Star Trek Merch: Stewart’s Memoir Revealed, SNW Soundtrack Released, ‘Prodigy’ And More Figures Out

It’s been a busy week in the world of Star Trek merchandise from books to music to collectibles. We have rounded up the highlights of the latest things targeting your latinum.

Patrick Stewart is “Making It So”

Sir Patrick Stewart started working on his first memoir during the pandemic, and this week the cover and title were revealed. Arriving on October 3 from publisher Simon & Schuster, Making it So: A Memoir promises to cover Stewart’s ‍life, “from his acclaimed stage triumphs to his legendary onscreen work in the Star Trek and X-Men franchises.” Stewart told EW, “Every moment of working on it has been thrilling for me because it was a brand-new experience.” You can pre-order Making It So: A Memoir at Amazon on hardcover for $35.00, Kindle ebook for $18.17, and audio CD (ready by Stewart) for $43.58.

SNW Soundtrack is out (Picard S3 too)

After a long wait, Lakeshore Records has released the original soundtrack for the first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds by composer Nami Melumad. The 29-track soundtrack is available digitally CLICK HERE FOR LINKS. They also released the full version on YouTube.

And in case you missed it, last week Lakeshore released the full soundtrack for season 3 of Star Trek: Picard from composers Stephen Barton and Frederik Wiedmann. CLICK HERE FOR DIGITAL LINKS. The 45-track soundtrack is also available in full on YouTube.

First Playmates Prodigy figures out now

Just arriving in stores is the first wave of Star Trek: Prodigy figures from Playmates Toys. This includes Gwyn, Dal (w/ Murf), Zero, and Jankom Pog. Each 5″ figure features multiple points of articulation and a number of accessories. You can pick them up now at Amazon: Dal/Murf – $15.99 , Gwyndala – $12.99, Zero – $12.99, Jankom Pog – $15.34. A Hologram Janeway figure is set to arrive in May and you can pre-order it at Entertainment Earth for $14.99. They have not yet announced when they will release a Rok Tahk figure or the USS Protostar vehicle toy.

Super 7 TNG Victorians out now

Super 7 has released its third wave of Star Trek: The Next Generation 3 3/4″ figures. This wave of four figures has the Victorian theme from the classic TNG episode “Elementary, Dear Data” and features Data as Holmes, Geordi as Watson along with Victorian Picard and Worf. The figures cost $20 each and you can pick them up now at Entertainment Earth: Picard, Worf, Data, and Geordi.

Super 7 has also just announced their second wave of “Ultimates” 7″ TNG figures. This wave will include Captain Picard, Guinan, and Lieutenant Worf. Due out in early 2024 and priced at $55 each, you can pre-order each figure at Entertainment Earth.

EXO-6 Ensign Kim and Picard figures revealed

EXO-6, makers of high-end 1:6 Star Trek figures, have unveiled their latest entry from the Voyager collection: Ensign Harry Kim. Like all of their 12-inch articulated figures, Kim will arrive with a stand and accessories, including interchangeable hands. You can pre-order the figure now at for $170. It is set to be released later this summer and is also available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $170.

EXO-6 has also announced plans for a line of figures tied to the third season of Star Trek: Picard. These will include Admiral Picard, Worf, and Vadic. They are not yet available for pre-order, but more details on the release are available at

Bishoujo Vulcan Statue revealed

If you are looking for something different and are a fan of anime-style Bishoujo figures, Kotobukiya has announced a Star Trek Vulcan Science Officer Bishoujo Statue, the first of three Star Trek statues they are developing. The 1:7 scale statue is around 8.5 inches tall with a base designed to look like the surface of an alien planet. The statue is priced at $130 and will arrive in November. It can be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth.

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Ahh….museum grade!

I’m going to wait for the 78 RPM release, because I want the most primitive version of musical recording possible. That will have a little more background hiss to it which I will claim to my friends brings added “richness” to the audio…lol

Finally, the SNW soundtrack!

I have always enjoyed Russo’s title themes for SH Trek but not so much his music for the episodes.

Nami Melamud’s scoring for the episodes was marvellous though. Together this makes for an excellent album.

Picard season three provides an excellent overture and medley of classic movie themes. I can’t see myself listening to it on its own though.

