Shazad Latif Waiting To Hear About The ‘Star Trek: Section 31’ TV Movie

Last monthm Paramount+ announced plans to move forward on a new Star Trek: Section 31 movie starring Michelle Yeoh. No details were provided on who else would be appearing in the made-for-streaming event, and one potential co-star is wondering if he will be getting the call.

Shazad Latif is ready to reunite with Yeoh

When he was last seen in the season 2 finale of Star Trek: Discovery, Shazad Latif’s Ash Tyler was being put in charge of Section 31, Starfleet’s notorious clandestine intelligence organization. In an interview with the Nerds of Color podcast promoting his new movie What’s Love Got to Do With It, Latif said he is waiting to find out if he is part of the Section 31 movie.

I haven’t heard anything yet. It’s down to timelines and all that kind of stuff. But yeah, I mean, I’d love to work with Michelle again. She’s a legend in the game. So I love her. I’ll always love her. Yeah, we used to go out for lots of great dinners. So hopefully I’ll go out to dinner with her again.

Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) recruited Tyler (Ash Tyler) into Section 31 in the Discovery season 2 episode “Point of Light”

Latif’s Ash Tyler had been recruited into Section 31 by Michelle Yeoh’s Phillip Georgiou, so he could be a natural fit for the Section 31 movie. In the years since the Section 31 project was first announced as a series, Latif has indicated he could be part of it. Latif’s comment about “timelines” may be key as it isn’t clear when the Section 31 movie is set within the Star Trek timeline. Ash Tyler was last seen in the 23rd century before Georgiou jumped forward into the 32nd century with the Discovery crew. During Discovery season 3, Georgiou jumped back in time via the Guardian of Forever, but her destination was left vague.

Shazad Latif as Ash Tyler being put in charge of Section 31 in the Discovery season 2 finale

Speaking to BleedingCool, Latif also noted he hadn’t yet been contacted about the project and he didn’t know if it would “fit into the schedule.” The Section 31 movie was initially reported to be set to go into production later this year and to be the first of a series of made-for-streaming Star Trek movies for Paramount+. It is unclear if the WGA strike will have an impact on the schedule.

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Who’d have thought it an actor pitching for a job. And one with an award winning actress also.😉

I believe Latif once said that he’d been promised a role in the S31 series after being written out of Discovery, so it’s certainly understandable that he’d be waiting for a call.

I have seen this as well.

He’s a significant actor in his own right, and very popular outside the US.

He’s the principal character Nemo for ‘Nautilus’ the new Disney series based on Verne’s 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. It’s currently scheduled for release in late 2023.

I liked Shazam Latif in Discovery and the character Ash Tyler.

I could never figure why the EPs felt he need to play the character in an American accent, it would have been a plus to have him in his British accent and have the original Tyler not from somewhere not in the lower 48 US states.

I definitely agree with that. The character should have been Pakistani, not yet another American (this time from Washington State).

My only guess is that’s what the character was always based on himself and the actor auditioned for it in that way.

Now no idea if that’s true or not, but if so then I can understand that just like Lorca was already American but gave it to a British actor as well. All that said, could they just make less American based characters? Yes they can and obviously being in a show like Star Trek.

And it’s still crazy to me that with all the shows we have now, Picard is still the only non-American Captain on a starship? We did have Captai Georgiou break that tradition, finally but that didn’t last too long lol.

All the new shows have fallen into the same pattern. We now have Pike, Freeman, Burnham, Seven and Janeway yet again leading the new shows and all Americans. Just odd.

That’s a great point about the captains although we have come a long way when you realize five of the four are actually women captains now, two of them are black, one is also lesbian AND a former Borg. 😁

The American thing is weird but NuTrek is breaking down other barriers today, especially women in authority. I love it was Captain Janeway who first bought down that barrier and twenty years later she’s back continuing that message on Prodigy and now Seven who she help gain her humanity back is also a captain. I never thought I would see any of this happen and here we are. 😎

That is an amazing point and how far we come. Back when Voyager was starting, some ‘fans’ really hated the idea of a full time woman captain. And now look where we are? The lone male captain is now in the far minority with all the new shows and no one even blinks over it today!

This is what progress looks like and Trek idealism at its best! :)

I have my issues with KurtzmanTrek like some others, but I always point out what I think it’s doing right and this is certainly one of them.

