Watch The Return Of The Tholians In Launch Trailer For ‘Star Trek Online: Unraveled’

Last week Gearbox announced they are starting a whole new multiverse storyline for Star Trek Online beginning with “Unravelled.” The new season for the massively multiplayer game debuted this morning on PC and we have the launch trailer and screenshots.

Launch trailer

The new story arc brings Kipleigh Brown back to Star Trek Online, reprising her role as Admiral Kuumaarke, along with new modes, challenges, items and more. She narrates the new trailer.

“Unraveled” story

Here is the synopsis:

Following events from the conclusion of the Mirror Universe story arc, “Terran Gambit”, your Captain will embark on a humanitarian scientific mission with Captain Kuumaarke (voiced by Kipleigh Brown) to stabilize the Na’kuhl sun. However, this mission is interrupted by a discovery; a transdimentional Reality Vortex is disrupting space-time throughout the Multiverse. A conflict ensues with the Tholians, who reveal that constant use of time and dimensional travel has caused these vortices – and your Captain is partly to blame.

From “Star Trek Online: Unravelled”

More Screenshots

Star Trek Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game that allows players to explore the Star Trek universe from within. It is currently available on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. To download and play Star Trek Online today for free, visit

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That is not good voice-acting.

Oof. You are correct.

Stabilize a star? You’d think that by the time the 24th century rolls around, there’d be an environmental prime directive as well. Stars have a life cycle. Leave them be.

Actually, in the story of the game the star in question was artificially destabilized by the Tholians prior to this game update.

Especially if they develop consciousness at some point. If you keep a sufficiently large star from going supernova and then collapsing down into a hypermass, you might be killing a burgeoning form when it is still in its chrysalis (kind of backstory for one of my TNG specs, the TMP-meets-DoomsdayMachine one)

At the same time STFC (Star Trek Fleet Command) today launched an arc based off VOY and have added The Doctor and B’Elanna Torres.