I’d rather have the Stewart Memoir audiobook version read by Brent Spiner as Patrick Stewart.


Hey Super7, Reginald Barclay when. Also DS9 when.

The Picard Season 3 soundtrack is excellent, except it doesn’t include the End Credits used throughout the season (only the End Credits for the finale.) The Leaving Spacedock track is terrific.

Just now got the long-delayed Strange New Worlds soundtrack.

I think the End Credits wasn’t included because it was just an edited version of the end credits from First Contact. It wasn’t a new or re-scored piece of music. There might be royalty issues or something

Ah, that’s what I had guessed as well. Too bad it’s not included! 🙁

why is everything for free on YouTube? what’s the economy of that?

I doubt the sound quality is equivalent.

It’s nice for poor Trek fans though

That figure is a pretty poor Worf sculpt. It’s a good Klingon, but it doesn’t look like Michael Dorn.

Surprised that TrekMovie isn’t reporting on all the Star Trek Christmas ornaments coming from Hallmark this year!

I posted a bunch of links in the “Chat” thread the other day, but the post was flagged… 🫲😕🫱

I’m in no way associated with the company, but I thought that folks here might appreciate to learn that there’s gonna be a “Badgey” 2-pack for Lower Decks, a Picard & Scotty ornament for TNG’s Relics episode, a Data with Spot ornament, and more! 🖖😊

Ooh Scotty

Off-topic (apologies), but that poster with Vadic had me thinking:

Was it ever explained just why Vadic had all those scars on her cheeks? Or was this another one of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” points of the plot?

I don’t think so. She was subjected to testing and torture and then assumed the image of her torturer but with those scars. I thought it is a remnant of the experimentation, although she assumed other forms flawlessly. It ultimately seems like a “choice” of hers to reflect her past.

@Mods, the link to the PICARD soundtrack doesn’t work. It leads to a site called “linkfire” for artist promotion, but nothing about PICARD specifically.

That Picard season 3 score is a masterpiece. All timer.

Somebody needs to listen to more, and better, music.

IV drips of Goldsmith, circa 1966-1990, John Williams 66-1975, John Barry 64-85 and 66-80 Lalo Schifrin can help with that.

Why oh why are you stopping Williams at 1975? You’re missing Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back (best score ever), Superman, Raiders, Close Encounters… So let’s make that 1983 so we include E.T. and Return of the Jedi for good measure.

EMPIRE has some great stuff, and I also like his JFK, ACCIDENTAL TOURIST and PRESUMED INNOCENT scores, but I really think his tv work and and early 70s disaster scores were tops for him.

Picard album is on Spotify!

Picard album. Does he sing Mr. Tambourine Man, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins? If so, I am in!

Who decided the creepy anime bishoju statue was a good addition to the Star Trek universe?

Right?!! And they prioritize reporting on THAT item over the new ornaments… 🫲🥴🫱

The ‘new’ ornaments aren’t really new, with the exception of Bagley.

Wanna bet? 🤨 Most of them, such as Picard & Scotty from “Relics,” Data with Spot, and “The Hand of Apollo” with the Enterprise are brand spankin’ new this year.

Check Memory Alpha’s Hallmark page for verification, or Hallmark’s site for official first release dates!

Ok, let me rephrase that.

I may have watched Trek since 1966, but I am so over any more Constitution 1701 Christmas ornaments however tweaked to be ‘new.’

Ditto yet another Data something – although the Spot tie-in is a nice touch if we didn’t have a long line of Data already.

How about more Voyager? Our kids might have actually cared about those when they were in that phase.

How about at least half from the new shows? Badgely is a great choice but where’s Murf!

With all the show development Paramount has done for Trek why can’t they do a decent job of merchandising? Playmates has done a very poor job. They would really make fans happy landing Lego and another toy company.

I agree. A line like black series or marvel legends with Trek would be good. Also Trek LEGO sets should exist already.

I agre. Has there ever been a (worthwhile) Lego Ideas petition that fans could vote for? Lots of actual sets have come of those!

Not that I’ve seen. But to make it they’d have to get the license.

A company called Bluebrixx has the license to do Trek sets, and they have already released quite a few. Bluebrixx has basically the same kind of bricks as Lego.