I don’t like Discovery much but its biggest positive is its representation. Unfortunately that’s not enough to consider it a good show but I’m digressing now.

Oh and it’s four out of five and not five out of four. I suck at math but that’s a little worse than usual. 😁

I thought the same thing about Discovery, but I just rewatched S2 and I like a lot better than I thought I did (but I like Michael Burnham and some do not)

Season 2 is still my favorite season by far and one of the best second seasons of Trek overall (but admittedly that’s not saying a lot lol). I thought the first 2/3rds of that season were really solid stories with a few exceptions, it’s really the reveal of the Red Angel and the Terminator story line that put a lot of fans off of it I think or at least certainly me.

Season 2 wasn’t that bad and mostly due to Pike. And they did have some really good episodes. But I haven’t rewarded any of Discovery seasons to this day. But if I did, it would probably be that one first.

Definitely not season 1 though. Just plain awful and doesn’t even feel kike Star Trek to me. 🙄

I meant rewatch, not ‘rewarded’. I’m just misspelling and messing up sentences multiple ways lately. 🤬

Discovery cancelled, the fans waiting to hear about Legacy, and tone deaf Alex Kurtzman wants to serve up an alternative version of section 31 in the James Bond MI5 universe, and an academy show for teens.

Do they not want viewers?

This! 👍

I actually don’t think Kurtzman is tone deaf on this issue. He literally said he heard fans loud and clear about a Legacy show, but these things take time. I’m very convinced we will get one but that can still be years away. But I’m hoping we get some confirmation of it this year at least.

As far as Section 31, remember that was originally suppose to be a show most fans didn’t seem all that interested in, so who heard them loud and clear as well and turned it into a TV movie instead. ;)

I think this was a great compromise and it still leaves the door open for a Legacy show.

The one part of TOS canon that I had no issue breaking is where they said women couldn’t be starship captains.

LOL, agreed!

Right but that was when it was a show. This is different because it’s now a movie and it sounds like its a different story as well. That said I hope he’s in it too but there are probably no guarantees now.

Actors pitch for jobs all the time, including award winning ones as well.

Fun fact, do you know how Zachary Quinto become Spock in the Kelvin movies? He pitched for it.

Yep. When he was on heroes the creators of that show were huge Trek fans and lots of Trek fans watched that show and they pitched for Quinto to be Spock as well. Quinto picked up on this and ran with it. And BOOM!

He was supposed to be part of the show from the beginning, so he’s not pitching anything. When S31 was first announced, it was going to be about Georgiou and Ash. He’s just saying he hasn’t heard anything more yet.

To be fair about this, there was never any confirmation the actor would be part of the show. We just assume it because he was promoted to head of Section 31 at the end of season 2, but I have never heard a word from anyone if he was going to be in the spin off show, only Yeoh.

And since it’s now a movie, then that may have changed things even if he was suppose to be in it.

You’re reaching Tiger2.

Latif said publicly, at the time that it was announced that the S31 show was in development, that his character would be staying in the 23rd century to be part of the new show. This makes sense.

He was main cast on Discovery with the same multi year contract as the other actors. He wasn’t contracted as a one season character like Lorca or Pike.

Tyler didn’t go forward to the 32nd century. This means that there had to have been contractual discussions through Latif’s agent.

He was also still under NDAs, and was the guy who kept the Voq/Tyler secret. He’s not a Frakes in this kind of thing. So, it’s more likely than not he was cleared to say his character was expected to be joining Georgiou in the new S31 spinoff.

Lorna Dune has a sense of how things work within the industry. This all lines up.

LOL OK! I just didn’t remember him saying that. This was years ago now, but I’ll take your word for it.

Again though, he was talking about the show at the time. I’m only suggesting things may have drastically changed if they are going under a different concept. I made it clear multiple times now I want to see the guy back too. But since this article only exists because the guy says he hasn’t heard anything for a movie they said they are supposed to be shooting this year (but boy does this sound oddly familiar lol), then maybe that’s suggesting he may not be in it after all?

Or yes, he could be pulling what the TNG cast did for Picard multiple times and claimed they knew noting about their involvement until after the fact. I hope this is the case.

Oh, I agree that it’s possible that moving from a series, to a limited series to a direct to streaming movie might give Secret Hideout an option to write Tyler out.

It’s likely though that there’s some contractual stuff yet to sort out, one way or another. Not to mention, Latif’s promotional rounds for the romance movie would have happened before and just after the announcement of the S31 movie.

