Jonathan Frakes Is Returning As Captain Riker For ‘Star Trek: Resurgence’ Game

Dramatic Labs is ramping up for the release of their game Star Trek: Resurgence later this month, and today they made a big announcement regarding a Star Trek legend.

Riker on board Resurgence

The new interactive narrative adventure game is set in the TNG era one year after Star Trek: Nemesis and today it was revealed one of the characters players will interact with is William Riker. Just coming off his widely acclaimed run in the third season of Star Trek: Picard, Jonathan Frakes returns to the role again, voicing Captain Riker for Resurgence.

In a post on Resurgence writers Dan Martin and Andrew Grant explain how Riker fits within the narrative:

“We took inspiration for our premise from an early The Next Generation episode ‘The Last Outpost’ that first introduced the Tkon Empire,” explains Grant. “Riker featured prominently in the episode. He has direct experience with Portal Six Three, guardian of the Tkon Empire, so including him in our narrative felt like an organic fit. And of course, we’re big fans of Jonathan Frakes!”

“We weren’t going to include Riker if we couldn’t have Jonathan Frakes return to the role,” adds Martin. “It was an absolute joy to work with him as he brought his classic Riker charm and command to our game.”

“From a story perspective, Riker also has a nice connection with Jara Rydek, the First Officer on the U.S.S. Resolute and one of our playable characters,” Martin continues. “After all, who knows more about being a First Officer than William T. Riker?”

William T. Riker in Star Trek: Resurgence (Dramatic Labs/

Set in 2380, Resurgence is set on board the USS Resolute. It tells an original story with players assuming the role of two principal characters, First Officer Jara Rydek, and Engineering Crewperson Carter Diaz. Here is the official game synopsis:

A worker uprising threatens the tenuous peace between two alien civilizations, and Starfleet is forced to intervene. Players experience the conflict and larger mystery from two key perspectives. The U.S.S. RESOLUTE’s First Officer Jara Rydek is part of the diplomatic envoy led by Ambassador Spock that’s tasked with finding a resolution – and uncovering the ultimate source of this tense situation. Engineering Crewperson Carter Diaz highlights how the mission plays out from the lower decks, caught up in the events in his own unique way. Throughout the gripping story, players can interact with the Star Trek universe like never before, with moments of authentic action and critical decisions that shape the broader narrative in subtle and unexpected ways.


Delphi Ardu in Star Trek: Resurgence (Dramatic Labs)

Riker is the second major legacy character revealed to be part of the new game. Resurgence also features Ambassador Spock voiced by actor Piotr Micheal. “For the fans, it’s always fun to interact with and make an impression on a character you know so well, and as writers, Spock brings so much gravitas and sheer presence to every scene he’s in,” Grant tells “That interaction and intersection with familiar characters is always nice, but at the same time, you want to introduce original characters whose fates are to be determined (more often than not, by the player!). Striking that balance is always essential.”

Spock in Star Trek: Resurgence (Dramatic Labs)

Star Trek: Resurgence arrives May 23 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 gaming consoles, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and exclusively on the Epic Games Store for PCs.

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Rolling out the big guns to crush that union, I see…

Need to get it to Steam before we’re buying it.

Why is that? Epic is a perfectly reputable place.

We don’t want to run on multiple platforms.

I can buy it on Epic and then run it through Steam as the awards aren’t a big deal and it’s not multiplayer.

Thanks for explaining.

Personally, I buy games from GOG whenever possible, because I like knowing that the games are MINE, and Steam can’t decide to remove them on a whim.

This. Only on GOG you buy the game, on Steam and Epic you rent the license to play them.

Exactly! I don’t know why everybody isn’t buying from GOG.

GOG for life.

Worth considering.

Steam was really the best choice when our teens were younger and we needed to be supporting them. The parental controls are effective but also nuanced.

Quality of parental controls and protections for under 14s was really make or break for us in deciding on platforms for some time.

At this point, we’re beyond that though even for the youngest.

Jonathan Frakes was not that good as Riker in Seasons 1 and 2 of TNG, but he sure has become excellent now! It’s nice to know that he’ll be in the game.

Looking at his IMDB page, it looks as if Piotr Michael has mimicked the voice of all kinds of famous people. I hope his Spock is good!

I like the idea of them seeing if this game gets a lot of traction as a litmus test for moving forward with Legacy.

I don’t like resting the future of a TV series on a video game. I don’t see that the one has to do with the other that much. Plus, Trek games are usually bad and not the same high quality as some of the shows.

Well, this is a good sign; hearing about it getting pushed back made me think this could have been another “Secret of Vulcan’s Fury” disappointment (though I’m on record for not looking forward to that one as much as many had back in the day).

Interesting, Frakes recently commented on one of the podcasts he did that he’d like to do more voice over work…