNG again and smile, and not feel depressed about the events of Nemesis.

I feel like I’m home again.

(And the blu-ray of Picard S3 will be the first blu-ray of SecretHideOut produced Trek I will be adding to my collection.)

Petition is now over 34,000. It has a great chance to get to 40,000.

It helps when you create multiple accounts

It’s now over 35,000. 😁

I would like any Star Trek that is mainly populated by science fiction writers. That’s all I really want. I want them to make me feel like “I could never do that, that’s interesting, that’s new.” That’s all. I want endings that are something of a downer, like many TOS endings which are somewhat haunting.

NOBODY wants a Star Fleet Academy show, but everyone wants Star Trek Legacy, thus we will get an Academy show, it will flop and the people putting these shows together will scratch their heads and ask why

I want a Star Fleet Academy show, but I don’t want a Star Trek Retirement Legacy show.

Star Trek: Oldly Go

Star Trek: The Wrath of Prunes

Star Trek: The Nap Generation

Star Trek: Deep Piles Nine

They need Captain Shaw.. was thinking of how to do this while getting fans to appreciate him more. How about something like Geordi comes aboard to help launch the Enterprise-G.
Geordi: Hey Sidney, excited to take her out?
Sidney: Call me Nine of Nine, I have some comforting memories of being in the collective.
Geordi: Uh.. like the time you helped kill millions blowing up the Earth spacedock?
Jack: You can call me Nine of Nine too, was great when we were totally in sync together!
Geordi: Keep out of it Jack.
Captain Seven of Nine: That is rude to deadname Geordi. I too have attachments to when I was kidnapped and my body and mine were forced to engage in xenocide.
Geordi: Okay… okay.. Have a great mission. I’ll be at the Museum, using Robo-tech to bring back Captain Shaw. I think we just maybe need a little less nostalgia and a little more critical thought.

Sooooo……Borg Zombie Nazi Space Stormtroopers unite!!??
No, wait, the transporter fixed all that. It’s all good, forget about all those folks you guys vaporized.

A Star Trek Legacy series would be splendid! Captain Seven and her team leading the way, with occasional support from Picard and his friends. And the Galaxy Class Enterprise-D, alongside the Enterprise-G… truly beautiful!

no one i mean no one wants a 32nd century starfleet academy show over a star trek legacy show. no one wants tilly over seven!

actually after watching season 3 of PIC and then the trailer for SNW S2 i’m a little less excited for the latter.

Tilly is hotter ❤️

I see that whenever you say anything mildly critical of Discovery the thought police come along and delete your posts…

Really? I seem to recall plenty of posters who have bashed Discovery with abandon over the years, those posts are still here?

The more i think about it i now hope we get the legacy show at some point as one major thing i like with the newer Trek shows like Discovery is the representation of the LGBTQIA community.

The legacy show would follow in Discovery’s footsteps. Yes the legacy show wouldn’t have as much representation as Discovery. But with 7 as captain and Raffi as first officer the show will be the first Trek show to have 2 main characters that are both Bisexual.
There is a rumor going around fan sites that Ed Speleers recently told a fan that Jack Crusher is pan-sexual. I’m sure we will see if that rumor is true or not.

Either way it will be great to see Trek promote representation again.

I have no doubt that certain fans who attack Discovery and call it woke will hate a potential legacy series because of this representation. But with the call for a legacy show by the fandom it shows these certain fans who shout out words like woke really are a vocal but tiny part of the fandom.

Trek is at it’s best when it shows a future free from racism/biogtry and shows equality and that is a future i think we Trekkies would want to strive for.

I still think that Legacy is a must to green light. SNW S1 it’s been fantastic. PIC S3 amazing after the disaster of S2. DSC is ending (started great first 2 seasons then went off the rail). I wouldn’t care for an Academy show now (maybe in the future), but a Legacy show would perfectly fit the great direction taken with SNW and PIC S3.

I would love to see this become a show with Captain Seven on the new Enterprise!