The switch to a movie is clearly a solve for Yeoh’s scheduling challenges as an Oscar winner. They clearly wanted to get this announcement out before the end of Picard season three and the strike.

It’s still better than announcing a cinematic feature without lining up any of the cast. Lol.

Ash Tyler was one of the more memorable characters from Discovery, and a prime example of why the time jump was such a boneheaded move. I’d like to see him appear in the S31 movie.

Memorable? Interesting opinion.

One that I and many others share.

Good actor but his American accent was terrible. He sounded exactly like Ray Romano and for that reason I couldn’t take him seriously. There were times I half expected him to bitch about his brother Robert.

That’s definitely a “you” problem. Good character, hoping to see him again.

You must be related to the actor.

@emily: are you among those (correctly) complaining that a lot of NuTrek characters were relatives or nostalgia ploys? Well, Ash Tyler wasn’t any of those; he was one of the original creations you say you want.

I love new characters. I don’t love terrible new characters.

If you are one of those people who thinks that if someone likes a thing they must have a personal connection to it, then you’ve proven yourself incapable of intelligent thought.

Isn’t Ray Romano American? So…

Is he the guy who was converted from a Klingon to a human by utilizing a table saw?

LOL – awesome!

Not memorable but certainly above par compared to the rest. Giorgou, saru, Tyler only three salvageable parts from an otherwise poor cast.

Sorry, Javid Iqbal has already been cast in the role.

Good one!!!!


Ha ha. I second that this was a good one!

Unless there’s a solid, complete script at the ready, you’re likely to be waiting a while.

I’m good with Ash Tyler involved.

I posted this in the old strike tread, but it seems apropos here:

As of this morning, per Deadline:

Just days into the work stoppage, major TV studios have started sending out letters to writer/producers under overall agreements, telling them that their deals are being suspended.

Of course, the point of this is to avoid paying writer/producers during the strike, although some studios are continuing to pay certain people, like, for instance, writer/producers with series currently in production.

Nobody is terminating anything just yet, although as is typical of lawyers. the studios are letting producers know that every option is on the table:

All letters end with similar language about the Producer reserving all rights and remedies/not waiving any rights “as a matter of law or equity”/”at law or in equity.” The one from CBS Studios specifies those reserved rights, “including, without limitation, all rights with respect to termination of the Agreement.”

Of course, “rights with respect to termination” vary and depend very much on the terms and conditions of each specific contract.

Yeah, I spotted a news article that suggested this strike may run longer then the last one. That doesn’t bode well for the actors and directors….

Or Trek as a whole.

Today, a 25% layoff at Paramount. Presumably consolidation as part of the Showtime merger. That’s still a big hit to staffing, makes me wonder if something else is afoot.

I was thinking it would be interesting if the Empress was sent to the TOS movie era, and section 31 was being run by an older Tyler. Just because it would be fun to see them explore what Section 31 might be up to in the monster maroon era.

Tyler’s biologically still a Klingon. He could still be alive in the TNG era, no different from Arne Darvin.

Could be a good opportunity to bring in Saavik’s Titan in the monster maroon era!!!

I think going along those lines if Star Trek VI was slightly retconned so that it shows it was S31 that was behind the plot to overthrow Gorkon.

I’d rather see Sloan return.

Seconded. Or at least return along with Yeoh.

Hopefully he hasn’t heard anything because Paramount hesitates to do this movie and does Legacy instead

Based on Picard S3, perhaps you should change your name here to Data Calrisian?

And I just saw The Return of the Picard, so thank you, but I’ll take a pass on Matalas’s, The Picard Awakens new series.

Or we can just have both? Section 31 is just a TV movie now, it will have zero effect on future shows.

Depends upon the budget. It they spend serious money on it then that will probably have a multi-year financial impact.

I’m just speaking in general obviously. But it’s probably another reason S31 is now a TV movie and not a show due to all the belt tightening Paramount is now doing.

Nah, apples and oranges. They will have a mix of series’ and movies, and “movie events” will likely be used in between the series to keep subscribers paying.

I noticed that the Teen Wolf movie was, after the Yellowstone shows and Star Trek, one of the major drivers of new Paramount + subscriptions in the last quarter.

So, Star Trek looks to be benefiting from the Teen Movie experiment with direct-to-streaming franchise movies.