I know that. Can you even get those sets anywhere though. which is what the original comment was about. Sets would be much easier to find and get if they were LEGO and not some wannabe brand that you can’t even find.

My interest in reading a memoir by Stewart has not been improved by the three most recent seasons of his Trek work.

I’m going to be snarky here but there’s something about him that makes me feel he’s overestimating how interesting he is. I love the guy, but not so much to even consider reading his memoir.

As one of the people who’s been negative on his influence on the character since before the movies, I steer clear of hearing Sir Stewart’s takes.

Perhaps it has a market…just not with us two.

Interesting. For me it’s just a gut feeling. Not really based on tangible evidence. Ever since I saw Picard S1. I didn’t even see S2. I know the show is called Picard but it just seemed to be all about him. Less so with S3 but you still have the story about his son… But I never had such feelings prior to Picard (except maybe that idiotic dune buggy scene in Nemesis where he just wanted to be an action hero). I would be interested to know why you were negative about him even before the movies… If you want to share of course.

From about the middle of TNG’s run we started seeing awkward ‘action hero’ or romancing the ‘young beautiful woman’ Picard-focused episodes.

I was well enough plugged into the fan community info chain to be aware that most of these were in response to requests or creative pressures from Patrick Stewart.

Examples include the Captain’s holiday romance with Vash, any any episodes where Picard is himself action-heroing to save the ship.

Much of the ‘movie Picard’ less cerebral more angry version is a response to that too.

I never really noticed his action hero part in TNG, thought I’m sure I will (whether I want to or not) when I re-watch it, but the romantic Picard episodes I did notice and were the most annoying ones that I will not re-watch. The ones with Vash, the one called “We’ll always have Paris”… I just found Picard as a romantic lead to be awkward and not credible. This goes for his relationship with Crusher as well, especially in the “Naked now” episode. Cringey comes to mind. I’m still trying to forget his ridiculous garb in Risa showing all that chest hair.

His demeanor in Picard was also very wanting. He just came across as a clueless old man just following the lead. Too much emotion. Not enough drive. I know he’s in his 80s but if you can’t play the role the character requires it’s time to move on. Didn’t he say at the beginning of Picard that he didn’t want the show to be a reunion? I didn’t think much of it at the time but now I suspect it’s because he just wanted it to be all about him.

I would tend to agree, at least with regard to his overall career, which, outside of Trek, could be summed up succinctly as “journeyman character actor.”

Can’t speak to his theater career, but outside of Trek I only remember seeing him in the first Dune, where he played Gurney Halleck.

He did a lot of smallish parts in things like I, Claudius, Excalibur and Lifeforce. He spent decades as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company – longer than a lot of people. While I (a theatre junkie) would love it if his memoir touches on some of his theatre days, but I expect a whole lot of it is going to touch on Star Trek.

Almost fell off from my chair when I saw the last one.
Bikkuri shita…

So when is that Murf plush coming out?

OR, a stretchy Murf like a Stretch Armstrong

A Protostar ship that can transform into proto-drive mode would be cool.

Prototype pics of the Protostar toy are scattered around the net.

Yes, but no stuffies or stretchy toys.

These are really basic.

Action figures are just one niche.

I was hoping with Nickelodeon involved the licensing would be better, but it’s more of the usual.

A stretchy Murf à la the old Stretch Armstrong line does seem like a natural, but I don’t think toy makers want to do that the same way again, ever, because those figures were easily punctured and would leak when that happened. Sometimes if there was a little manufacturing defect, they’d leak right there on the store shelves before ever even being bought, and all it would take was a handful of SA figures on a shelf to create a sticky mess in the store. Apparently retailers hated Kenner for that back in the day. I loved the Stretch X-Ray I had as a kid myself, but I can totally see why they wouldn’t want to do that again. If they could achieve a similar effect with an all-solid figure, though, with no liquid involved, that’d be great…

As far as plushies go, I know there were soft toys of Murf produced for one of the recent Trek events, possibly as promotional freebies (not sure about that, as I haven’t gotten to attend any), but it certainly seems like a no-brainer for a mass-market item.

When will the SNW soundtrack be released on CD, for those of us who use physical media?

My question as well.

Or vinyl?

oof – $55 for 7″ figures? Economies of scale I guess.