There’s a Teen Wolf movie on P+? I had no idea lol.

Yellowstone looks like its currently in trouble tho with all the Costner drama going on,

All Legacy is at the moment is a gleem in Terry Matalas’ eye. Given the WGA strike is shaping up to be a long one, with the actors and directors likely to follow in June, it’ll be years before any Picard spin off sees the light of day.

Honestly it was going to be years regardless. My guess three years minimum which was the timeline with SNW from season 2 of Discovery ending in 2019 to the premiere episode in 2022.

Prior to the strike, I’d venture that with a strong commitment, summer 2025. I don’t think it’s going to happen at all, personally. Paramount’s in some serious cost cutting at the moment. In the layoff announcement today, when listing P+’s hits, there was no mention of Trek.

You can obviously be right. Your instincts on the movies have been 100% so it would be crazy to completely disagree here lol.

BUT unlike the movies, for the moment anyway, P+ still seems committed to making more Star Trek so that alone gives me hope. But yeah if the writer’s strike does a lot more damage along with the cost cutting and things like Section 31 and the Academy show gets cancelled over it, then of course that would spell trouble for the franchise long term, Legacy show or not.

Man they didn’t bring up a single Trek show…not good.

No it isn’t, especially with all the hoopla and hype Picard season 3 got and that ended less than a month ago. It was obviously a huge hit, but probably just more in line with Star Trek itself and not against their bigger shows. And it’s also why when people talk about these Trek shows as being ‘market growers’, I don’t really see that as a major issue because there are probably other shows on that site that does a bigger job with that with a quarter of its budget. If they want younger viewers, it’s probably easier to just make more dating reality shows with a fraction of the cost and time than trying to get them into Star Trek.

End of the day, these shows are there to mostly service old fans to keep them subscribing and everyone knows it.

And it’s also just more proof while Star Trek is a solid and reliable brand, it’s just never been the biggest one either. We just have to accept that as fans. It’s not going anywhere, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it is put on the backburner for awhile if the writer’s strike and Paramount’s financial problems take a double hit on the company

Saw a news story this morning that the studio cleared S3 of SNW’s from it’s shooting schedule. Resumption TBD….

It’s been off the guild sheets in Ontario since preproduction was completed two weeks before the strike.

Picard followed by Teen Wolf was in the Tweets and news releases about drivers for new subscribers in the previous quarter.

i totally loved him as a character. one of the reasons discover season 2 was so insanely fun was his bonkers storyline. but i would rather we not go back to that era.

i’m tired of trek going back in time and filling gaps. i.e . enterprise, disco SNW. we already have SNW there NOW anyway taking up that job.

i’m hoping for post picard era or at least someplace they aren’t strangled by canon watchers that much.

No thanks- his character and the whole “twist” was just weird.

I like Latif as an actor, but his character got caught up in the Klingon reboot that even the Discovery producers admit failed. They pivoted back to the original recipe Klingons in season 2 and never looked back at the botched attempt to whatever it was they were trying to do with the sewer rat Klingon look. It seems like they were at a loss for what to do with Latif’s character from there on.

Yeah I thought the Voq twist royally sucked, but I still like the character.

I have liked that Discovery has confronted fans with thought- experiments that take seriously some of the one-off things in classic TOS episodes and makes them big arcs.

I also observe that they have been the things most called out by fans as ‘lame’ or ‘weird’ ideas.

These include Voq being transformed to pass for human, The Burn, and even 10C.

These are all based on single episodes plot classic Trek plot elements that fell flat for many folks on this board as season long mystery plots. I find it rather odd that people here seemed so disappointed or put off by Trek doing some very Trek things but serialized.

I actually liked every one of these, and I know Discovery has its fans who appreciated all of these.

Hated Voq and especially the Burn twists, but the 10C one worked better IMO.

I think the problem obviously is how serialized these things are. Just too much build up for twists that just felt ridiculous once they were revealed IMO. But if others like them, that’s great obviously.

I thought season 3 was at least decent until we got to the reveal of the Burn and it just completely shit the bed. 😜🙄

That was actually worse than Threshold bad.

Edit: I take that bad, nothing can ever be worse than Threshold.


Assuming that the Section 31 movie picks up from the Empress’s last appearance on Discovery it looks like she is now an agent of the Guardian of Forever. Likely she would be leaving Ash Tyler and the 23rd century Section 31 of Discovery season 2 behind.

If Carl/GOF is involved in the story then it will obviously be time travel based and Tyler could show up in a different century as well.

I’m hoping the movie takes place in the 25th century personally.

I’ve been hoping for a time-hopping version.

Some of the industry media have said that it will be a cross between MI and Guardians of the Galaxy.

If that’s true, and given it’s now to be a movie, it would make sense to draw significantly on legacy characters to build the ensemble, rather than introduce a whole new team in a short time. It would be important to have one or two new characters as well, but there’s more than enough to make a very diverse team.

There are legacy characters characters across the 22, 23, 24, and even early 25th centuries with S31/intelligence and/or time travel/Borath connections.

We’ve listed them before but to recap – Reed, Archer, (perhaps Trip), Tyler, L’Rell, Bashir, Garak, William Boimler, Worf, Raffi, Miral Paris.

(I’m leaving out Pike and Spock because they’re in SNW, but there’s also the possibility that they could have crossovers if there’s a second movie.)

“We’ve listed them before but to recap – Reed, Archer, (perhaps Trip), Tyler, L’Rell, Bashir, Garak, William Boimler, Worf, Raffi, Miral Paris.”

I say bring those all in and you will pull in nearly every generation of Trek fandom to watch this thing. ;D

Shaz was an acting monster, he brought everything to his role. More of him? YES PLZ

I always liked Tyler and hoped he showed up in SNW but that show seems to be doing a hands off approach to other Discovery characters, at least so far.

So it would be great if he showed up in this too. I assumed when it was a show he probably was going to be involved. He still may again but it does sound like it might be a different story/concept from what the show was supposed to be.

I had been hoping Tyler would appear in a couple of episodes of SNW too, and I’d love to see Chancellor L’Rell (Mother!) again too. I know Spock isn’t talking to Sarek at that point but I’d love if he and Amanda popped up in some way too. Hopefully Tyler gets his chance in Section 31 with Georgiou. I just rewatched season one of Discovery and there were so many characters that I miss since the time jump.

Oh yeah I been wanting both Tyler and L’Rell back in SNW since the day they announced the show. And I wouldn’t have an issue if Sarek showed up as well, but as you said canon makes that a bit difficult. Hell I want to see Harry Mudd back lol. I loved that guy on DIS and I always hated the original version from TOS. But yeah, again, canon makes that harder too (and another reason why I don’t love prequels).

But they are all part of the bigger universe now and I know DIS fans would love to see at least a few of them back if not all of them. So it’s disappointing SNW has ignored all these characters, but it’s only been one season. Hopefully season 2 or 3 a few may show up, but not holding my breath.

If they bring anyone back in S2 I’ll applaud the show for the restraint of not packing them into the first season (unlike Kirk!). But if they hold out too long it’ll feel like they’re ignoring DSC, which I know some fans would be happy about but as someone who loves DSC (particularly the first two seasons) that would be a bitter pill for me to swallow. Haha

Actually that’s what I think as well and why I’m not exactly optimistic any of them will show up in future seasons. I actually gave a comparison in another thread how DS and SNW feels like its being treated like Supergirl and Superman and Lois. If you’re unfamiliar with those shows Supergirl is what spunned off the Superman show and the character even first showed up in season 2. When he finally got his own show, they have basically ignored all the Supergirl story lines and not a single character from that show or the Arrowverse in general has shown up for it. It’s currently in season 3 and still not one appearance AFAIK.

With DIS, yes it obviously could be how divided that show is with fans and they are just ignoring it outside of minor references. But I really hope not. and DIS is currently my least favorite show in the entire franchise. But to me, I care more about the universe as a whole than any one particular show and feel all characters should be represented when its appropriate. And I really do like all these characters. So fingers cross I guess.

Because the Arrowverse is dead and cancelled. Much like the Snyderverse. Arrowverse is ending with The Flash. CW never turned a profit. Superman might also get the axe we’ll see.

Tiger2, Superman and Lois is a very different situation. It doesn’t sound like you have complete information on this.

We know that the Pike and Spock of SNW are the same as those of Discovery S2. The two shows are in the same universe.

Not the case for Superman and Lois. It is and was set in a separate universe from Supergirl right from season one. It just wasn’t confirmed publicly until very late.

Major business decisions were in play including the sale of the CW and the WB merger. DC was pulling back from the idea of a low budget Arrowverse. Superman and Lois was intended to kick off a new set of higher production value shows, even if it’s now the last show still going on CW.

DC took the final decision on putting it in a separate universe during season one production. Unfortunately, DC executives weren’t willing to let the public know back in 2020, so it wasn’t revealed/confirmed until dialogue at the end of season two.

It’s come out that the original idea was to have Superman and Lois be a true spin off, by the time it was being made DC senior management were looking at winding up the Arrowverse and rebooting it in a way that gave space for new stories. But after the ‘Crisis’ Supergirl still wanted to go its own way in wrapping that character’s story in a way that would almost make it impossible to tell a Superman story.

It’s not a direct comparison, I was only saying both shows are basically doing their own thing. I am aware that Superman and Lois created a new timeline essentially, but it still goes to the point they wanted to avoid the other characters. And it’s still a comic book show, if they wanted to bring in characters from the other universe, they can do it. That didn’t stop Supergirl from hanging with Flash and other Arrowverse characters for multiple seasons and they were from different universes as well. They made an active decision to keep them separate as you said.

And they came up with a good excuse to do it. SNW and DIS doesn’t have the same excuse (I mean the characters still in the 23rd century of course). It just feels like SNW is avoiding any direct crossovers with those characters at least based on the first season. But since no one has said they plan to keep the shows separated then maybe we will see an appearance by the next season. I’m just not holding my breath until someone shows up, that’s all.

I do think it’s hilarious we will see Lower Decks characters on SNW before we probably see any Discovery characters on it! 🤣🤣🤣

BTW looks like the crossover episode will be in episode 7 and called Those Old Scientists. 😎

Actually I know. I heard all the SNW episode titles as well. I’m surprised TM hasn’t made an article about it yet, but maybe they are waiting for an official source.

I didn’t think he was very good in Discovery; I thought his acting was noticeably worse than that of most of the other Discovery actors. So I’d be just as happy not to see him in the movie.

I thought his acting was fine, more natural than many of the theatre actors on the show.

Also, he had chemistry with just about every character he interacts with regardless of gender. It brought the scenes to life and elevated the scenes, including the performances of those he was playing against.

I did feel his rather muddy, mumbly American accent got in the way of his projection though. As I mentioned elsewhere on this thread, there was no need to have the original Tyler be yet another person from the former United States, in his case Seattle.

(You’ve mentioned here that you have hearing issues, I could definitely see that muddy accent being an extra barrier that wouldn’t have existed with his resonant native British accent.)

I’m glad that for Book, David Adjala was able to us a natural British accent.

I’m wondering if Latif might be permitted to use his rather lovely British accent in the movie. There’s no reason for Voq/Tyler to use the American accent in the field, in fact as S31 is covert, using a different accent than what’s supposed to be Starfleet officer ‘Tyler’s’ accent would actually make a lot of sense.

Ah, that’s an interesting hypothesis! I don’t remember the details about why I didn’t think his acting was as good as the other Discovery actors, so you could well be right.

I thought David Ajala was wonderful as Book; even my husband kept talking about how much charisma Ajala had. :-)

I’m definitely down to see Tyler back in Section 31: The Adolf Chronicles.

He was an interesting character and one of the few who never cried once on that show…I think.

If he doesn’t get picked for the Section 31 movie, he’d make a great James Bond.

Don’t hold your beath.

and Chris Pine is waiting to hear about the 4th Kelvin movie ..

Pine said it himself that it would be a mistake for Paramount to spend so much money on a Star Trek movie.

He wasn’t saying that back in 2018 when they wanted to lower his salary to make a cheaper Star Trek movie. ;)

But I think reality has hit him the only way they will ever get another movie at all if it’s just much cheaper than the previous ones. I still like the idea of doing a Paramount+ movie instead if doing another studio film never gets off the ground. And at this point, it’s probably just more realistic and practical they go with a TV movie.

The hype for these movies died off after STID and that was now a decade ago (wow).

Agee. I think JJ verse has been over for a long time now no matter how many times Paramount trolled gullible fans.

But if the Section 31 movie happens and it does well then I can see a smaller Kelvin movie happening on P+ too.

Many of us have been suggesting TV movies would be the best compromise if they don’t think theatrical movies will be profitable enough. We still may not ever get a P+ Kelvin movie, especially if the actors don’t want to take the enormous pay cut to make it, but it should at least be on the table.

But the reality is we will probably not see another one of those movies again UNLESS there is a huge budget cut somewhere. And most fans aren’t exactly begging for another one either. There is waaaaay more interest by fans in the Legacy show than another Kelvin movie which is not a great motivator if you are spending $150 million on it. ;)

Want to know another big salt in the wound? The movie they announced back on investor day last year when they pretended they had a budget and the entire cast back was suppose to originally open next month. Sigh.

That is funny and sad at the same time. They are launching the next Transformer movie next month instead and trust me it will probably make twice as much than another JJ verse movie would’ve done if people really take to it. That’s why it exist and that Trek movie no longer does.

Also why no one considered putting Section 31 in theaters either. That would’ve bombed even harder.

Trek just does better on TV. And fans were much more interested in shows like Picard, SNW and now the Legacy show instead of more JJ verse nonsense.

Yeah agreed on all of this. As for Section 31 being a theatrical movie, I remember people suggesting that possibility if a show idea didn’t work out and I remember saying I didn’t remotely see that as realistic either. Besides the idea of Section 31 being too niche and inside baseball for newbies I don’t think revolving a character around MU Georgiou is something that would get majority of fans to see it considering how divisive she is. You need something with a much more wider appeal unless it’s a really cheap movie or something.

This movie will be for hardcore and casual fans at the end of the day and not trying to grab people in China, so a TV movie just makes more sense.

Wow it literally is 10y exactly since ID came out (May 9 in uk), and yes after that movie the hype wasnt really there anymore for Beyond/50th for various reasons (not bc audiences thought ID was meh, quite the reverse I think).

A P+ Kelvin movie is a possibility, but its hard to imagine the cast coming back for money reasons (going from mega budget cinema movies to a low budget stream movie) and the age old schedule conflicts, .. Also Paramount probably just think what’s the point now there’s SNW with a new Spock, Kirk, Uhura (and no doubt more coming). Lets just do another season of that or even a SNW stream movie.

Wow its quite the dilemma now, due to Marvel/Fast/SW movies making anything doing less than 1b seem like a flop, and SNW being like a new version of TOS (so why potentially confuse audiences bringing back the previous version), and even Picard s3 becoming a big hit with fans . If only Beyond had done about 100m more (or even made it to 400m) wed have had ST4 (Hemsworth) in 2018/19 ,and then maybe even a 5th coming out about now (which probably would’ve been some multiverse plot due to the success/hype of Marvel/DC doing all that stuff :)

I agree with pretty much all of this as well. I really do think they can make a Kelvin TV movie, but yeah it’s probably a ton of factors why it’s not feasible and the biggest giving the actors much less money to return. But if they really just want to do more Star Trek and bring back those characters then I think most certainly would consider it. But yeah, who knows? I don’t think Pine cares about doing more Star Trek at all to be frank, it’s more about money and shooting it with his friends again. But I can be wrong.

And yes, it’s more difficult now that you have SNW existing and half of those characters on that show. But again, the Kelvin movie would just be more about giving these specific characters and fans of those movies it’s own ending the way the TNG characters just got in Picard. So it would most likely just be a swan song IF it’s just too difficult to get a theatrical movie off the ground and clearly it is lol.

I would like to see at least an ending of some sort but I don’t care that much either. Like most fans, I just want more movies, period. Frankly I would be way more interested in doing an Enterprise or even a Janeway TV movie than another Kelvin movie. But that’s the great thing about this idea, you can literally do all of that now (in theory) since they are supposedly making new movies every two years. And you don’t have to worry about them being such a wide appeal anymore for new fans, just get the old ones onboard.

And of course all that said, they could still put these movies in very limited release in a few theaters for a week or something for hardcore fans to watch that way. After watching the Picard finale on IMAX, I think this would be another great compromise to still have a theater experience for fans and they may do that with the Section 31 movie. I personally would pay to watch them that way too even if they premiere on P+ at the same time. I think a lot of fans would.

Oh yeah would love a Janeway movie for sure! 👍

That would certainly be way more popular than Adolf’s movie but I’m staying open minded about it. Especially if we get someone like Bashier or Worf in it too.

They could make a final JJ verse movie but I thought how it ended in Beyond was fine too. They just continued on their adventures in the new Enterprise and all lived happily ever after.

The end. 🙂

Can nobody stay dead these days?